Audibles From the Long Snapper: Stats, Love Affair Between Cutler/Gase & Around the League We Go!

| October 13th, 2015



  • Offense is currently ranked 27th in the league (yardage) and 28th in the league (points). If you remove the Seattle game, they go to 14th (yardage) and 20th (points). They get even better if you remove the James Clausen bits of the Cardinals game but I think you get the point. The offense has been solid when Jay Cutler has played quarterback.
  • Bears have the third best pass defense in the NFL through five weeks. With the players in their secondary, just sit back and applaud this coaching staff.
  • Bears have the league’s leading rusher. They are 15th in total rushing yards. When is the last time that happened?


  • Nick Foles is horrible. When Aaron Rodgers is turning the ball over to your defense at Lambeau Field, you can’t respond by giving the ball right back. Fisher has a team that can contend. He has a quarterback that cannot.
  • Seahawks were terrible against the Bears, should have been beaten by Detroit and blew a big lead to Cincinnati. Been saying for weeks this Seattle team isn’t any good.
  • I’m not sure the league will be in rush to give Marc Trestman another job. #OrganizationalPoison
  • Sean Payton to Miami rumors have begun. You know why? Because Sean Payton’s agent is leaking those rumors to anyone with the ability to text.
  • Detroit just manages to be so Lionsy all the time. No team with Super Bowl aspirations goes so predictably winless.  (Will have more on Jim Caldwell in Friday’s game preview.)
  • Never thought I’d say this but Peyton Manning’s offense is unwatchable.
  • Pats are just rolling through the NFL with ease. Next meaningful game they play will be at Foxboro in the AFC title game.
  • Oh wow, Brandon Weeden sucks? How would anyone have known that?
  • Stockpiling crappy Tom Brady backups is not an offensive philosophy, Bill O’Brien.
  • Guess Bradley / Bortles isn’t going to light the league on fire.

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