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| December 1st, 2015


A Note from 26Shirts.com

First off, thanks to Jeff at DaBearsBlog.com for providing me with a little bandwidth to help explain what the heck that little block ad on the right-hand side of this website is all about…

Back in November 2013, I had an idea. I wanted to sell 26 t-shirts.

No, not one t-shirt to 26 individual customers. 26 unique sports designs over the course of a year. I’d sell a shirt for two weeks at a time, then once that two week period was over, the design would be retired. (That’s where the name comes from, 52 divided by 2.) This is limited edition-ness is part of the concept behind 26shirts.com.

“Ok,” you’re probably thinking, “another limited edition t-shirt website out here on the web. Big deal.”

Wait! Don’t walk (or click, or scroll) away! There’s more!

This isn’t your typical t-shirt website. What makes 26shirts.com different is that we are, as far as I’ve been able to research, the only sports merchandise company based on the “give back” model. For each shirt we sell, we donate $8 to a local family or foundation that can use the money.

We’re not a t-shirt website that helps people, we’re a website that helps people by selling t-shirts.

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Football Sunday Without the Bears Thread

| October 25th, 2015

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We’ll take this opportunity to promote our sponsors in the space of an actual post.

  • FrontRowTickets.com has been generous and they really are an excellent resource for ticket selling and buying. Click on the image above or visit their site HERE to get yourself into Soldier Field for what I believe is going to be a successful second half of the campaign.
  • Art of Men is now more than 1,000 members strong and beginning to make major impact in communities across the country. In July the organization fed 3,500 New Yorkers  as part of their Everybody Eats campaign (read about the event HERE) and they’ll be rolling out the program nationally – including Chicago – this spring. Take a minute and go to ArtofMen.org on your cell phone and drop your email address in to find out what the organization will be doing near you.
  • 26Shirts.com has an excellent Joe Maddon shirt available for the next week. Remember, half the purchase goes to charity and you can read which charity on their website.

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Introducing Our New Sponsors: Art of Men & 26Shirts.com

| July 25th, 2015

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I made the editorial / business decision a year ago to be sponsored by not-profit companies. I’ve never done this site for cash and I’m not going to start now. But if a few solid organizations could make this site profitable whilst allowing me to do something good, I’m all for it.

Art of Men – ArtofMen.org

Several years ago I began working with an organization called Art of Men. I so loved the founder, Art Gurwitz, and the mission of the organization that I have taken on a leadership role with them. I would spend time here summarizing what the organization does but AoM’s mission statement takes care of that.


Everybody’s complaining, but no one is doing anything about it.

We’re doing it.

We’re guys across the world taking matters into our own hands.

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