Thoughts From Inside Soldier Field as Chicago Bears Whallop the Dallas Cowboys & Keep 2013 Alive

| December 10th, 2013


It was a cold, cold evening at the ballpark but the Bears did everything they could to warm the hearts of their loyal fans in attendance. I Tweeted the following Monday afternoon:

Tonight: Marc Trestman & Bears offense need to give season statement win in front of national audience while preserving meaningful December.

That is exactly what Trestman and the offense did last night. They out-gained the Cowboys by by 150 yards (and really more). They didn’t punt the football. When they grabbed a serious lead they dialed up the run and their offensive line put the game away. Dallas’ defense is a wretched group but the Bears did what they needed to do: they dominated at home.

More thoughts:

  • I was going to write a full column on the Jay Cutler/Josh McCown scenario but I don’t have much to say that furthers the story. Nobody on earth would make the argument that McCown is a more talented player than Cutler. But Cutler isn’t out there. He isn’t playing. And sadly his inability to stay on the field is the biggest blight on his Bears tenure. If I’m Marc Trestman, I stick with the hot hand and McCown is announced my starter in Cleveland as soon as today. (We can debate Cutler’s long-term viability and worth in Chicago when that time comes. That time is not now.)

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Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Game Day Thread

| December 9th, 2013


I will be gallivanting around the city of Chicago all day, trying to pass the time and find the perfect pair of long johns. This will be your home to rant and rave for the entirety of the day and night. And take this, from Dan Pompei’s excellent Ditka profile from Sports on Earth:

So when Michael Keller Ditka limps out to the 50-yard line at Soldier Field Monday night for a crowning achievement in his life, the ovation will be loud, long and real. It will be for all he has done, sure. But mostly, the applause will be for all that he is.

Enjoy the night.

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Bears Finally Win at Lambeau. Rapid Fire.

| November 5th, 2013


Here’s what I don’t understand.

On both NFL Network and ESPN in the aftermath of the Bears remarkable victory at Lambeau Field Monday night the words “luck” and “asterisk” and “gift” were stated. Why? Because the Green Bay Packers were forced to play with their backup quarterback.

Against the Chicago Bears. And their backup quarterback. Seems silly.

This was a tremendous victory for the Bears. This was an inspiring performance from the Bears. Here are my rapid fire thoughts.

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Packers Day

| November 4th, 2013

They happen once a year, at most, these days. Days where I wish I had one of those put on pants and go to an office jobs. Because if I had one of those alarm-goes-off-at-7:01, hate my boss gigs I would at least be able to pass the time on a Monday with the Bears playing the Packers at Lambeau on Monday night.

Instead I’ll walk around. Write a bunch. Listen to way too many national analysts explain why Aaron Rodgers is going to dice up the Bears defense and leave their season at the side of a Green Bay road. I’ll probably jump on with my buddies Trent and Marty in Des Moines and have my first beer when it’s five o’clock somewhere but not five o’clock here.

Bears fans will be nervous but they need to take a valium and relax. Tonight is a fun game if you’re a Bears fan. The pressure is entirely on the other guys. There’s nothing to lose. The upside of a win far surpasses the downside of a loss. And from a fan perspective, the stage is set for a the type of win you’ll remember for years to come.

So get through the day. I know it won’t be easy but, hey, nothing is any more.

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Trestman and the Opportunity of Monday Night

| November 1st, 2013


We don’t want to overstate the importance of Monday night’s game at Lambeau for Bears head coach Marc Trestman but sometimes we can’t help it. Packers games always feel a bit bigger than others and primetime games are the ones national media members use to deliver their misguided opinions. (Hey, maybe they are a good offense but they weren’t good when I saw them so they’re not good!”) Like it or not, the Bears will dominate the conversation across the sports world Tuesday morning.

Is it a pivotal game for Trestman? It can be. If the Bears deliver an intense, noteworthy performance (especially on defense) all the credit will go to Trestman as his captains have been sidelined with injury. If Josh McCown leads the offense up and down the field against Green Bay, all the credit will go to Trestman for whispering to yet another mediocre quarterback. Nothing is expected from the Bears. Everything they produce will be credited to the new head coach.

That is what comes from being the offensive “savior” in a city starved for offense. Read More …

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Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Game Preview

| October 30th, 2013


The Bears opened as eleven-point underdogs against the Green Bay Packers Monday night at Lambeau Field. They are as beaten up a defense as there is in the NFL. They are starting their backup quarterback. As Michael Kehoe wrote to me on Twitter, “Bears don’t stand a chance in GB. I’m emotionally all in. But a win would be one of the biggest surprises in decades.” He then followed up on his own Twitter page, “Historical trends, road game, MNF + no pass rush, 2 rookie LBs= give the pts all day. Hate it. Hoping to be wrong. Bears!”

So why in God’s name do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.

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