Eulogy for the 2018 Chicago Bears

| January 9th, 2019

Before one sits down to write a eulogy, a central question must be asked. What would the deceased, lying in their wooden box, want you, those who loved them, to hear? What are the final words they wish to have associated with their existence?

Tears are easy. This is death. It’s sad.

Laughs are also pretty easy. With sadness and pain comes tension and an inherent desire to laugh. That which would not garner even a chuckle at 2 AM in your local pub can easily bring the house down from the pulpit.

Profundity is more complicated. An attempt to BE profound can often ring hollow. There’s nothing worse than someone trying to draw great human lessons from situations that don’t present them. 

Who were the 2018 Chicago Bears? They gave us joy. They gave us excitement. They gave us laughter. They gave us hope. And ultimately, because in this sport only one team ends their campaign with champagne, they gave us the heartbreak of what might have been.

The 2018 Chicago Bears were a lot like life. It wasn’t always pretty. It didn’t always make sense. It was sometimes tense, sometimes boring and often predictably unpredictable. Read More …