Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears Game Preview

| September 5th, 2014

Running to the window, he opened it, and put out his stirring, cold cold, piping for the blood to dance to; Golden sunlight; Heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells. Oh, glorious. Glorious!

“What’s to-day?” cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him.

“Eh?” returned the boy, with all his might of wonder.

“What’s to-day, my fine fellow?” said Scrooge.

“To-day?” replied the boy. “Why, Christmas Day.”

“It’s Christmas Day!” said Scrooge to himself. “I haven ‘t missed it. The Spirits have done it all in one night. They can do anything they like. Of course they can. Of course they can. Hallo, my fine fellow!”

-A Christmas Carol


Sunday, for the NFL diehard, is Christmas Day. It is the only experience that can mirror the anticipatory excitement we felt as young children, sneaking silently down the stairs to catch a glimpse of what new thing waited for us beneath the tree. We have our routines and rituals. We have our family. And while we might think we know what will be found under the layers of wrapping by the shape of the box, we can never be sure until the paper is removed and the box is opened.

With all that mystery, why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

But why else?

  • The rejiggered Bears defensive line should manhandle this porous Bills offensive line which includes Chris Williams as the starting left guard. The line’s best player – Cordy Glenn – missed almost all of Buffalo’s off-season with an undisclosed illness that caused rampant speculation and yielded no answers in northern New York.
  • The knock on E.J. Manuel this summer has been his insistence on checking down plays at the first sign of pressure. What the Bears defense can’t allow Manuel to do is complete easy, instinctual routes to tight end Scott Chandler over the middle or give the Bills’ talented wideouts ample space on the outside. Make Manuel think and the Bills will struggle to move the ball.
  • There are two players on Buffalo that should terrify the Bears: Sammy Watkins and C.J. Spiller. If the Bears miss tackles in the run game, Spiller will take a three of four-yard gain for seventy with his explosiveness. And I expect Doug Marrone to call 3-5 quick screens to Watkins (if he plays) in an attempt to simply get him the ball in space and let him make plays. Tackling, the defense’s biggest flaw in 2013, will be pivotal Sunday.

  • If the Bears block the Bills front (which is extremely talented) I expect them to execute in all phases of their offense. And as I’ll most likely repeat for the duration of the season, the Bears should not lose a game at home this year if they are able to execute in all phases of their offense.

Thoughts About Special Teams…

The Bears better be careful.

For years the Bears compensated for deficiencies in their offense with the most explosive special teams player the sport has ever seen.  But the Bears are entering the 2014 season with more questions on specials than answers. Outside of Robbie Gould’s greatness is anything from the third phase a guarantee? (Yes I love Pat O’Donnell but calling him a guarantee is a reach until he’s at least played a game at the professional level.)

The return game is a question. The coverage units are questions. The punt game is somewhat of a question. The answers could go a long way towards determining the success of the Bears on Sunday and beyond.

Kelly Tough

Jim Kelly is as beloved in Buffalo as Walter Payton in Chicago. He is also one of the most underrated players in NFL history. His fight against cancer has inspired a community also fighting to keep the club they love in their city. You should watch this video.

UPDATE: Kelly announced Thursday his biopsies came back negative and he now cancer free.


From NFL.com:

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that guard Chris Williams is signing a four-year contract worth $13.5 million with $5.5 million in guarantees, according to a source informed of the player’s plans. The team later made the signing official.

The former first-round draft pick of the Chicago Bears started all 16 games for the Rams last season but struggled as a run-blocker and pass protector. He graded out poorly as the No. 74 player at his position out of 81 entrants in 2013, per Pro Football Focus.

How in God’s name did the Bills give Williams more money than the Bears gave Slauson? Discovery of this decision has influenced my prediction by 9 points.


Side note: Bills have been terribly disappointed by Chris Williams’ inability to stay on the field. They would not be disappointed if they knew anything about Williams.


…a big Jay Cutler performance. There is a lot of confidence emanating from the offensive coaches and players. I think they know how good they are and I think they’ll be disappointed every time they don’t score thirty points this season.


…a big performance in the pass game from Bears tight ends. With the Williams boys at defensive end for Buffalo, Trestman/Kromer (Tromer?) will need to keep a tight end on whomever is starting at right tackle’s hip.


There is a “high-level panel with the responsibility of evaluating proposals to build a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills” that many in the area would like to operate with more transparency.

Jim Kelly’s daughter writes a lovely letter defining herself as a Bills fan, praising Ralph Wilson and evaluating the impact of the Bills in the local community.


This will be a feature wherein I take a prop bet for the upcoming game.

Right now the Bills are +105 as first team to score. Strikes me as an essentially 50/50 undertaking and if the Bills receive the opening kickoff it would be a bit of a surprise if they didn’t at least grab a field goal.


Bears defense knows they have a ton to prove and their ability to restrict Buffalo in the red zone gives the offense enough space to pull away just after halftime.

Chicago Bears 31, Buffalo Bills 16

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  • Best game previews as always!! Let’s beardown!!!!

  • For your consideration….

    Bear down boys, the road to the championship goes through Seattle. Can’t win just by checking down Rodgers you vadge.
    Jeff, agreed that if Bears can keep consistent pressure on Manuel we’ll see a pick or two or at the very least poor decisions resulting in punts.

    • CanadaBear

      Great point about the check downs. Both Rodgers and Wilson check down and they both avoid as much contact as possible. The difference is when Rodgers does something good he skips around and acts like a school girl. Wilson gets excited but he doesn’t do any “moves” and he doesn’t skip around. Rodgers really is a vadge.

      • MB30SD

        they’re toast. fuck them

      • For your consideration….

        The Hawks try to force the checkdown and then crash it like a bunch of crazed animals.
        The Bears line can hold up that 3 or 4 seconds to get our guys into their routes and that is why we will be successful. The Hawks nickel sucks and is now hurt, the corner opposite of Sherman is no Sherman or even Brandon Browner, he will get owned by Alshon or Marshall all game while Sherman is stuck on the other side of the field covering Josh Morgan, Santonio Holmes or Martellus Bennett split wide so a linebacker has to cover Forte out of the backfield.
        Either way we fucking win that. Now, our defense against their running game and read option is another matter altogether….
        At some point a team has to commit to hitting Wilson on every play or else they will just nickel and dime it all the way down the field with Wilson using the rules protecting a running QB to his advantage like a pussy.

        • “Now, our defense against their running game and read option is another matter altogether….”
          We don’t have athletic enough LBs for that, not even close.

          • they do, actually, in Bostic and Shea. Both very athletic LBs. Issue is they don’t appear to be intelligent enough for that.

          • So, IF we face SEA in the playoffs, we’ll be rolling wth Bostic, Shea and Briggs?
            I’m still counting on Briggs, D.J. and ??? (Briggs and DJ aren’t the swiftest of foot).
            But you never know. I am still holding out hope on Shea and Bostic.

          • if they want to have any chance of getting to the SB this year, they need Bostic and Shea to both develop into above-average LBs by the end of the regular season. That would give them the needed athleticism at LB to round out their D.

        • CanadaBear

          Yeah protecting running QB’s from all contact is a load of horse shit but what can you do? I’m not sure how we’re ever going to get a clean shot on Wilson until he slows down. Definitely a slippery bastard.

  • Shady

    That picture of a shirtless Cookie rivals only Putin in terms of pure testosterone.

    • MB30SD


      My god that dude looks softer than pizza the hut after a holiday binge. Nice moobs…. bro.


    • He’s nicknamed Cookie for a reason.

  • Barb UMihai Mar

    I DON’T EXPECT… the Bears to run for many yards down the middle. It’s impossible to do it against Brandon Spikes. They will run a lot on the outside, because they’ll want the Bills in base D and use play action and bootlegs.

    • Not to mention Garza is still starting, so running down the middle is a no-go.

      • Barb UMihai Mar


    • bearsfantillend

      I don’t expect the Bears to ever have success running up the middle as long as Garza is at center.

      • Barb UMihai Mar

        a rather strange thing seeing that he is a former Guard.

  • Peanut FTW

    We may be at the cusp of a great new tradition here Jeff. So you posted a video of Rempel making like 20 perfect snaps in a row and, he failed miserably and got cut. So now it’s a video of Watkins making a 1 handed grab; if he is awful on Sunday, you should post a video of the star player for each team we play during your predictions. It’ll be the Dabearsblog curse.

    • Big Mike


    • DaBearsBlog

      Wasn’t just him making snaps. It was him teaching how to snap. And he finished third in a two man long-snapping competition.

  • Peanut FTW

    Man watching football last night was great. The only thing as sweet as a Bear’s victory is a Packer loss, especially one when they realize the prize horse they bought is actually due for pasture. The Packers ruined one of the best DEs they had 4 or 5 years ago by trying to convert him to a 3-4 LB and now they are doing it again with Pepp. They are good at drafting: Rodgers, Lacy and Matthews; everything else is pretty suspect. I don’t think the Packers are as bad as they looked and I hope Seattle isn’t as good as they looked cuz damn they were impressive.
    Now if the Packers have Matthews and McBride get injured for about half the season theyll be about where we were last season.

    • Big Mike

      I was listening to Carmen and Jurko on a podcast during a run yesterday. They were going on and on about Briggs absence and if the Bears give up a lot of rushing yards, how people will say its because Briggs missed an hour long practice.

      The point being that the comment being made was nonsense like this becomes news in the absence of the actual sport being played.

      Here we go!

    • Packers looked like a DE trying to play LB. He was solid rushing the QB and completely lost doing anything else.

  • Big Mike

    In case you don’t have any football to watch tonight, my local HS is the national game of the week tonight on ESPNU at 8:00 EST. The two top teams in the DC Metro Area, both top 25 nationally are squaring off. I’m up in the stadium booth. Have coached about a dozen of the kids playing tonight.


    • Big Mike

      It’s pretty cool. The ESPN trucks are at the school. My team was practicing there when they showed up.

      • bigrobstunner

        Good to have a fellow Virginian Bears fan on the blog! #beardown

        • Big Mike

          Where are you? I’m in Clifton/Centreville area.

          • bigrobstunner

            Fredericksburg/Stafford down south….

  • Trac

    This much I’m sure of. The Bears will either feast off of Manuel’s mistakes or make another struggling QB look like a pro bowler. When I see the Bears D start to have success on 3rd and long, I’ll know we’ve turned the corner. I’ll let you guys know when I see that happen.

  • CanadaBear

    I don’t think our D will get any INT’s on Sunday. Manuel never takes any chances downfield. However, if we can at least keep a lid on their running game, we win this one going away. If they run up and down the field on us, we’ll be lucky to squeak one out.

    • Peanut FTW

      Not all INTs are from downfield chances, lots of batted passes at the line nowadays, I almost expect a pick – either a pressure forced throw or a tip ball. I have a lot of faith in our D collapsing the pocket, I am just not sold on the run D, that and specials need to be on display.

      • Yeah, but I agree with Canada. Manuel is like Captain Checkdown. Some players like our own Cutler let er fly and give DBs chances, as Woodson pointed out. Fat Lesbo is like that too.
        Guys like Rodgers, Brees, Peyton are so efficient that it’s hard to INT them.
        Some are so timid or weak-armed (or both) that their coaches tend to put them on a leash.
        We have awesome CBs who can make plays, but I don’t expect multiple INTs.
        If I were a betting man, I would bet we get more fumbles than INTs.

  • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

    Well, after watching Peppers miserable performance,
    * I´m gland he is not here.
    * I´m more intriged how Allen will outplay him.

  • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

    It´s time to grow up Bostic & Shea.. no better game to show sthg. at the right time.

    • Neither will be on the field much, if all goes as planned.
      And if I were the Bills, I would run straight at Shea every time he’s on the field. I hope the Bears take that into consideration when game-planning.
      They can use Shea as shark-chum. Dangle him in there, and blitz and slant to his side knowing the Bills will run that way.

      • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

        I think they are going to test Shea´s pass defense skills with Spiller anytime they can. he still hasn´t figured it out. and Agree with the plan you mention,they are going to eat a great deal of play action with Forte and maybe Carey.

        • MB30SD

          problem with your statement above is shea is grown up. he’s been in the NFL 3 years. We know who he is, and like $ says, so does every other team.

          Bostic is already a solid run stop LB, he can still grow up and ‘get’ the pass… I still have hope it clicks for him this season.

          • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

            it´s a season or bust for him, I don´t think he´ll waste a second chance by Emery, if so cut him. meanwhile Jones is pasture, waiting for a chance.

          • MB30SD

            my issue is that while he’s got a different position code and number, he’s still doing exactly what he did the last 3 years. Like everyone says, he’ll be used sparingly to bumrush the show… oooookaaaaay, so how is that different than the last 3 years?!

            Here’s the sad truth: he’s already a bust. he was totally lost doing real LB things, so, he’s a bust. sad, but I’d rather cut and replace that count on his big 3-4 sacks this season.

          • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

            Ok got it, if so, hope that´s 3-4 sacks would be in packers´games. bringing Rodgers a Dejá-vu of a fat-man killing him. that will pay Shea salary.

      • DaBearsBlog

        I think you actually nailed how Bears will use Shea. When he’s out there, it’s going to be NASCAR package and he’s running at QB.

        • MB30SD

          you mean like his normal job last year. Yeah, he’s AWESOME at that too.

          tell you what, if he takes vadgers out again for a long period, I won’t proclaim him a total bust. smh.

    • Bostic’s big test will be week 2, IMO. Most logical candidate to spy Kap.

  • johnnywad

    The Hawks looked damn good. I’m intrigued with a Hawks D/Bears O matchup. The Bears offense is perfectly suited to the Hawks D. Our Oline, TE and WR’s and RB are the perfect antidote to that defense.

    And furthermore. The Packers’ run is over. They were thin on the Oline to begin with, and once again Bulaga is injured. Lacy has a concussion. That’s what happens when you run like Marion Barber. He’ll be a non factor before the season is out. Jordy Nelson would be a number 3 Chicago and Randall Cobb is essentially Reggie Bush in a different position. Their defense aside for Matthews is a fucking joke. Emery was spot on letting Pepp walk. I bet he smiled a little when he signed with the Pack. Over I tell ya.

    • MB30SD

      not counting them out just yet… but I badly want to. I’ll do that when we fucking smoke them twice this year. Cunts.

      • johnnywad

        Book it. Its Oooowwwwwan.

    • CanadaBear

      I tried to watch Pep all night. At one point he had done absolutely zero and then he made a play. There was a flag on the play and I laughed and thought, “Pep must have been offside”. He was! After that he did manage to pressure the QB a couple of times but never got home. I watched OLmen and TE’s usher him out of the play time and time again. It was fucking awesome. I hope this is a microcosm of his season.

      • johnnywad

        I did precisely the same thing. Although it took me minute to find him in that 56 jersey

        • CanadaBear

          Yeah, me too. A couple of times I was watching 59 by mistake. He didn’t do much either!

    • I thought that too long ago. Cutler, for better and worse, is not Vadgers. He threw 4 picks at Hall, then sneered post game, he’d do it again. CuttyBadger don’t care.
      He’ll go straight at their secondary. NO CB is going to jam either Marsh or Alshon. Bmarsh actually GETS OFF on contact. Loves it. Sherman would play off him, guaranteed.
      Oh, they have Kam? Well, we got a 6’6 260 TE who loves swinging at his own teammates and might be crazier than Brandon. Like they say, I’d rather fight tough than crazy.
      They have a pass rush, but guess what? Our entire offensive philosophy is tailored around funneling the DEs outside, while the OGs keep the inside pocket clean for Cutty to step up to and zip the ball out in 3 seconds.
      Their run D might pose problems, but we pass to open up the run, and Forte is opportunistic. He’ll get stuffed, then rip off a 20 yarder.
      It would be a great match-up though.

      • johnnywad

        I agree. And Lacy is no Forte. No back is going to bulldoze that run D. All that will do is get you hurt. The inside runs may not be there all year against Seattle but Forte doesn’t make his money there anyway. Biggest question mark is Garza. They would have some success collapsing the pocket from there. Maybe DLP is ready to go and better than Garza by January? If not, I trust Trestman to handle the situation through scheme.

        • That’s why they got Long. To make SURE the inside pocket is clean. Typically, the RG goes against their best DT/Inside disrupter. Long I think held his own as a rook vs Suh, and I think he’ll only get more dominant. The Seahawks like moving Bennett inside, but I think Long could handle that (or most anyone not named Watt/Suh).
          Garza will always get help from Slauson on pas prot. That’s why LGs don’t get paid as much. It’s typically the LG/C on the NT.
          The offensive tackles in Kromer’s system don’t have to be walls. Just show proper technique in funneling them out, not losing inside position. Bushrod is a jedi master at that, and his young padawan Mills is still learning.
          The million dollar question for me was whether Cutler would actually move up in the pocket. For years he was getting killed and doing that back-pedaling shit.
          But Cutty seems to have bought into the system, and now they’re stone-walling pass rushes while he steps up and goes through his progressions.
          It’s really amazing how much the offense has transformed. Goes to show how vision can transform reality.

    • the Packers are still a team built to win a ton of regular season games but lose in the playoffs. The elite QB/offense beats most teams, but the poor OL/DL gets you exposed against top teams.
      It’s been that way for them since 2011, and nothing appears to have changed. They’re still winning 11+ games and the division this year, and they’re still not making the SB because they won’t beat SEA or SF.

      • johnnywad

        Boy I must have watched a different team last night than you Woody. I just disagree and hope you’re wrong

        • they still have Aaron Rodgers and a really good group of WRs/RBs. They’ll score a ton of points, just like they have the last 3 years.
          They’re still the best team in the NFCN unless Chicago’s D turns out better than anybody expects.
          That said, the Bears are a team with better talent in the trenches on both sides of the ball, so they are a team that potentially could make more noise in the playoffs than the Packers. But the Packers have a better chance of getting to the playoffs than the Bears.
          Just my $0.02.

  • MB30SD
  • And who has two thumbs and boldly proclaimed that we were sweeping the Pack this year months ago?


    We won’t kill them like SEA, but we’ll get ‘er done.

    • MB30SD

      plan on coming down for one of those games. We’ll go to PB.

      • Can you squeeze me in your whoring schedule?
        Yeah, that could be fun. If Artoo is in the west siiide again, maybe we can both go down.

        • MB30SD

          Weeeeeeell, I was thinking we would whore down in PB while watching the game. That’s where all the SDSU co-eds live/party.

          That’s a stretch, but we’ll have a crew with us no matter what. Won’t just be you and me on a romantic first date there tiger. : (

          • I never mix biz with pleasure! Me screaming at the TV I’m sure won’t get the chicks, though my cool Ditka ‘stache and 85 starter jacket…chick magnet.

  • MB30SD
    • CanadaBear

      I highly doubt they were afraid to take on Lynch. Not saying they weren’t shitty at it but I just don’t think NFL players are afraid of any RB (unless you’re a tiny CB and it’s someone Brandon Jacobs size).

      • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

        Ask Ronnie Lott and Dennis Smith.. How I miss them, they were blast out there.

        • For your consideration….

          Steve Atwater and Dennis Smith was my favorite duo growing up.

  • MB30SD

    pammy cakes, I get the initial shock at the actual meeting (and after that night)… but the surprise that they want to get younger?!? Come on honey… unattractive, overweight, and old is no way to be an NFL sideline reporter (too much?): http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/09/04/pam-oliver-erin-andrews-fox-sports-nfl-sideline-reporters

    Oh and for the record, I’m not a EA fan at all. those dumb ass digestion commercials she does are brutal. I saw romo’s wife doing an interview the other night… she is way hot. she’d get my vote over EA erra time.

  • For your consideration….

    Nice intro to the Bears QB room from several player and coach perspectives. Good read.

  • For your consideration….

    Watkins probable for Sunday….
    Probably fucking dead.

    • MB30SD

      hahahaha… this… kinda?…. I hope?

      • For your consideration….

        I think we’ll see some frustrating 3rd down conversions from Buffalo but I just can’t see their DB’s keeping up with our WR’s. Kiko Alonso is gone as well which is a huge loss for them in the run and pass defense game.
        As long as Trestman doesn’t morph into Martz and think that Mills can hold Mario Williams off for 5 seconds we should be fine. Get the ball out quick, get that quick pitch to Forte going, some fake reverses to Alshon, dump offs to Forte, Marshall between the hash marks, deep shots to Holmes covered one on one, a couple of field goals from Robbie, no big gaffes in the special teams game, getting Unicorn involved really early so he’s engaged, etc.

        • MB30SD

          I’m not worried about the O, I was actually speaking about our D.

          I know we have a massive upgrade in talent, I’m just nervous… and preseason didn’t do much to alleviate that feeling.

          • For your consideration….

            i changed the subject on purpose because i just don’t want to think about our D never getting off of the field.
            Opposing teams will be stifled in the run game and in the deeper passing game against us. Our major flaw and biggest weakness is in the 3rd down area when teams focus on 5-9 yard routes that seek to exploit our shitty LB’s and instinctless Safeties.

  • CanadaBear

    It will be interesting to see the Fudgie D against a lesser team. I thought they sucked moose wang all night but Seattle can make most teams look pretty lame. Matthews was running around a lot but never did much. Pep was invisible all night and I don’t remember their DL doing anything. Does anyone remember how much the Fudgies guaranteed Pep? Hopefully he looks like this all season and that money was thrown to the 4 winds.

    • GPLDAN

      Lynch runs in untouched from the 6, and the LT kicks out and seals a LB that lined up outside him, with some ninja grace that most LTs do not enjoy.

      Beast mode is a fucking truck. So is Eddie Lacy, but he concussed.

      Few teams can run like that.

    • For your consideration….

      I know Brad Jones had a lot of issues covering a mobile TE with 2 key Defensive Holding calls (that were actually legit calls). That won’t be lost on the Bears and Martellus should be able to abuse and exploit that match up when the time comes.

  • MB30SD
  • MB30SD
  • MB30SD
    • CanadaBear

      Those were awesome.


    I pity the fool sitting in front of the Luftwaffle, Stuka armed with 32oz Schlitz bombs, who dares mouth off on Cutty.

    • For your consideration….

      I usually let that stuff go at the game and just pound 8 dollar beers but when guys boo I go nuclear immediately.

      • GPLDAN

        Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

        • For your consideration….

          i’m trying to focus on work but I’m legitimately giddy about this game. I really think we are going to have a fun, if not up and down, season.
          Imagine that rush when Alshon or BMarsh grab that first huge reception. When the gazelle, Forte, takes his first screen to the house while our WR’s block 3 guys 20yds downfield.

          • GPLDAN

            Well Sunday’s weather is 74 and clear with no clouds. A near photo perfect opening day. Have fun.

          • For your consideration….

            GP, you have to watch this clip all the way through, watch for owner Pat Bowlen’s totally pimpish fur coat. This is why my guy is Dennis Smith and why i loved the Broncos of the 80’s and 90’s.


          • GPLDAN

            Bowlen looks pimp.

            The era is defined by these 9 minutes. I remember being a kid and sitting in front of the tv on the floor (because big tvs were always huge consoles on the floor) watching this


            (Watching Clay Matthews on a D that can’t stop them… again. Gotta get me a Sammy Winder jersey)

          • For your consideration….




    I glossed you for big blog points for going with a Ray Walston reference. So, you know, spend them wisely.

  • I think Bears will feast on teams like this in 2014. If you have a bad QB, he’s going to be eaten alive by that DL. It’s teams with good QBs who worry me. They can survive the rush and exploit the LB/S.

  • *shameless self-promotion alert*

    You can win a free Bears shirt just by predicting the score here. Doesn’t look like much competition as of right now: http://dabearsbeat.com/2014/09/05/forecast-friday-bears-vs-bills-2/

    • CanadaBear

      I would but I’m never going to do the twitter thang. I don’t even have a cell phone.

      • MB30SD

        wait… you don’t have a cell phone?!?! Holy shit canada

        No really, holy shit. I think I would die.

        • CanadaBear

          My wife accuses me of being a techno-grouch. Imagine the nerve of that woman! Besides the fact that I don’t give a shit about a cell phone, when I worked in control rooms you answered the phone a lot. Also, you were expected to come in if someone called in sick. No cell phone worked out well on both counts for different reasons.

          • SC Dave

            Neo-Luddite is a better term to use, compadre. Somehow sounds more respectable.

    • Peanut FTW

      That is a hideous Tshirt. Why the hell does it have a lacrosse stick on it?

      • I did not pick the shirt. One of the writers for my site sent me a picture of it and said to use it in a giveaway.

        • Peanut FTW

          Ahh, I bet they gave a lot of those away then 😉

          But seriously what is the triangular shape supposed to be?

          • MB30SD

            bears gloves being held together like players usually do.

          • it’s two receivers gloves coming together to make the Bears C. That’s a new thing in football.

  • If Bears can get up early in this game, Manuel will have to take some chances, which is when I think the turnovers come. I fully expect people to get overexcited about how good Chicago’s defense is after this game while forgetting that Buffalo’s 1st string offense took 19 drives before it scored in the preseason.
    Not a typo. 19.
    I’m much more interested in how the D looks against SF in week 2.

    • GPLDAN

      THey will open with Williams/Watkins (he’ll play) and they WILL test Conte early.

      Wouldn’t you?

      • I’d be more interested in testing Mundy if you’re targeting a S in the passing game. Or any of the LBs, really.

      • I think the Bears are going to ease Conte in. They’ll probably being doing what the Pack did last night and rotate the safeties, Conte/McCray

        If we really get up, maybe more McCray.

    • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

      that second match against SF worries me, I think will open my eyes to a cruel reality.

      • until Bostic/Shea show they can be not only adequate but good NFL LBs, I have no delusions about CHI sniffing a SB this year. Still should be a playoff team though.

      • NewBearInTown

        Winning against SF will truly put us one game ahead of Green Bay. They played Seattle, we play San Fran. I expect both teams to beat the Bills whenever the Pack get to that part of their schedule.

        • Bear Down in Tampa

          That’s how I look at it too. SF molly whopped us last time, time for some revenge!

  • CanadaBear

    Since I refuse to interact with trolls I’m asking one of you guys to do my bidding. Next time Cheesy shows up please ask him about Matthews taking a dive last night. He looked like soccer sissy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would do that. It was perfect!

    • Peanut FTW

      In his defense it looked like he was the only one out there that was actually putting in an effort. It was a horrible flop though.

      • CanadaBear

        I was shocked. I’ve never liked the guy but couldn’t imagine someone with his pedigree doing such a wussy move.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Please DON’T encourage that Troll interaction, Canada, There’s too much of it as it is.

    • He aint showing up any time soon. If he does, I’ll give him brownie points.

  • Peanut FTW

    The media is already starting to promote Carroll as the new Parcells. I think he is a tool but that is beside the point. It got lost in the jetwash of stomping the crap out of the Packers but I thought having your ProBowl caliber FS back returning punts (especially when he sucks at it) and your Superbowl MVP corner on a kickoff cover team while up by 20+ with 2minutes left were idiotic coaching decisions that could have cost more than that game if it had been close at all.

    • He’s the Thibs of the NFL. Except that approach works much better in the NFL, where every game is much more important.

  • Bear Down in Tampa

    The 1st time we allow less than 20 points will be the first time since Week 16 of the 2012 season (a 28-13 W against the Cards). Bears have allowed 20+ in 20 of their last 21 games. The Bears are 10-11 in that span. Bears must put a halt to the 20+ point streak which now stands at 17 straight games and I think they will 34-17 Bears.

    Also, the no captains thing this year seems a little Bush League to me. Cut the Rah-Rah stuff Tresty, you’re better than that. This is the pros, if these jokers can’t motivate themselves then we have no shot this year anyway.

    • gives multiple guys a chance, rewards guys for a good week of practice. I have no problem with it. Other teams are doing it too. Trestman’s logic was that the Bears have more than 5 leaders, which makes sense, I guess. Lot of veterans in that locker room.
      Honestly, if this has much of an impact on the season-either good or bad-then these guys are piss poor professionals.

    • the whole “allowing 20+” thing is a bit of a misnomer. D only gave up 16 against MIN in week 2 last year. Vikings got 30 total, but 7 from ST (KO return TD) and 7 from their D (fumble return TD).

      But yeah, D was bad last year. Won’t be that bad this year. How much less bad will be vital to determining their season (that was a really weird way of wording that).

  • Trac

    Checked out a Packer blog. Priceless. People calling for Capers head and calling the game a nightmare. Hahaha

    • MB30SD

      hee hee

    • Bear Down in Tampa

      We’re kinda in the same boat, let’s see what happens after week 2. If it goes well in SF then we’ll calm down but if we get lit up in SF, we’ll be calling for Mel Tucker’s head!

      • Trac

        Yes I know. Haha.

      • MB30SD

        i already am. hahahaha

      • The Ghost of Super Bowl XX

        hell!! of course!!

      • DaMurph

        We always have called for his head.

  • Trac

    Don’t you just love it when you’re driving down a busy frontage road and a little old lady old lady comes to a complete stop and leaves her ass end in the highway while pulling into a business?

    • AlbertInTucson

      “Welcome to Tucson”.

      • GPLDAN

        “Where old ladies get rear ended alot”

      • MB30SD

        al, from my count just driving around town, I’m pretty sure most of the pop of AZ is in SD right now and OMG are they ALL turrible drivers!?

  • MB30SD
    • johnnywad

      Jesus. That dudes a fucking moron.

    • DaMurph

      If they were winning, their sales would skyrocket. The vast majority of fans dont give a shit what the team name is.

  • For your consideration….

    Cool piece on Brandon Marshall….who gave us one of the biggest hometown discounts ever….

    • it made me laugh to hear Packers fans bash this deal as overpaying and then praise Jordy getting the exact same deal a month later.

      • really, though, Marshall should have been at probably around $13-14M a year or so. Comparable production to Fitzgerald, who got $16M/yr (though some of that is fluff money at the end. Actual he’ll see is probably about a $14M average).
        Guys like Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson, and Percy Harvin also got more (LMAO), though some of that is because they were free agents (though Harvin wasn’t, and his deal is one of the worst in the NFL because Harvin is always hurt).

  • Worth noting: I saw a stat this week that Buffalo’s 1st team offense didn’t score a TD until the 19th drive of their preseason. Just preseason, but wow. Anything less than CHI’s D kicking their butt should be a massive disappointment.

    • GPLDAN

      Buffalo was a hot mess all PS. Fights, front office drama, etc. It culminated with Marrone giving that “can’t we all get along?” speech.

      Can you imagine Tom Landry or Chuck Noll giving that speech? Ed Zachary.

      • Trac

        Knoll or Noll? I forget.


    If the Broncos got Terrell Davis in the 6th, and Arian Foster went undrafted, how come we got KaDeem Carey in the 4th?

    • I don’t get why so many people here hate on Carey.

      He’s not a burner who’s gonna bust big runs off like CJ Spiller, but he is a very smart RB who runs with power and will consistently get yards.

      Great scouting report on him here: http://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2014/05/26/chicago-bears-rb-kadeem-carey-substance-over-flash/

      • GPLDAN

        He’s a bust. End of story.

        • dddooode. You got the curse of QB? I got the curse of the HB.
          Ellington might be out 4-6 weeks.
          Last year I drafted David Wilson and Trent Rich.
          How I made it to the finals took massive roster diving.
          Next year you draft Rodgers and I draft Lacy, and both will suck or be out by week 4.

        • beninnorcal

          I think he has to play in some actual games before anyone can say ‘bust’.

        • totally reasonable conclusion to make before he ever takes an NFL snap.

  • Sactowns#1

    Ah the annual celebration of my birth is coming and it coincides with the opening of Sunday football!! I will be blackout drunk by the end of the Bears game, espescially since we normally take TD shots and I expect this to be a high scoring game for the Bears. Bear down gents!!

    • For your consideration….

      happy birthday, may your birthday wishes come true and may those wishes include 31-42 for 310yds 3TD’s and a whole lotta Forte up the Bills’ asses.

    • CanadaBear

      Happy B-Day. Hope ya get some!

  • For your consideration….

    ok, it’s opening day weekend for our beloved. There will be no embellishing. Trade Wind tonight as i watch Inception and blog. Tuckpoint chimney, repair ignition on grill and mow lawn tomorrow before noon. Trade Wind livin’ from 1pm to 5pm , grill burgers for family (maybe with a spash of TW in them), bonfire to end the evening and then SUNDAY arrives. Homemade buffalo wings, theee single biggest Trade Wind and Coke ever concocted at 1130am as i watch pregame (and have since 9am that morning) and then kickoff to our 12-4 campaign to the playoffs. Wait til 2015? Naw, it starts tomorrow.

    Trestman won’t puss out with that off tackle bullshit on the first play. It will be Cutler to Forte or Bennett for a gain of 15 on Cutty’s first pass just to say fuck you Schwartz. When the Bears get to their own 40 then the pringles can gets unleashed on their ass. Deep to Alshon just to get that PI call. Boom, red zone in 2 minutes. Then it’s BMarsh time back shoulder.

  • For your consideration….
    • DaMurph

      Everyone except Irish, who would have surely made him a second or third round pick.

    • AlbertInTucson

      This is 20-20 hindsight BS.

      Burfect wasn’t drafted because his behavior leading up to the draft made him a very risky pick.

      Kudos to him for cleaning up his act but there was a plethora of red flags that brought his character into question in his draft class.

      • For your consideration….

        are you serious Al? So much concern that he wasn’t picked in the 4th, 5th, 6th or even 7th round? Instead teams chose absolute garbage instead? you don’t think these teams made a dumb ass mistake? What did he do that was so bad that he became radioactive? Others guys did something that is worse and they still got picked in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rounds and that grave sin that they committed was being mediocre run of the mill college football players.

        • For your consideration….

          look at the complete fucking garbage we took in those rounds instead of taking a shot, and not just us, everyone else too.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Burfect regressed in his senior year at ASU when his biggest plays seemed to be ill-timed, stupid personal foul penalties. Then he became a hot mess off the field leading up to the draft.

            It’s so EASY to look back now and point, but he made himself a greasefire at exactly the WRONG time to slide out of the draft pool.

            He scared everybody away and It’s piss poor reporting in that article NOT to include the reasons WHY he didn’t get picked, as if he was just overlooked.

          • CanadaBear

            if I remember correctly he tested positive for weed (not a big deal but it is to the NFL) and then his interviews were toxic. His combine scores were hideous (again, not a big deal but it is to the NFL). If a prospective draft pick knows all of this is coming and still tests for weed, does nothing to prepare for the combine and then acts like an idiot with team reps …

          • For your consideration….

            He was 20 man and really felt that the coaches did the team no favors that year. He was honest and it branded him. I agree about the conditioning though. We were all so pumped when Christian Jones somehow landed in our lap though even though he got busted for drugs at the combine. Marquess WIlson and Mark Harrison were stud WR’s that we brought in. Wilson and Harrison pissed and shit all over their room at the draft and WIlson quit his fucking college team and accused his coach of abuse.

            Harrison didn’t make the team because of a foot injury and is now on the Chiefs and Wilson is apparently the next coming of Bobby Ingram.

          • For your consideration….

            I’ll let it go but remember our draft class from 2012:



            LOL, unacceptable Al. I know Greg fucking McCoy really tried hard though. And look where we are with our LB. It’s a tough pill to swallow but i agree that there is hindsight involved. It’s called “draft regret” and everyone has it at this point that needs a quality linebacker because they could have had one for nachos with extra cheese sauce.

      • it was a combination of 2 factors:
        1) Character concerns. Major character concerns.
        2) measurables. His 40 time was more than 5 seconds. People didn’t think he was athletic enough to play in the NFL. Classic case of people worrying too much about the stopwatch instead of watching film (same thing happened with Carey here, BTW, which is why he went in round 4 instead of round 2).

        • For your consideration….

          that should drop him maybe to RD 4 or beyond. He was projected as the 3rd best LB available. Measurable don’t mean shit for certain positions. The tape was there on him. He is a wild animal no doubt but if we wanted all character all the time we’d just draft from the Naval Academy, Air Force and Army and get smoked 75-0 every game.

  • BerwynBomber

    Thought the Cheese looked crappy last night, especially their D and O-lines. Yes, Rodgers will win them some games, but they look like a very, very average team. Btw, Bills are in complete chaos, and they’re lousy on top of their internal fighting. This may be the easiest game we play all year.

    • AlbertInTucson

      The Seahawks, especially IN Seattle, make EVERYONE look crappy/average.

    • Trac

      At the risk of irritating a certain gentleman across the isle I’ll say it again, I can easily envision us and the Lions finishing ahead of the Cheese in the final standings. What, crazy you say? Have you ever seen a Lion that likes Cheese? On the other hand, they have a healthy respect for Bears.

      • they’re still a team with a great QB and some decent talent in other spots. They’re built to win a lot of regular season games but lose in the playoffs. Same as 2013, 2012, 2011. If Rodgers stays healthy, they’re winning 11+ games.

    • their OL actually looked pretty solid before Bulaga went down. Man Sherrod was awful as his replacement. Changed the entire game IMO.

      Their DL-entire front 7 really-is garbage. Ok pass rush, but can’t hold up against the run.

  • Trac

    Losing to Buffalo would mean season over. No chance the Bears can lose right? Right? Psych!

    • CanadaBear

      It wouldn’t be season over but what a pisser. The first half of our sched is a killer, gotta win these games.

    • BerwynBomber

      Depends on what you mean by “season over”. If you mean the playoffs, no … as our division, though competitive, doesn’t really have a dominant team in it. Any team could win the thing and we SHOULD win the thing. But if you are talking an SB winner … yeah, hard to imagine any home team could lose to this Bills squad and then go onto win the Lombardi.

  • Paul Stuart

    Bears will win some and likely lose some, but the schedule at the beginning of the season against some tough teams will likely help them improve anyway – make them better for the back end of the season. Just gotta find a way to rise to the occasion. Weather the storm…and other such phrases.

    As long as they act like they’ve got a pair I’ll deal with any losses. It’s when they seemingly fold it’s hard to watch.

  • Trac

    Turn up the speakers… it’s opening weekend…


  • AlbertInTucson

    Bring me the head of Jay Cutler.

    While you’re at it, bring me the hands of Michael Spurlock.

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