Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Game Day Thread

| December 9th, 2013


I will be gallivanting around the city of Chicago all day, trying to pass the time and find the perfect pair of long johns. This will be your home to rant and rave for the entirety of the day and night. And take this, from Dan Pompei’s excellent Ditka profile from Sports on Earth:

So when Michael Keller Ditka limps out to the 50-yard line at Soldier Field Monday night for a crowning achievement in his life, the ovation will be loud, long and real. It will be for all he has done, sure. But mostly, the applause will be for all that he is.

Enjoy the night.

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Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Game Preview

| December 5th, 2013


Note: It is very difficult to write a game preview for Monday night’s game with the Dallas Cowboys without knowing the outcome of the Detroit-Philadelphia game Sunday. Why? Because I think that result will greatly impact the energy in the Bears locker room and the enthusiasm of the faithful on a frigid night at Soldier Field. If Philly beats Detroit, the Bears will have an opportunity to win a single game and put a ton of pressure on the Lions down the stretch. Will they end up winning the division? More than likely not. But I don’t think it’ll be because Detroit wins out.

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

I always like the Chicago Bears.


  • Bears are 4-2 at home. Cowboys are 2-4 on the road. That, folks, is a trend.
  • Jeff Hughes will be sitting around the fifty yard-line. And we know the Bears never lose when he’s in attendance! (True fact, the Bears have never lost a primetime home game I’ve attended. This includes three fairly significant upsets.)
  • As bad as the Bears defense has been, the Cowboys defense is statistically worse. Dallas will have no conceivable means of dealing with the abundance of weapons presented by the Bears. Think about how many different ways the Bears can attack opponents these days.
  • Bears are most vulnerable against the run (see below) but the biggest knock on the Cowboys coaching staff this season has been their propensity to abandon the run too early in games. If the Bears can get just a tiny bit of a success in run defense early they could force the game onto Tony Romo’s shoulders.
  • I started to wonder midway through last Sunday’s game if Julius Peppers knows he’s now playing for NFL future. I hope he approaches the next four games that way.
  • Dallas does a poor job getting to the quarterback.
  • I think Devin Hester is going to get some opportunities for returns and I think he’s going to get into the end zone.

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Thanksgiving Day Football Thread

| November 28th, 2013


I know many of you think the Packers, with Rodgers, are a greater threat to the Bears postseason hopes. But that should not matter. With the Lions owning the tiebreaker, the Bears need a one game lead on them and that might be too difficult for this defense to pull off. Root for Green Bay today.

And as always, I give thanks for those of you who’ve spent time on this site over the years. I love this site because of you.

Feel like gambling on Thanksgiving Day? Drink six beers, select a member of your family and tell them exactly how you feel about them. Or bet on sports. I make my three picks for the day after the jump.

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Hard To Call Bears Season Over With NFC Sixth-Seed Logjam

| October 28th, 2013


Seattle and San Francisco are going to the postseason.┬áNew Orleans is winning the NFC South. Somebody is winning the NFC East because someone has to win the NFC East, right? That’s four NFC postseason berths accounted for.

And I’ll give you the NFC North too, accepting the argument that a healthy Aaron Rodgers will be able to compensate for the rampant injuries they have suffered on the both sides of the ball.

The leaves one position, the six seed, for the postseason tournament. And unless you as a Bears fan are willing to concede that position to a Detroit Lions team that is a Calvin Johnson hamstring injury from losing out or a Carolina Panthers team that just climbed over .500 for the first time during the Obama administration or a team quarterbacked by Carson Palmer, it would difficult to argue the Chicago Bears season is over.

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