Thoughts From Around the NFL After Week One

| September 16th, 2020

Normally, these kinds of thoughts would be relegated to the Twitter feed once the season begins but this season is unique. With no good camp reporting anywhere, and no preseason fake games to look at it, the last five days were the first opportunity to see these 32 teams in any realistic way. So having caught at least condensed game versions of every team, some thoughts.

NFC North.

A week ago, these were the odds to win the NFC North: Vikings +160, Packers +180, Bears +380, Lions +550.

Today, these are the odds: Packers +110, Vikings +260, Bears +300, Lions +900.

These odds didn’t move because of the lunacy of Bears/Lions. They moved because Aaron Rodgers was the best player in the league Week One and the Vikings defense didn’t look like they’d practiced this summer.  (The gap closure between the Vikings and Bears is sizable for one week.) Pay no attention to the final score of the game (43-34). The Packers led 30-10 going into the fourth quarter and called off the dogs. Oh, and they scored two more touchdowns without the dogs. If Rodgers needed 60 Sunday, he could have gotten it.

NFC East.

The story in this division was a tale of two lines. Washington has a terrific collection of DL talent but it’s clear Carson Wentz and the Eagles won’t survive with their makeshift OL. Wentz was a sitting duck, sacked 8 times, and flustered throughout.

Sometimes coaches get enamored with this “next man up” bullshit and that’s clearly what happened with Doug Pederson. “Next man up” is fun to say but teams don’t have the economic freedom to create the depth necessary to execute it. The Eagles don’t have good players on their OL right now and their scheme relies upon having one of the best lines in the game. They need to embrace what’s actually happening, and change the scheme.

(The Cowboys changed coaches and looked exactly the same.)

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Approaching the Quarterback Position for 2020 Volume III: DBB’s Endorsement

| February 14th, 2020

Sign Phil Rivers.

There, I said it.

Here’s why.

(1) Rivers is only one year removed from one of his best seasons as a professional. (4,308/32-12/105) Is it possible he can no longer perform at the professional level? Sure. It’s possible. But it’s unlikely. Hell, in his “terrible” 2019 he threw for more yards in a single season than any Bears quarterback ever has.

(2) Rivers’ career is lacking only one thing: a title. It could be the thing that keeps him out of Canton. Wouldn’t he be motivated to reach deep and find it for one run, especially for a team that wouldn’t require him to put 40 on the board to win games?

(3) This offense needs some personality. It needs some leadership. It needs some pissed off, especially since Kyle Long’s demise. Rivers never shuts up on the field. He’s a pain in the ass. He’s downright annoying. But what Bears fan wouldn’t deal with that annoyance for 4,000+ yards and 10 wins?

Sign Phil Rivers.

Take a shot.

Worst case scenario, Trubisky is back on the field by Week 6.