Finding A Quarterback: The Draft

| February 23rd, 2017

Editor’s Note: Andrew wrote this so we’re posting it as rumors swirl around the Bears QB position.

The best way to solve a quarterback problem is through the draft, but nobody has perfected that art. Or even come close.

Ron Wolf is probably the best there has ever been at evaluating quarterbacks. He traded a first round pick for Brett Favre, drafted Mark Brunell in the fifth round, Aaron Brooks in the fourth and Matt Hasselback in the sixth. He also drafted Jay Barker, Kyle Wachholtz and Ron McAda. The Patriots hit the jackpot with Tom Brady, but they have a long, long list of quarterbacks who didn’t pan out. The Cowboys wanted Connor Cook and Paxton Lynch over Dak Prescott.

For what it’s worth, my favorite quarterbacks the past few years have been Carson Wentz, 2016; Marcus Mariota, 2015; Derek Carr, 2014; EJ Manuel, 2013; Andrew Luck, 2012 and Jake Locker, 2011. What can I say? I like guys who have big arms and can move around.

That said, I haven’t spent anywhere near as much time on the quarterbacks in the draft in the past as I have this year. Time will tell if that’s a good thing. I can say that I like all three of the top quarterbacks more than I liked anybody in the draft last year, but not as much as either Mariota or Jameis Winston.

Before I break down the top quarterback prospects, here are a few things I’m taking into consideration.

Anonymous Scouts are Liars Or Fake

Every week somebody writes a story quoting an anonymous scout. They’re full of crap. 99% of anonymous scouts are people trying to pass off their opinion as someone else’s.

The Offense Doesn’t Matter, To An Extent

The line between a pro-style offense and a spread is more blurred than ever. Pretty much every college team runs a spread or, at least, something that used to be considered a spread. The Bears and most other NFL teams run a lot of spread concepts. The league wisely adjusted to what the colleges were giving them.

All of the top quarterbacks in the draft this year play a sort of spread system and all of them will have to have their reads simplified in the NFL. If their coaches don’t simplify it for them, the coaches will be fired. The Cowboys made things easy for Prescott, the Seahawks kept the training wheels on Russell Wilson for nearly three years and Cam Newton still runs a college offense. How did Adam Gase get Jay Cutler to limit his turnovers? He simplified the offense.

That said, there’s never been anyone who has played in the “Air Raid” offense and been a successful NFL quarterback. The player has to show at least some ability to read defenses or make adjustments.

Winning Matters

I absolutely hate the argument that quarterbacks win games. They don’t. Football is the ultimate team sport. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that the best quarterbacks always seem to be on winning teams. If a guy can’t lift his team to win games in college, is it reasonable to expect he’ll do so in the NFL?

Daniel Jeremiah has gotten a lot of play recently for his statistic that only two starting NFL quarterbacks were below .500 their last year’s in college: Trevor Siemian and Jay Cutler at Northwestern and Vanderbilt.

Ryan Pace has said a lot about his ideal quarterback. One of the more interesting things was when he spoke about the player’s ability to lift his program. If the Bears are going to take a quarterback with the third pick, the expectation is that he would be a franchise quarterback.

Figuring out if teams are winning because of their quarterbacks or if their quarterbacks are winning because of the team they’re on can be tricky. It isn’t coincidence that Oregon and Auburn fired their coaches shortly after Marcus Mariota and Cam Newton left, while Alabama wins regardless of their quarterback.

The “It” Factor

This is impossible to quantify. Some guys have it, others don’t.

When I watched Mariota, I felt like I was watching a star. It wasn’t because he was big and athletic with a strong and accurate arm, it was something else. Something nobody has really been able to put into words. When I watched Jared Goff, I felt almost the exact opposite.

I want a quarterback who can take over a game and rally his teammates. There are intangibles to the position that are hard to define and even more difficult to identify.

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  • Huge Bears Penis


    • MB30SD

      This hurts my heart

      • Huge Bears Penis


        • MB30SD


          • Huge Bears Penis

            you gonna cry now. cry baby.

          • MB30SD

            Already am.. you are a cruel man

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I will give you something else to cry about. It’s is warmer where I am at in Illinois 64 degrees than it is in SD right now.

          • MB30SD
          • Huge Bears Penis


          • Scharfinator

            Nice spot!

          • MB30SD

            Thanks. Erik (artoo) stayed a couple nights a few years ago. My view is amazing.

            Fuckers who I rent from won’t sell it to me. Oh well.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Nice, MB.

  • willbest

    That is why I prefer Tyrod to Cousins. I have seen the “it” in his play. Alas, neither is going to FA.

    • AlbertInTucson

      “…neither is going to FA”

      I agree.

      I was kind of intrigued by the Taylor possibility.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Ron Wolf is probably the best there has ever been at evaluating quarterbacks. He traded a first round pick for Brett Favre, drafted Mark Brunell in the fifth round, Aaron Brooks in the fourth and Matt Hasselback in the sixth. He also drafted Jay Barker, Kyle Wachholtz and Ron McAda. The Patriots hit the jackpot with Tom Brady, but they have a long, long list of quarterbacks who didn’t pan out. The Cowboys wanted Connor Cook and Paxton Lynch over Dak Prescott.”

    Crapshoot: Defined.

    • Sahr Gborie


      • Sauron’s right eyeball


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  • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

    It’s true: When you watch Jared Goff play football, it looks like a golfer playing football. There is something just WRONG about his mechanics.

  • Sahr Gborie

    THIRD pick in the draft will not be a QB. save that for 2018: SAM DARNOLD – USC. Focus on make a MONSTER DEFENSE that will WIN games by BENDING & BREAKING opponents!!!

    • willbest

      The problem with Darnold is that unless the team drafting #1 isn’t interested in a QB, there is going to be no way to trade for him.

      • MB30SD

        And he’s from SC (see: Barkley, buttfumble, Johnson, lienert, fucking maruajanavich, etc… Etc….)

        • willbest

          Doesn’t mean he won’t go #1 to the 2-14 9ers.

          • MB30SD

            I don’t give a fuck what the trainwrecks in front of us do, as long as it’s not us.

            That said, I don’t know enough about him… I’m a UCLA fan, so I’ve only seen one game of his. Can he overcome the curse? Only one has right?

          • BerwynBomber


          • MB30SD

            Or the kid from UW

      • Sahr Gborie

        give up what ever is necessary to get him. its the only way to win. take a look at TENNESSE – MARIOTTA & EAGLES -WENTZ.

        • willbest

          Wentz started amazing and fell back to earth. Titan’s got mariotta because Winston was the consensus #1 and they had the #2.

          Let RG3 be your warning on this one.

        • BerwynBomber

          Wentz was a late climber in draft who played for an obscure school. There was not much hype around him, let alone unanimous opinion.

          Darnold will be a much different case.

          • leftcoastdave

            Northern Iowa obscure? Curt Warner? Deondre Hall?

        • Scharfinator

          You’re right, those two programs are modern day dynasties!

          Wait… what?

    • My internet doppelganger!

      Of course I endorse the Butch plan, but this would require Bears being able to trade down (maybe with Browns at #12) in order to get an extra 1st next season.

      It would also need us to be somewhere in the top 12 range next year

      (and the #1 overall already rostering a franchise QB).

      Seems difficult though not impossible.

      However, next year’s top 3 QBs are projected to be graded higher than even the top QB from this draft, so worst case scenario, Bears still walk away with a superior QB than say Kizer.

      Granted, it’s football, and anything can happen between seasons.

      • willbest

        We will be drafting around #6 on the Hoyer plan, so that part is doable. But the issue is the need of the team in #1. Indy had Peyton Manning (granted with question marks) and you wouldn’t have been able to pry Andrew Luck from their cold dead hands.

        You basically need Rodgers going down in week 2, and the Packers with the #1 draft pick. And in that situation they wouldn’t trade with us.

        • MB30SD

          10 wins with HOYER if pace fixes the d, gets us a real TE and a real Wr or two.


          • willbest

            Sounds about right. If Pace finds 8 top 20 starters in a single off season, and they all stay healthy, Hoyer can be carried to 10 wins.

          • MB30SD

            Make it so pace

          • Huge Bears Penis

            5 wins with Hoyer even if pace fixes the d, and gets us a real TE and a Wr or two.


          • Then, top 5 pick plus Browns pick = Darnold.


          • Sahr Gborie


          • MB30SD


          • Huge Bears Penis

            I kind of agree, 5 wins seems a little high but if Pace fixes the D I think they can get there.

          • MB30SD

            I would laugh my ass off if got us to the playoffs.

            You would be so angry

          • willbest

            I want you to both be right at this point. I want to see Hoyer bust out 300/2/0 to 10 wins and then flame out with a 140 yard 5 TO performance in the wild card round.

          • MB30SD

            I’d take that big-time

          • willbest

            Is that why you call him the destroya, destroya of draft picks?

          • MB30SD

            Can’t make you happy

          • Sahr Gborie

            best ever…lol

          • Huge Bears Penis

            if we get to the playoffs I would bet my right testicle that he shits the bed. 136/0/4/2

          • MB30SD


          • Irish Sweetness

            I’d bet both and my cock too ….

          • Sahr Gborie

            fix the D and reduce the turnovers and we can be decent. not respectable. but decent

          • Irish Sweetness

            And then the playoffs .. .where Hoyer would have to win a game. Only way he’d do that in the playoffs against .. y’know … real QBs …. is with Fournette and Howard on his team. Eh … eh?

          • MB30SD

            who cares, we haven’t even sniffed the playoffs in fucking yeeeeaars.

            It would be amazing, then we’d draft the chise next year and we’d be in!

        • Never know though. Let’s say the 9ers draft Turbisky at #2 this yr. They get the #1 next yr.

          Seriously doubt they’d draft a QB#1 and would likely want a trove of picks to build around Turbisky. And that’s just one scenario (Browns could “win” the #1 again, in which case, we won’t have to do shit in my hypothetical).

        • leftcoastdave

          Trade Cleveland the 3 for three 2’s and next year’s 1.

        • Sahr Gborie


  • Zap Rowsdower (GP)
    • willbest

      I don’t think they make them that big in the Midwest.

    • MB30SD

      Bless you my son.

      God I love balloons

  • BearDown100393

    Quarterbacks don’t win games but you want one who takes a game over.


    • MB30SD

      Just look at the balloons below, and by the time your finished, everything will be right as rain

  • Sure sounds like Andrew is leading to endorsing DeShaun Watson.

    • Was thinking the same.
      Critics say he lacks NFL polish, only reads half the field, and might get crushed.

      But no doubt he improved his team, made them win when it mattered most, and has “it”.

      • willbest

        I worry he is RG4. Dude needs like 30 pounds, and how will it affect his run game.

  • willbest

    “I mean…” – Jeff

    It says inventor, not manufacturer. Its CPAC so fuck that blue collar shit.

  • MB30SD
  • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

    MB –

    Kate Upton says that during the long long 162 game regular season, she simply will not get enough dick.


    I see an opportunity for you to help out.

    • willbest

      Yeah but he is a starting pitcher so he only plays every 6 days.

      • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

        That works out, Kate can be MB’s Sunday gal. He’s busy the rest of the week.

        • MB30SD

          I would kill a man to fuck her sideways erra Sunday night. She wouldn’t be able to walk on Mondays. Justin would hate me.

          Think he has a big cock?

          • willbest

            Wasn’t there nudes of them a few years back? I don’t know if it showed his dick though.

          • CanadaBear

            She’s finally starting to look a little older. That’s a good thing for me. Not sure it is for her.

          • MB30SD

            Don’t know what to type here. Haha

          • willbest

            She is 24 these days. And not the best looking candids out there.

          • CanadaBear

            She’s not really my type. Whatever that is.

  • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

    WillyB and Paranoid Dave:

    Cheqqit out. The hollyweird looney left is making white guilt movies where seemingly liberal white folk are really hunting blacks for sport:


    Made by Key from Key and Peele. Ugh.

    • willbest

      Which dave is the paranoid one?

      • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

        all of them

        • MB30SD


    • willbest

      Sounds about right. The soft bigotry of lower expectations is far more insidious than overt racism.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      No worries. If you’re white with at least 1 green eye, guilt doesn’t effect you.

      • MB30SD

        Blue/green count?

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          If you gotta ask? Lol

      • willbest

        Is it only when your eye is green? Because mine change colors.

    • it’s like The Most Dangerous Game.

      movie’s actually pretty good. i’d recommend it. and i didn’t feel guilty when i left the theater.

      • MB30SD


  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    I heard she’s a farter.

    • MB30SD

      I. Don’t. Care.

      … Besides, so am I.

      • Sauron’s right eyeball


  • Random QB thought, but is there any elite (and durable) QB in the past 10 years that is around 6’2 220?

    Seems like you either gotta be Wilson/Brees, or Brady/Roth.

    Romo is perhaps the closest, but look how hurt he is.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      Matt Cass-el?

    • willbest

      The interwebs tells me that Brady is 6’4″ and 225. So I guess Watson might work if he puts on 10 pounds, but then again Brady doesn’t run.

      • That’s the thing. When you’re 6’4 + usually you don’t run (and even if you do, like Kap, have the girth to take on hits).

        While the 5’10ish guys like Wilson/Brees are super elusive/savvy from taking the big hits.

        I really can’t think of any good QBs 6’2 220ish off the top of my head.

        This thought has crossed my mind before, but worth bringing up now that we’re actively looking for a new franchise QB.

        • MB30SD

          That’s what she said

        • Huge Bears Penis

          Aaron Rodgers is 6’2 225
          Andy Dalton 6’2 220
          Dak Prescott 6’2 225

          • Dalton is very iffy.

            But didn’t realize Dak was in that range. He looks a lot bigger than Dalton or Rodgers.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            Favre and Montana were 6’2

          • Oh yeah, but like I said, in those days, it was rather common.
            Fridge was like 340?

            Now adays, that’s almost typical for a NT. Dontari Poe weighed that much and ran faster than some TEs.

            Was gonna limit it to past like 7 years, but meh. We get the point.

          • BerwynBomber

            But different eras at this point.

          • BerwynBomber

            Height-wise doesn’t surprise me. Prescott doesn’t look exceptionally tall — I would’ve guessed 6’3″ — but as discussed, he’s a truck.

            Built like McNair.

          • BerwynBomber

            Dak might have weighted 225 as a frosh. No way he weighs that now. Dude’s a load. A solid 240.

          • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I mean, just by the eye test.

          • BerwynBomber

            Exactly. Rodgers looks like a toothpick compared to Prescott.

          • Yeah, it’s not just about the height, but the built.

            You get a 5’9 asian next to a 5’9 samoan, and one will be, uh, thicker than the other.

          • MB30SD

            That’s what she said

          • willbest

            Andy doesn’t run. Dak is still young. Rodgers is special.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          MB’s favorite QB, Hoyer, but you said good QB so that rules him out.

        • willbest

          Brady averages 63 yards a season. He doesn’t catch passes either but you can show me the 36 yard catch he got last year if you like.

          • you can ignore his moves, but the video doesn’t lie. boy’s got WHEELS.

    • BerwynBomber

      Rodgers. He’s 6’2″ on the nose.

      • Duh. Yes. But he’s almost the exception in most every way, though he too has been a bit dinged up in his career.

        Back in the 80s and such, it wasn’t a bit thing, but in the modern NFL, seems like the inbetween QBs (6’2ish) haven’t really panned out

        • BerwynBomber

          Agreed. Rodgers is often the exception and 6’2 is probably a touch small. Cutty is 6’3″ and I would consider that average QB height.

          I’d want 6’3+, if possible, when it comes any young QB. Yes, there are the Brees, Wilson and even Rodgers exceptions, but they’re just that. Otherwise, the league is littered with 6’4″+ guys: Brady, R-berger, Ryan, Cam, Rivers, Eli, etc., etc. (Peyton, I believe, was 6’6″.)

      • Irish Sweetness

        That’s in high heels though …

    • 505Bears
      • BerwynBomber

        The Pillsbury Throwboy

  • Heard the 9ers are willing to trade their #2 for Cousins, and the Skins want it too. Might get done during combine.

    That would likely mean the Skins draft Turbisky at #2.

    Who gets the better deal from that?

    Also, read Tyrod and Bills are 50-50 at best. I think he’s going to be allowed to walk esp since the Bills can likely pick up Kizer or Watson this year (esp if they trade up w us!)

    • willbest

      Cousins is going to force the skins to tag him. At which point he calls the shots and if he doesn’t want to go to San Fran he won’t have to.

      • But from reports I read, Cousins WANTS to go to SF.

        Shanny, his mentor and biggest backer, is over there now.

        And Cousins got tired of getting dicked around by the foreskins (see what I did there?)

  • AlbertInTucson

    49ers cut Kaepernick.

    Who do you think will give him a look-see?

    • I think he’ll be a backup in Buff.

      • willbest

        Thats not a bad spot for him.

        • willbest

          add: Assuming they stick with Tyrod

      • leftcoastdave

        He ain’t no Jack Kemp.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      Just goes to show you how important coaching is. Harbs goes to the SB with Kap and after he leaves, Kap crapz the bed.

      • SC Dave

        He crapped the flag, Trac. So he’s done.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Yeah there is that.

      • Waffle

        his 3 headed probowl monster O linemen got hurt, so Gore became ineffective and their D was significantly weakened with the retirement of all pro DT Justin Smith, the departure of Aldon Smith, the retirement of Patrick Willis, Ray McDonald getting suspended and Navorro Bowman missing all of 2014….and all of the DB’s that left in FA.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Like you’ve been so dark lately yonny. Totally.


    • Irish Sweetness

      Haven’t seen any such news, AL.
      OTs Beachum, Clady and Okung are available now … as is Victor Cruz.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Apologies. I was mis-informed.

  • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

    New mock


    Allen continues to plummet, down to 17

    Chicago Native Solomon Thomas from Stanford all the way up to 4.

    • willbest

      Who did Barnett kill?

    • willbest

      I know the Pats do like themselves the white boys, but I don’t see them taking one in the first round.

    • Allen is truly a mystery.

      He has production, but doesn’t “jump” off the tape.

      Yet, scouts swear he could’ve been the best college player all last season.

      Leaves me scratching my head about him.

      He seems like a “tweener” too, so that muddles the evaluation further.

      • MB30SD


        • And then you guys relayed that he was all but invisible in the bowl game.

          • MB30SD

            I think I saw one good play, whereas Buellware and foster werr literally in on or making erra play.

            Foster will be a Wagner level guy in the NFL. He JUMPED off the screen

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Could be because of scheme. Did you notice if Allen was being double, triple teamed?

          • We were all lamenting barely missing out on Leonard Williams.

            Is Allen as good as Williams? According to NFL.com Zeirlien’s, nope.

            Nfl.com graded Williams 7.53 [comped to Kevin Williams (vikes)]


            While Allen is graded 6.81 [comped to Flecther Cox]


            Allen was more productive, but smaller and lighter (and likely with shorter arms).

            Well, you say, draft Thomas, but Mayock thins Thomas is the FOURTH best OLB.

            The safe pick might actually be Hooker at this point.

          • MB30SD

            I’m not even remotely interested in that dude. If we take him and leave solomon on the board I’ll be fucking pissed.

            Thomas is A.donald 2.0

    • 505Bears

      These mocks are crap. Have to see what teams do in FA first

      • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

        I agree that all pre-FA mocks are worthless – just fodder to fill Da Blog

    • SC Dave

      Stopped reading when I saw Lizer.

      Please no!!!

      I still want Thomas.

    • He’s swimming upstream!

    • Irish Sweetness

      Allen does have the tweener tag to contend with. Though he’s the same size as Aaron Donald right?

      • No. Donald is small. I think like 6’1 295 (think Tommie Harris) but he had that BLAZING first step for a 3-tech.

        the issue with Allen is he doesn’t have that fast penetration, and at 6’4 300, he’s not exactly a prototypical bull rush guy.

        From scouting reports, he can do a bit of everything well though.

        I think a lot will depend on the length of his arms actually.

        If he has 34″ + arms (like Leonard Williams), then teams can rationalize him as a 3-4DE.

        If his arms are shorter, then he’ll be seen as more of a DT, and even more specially, a 4-3DT which will exclude him from some teams (including ours).

  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    I was the only dude that would dance with a fatty in high school at my freshmen dames dance. By Senior year, she was on the top 3 hottest chick’s list. Almost received a payday that year but I was a gentlemen. ; )

    So butch, I guess what I’m trying to say is, hang in there. He he


    • That first one. Shit. What a difference.

      ALMOST received a payday? So you have like 20 yr blueballs. That’s why I’m not a gentlemen.

      However those are more like 3s (or worse)

      I like them 6 (l.a. 6 at that). Thick, but well proportioned (and naturally, a pretty face).

      Rational for that is that they’re kinkier in bed and low maintenance.

      Once upon a time I dated the “aspiring” actress/model etc but my youth horniness overrode all else, including having to sit through profound convos like, “I think that purse is too ghetto for my cute shoes”

      [shoot me. shoot me now]

      There’s a price to pay for everything I suppose.

  • AlbertInTucson

    DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    “Sad as it is to acknowledge, Pat Perez gives the most realistic and honest assessment of Tiger I’ve read. This is where Tiger is right now.”

    No, It’s where Tiger’s been for QUITE a while.

    Mr. Perez is WAY late to that party.

    MANY of us here on Da Blog have been saying “Tiger is done” for the better part of the last two years or more.

    Winning that U.S. Open on a busted leg was Tiger’s denouement.

    • C’mon, Sauron!

      No more Eye of the Tiger (eh, eh?)

    • Irish Sweetness

      TWO YEARS??? Ten and more, brother. It would seem he tried to push the boundaries Seve Ballesteros pushed. Seve had back problems too. As soon as it got bad, he just stopped playing.

      Seve’s caddie tells a good story about the greatest shot he ever played.


      • SC Dave

        Ten is an exaggeration, but I’ll give you seven.

        Oh, and golf? *yawn*

      • AlbertInTucson

        I haven’t been on this blog for ten years.

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah, looks like Tiger ain’t catching Jack.

      I’m no golf expert — basically tune into the majors — but sensed Tiger’s career could have been extended had he quit trying to crush the ball once he became injured. Plus, I assume all these guys’ putting ability falls off as they age. Even Tiger.

      There is no substitute for the eyes and nerves of youth.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I rememeber warnings EARLY in his career that his swing mechanics would have negative consequences for his body.

        I don’ think his “boot camp” fitness phase did him any good, either.

  • AlbertInTucson
    • I think the term “proper grammar” is a bit antiquated like imperialism.

      Most who teach it use “common usage” methinks.

      The analogy I use

      You may not want to wear a suit and tie for an interview, but if you go in shorts and flipflops – doesn’t matter if you’re the most qualified, you’re not getting the job.

      Grammar and punctuation, like fashion, are just an agreed upon social convention that one must master in order to better succeed in aforementioned society.


      • AlbertInTucson

        Well, without proper punctuation

        “Let’s eat, Grandma.”


        “Let’s eat Grandma.”

        have vastly different meanings.

        Especially to Grandma.

        • Jack, off the donkey!

          Jack off the donkey!

          • AlbertInTucson

            “No price too high.”

            “No, price too high.”

            That miscue cost somebody a lot of money.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            “Eye see”

            “I see” ?

        • SC Dave

          “I’m giving up alcohol for a month!”

          no… wait…

          “I’m giving up. Alcohol for a month!”

        • Scharfinator

          Don’t. Stop!

          Don’t stop!

      • willbest

        The ability to control language is the ability to control thought. Anybody that seeks to control language is immediately suspect as being malicious.

        • I think in some communities it’s seen as trying to “control” them.

          For instance, “aks somebody” is commonly used in rap and the af am lingo.

          Someone comes along and snickers, “it’s ASK” they might take umbrage.

          Neither are “correct”. It’s not a mathematical proof.

          It just so happens that “ask” is more commonly used (hence, common usage).

          Every community has its own grammar. It’s perfectly “correct” to say aks in rap songs and such.

          And when you’re chilling with friends, or even on blogs, “maings” can also be “correct”

          But as we all know, “common usage” changes geographically or over time.

          Once upon a time using a ;and was “correct”

          As in. “I took the dog out; and I smoked”

          Grammar Nazis decided in some convention that the “and” was superfluous, and now using it with the semicolon is “improper”

          Language is a fickle bitch.

          Eventually, we’ll all be speaking like this.


          • willbest

            The ultimate goal is communication. Texting/Twitter has its own grammar rules, as does “ghetto” or “trailer park”. I don’t turn English into legalese just so I can charge $275 an hour. The purpose is to ensure that any other attorney or judge will read it and know exactly what I mean.

            You are right that they are all valid forms, but they are absolutely correct forms in their area and all other forms are wrong. And this is very much true on a college campus where they should be teaching you “Business English”.

          • leftcoastdave

            I’m good with with a homie using “aks” in common parlance. I thought it was disgusting when Microsoft had someone in their commercial use it. That to me was demeaning and racist.

          • SC Dave

            No, ‘ask’ is correct. ‘aks’ is not. Simple.

        • Irish Sweetness

          It’s hard to argue that complex thought is possible without language, and that the more complex the language, the more complex the thoughts generated in that area of the world. German and English are the most complex languages. Thai for example, is a very, very basic grammar and has a limited vocabulary.

          Where do the Nobel Prizes in the Sciences generally go?

          • What’s your def of “complex” language though?

            The grammar? Learning to speak it?

            Latin is a pretty straight forward language and it was the language for the educated for over 2,000 yrs.

            The nobel prize, much like gold medals, go to heavily industrialized countries that have an existing infrastructure that makes it easier to achieve such feats.

          • willbest

            I thought they mostly just go to Jews


            On a more serious note though that might be true for the sciences, but literature is a different matter. Then again, your works have to be read and appreciated by the so called refined tastes in the industrialized countries.

          • Exactly.

            In one Star Trek episode Garek was talking to Dr. Bashir about a Cardassian masterpiece.

            Dr. Bashir hated it. It was basically a crime novel over 7 generations but it was entirely predictable as to who was guilty, and the perps always got punished.

            Dr. Bashir remarked, “How boring”

            To which Garek responded, ‘But to Cardassians the predictability beautiful. It plays to our sense of order and reassures justice shall always prevail. You’re too enslaved by human sentiment”

            Needless to say, it wouldn’t win anything in Switzerland.

          • willbest

            Garek would definitely be in my top 5 favorite Star Trek characters if I were to ever bother with such a thing. His take on the boy who cried wolf left Bashir speechless.

          • Haha, yeah, he’s def in my top 5 too.

            One of my fav quotes from him, “Why tell the truth when a perfectly good lie will do?”

            Should use that as your firm motto.

          • SC Dave

            I was going to say that. Although I would have said “the Chosen ones”

          • Racist! (?)

          • leftcoastdave

            Like Trump being anti-Semitic with a daughter who converted to Judaism when she married his now son-in-law who is an orthodox Jew. Duh? The son-in-law he is tasking with moving the Israel-Palistine issue forward.

          • You’re new here, so I’ll let you in – it’s a running joke.

          • leftcoastdave

            Mother is teaching her teenage daughter how to wash the laundry. “First thing you do is separate the whites from the coloreds.” Daughter: “Mom, THAT’S RACIST.”

          • SC Dave

            Ah yes, the progressive mindset in a nutshell.

          • SC Dave

            Those facts don’t fit the narrative. Oops.

          • Richard Feynman actually talks about this a little in his book.

            He give this anecdote where a Jewish mom is just THRILLED to have him over.

            I guess the mom was connected to Washington or something, and he said, ‘How can you be excited about lil ole me? I’m just a scientist. You have 4 star generals and senators over regularly’

            To which the Jewish mom responded, “oh, but a scientist. Now THAT’s something”

        • SC Dave

          Not sure whether this is a straw man or not. Certainly as a lawyer, you realize your profession absolutely seeks to control language so that the rest of us are utterly dependent upon your class. That people might see this as malicious should be no surprise.

          But the bigger question is the control of the *content* of said language. And this is the grave danger of the progressive/totalitarian left control of the America education system and 40+ years of brainwashing they have undertaken protected by the aegis of the Department of (Re)Education.

          Their dream model is that depicted in The Killing Fields, where the children report their parents for impure thoughts.

          Don’t believe it? Go watch some videos where Shapiro or Milo try to present views misaligned with the orthodox liberal theology. It’s pretty scary.

          • But why do you assume “the left” follow Shapiro or Milo (don’t even know who Milo is) or any other blow hard on TV?

            That’s like assuming every republican blindly follows Rush Limbaugh because they’re too stupid to interpret reality for themselves.

      • SC Dave

        This. Just like those tats won’t land you the job.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      Atually it’s called race baiting AL but jess, it continues….

    • willbest

      I heard they strung up a homosexual on the White House lawn. Oh wait, it was just that the federal government was going to let the states decide what they were going to do with bathrooms. People are just upset because the word bathroom appears 23 times in article 1 of the Constitution.

      • Irish Sweetness

        That the verb ‘coin’ appears in the constitution beside ‘wealth’, has resulted in the enslavement of mankind via the ‘money-as-debt’ system.

        Happy Friday!

    • BuddhaJoe

      WTF did Breitbart think they were accomplishing with that article? The idiots that take that shit as gospel would already hate higher education, and everyone else would look at it as the embarrassing bullshit that it is. It makes fucking Slate look rational.

      • leftcoastdave

        As the statement reads “Racism is pervasive. It is in the systems,
        structures, rules, languages, expectations, and guidelines that make up
        our classes, school, and society.”

        Pointing out left wing orthodoxy on campus is embarrassing bullshit? Remember what happened at MO U? Things seem to be changing there because it was exposed for all the public to see. That is bad how?

        Or is this simply “higher education” beyond the ken of John Q. Public?

        • BuddhaJoe

          Um, none of that is wrong. I’m a WASP and even I know that shit. I’ve been tailed by the pigs for just having a black guy in my car. Let alone all the well documented incidents you don’t need me to detail. All the professor in that link said was that the english language can be fluid, which is absolutely true for any language. And holy shit look at the comments to that article if you don’t believe me. Fuck, those oxygen thieves are completely disproving the thesis of any right winger who thinks the same way as the Breitbart contributors.

          • leftcoastdave

            You should research and know the facts before jumping to conclusions. I will never defend idiots posting on Breitbart, but I will defend Breitbart’s right to point out the manifest loony left bias on campus and how it furthers racism by dividing all into identity politics. The actual statement in question reads in part:

            “The racist conditions of our society are not simply a matter of bias or
            prejudice that some people hold. In fact, most racism, for instance, is
            not accomplished through intent.

            Racism is the normal condition of

            Racism is pervasive.

            It is in the systems, structures, rules,
            languages, expectations, and guidelines that make up our classes,
            school, and society. For example, linguistic and writing research has
            shown clearly for many decades that there is no inherent “standard” of
            English. Language is constantly changing. These two facts make it very
            difficult to justify placing people in hierarchies or restricting
            opportunities and privileges because of the way people communicate in
            particular versions of English.”

            That is patently offensive and demeaning to everyone in our society.

          • SC Dave

            Fuck yes. There is NO WAY the asshole(s) responsible for that statement should be entrusted with the minds of the young.

            And it’s fucking EVERYWHERE.

          • CanadaBear

            Fortunately you are hear to enlighten us.

          • BuddhaJoe

            Language IS constantly changing and racism IS inherently pervasive in this country, so nothing he said is wrong. It was just a dumbass clickbait headline to make idiots who already think that way reinforce their views.

          • SC Dave

            Bullshit on both counts. Bullshit.

            Obviously, if you believe racism is pervasive, YOU must be promoting it.

          • BuddhaJoe

            Explain then?

          • willbest

            I have a disabled son. In any conversation I have with people about him I could if I wanted to point out a dozen “micro-agressions”. They of course aren’t done out of malice, and they aren’t propagating stereotypes about disabled people. Its just the way normal humans talk and interact when they aren’t fully versed in the subject. But if I wanted to go on a rant about the pervasiveness of systemic
            intolerance towards my son specifically, and my family generally I
            could. After all, how dare the rest of the country not take time out of their day to get up to speed on the ins and outs of my particular issues.

            Could they do better? I don’t know. Is it worth it for them to do better? doubtful. Should I demand it of them? Absolutely not.

            I see these “9 things you should never ask a single mother” and “10 things you shouldn’t say to a cancer survivor”,etc lists all over the internet. I find it fascinating that I am supposed to
            a) notice a trait about you
            b) research how to conduct myself based on that trait; and
            c) not assume anything about you based on that trait.

            in order to navigate a minefield of oppression.

            Guess what I am going to do when I notice a trait that might give rise to b? Ignore the person. Who needs that fucking work. Odds are substantial that person isn’t going to enrich my life enough to be worth the hassle. And now look what I have done. Discriminated against a person based on a trait.

            If you want multiculturalism you are going to have awkward interactions between cultures. And that is where we are at.

          • Scharfinator

            Sometimes I think you are full of shit, Will. Other times, I agree with your reasoning completely.

          • Scharfinator

            If you truly believe it is pervasive, than you yourself must be racist.

            Ergo, per Dave, you’d be promoting it by being part of it.

          • leftcoastdave

            I respectfully disagree. I am not racist, are you? Reminds me of when Senator Bradley was criticized over race and he responded, “I’ve showered naked with more black men than this chump has ever met.”

          • BuddhaJoe

            Shit I went to a right wing CRC College and even THEY would’ve laughed at that shit. C’mon Man

          • leftcoastdave

            Laughed at what shit? That “Racism is the normal condition of things.” That “Racism is pervasive.”

            Or laugh at saying that to proclaim that is patently offensive and demeaning?

          • BuddhaJoe

            OK maybe I misunderstood, because yes they and I would have said that racism is pervasive and natural, but that it is also wrong and we need to work to get beyond it, although it’s probably impossible to do it totally.

            Until the aliens come and we have a common enemy, than I bet that shit disappears quick.

          • MB30SD


          • SC Dave

            No, he said there “no inherent rules” which 100% supports Al’s position that grammar does not matter – i.e. that the students are TOO FUCKING STUPID to figure it out.

            Just another example of the ENDLESS enabling of failure that is the hallmark characteristic of the progressive, slave-creating mindset.

        • to a certain extent, I don’t think “exposing” what goes on in class rooms is a good idea.

          Diff professors use diff approaches, and some “radical” ones like pushing buttons and riling up the students in order to make them think.

          For example, I had a philosophy professor who brought in a guest speaker.

          Who was this guest speaker? An IRA member who was arguing about how bombing the English was ethical.

          Now a days, if that was on twitter or caught on video, that shit would go viral and blow up.

          That’s a dangerous slippery slope to thought policing in itself.

          Teachers and class rooms must be somewhat free from prying eyes lest they just want to produce conformist minions.

          • willbest

            It always seems to be done in one direction though.

            Nobody brings in a Christian theologian to argue the merits of submitting to ones husband into a woman’s studies course.

          • Don’t know about others, but he also brought in a Muslim cleric and a Zionist.

            He actually got in trouble for the zionist because that guy was somehow linked to terrorism or something.

          • SC Dave

            Only in the insane world of the left… SMMFH

          • Nah, it was cuz that Zionist was on some watch list or something, and frequently went around stirring up shit.

            He was like the Black Panthers of Jews. Even other Jews were like “whoa. Don’t know that guy.”

            But, that was kinda the point of bringing him in.

            Often ppl think college is just about beer pong and multiple choice tests, but theoretically, it’s supposed to prepare you for a violent world that often doesn’t share your same outlook.

          • Cormonster

            What happens when a Palestinian Muslim woman hooks up with a Jewish guy? Why this, of course.


          • Haha. I swear I know that restaurant.

            Also, Palestinians, smoking hot!

            (missing out MB!)

          • Cormonster

            I grew up next door to a Lebanese family. When the son turned 18, his prearranged bride moved to the states for the wedding. She was drop dead gorgeous. He sure lucked out on that one. There are some smoking ones from that little region.

          • I would let her occupy me any time!

            They do despise Jews though lol

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I lived next to a couple lesbianese in college, they were hot as hell and loud. At the time I rarely made a woman scream like they did, so one night we were getting drunk and high so I asked for tips, very enlightening conversation for me at the time.

          • haha. They are fiery, the way I like it.

            My friend once told me that muslim chicks in general don’t like rug munching cuz they consider it “dirty” but I don’t have a big enough sample size to confirm or deny his claim.

            I think I only dated 2 in my life, though I do talk to one (just a friend) on the internet who’s pretty cool (and perhaps the last 21 yr old virgin in America lol).

          • MB30SD

            That’s not the only thing you have that’s small

          • MB30SD

            Lesbianese…. Baaahahahaha!

            And their food is fucking BOMB!

          • MB30SD

            Hairy dude. All Arabs. When a chick’s got more arm and leg hair than me… And has bigger eyebrows, I’m out.

          • MB30SD

            Yeah!! Leave that up to corporate America!!

      • SC Dave

        WTF are you talking about? They merely point out another example of the cesspool of abject garbage American universities are.

        You make no point. Are you the product of said system? Do you work in it and try to defend it?

        • MB30SD

          Eeeaaasy tiger.

          Dave we gotta get you on meds or weed or both… You’re heart’s gonna explode maings

        • Scharfinator

          I think he means that everyone else understands what an embarrassing move from Washington this is…

      • AlbertInTucson

        Multiple sites are reporting same, not just Breitbart.

  • Buy Bouye for $14M/yr? Didn’t we go through this already with Norman?


    • willbest

      Is Bouye a headcase too?

      • No, but he’s a “1yr undrafted wonder” kinda like Norman.

        From that article, Bouye actually sounds like Peanut.

        If I were Pace, don’t know if I’d go after him or not. I think he was a top 3CB, and we all know our CB situation.

        • willbest

          Houston runs a 3-4? If so, I would gamble $21 million (1.5 years guaranteed). Especially if he has anything approaching peanut character

          • AlbertInTucson

            Lord knows, the Bear defensive backfiled needs SOMEBODY that qualifies as a “Playmaker”. Is it Bouye? For that kind of money, it BETTER be.

          • willbest

            He is 25 though. If he is a playmaker he is going to be one baring injury for 5-6 years.

        • BerwynBomber

          Norman gets bashed but he had a solid year for WAS. Accounted for 5 TOs and 19 PDs. Those are solid numbers, especially for a guy whom a number of teams don’t test.

          But he’s a mouth and every time he gets beat it is near national news, which he mostly brings upon himself.

          My biggest concern with Norman would be that he blossomed late. He’ll turn 30 next year so how many years of shutdown CB do you get out of him?

          Buyoe is good but never flashed like Norman did. Norman truly was the best CB in the league in ’15. Bouye’s never been that.

          • So pass on Bouye for you?

            And CB stats are always very tricky cuz they can be misleading. When the other team figures out you’re good, they simply stop throwing your way as much.

            Don’t know if Bouye got that rep though.

            Norman is def more of a playmaker…with a mouthmaker to go along with it.

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, I would certainly check out Buoye. I was only offering a half-hearted defense of Norman.

            Agree about CB stats sometimes being misleading.

            I wonder if a joint like PFF has a way of tracking coverage beyond the traditional INT/PD stats. You know, something like traditional passing stats applied to each CB and broken down by type of coverage. I sensed Porter would have rated pretty high there the first half of last season.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I listen to Steve Czaban’s podcast out of DC regularly and that crew had basically nothing good to say about anybody on The Redksin defense, aside from Norman, including Ryan Kerrigan who doesn’t seem to want to do anything on defense except rush the passer.

  • BearDown100393
    • CanadaBear


    • AlbertInTucson

      Be funnier if it weren’t so sad.

      • CanadaBear

        I usually have some sympathy for these guys that can’t kick the sauce but Cedrunk was such a piece of work, I’ve got nothing.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Andrew, what’s your take on EJ Manuel ?

    I’ve been watching him because he’s surplus to requirements in Buffalo and can be had cheap.

    His stats look bad, but taken in context, he’s never really had a run of games. On tape, he’s one of those big stand-in-the-pocket guys with the big arm, but can still scoot when he needs to. In fact, he looks a bit like Cutty. He was the first QB drafted in his class, right? If we did draft a young guy, we could do worse than having a guy like E.J. at #2 or #3 on the roster.

    What say ye?

    • willbest

      You mean as a backup? I would draft a QB at #3 before I sign Manuel as QB1

      • Irish Sweetness

        Yeah, not as the face of the franchise. Ideally I’d keep Cutty – rather than get nothing for him – draft a guy … but have a vet backup on the roster too. Don’t want to throw your draft pick to the wolves in week 4 ….

    • I actually liked him coming out of the draft too. Not enamored, but thought he was def better than Geno or Glennon.

      So I watched a few games with him, and it was sorta hard to distinguish the shitty team from his play, but he lacked playmaking ability.

      He’s sorta Barkley level (also drafted in same class).

      on a footnote, holy shit that 13 class was a disaster for a lot of teams at the top.


      How many of us would’ve loved Cooper over Long?

      • willbest

        Cooper wasn’t on the board. But I sure as hell wanted Ogletree

        • I liked Ogletree too, but I remember many on da blog including myself being gaga over Cooper.

          Ironically, I think he might be available this offseason.

    • SC Dave

      He’s got to be better than Fales, so there’s that.

      • Irish Sweetness

        We” have Dreamboat on the PS again …

  • Irish Sweetness
    • That dude is just collecting paychecks now.

      remember Pepper’s in his last Bears year?

      • BerwynBomber

        Better than the blog gave him credit for …

        • willbest

          He played solidly, but not up to his base salary.

        • SC Dave

          Much better

      • Irish Sweetness

        You play up to your competition. THe ’85 Bears were all fighting for that sack before their team-mate got their. One year, he’s 32 ….

        • MB30SD


        • CanadaBear

          He’s quit on his last two teams. Why would he all of a sudden be super motivated by the Bears.

  • leftcoastdave

    Looking at some good TE options for the Bears. Brandon Bostick and John Phillips look to me like they could be bargains and solid blockers.


    • MB30SD

      projected in what rounds?

      links maings, LINKS!!!

      • It’s supposed to be a pretty good TE class.

        This is actually a good year for Bears’ need.

        We need a QB, tons of them in FA and maybe draft.

        Need S, good draft for S, not too mention FA
        CB, ditto.

        We just need to get players who aren’t made of china, but this year’s pretty deep at positions of Bear needs.

        • MB30SD

          ok, time for pace to knock it out of the fucking park.

          FS X 2 – berry and hooker pls
          TE X 2 – 1 draft, 1 FA?
          CB X 2 – 1 Drafdt, 1 FA?

          QB – HBP’s favorite to take us to the playoffs and lose early

          …oh, and I should text you the story of my second date the other night. yesh.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Rookie CBs? There’s a few vets on the market right now, but I don’t want any rooks out there.

          • MB30SD


            But you’re willing to piss away our #3 on another fucking RB. You sir, are an enigma wrapped in a blanket of mystery, smothered in secret sauce

            (Or you’re just a clueless mic… One of those)

          • leftcoastdave

            I don’t want to piss away the 3 on anybody. No one high risk player needed that bad. Last year Cleveland made their first round picks multiply, first with the 1, then the 8.

            Plenty of “have” teams falling in love. We have multiple “needs” and no one player at 3 will be worth the gamble of an acl or multiple concussions ala Floyd.

          • MB30SD

            So instead of getting a bonnafide franchise player like hooker, Thomas, the best CB, you wanna gamble someone will give us picks for a dude we just got at one of the only spots of strength on the team.

            And if no one comes with all these picks for him.

            Uh, no thanks. Just pick Thomas Adams hooker of the best CB. Done and done.

            Now, if someone comes begging with their hands full of picks, great.

          • leftcoastdave

            Nobody, read nobody worth the 3 needed on the bears roster. We have plenty of money and FA targets to find IMMEDIATE help at S and CB. The same can be said of the lesser need, DL. So why waste the 3 on what is now the highest need(s) which are likely to get fixed in FA? I trust Pace to be able to target plenty of competition which is needed with the DB’s as well as the LB corp which might actually become more of a need if Trevethon does not mend.

          • MB30SD

            you do not build a team in FA dude. you simply and plainly do NOT. it’s basically proven fact.

            sorry man, you’re advocating a HORRIBLE path forward. If you actually want to build a successful org you HAVE to have successful drafts bringing in top talent from the bottom up. Of course you have to bring in FAs to bridge gaps and plug immediate holes, then in a couple years they get old flame out and you’re right back where you started.

            If no one wants to give us picks for our #3, you take the franchise FS (one of two this year), or you get aaron donald 2.0, or the best CB in the entire draft and you throw a fucking party. period.

            Oh, and you also get as many good to great FAs as money allows. Starting with Berry, Hill, and a TE.

          • willbest

            Except the 2015 Broncos. Yes they struck gold with Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall. But after the embarrassment of 2013 Elway bought Talib, Ware, Ward, and Sanders.

          • leftcoastdave

            You don’t build a team in the first round, either. That’s why you need more picks:
            2001 David Terrell, 2002 Marc Colombo, 2003 Michael Haynes, 2003 Rex Grossman, 2004 Tommie Harris, 2005 Cedric Benson, 2006 no pick, 2007 Greg Olsen, 2008 Chris Williams, 2009 no pick, 2010 no pick, 2011 Gabe Carimi, 2012 Shea McClellin, 2013 Kyle Long, 2014 Kyle Fuller. 2015Kevin White, 2016 Leonard Floyd.
            What if Pace had two picks for each of those? Sure, Floyd was picked as a part of a big “need” issue, LB’s and Edge. How much help there came from FA? Same with Kyle Long, needed to build a line. Again how much in the first round vs. later rounds and FA? Then there’s White, Fuller, Carimi, two no picks because of stoopid trades, Williams. What do we have for them?

          • MB30SD

            You have to hit on your # 1s more often than not. And you can only get more picks if someone offers them to you.

            Some of you guys are acting like they’ve already been offered.

            Of course you take a great deal if offered, but you won’t know that till possible that day, hr, etc..

          • leftcoastdave

            I’ll make book on somebody being in love with what will be available at the 3 pick, be it Edge, QB or Fournette. Look at what Zeke did for Dallas. Sure helps a QB if you have a first rate running threat. Not to mention how happy it makes your linemen to charge out rather than being back on their heels all game.

          • MB30SD

            we have one yo. wasn’t howard like #3 in the nfl last year?

          • willbest

            I think he was #1 from week 5 on. We just fucked around with Langford for the first 4 weeks. He doesn’t catch particularly well though.

        • leftcoastdave

          Four areas of need with good prospects. Can get a good blocking TE on the cheap. One possible blockbuster from KC at either Berry (S) or Dantare Poe (DT); where big money can be wisely spent. Round out from there with alternate S or DL options and a lock down corner. Follow that up with lots of competition from the draft and things can look fun again, at least on the D side of the ball.

          With those needs filled, that #3 pick must be traded down early and often.

          Here’s what Cleveland did last year:


          • leftcoastdave

            Last thought. No trade at 3, draft Fournette.

          • I’d rather get Mixon in the 4rth who some same is better than Fournette.

            So he knocked a girl out.

            AP whipped his kid’s balls and is going to the HOF

          • Irish Sweetness

            He’s 10lbs lighter .. nothing to stop us drafting both for insurance.


          • Irish Sweetness

            My man, Dave. Dude cannot be missed at #3. In years to come, people will wonder why he didn’t go first. When you look back at old drafts, there aren’t ever a string of guys you’ve heard of in the first. There’s a few. Leonard is one of the few this year. Have seen most of the QBs. Haven’t seen any of the receivers. The DEs are meh. Haven’t seen any OL. But if this guy is in your backfield … and you’ve already got Jordan. Fuck man. I love Jordan, but he slows down. Doesn’t have it at the top end, where Fournette can break them.

            Damn I’d give anything to see those two in the same backfield. Double TE-set, one WR. Two backs. Pain. Yardage. Dust. Ball control. It’s football sex.

          • Johnnywad

            If we draft a running back with the third pick while we have Jordan Howard and a roster otherwise full of holes, I’ll flip out.

          • MB30SD

            Seriously man. That would be the dumbest Fucking move in our history, and we drafted CD in Rd 1.

            I will definitely walk away if pace does that ridiculous shit

          • Big Mike

            Who the fuck are these lunatics. Like drafting Cedric Benson when you have Thomas Jones. If you had to have a running back, that year they could have taken Frank Gore. Or they could have taken Shawn Merriman, Heath Miller, Cameron Wake, Alex Smith, Jay Ratliff and the list goes on.

          • MB30SD

            Siiigh. Like you said my maings. Lunatics.

            It’s Irish

          • CanadaBear

            Although Jones got dinged up and ran for less than 1,000 yds. I hated the pick at the time but everything that I read he was the consensus pick at 4 (pretty sure Erin would have been a better pick).

          • Johnnywad

            Even if he’s great, I’ll pass. Howard is amongst the best in the league. Shelf life is too short to pick a back that high. Even if he’s Adrian Peterson…..what did that get the Vikings? Dick. That’s what.

            You want a two headed monster? Find another Howard in the later rounds.

          • MB30SD


          • leftcoastdave

            I said draft Fournette at 3 if you can’t trade down. With him picked, the phone would start ringing with offers. How many teams are looking for a Zeke or a Jordan?
            Look at what the cowboys did on draft day last year fretting about Zeke:


          • MB30SD

            See above… Or below

          • Big Mike

            Don’t need Fournette. Sorry.

        • Big Mike

          Butch, you are dead on. Demand and Supply seem to favor the Bears this year. Along with our salary cap and draft position in all 7 rounds.

      • leftcoastdave

        Dude, fishin’. Looking at FA options. Cheap possibilities with focus on the blocking and two tight end sets. Phillips looks to be leaving the Aints:


        I’ve already scratched Bostick.

    • Irish Sweetness

      To catch the ball? I’m all for going back to the old days. Draft a tackle to play TE, after we draft Fournette. Ahem.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Somebody posted a link on FA TEs.

      Fuck me. Look at this guy ….

      Levine Toilolo (age 25-Falcons)

      Atlanta has not been a tight end heavy offense since the retirement of Tony Gonzalez, especially
      given the presence of Julio Jones and their versatility at running back. Toilolo had a career high in receiving yards this year with only 264 but adds a huge presence into the lineup at 6’8″ 260lbs. Signing a young talent away from a bitter division rival always has bonuses as well.

  • Irish Sweetness

    TE Evan Engram.


    And who do they mention as a possible scoop? Budda. Might get a pass on the minimum requirements.

  • Irish Sweetness

    A good look-read summary of the top five QBs in the draft.


    I wouldn’t cry if they draft Trubiskey. As Brooks says, once he settles down in the NFL, and has the training wheels come off .. he looks good.

    Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina

    Pro comparison: Alex Smith.

    Strengths: Quick-rhythm passer with outstanding passing skills and arm talent. Trubisky can make all of the throws with zip, touch or anticipation, particularly on intermediate throws to the boundary or between the hashes behind the linebackers. In addition, he is capable of dropping a dime on a deep ball to a streaking receiver on a post route along the hash. Trubisky’s ability to consistently make tight-window throws with accuracy and precision separates him from other quarterbacks in this class. Quarterback gurus will have a tough time bypassing a polished passer on draft day. While the skeptics will point to Trubisky’s limited starting experience at North Carolina as a reason to drop him down the charts, it is hard to find precise passers with a nice combination of arm talent and athleticism to challenge the defense.

    Weaknesses: As a one-year starter, Trubisky hasn’t had enough high-level reps at the position to immediately step in as a first-year starter. He hasn’t figured out how to decipher complex reads, which could make him a turnover machine as a young player. Trubisky’s quiet demeanor also comes into play. Some scouts question his leadership skills as a “lead by example” type. If he doesn’t exude confidence or have a presence when he meets with executives at the NFL Scouting Combine, it could be hard for him to convince some teams that he has the “it” factor to be a difference maker at the position.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Yo, you’ve watched this guy. Sounds good on paper. NFL.COM

  • Irish Sweetness

    Davis Webb, Cal

    Strengths: Classic dropback passer who offers fine arm talent. Davis is best described as a quick-rhythm thrower with a compact release and an over-the-top throwing motion. He delivers the ball
    swiftly to his receivers with plenty of zip and velocity, but also shows the ability to change ball speeds and trajectory when needed. Davis’ deft touch allows him to drop balls in between the linebackers and
    safeties on in-breaking routes at intermediate range. As a deep-ball thrower, Davis shows nice timing, anticipation and touch dropping the ball into the bucket over the receiver’s shoulder, particularly on go

    Weaknesses: Davis’ extensive experience in the Air Raid offense will turn off some NFL offensive coordinators, due to the long learning curve he might experience while acclimating to a pro-style
    offense. There just haven’t been many success stories for Air Raid alums. From a playing standpoint, Davis’ inconsistent ball placement is a bit of a concern. He doesn’t consistently put the ball on the
    receiver’s upfield shoulder, which limits RAC (run after catch) opportunities for his playmakers.

    • leftcoastdave

      Davis has an interesting history. Won the starting spot at Tex Tech, lost it to Mahomes. Cal was his fifth year in grad school. Who is that Bear connection down at Tex Tech? Mahomes gets the talk, but Davis Web is a great Saturday prospect.

  • willbest

    Everybody who wants Fournette think about this

    10 top RB’s in carreer yards from scrimmage

    Emmitt Smith (3)
    Walter Payton (1)
    Marshall Faulk (1)
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Barry Sanders
    Marcus Allen (1)
    Curtis Martin
    Thurman Thomas
    Frank Gore
    Tony Dorsett (1)

    I am sure Fournette will have a great career, but building a team through your RB position is folly. Just ask Minny how it turned out for them.

    1) Don’t turn it over
    2) Stop your opponents QB
    3) Hoist Lombardi Trophy

    • MB30SD


    • leftcoastdave

      The president’s fingerprints are all over this one.

      • tiny little fingerprints.

        • MB30SD

          Tiny, orange fingerprints

          • leftcoastdave

            Not to be confused with “Ferguson effect” fingerprints on a whole lotta bodies.

          • MB30SD


          • Sauron’s right eyeball
          • CanadaBear

            Agent Orange.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Lol. Does he really have a small penis?

          • willbest

            You would think the media would have found a girl to come forward on this important issue.

          • leftcoastdave

            No, the media has too much integrity for such a story.

          • MB30SD

            fake media

          • leftcoastdave

            (mumble, mumble, mumble . . . ) Sorry, had to remove my tongue which got stuck in my cheek.

    • willbest

      I don’t understand the need to try him for Federal hate crime. I mean obviously I don’t believe in hate crime because the motive is irrelevant. But both Kansas and MO have the death penalty so straight up murder 1 seems like all that is necessary.

      • does it take less to convict someone of a hate crime than murder 1?

        • willbest

          It obviously takes more. Because not only do you have to prove all the elements of the normal crime. You have to prove that their principle motivation was whatever immutable characteristic.

          • shouting “go back to your country” makes it pretty clear that there was some racial/ethnic/nationalistic motivation. does that fall under the hate crime statutes?

          • willbest

            I don’t know, saying “fuck white people” while torturing an autistic young man is apparently a hate crime against disabled people not white people.

          • MB30SD


          • willbest

            Last I heard CPD only said there was evidence to support a hate crime against disabled.

          • huh. that’s some logic i don’t quite get. so if he wasn’t disabled and they kidnapped and tortured him and yelled “fuck white people,” there would be no hate crime?

          • willbest

            Presumably it stems from the theory that minorities can’t be racist against whites.

            I am kind of curious how long that theory will persist because Whites are a minority in the under 5 year old crowd.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Shouting “go back to your country” … let’s try that on about 300 million Americans, eh?

            Not that there’s any way you’d get the 40 million Irish back onto the auld sod anyway. There’s not enough sausages and black pudding ….

          • i mean, you can probably shout “go back to your country” to the people who shout “go back to your country”

            the irony is thick. like keith traylor’s neck rolls.

        • willbest

          Crimes require Action, Injury, Cause, Mental state

          Now many people think mental state means motivation, although motivation can be used to assist in determining mental state what the law is looking for is to what degree a person is aware that their actions caused the harm.

          1) Intent
          2) Knowledge
          3) Reckless
          4) Negligent
          5) Don’t caaarree (strict liability)

          To give an example of this. An 8 year old that shoots a 6 year old with a gun he found doesn’t have the mental state to have committed a crime. The owner of the gun however, will at a minimum have behaved negligently and probably recklessly in leaving the weapon around where an 8 year old could get it.

          But now lets say that the 8 year olds are trespassing in the gun owners house, find the gun, and the shooting occurs. The gun owner won’t have the mental state.

          • leftcoastdave

            He’d be charged here in Kalyphonya for reckless endangerment.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          I hate brocoli, should I rethink my position? Hmm…maybe dislike is a more appropriate description. I’m beginning to see why the English language is so racist.

  • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

    All22 insinuates that had Jay not been such a cunt his whole life, people would not be saying “no way” to him now.


    • willbest

      I get that Cutler isn’t the most durable, but people keep lumping the game he missed in 2014 in with that as if he somehow deserved to miss that game.

      • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

        The game where Pernell McPhee lost his shit and started screaming at Jay after Jay comes off the field throwing an AWFUL pic – just a total shit throw that got – I think – a pick 6.

        Jay is out there trying to fight through a thumb issue that fucked his hand. the throws, you can see visually these are not solid throws. So he’s trying to tough guy it – and his team hates him for it.

        That’s when I knew McPhee was a schmuck. At that stage had Jay pulled himself out, he would never hear the end of it. So he tried to NFL code it and pays biggly for it. He couldn’t win. He’s not controlling his own narrative for shit.

        • willbest

          That one didn’t make sense. the guy on PUP screaming at the injured player on the field.

        • Irish Sweetness

          This. The Cutty haters will jump all over him for last season when he couldn’t have played any other way. I literally cannot see a way we are better without him this season.

    • BerwynBomber

      A good, measured piece. The only thing I would add or expand upon is the Rodgers “rivalry” and Jay’s record and performance against GB and (recently, at least) DET.

      Being GB’s chief rival when they have a once-a-generation talent like Rodgers did Jay no favors. Cutty was almost always going to come up short via that comparison, as would almost the entire league.

      But the problem was exacerbated by his own play in such games. It is one thing to have a God awful record against GB. It is another thing when you pretty much crap the bed against them yourself the majority of your career. And he was beginning to do this against DET as well.

      People often point to Eli and Flacco and say that other than their post-season resumes they are basically the same as Cutty. But I would argue, at least in Eli’s case and potentially in Flacco’s, that those guys have fared better against their chief divisional rival than Cutler has. That is a big difference, and unlike with Jay’s post-season stats, his play against GB is big enough sample size to draw some conclusions.

      On the flip side is a guy like Romo, who like Jay, also had his bad moments against his team’s chief rival (NYG). But unlike Jay, Romo occasionally came thru. Moreover, his regular season stats were, otherwise, often top-notch.

      In a way, Jay combined the worst of Romo (sketchy big game performance) and the worst of Eli/Flacco (meh reg. season stats). And it is those two things — performance-wise — that ultimately defined the worst aspect of his tenure.

  • MB30SD

    Took the kids to see batman lego in 3D last night. Funny. Will arnett…

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      Child abuser!

      • MB30SD

        why’s that?

        • willbest

          because patriarchy

          • MB30SD


        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Fun is dangerous for children. Totally unacceptable precedent you are setting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            he has a point.

          • MB30SD


  • MB30SD
    • leftcoastdave

      So much for no longevity. He’s outstaying his welcome now and overpaid?

      • MB30SD


    • willbest

      I wonder what our comp pick for letting Jeffery walk in FA. A 3rd probably. But if we get Bouye and Berry, etc it offsets I think.

      • MB30SD

        I would make that trade in a NY second

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Is that really fast? Hahaha

          • MB30SD


      • yep, if you spend more than you lose you likely get nothing. Maybe a late round pick.

        It’s unclear because the NFL has never released their exact formula.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          I am pretty sure the formula was similar to the Cubs formula during Free Agency before the Ricketts.

          1. get monkey.
          2. put monkey in room with player names on the wall
          3. wait till monkey throws shit.
          4. sign player whose name was hit by shit.

          the NFL obviously uses draft rounds and numbers to award comp picks instead of player names.

          • There’s been some people that have more or less figured it out. It’s based on the contracts signed elsewhere of guys who left your team as unrestricted free agents (not guys who were cut). So both the money they get + the playing time/performance in their 1st year there. Also impacted by how much money your team spends in FA. Varies a bit from year to year because they only give out 32 picks total.

            Makes sense given that it’s supposed to reward teams who are losing talent simply because they can’t afford to re-sign it.

            I think it would be awesome to base it solely on the contracts and have published standards. Something like $1M guaranteed money = comp. 7th pick, with every additional few million guaranteed going up a round. Go all the way to a comp. 1st rounder, which falls between rd 1 and 2, but that would have to be rare (like only FA deals with $20M+ in guarantees).

            Think of the intrigue if everybody knew those thresholds. GMs don’t want to pass that next tier because they know it’s a higher pick to the other team. It would add another wrinkle of fun to FA.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            true, but imagine if my system is the way they do it. They could televise that and it would be epic.

    • Zap Rowsdower (GP)

      The Bears can use that tag as leverage for a palatable long-term contract or to create a trade market for their star receiver. I don’t see a strong argument against the Bears franchising Jeffery for a second consecutive year.

      I also have advocated trade and tag.

      The problem with trade and tag is that the $17M price tag comes with him, so you need to tag and trade him to a team with lots of cap space like the Bears have.

      • willbest

        They can structure the deal while he is still a bear and it can take effect when the trade does. So that wouldn’t be an issue.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Nobody, and I mean nobody is giving AJ that kind of wedge.

    • Barnwell is one of the few quality writers ESPN still employs. He nails it for the Bears here.

      If they can do all those things and end up with a QB who doesn’t suck, this is a fringe playoff team.

      • And even if Jeffery walks, grab a solid veteran WR or 2 in FA. Have that reliability to couple with the young Meredith and White, and hope one of those 2 turns into your #1.

        • CanadaBear

          Better hope for Meredith to grow into a #1. I’m afraid White will be lucky to be JAG.

          • We’ll see. There’s zero denying the talent is there. By all accounts I’ve seen, he has a very strong work ethic.

            He seemed to be getting a bit better from game 1-4 last year, though part of that was them just forcing him the ball and giving him really simple routes to make his volume stats look better, and presumably to grow his confidence.

            No injury history in college, so hoping these 2 injuries were a fluke and he can be reasonably healthy going forward.

            I’m not assuming stardom, but I’m not writing him off yet either.

  • leftcoastdave

    BRAIN TEASE – I posted a link to the machinations of Jerry Jones last year in the draft. We all know he’s a player. A player with only $4m in available salary cap space. He also got KO’d from the playoffs by Rogers because his DL could not put any pressure on him. Can’t buy much help in FA there, so what does he do and what does he have to offer? We know he has some real good options up there at the 3 pick, but other than his late 1, 2, 3’s, what’s he got to offer Da Bears, if anything?

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      Fack the Cowboys and Feeaackk Jerry Jones!

      He’s got more money than sense, so I see where you’re going with this but still, Fack Jerra Jones.

  • Huge Bears Penis

    new thread.

  • George Hotchkiss

    I like to look at building a team in simplistic terms. You want a team that will tilt the field in your direction, and force the other theam to overcompensate. Let’s take the Bears 2 Superbowl teams as examples. The ’85 Bears defense tilted the field in their direction greatly. The defense generated points and gave our offesnse grat field position. It was an overwhelming advantage. The 2005 Bears had a huge special teams advantage that forced the other team to give up field position on every change of possesion. Even when Hester wasn’t scoring, the Bears garnered about 80 yds per game.
    These types of field tilting advantages are what you look for in building a team, you need to force the opposing team out of their comfort zone. I have seen none of that so far in the Pace-Fox era. This year will be very telling.

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