A Letter to the Chicago Bears: Bears at Packers Game Preview

| November 6th, 2014


November 6, 2014

Chicago Bears
Halas Hall
1920 Football Drive
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

Dear Bears,

Each week since late 2005 this internet space has predicted the Chicago Bears will win their upcoming football game. It has done so by prefacing each column with the simple question, “Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?” The answer has become a sort of rallying cry for those who frequent this site: I always like the Chicago Bears.

I am writing to you today because I have a confession to make. I apologize for the impersonal platform email provides this painful and stirring admission but your ignoring of my texts and phone calls has left me with no other recourse.

I should stop stalling. My admission is this. As I sit in front of my computer preparing this letter I must acknowledge that right now, at this moment, I do not like you.

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