Eight Thoughts on a Bizarre Super Bowl

| February 6th, 2017

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The morning after, I still can’t believe it. Eight thoughts…

  • The better team won this game. A lot was made of the adjustments made by the Patriots coaching staff as this game progressed but the truth is the Patriots were simply playing an awful game for the better part of three quarters. Brady missed wide open receivers. Edelman had a drop that was an easy 30-35 yard gain. Josh McDaniels couldn’t get a handle on things. When those mistakes stopped, the Pats scored at will.
  • After the brilliant Julio Jones catch, the Falcons are three kneel downs away from taking an 11-point, two possession lead and essentially ending the game. But what did Kyle Shanahan do? He went pass heavy. He went pass heavy!?!?!! Sack. Hold. For the second consecutive Patriots Super Bowl, their opponent lost their mind when the moment got too big.
  • The difference between 4-3 in the Super Bowl and 5-2 is night and day. The Patriots were staring down the barrel of being remembered as a slightly above mediocre Super Bowl team, with many pointing to luck (Pete Carroll) as the only reason they weren’t 3-4 in the Fantastic Football Foray. Instead, the coach and quarterback have five championships and lay claim to the label of the greatest ever.
  • Julian Edelman’s catch (pictured above) was poetic justice. For Tyree. For Manningham down the sideline. For the Welker drop in the open field. No, it didn’t happen against the Giants but there were few eyes not thinking of Big Blue when Edelman scooped the ball off the field of a Falcons defensive back. When that catch happened I thought, “this game is over”.
  • This was not the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. This was the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all-time. It’s hard to call a game great when one team completely folds. The Falcons didn’t sleep last night. They won’t sleep tonight. They won’t sleep tomorrow night. This is the kind of loss franchises have a hard time getting over and Atlanta immediately becomes the most fascinating team in the NFL in 2017. History and the odds will tell you this group will more than likely be sitting home next January.
  • How is James White not the MVP? His versatility and production were the number one key to the Patriots comeback. It’s always somebody you don’t expect with the Pats. This year it was White.
  • Shea McClellin, Super Bowl Champion.
  • The word I’d use for the game: surreal. I was texting with four different people over the course of the game. Here is a text from each one of them:
    • “Wow. This is just…wow.”
    • “I can’t believe this is happening.”
    • “Are the Falcons serious?”
    • “I can’t watch this.” (Jets fan)

One of the most memorable Super Bowls in history. And now the offseason begins.

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  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    For me the worm turned after I realized the score was going to be 28-28 before the end of regulation and I remembered the radio announcer saying before half time, “#28 caught the ball for a 28 yard gain to the Atlanta 28 yd line”. For the first time, I realized the fix was in.

    • Scharfinator

      You mean “Eye remembered” and “Eye realized”, don’t you?

      • MB30SD

        It’s sad when the mighty fall isn’t it scharf?

        • Scharfinator

          I never thought I’d live to see the day…

      • Sauron’s right eyeball

        Lol. Jess, this is why eye only have 1 eye now.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          were you playing with a BB gun?

  • Huge Bears Penis

    Playbooks going missing, drones flying over practices…. of course the Pats were going to have the largest comeback ever.

  • Captain Obvious

    This was the greatest win in Super Bowl history! A landslide! The Patriots won by a historic number of points. Doesn’t matter if they were losing at halftime and after 3 quarters–if the game was played so that the winner was declared at halftime, the Patriots would have played differently and won it easily at halftime.


  • Big Mike

    All the conspiracy theory talk related to this game makes me crazy. It was a football game. Tom Brady=GOAT. Chicken Dinner played, had zero impact on the game. Sounds about right. Bennett did ok. The Falcons young defense was flying around for 3 quarters. They looked faster than the Patriots. Then they didn’t. Ran out of steam, Pats figured it out. Then everything had to go the Patriots way for the second 1/2 of the Q4. And it did. One break for Falcons and they’d have won.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      crazy talk??? were you wearing a tinfoil hat when the alien overlords, with directions from the Pats, beamed a hypnotic message to everyone playing/watching the game to make sure NE won? Come on, it was so apparent.

      • Big Mike

        Just my Bears baseball cap. 🙂

    • SC Dave

      I still don’t quite understand the non-call on the facemask and fingers inside the back of a guy’s helmet.

      But really, it was Shanahan’s idiot call on 3rd and 1 that opened the door. I almost left then, but I waited until after the refs found a hold to take the Falcons out of field goal range.

      • Big Mike

        That hold could have been called from where Lady Gaga jumped. At that point you can make a credible argument that Shanahan was going for the kill. Where he soiled himself is with 3 minutes to go up 8 with Tom Brady on the other sideline, First down on the 22 yard line. No need to be a hero. All you do is calculate the safest way to make it a 2 score game and kill as much clock or NE timeouts as you can. You run three straight times. Whatever plays you have in your playbook where you never lose yards. Run behind double teams, hell put in your goal line formation. (that would have been my play at least 1x) Pick up a yard or two. Burn clock, kick field goal.

    • Johnnywad


    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      For me it became too predictable when the score became 20-28. Be honest, most fans knew that game was going to get crazy, even when the score was like 21-3 because it’s the Brady way. Interestly, the fact that green bay never mounted a comeback probably made this game more interesting to the casual observer. Remember how shocked people were that Rogers never mounted a meaningful comeback? I can’t be the only one who KNEW at that time, the Patriots were going to win. That’s not great from my perspective.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        Fuck Rodgers!

      • Big Mike

        When it got to 28-12, I thought, ok, this could be a game. Like you said, when they made the first 2 point conversion, I was thinking ok, here we go. As they marched downfield it seemed inevitable. The Atl defense had no legs. Looked like Bears – Packers 2010 championship game. Fuck the packers

        • Reminded me of that Bears-Hawk’s game ehen Urlacher looked like Frankenstein chasing Wilson. Once it was heading to overtime and they eon the flip, knew it was over. D was too gassed

          • Big Mike

            Exactly. That was also the mark of the end of that defense.

      • BerwynBomber

        Who was shocked by the Cheese getting smoked? They were a lousy team carried by a great QB and they should have been trounced a week earlier by DAL. Hell, NYG should have beaten them in the WC round. And by the end of the ATL game the Cheese had a DT playing OG and their crap D was being toyed with by ATL’s O.

        Pats are a whole different animal than the Cheese. It’s like comparing the Bears to ATL.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Not my point. Most people were expecting the cheese to mount some sort of comeback in that game but they never did.

          • BerwynBomber

            I don’t see how. The Cheese D gave up 45 in that game didn’t they?
            The Pats D only gave up 21. Again, completely different level of teams.

  • BearDown100393

    So the game is no longer “putrid”?

    Got it.

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

    Good synopsis. Here’s where I take umbrage tho:

    The better team won this game. A lot was made of the adjustments made by the Patriots coaching staff as this game progressed but the truth is the Patriots were simply playing an awful game for the better part of three quarters. Brady missed wide open receivers. Edelman had a drop that was an easy 30-35 yard gain. Josh McDaniels couldn’t get a handle on things. When those mistakes stopped, the Pats scored at will.

    This reduces the narrative to “the Pats came out flat and got their shit together”. That is false. The Falcons came out red hot, came out Tommy Hearns against Marvin Hagler. They punched the Pats in the mouth and were running wide open across the middle. The slide draw and pitch left were gashing them for huge yards. It’s not that the Pats came out flat, it’s like what they did to the Steelers: just tagged them in the head early. Aikman correctly called that Bellichek did NOT WAIT until half to make adjustments, he was regrouping the secondary personnel packages and assignments by the 2nd Q. The Falcons then clenched their buttocks up, and shut it down after getting the 4th TD.

    While the Falcons may have a franchise defining loss on their hands, and you may be right that they can’t bounce back off this, the guys whose careers are DEFINED by this game are Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanny. I don’t see how the rest of Shanny’s career isn’t shadowed by this, every skew or mistake he makes out west will be followed by “worst Super Bowl coordinator of ALL TIME, ALL TIME!” and the proverbial “how is Linda Lovelace not like Kyle Shanahan?”

  • Bender McLugh

    So hey, that was fun.

  • DaMurph

    This is the first super bowl i didn’t have some hatred for one of the teams. It was a great game to watch and I cheered for great stuff from both teams. Whatta game!

    • willbest

      I am not a Pats fan, and I wanted Atlanta to win. But I don’t mind watching football history being made.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      I hated both teams. They were in the SB and the Bears were not.

  • Malice Halice

    Im still in awe

  • BearDown100393

    Cousins showing a little ‘roid rage in a flag football game. Seriously WTF?

    • Huge Bears Penis

      who hasn’t wanted to push a ref during flag football game?

      • Artoo

        I just get mad that I can’t hit anyone in flag football.

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

    Trump bailed on his friends.

    “I won’t be associated with losing. No way, no how. Clearly Bellichek is not the man he was. Sad.”


    • willbest

      Why is this news?

      • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

        Can you imagine the alt-right feeding frenzy if Obama bailed on his team during the Super Bowl? OMFG.

        • willbest

          Can you imagine a reporter actually reporting on it?

          • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

            It would be the Fox news crawl for weeks!

          • willbest

            Were they allowed in the press pool?

          • Yes.

  • BerwynBomber

    Worst choke job ever. Unlike the Cheese a couple of years ago in the NFCC, the Falcons are a relatively young team so they should recover. Their front six or seven on D has a SEA junior feel and the ATL FO has given Ryan a ton of weapons. Ryan himself is a solid top ten guy but for now the “elite” label should be put on temporary hold. His high–rated stat line might have been one of the most misleading ever.

    Yeah, White should have won the MVP but it’s not like Brady was undeserving. But Brady certainly lives a charmed life. Even beyond marrying a supermodel and playing under the GOAT HC. Not only the Edelman catch (among three Falcons defenders) and the near Beasley pick in OT, but let’s not forget that up-for-grabs pass at the end of the first half that Uni snagged. As I joked at the time for 31 out of 32 QBs in the league that is a second pick six. But not for Brady.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “One of the most memorable Super Bowls in history.”

    So, NOT “Putrid”?

  • Big Mike

    Also, how far away from this level of competition are the beloved. Damn. Defensive backs making plays. Strip Sacks, Pick 6. Ughhh.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      not that far away. we only need 12 new players.
      3 dbs
      2 safeties
      2 Tackles
      1 Dline
      1 QB
      1 WR
      1 Kicker
      1 Punter

      • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

        Put a sign on a tree.

        “Wanted: Football Team.

        Must be able to hit at the NFL level and not be pansies that live on IR. We need a complete 53 man roster, so please be prepared for a full staffing.”

        • Huge Bears Penis

          maybe a craigslist ad will help too.

      • Big Mike

        LMAO, oh that’s it 🙂 Need to start somewhere.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          we are a lot closer compared to last offseason. where we needed all that plus
          3 LBs
          1 G
          1 C
          1 RB.

          • Big Mike

            Love the positive attitude. So what do you think? 2 offseasons?

          • Huge Bears Penis

            nope 1 offseason should do it. SB next year.

          • Big Mike

            I love it. Full steam ahead on our silly season.

      • EnderWiggin

        Here’s my take on needing two tackles:
        Give Leno another shot (or draft some competition) and kick Long back to RT.
        I know Kyle wants to play G, but Kush, Larson, Sitton all kicked ass this year. At times it seemed like we had 4 pro-bowlish guards on or roster. Our interior is set, even with our best guard bumped to RT.

        • And Long is proving inj prone too. Maybe kicking him outside to battle smaller DEs than bigger DTs NTs might save his body.
          e supposedly always had the feet for it, and w a whole offseason to prime, should be better tham last time.
          Only thing Massie seemed to improve down the stretch.
          I think someone pointed out a metric that he outplayed Leno in the 2nd half of the season

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah, ATL’s D had a little SEA junior feel to them for three quarters — though their D-backs are near SEA’s level, was more that their front six or seven were so fast.
      And Ryan, though a tad overrated, is certainly good enough and has a ton of weapons at his disposal.
      Falcons and DAL should be early NFC favorites and both look like they could dominate. Then again, the only constant in the league is NE, so who knows.

    • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

      The level of physicality in that game was miles away from anything I ever saw in a Bears uniform since Trestman. Except for when Jon Bostic decided to level a guy in a pre-season game the last time I saw the Bears hit like that was when Briggs decided to smash Megatron into the ground.

      The level of hitting in that Super Bowl was vicious. Brady was sacked 3 times in the 1st Q after being sacked 14 times all season. He lost accuracy, but he did not fold.

      • beninnorcal

        I saw that Briggs hit in person at Soldier in ’11. I actually felt kind of bad for Megatron during that game. The previous matchup had gone to Detroit’s head and the Bears D was tee-ing off on him all day. I believe Stafford thru 4 or 5 picks and I think two went back for 6(Wright and Tillman).
        I also got to see Hester take a punt all the way(his last as a Bear?).
        Best Bears game I’ve been to.

      • Johnnywad

        Amos has some pop to him. He’s just not very good at geometry.

        • BerwynBomber

          I wonder if his pop isn’t overrated though. Yeah, we saw him de-cleat Cole Beasley earlier in the year, but I’m not sure a little guy like Bryce Callahan couldn’t do that with a clean shot.

          And there were two times in the first Cheese game where Amos and Montgomery met head-on and Amos went backward. Montgomery is solidly put together, but he is also not the second coming of Earl Campbell.

          • Johnnywad

            I wouldn’t really call him a big hitter. But he does seem to get in a good lick a couple times a game. Moreso at least than the rest of the DB crew.

          • BerwynBomber

            Fair point.

          • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

            Automatic +34 blog points on any Earl Campbell name drop.

      • BerwynBomber

        Agreed about the level of speed and physicality in the game. But that is somewhat attributable to the intensity of the post-season. Post-season > regular season > pre-season.

        Unfortunately, we are only familiar with the last two.

      • Artoo

        That hit made me so happy. It made Urlacher basically dance.

    • BearDown100393

      Next season’s Bears would whip either team.

      • Big Mike

        Thanks for that.

      • BerwynBomber

        Except for some key injuries we would have taken each this year. Jay was poised for a 2016 MVP season.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Too far to see it…?

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

    Next big story on Da Blog is Alshon. yes or no.

    • BearDown100393

      Sets league TD record. YES

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      At this point, not sure if it even matters. The McCaskeys seem to have royally facked themselves. 20 years ago, the NFL players association never makes that statement about the bill on the State house floor and ESPN gets sued before they can run that piece. I guess the McCaskeys really did vote for Trump.

      • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

        fair point

      • willbest

        Huh? What does Trump have to do with IL being so broke that it is looking for spare change in the sewer?

        I think its a given that the McCaskeys voted for Rauner. But he didn’t create this mess. Madigan, Daley, and whoever was running Crook County did it. And as I said it takes Madigan’s assent for anything to happen anyway.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Tongue in cheek councilor.

    • beninnorcal

      Yes. Pay him yesturday. He’s our best wideout.

    • willbest

      We need 16 quality starters and key rotation guys, so its hard to say it matters. But I guess you have to start somewhere, and the league requires you to spend the money anyway.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Nope. Cutty.

      I could give a rat’s ass about WRs. Who is the man under center?

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

    Somebody stole Tom Brady’s jersey from his locker. Must have been the Russians.

    Putin wins again!!!!!!!!

    • Huge Bears Penis

      Goodell took it, NFL needs to check if there was anything illegal with it, like mechanical implants to help Brady throw.

    • BearDown100393

      Probably covered in urine by now.

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)
    • BearDown100393

      Trestman must have turned down the Falcons first.

      • AlbertInTucson

        But he’s available, again!

      • I dunno, it sure seemed like he was calling plays in the 4th quarter last night

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)
  • BerwynBomber

    Among all the things that had to go wrong for the Falcons to lose, there was also ex-Bears Eric Weem’s decision to return the last Pats KO from two yards deep in the EZ. Not only wasted valuable time, but ATL ended up starting at their own 12 instead of 25.

    Ice might have been incapable of driving them for the winning FG anyway (he was seriously turtling by that point), but Weems decision didn’t help.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Called it when it happened.

      • BerwynBomber

        Ditto. Unless you have a Hester Jr. seems stupid not to take the 25 whenever possible.

      • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

        I will attest to this:

        At 28-9 Albert chimed in: “you know, this game is far from over”.

        We all laughed at the old man.

        Lesson for all you punk kids out there: Ignore Al at your own peril.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          I am surprised the old man remembered calling it. lol.

          • One Dump from Retirement (GP)
          • AlbertInTucson

            Calling what?

            Who’s Albert?

          • Huge Bears Penis

            Don’t worry about it Al. BTW remember that $100 you owe me.

          • AlbertInTucson

            As my late, great, Dad used to say : “I’ll owe it to you. It’s better than cheatin’ you out of it.”

          • Huge Bears Penis

            kind of sad story but when my Grandpa was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s me and him would joke around with it. He always kept it light hearted it actually helped us all cope. Every time I would see him, I would say ‘Hey Gramps, you got that $5 you owe me.’ He would always laugh and say ‘I will get it to you when ever I remember who the hell you are.’ When he got to the late stages our little joke worked like a trigger most of the time, and he would come back to me for a few minutes.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Whatever sense of humor I have, I owe it to my Dad.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Alzheimers is a cunt.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Yup, a man made cunt.

        • AlbertInTucson

          I SOOO wanted to be wrong.

    • willbest

      There was a KO this year that bounced dead on the 3 yard line. So it really is understandable to field those.

      • AlbertInTucson

        But he fielded that in the endzone.

        It’s like returners just go brain dead.

        Weems is hardly a rookie.

        He must have thought he was still a Bear.

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Because they want Glory. This used to be an excellent trait when football was football.

      • BerwynBomber

        He caught it in the EZ. Again, two yards deep.

        Horrible play by Weems who is a decent STer but a crap return man.

    • Couple that with Shea being completely invisible and Bennett dropping what should have been the game-winning TD in OT after picking up 2 dumbass holding penalties earlier in the game, and it was pretty clear why all those dudes are ex-Bears.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I’m so glad Marty dropped that ….

  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    Aha, Gisele thought the SB was rigged. Dont pay attention to the the false news narrative. Wink wink.


  • BearDown100393

    Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl if Devin Hester was not cut from the team. Boom.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball


  • My biggest thought watching that game: Atlanta did all the moves I wanted the Bears to do in 2015. Hired the coach I wanted (Quinn). Drafted the edge rusher (Beasley) and interior rusher I wanted (Jarrett after they didn’t get Henry Anderson).

    Instead we got Fox, White, and Langford. WHEE!!!

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      No my man, we got the McCaskey’s.

      • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

        and a robot from Westworld as GM

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Haha. On a scale of 1-10, what do you give Pace so far. I’m like at a 3.5 but that could change.

    • BerwynBomber

      Langford was a fourth round pick. The Bears have made a ton worse moves.

      Otherwise, point taken.

      • Jarrett went 137 in that draft. Langford was the Bears’ 4th round pick, Jarrett a 4th round comp pick later that round.

  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    ‘Brady leads team to victory, Brady mounts improbable SB come back, Brady is greatest QB of all time, Brady thrills the Nation.’

    Brady to become official sperm donor for lezbo’s all over the world.

    Brady can kiss my facking ass!

    • willbest

      Other than Ellen and Rosie, how many lesbians could afford to buy Brady’s sperm?

      I guess maybe some sort of hedge fund could pay him $50 million for 1 load, and then subdivided it into 500 sperm droplets. He is high T so they could probably net about 50,000 drops. Charge $10k each. You would have to do it IVF, and not all of them will take, but there would probably be about 12,000 Brady Jrs. running around. 800 years from now probably 1 out of 20 people will be a direct descendant of his.

      • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

        It’s alarming how much thought you gave it.

        Instead, you need to be directing your settlement and negotiation skills to smooth over the Kanye-Trump feud.


        I mean, they were buds, they were spending time HANGING, and now Trump is dead to Kanye. America can’t have that!

        • willbest

          I recycled. I had a similar argument with respects to Archie Manning, who was an NFL caliber player and produced 3 NFL caliber sons, two of whom have multiple super bowl wins and one that is a lock for the HoF.

          I could swear I posted it on this board a year ago when Peyton won, but maybe it was someplace else.

          • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

            If you polled the ladies with the question:

            “Do you want your son to look like Tom Brady or Eli Manning?” – that Brady wins in a landslide.

          • willbest

            If you look at horse breeders, they find several generations relevant. Brady might have the more desirable traits, but Mannings have the better pedigree.

            My point was, I had considered it before. Actually, if you watch who the sons and daughters of the elite have been marrying the last couple generations, they have considered it too.

          • I don’t if athletes like Swole are going into club w bejewled coversier chalice thinking, “which lady here will produce the fittest offspring?”
            It’s more like
            “Where are the drunk white bitches at? “

          • Irish Sweetness

            FWIW – in horse racing, the best horses don’t necessarily make the best sires, far from it. Some horses just have an ‘x-factor’ at transmitting their good points.

          • And yet head to big head, Eli won.
            Mongoloids 2.
            Aryan baby 0

          • Johnnywad

            Unless you’re after a handicap parking sticker.

        • willbest
      • BearDown100393

        You forgot about Erin.

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)
    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      As far as I can tell so far, not a single arrest was made concerning that incident. Hmm….

      • willbest

        Considering the BPD were given a stand down order, that is unsurprising. Then again California just busted some 430 people on child sex trafficking so maybe all their resources were dedicated to that? Maybe Pizzagate isn’t a conspiracy theory afterall.

    • “students were expecting a peaceful protest, an exchange of opinions and a dance party,”

      I’ve been to protests, and this is pretty much most of them.

      Naturally, all it takes is one idiot with a Molotov cocktail to incur the wrath of dudes who weren’t good enough to join the military and jack off to guns-and-ammo

      Anarchists for hire?

      See, who said Capitalism doesn’t work!?

      • Cormonster

        My disgruntled cousin who is a poet that couldn’t get tenure where he taught as an adjunct is now a paid professional protester. He’s an atheist who works for an Episcopal Church where is agnostic girlfriend is the “chaplain”. The “sermon” last week was on women’s rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, and the environment. I’m not sure how they are funded, but based off his twitter feed all they do 7 days a week is organize and attend protests.

        • I think the AVG person conflates Anarchists and Socialists because they both protest at some of the same rallies, esp like the G5 or whatever.

          But politically, they are diametrically opposed. You can’t want Socialism AND NO government.

          It’s not rocket science.

          Anarchy is only one small step away from Libertarianism, not socialism. theoretically speaking.

          IMO, that’s the “rights” nuts.

          (Though it must be stated that not all anarchists believe in violence and many in fact are pacifists, which I know, might confuse the common joe)

          The “left” extremists are Marxists who preach and practice violent overthrow of capitalism.

          Everything in between is Rep-Dems to varying degrees, but religion, economics and cultural background obviously divide even further.

          It’s amazing the U.S. hasn’t had more civil wars, really.

          • Cormonster

            My cousin is more of a full blown Marxist, but he occasionally refers to himself as an anarchist when talking tough about Molotov cocktails and violent protests. He’s definitely an SJW who hates capitalism. He’s just pissed off at the system. He was big into the Occupy movement a while back, and he also spent time at Standing Rock.

            I think most people identify as something without any real coherent philosophy. That goes for most people who identify as Libertarians also. Then there’s the hardcore Libertarians. I can’t handle most of those people either. I would consider myself more of a Libertarian realist. I want smaller and more fiscally responsible government, especially at the federal level, but I realize many big programs are never going to be eliminated. The best I can hope for and push for is incremental steps to slowly reduce the size and scope of the feds.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Virtue requires no oversight.

          • Who is born naturally virtuous?

            Besides Conte, I mean.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Humans. It’s the filthy little priests and politicians that come along and convince people they’re not in order to get people to hand control of their lives over to them.

          • Weren’t you a bible thumper b4? I thought you guys believed in humans inheriting “original sin” through adam?

            My interpretation is simply that ppl are born selfish with an imperative to survive at almost any cost, like most other animals.

            As such, humans must be taught to curb their Darwinian drive towards power and such.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Darwin was a Jesuit druid you knucklehead. Don’t let your hatred for a thing trap you in a lie.

          • Huge Bears Penis
          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            I don’t even have to click on the link bd.

          • Yeah, each “philosophy” has their violent faction.

            I guess if you’re a pacifist, that’s about the only one I can think of dead set against it, but every single “philo” has murdered, whether “justified” or not. Socialist, democrat, rep, liberterian, etc.

            The one thing I did like about Trump in that SB interview is when O’reilly tried selling that cookie-cutter America great, everyone else evil, shit, Trump shut that down fast, something along the lines of, “you don’t think we got bad guys?”

            Yeah, if your cousin doesn’t recognize the diff between anarchism and marxism or socialism, then he’s dense.

            Both Lenin and Hitler rounded them up routinely for a reason.

            Anarchist are against ALL governments, communist, socialist, or capitalist. Most buy into the naive premise that “when left alone, man will do right” which Rosseu popularized but many saw the BS in that real quick once the Black/Red Terror swept through France and guillotined the guilty and innocent alike.

            I would imagine “hard core” libertarians probably believe in that too to a certain extent. Like I said, they’re very close to anarchists. Only difference is, some Libertarians are more “practical” like in theory they don’t like a standing army, but they know it’s necessary. Or maybe some think that government should be involved in infrastructure, and the such. And there’s also libertarians who want to outlaw abortions while the more “secular” ones are like “what part of NO paternalistic govt don’t you understand?”

            I don’t see the federal govt reducing going forward, Corm.

            The population is growing too fast, and the more ppl, the more govt involves itself to regulate more facets of civilization. Just is historically true.

            Can even go back to Rome where the govt was really involved but in its outskirts territory where there were a lot less Romans, they really didn’t get involved too much unless there was a threat or insurrection.

            That’s just how “civilizations” usually function.

            Whether it works or not is a diff matter.

          • Cormonster

            Among the Libertarian purists, I would guess about half are against abortion. That’s one issue that will never be resolved. It all depends on when people believe that life begins.

            I think you’re right about the size of government continuing to grow.

          • That question will never be resolved Corm cuz it’s a “metaphysical” question at heart.

            That’s like asking “Is there free will?” or “Does man have a soul?” or “Can time cease?”

            Might as well debate if unicorns or dragons are better.

            Maybe, maybe, one day science will advance far enough to answer those questions to a degree of certainty, but not for a looooooong time (if we don’t destroy ourselves beforehand over said questions).

          • Irish Sweetness

            I think maths/physics has pretty much straightened out the free-will thing. There isn’t. A totally deterministic universe, tending toward disorder.

          • Show me that proof or formula, then we can start talking.

            Also, NOBODY knows the exact nature of consciousness or how it interacts with matter.

            Nothing is faster than the speed of light?

            How about thought?

    • willbest

      twitter sleuths have discovered one of the offenders was a Berkeley employee making 68k a year.

  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    Oh, here’s my personal fave so far concerning the world’s new savior.

    “The quarterback who even time can’t beat”


  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

    New mock new mock!


    We pick Kizer over Watson.

    Hooker rockets to 5, Allen falls to 17 (?)

    • Interesting how Allen falls. My foreskin buddy was drooling over him, but im like, doubt he falls. Maybe he does. Never know. 21 sacks in 2 yrs and stout vs runs seems top 10 material, but he doesn’t have that “twitch” like Garret, Hooker, Thomas, Fournette…have on tape. Think Allen’s combine will determine a lot for him to allay those concerns.
      Also interesting a WR went that high. Fits the data Will pointed out that historically teams have traded up for that stud WR , esp after Julio gambit came up aces.
      Other odd part- only one LT in top 10.
      Maybe the recent busts have slowed the roll of GMs.
      Drafting the 2nd QB in a percieved meh qb class might be dicey, but Turbiskey and Kizer are more like a Accord and Camry. Mid range cars that perhaps come w an equal amount of negatives.
      Be nice to get that Ferrari tho next yr ( Darnold!)

      • Huge Bears Penis

        i really don’t want to know how you become foreskin buddies.

        • Johnnywad

          LMFAO. What the fuck was that?

          Auto correct from something I hope. But what? And why is he always typing foreskin to push it to the top of the corrections? That’s a lot of foreskin Butch.

          • I pee into girls mouths, of course foreskin is at the…fore of my autocorrect!

            Obviously Redskins.

            God, I’m glad MB is in the African bush, or he’d give me shit forever lol

          • Huge Bears Penis

            My guess is MB is deep in an African Bush.

          • MB30SD

            Naw, even I won’t risk that… Next week a SOUTH African bush. Mmmmjes!

          • willbest

            You just have to remind him about

            “Black cock, its awesome” – MB fall 2016.

          • #NTTAWWT

          • MB30SD

            Still is in 2017!

            According to Gina at least

          • MB30SD

            Oh well heerrrrooo… So I should say no when you say you want to be buddies with me then. Phew, good to know!

      • Irish Sweetness

        6’3 defensive ends aren’t in big demand are they?

  • Malice Halice

    Falcons loss is more the story than Pat’s comeback. Pats should be 3-4 not 5-2.

  • Butch’s SB take.

    Coaches being smart when needed.
    Players executing that gameplan, and often going beyond the call of duty when said gameplan crumbles in clutch moments.

    Pats did both in 2nd half. Falcons did neither.


    A dash of luck and calls never hurts

    (this also assumes a level of overall talent esp at the QB position which the Beloved are far from presently)

  • BerwynBomber
  • The funny part about the SB is that i was watching it w a diehard Pats fan who kept saying , ” man if they don’t at least make it competitive , my 8th grade students are gonna kill me”.
    He kept getting up and not watching it esp when they were down 28-3.
    Kept refraining, all they need is a break.
    And that strip-sack was it.
    After that he then said, ” ugh, this might be worse. Barely losing in heartbreaking fashion” it was quite a study in fan psychology esp sinxe ge started the game camly expecting the Falcons to just bend over.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      I am no longer a fan of a team in the true sense. I came, I saw, I conquered and then I lost it all.

      • MB and i are inching towards that territory.
        Next yr might be the breaking point depending on what they do.
        Then again, what else is there to do on Sun? Go to church? Nahhhh
        And I’m not about to start watching basketball or baseball again.
        Maybe i could become a Kings fan or something. Lots of cool hot chicks in la like the Kings and i can grow my hockey beard if need be to get into their pants

        • Cormonster

          I’ve made the transition to casual fan over the last two years and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy doing other things besides watching football all day. The Bears sucking and the quality of play and officiating sucking has made it much easier. I actually listen to more games while doing other stuff than watch. Getting rid of cable (and thus my DVR) has made it really hard to sit through an entire game now if I’m at home without getting distracted and doing something else. Another side benefit is not getting mad over games any more since I’m emotionally detached. Still can’t get myself to quit the blog though. I usually check in at least once / week to see what’s going on.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            When the Bears are in the SB next year you will all come running back.

          • Cormonster

            Nah, the NFL has jumped the shark for me. I would definitely watch any playoff games, but it will never be the same. Kind of like baseball for me. I watched all the Cubs playoff games last year and was excited they won, but I don’t really get worked up about the games anymore. I doubt I’ll be attending any Bear games any more, and I won’t be watching 3-5 NFL games a week like I did for years on end. It’s lost it’s importance to me and I think it will be hard to ever get it back.

          • I was the same watching the Cubs last year.

            I grew up a diehard cubs fan, which is not easy in Dodgerville.

            I used to do batting practice in my backyard and play whole games in my head, Cubs-V-Dodgers. Memorized both line-ups. Stole basis. Harey Carey or Vince announcing, depending, but Cubs always came out on top.

            Then when the strike happened, I was OUT. Just like that. I’m like, fuck these guys if they don’t care, I won’t either (I was a bit more naive back then, but that was my rational).

            Luckily, I missed out on the whole steroid debacle. Like everyone, I was still fascinating by McQuire-Sosa season, but it was all a charade. I would’ve been out cuz of the steroids scandal if not for the strike.

            So when I watched the Cubbie WS, it was strange. Like running into your first love 20 years later when she has kids and husband.

            I was still cheering for them, but it was like I was cheering more for the long suffering fans who have stuck it out – through the strikes, steroids, and all the other heartbreak.

            But that WS kinda woke me up, in some ways. As jubilant as the celebration was, there was a real sadness beneath, kinda like when WW2 ended or something. You’re ecstatic but then you remember all that suffering.

            And I’m like, do I want to go through that unnecessarily? For a sport that is no longer the same sport I played or loved? For a league that covered fucking BRAIN DAMAGE? For a sport that only wants my $ and expand to England, fuck the base? And last but not least, for an organization that is at BEST incompetent, and at worst, greedy AND incompetent?

            Doesn’t seem worth it as much anymore. As they say in the bible, maybe zest wanes. Or maybe I’m just getting older. Or combo of all of the above.

            But the passion is def not as white hot as it once was.

          • Cormonster

            You said it better than I could. I also went from diehard baseball fan to quitting altogether around the 1993(?) strike. The Cubs screwing Maddux and him leaving for the Braves was icing on the cake. Now that the Cubs are good again I check box scores and watch an occasional game, but nothing like the past. I used to watch tons of Cubs games and I could tell you the BA and ERA of most players on any given day.

            My waning football interest also started not long after I quit drinking. Being a serious alcoholic took up a lot of my time. In the past, football was an all day event. I would start tailgaiting on the couch in the morning and getting pumped up for the start of the games and I would drink into the late evening until the Sunday night game was over. Now I have all this extra free time on my hands so I’ve found lots of other things to do to occupy my time.

          • Yeah, I had to stop going to bars at 10 fucking AM.

            I would always tell myself, “Ok, I’m not drinking till 12” (still a rule of thumb I try to hold) but fuck, the bartender (die hard pats fan from Boston) would get us all pumped, pushing “special” shots”, bbq wings, everyone already starting, and it was hard NOT to get sucked in, and I would always start with a pitcher, then lots of drinks later, it’s 6pm, I dropped god knows how much, and I’m calling a taxi. Just an all day binge, so I was like, nah. I’m watching pirate feeds from now on lol

            My step-bro actually just entered rehab too. I don’t know how that works though. I guess there’s diff ones, but I think he’s in for 1 week. His GF of all ppl forced him into it somehow. Good on her. But he’s a stubborn SOB, so we’ll see how that goes.

          • Cormonster

            Hopefully it works for him. Being an alcoholic really sucked and you don’t realize how much it affects your cognitive abilities until the fog in your brain clears after about 6 months. I quit on my own, but stayed with my sister most of the first week because I was afraid of the DT’s. I was lucky to have a lot of people supporting me after I quit, including all my drinking buddies. Even they were giving me a hard time the last few years because I was drinking so much. So that made it a little easier. Hopefully he WANTS to quit. If he does, being stubborn will work to his advantage, like it did for me.

          • I’m not sure he does yet. Personally, I think he needs therapy, but I don’t think he’ll believe in that “mumbo jumbo”. I’m almost certain the root of his drinking is his two younger bros dying, and he has the gene apparently from his grandfather, so it’s a double whammy.

            It’s odd seeing someone you know growing up become an alcoholic. I mean, we used to party, listen to Zepplin, drink, maybe some other times, jam (he was a great musician) but I always remembered the next day I would, throwup, recover, and he would just keep going.

            20 yrs later, he’s in rehab. But I really don’t think the shit hit the fan with him until the deaths.

            That’s cool you had a support system. Think that’s really important. It’s rare for old drinking buddies to be supportive cuz they normally feel like you’re quitting the gang or something.

            I kinda don’t know what to do when I’m around him. I mean, I usually drink with my buds, but if I do that with him, I feel like maybe I’m “enabling’ him or something. But it’s not like it matters cuz he’s gonna drink anyways.

            So I came up with a happy medium. I only drink beers around him, and make him only drink beers. Without fail he’ll want to switch to hard liquor, but I’m like, “C’mon, these beers are getting er done” and he just goes, “alright” and sticks with them.

            All the shit he’s gotten into has been through the hard stuff. With beer he can pretty much maintain then just pass out cold, but at least he doesn’t do crazy shit.

            Dunno if that’s how an AA counselor would do it, but that’s kinda what I do.

            It’s either that, or he’s just gonna isolate himself and binge like now, and then, who knows? He’s literally woken up on the street or hospital or drunk bin b4.

            Rather him just drink a shit load of beers and pass out on his couch or something.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Yup, memory bank gone.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I don’t get rehab. You can’t force anyone to quit. It’s like a spiritual thing. Once I decided – myself, for me – to stop drinking, I swear I never so much as felt like a drink ever again. Not once. If you don’t WANT to stop, then you never will. No way.

          • Cormonster

            Same here. I’ve never desired a drink since I quit.

          • I think rehab is a stop-gap really.

            Like I knew a meth addict who HAD to or else she was gonna do something stupid like hurt herself or others, end up dead, in prison, or kill some poor sucker having nothing to do with it. Maybe just walking the dog and she runs his ass over in a meth induced haze.

            But you and Corm are both right. Gotta come from within, naturally, when that “within” is coursing with a 5th of Jack, might be harder than ppl imagine.

            I always admire those who just quit cold turkey. That is so rough imo.

            If someone were to tell me, “Stop banging hot chicks or we cut off your left arm” I think my comments here would be a lot less longwinded lol

          • MB30SD

            Like you ever bang “hot” chicks anyway

            I’m on a fucking roll!!

          • MB30SD

            Good for you my maings

          • AlbertInTucson

            The ’95 strike cooled me on baseball and I had been in a Strat-O-Matic play-by-mail “keeper” league for more than 20 years.

          • I just picture you churning butter next to your abacus and phonograph, Al.

            Strat-O-Matic. Holy fuck. That’s hardcore.

            I think sometimes Bears fans forget exactly how long it’s been since we won a SB.

            It’s been this long.


          • AlbertInTucson


            Where have you gone, Doc Holliday?

            “I’m your huckleberry.”

            Jeez. Now he LOOKS like a huckleberry.

            He was a hoot in TOP SECRET.

            Excellent in HEAT.

            THE worst Batman.

            I understand he is a real horse’s ass as a person.

            As for Strat-O-Matic. I played their football game, too, and I STILL have the 1985 Season card set.

            No butter churn.

            No abacus.

            I DO have a working turntable, though.

          • I forgot if it was me or GP who observed Kilmer now looks like a Norwegian dike


          • AlbertInTucson

            He looks like a another actor, Casey Siemeszko.

          • MB30SD

            Maaaan… You were a little Fucking nerd.


          • MB30SD

            Exactly. Fuck rodger goodell, fuck teddy bean counter, and fuck the McCaskeys

          • How can u quit us!?
            I’m kinda doing the same. I used to be glued to every second of bears game, checking out personnel, formations, little details like HB blocking, etc…now I’m not as intense. I’ll still watch bear games on a shitty pirate feed but no longer bother getting up and heading to the local sport’s bar at 10am

          • Cormonster

            This is the only place I get any Bears related news now. I get more Packers news and listen to more of their games just due to geography. Yeah, my days of re-watching games, taping games to watch later, and analyzing all the little things are over.

            And the blog is like the local bar or hangout place, so I have to keep up occasionally with what’s going on with all the regulars who’ve I’ve gotten to know over the years.

          • Johnnywad

            Man. Couldn’t have said it better myself. That where I am too. I’ll hang on until they’re competitive again, but I’m not giving up 16 Sundays over it.

            I live in Lions territory and thats how they’ve pretty much always been exclusive of the super retarded ones. But man they get firey when the Lions are in the playoff hunt. You can still see behind the eyes though that they know it’s a one and done futile effort.

          • Irish Sweetness

            But we’re used to The Suck. Or at least I am. I don’t need them to win to love them, it will just be the cherry on top when they do.

          • That’s the problem, Irish.

            We SHOULD NOT be used to the suck!

            Unless you’re MB!


          • MB30SD

            Oh I’m used to the suck alright, just ask Jo.


          • MB30SD


      • BearDown100393

        The Bears are going to win the Super Bowl. Believe in Alshon.

        • willbest

          Sam Acho commented on that. He said winning is just as contagious as losing.

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog The quarterbacks who “do it by themselves”: Rodgers, Brady. That’s it. 2 guys in the modern era. Fans have lost their damn minds.”

    A few more guys could warrant inclusion on such a list although only one, Brees, is near the Rodgers-let-alone-Brady-level.

    The other three that could be added are Newton, Rivers and Luck. Where each ranks in comparison to the rest of the league’s starters is another debate but they seem to carry their teams.

    • Carr is VERY close to reaching that level too. We all saw what happened to the Raiders w out him

      • willbest

        At least the Raiders have a defensive stud to build around so Carr doesn’t have to do it all by himself for the foreseeable future. Its been Brees and dogshit in New Orleans for as long as I can remember.

        • That Raider D last year though wasn’t really all that.

          Don’t know how they ranked, but they didn’t live up to how they looked on paper.

          Even Mack started the season slow, if I remember correctly.

          In many ways, they’d have followed the Falcons format.

          Opportunistic D that maybe gets hot late and makes some plays with a red hot QB surrounded by a good Oline and playmakers.

          But personally I think Carr is already better than Matty Ice.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, I thought of him too, but figured it was too early in his career to put him on the list. But he seems close.
        R-berger is another one, but the fact that PIT also has Bell and Brown, and Big Ben’s been fading a bit gave me pause.

        • R-Berger’s body seems to be falling apart. (Cam should take heed.)

          I don’t think he’s capable of making that throw with a 240LB on him anymore. But I would def want him over Matty Ice in a playoff run, that’s for sure. And R-berger has prospered with diff WRs even before Brown, and when Bell went down, DeAngelo stepped in and they didn’t miss much

          Flip that around, when Rberger was out, what did Brown do? Not much. Think he had some 50 yd games, which killed everyone in FF lol

          Gotta say that was Rberger effect more than his cast or even OC.

          • BerwynBomber

            Valid points. And after Brady-Rodgers-Brees, R-berger is the closest thing to a sure-fire HoF (though I’m guessing it may take a few years unless PIT wins another SB).

            Also with you on Ice. I think he’s, on average, a borderline top ten guy or maybe solid 5-10 guy. But for now I’m counting his MVP year as a bit of an anomaly. They have outfitted with him envy-inducing weapons, and Shanny Jr. was golden (at least till yesterday), but we’ll see if he continues to stay top level. I have my doubts.

          • Irish Sweetness

            He’s a stud. No doubt. Just stands in there like a Weeble.

    • Waffle

      Guys that do it by themselves ………….laughable

      • BerwynBomber

        I know what you mean. But I also get the “who is most valuable to his team” list. Frankly, I don’t know if I would have Brady atop it given what Hoodie does with his back-ups.

  • EnderWiggin

    It seemed like the crowd was the loudest last night right before and right after the game. Cheering for President Senior and the First Lady, then booing for Goodell. Both were pretty awesome moments.

  • Malice Halice

    Brady wasn’t even fuckin playing the 1st 4-weeks of football! Yet these mf STILL made it to the super bowl and FUCKIN WON?! I’m sorry I just can’t fathom this shit. No team any fuckin sport can survive having their FRANCHISE player gone for a FOURTH of the season and still make it to the big dance! FUCK NO!

    • BearDown100393


    • We became more competitive when our “starting QB” went down!

      • willbest

        Based on W-L record, not so much.

        • Competitiveness is not all records.
          The losses under Trestman-Cutty were MUCH worse than Fox-Cutty as much as the losses under Fox-Cutty were worse than Fox-Hoyer.

          Turtle is to tortoise as…

    • BerwynBomber

      And they didn’t have Gronk for the last half of the season.

  • Huge Bears Penis

    Marty Bennett thinks he is going ot get paid because he has a ring now.


    • Sactowns#1

      And he’s probably right. he’s a marketable guy and winning a ring certainly didn’t hurt that.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        I don’t know what he is asking, but I doubt any team breaks the bank for his services. He is a fairly average TE who can block when he feels like it. He had a chance when Gronk went down to really step up and he didn’t.

        • The Pat’s fan I was watching with was begging for Brady to throw more to Bennett.
          He’s like, “no one else is catching” I kept telling him – “Yeah, but Bennett is a knucklehead. He’s just as likely to run the wrong route, half ass it, or do some other stupid shit as catching it. I think that’s why Brady doesn’t look his way”

          Sure enough, Bennett nearly cost them the game. First nearly killing the clock by not going out of bounds b4 the half. Then the stupid penalty and missing the TD catch.

        • BerwynBomber

          I’d rank him above average because of his versatility. The Gronk/Whitten TE who can catch and block is the exception in today’s NFL and Black Uni fits that mold.

          He had 55 catches and 7 TDs this year.

    • BearDown100393

      Enjoy Cleveland.

  • Captain Obvious

    Just think, the Bears’ next QB could already have a Super Bowl ring!

    • BerwynBomber

      Does he have two now?

      • Just like McMahon!

        Just don’t ask Irish how he got the 2nd one…

        • BerwynBomber

          I was surprised Irish took the Brady-as-GOAT narrative as well as he did. Thought for sure we would hear how McMahon once won 24 starts in a row or whatever that stat is he always quotes.

  • One Dump from Retirement (GP)

    Writers/bloggers need to write to get paid. So they deal in rumor and innuendo.


    • BerwynBomber

      Saw a Romo to HOU, Cutty to SF, Kap to CLE piece earlier today. But it wasn’t offered as anything more than opinion.

      • I think Romo will end up on the Broncos.

        They still have a very good D, and while Elway likes Lynch, he may not deem him ready quite yet.

        Peyton is already precedent, and I’ve heard Broncos is his first choice, followed by Texans, but the Texans situation is obviously more complicated cap wise as well as remaining in same state.

    • “I don’t like Cutler either. … It’s time for him to go,” Bradshaw said.
      “He’s just not an upper-echelon quarterback. He just isn’t. He hasn’t
      proven it. He can’t carry a team. He never has. End of story.”

      He then tuned his twang and rubbed his bald head in au ju sauce.

  • Sactowns#1

    Well gents, I’m off to Cuba. If the big orange buffoon doesn’t let me back in just know that I will miss all of you!

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