What the Hell is Going On?

| September 20th, 2016

How does a night like last night happen? How can a football team have this little preparation, this little vision, this absence of an identity? Rapid fire, in question form:

  • What is the offense? Do they have any intention of being able to run the ball effectively? Why would a team with issues on the edge of their offensive line force their quarterback to repeatedly drop deep into the pocket?
  • What was wrong with Cutler before the fumble? Why is every third pass being tossed directly into the ground?
  • Where’s the pass rush?
  • How many players can get hurt in one game? Eddie Goldman?!?!
  • A thirty-one yard field goal? And you do that? In your debut at Soldier Field?

Sad part is there’s not a lot to dissect. Last night was the most disheartening Bears loss in quite some time. They don’t look like a team with any hope of 8-8. They look like a team destined for the number two pick.

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Three Final Thoughts on Bears v. Eagles

| September 19th, 2016


Thought One

Jay Cutler isn’t a game manager. He’s a slinger. Let him sling it tonight.

Thought Two

Better run game wins. I think Jeremy Langford is about to have a breakout performance on the national stage.

Thought Three

Wildcard of the night: Darren Sproles. He still has the burst in the return game and the Bears can’t afford to give Wentz short fields or, worst case, points from specials.


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Match-ups That Matter: Eagles at Bears

| September 15th, 2016


It’s hard to read too much into what the Eagles did to the Browns last week. The Browns are a triple-A franchise right now. But there was enough to digest in those sixty minutes. Which match-ups matter most Monday night?


It is the single biggest mismatch in the game.

  • In 2015, Carr got to 20, Osweiler got to 17 and Winston got to 21. Fox and Fangio’s defense managed to keep rookie/new starting quarterbacks in check, especially at Soldier Field.
  • The Bears have a lot of potential looks to show Wentz and many of those looks will be ones he’s never seen before. They can blitz from five different positions. Their outside linebackers are all capable of dropping into coverages. This is the kind of night where the Bears need Fox and Fangio to play chess and make the kid uncomfortable. Just lining up and playing ball, which is a lot of what they did in Houston, won’t work.
  • The Bears run defense found something in the second half against Houston. If the Eagles don’t make the down/distance easy for Wentz, he’ll struggle.


Four thoughts:

  • I can’t imagine the Eagles coaching staff watching the Bears/Texans tape and having any thought other than, “we can’t let Alshon Jeffery beat us”. Expect Jim Schwartz to try and take Jeffery away all afternoon by pushing safeties in his direction.

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Money Mouth: Regular Season Finale Picks

| December 31st, 2015


Goal was ten over. I’m nine over. And the pressure is on.

Chicago Bears -1 over Detroit Lions

Explanation coming tomorrow but here’s the brief version: I think the Bears REALLY want to go out on a victory. I think the Lions know massive change is coming and won’t want to play in the Soldier Field conditions Sunday.

New York Jets -3 over Buffalo Bills

One team is playing for the postseason. The other team has quit on their coach. Buffalo will probably win – because that’s what the NFL is these days – but I’m going chalk.

New York Giants -3 over Philadelphia Eagles

Tom Coughlin’s finale home game? Yep, I will take him to go out with a win. And I think Odell Beckham Jr. plays a revenge game.

Season Record: 27-18-3

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Art of Men’s Thanksgiving Day Games Thread (Including Da Bears)

| November 26th, 2015


Art of Men, one of our main sponsors, is quickly becoming a force in the service world. They now have 1,600 members committed to doing good in the communities that need them. Last Saturday several members – including myself – provided 250 Thanksgiving turkey dinners to families in NYC’s Spanish Harlem. For full details on the event CLICK HERE.

I urge all readers of this site to simply go to ArtofMen.org on their phone and pop their email address into the space provided. You won’t regret it.

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