Wild Card Weekend Game Previews & Predictions

| January 3rd, 2014


All point spreads provided below were listed on BETUS.com as of Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday 4:35 PM ET – Kansas City at Indianapolis

Line: Indianapolis -2.5

Analysis: I’m going with a three-pronged approach to this.

  1. Andy Reid is always a little dicey when it comes to the postseason. All of a sudden how he controls the game/manages the clock becomes far more important and Reid is notoriously terrible at both of those things.
  2. Since losing 42-28 on the road to the Bengal the Colts have thrashed the Texans, Chiefs and Jaguars. Yes I know two of those three are not the most impressive opponents and KC had nothing to play for in December but I like seeing teams dominate teams they should dominate.
  3. Aren’t we due for an Andrew Luck, national spotlight, coming out party? While all the talk has been about Bob Griffin drama and Kaepernick struggling for ten weeks, Luck has quietly just gone about winning games. I think he’s going to have a big afternoon.

Final Score: Indianapolis 30, Kansas City 23

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Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles Game Day Thread

| December 22nd, 2013


We’re putting up one post for the entire day of games, including tonight’s Bears at Eagles contest. To follow me throughout the day, you can check the Twitter feed or on the right rail of this page or just go and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER BY CLICKING HERE.

Here’s what you need to know about today’s games.

  • If Detroit wins and Green Bay wins, status quo. Bears must win.
  • If Detroit wins and Green Bay loses, status quo. Bears must win.
  • If Detroit loses and Green Bay loses, the Bears have two cracks at the division title over the next two weeks.
  • If Detroit loses and Green Bay wins, Sunday night’s game is effectively meaningless (outside seeding) as Week 17 v. Green Bay will be for the division title.

Enjoy a day and night of football.

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Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles Game Preview

| December 19th, 2013

kyle long

Relevant games in mid-to-late December are the most fun time to operate this site for two reasons: (1) Traffic numbers go through the roof and (2) Fans barely need the final whistle of Sunday’s game to begin thinking about the following Sunday’s game. Once the Detroit Lions pulled a Detroit Lions and lost to Baltimore, Bears fans became ravenously obsessed with the Philadelphia Eagles in primetime. And it is the most difficult match-up as the Bears defense will face all season.


Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

  • Here is the statistic I think will tell the story Sunday: touchdown percentage. That’s not a stat, you say? Sure it is. Philadelphia will have every opportunity to keep the ball away from Chicago by merely handing the thing to LeSean McCoy over and over again. Whichever team scores more touchdowns per possession wins. (I think no less than 4 TDs wins game.)
  • There are two possible approaches for Trestman Sunday night. (1) Spread the Eagles out and attack a terrible secondary. (2) Rely on the run game and boys up front to keep the ball away from Chip Kelly’s offense. I would put the ball in the hands of Marshall, Jeffery and the Bennetts quickly to force these weak tacklers to tackle. Once that approach finds some success the run lanes will be girthy.

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