Round 4 Selection: Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Western Kentucky

| April 28th, 2018

I had never heard of this linebacker (edge?) from WKU. So here’s some professional analysis from Lance Zierlein at NFL.com:


Iyegbuniwe put together a very strong campaign this season, but some of those numbers don’t look translatable on the next level without a lot more work. His speed and athletic ability in coverage are big pluses in his favor. His NFL role may have to be as a backup weak-side linebacker with some cover talent who can become a top special teams worker.

  • Rangy, athletic frame
  • Plays with good speed in pursuit
  • Shows early burst in his scrapes to play past climbing blockers
  • Actively searches to strip the football and create opportunities to flip the momentum
  • Finished 2017 with three forced fumbles
  • Very smooth in his backpedal and when driving into space
  • Has athletic ability to warrant consideration as a cover linebacker in subpackages
  • Special teams talent to cover
  • Finished career with 11 tackles on special teams
  • Gets caught coasting too much when the play is developing away from him
  • Needs to keep the motor activated
  • Slow to balance eyes between blockers and ball-carrier
  • Will need to improve ability to slip blocks on the next level
  • Gets stuck on blocks when he gets squared up
  • Too accepting of his fate and needs to fight it early with a strong punch
  • Awareness in zone coverage can be improved


  • Joecashflow

    Who he ?

  • Joecashflow

    DE Street squats in 700#, we passed on him. Don’t like the pick!

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Just another pool jumper

  • willbest

    *channels LCD

    Outstanding pick. What is important to note is that WKU is known as one of the places to draft this type of player. He will allow Floyd to play his natural position. This is Vic’s guy and Pace went out and got him. Bears D is going to dominate the line this season. You can take it to the bank.

    • Joecashflow

      Can’t argue with that. Vic is the man !

    • leftcoastdave

      Actually, I would say this was a big surprise to me, but makes perfect sense given his speed and the evolving game such as was used in KC with that shallow crossing back becoming so dangerous with YAC. This is Nagy gaming Fangio’s D.

  • evantonio

    4th rounder. Guy no one knows. Par for the course.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Pronounced ee-yay-boo-nee-way

  • leftcoastdave

    Any guesses on this pick?

    • Irish Sweetness

      Only person guessing is Pace …..

    • DBears

      At minimum, better than Andersen or Timu….. at best, becomes a starter with/without oft injured Travathan or Kwiatkoski. I think picks like Howard and Jackson in this range have bought Pace some leeway….. well, at least from some of us that aren’t children like Irish Sweetness.

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