Super Bowl 52: Three Wagers To Make Sunday Interesting

| February 1st, 2018

Gambling is silly. Gambling on the NFL is stupid. But the Super Bowl is a long day and I’m not drinking for another thirty-one days, so I’m going to have some money on it. For a terrific list of prop bets, check out this link to William Hill. (If you’re betting the Phoenix Open, I like Rickie Fowler to win, Webb Simpson for a top five and Pete Uihlein for a top ten.)

Alshon Receptions, Over/Under 4.5

My Bet: Over 

What could possibly infuriate Bears fans more than Jeffery going off in the Super Bowl? That’s why he’s going to be everywhere Sunday, so my inbox can explode going into Monday morning.

Pink’s Anthem, Over/Under 2:00

My Bet: Over (-150)

You heard her sing lately? She could take more than two minutes to sing her f’n name.

Player to Score Last Touchdown

My Bet(s): Tom Brady (20/1) & Nick Foles (22/1)

The odds are good. And these are the only guys on the field guaranteed to touch the ball. Why not float a few bucks on Foles taking a zone read to the house or Brady, the league’s best QB sneak QB, taking one over the line to ice the game?

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  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I imagine most Bears fans would be rooting for Jeffrey this game (even if it wasn’t against the Patriots.)

    • SC Dave

      A nice summary.

      • leftcoastdave

        Amen to all of the above. Athletes play to win and the dude took less money on a prove it deal, willing to do just that. Cudos to AJ and Go Eagles!

    • Patricia

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  • That Guy

    I can’t be angry at Alshon.

    Sure, he refused the fair–even generous–offer the Bears made, and left for another team with a QB who wasn’t in danger of being sent back to Africa. And he underperformed his potential in his years here.

    But he didn’t say/do anything that screams “Fuck Chicago and its fans!” He was looking for a better situation. He found it.

    Oh well.

    I’d rather root for him to do well in this game than give those awful Pats fans another reason to crow. Seriously, as nutty-bad as Philly fans can be, Patriots fans are simply disgusting.

  • Jeffery has hit 5 receptions only 5x in 18 games this year. NE has a very good secondary, so I don’t like his odds of making that a 6th.

    This feels like the over/under should be 4. He’s hit that exact number 6x this year, with 5 over and 7 under.

  • CanadaBear

    The only lock I see in Jeff’s betting is Pink and the anthem going over 2 minutes. Jeff is right on. I actually like Pink but she’s been singing overly dramatic songs and dragging them out forever recently. The main reason I wouldn’t make that bet is because I don’t want to watch her sing the anthem. I try to flip it on right at kickoff.

  • CanadaBear

    New post!

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