Across The Middle — Week Eight

| October 26th, 2016


Suddenly, the 2016 Bears season has a chance to be productive.

The loss to the Packers dropped the team to 1-6 and they’ll almost surely fall to 1-7 on Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings. But with Jay Cutler back at quarterback, it feels like they can accomplish something, even while not making the playoffs. The Bears need to figure out who their quarterback is going to be going forward. (It was never going to be Brian Hoyer.) It might be Cutler and we finally have a situation where we can get an accurate read on him.

Cutler played well in the Bears first two games but they were facing two of the ten best defenses in the league with a makeshift offensive line, no running game and Kevin White still trying to figure out what was happening. While Cutler was out, the line came into its own, Cameron Meredith proved to be an upgrade (at least in the short term) and Jordan Howard went off. The only thing they were missing was a quarterback who could put the ball in the end zone. If Cutler is playing with a full deck and can’t put points on the board, the Bears need to find a new quarterback.

These next nine games just might be among the most important in the history of the franchise because they may determine who is playing quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Getting After the QB

He didn’t have much of an impact on the game but if Pernell McPhee can become the player he was last year, the Bears are going to be a team no quarterback wants to face.

One thing the Bears did against the Packers last week that they’ve really never done was pressure Aaron Rodgers. I had the Bears down for 23 quarterback disruptions in the game. (They had 10 on Green Bay’s first two possessions.) The Packers eventually realized the Bears had Bausby and, at times, Glenn at cornerback and changed their offense. But they had to make that change or they wouldn’t have done jack against the Bears. If the Bears had better cornerback play, they would’ve shut Green Bay down.

With McPhee, Lenny Floyd and Willie Young, the Bears could have three premier edge players. With Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman and Cornelius Washington, they have three guys who can push the pocket.

I don’t know what they can do about the cornerback position right now but the Bears just might have a really good front seven and with that a really good defense.

Was Nice Knowing Brian Hoyer

Even if Hoyer didn’t break his arm, Cutler was getting the job back. A guy can’t keep missing wide open touchdown passes. Judging by Fox’s face after Hoyer missed Bellamy last week, he knew he had to go back to Cutler.

But Hoyer wasn’t a bust — looking at you Jason Campbell. If nothing else, he gave us some interesting discussions.

The Green Bay game was the rubber match for Hoyer. The final test. He failed. He looked lost and couldn’t make throws that you expect starting quarterbacks to make. But Hoyer gave the Bears two great games. He showed that they have talent at the skill positions and, when healthy, they can block. I don’t know if Cutler’s injury was actually the reason why he wasn’t playing but Fox had to see Hoyer fail before he could bench him. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing in his shoes.

As fans, we should appreciate what Hoyer did, the same way we appreciated Josh McCown. Hoyer did what he could and if the Bears were able to get a couple more stops, it would’ve been enough to win two more games.

I still think Hoyer is one of the 32 best quarterbacks in the league. That being said, I don’t think there are 32 good quarterbacks in the league. I think he’ll sign as a backup somewhere next year — probably wherever Josh McDaniels coaches — and end up becoming the starter.

Running The Backs

The Bears seem to be out of sorts with what to do at the running back position.

I don’t know what Jordan Howard did to get his playing time cut but the Bears are handling him poorly. What we saw in his first few games is that he needs to a few carries to get rolling. By giving him a couple carries then throwing Ka’Deem Carey in for a few series, the Bears aren’t allowing Howard to get into rhythm. This role is perfect for Carey, who is at his best as a spark off the bench, but it’s not ideal for Howard.

The fact that the Bears are having Howard and Carey split snaps makes me wonder if Jeremy Langford is going to regain his starting job when he returns from injury. Langford was the unquestioned starter before he was injured.

Charting The Bears

• It was a busy day for (I don’t want to look up his first name) Bausby and Cre’Von LeBlanc. I had Bausby giving up seven catches for 53 yards, but he also had three penalties that gave Green Bay first downs. It wasn’t all bad for LeBlanc, who had two of the Bears QB disruptions and two passes defended, but he was beaten quite a few times.

• He still doesn’t have much in terms of technique but Corneilus Washington can get to the quarterback. He had two QB disruptions and drew a holding penalty on Floyd’s strip-sack.

• It wasn’t pretty for the Bears QBs as Hoyer and Matt Barkley combined to throw 13 inaccurate passes on 27 drop backs. Not good.

Bring On The Vikings

If the Bears don’t have Kyle Long and Josh Sitton, this could get ugly. The Vikings have a handful of guys who can get after the quarterback and the Bears only hope is to be able to push their edge rushers wide so Cutler can step up in the pocket. Without Long or Sitton, there may not be a pocket to step up into.

The injury list will be important to watch for the Bears defense too. We need to see what they’ll have at cornerback because Bausby and Hurst can’t get the job done, even against Minnesota’s mediocre receivers.

Lastly, the Bears have to tackle. Not tackling killed them when they played the Vikings in Minnesota last year as Jerick McKinnon destroyed them on dump off passes all game.

If the Bears tackle well and force the Vikings into long-yardage situations, they should be able to abuse Sam Bradford all game. Given his injury history, the Vikings could end the game going against Shaun Hill. The Bears can beat Shaun Hill.

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  • SC Dave

    Hopefully, Cutler does well his first game back.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      At 1-6, do we want Cutty to play well in every loss?

      • Scharfinator

        Yes. That’s premier trade bait.

        • The Walking Double Standard

          or that we have an NFL caliber QB on the roster unlike 1/3 of teams in the league.

          • Scharfinator

            An old NFL caliber QB who’s career will be over before we are poised to get a ring, which I think, is premier trade bait for teams who ARE on the cusp.

      • The Walking Double Standard

        Yes. I want to think we can win every game even if we don’t. Why watch otherwise.

        • willbest


        • SC Dave


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  • The Walking Double Standard

    If Alshon is traded it had better be for a 1st rounder. I don’t want him traded at all but if they do make a dumb move it had better be a fucking kings ransom from some team that is in desperate need of him to make a playoff run.

    • willbest

      Nobody trading for Jeffery is going to be drafting higher than 22 next year.

      • The Walking Double Standard

        A team like Philly that feels they can win the East finally will be in hot pursuit of reliable weapons for their rookie.

        • willbest

          The trade deadline is in 5 days. Any team looking for a major WR weapon will be playoff bound. Which means its going to be a very low first rounder.

          Jeffery is playing on the franchise tag so we don’t own rights to him next season unless we tag him or negotiate a deal.

    • Governerd

      I’m with you, a mid-rounder (the rumor) or even a 2 doesn’t get it done or the fans will give Pace hell. Don’t make an Angelo trade and undersell. I understand the past trades to detoxify the lockerroom, but you have to admit those trades were one-sided, and that side was not Da Bears, so he HAS to get something in return, trade on potential value for Alshon.

      Wouldn’t it be weird if we got the vike’s pick via Philly and somehow got a franchise qb out of that? Ah a guy can dream…

  • The Walking Double Standard

    As I stated before pretty clearly, trading Cutler or moving on from him is not an issue…….as long as the other insane issues on the team are fixed beforehand.

    Angelo fist fucked this roster so hard over his tenure that the wheels finally came off and the cupboard was completely bare. Then Emery came in, saw the fist fucking that was occurring and then proceeded to film it and post it on the internet to add insult to injury.

    The rebuild needs to continue and you can’t attract free agents to your team when your QB is a cuckold or a Barkley or a rookie.

    • willbest

      FA’s are mostly about the money. Sure occasionally they give Darth Hoodie a discount, but lots of people ended up in Jax and Oakland and the Bears over the years for money.

  • willbest

    The getting an RB into a rythym thing seems bunk to me. The only RB’s it seems to applies to are the guys that are always looking for the homerun and it takes them 8-9 carries to pop one off for 30 yards.

    I think at 1-6 the Bears weren’t in any particular rush to bring Jay back. They were probably going to wait until after the bye if hoyer was still healthy. Now it doesn’t matter

    • 505Bears

      And running it every first down doesn’t help. It got ridiculous seeing the RBs get stuffed EVERY damn 1st down so it was always 2nd and long. Too predictable. Need to mix it up.

      • The Walking Double Standard

        I loved it when Cage started calling calling Miller’s and Alshon number on the early downs.

        • Bender McLugh

          I read that as Luke Cage

  • Bender McLugh

    “If Cutler is playing with a full deck and can’t put points on the board, the Bears need to find a new quarterback.”

    Without the Oline intact, I don’t know how you call that a full deck.

    • Will be interesting to see if Sitton and/or Long play on Monday night.

      • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

        What is the extent of Long’s shoulder/arm injury?

        • willbest

          Its still attached.

        • BerwynBomber

          Dickerson (or may one of the other beat guys) stated torn labrum after he went out against GB. No qualifiers — “feared”, “suspected”, etc — just that he has a torn labrum.

          • MB30SD

            Torn labrum very painful, but MUCH less painful than what cutty has… a torn labIA

          • CanadaBear

            I read a quote from Kyle that said his arm is really fucked. And yes he did say that. That’s in addition to the torn labrum.

          • BerwynBomber

            Unless we go on one of the most remarkable regular season runs in recent memory, I see no reason not to shut him down for the year.

          • CanadaBear

            Just read the arm issue is a triceps strain.

      • Long playing with one shoulder isn’t exactly playing with a “full-deck” either.

  • 505Bears

    Cutty to Alshon on Monday 2 times for TDs. Both are traded the next day for peanuts and a slurpee. Mark it down….ugh…

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Our O-line is still a shambles. The Vikes will eat them alive and Jay will be hit and running for his life. I don’t expect much at this point looking at our Offense. Now, on the other side of the Ball? I’d like to see a good pass rush and Sam getting hit and running for his life. Once you start chasing Sam he messes up in big ways…aka his time with the Rams. The only hope in this game is Bradford is shaken up continuously and that Jay and our WR corps can make some big plays to keep us in it…

    Bear Down.

  • BerwynBomber

    “Cutler played well in the Bears first two games”

    He played well for a half — the first half of the HOU game. Nothing more.

  • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

    The Bears need to figure out who their quarterback is going to be going forward. (It was never going to be Brian Hoyer.) It might be Cutler and we finally have a situation where we can get an accurate read on him.

    Andrew has written some dumb shit before, but that seriously is a LOL line.

    • willbest

      Yeah that was pretty good.

    • It was by far the stupidest shit I’ve read on here in a while, even Irish’s Tall Whites playing black jack in Vegas story has more validity.

      • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

        We “finally have” the right situation to evaluate Cutler. It only took 8 years.

  • CanadaBear

    It’s good to be optimistic but it should also have some basis in reality. Why did they pull Howard for Carey? Because Howard was running in quicksand. He looked slow as molasses. Carey isn’t all that talented but he gives you everything he has. Why piss and moan about Langford? He’s JAG. Like GP just posted, if the Bears don’t have an accurate read on Cutler after 8 years …

    • willbest

      He has the arm, he trusts it and his receivers too much, he is always looking to make the play. Sometimes very good things happen, sometimes its a strip sack. If you get more of the former than the latter and your defense isn’t dogshit, you win the game.

      • BerwynBomber

        You might be missing the larger point. We know what Cutty does well and not so well; i.e., if you need the final nine games of the ’16 season to make a determination on him than you haven’t been paying much attention.

        Btw, I think he and the Bears might very well win some games the second half of the season. Cutty is not only a QB upgrade from our back-ups, but the NFCN suddenly looks like a division of potential parity. Even MIN might be coming back to the fold.

        The problem? It could result in pyrrhic victories and result in nothing but dropping us down the draft board and heightening delusions for ’17.

        • willbest

          Yeah I want to lose every game because our opponent pulled a 54 yard FG out of their ass in the last 12 seconds of play. We do something like go .500 the rest of the way ending 5-11 I am going to weep as Pace does something I hate with his 9th overall pick.

          • CanadaBear

            No guarantees Pace wouldn’t screw up a pick at #2 or #3.

          • BerwynBomber

            True but you also get the second or third in every round, not just the first. Hence, I’d rather take our chances with the higher slot.

          • CanadaBear

            Oh, me too. This is the first year I can ever remember that I don’t care if they win or lose. I can’t bring myself to root for losses but they aren’t upsetting me at all.

          • BerwynBomber


          • Bender McLugh

            Keep the faith!

  • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)
    • willbest

      I guess I will counter that with It was in Cleveland against their best pitcher on six days rest. Also, I could swear the strike zone was larger for Kluber than Lester, but maybe I my just biased.

      I will probably start panicking if they lose tonight though.

      • CanadaBear

        I thought the same thing about the strike zone but most of the Cubs batters weren’t bitching. His ball was really running. Definitely thought Lester got squeezed a couple of times but none of that mattered. Cleveland was better last night.

      • Bender McLugh

        strikezone – YES IT DAMN WELL WAS. Lester held his cool for a while, but apparently yelled out after one non-call. Joe “loves the cock” Buck tried to have the yell played live but the vid crew couldn’t get it.

        still, Kluber was a beast last night, plus getting better calls. tough to beat that

        • CanadaBear

          I heard Lester yell god dammit at the ump after one of the calls. Pretty sure that was the same inning he talked to the ump.

          • Bender McLugh

            yeah it was, he keeps it damn cool that Lester

        • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

          plugboy loves the cock?

          • Bender McLugh

            how can he not?

    • CanadaBear

      There was a lot of that after back to back shutouts last rd.

    • BerwynBomber

      Pffffttt … I am no Cubs fan but a) they are the more talented, deeper team, and b) they made Miller throw an awful lot of pitches in relief.

      Were I rooting for them, I wouldn’t be too worried.

      • willbest

        getting zero runs with the bases loaded and no outs was disheartening.

        • BerwynBomber

          True, but happens. And that was against Miller who has basically been untouchable and escaped by the skin of his teeth.

        • Bender McLugh

          yes. yes it was. as well as runners on 1st & 3rd after that, no runs.

          they’ll come around

      • Bender McLugh


      • The Walking Double Standard

        Cubs left a ton stranded, they’ll be fine. It took Kluber pitching the game of his life to get that result.
        That guy was hitting spots, had the breaking ball working magically, etc

        • CanadaBear

          His 2-seamer kept breaking back over the plate from the LH batter box. He must have gotten 2 dozen strikes with that pitch.

          • The Walking Double Standard

            it was crazy. That ump was giving him the inside corner and that motherfucker hit that spot every single fucking time. That was Maddux-eque except Kluber was throwing 96 instead of 83 mph changeups.

          • CanadaBear

            I thought some of those were going around the plate but Fox wouldn’t show the overhead view. Only a couple of the Cubs were bitching. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the opposition. If Kluber is like that most of the time it might be a long series. Hard to believe he could repeat that performance twice more. And like BB said, they extended Miller pretty good last night. Doubt if he is available tonight.

      • Sauron’s right eyeball


        Cubs will win just like the Clevelend Caveliers won. Wink..wink..

  • willbest

    I think the Bears should bring Jim Bob Cooter in to be their HC.
    1) Awesome name
    2) He is making Stafford look good.

    • MB30SD

      Jesus will

      • willbest


        Basically Stafford has been a top 5 QB since he took over as OC

        • MB30SD

          Smfh. We should go get dak or garaffolo or the other dude for a king’s ransom.

          Dude. Jimmy. Joe. Bobby. Cooter.

          Common man, another first time HC from OC…. since that’s worked out so well for us before.

          Now, giving him a shot at oc if cutler leaves… sure why not.

          • willbest

            Whats worked out for us before exactly?

            Jerry isn’t going to part with Dak. And FML… you want to give it up for Jimmy G. Didn’t we already give Darth Hoodie Bennett for a box of crackerjacks? Haven’t we filled our quota of bending over for him this decade.

          • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

            You guys are going to make birdcage cry.

    • 505Bears
  • Johnnywad

    Is this a joke?

    Figure out what Cutler is? Huh?

    All the pieces around him? What?

    Is Long OR Sitton even playing? Who are your guards? Is Royal hurt? Which running backs are we using next week?

    Aren’t the Bears facing the best defense in the league Monday night (not our friend of late) in Cutler’s first game back in five weeks?

    If Larsen and Kush are your guards, Cutler may leave the first half in a fucking wheel chair. Forget the rest of the season.

    • The Walking Double Standard

      he’ll get boo’d because he didn’t retrofit the wheelchair in order to come back in the second half

    • BearDown100393

      Do the writers of the blog hate to love Cutler or love to hate?

      • Both, depending on which Cutler just played.

        The 4 int to Hall Cutler, or the {which ever game Cutler played his best} Cutler.

  • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

    Eagles want Alshon, but doubtful they will pony up a #1 for him.


    If the Eagles did offer next year’s #1 for him, I grab that deal in a second. Do you hear me Pacebot?

    • willbest

      The Eagle’s #1 next year is the Vikings. They gave theirs up to get Wentz.

      • The Walking Double Standard

        then fuuuuuuuck the Eagles. I’d want their #2, #3 and #2 in 2018.

        • willbest

          They gave up their #2 in 2018 to the Browns to get Wentz.

          • The Walking Double Standard

            Then fuuuuuuck the Eagles. Let’s just keep a good WR and have a good WR corps.

          • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

            ‘cept Alshon hates it here and will leave after this year.

            We will get a compensatory pick for him, but it will be mid-round at best.

          • The Walking Double Standard

            Then fuuuuuuuck Alshon. When’s Wilson coming back?

          • willbest

            Never. He is going to camp out on IR indefinitely.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            how do you know Alshon hates it here and will leave? Link please.

          • IF Alshon doesn’t want to be here, then I guess.

            But $ changes attitudes.

          • SC Dave

            Keep the best mentally stable receiver in franchise history!? What a concept!

          • Huge Bears Penis

            he ain’t no Tom Waddle!

          • SC Dave

            Certainly not.

          • SC Dave

            Keep the beat mentally stable receiver in franchise history!? What a concept!

    • BerwynBomber

      Can’t believe PHI would be so dumb to give us much for a half-season rental.

      Plus, even though the Peterson-Wentz-Schwartz triumvirate can make many green with envy, that team still seems a couple of years away.

      • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

        They won’t. Because Alshon wants to go where it is hot. He really wants to be a Jaguar so he can be close to home.

        Philly would have even less of a chance of keeping him than we would.

      • Philly spreads the ball around a lot too.

        They don’t really target that one WR.

    • willbest

      I would like to talk about Biggsy utterly retarded comment on Cutler

      “Nine games is a long stretch in the NFL but from my vantage point, yes,
      the die is cast. Cutler has started 99 games for the Bears and 17 since
      general manager Ryan Pace and coach John Fox came into power. I don’t
      believe there is anything that can be accomplished in the final nine
      games that is truly going to change opinions….. My hunch is this will be the final hurrah for him as a member of the Bears.”

      the 15 games he played last year instilled the organization with so much confidence that they didn’t bother to go out and find an heir to him. And yet somehow, he pissed it away with 2 games this season one of which he was hurt for? If a GM can change his mind like that then he is being run by emotion and the problem will extend beyond Cutler to years beyond when Pace eventually gets fired.

      Sure Cutler isn’t the most durable, but he has played at least 15 games in 7 out of his 10 NFL seasons as starting QB. And the durability concerns is more an issue of Pace thinking that an undrafted FA castoff would be a good developmental QB even if he didn’t break his leg in preseason.

      Now I have no problem moving on from Cutler if you are trading him for value, or if he shits the bed. But if he puts in a typical Cutler performance of the last 9 games and he gets dumped for peanuts or cut outright, then its just more evidence that Pace is a horrible GM.

      • BuddhaJoe

        Well he also reported that Fox wasn’t going to go back to Cutler except that Hoyer went down. That’s stupid enough to get him fired just for that IMO, but it might mean that Biggs knows what he’s talking about and that Pace/Fox really are that dumb.

        Seriously, they need to draft a QB of the future but other than that they’re not gonna find anybody half as good next year so they would be stupid to basically forfeit a season just to dump him.

        • BerwynBomber

          It’s a money and competitive calculation issue with Cutler. Or it should be.

          Money: he will make at least three times what an average bridge guy can. That extra money can potentially buy you two extra starters. What will be more valuable to the team in the long run?

          Competitive calculation: can we realistically compete for an SB next year? If not, what is the purpose of another year of Cutler?

          I would like to believe those are the questions/considerations running thru Pace’s head. But who knows …

          • BuddhaJoe

            I think you make a good point overall, but I think just winning games is important too even if you aren’t a SB contender. You don’t want players to get “Lionized” as we call it here in Michigan, because it becomes a toxic institutional thing.

            I think it depends on the next 9 games. If he ends up winning some games you keep him, but if it’s only going to be a 2-3 win difference, get rid of him and try to get a couple more Freeman type guys with the money.

          • BerwynBomber

            Valid point regarding the Lions. But I think if you competitively tank for a year or two with a long-term strategy in place it could work. And it is not like you would not be trying to win games. It is just that a Hoyer gives you a few less chances than a Cutler. That is, until your new kid is presumably ready.

          • SC Dave

            Ted Phillips disagrees, and his opinion is more important than any of ours.

          • BuddhaJoe

            Goddam I hate that guy. Those comments you guys were talking about last thread said it all.

      • It’s not that it’s “only” two games, it’s that Cutler looked pre-Gase.

        That was the more concerning part. He looked like classic diabetes Cutty, and he looked like that in PS too, and probably practice, so it’s not just “two games”.

        But I do agree that two games is not enough sample size. If he recaptures that efficiency he played with last years across games, then I say keep him (and still draft a QB).

        If Cutler reverts to schizo Cutler, where one game he looks like Brady, the next like Bortles, then au revoir, Cargo.

        • willbest

          No it really is only two games. See you had the fucking information back in April

          1) You knew Cutler’s whole history
          2) You knew your well regarded OC was gone and you had next man up first time play caller
          3) You knew your RB situation was less than ideal
          4) You knew there were going to be 2 new bodies on your OL (turned out it was 3 by week 1)
          5) You knew you were running a “rookie” with poor route running in WR2

          Oh and then you knew he played injured against the Eagles. The only new information you gleaned from the first 7 games of the season on Cutler is that is the second time in 5 years that he has injured his throwing thumb. That is important information but if Cutler goes out and proves that he is in fact Jay Cutler of the last decade, and you decide NOW to move on from him. Well that is on you (or rather Pace).

          • BerwynBomber

            Could have been that they (or Pace specifically) thought they would make one last run with Cutler and once the season went south they knew they were moving on.

            Plus, they can let him go at the end of the year and not owe him a dime, right?

            In terms of not drafting a QB, hey, that’s been my complaint for awhile but I thought you were of “the team has too many holes” school?

          • willbest

            I can be a part of the “too many holes” school, and still be of the school that “if you are going to smash a hole in the bottom of your boat, you should have the welding equipment ready to go”

            Plus there is a difference between 2013 and 2016 in terms of how much longer you can expect Cutler to play and how critical finding his replacement becomes. Sure a 4th round CB has a better chance of panning out than a 4th round QB, but the upside on the latter is a lot better. And I haven’t ever really committed to the Irish school of make it up on volume.

            With Cutler I always maintain “whats your better option”. If you are getting rid of him to make room for Von Miller and want to roll with Foles thats fine. But if you just want to get rid of him to roll with Foles to save $10 million dollars to sign a few McPhees or Trevathans that is Fing stupid.

          • BerwynBomber

            So you wouldn’t trade Cutler for Foles and two McPhee/Travaithan types?

            That’s insane. But hey, crazy Cutty love is strong in this city, not to mention this site.

          • willbest

            Is it? You have been watching it this season.

          • BerwynBomber

            Watching what? If you’re holding McPhee and Trevathan’s injuries against them, fine, but so is Cutler.

          • willbest

            Every year I want the Bears to put out the best team possible without
            1) deliberately starting the season tanking
            2) mortgaging the future on a SB run

            Sure its silly to thinking its SB or bust every year, its not silly to think they should be in the division hunt year in and year out.

            So how do we best do that? Its not with competent vets and a 25th+ QB. If you put that on the field you aren’t going to compete for the division. If you run with a barely startable QB then you better have an all-pro and 2 other pro-bowlers on that D.

            Jay gives you more flexibility. As bad as the TO’s are, he provides you with more margin for error (assuming he is healthy) than Hoyer in constructing the rest of the team.

            Now when it comes to a rookie QB, you don’t know what he brings you. And I am perfectly fine with that gamble. But deliberately putting somebody you know is going to require you to field a top 5 defense when there are better options available violates rule 1.

          • BerwynBomber

            You are way overestimating the difference between Cutler and a high quality back-up.

          • willbest

            Here is what I know. Cutler under Fox in games he has started and finished has gone (6-9). Hoyer has gone 1-3 in games he has started and finished. Also, on average the other 21 starters have been better this year than last year. Though there have been a lot of injuries both years.

    • At some point we gotta keep homegrown talent though, right?

      And the Eagles #1 will likely be in the 20s.

      So my question would be, is a starting unproven FS/LB/OG worth a proven playmaking WR?

      (We’re flush with cap, so that shouldn’t be an issue).

  • willbest

    More on the NFL ratings drop. Network prime time is down generally. So whatever is causing the massive drop off this year isn’t limited to the NFL its a sudden shift in platform consumption.


    • BerwynBomber

      That makes sense. And ratings aren’t taking into account non-TV platforms, correct?

      Personal note, I tend to watch SNF on NBC.com. ESPN’s MNF streaming isn’t bad either. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Fox nor CBS offer it yet. Or maybe CBS does but it is crap.

    • BearDown100393

      IMO what needs to be studied is the impact on ratings and customers cutting the cord to the cable (or dish) along with trending (up/down?) of fantasy football participants.

  • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

    MB –

    A no reserve Ferrari auction in your neck of the woods


    • MB30SD

      Amazing. Would love to drive something like that around, maybe when i exit… wait…

      I need a spare 5k to throw away and that i don’t mind being totally selfish with to get the jag running… but that 5k is 5 nights in belize with my kids and I’ll take that any day for them over a pimp car just for me.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Xavier Rhodes now has a big enough rep that he is allowed to get away with the same clutch and grab garbage as Richard Sherman.

    • willbest

      I think the NFL should loosen up the O-line holding in exchange for allowing more holding by DBs. In addition to reducing the flags, it feels like it would improve player safety too.

    • BerwynBomber

      Meh … I’m fine with DBs getting away with some PI. It’s not like the game is in need of having the rules more slanted to scoring and passing.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I’m all for letting DBs play, too, but the muggings must stop.

        • BerwynBomber

          Bad calls occasionally happen. Let’s not overreact and restrict DB play even more. The league has done that enough the last few decades.

  • BerwynBomber

    Man, Arians is a whiner. Good lord …

  • “If Cutler is playing with a full deck” – Andy

    When, if ever, does any QB play with a “full deck”? What exactly qualifies as a full-deck?

    Andy couldn’t be more wrong about Hoyer and Cutler. The ONLY reason Cutler still isn’t benched, that’s right BENCHED, for Hoyer is because Hoyer has a broken arm.

    That should clue Andy in on who the Bears wanted as QB (Aside from Fox, who never divulges anything, admitting Cutler’s not guaranteed the job).

    Hoyer wasn’t having a great game vs GB, but neither was Vadgers!

    And we were actually UP in the 3rd quarter before getting Barkleyed.

    I don’t know where this Cutty scores TDs narrative comes from.

    He scored 14 points in his two starts this season. Wow. Truly explosive!

    I’ll actually be rooting for Cutler though. I do want him to stop being an air-head strip-sack int machine. Been hoping that for like 8.

    But evidence proves otherwise.

    I posted this clip yesterday, and I’ll post it again.


    If you guys are pining for that, you guys need therapy.

    Show may a clip where Bear Hoyer backpeddles and throws a stupid ass INT like that. I’ll wait.

    • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

      The ONLY reason Cutler still isn’t benched, that’s right BENCHED, for Hoyer is because Hoyer has a broken arm.

      This statement is factually correct.

      • willbest

        Nah, Hoyer was going to lose in Green Bay. That was a certainty. Butch suck Hoyer’s cock all he wants, but the fact of the matter is the only offensive production in that game came with Barkley under center.

        • Yeah, cuz Cutler has such a STELLAR record vs Pack.


          And we were WINNING that game in the 3rd.

          Unless you have a crystal ball up your ass, which you might, can’t predict if Hoyer would’ve not pulled that game out.

          • willbest

            Is that the same crystal ball you used to state with certainty that Hoyer starts monday if he doesn’t break his arm?

          • You think Cutty’s thumb magically healed just when Hoyer went down?

            What’s more likely?

            Cutty’s thumb was good enough to play the whole time (reports surfaced he was pushing to play the week after), and he was simply benched


            That Cutty’s thumb COINCIDENTALLY healed when Hoyers arm was shattered?

            You claim to be a smart guy, which is the most likely scenario?

            Even IF Hoyer would’ve shit the bed in the GB game, he still had other solid games and a win, which is more than Cutler had.

          • willbest

            Hoyer did shit the bed in Green Bay. And lets see Cutler has 1 loss and 1 incomplete. And Hoyer has 1 win 3 losses and 1 incomplete. So you can’t really dog Cutler for 3 less attempts than Hoyer. But Cutler is going to get his 3 attempts.

            But lets talk about Cutler’s injury. Here is what we know
            1) The Thursday after the Eagles game he was listed as limited (we have no idea if he took reps)
            2) He didn’t practice again until yesterday.

            So your theory is that after the Dallas game where Hoyer played like shit for 3 quarters but had a promising 4th quarter in garbage time the decision was made to bench Cutler, and he was then instructed and prevented from practicing until yesterday. Because somehow it was better for everybody involved to milk Cutler’s injury as long as possible.

            You do realize that in order for that to be the case Pace, Fox, and Cutler would have to all be on board with conceding the season? And do you honestly think its in Cutler’s best interest with zero guaranteed money on his contract to go along with this?

          • Huge Bears Penis

            greatest conspiracy of all time! Future HOFer! right up there with roswell and JFK assassination.

          • They weren’t “milking’ his injury.

            Cutler was BENCHED.

            The thumb was just an excuse to try out Hoyer.

            And after Hoyer looked good in the try out, the Bears, much like the Cowboys with Romo, said, “that’s ok. take your time”

            Once Hoyer’s arm broke in two, Hallelujah, Cutty’s thumb is healed!

            Just in time! What perfect timing!

            Maybe they poured some of that Wilson healing Gatorade on it.

            If Daq goes down, Romo will also “magically” heal.

          • willbest

            Why do you call him Daq? Dak is short for Dakota which is his middle name.

            I get the misspelling of a certain candidates name even if I consider it juvenile, but what did Dak do to you other than embarrass your GM along with 30 others.

            Incidentally Romo started practicing today which is perfectly in line with his preseason estimate before Dak blew things up.

            I would also point out that Romo and Cutler have very different motivations. Tony doesn’t need to prove anything to be employed next year. He just needs to waive his 20 mil salary for a back injury. Cutler needs to show he isn’t going to miss half the season with a random injury, and that he can still throw.

          • BuddhaJoe

            What is it with your Hoyer hard-on? I get if you’re done with Cutler, a lot of people are but the guy is a decent backup at best. He missed wide open receivers, couldn’t throw the ball down field which killed the run game, and could barely get into the end zone. He’s crap and the fact that Fox wanted to go gutless and play a “game manager” that can’t do it himself is a massive indictment on him. 4-11 and 0 TDs against a questionable D in Green Bay.

          • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

            plus he looks like a grocery bagboy. don’t forget that.

          • BuddhaJoe

            Meh, Cutler perpetually looks like there’s a foreign object in his ass, so can’t mean too much.

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah, the Cutty excuses have already started down thread. Funny, how those are never brought up when our backup QBs play. Coincidence, huh?

      Anyway, let’s see what he can do. MIN suddenly looks vulnerable and Cutty now has Howard and Meredith at his disposal plus the new and improved Dowell Loggains. Slight snark aside, I expect him to play well. Should be interesting.

      • SC Dave

        So on point about the excuse machine silence when the backup is in.

        • willbest

          We have Butch, BB, and you to make all the excuses for the backups, why would I need to rewrite what you all wrote

          • I don’t have to make excuses for sacks, strip sacks, and INTs at least.

          • Balls ur girl aftr Hoyer 4play


          • BerwynBomber

            What excuse did I ever offer Hoyer?

          • willbest

            There is a lot of room under my bus when I get behind the wheel, don’t be standing next to the people I am aiming at.

          • BerwynBomber

            Whatever. I am no huge fan of Hoyer — in fact, I’ve said all along Cutty is the better QB and should be the starter — but I do get a kick out of Butch and SCD so easily getting under skin of you Cutty lovers/eternal apologists like yourself, Waffle, BuddaJoe, JWad, etc.

          • willbest

            I am a Bears starting QB apologist. Except in 2013. That QB had everything he needed and scored something like 28 points a game. A shame that is what the D and ST usually gave up.

          • BerwynBomber

            Uh-huh. Every year excused except 2013. Gotcha.

    • Hoyer doesn’t back pedal and throw that INT. He also doesn’t hit a wide open receiver 20 yards downfield for a touchdown.

      20 yards, man.

    • beninnorcal

      But we were up mostly on account of that defensive score. Hoyer wasn’t nearly as bad as Barkley, but let’s not pretend he was lighting up the scoreboard either.

  • The ONLY chance we have vs Vikes is our pass rush forcing Bradford to be Bradford and turn it over.

    I think we’ll get chunk plays on O, but those will get negated by sacks and penalties, which will kill drives.

    We need to establish the run and sustain long drives in order to wear down that D, but I’m not sure we can do either.

    • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

      The Eagles outed the Vikes edge tackles like Harvey Milk.

      They picked up Jake Long, that tells you where the Vikes are at the edge.

      But our rush is not as good as Philly’s. Not by a long way.

      • Yeah, Zimmer pretty much called them pussies in the post-game.

        But like you pointed out, our pass rushers not nearly as good.

        I don’t know if Andy was drunk or sleep-deprived when he wrote this, but from most reports McPhee has been extremely limited in practice, so it would take a herculean comeback for him to be effective.

        So who does that leave us with? Acho, Floyd?

        Not exactly household names.

        There’s a reason Fangio was sending in more corner/s/ILB blitzes.

        (and as good as Tre/Freeman are, rushing the passer is not their thing).

  • Huge Bears Penis

    As many of you know I have some disdain for kickers. They just need to do their one job and shut the hell up. Unfortunately, I have to back track on that stance slightly and add a caveat. Do your job and shut the hell up unless you are insulting Skip Bayless or any of his ilk. I would like to thank Pat McAfee for showing me the light.


    • SC Dave

      In that tweet string, we have from Skip
      “Some day somebody will listen to me.”

      That day will never come, at least for me.

    • “The most annoying human on earth”

      I wonder who indeed wins that title.

      Guys I can’t listen to for more than a minute without wanting to shoot myself

      Rosie Perez
      Shannon Sharp
      Bennett Bros
      Few ppl from the Score

  • Balls ur girl aftr Hoyer 4play

    Cutty finna get Meredith paid.

  • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)
  • Balls ur girl aftr Hoyer 4play

    Butch I was so pissed that everyone seemed to be giving you a pass for rewriting the history of the first game of our season and Cutlers performance that I bought the fucking NFL Gamepass, flipped on the coaches view, watched the whole game, took notes and simply laughed my fucking ass off. You simply could not have mischaracterized that Houston game any worse.

    I saw a ton of great plays, down the field for huge pickups, huge 1st downs, a TD, etc. I also broke down:

    every pass
    every run
    every missed block on the same sorry Houston stunts over and over and over
    The same 1yd runs on 1st down
    The bunch formations that no one could break free from while Houston then stunted up our ass
    I watched rookie run a wrong route on a pick
    A #1 WR drop a CRUCIAL 3rd down conversion
    A veteran slot WR commit OPI on another 3rd down conversion
    A ludicrous 4th and 1 snap from a rookie center on a failed 4th and 1
    Massie getting beat on key passing downs by Mercilus, Watt and some backup white LB
    Our fullback AND tailback whiffing on blitz pickup ON THE SAME FUCKING GUY
    A missed pass interference call committed on Royal that stopped a drive
    Sitton being beaten immediately by Clowney on a failed screen pass
    A bullshit first down by Osweiler on what was a failed 4th and 1 sneak – subsequently a TD pass
    Leno embarrassed on a 3rd down by Mercilus resulting in a sack
    Our Pro Bowl G missing a stunt by some backup white linebacker right up the fucking middle on another bunch formation 3rd down failed conversion
    Birdcage is calling slow developing routes when we can’t pick up basic fucking D line stunts. It was fucking comical.
    You can rewrite any history you want but just watch the fucking tape and apologize for lying. To put the lack of scoring in the Houston game on Cutler and some mysterious sitting in the pocket and getting strip sacked as a result is a farce.

    • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

      Our fullback AND tailback whiffing on blitz pickup ON THE SAME FUCKING GUY

      that sounds sad

      • We could do this all day, GP, and we all know it.

        Pepp and Roidboy met at Hoyer and crushed him.

        Bears been fucking up all season around either QB, only one kept them in games regardless.

        • BuddhaJoe

          And it sure as shit wasn’t Hoyer, man. I called it every time they got behind with him as QB that it wasn’t gonna happen and I was right. It reminded me of the Rex/Orton/Griese days where the D had had a better chance of scoring than them, except we didn’t have that D anymore either so it was fucked.

          • SC Dave

            Wow. Do you watch the games?

        • willbest

          Only 1 QB played more than 1 game.

    • BuddhaJoe

      Meh, Butch is cool from what I’ve read, just has an unhealthy fixation right now, which could be said about me and quite a few others.

    • Players ALWAYS fuck up.

      If it wasn’t for Meredith FUMBLING it, maybe we win that game. Or Barf missing a FG. Or Carey dropping an easy catch. Or Howard getting called for facemask in the redzone, or (fill in the blank) for holding. Or Porter falling and allowing a 50 yd go ahead TD, or White dropping an easy go route…etc etc

      Bottom line is. Bears games were closer when Hoyer was in. He passed for over 300 yds. Suddenly, White and Meredith and Howard became viable No INTs. Sacks were down. Completion % up. More competitive. Period.

      One win, 2 other close losses where the Bears played FULL games.

      This is a results based business not hypothetical alternate reality simulation.

      results are in.

    • SC Dave

      It’s comical that when Cutler drops the snap on a QB sneak, it’s automatically the center’s fault. I’ll comment more on your ravings as I watch the game. Expect some edits to this comment.

      So far, the thing most striking thing is how easily Jeremy Langford falls down.

      • Balls ur girl aftr Hoyer 4play

        Whitehair didn’t even get the snap halfway up back to Jay man, wtf are you smoking?

        That fucked up screen was because Sitton got smoked right off the ball and Jay could not set up to hit White who had settled into a zone on the left hash

  • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)
  • BuddhaJoe

    Despite my own comments, I’m actually more interested in what Floyd and McPhee can do Monday. I think long-term that’s more important.

    • Malice Halice

      Eagles exposed the vikes weak o-line. I’m sure Floyd n McPhee can do some penetration.

  • BerwynBomber

    Well, all you Cub fans (aka rich white kids) enjoy the WS, though seems a bit dense to try to squeeze this game in and not reschedule tomorrow.

    I’m prepped to enjoy night two of the NBA season. AKA the Fuck You Kevin Durant Season.

    • willbest

      When I was growing up in the 80’s you could actually afford to go to Cubs games.

      • BerwynBomber

        I hear ya. I was just partaking in some good old fashioned southside vs. northside class warfare. (And to be honest, we’re just jealous.)

        Yeah, Cubby itself didn’t get ungodly rich until the Sosa thing took off.

        • SC Dave

          I’m not jealous. After all, we ALREADY HAVE a WS title this century.

          • MB30SD

            Wait, are you guys talking basebal?!?!?!

            There’s no baseball in football!

  • BuddhaJoe

    In honor of baseball, one of my favorite rants:


    Fucking La Sorda.

    • MB30SD

      Oh, you and tommy lasorda??

      …i hate tommy lasorda!

      Movie? (In my top 5… no googling)

  • Sactowns#1

    Well everyone is just so joyful and happy this morning! Here’s something to brighen your day. South West is down today on somewhat disappointing 3qtr numbers. But buried in those numbers was some gold. Looks for a quick rebound so get on that stock now and ride a 15-20% rebound in the coming 3 months.

    • You’re pretty savvy with the market for a commy, Sac!

      I also see you traded in FF!

      Hmmm, interesting.

      • Sactowns#1

        I’m a trading machine!! That was actually quite a nice trade for both of us. I was RB rich and needed a couple WR’s. He had no RB’s. Who is the Griswold team anyways?

    • MB30SD

      Where can we sign up for your newsletter

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    ARod has made the most natural (and excellent) transition from athlete to broadcaster of my lifetime.”

    Hyperbole, though I will concede he’s HAS made an excellent transition

  • willbest

    Dammit jake

  • Finally watching a cubs game after years.

    When the heck did baseball players switch to bell-bottom pants?

  • SC Dave
    • willbest

      this doesn’t seem Cubs related

      • SC Dave

        It’s not.

  • Fowler looks like he can play some WR.

  • Bases loaded, one out.

    • willbest

      Need to get the game over before the rain

  • Malice Halice

    That guys face tho! That’s how I be looking during most Bears games.

  • They don’t have lasers yet determining foul balls?
    C’mon Baseball!

    • That Guy

      No laser first downs either mind you.

  • Montgomery looks like he has a wicked curve. Lefty, too.

  • willbest

    I never did understand the need to talk like this

  • I never really got managers going to talk to pitchers.

    What are they going to say? Pitch well? Don’t be nervous?

    I think if I were a pitcher I’d get more nervous seeing the manager come out.

    If the catcher wants to come up and remind me of something about batter, then I can understand that.

    • willbest

      I guess if the manager comes out its to determine if the pitcher is lying when he tells him how he is feeling.

  • willbest


  • That did not look like a strike.

  • Is that Atlanta pitcher Smoltz next to hairplugs?

    Didn’t even know he broadcasted.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Smoltz is excellent.

      • AlbertInTucson

        And he made the transition just as well, or better, than ARod.

      • Sounds knowledgeable as I would figure.

      • BerwynBomber

        I have heard from a few sources that A-Rod is surprisingly good.

  • Chapman doesn’t like coming on when there’s ppl on base?

    Isn’t that the whole point of being a closer? lol

  • AlbertInTucson


    • Must be a lil difficult for batters to adjust from looping lefty curve balls to heat down the middle.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I can only imagine. Summer after 8th grade was my last season of organized hardball.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Schwarber is not cleared to play the field.”

    Feel feel to mention he is a defensive liability no matter where he plays.

  • Clevinger has happy feet.

    Does he balk a lot? Seems like it would be the case.

  • Whooshh.

  • Chapman has some ice in those veins to go along with the heat in his arm.

    Nice finish.

  • MB30SD

    I’d buy that: http://uncrate.com/stuff/mercedes-benz-x-class-concept-truck/

    …if I was a truck guy

    • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

      u luv dem truks

  • MB30SD

    Damn. Shia ledouche is a fucking nutbag… but this looks good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUG-2nx4li8

    • Shia doesn’t have to act much if he’s portraying a vet with PTSD.

      as one commentor wrote

      “American Zero Dark Hurtsniper”

      Also, did only country hicks go to war?

      No latinos, af am, asians?


      • MB30SD


    • Irish Sweetness

      Is American Honey worth watching?

      • MB30SD

        No idea, but we loved storks…. except for the pigeon character, which is literally the worst character in a movie I’ve ever seen

        • Irish Sweetness

          I’ll give it a go.

          • MB30SD

            how do you watch all these mate? On…uh…line?

    • Goin to Hell with Pernell (GP)

      La Buff gets a ribeye for operators.

  • Elizabethjvale2

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