Weekend Show: Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown [AUDIO]

| January 26th, 2017

On this Senior Bowl Week edition of the Weekend Show:

  • Scott Wright sets the table for the upcoming draft, with emphasis on the quarterback position. Spoiler: He has Kizer as his top ranked QB. He also discusses Hooker v Adams, Solomon Thomas, a deep tight end class and how he’d proceed if he were running the Bears organization.
  • Reverend Dave on Mormons in Chicago.
  • Jeff warns there may not be a young, franchise QB available this off-season.

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Podcast: Scott Wright of NFLDraftCountdown.com [AUDIO]

| April 16th, 2015

Scott Wright spends every day of his year on the NFL Draft do I turn to him for the information I lack time and interest to gather on my own. On the pod we discuss:

  • Scott’s decision to give the Bears Amari Cooper over Vic Beasley in his latest mock draft.
  • Some of my favorite players in this draft, including Nick O’Leary, Shaq Thompson, Shane Ray, BJ Finney (who I think I call Kinney) & Phillip Dorsett.
  • The Marcus Mariota Thing.
  • Mid-round safety prospects.
  • Scott’s undervalued prospects.

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Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown Profiles Possible Bears Fits in Draft [AUDIO]

| November 1st, 2014

Normally we don’t talk draft around here until the month before the event itself but I’m growing weary of debating players with fans who don’t watch any of the actual football games played by the prospects. On the call, our pal Scott Wright breaks down possibilities for the Bears at safety, corner, edge rusher, linebacker, right tackle and kick return/scat back. He absolutely adores Landon Collins of Alabama (and he should). Other than Collins, a few names I think make sense at various points in the draft:

  • Duke Johnson, Miami as a dynamic playmaker
  • Derron Smith, Fresno State as the second safety on the board
  • T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh at offensive tackle

Hopefully you can use this podcast with Scott as something of a guide for watching the college games over the rest of this season.

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Potential Chicago Bears Draft Target: Safety Deone Buccanon [VIDEO]

| April 30th, 2014

Why I love starting my draft focus with the Scott Wright conversation (to hear the entire conversation, scroll down or CLICK HERE) is he tends to send me down some paths I otherwise would have ignored.

About midway through our chat I asked Scott a question he hadn’t been asked in his rounds of interviews. I wanted him to give me “an Emery reach” – a player with remarkable physical tools, at a Bears need position, who’d be considered a value 10-15 picks later. He paused, thought a bit and gave me Washington State safety Deone Buccanon.

Here is a well-written scouting report Ricky Henne at Chargers.com:

Read More …

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Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown on the 2014 NFL Draft [AUDIO]

| April 29th, 2014


Another fantastic conversation with Scott Wright, who did a fine job getting me excited for next week. Topics discussed:

    • Justin Gilbert’s dynamic return skills ALONE might have made him a top 100 player.
    • Our love affair with Aaron Donald’s tape.
    • The drop-off at tight end after after Eric Ebron.
    • Who the “reach” might be for Phil Emery in the first round. (Answer: safety Deone Bucannon)
    • What non-QB might find himself falling down the board on draft night. (Answer: CJ Mosley)
    • Scott’s Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for the first round selection of Phil Emery.

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DaBearsBlog Will Speak with NFL Draft Countdown’s Scott Wright on Tuesday…

| April 28th, 2014


…and I need your questions. Scott is my favorite “draft guru” out there and he’s been gracious enough, for the second straight year, to grant me a half hour of his time during the busiest two-week period of his calendar. So submit questions you’d like me to ask him in the comments section below. I’ll take a half dozen of the best ones and ask them directly to Scott.

One note. To separate your questions from the general conversation below, type the word QUESTION (in the caps) at the start of the question. This way I can get through the comments quickly.

Thanks in advance.

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