Holmes Could be A Big Upgrade

| August 19th, 2014

If Santonio Holmes is able to regain his prime form, the Chicago Bears will have the best trio of receivers in the league, but he won’t need to be that good to be an upgrade over last season.

Yesterday we learned that former third receiver Marquess Wilson could miss most of the season after breaking his collarbone. We still don’t know how the Bears are going to do with Wilson, but they might need Holmes to play a lot this season.

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Report: Wilson to miss 12-to-14 weeks

| August 18th, 2014

When the Chicago Bears signed Santonio Holmes it was a sign that the news on receiver Marquess Wilson wasn’t good, but USA Today’s Tom Pelissero gave us a bit more of an idea, reporting Wilson would miss 12-to-14 weeks.

If Wilson were to miss the full 14 weeks (since his surgery) he wouldn’t return to the Bears until November 18, which could give him six games. How much of an impact such an inexperienced player could have in that short amount of time late in the season is iffy.

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Improved Red Zone D Would be a Good Start for Bears

| August 18th, 2014

The 2014 version of the Chicago Bears defense looked much like the 2013 version in their last preseason game against the Jaguars, but the fact that they didn’t break could be a good sign for this season.

Technically, the Bears did break once, but we all know that was bull. The Jaguars started their third possession at the Bears 23 and the drive seemed to be stopped when Trevor Scott sacked Chad Henne on third down, but Kelvin Hayden was called for a bogus illegal contact penalty. (The excuse was that the NFL referees have “points of emphasis” in preseason, but it’s hard to see how a receiver running into a defensive back can be a penalty on the defense no matter what the case is. The sack would’ve forced the Jaguars into a long field goal attempt. Josh Scobee is an excellent kicker, but kicks over 50 yards in Soldier Field are another story.)

Prior to that, the Bears held the Jaguars to field goal attempts after Jacksonville had a third-and-1 on the Bears 27 on their first drive and a first-and-goal at the Bears 7 on their second.

Preseason is basically just a glorified practice, maybe we shouldn’t put any stock into anything that happens, but there are reasons to think that the Bears can be a “bend but don’t break” defense.

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Good morning DBB,

| August 18th, 2014

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of the 2014 Chicago Bears, I figured I should introduce myself to some of the most passionate Bears fans.

As he told you yesterday, I got to know Jeff mostly through Twitter debates after becoming a regular reader of DBB. I have quite a bit of experience blogging myself, previously writing for Bleacher Report and currently writing for cover32 and Bearly Bullogging, a website I launched with my  brother. I’ve also been writing a weekly sports column for my day job for a little over 11 years. More of my nonsense can be found on Twitter (@ChiBearsAD), where I usually react before thinking then defend my opinion until you give up.

I am an avid collector of information and I try to present that information in a way that makes sense. I believe statistics are wonderful and essential, but useless if they’re not used in context. (For example, Jay Cutler was never an average or below average quarterback, but his supporting cast from the GM down was terrible. The result was average-to-below average statistics.)

I’ve taken the last month or so off because of my wedding, but Jeff’s vacation coincides with my wife going to India for work. He asked me to fill in and I thought it to be a much better alternative than being bored out of my mind for three weeks.

In Jeff’s absence, I’m hoping to make the readers of DBB think a little, have a lot of fun and hopefully nobody gets hurt.

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Introducing Andrew Dannehy

| August 17th, 2014

I am heading away into the mountains of Colorado for the next 5 days. Reverend Dave does not return from Malaria Malawi until the end of my trip. Being that we are less than a week or so away from DaBearsBlog becoming my full-time job, I figured why not give my brain the rest for the week. But that means I need a writer.

Enter Andrew Dannehy. I’ve conversed and debated with Andrew on Twitter for about a year now and while I don’t always agree with his opinions, I respect them. He is a diligent collector of information and passionate defender of his beliefs. I believe he will be an asset to this site and hope the following week won’t be his only contributions moving forward.

From Monday to Friday of this week, this site will be run by someone not me for the very first time. I may come back from Colorado and say never again. Or…I may not.

Be nice, people. My next column will post on Monday, August 25th. It will be my 50 predictions for the 2014 season column. I will still be somewhat active on Twitter.

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Collection of Thoughts on Last Night’s Snoozefest Second Preseason Game

| August 15th, 2014

Here are some thoughts on last night’s “game”.

  • Starting with the pregame interview, it isn’t easy to adapt to Jared Allen in a Chicago Bears uniform.
  • I think we saw a few clues last night as to how Shea McClellin is going to be deployed. DJ and Lance will be behind the defensive line and Shea will be sent at the quarterback.
  • Both McClellin and Bostic made excellent pursuit tackles. Good to see them showing instincts for the position.
  • If Chris Williams is going to be the starting kick returner against Buffalo, great. In the meantime the Bears need to be giving someone other than Eric Weems a look back there. I don’t know what Weems does well but I haven’t seen it.

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Four Positions to Watch Tonight and the Second Preseason Game Thread

| August 14th, 2014


There’s only one more week of survival remaining for the Chicago Bears roster. One more injury-less week and the preseason will be considered a success, having only lost last year’s seventh-round pick Marquess Wilson to an injury of significance.  One more week.

Four positions to focus on tonight.

Backup Quarterback

Marc Trestman’s decision to move Jimmy Clausen into the backup role tonight means the organization has decide whom they’d like to win the spot. Both Trest and Emery have made no attempt to hide their excitement over Clausen since he auditioned for them a few months ago.

A few thoughts on this:

  1. Why play Cutler at all tonight? Jay will receive ample work next week against the Seattle Seahawks during the “dress rehearsal”. Wouldn’t it make sense to give his potential backup a few series behind a starting offensive line and with the weapons he might be tossing to in regular season action?
  2. Clausen’s biggest advantage over Jordan Palmer is Palmer won’t sign elsewhere. Bears can keep him close by without serious risk of losing him.

Third Wide Receiver

I’ve argued for months the Bears lack of depth at the wide receiver position is playing with fire and they’ve gone from relying upon an unproven 7th round draft pick who produced a whopping 2 catches a year ago to a collection of journeymen.

With Chris Williams feeling more like a speed specialist, Josh Morgan has an opportunity over the next three weeks to assume this role and his track record in the league would lead most to believe the job belongs to him.

According to Jim Miller on the preseason opener, three wides is the most utilized offensive formation in the NFL. He also said that night Jordan Lynch played Division III college football. So he could be very wrong.

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Why a Chris Conte Renaissance Could Go a Long Way Towards Defining the 2014 Bears on Defense

| August 11th, 2014

The 2013 Chicago Bears season came to a fittingly sad conclusion.

Chris Conte, one of the emerging stars of the previous campaign who seemed to have not only lost his way in the secondary but his confidence as well, missed an assignment. The physical side of the game had let him down all season long. Now the mental side was delivering a final, crippling blow. Peppers leaps. Kuhn blocks. Rodgers scrambles. Cobb scores. The culprit was Conte. Not only had he, in that moment, become the poster child for this devastating loss. That wasn’t enough to pour onto the slumping shoulders of a beleaguered safety. No, in that moment, Conte became the symbol of the entire season’s defensive futility.

Shots were fired at Conte from every discernible angle. Once news of an off-season surgery surfaced many, myself included, wrote off Conte’s potential future with the Chicago Bears. When Marc Silverman of ESPN Radio bet Tom Waddle Conte would not play a down for the Bears this season, Conte met that challenge with a Twittery terrific, “fuck u all.”

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Five Things I’d Like To See as the Bears Progress Towards the Regular Season

| August 10th, 2014

(1) I’d like to see the Bears interchange Eric Weems and Josh Morgan on the first team offense this week. (I had forgotten about Morgan’s most boneheaded moment in Washington until I did a bit of searching.)

(2) I’d like to see Chris Williams rebound quickly from his hamstring pull but I fear that won’t be the case. Hamstring injuries and speed receivers can be a dicey proposition but his skill set is a perfect complement to Bears star receivers.

(3) I’d like to see Jordan Palmer and Jimmy Clausen given a shot with the first-team talent. How much can we really learn from these two quarterbacks dodging defenders behind the second offensive line and throwing passes to Michael Spurlock? History tells us the Bears will need their backup quarterback at some point during the regular season. It would be good to know which is most comfortable with skill players.

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Mild, Bemused Reactions to the First Meaningless Summer Exercise

| August 9th, 2014


NFL sold me their Preseason Live package. They might as well have sold me the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of the night the program failed to load. When the program loaded it was awful. I shall keep you up to date on the battle I began with folks at the league last night. Apparently I’m not alone.

A few thoughts…

  • If you’re Martellus Bennett, what are you thinking this morning? You are away from the team because you’re an insane person and last night you watched two tight ends with a tenth of your ability – Rosario and Miller – flourish in what should have been your role. Maybe, I don’t know, stop being crazy, apologize and get yourself back to practice.
  • Anybody can look at the numbers and state Jimmy Clausen played well. But what struck me was how confident he looked from the second he walked onto the field. He was lost throughout his tenure in Carolina. He looked like he didn’t belong in the NFL. Last night he looked like he very much did.

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