Some Hopes For Today’s Schedule Release

| April 19th, 2018

There are things I’m rooting for when it comes to the schedule release. I want at Buffalo in the first six weeks. I want Miami/Arizona late in the season, when playing golf is no longer an option for those of us in New York City. I don’t want a primetime game the week in November when I’ll be in Europe.

But none of that has anything to do with the actual Chicago Bears. These three things do.

  • Easy Start. The entire organization needs a couple wins early to convince the locker room things are headed in the right direction and convince the fan base there’s something to be excited about on the lakefront. Ideal opening spots? Home to the Jets or at Buffalo, both of whom will be starting either rookie or journeyman QBs.
  • Stay off Primetime. If the schedule has the Bears playing 15 early Sunday games and the obligatory Thursday nighter, that would be ideal. The Bears need to grow and develop with their second-year QB in the relative anonymity non-primetime contests provide. (And personally, I just love the early game Sunday. That’s football. First beer at 11 am. Last beer at 5:30 pm.)

  • Heavy Home December. How is this Matt Nagy/Mark Helfrich offense going to operate in the blustery conditions of Soldier Field in December? I think it is (a) pivotal they find that answer in year one and (b) essential they understand what makes Jordan Howard special.

Tickets on Sale?

The Bears are putting single game tickets on sale one hour after the release tonight and dressing it up as some sort of gift for the fans. Bull. Shit. For the first time in years, the Bears had tickets available on Ticketmaster for late-season 2017 games. They are terrified of that happening again and are trying to capitalize on some of the enthusiasm currently surrounding the organization.

This will only serve those re-selling on the secondary market, however. People can’t always make plans 4-8 months in advance. The $100 seats will be scooped up tonight by brokers and resold for $250+ tomorrow. And that’s why so many Bears games are 30% opposition fans.


  • That Guy

    Ticketmaster is pure evil.

    • BenderMcLugh

      they own StubHub

      • willbest

        Don’t they own everything?

        • BenderMcLugh

          yeah they own another too but not sure which one

          • willbest

            nflticket exchange is powered by ticketmaster.

          • BenderMcLugh

            oh riiiight, I was just thinking of music venues, damn

    • CanadaBear

      I’m sure everyone has a story like this. Leonard Cohen is going to perform in Calgary for the first time in decades. Top seats are around a hundy. I was online ready to rock and within 30 seconds or less 2,500 seats are sold. But wait, ticketmaster’s gouging arm has good seats available for $700. A class action suit was filed against Ticketmaster on that one but have no idea how it turned out. Probably still in the courts.

      • wow. The older I get, the more I respect Pearl Jam for taking on Ticketmaster arguably at their height back in the 90s.

        Goatees and flannels unite!

    • willbest

      Whenever possible I go to the actual venue and buy it from the box office.

    • SC Dave

      They are mobsters, right?

  • SC Dave

    As you know Jeff, I definitely agree with point (b) under December.

  • Big Mike

    I’m with Jeff on the schedule. Last year we had the toughest schedule in football and the start was absolutely brutal. The other thing is a well placed bye week. Right around the end of October. Miami in December would be nice. A domed stadium in Dec would be almost as nice. Love going to Tampa almost anytime.

    Bear Down

  • evantonio

    “The $100 seats will be scooped up tonight by brokers and resold for $250+ tomorrow. And that’s why so many Bears games are 30% opposition fans.”

    That’s the reason why? You don’t think maybe it’s because we’ve been awful and opposing fans view going to Soldier Field a near-guaranteed win and a chance to visit on the country’s best cities? On the flip side, Bears fan view a trip to Soldier field a near-guaranteed loss that’s not worth the parking/draconian tailgate hassle when they can just watch the first half on TV before going to the yard to whittle some sticks.

    • CanadaBear

      Amen, brother! When they are good, they aren’t many opposing fans in the stands. When you suck for the better part of a decade, these things happen.

    • willbest

      I am curious why venues don’t run dutch auctions by seat section. It would strongly discourage scalping. I wonder if its been tried and people are just repulsed by the idea. Or maybe they find it too complicated.

    • Oh, and thanks for the ticket offers E.
      If I was around the area, I def would’ve taken your offer.

      As is, I’m not even sure if I’m gonna see the Ram’s Dream Team live over here in L.A. and I could probably get those tickets for Tree Fifty.

      • evantonio

        Of course! Gotta spread the love to the other masochists in my life 🙂

      • SC Dave

        Tree Fitty, you mean?

  • CanadaBear

    Read a stat that I knew intuitively but when you read it, wow. Kevin White has finished 3 games in 3 years.

    • BenderMcLugh

      nowhere but up

      • CanadaBear

        Feel sorry for the guy. Hope it happens this year.

        • SC Dave

          You mean finishing that 4th game?

      • Yup. Rehab rooms are usually upstairs.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      I am betting he makes 7 games this year.

      • willbest

        I am willing to take the under.

      • CanadaBear

        I’d love to see the young man take off. Unfortunately it’s the Bears so it probably won’t happen until he’s gone (if ever).

    • DaCoaches Mustache

      The only thing that gives me any Kevin White hope is that he didn’t hurt his leg this last time. It was a shoulder or some such shit. So, it’s possible he still has wheels. That being said, I’d say its 50/50 that he even makes the roster. I still have visions of his senior year tape from WV. He was a fucking monster.

      • CanadaBear

        Broken shoulder blade. We’re both in the same place. I didn’t think he looked great those few games they were feeding him the ball. Hopefully it works out.

  • willbest

    It makes more sense to sell them today rather than some random day in July when I am not paying attention to football. I don’t plan to go this year though.

  • willbest

    Its been 3 or 4 years since we played the Lions on thanksgiving so that seems probable. And that would be the ideal Thursday game this year.

    I don’t want any NFCN team where they have extra days rest than us.

    Hopefully we will avoid the division altogether during the extended preseason that is September, but if we must play them, let those be road games. The best case scenario is to play both the Giants and Bucs in Sept since those games are the least significant to division play.

    My dream would be to play the Pats week 1 or 2 because in the event that the team is unexpectedly good, the best time to play the Pats is when they don’t have any film on you.

    • Argument can be made to get the good teams early because like you said, Sept now is essentially an extended PS where good teams haven’t found their stride yet.

      Shit, we NEARLY beat the Falcons last yr with Glennon and Fox. If it wasn’t for a Howard drop (don’t even get started SC. He dropped the fucker), could’ve beat them and they were a legit SB contender by year’s end.

      Like you say, no one really has tape. Good time to catch good teams while they’re still rusty, coming off playoff hangovers, and underestimating us.


      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        If the throw was better he could have walked in. LOL

        • ha! That argument goes out the window when Howard likely had more drops than both Cohen and Benny combined. With the same QBs.

      • Addendum. The other factor to consider is we’re a shitty team, which means, thin depth (that’s what she said!).

        Pace never computes INJs and depth into his algorithms for some reason. He thinks we’re magically gonna stay healthy and Hicks can play 99% of snaps throughout, so by year’s end, we’re calling Arbys for depth, not the meats.

        Start of the year, don’t have that problem yet.

        • CanadaBear

          Maybe all the team get as beat up as the Bears the last 3 years but I don’t think so. I think Pace probably plans on some injuries but putting 15-20 guys on IR and a lot of them are key personnel, is probably a little more than Pace was planning on.

          • Yeah, but Pace SHOULD expect it, esp by now.
            When I go camping, I always bring a short handle axe.
            Will I always need one? No.
            But when one is needed, it’s REALLY needed

            Pappa always said…better to have and not need than to need and not have…

          • CanadaBear

            Can you really plan on losing 10 starters and carry on? Pretty sure that’s harder to do than to bring a hatchet camping.

          • I’ve always thought Pace could be more aggressive in FA.

            Like last yr I didn’t think Howard (the RE) was enough. He himself was coming off an INJ, Bullard was not sure thing, and RRH wasn’t even on the map.

            What happened? Howard busted. Bullard and RRH ran hot and cold. Unrein finally wore down (if memory serves) and they rode Hicks like a donkey for no reason simply because he was the only good DE.

            So to me it’s not simply a matter of numbers but WHICH guys he banks on.

            Like for the life of me, I still don’t know why Grasu is still in the same zip code. So when Long goes down, and Grasu gets the call, we all know how it’s gonna end – in suckage.

            Pace still seems smitten with Kwiat. Dude’s a JAG. etc etc

            Pace was a lot more aggressive this FA, but I wouldn’t have minded some extra bodies, esp on the Dline or OLB.

            Like, why isn’t Houston signed for vet min? Seems like a no brainer to me.

            Doesn’t affect draft or cap much.

          • CanadaBear

            We all know why Grasu is still around. 3rd rd draft pick. Pace seems particularly stubborn on this one. Kwiat looked much better the second half of the season. Again, like Hillenmeyer. Not sure what’s going on with Houston. On the surface he seems productive in short spurts. I think Pace knows the honeymoon is over.

          • I just don’t get it, personally. Right now the Raiders are sniffing around Houston. He’ll make them better. If they cut him, no biggie.

            Don’t know why Pace just doesn’t sign him for cheap, then he won’t have to reach.

            Pace seems to think every FA has to be a 10 yr starter.

            Sometimes you just need those 2 yr rental guys for depth while the homegrown kids compete for their spots.

          • willbest

            the emergency bag in mine and my wife’s trunk is full of stuff we have never used, and hopefully never will.

          • BenderMcLugh

            do you always bring the “short-handled ax” for the other 19 items that may break? no, you don’t. I don’t agree with this criticism.

          • Well, like I wrote below, it’s not just about bringing stuff, but bring the RIGHT stuff.

            I make sure the short handle ax is sharpened and sturdy.

            Pace goes into the woods with a plastic chinese butterknife (in this analogy, demps, glennon, howard, cooper…is that flimsy butter knife)

          • BenderMcLugh

            hahah riiiight, likely story

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Don’t underestimate what you can do with a plastic chinese butterknife.

          • Can you kill 3 people with it like John Wick?

  • BerwynBomber

    Never been a fan of the I-hope-no-primetime/island-games/hope-we-sneak-up-on-people mentality. It is predictable as the “trade down” calls this time of year and projects a certain amount of cowardice.

    Btw, have we had an early bye week recently? Those always suck but seems like we haven’t. Wonder if we’re due.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      I really hope we trade up a couple spots.

      • BerwynBomber


        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Don’t really know or care, only said it to preemptively counteract any trade down talk.

      • There’s no one really worth it IMO, and not having a 3rd hurts that scenario.

        IF an Aaron Donal situation pops up again, like if say Chubb or Barkley magically slide to #6, then def look into trading upz

        But personally I wouldn’t trade up for Nelson or anyone not named Chubb or Barkley for that matter. (though I hear Rosen might fall…that would be interesting if he was in striking distance…)

    • willbest

      Bears bye week

      2017: 9
      2016: 9
      2015: 7
      2014: 9
      2013: 8
      2012: 6
      2011: 8
      2010: 8
      2009: 5
      2008: 8
      2007: 9
      2006: 7

  • ButtonShoes

    This throws a monkeywrench into the whole narrative of the Bears’ supposed preparedness. That is, if you trust NFL agents:


    • Cam Meredith >/= Jerry Rice

      Pretty sure the Jerry Angelo/Ravens trainwreck earns the Bears a spot on this list forever.

    • Hey, well, if the Puke are the 5th best negotiators and the Bears the 4rth worst, then Pace should just always let them do our deals for us!


  • Roquan Smith’s future…

    Cardinals coach Steve Wilks said LB Deone Bucannon will play weakside linebacker this season.

    Bucannon will also call defensive plays from the huddle. Josh Bynes will start as Arizona’s inside linebacker with Haason Reddickfactoring in. The Cards are hoping for a bounce-back year from Bucannon
    as the 25-year-old finished with PFF’s third-worst grade among inside linebackers last season. He’ll be asked to play a similar role to how Thomas Davis was used in Wilks’ base defense in Carolina – Roto

  • Cray-cray, or crazy like a fox? Given the Brown’s QB history…

    The Ringer’s Kevin Clark reports the Browns have “considered” drafting a quarterback with both the No. 1 and No. 4 overall picks.
    It is highly unlikely this actually happens, but that does not mean it is a bad idea. The success rate of even first-round quarterbacks is shockingly low, but taking two of the top quarterbacks would give Cleveland a decent shot at landing one long-term starter. If both pan out, they would also have a valuable trade chip to acquire future assets. That said, developing one quarterback is difficult enough, and it would be a challenge to find enough practice reps for Tyrod Taylor and two rookies. Still, the fact the Browns have even considering an out-of-the-box idea like this is a good sign – Roto

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