Turning Chicago’s Fortunes Around Will Require Turning Over Opposing Quarterbacks Through the Air

| August 6th, 2018

Chicago returns their entire secondary from last season, which is good news.

Off-season additions like Eddie Jackson and Prince Amukamara, coupled with breakout seasons from Kyle Fuller and Adrian Amos, helped construct a quality 2017 pass defense. The Bears were 7th in passing yards allowed, 15th in yards per attempt, and 5th in fewest touchdown passes given up.

But there is one area where improvement is desperately needed: interceptions. The Bears caught only 8 for the third year in a row in 2017. Only two NFL teams had fewer.

This has to change if the Bears want to become a good team. To understand why, let’s look at how important turnovers are to winning football games.

Turnovers & Winning Games

Over the last five years, there is a correlation of 0.50 between a team’s turnover differential and the number of wins for a given season. That means that roughly half of a team’s season outcome can be explained simply by looking at how many times their offense turned the ball over compared to how many times their defense took the ball away. Other studies have looked at this in greater detail and found the correlation to be somewhere between 40% and 65%.

I wanted to put this into a visual that’s a bit more concrete, so the table below shows how a team’s turnover differential corresponds to various season outcomes over the last 5 seasons (full data available here).

Teams that have a better turnover differential win more games and make the playoffs more often. It’s not a revolutionary idea, but I think it’s helpful to see some numbers.

Fumble Luck Doesn’t Last

So if the Bears want to improve, they need to improve their turnover differential. They actually weren’t awful last year (as I predicted before the season), as they had a differential of 0 by turning it over 22 times and forcing 22 turnovers, but that was with a hyper-conservative offense designed to limit turnovers.

The Bears recovered 14 fumbles, which is unlikely to repeat itself this year.

I say that because the Bears were very lucky when it came to fumbles last year. They led the NFL with 14 fumble takeaways, and recovered over 65% of the possible fumbles they could, which was 2nd in the league. Fumble luck has been historically shown to be fluky, as every team ends up around 50% over time, so the Bears can’t count on that repeating (side note: this is part of the reason why the study I linked above with a 65% correlation between turnovers and winning found that interceptions specifically accounted for the majority of that).

Playmakers Needed

So here’s where we’re at:

  • If the Bears want to win more games, they need to force more turnovers (and/or turn the ball over less, but we’re focusing on the defense for now).
  • The Bears are likely going to recover fewer fumbles this year than they did in 2017.

Thus it stands to reason that the Bears need to get significantly more interceptions, both to make up for the expected lost fumble recoveries and to generate a positive turnover differential. Where are those interceptions going to come from?

They have three well-established players who don’t really get interceptions in Prince Amukamara (7 in 7 years), Bryce Callahan (2 in 3 years), and Adrian Amos (1 in 3 years). All three have been starters for several years and consistently don’t catch opposing passes. Some slight improvement could be hoped for here, but it’s not realistic to think that this trio will grab more than 4-5 interceptions (combining the best season of all three would give you 6).

The other two starters in Chicago’s secondary, then, are probably going to have to be the primary drivers of any interception improvements. Kyle Fuller has 8 interceptions in his 3 year career and had 2 interceptions in 2017. He was among the league leaders in passes deflected last year, and turning a few of those into interceptions would be helpful. Fuller had 4 interceptions as a rookie in 2014, so that’s a realistic high-end expectation for him in 2018.

That leaves us with Eddie Jackson, who had 2 interceptions as a rookie in 2017 and was just a split second away from making several more. He showed the ability to be a ballhawk in college, as he caught 6 balls in 2015, and getting up near that total in 2018 would be a huge boon.

If the trio of Amukamara, Callahan, and Amos can combine for 4 interceptions and Fuller and Jackson can each get 4, that would give the Bears 12, which is already a nice improvement from the 8 they’ve had for three straight seasons. A few more from linebackers (who have averaged 2 int/year since Fangio came to Chicago) and/or backup members of the secondary would push them towards the middle of the pack in the NFL and might just help them win them a few more games.

No matter where they come from, the Bears need to find a way to grab more interceptions in 2018. If they don’t, the improvements to their roster won’t make as much of an impact in the wins column as they would like.

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  • Jim Wenhart

    Interceptions come when the QB is uncomfortable. Anyone can complete passes in the NFL if they have time. Floyd has to step up and so does somebody else on the other side. Fangio is going to have to do his thing again.

    • A pass rusher will have to overachieve (or in the case of Floyd, actually live up to his draft pedigree).

      Not holding my breath.

      • Johnnywad

        7th in sacks last year. 2 shy of 5th.

        They’ve added potentially the best linebacker in the draft. And returned everybody else that’s any good.

        Why is there this constant droning about sacks being an issue. Must they be #1 in the league to be considered sufficient?

        • Sacks aren’t the issue, consistent pressure is.

          Many of their sacks last year were coverage sacks, where the secondary held up and forced the QB to hold on to the ball until the rush got home. In terms of pressure percentages, they were much lower down.

          Sorry I can’t give solid numbers for this. I’m currently in the San Jose airport waiting to fly home from Costa Rica, and the wifi isn’t good. But I know PFF tracks pressure rates, maybe I’ve seen football outsiders do it too.

          • Johnnywad

            You’re the expert Wood but that sounds like splitting hairs to me.

            They tallied a bunch of sacks. They also allowed the fewest touchdowns in the league the last 12 weeks of the season. All of that with no help from the offense.

            The last thing I’m worried about is sacks, or what “kind” of sacks they are. I have to presume over teams in the top ten benefit in this department from having a solid DB group.

            The defense is fine in my book. This whole thing comes down to the offense taking a big step.

          • SC Dave

            I agree, but remember, it’s easier to parrot the common narrative and ignore results. Like Jordan Howard having a better catch rate last season than Ezekiel Elliot.

          • Malice Halice

            That’s true?

          • SC Dave

            Yes. McCaffrey, Bernard, C.J. Anderson, Carlos Hyde also.

            Does Howard need to improve? Of course – everyone on the Bears needs to improve.

          • leftcoastdave

            I too agree and with so many pluses and minuses we need Harry T’s one armed economist. On the one hand, the D was on the field much more because of the O unable to maintain drives and TOP. On the other hand, the D was often facing Os who knew they did not have to put up many points and therefore were more conservative in their own game.
            IMHO, the most important thing is that we are returning vets and depth who know the system everywhere with the Edge being the only exception. I believe Fangio will be able to do much more with what he has this year than ever before and that starts in the trenches with a lot of help for Hicks and Goldman. RRH and J Bullard showed some stuff Thursday night and Fangio will use their strengths to keep fresh and get more pressure. That should give the backs what they need to get the picks and takeaways we need to get back to being the Monsters of the Midway.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Maybe we should teach our DBs to catch, and turn their heads around

          • Joecashflow

            Appreciate the analysis Data! Here’s what my Costa Rica Crystal ball says. We get more sacks this year and get better at sack strips, which means more fumble recoveries. Can’t determine that in historic data, understand. From what I hear, we are going to blitz more, with all starters back and hopefully a new middle LB. I think you are spot on with backfield INTs, and maybe short on Fuller. He was looking all pro late last year and so far in camp, he is awesome. Gets beat long, but medium routes he is a blanket.

          • SC Dave

            Some data… all teams from 2000 to 2017. Play type pass, result fumble, player = passer

            Scroll down to the defense part (this page takes a while to load since it is a live query) and sort by fumbles.

            What is amazing is the turnover %. Assuming that part works right, the Eagles are (long term) over twice as effective at recovering QB fumbles than the Bears, who actually suck at it.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            It’s understandable that the Bears suck at recovering fumbles, because for a couple years Bears players were taught to stand around and just look at a ball on the ground especially if it is in the endzone.

          • leftcoastdave

            Yea, that coach sucked.

          • SC Dave

            But the period I used also included the entire career of BU, Mike Brown, Peanut, etc.

            I did, however, require the fumbler be in the role of “passer”.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            That makes sense that the fumbler is the Passer. The rest of the league got to play us. Cutler notoriously had bad ball security, and if you looked at the Sex Cannon the wrong way he fumbled.

          • So 22ne in pressure rate, but they masked it by being one of the best defenses in the league against non-pressured QBs

      • Irish Sweetness

        If anyone wusses out … Isaiah will have his say.

        • Johnnywad

          And RRH.

          • Irish Sweetness

            YES. His bull rush is a thing.

          • SC Dave

            At least against a 3rd stringer. Maybe the Ravens version of Grasu.

    • Big Mike

      Glennon couldn’t

  • Playmakers needed. Phew. Good thing Roq was drafted!
    He’s gotta get signed b4 the season begins, right?

    • Johnnywad

      I doubt he wants to miss a game check.

      Big picture, Pace has the high ground. He’s ceded the guaranteed money for penalties and subsequent suspensions on “Football plays”. What it really boils down to now, is Smith wants to get paid if he gets suspended for something on the field, during a game, that isn’t part of a play. So if he punches a player, or shoves a ref and gets suspended, he wants his game check. That’s completely unsupportable. No way I budge on this if I’m Pace.

      • SC Dave

        Absolutely agree.

        Maybe Nagy should email him a link to Urlacher’s induction speech.

        Spend 30 seconds here, Mr. Smith.

        Then get your ass to camp.

      • Sactowns#1

        Guaranteed money is guaranteed money. If you want to take it back at a later date, start calling it something else.

        • Johnnywad

          Conditionally guaranteed?

        • willbest

          Guarentees aren’t all encompassing. Your actions can void the guarentee.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Added a lot of disclaimers in my day.

            One of the most popular is: “Some restrictions Apply.”

        • SC Dave

          I think that’s the real rub, Sac.

        • John F

          At the end of the day, the only guaranteed money is the signing bonus – and even then, the teams try and defer that over time.

      • Ootenvault

        Is it in his nature to get suspended? Curious as to why he wants to draw a line in the sand on this point.

        • Johnnywad

          It isn’t. He’s supposedly a high character guy. I’ve heard it’s more about his agency trying to establish a precedent with a little more favorable arrangement for the player. They can then parlay that into more clients next year and so on.

          • John F

            So the agents are doing what’s best for them long-term to the detriment of the player they are representing. Such unusual behavior for agents …….

          • Johnnywad

            No doubt. But this, to me, just looks greedy.

          • The agents picked a squeaky clean draftee to plant their flag on
            Wonder if Roq even knows he’s being used.
            Pretty sure he’s already losing on practice $.

      • 2 questions.

        1. How many others have demanded such language?

        Think 1 article stated 4 teams, but not sure if it was for that specific language.

        2. Why did Roq and his agent think Pace would fold?

        • John F

          Why did Roq and his agent think Pace would fold?

          Because the Bears have stunk for quite a while and they figured Pace would be too afraid to have him hold out. The agents didn’t count on the fact that the McCaskey’s have no shame and could care less what the fans think.

          • Johnnywad

            So you think they should just sign on whatever he asks for?

            I’d think you’d be happy the Bears are showing some balls.

            If he wants to be paid for a game he sits out because he shoved a red, he can go pound sand. Let him sit.

          • John F

            I agree, I really think the agents have miscalculated. They wouldn’t have tried this with top tier teams …..

          • Johnnywad

            That right? List the teams that agreed to it.

          • John F

            I’m starting to wonder whether there really are “four teams” that agreed to the exact language that Roq wants. He (Roq) has to be asking for something beyond that.

          • I’m guessing those four other players weren’t 1st RDers.
            Or maybe they were, but I doubt top 10.

            The guarantees for a top 10 player are gonna be much higher.

            Hence the “precedence”

            I also thought that GMs talked to draftees’ agents to get a sense of what kinda contract they were wanting (unofficial tampering). Seems like due diligence.

            But, here we are.

          • John F

            Yes, I didn’t think about the draft round/guaranteed money part of it.

            First rounders get approximately 75% of their contract guaranteed, second rounders 50% and third rounders 25%. And the dollars involved fall dramatically after the first 15 picks in the draft.

          • Johnnywad

            Yeah and last week everybody was calling Pace an idiot for trying to claw back guaranteed money for a helmet violation. While, in reality, he had ceded the clause to Smith. It’s astonishing how hard you and Butch will work to lay Roquan holding out at Pace’s feet while also bitching about every deal he’s ever done that didn’t work out.

            Roquan is likely holding out because he’s being given bad advice by some pretty sharp agents. There is no way to know this was coming. It’s assinine to suggest any GM could have seen something coming in the realm of contracts that has never happened prior to this draft class. Yet, here we are.

            Four players in the entire draft got this deal. You know what that means? It isn’t team friendly. Somehow, you two Trump this into your world view when the facts don’t line up.

          • John F

            I think you are confusing me with someone else, I don’t recall blaming Pace for the hold out. I think Roq is getting played by his agents.

          • You think Roq’s agent didn’t take his negotiating counterpart into consideration? That out of allll the players (over 230) and teams, Roq just happens to be the one holding out still?

            When you’re at a poker table, you read the player across from you.

            Roq’s agent is playing hardball because he thinks he can get away with it. This is like re-raising over the top thinking the guy will fold, so you can steal the pot.

            Maybe Pace calls em. I think he will because at this point he doesn’t want to look weak.

            But the agent’s stunt has already hurt Pace’s team, and has already shown future potential draftees that they’re willing to go to bat for their clients.

            Again, this wasn’t just random.

          • Johnnywad

            It isn’t random to you.

            Roquan Smith and his agency have zero leverage at this point. Smith’s agents apparently misjudged Pace, and Smith is paying the price.

          • I think they saw Pace as a mark, I really do. I’m 99% certain the agents wouldn’t have tried this on Cliff Stein who is well respected.

            But they saw Pace hand out like $15m to Glennon, flush a bunch of $ guys like Demps, Sims, etc let the Puke create terms for us w Fuller , and no one outside league circles really knows if Lynch did play him on draft day (I hope not)

            Don’t think this was a coincidence.

            This whole situation is beginning to spoil like bad milk

          • Johnnywad

            Did Pace fuck your sister?

          • John F

            Well that got out of hand quickly ………..

          • I didn’t tell Roq to hold out.
            He’s the ONLY player out of the whole class, not just 1st RD, who’s still not signed.
            And what I listed above are facts (only speculation is if Lynch did play Pace, which no one will say till they’re both out of the league)

            We have 3 years of Pace MO. Others have seen it.

            I said the NFL is like Hyenas. They test and exploit weaknesses.
            The agents obviously saw a weakness.

            Even if they fold, Roq has already missed a shit load of time and at this point will be lucky to start by week 1.

          • Johnnywad

            It’s a nice position you’ve carved out for yourself. If Pace signs the deal, you jump on it as a weakness and a bad deal for the team. If he holds his ground, then it’s an obvious weakness the agents are trying to exploit.

            Why don’t you just see it for what it is? A potential superstar getting bad advice from more than greedy agents.

            I give up. You’re gonna rink what you want to and that’s fine. But I’m going to enjoy watching you try to reconcile a winning Bears team with your view of Ryan Pace.

          • I still hold that Pace is an avg GM much the same way that Cutler was an “avg” QB.

            Some good days (Hicks), some AWFUL days (Glennon, Grasu, Demps, Barth, Fox…)

            He was supposed to have one of those “wow’ offseasons to turn this franchise around, instead we got White and Glennon…

            Nagy/Trub could save him much the way Ted Thompson was saved by Grimace/Vadge

            And this yr in FA Pace FINALLY wasn’t a cheap ass (was that Nagy’s influence who wasn’t checked out like Fox?), so there’s momentum going forward.

            But as for Pace being a great GM? We were all hoping for much more by this point.

          • Johnnywad

            He finally spent money in Free Agency because he felt he had the rotten core of the old, shitty, injured roster he took over cleaned out. Then he got HIS QB. Seems pretty sensible to me. Why put a $2000 spoiler on a $400 car?

          • By that logic, he never should’ve signed Hicks.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            If we signed to many good players Fox and Friends may have won enough that people did not want to get rid of him.

          • Johnnywad

            What are you even talking about? Hicks came to the Bears on a 2 year, $10M deal. Peanuts for his caliber of player. It was an excellent signing. Then he extended him last year, rewarding him with a very fair deal for all parties. Again, because he feels they’re ready to compete.

          • I never said Pace had to throw the bank at FAs (though that improves the chances of landing a good player), just that he had to get better players on the team, which he didn’t.

            It’s not as if Pace wasn’t TRYING to improve the roster. It’s just that he failed to do so, as his record shows.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            FYI – Roq has the same agents that had Bosa hold out 4 games last year. Coincidence?

          • From memory, that was the cheap ass Charger’s fault. Precedent dictated the standard contract, but the Chargers were trying to do some shenanigans with the offset.

            Chargers have always been cheap (why Eli didn’t want to play for them)

          • Johnnywad

            So do a shit ton of other players.

        • Johnnywad

          I’ve heard 4 other teams did this as well. I’ve also heard 8. Then I heard 4 did what CAA is asking for, and another 4 were somewhere between what Roquan wants and what the Bears are offering.

          Short answer, I really don’t know I guess.

  • Irish Sweetness

    I’m re-watching the Ravens game on YT – whole thing is there in hi-def.

    1. Benny. I like.

    2. Chase threw a BEAUTIFUL touchdown pass to Bennie Fowler in the corner of the EZ except Bennie is a spoon.

    3. Baltimore weren’t afraid to rush 5 or 6. Pre-season vanilla my ass.

  • Scharfinator

    The big caveat with the fumble percentage of 50% is… it IS an average.

    So the obvious solution is to force more fumbles 🙂 50% of 50 forced would be pretty badass.

  • Big Mike

    I don’t think @johnathanwood:disqus accounted for more passing attempts, based on the Bears being competitive offensively.

  • Doc Nitty

    Thought I’d stop in and tell how my meetup with Canada went.

    Like many first dates there was a few moments of awkward silence but overall I thought he was a total gentleman and we had a very nice time.

    He arrived promptly around 11:30 Friday Morning. We shook hands and sized each other up, allowing our minds the time to reorient and reconstruct the mental images that had formed over the decade long blog-pal relationship. I immediately recalled how open he was about his vertical challenges. And while I wouldn’t exactly say his stature was diminutive, I did notice his breath on my bosom during our opening Bro hug embrace.

    Height notwithstanding he wore a stately gray beard, long vertical scars on each replaced knee, and donned a colorful array of tattoo art that served, I’m sure, as a daily reminder of why he should do everything possible in life not to wind up in prison.

    As is custom on first dates, I introduced him to my mother who is much closer to his age than mine.

    We left to grab a bite to eat and he reminded me that I am a stoner. S I returned quickly to get my pipe and cheeba. After smoking we went to the local weed store to stock him up on edibles for his long Idaho ride. I replenished my own supply as well.

    We followed that with a nice burger and milkshake, a few laughs, and then a pleasant drive home. He stayed long enough to briefly taste my surburban life as a father of seven and regained, I’m sure, a much needed perspective on his much more peaceful existence, and was off on his way.

    No seriously though, he was a great dude and I was very appreciative that he went out of his way to meet me. Thanks Canada!

    • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

      very cool

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      That is so sweet. Good night kiss? Handy?

    • Peace pipes and shakes. Sounds cool.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Ho hay on the what now …. bakdafukup …. SEVEN !!?

  • AlbertInTucson
  • Sactowns#1

    Oh man. infoWars has been taken down from multiple platforms. Now how will I find out about the gay frogs setting up a child slavery ring on Mars?!

  • ArchangelJack

    Another week out of camp and Roquan will be dead to me.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      OH NO!!!

    • leftcoastdave

      Serious bummer, dude.

  • AlbertInTucson

    So, because of the T.O. dust up. the Pro Football HOF is contemplating a rule requiring inductees to commit to attending the ceremony.

    Dear Pro Football Hall of Fame:

    Grow up.

    Stick to football.

    • AlbertInTucson

      The same people that are bent out of shape over T.O. were happy to kiss Ray “Obstruction of Justice” Lewis’, ass.

      T.O. may have been a jerk teammate but I don’t think he has rap sheet that approaches Obstruction Of Justice in a murder investigation on it.

    • Part of me thinks it’s bull
      T.O. should’ve been in the 1st time , so I kinda agree w his argument.

      But the other part thinks TO is an ass and did this not on principle but as a publicity stunt that somewhat makes a circus for real guys like Lach and Dawkins.

      • Irish Sweetness

        He’s a show pony. It was/is about getting as much of the spotlight on him, and not on the other inductees. Two of the greatest linebackers in history, two of the greatest receivers … and he made sure everyone was talking about him and not them. He even made sure he had his own ceremony where he didn’t have to share a thing. He’s a child.

        • In spite of all that, doesn’t mean his HOF gripe isn’t legit.

          Only reason he didn’t get in the first time was cuz he didn’t kiss the panel’s ass, while the media darlings like Dungy get in.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      They better not induct anyone posthumously. That might get messy.

      • John F

        They inducted Stabler after he died. No ring was issued because the HOF doesn’t want to get into fights about who has the legal right to the ring ….. too bad really ……

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah. Very stupid. But kind of so NFL too, where everyone must absolutely toe the line or we apparently will lose our collective shit.

      Btw, I thought TO should have gotten in earlier but also handled it like a major douche. Regardless, how many future inductees would wish to follow his stupid lead? Imagine that # would be tiny. So why even worry?

  • AlbertInTucson

    Both Packer starting OTs are dinged up. LT, David Baktiari was carted off with an ankle sprain during their “Family night” practice on Saturday. Neither tackle will likely see the field in preseason.

    • John F

      So we’ll only lose by three touchdowns in game one?

      • AlbertInTucson


        • John F


    • BerwynBomber

      They lost one of their starting ILBs for the year too so they could be in the early lead as most significantly injured team.

      I would argue they earned that dubious distinction last year just on the Rodgers’ injury alone.

  • John F

    The Bears had better get more turnovers this season, because there are going to be a lot more interceptions thrown by Trubisky this season. The conservative offense last year kept his turnovers much lower than they would have otherwise been.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Johnny Football debuts with Montreal in the CFL!

    11-20, 104 yards and 4 INTs.

    All in the first half!

    Naturally, there were no 2nd half stats to report.


  • As for INTs by our secondary…it’s two-fold.

    Do we have ball-hawks? To me, this is one of things you either are, or aren’t.

    For example, Malik Hooker as a rook got 3 INTs (in like 5 games). Boom. Right away.

    The only guys I have any hope for is Jackson and maybe Fuller (LeBlanc actually makes plays, but also gives em up).

    We know what Prince, Amos and Callahan are at this point (and both Prince and Callahan are INJ prone).

    Someone else will have to show ball-hawking instincts.

    2. The scheme. By most accounts, the CBs play trail-tech. That’s just a hard way to get INTs.

    I’m curious to see how much Fangio plays zone. Given the low INTs under his regime, maybe not as much as other man 3-4s.

    Other thing I would be curious to see is how many batted balls the Bears create.

    That could be a cheap way to get INTs, esp for our LBs.

  • Not to get off on a political sidetrack, but Kane, that’s right, WWF Kane, is now a mayor!

    We need to elect more rasslers that way CSPAN could be more exciting!

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Has it been since Jesse Ventura being governor that we have had a rassler in politics?

      • That’s the last one I can remember. Unless there was a low profile one somewhere in the sticks or something.

      • BuddhaJoe

        Well Linda Mcmahon is head of the SBA, not sure that counts though.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Sarah Palin has been in a a few full nelsons no doubt.

  • BuddhaJoe

    It looks like I agree with consensus here. Fuller and Jackson are the most likely source of turnovers, maybe Roquan if he decides to show up.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Callahan can do it. Cre’Von can do it if he’s in for Callahan. Damn, I have high hopes for Deiondre Hall!

      And if any of the starters are pussyfooting it, then send in RRH and Irving for some disruption.

  • AlbertInTucson

    The Cardinals just lost the starting center on an offensive line that hasn’t been too good anyway and is expected to keep the less-than-durable, Sam Bradford upright.

  • Malice Halice

    Our Db’s finna snatch the ball. Jumping routes seem to be the common theme, we’re facing elite qb’s 6 times alone. Our dbs are full aware they have to be more aggressive.

  • Malice Halice

    Can we get a data chart for the recent successful 3-4 Defense detailing the roles each LB played? Just curious

    • You mean, how many times they rushed or blitzed?

      Floyd seemed to play more coverage than expected.

      I’m curious how many sacks we got off corner/nickle/ILB blitzes and how it stacks to the rest of the NFL.

      So for instance, maybe in an effort to disguise, Fangio drops Floyd into coverage, and sends in the nickle blitz.

      Maybe Data is looking into that.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I wonder what the numbers are for defenses that regularly stuff the A-gaps on pass/run blitzes, consistently pressure the QB and play with some fucking balls?

        Think of great defenses. What did they do? How many guys can you name from the Orange Crush Defense? The Oilers? Ever remember a great defense and think “It was the way they bent but never broke …” ?

        Balls. Big hairy balls.

      • evantonio

        figure if i drop my email in an old thread, it’ll be safe: EvRosler@gmail.com

        do me a favor and reply here once you’ve got it so i can delete the message?

    • Irish Sweetness

      Take it to the shower, Malice. Just rub one out. The butter of champions, my friend.

      (waves hand)

      You don’t need to see the data chart …

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