NFL’s New Anthem Policy is Another in a Long Line of League Blunders

| May 24th, 2018

When players started kneeling for the national anthem, the reaction broke down into three separate categories:

Category One

“Good for them, exercising their first amendment rights and using the only pulpit they have to protest injustice.”

Category Two

“How dare they not stand for the anthem! It’s disrespectful to the flag and troops! The troops!”

Category Three

“Who gives a shit?”

Well, people did give a shit. One specific group of people, a loud group currently led by the President of the United States and his incoherent, grammatically-challenged Twitter feed. (Besides the stupidity and lies found on that feed, I’m always fascinated by the words Mr. Trump chooses to capitalize. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. He just randomly chooses a words and CAPS.)

Suddenly, the sideline became the big story.

State Television – Fox News – started blaming the kneeling players for the league’s declining TV ratings every single night on every single show. Oddly, the company pushed this narrative while preparing a $3.3 billion offer for the league’s Thursday Night Football package, which they acquired in January. It’s almost like those folks had an ulterior motive behind what they were incorrectly stating about television ratings. Almost like they were trying to devalue the package.

[Side note: I worked for Nielsen for several years in their television department. No issue has been more incorrectly reported than the TV ratings issue. But here’s what you need to know. TV ratings are declining across the board. NFL football ratings are declining at a much slower rate than the rest of the medium. It has actually INCREASED the value of the commodity. And now with sports gambling, look out.]

A lot of other shit went down too. Bob McNair and the “inmates”. The Steelers debacle at Soldier Field. Whatever the hell Jerry Jones and the Cowboys did that one time. But it was this ratings debate – the economic one – that seemed to truly bother Roger Goodell at the home office on Park Avenue. With the NFL, it’s always money.

So now there is a new policy regarding the anthem. I’ll break it down simply.

  • Players don’t have to come out for the anthem. They can stay in the locker room.
  • If they come out for the anthem, they have to stand.
  • If they don’t stand, the team is subject to league fines from the league.
  • The team also has the ability to fine players for not standings.

This last point is the interesting one. Players don’t work the league. They work for individual teams. The Jets and Niners have already come out to say they won’t be fining players for kneeling. If that’s the case, with more teams certain to follow, why did the NFL even wade into these waters? What is achieved by this legislation?

My thoughts on this entire issue are simple. The national anthem should not be played at NFL games. Attending sporting events is not a patriotic endeavor. It’s a fucking game. A third of the crowd is hammered by the time they play the song anyway and another third of the crowd is getting a beer or grabbing a last-minute piss. If they must play the song, players should be able to do whatever the hell they want during it. Why? Because this is America. And that’s their right.

But the NFL’s policy statement makes its most egregious error in line one:

1. All team and league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem.

No, these protests were never about the flag. They were never about the troops or the song. But that doesn’t even matter. Players have the right to protest THOSE THINGS too. There’s no law in this country that we have to respect our flag and honor our troops. Many of us do because we love the country but I have news for you: there’s no law stating we have to love our country either. The first amendment isn’t about the freedom to say things that are convenient. Saying convenient things doesn’t require Constitutional protections. Saying challenging things does.

I love The Masters. I hate Augusta National. I now feel the same about football. I love professional football in this country. I hate the National Football League.

Oh, and the players seems really happy about the new rule.

Here are some Tweets I like on the issue…

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  • SC Dave

    Who gives a shit?

  • The players should come out of the locker and raise their fists the whole time during the anthem
    Or maybe they can stand on their heads like Mork.

    Also, the NFL should fine fans who don’t take off their hats while the anthem is playing

  • Irish Sweetness

    Is it still the off-season? You bet.

    So I’m rewatching the three times Jimmy Kimmel had presidents on and asked them about aliens. Very interesting stuff to analyse.

    Obama – When he says the aliens won’t let it happen (disclosure) …. he’s not lying, is he? Hiding in plain sight. None of the three presidents he’s asked this question to said they could reveal anything. None of them denied the existence of aliens in Earth proximity. Kimmel is very clever here – he reminds his subject (Obama) that people will analyse his expressions (even though Botox is evident in his forehead) … and then immediately hits him with a yes/no question which the subject must now answer truthfully. “I can’t reveal anything…” he says earnestly … ergo there is something to reveal.

    Bush – Kimmel asks him the same question he asks all of them : Did you look through the secret files? Bush avoids the question instead of lying. So he did. Kimmel asks him if he could tell his daughter, Bush replies with the sense that if he did, he’d be a dead man – you can see him thinking about it. He says no he would not. Kimmel asks him are there great secrets he knows that he cannot share even on his deathbed? Yes, he says earnestly, clearly visualizing the great big fucking secrets he knows and will be killed for sharing. Lies so fucking big that there is no way in hell he’d spill.

    Clinton – Basically says yes to Kimmel’s question. All he admits to is that Area-51 is stealth technology but no aliens. He implies that there is almost certainly life out there (which we know anyway), and reiterates Reagan’s warning that should aliens ever visit us, we’d better get our act together down here.

    But the body language is so interesting when asked a direct yes/no question about the important information with-held from humanity. None of them denied the existence of aliens visiting Earth because they know the experts would nail their body language. They simply said they couldn’t reveal anything.

    Slick Willy is such a liar he said he didn’t know but would tell everyone if he did.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      They don’t want to upset our alien overlords.

      • I know you were just messing, but I seriously doubt “they” (and there’s lots of them) want to control us. We’re just too beneath them. It would be like wanting to control gerbils. Why bother? Better things to do in the multiverse.

        My bigger fear is that “they” see us as Ginny pigs.

        Much like we experiment with rats, they’re experimenting with us. And they feel about as bad about it as we do slapping some toxic chemical on chimps to test the new lipstick.

        They’re zooming in out of star systems, vanishing in out of universes, essentially immortal, and here we are jerking off to robot bukake, threatening ea other with nukes, and trolling peeps on msg boards…

        It’s not inconceivable that our consciousness is so beneath them that they don’t see as anything more than space monkeys to be experimented on.

        And just think about this.

        “According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. ”

        NO way there’s that many pedos. The U.S. also is essentially a surveilled state which can track down almost anyone immediately. That’s why serial killers are all but gone.

        But 800,000 kids go missing per year? That’s fucking insane. Something’s going on (tinfoil hat, nooooo)

        Just my take.

        And an “alien” was once asked, “wouldn’t other alien species step in on the behalf of humans?”

        Response with no emotion, “Would you stop a person who was stepping on ants?”

        • SC Dave

          Fake stats. I think “Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets” (a fine read regardless) had a chapter on that crap.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            You cherry picked the quote of 800k children reported missing. The very next sentence states “Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.”

            Meaning most abductions are by known people, usually family members. Very few just up and vanish.

          • Yeah, I saw that, but would have to dig into the stats more.

            That’s still seems high (and just because the kids were nabbed by a familiar, doesn’t mean we know why)

            And that’s only in the U.S. where it’s harder to get away with it. I imagine other countries the numbers might be much higher.

            I don’t discount that many were probably nabbed for pedo reasons (and that’s an alarmingly fucking high number), but 100+kids per year, over a thousand in a decade (and again, that’s only US numbers)…

            That theoretically could be a more than enough ginny pigs for aliens to run their experiments.

            Which is what some conspiracy theorists allege – that the small greys made a pact with the U.S. (maybe started with Ike) that they get to kidnap a certain amount of humans (not just kids) in exchange for some technology.

            I could see that. Don’t know if I buy it, but I could see it.

          • willbest

            If you hear a child abduction your first thought should always be custody dispute.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            The 800k number also seems pretty high. FBI reports that around 450k children are reported missing a year, but that could be only abductions that make their way to the FBI. Whereas if the child is found rather quickly it might not make the FBI stats.

          • I’m a bit curious about that myself. I might have to dig into the databases cuz I also thought 800,000 K was nuts, but I did know it was in the 100,000s, which is still high no matter which way any one cuts it.

            And again, that’s just kids, in the u.s.

            No wonder parents don’t let their kids play on the streets anymore.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I was curious how it stacked up with other nations around the world also.


            Still going to do some digging, but 450k+ might be in line with averages

          • “This, however, is only a snapshot of the problem. In many countries,
            statistics on missing children are not even available; and,
            unfortunately, even available statistics may be inaccurate due to:
            under-reporting/under-recognition; inflation; incorrect database entry
            of case information; and deletion of records once a case is closed.”

            No way around it. MILLIONS of kids per year are abducted. I can just imagine the rates in places like Africa, Thailand, etc.

            I’m guessing most are for sex trafficking. That’s a lot of pedos. Would think there would be a more serious crackdown on such rings, esp in the Western World, but I don’t hear of too many such raids or crackdowns.

          • willbest

            About once a year the FBI breaks a ring and arrests several hundred people trading pedo porn across multiple states. At least they are when they aren’t running the largest pedo porn server in the country.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Mathematically, statistically, there has to be life other than us. My conjecture is that if they’re out there, they’re already here. I think I saw one of their craft one day at the races, it looked like a golden ball, but it wasn’t from Earth. 30,000 people saw it, but never really accepted it because we didn’t have any frame of reference for what was happening. Too many people have seen things – military witnesses – I have a friend who looked into weird UFO-related happenings for the KGB on a five man team. There’s too much smoke out there for there to be no fire.

          The missing persons thing is amazing. Just amazing.

          When we have Presidents of the”free world” who admit to us that there are huge secrets kept from us, one does not have to go too far down the rabbit hole to imagine what those kinds of things might be.

          What do we think those secrets are? A previous civilization on Earth? Aliens? Aliens here? A big old comet is on the way? Our secret leaders? What?

    • I began my whole alien journey as a semi-skeptic. I think I was a bit jaded cuz my sis used to have bookshelves of this stuff, and I would just roll my eyes whenever she began talking about it.

      Interestingly enough, which I didn’t know till this year, she said she had her own “experience” but doesn’t want to talk about. She’s now a born again, and no doubt interprets it as a demonic and not alien experience. Lots of folks out there do, quoting all kinds of Biblical passages.

      Like many, I would ask, “Well, if they’re out there, why don’t they just land on the WH lawn?” But that could be for numerous reasons.

      So after watching a bunch of YT vids and reading, I moved from skeptic, to agnostic to believer.

      Like 80% believer. The sheer math of it is almost enough. Billions and billions of planets out there. And that’s just in OUR dimension. Scientist now speculate that at least 13 other dimensions co-exist with ours, so times those billions X 13. And that’s not even counting possible alternate realities. We’ve also discovered that planets don’t have to be “earth like” for life to exist, so a lot more planets now enter the fray then previously.

      Plus, This universe has been around for billions of years. It’s not inconceivable that other civilizations have a billion year head start on us. Imagine that. Look how far we’ve gone from 1901 to 2001, now multiply that by a billion .

      The other detail to consider is that we evolved from violent apes. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe they evolved from not violent primates like the bonobo ape, or from cows or something. In which case, they haven’t known violence like us. Could be one of many reasons they didn’t nuke each other and don’t want to involve themselves with our barbaric species.

      So in sum, they’re out there (or more than likely, right next to us in other dimensions, could even be one right next to your eye).

      As for what they’re up to, that’s a whollllle nother story, though I have my concerns.

  • Irish Sweetness

    If players are kneeling for injustice .. shouldn’t everyone in the stadium be kneeling?

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    – Henry Ford, Sr.

    • Nicodemus

      Injustice has and always will exist. Sure, protest it all you want (for all the good it’s going to do), but NOT during the national anthem! As as ex-cop, I have seen the stats….a white cop is HUNDREDS of times more likely to be shot by a black thug than vice-versa. Do you see the police kneeling during the anthem? Heck no! As Leftcoastdave points out, this is all about divisive politics, which was introduced by Bath-House Barry, the most divisive president, ever! Why can’t we get back to healing racism and promote unity instead of lettings Soros pit every group in the country against each other?

      • Big Mike

        Why? Who decided the Anthem was sacred? Who decides what the Flag stands for? For me it stands for our history as a champion of democracy, it stands for our welcoming of immigrants from other nations, it stands for loyalty to our international allies.

        • Nicodemus

          It’s also a matter of showing respect….like taking your hat off in church…saluting a superior officer (even if the person is a jerk), etc. Sadly, respect and accountability are apparently no longer taught in schools these days…

          • Big Mike

            I don’t disagree with that. I also don’t disagree with a players right to bring attention to issues. This isn’t a simple “mind your manners” statement by players, or kids not being taught respect. To say that patronizes the players and the statement they are trying to make. They are trying to give a voice to people who cannot be heard. They’ve done this with a great deal of thought and in some cases, they have sacrificed greatly to have that voice. I briefly had to wrestle with this. Coaching an 8th grade football team, we made it to the county championship. There are announcers for the game, the National Anthem is played before each game, and before the first game there was even a color guard from the local HS. I coach a very diverse group of kids. From section 8 housing to multi-million dollar estates. White, Black Puerto Rican, Mexican, Honduran, Korean and Thai. Some had HS scouts and multiple games, some will never see the field in HS. I ran though scenarios in panic mode the day before doing my mental planning for the day. From the practice area, to warm ups, to proper phonetic spelling of names too lining up on the field and sending captains out. Then I remembered the anthem would be played. OH NO.. I could see it now, video of Coach Big Mike A) Not letting a kid kneel or B) Having a kid kneel. What a no win situation. What message does doing either send to kids, their families their community. What lesson am I teaching my team, my players, my coaches.

            I’d like to say I came up with a brilliant solution that I could share. I had several options in mind, all bad because they were either weak (begging, using peer pressure etc) or lessened my control of the team for what I was really there for which was to coach a game. I lucked out. None of the kids wanted to take a knee. We talked about it after the game. The thought had crossed almost all of their minds. Some thinking about taking a knee, others thinking how to react, and others wondering what I’d do. It was a healthier discussion than I see adults having… and isn’t that really the point.

            BTW – we lost 17-15. In one of the best games I’ve ever been a part of.

          • It’s been my experience that it’s harder for kids to be politically-socially motivated.

            most just wanna play PS4 and oggle chicks.

            That’s the way it should be. All that other crap will be heaped upon them soon enough.

          • Big Mike

            I was proud of my players, we had a talk about it, everyone learned a bit. I’ve voted republican, voted independent, voted democrat. I lean liberal now. Call it rich white guy guilt, call it maturity, or compassion. it’s not a fair fight right now. Being white, you start at the 40 yard line. Being born white and middle class, give you the wind at your back. Being born white and upper middle class and you are on the 40 going in. Being born white and wealthy you’re on the 20 going in, need a field goal to win and it is Sunny, no wind perfect field conditions. Poor black or hispanic kid is on his own 5 yard lines with Fox calling his plays and Glennon at QB.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Never knew you had to take your hat of in church, I was raised Catholic and I have seen enough old ass women wearing their sunday finests and hats. I also never knew it was an option to salute a superior officer. Is saluting a respect thing or more of a self preservation thing. Since the person they salute is in fact a Superior, would it not be safe to say that the Superior could make their subordinates life a little harder if they wanted to. So why would a subordinate take the risk of “punishment” by not saluting.

          • SC Dave

            Does a yarmulke count as a hat?

          • AlbertInTucson

            Used to women were supposed to have their head covered in a Catholic churh.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I did not know that either. I wasn’t a very good Catholic.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I did Catechism, the First Communion, Confirmation. I DREADED going to confession. They lost me long,long ago.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I think the hat rule in church is for men. Generally indoors, not just churches.

          • BerwynBomber

            Supporting Trump (and the majority of the current GOP) while complaining about the lack of respect and accountability among others seems the nadir of self-awareness.

          • Juan Stone

            Tic Tac Toe Ber, Tic Tac Toe. There can be no winner my man.

            I suggest this clip from “War Games” for a super quick refresher course.


          • So if your work forced you to say the pledge of allegiance every morning, or be fined or fired, you would be ok with that?

            No american should be forced to pay respect or homage to anything or anyone. That’s why we’re not goose-steppers.

            I remember once a baseball fan was trying to set the U.S. flag on fire. That’s his right.
            A baseball player then rescued it before it was lit.

            That is also his right.


          • Irish Sweetness

            I stand for someone else’s anthem every morning, and their school song. Woe is me if I do not, or am seen to disrespect it by talking etc. The only thing I won’t do is bow my head after the anthem ends.

            When in Rome …..

            And all of those ballers live in Rome.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          I think a lot of people (most?) in past and current eras thought “America the Beautiful” would make a better anthem.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Monty Python – Always look on the bright side. Why not?

      • antityco

        You shouldn’t have been a cop. Your obvious racism blinds you.

  • leftcoastdave

    Yes, absolutely. Divisive politics should infect every aspect of our lives, especially our rants about such things.

    Let’s all signal our virtue at every opportunity.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      …with kneeling and the jerking off hand gesture.

    • SC Dave

      Seems we’ve got virtue signalling galore on this thread – both category one and category two.

    • antityco

      Other people’s politics are divisive, right?

      • leftcoastdave

        Res ipsa locuitor.

        Thus, why infect it into a sporting event?

        Or to the point, why should an employer allow an employee to bring divisiveness to his product?

        • antityco

          Because employers are the enforcers of the First Amendment. In your world, only those who are self-employed have freedom of speech.

          • leftcoastdave

            You need to read the First Amendment. It relates to what Congress can or cannot do. And yes, if you get paid by someone, they make the workplace rules. That is not “my” world, that is everybody’s world.

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  • Captain Obv

    So, I guess all of my comments are being deleted automatically? Maybe it’s the handle I’m using?

    • Irish Sweetness

      It won’t be Noah. Just sign up with Disqus.

  • Nicodemus

    Another idiot Trump-hater. Whazza matter? Don’t have your gay-boy president and 1st Ladyboy anymore so you’ve got your pink panties in a bunch and want to cry about, it, boo hoo hoo!?? As for us REAL men who’ve served our country….we’re all firmly in category 2! There is a time and place for everything…sure, exercise your freedom of speech–but not during the anthem! They tried it…American responded with empty stadiums and cold TV sets, costing teams and advertisers many millions of dollars. It took 2 years, but the NFL finally got it…there are limits to what the fans are going to put up with…just like Target is still suffering for their ridiculous bathroom policies and Dick’s Sporting Goods is probably headed for bankruptcy for alienating gun owners (which is most of the country is the MAJORITY of people…the libertards on the costs just can’t seem to understand that…like the commie, pinko wanker who penned the profanity-laced, moronic rant appearing above!

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Oh shit! I just found out I am not a REAL man, because I did not serve our country. This is a little depressing.

      Also you imply that everyone that served is firmly in category 2. This is such BS. I know a lot of current and former people of the armed forces. A majority of them that I talked to DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!

    • Did you know, or care, that Trump is Putin’s bitch?

      That James Clapper – who really did serve his country – just said today that Russia tipped the election in Trump’s favor?

      That if Donald released his taxes you would see that he was owned by the Russian mob?

      Commie pinko. Good God are you fucking stupid.

      • SC Dave

        The funny part about all his is that people believe the military-industrial complex overlords’ tales that Putin has the ability to throw an American election.

        Keep those DoD dollars flowing, America!

        • The military-industrial complex is not perfect. They didn’t even know communism collapsed until the Berlin Wall bricks were hitting them over the head.

          Our intelligence agency failed to secure “soft” targets like social media.

          Clapper said only 80,000 votes in swing states determined the outcome of the election, and estimated that the russian attacks (which were wisely targeted at swing states) influenced more that that .

          Also, the military-industrial complex doesn’t care about democracy. They just want war because it’s profitable, so don’t think they would care either way about who is pres.

          Nader once said Hillary is a war-hawk, and I agree.
          Trump actually promised to get us out of stupid war, but now he brought in the neo-cons, the same idiots who got us into Iraq and preach regime change.

          Either way, they seem to win.

          • willbest

            Clapper is a perjurer and a Hillary acolyte. So I don’t know why you would trust him.

          • So now the FBI/CIA and all institutes are red or blue?

            Comey is a life-long republican, he agrees.
            Mueller is a life-long rep, pretty sure he agrees too.

            Reps from the senate agree that the Russians interfered with the elections, and tried to get Trump elected (they stop short of the logical conclusion for obvious political reasons).

            Only ones who don’t believe the obvious are the “deep staters” – and there’s no reasoning with them, no matter the empirical evidence, logic or common sense, much like those who still believed in Nixon till the end.

            I don’t know if Trump willfully colluded, but I have no doubt the Russians influenced the election.

            Hats off to them. They got what they wanted, and for cheap.

        • antityco

          Alex Jones?

    • Major Obvious

      I’m a “REAL man” who served the country, from Desert Storm to Afghanistan to Iraq (again, yay). I got two Purple Hearts. I lost soldiers under my command.

      All that said, does my opinion count?

      Because in my mind, my opinion on this isn’t any more or less valid than some 18 year-old, or even a draft-dodging 4-deferment 71 year-old.

      And what IS my opinion? My service wasn’t to the flag or to the national anthem. My service was for the people of this country and to the Constitution. And the latter guarantees the former the right to free speech, free assembly, and the right to petition the government.

      By the way, verse three of the national anthem includes lines about killing slaves. I wonder why we don’t sing those lyrics before games?

      Now, for some reason my regular monniker is getting my comments deleted. That’s OK, I was actually O-4 when I retired, anyway.

      In summation: I’m a yellow-dog Democrat raised in a blue-collar pro-union family, so I guess I’m a commie pinko who loved his country enough to serve it in the Army for almost 2 decades (active and reserved combined). I guess I’m just a stupid libtard for not being born into a family of millionaires, eh?

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        “Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
        No refuge could save the hireling and slave
        From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

        Sports leagues are actually not doing the entire meaning of the song justice by cutting it off.

        I read intentionally mixed messages looking at all of the lyrics.

        Also, what I get from looking at the huge mostly undamaged flag on the attack at Fort McHenry that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner is:

        1. it’s a bad military tactic to give your enemy a gigantic brightly colored target to aim at when trying to protect a fort

        2. even with a gigantic target to aim at, British ships couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn



        • SC Dave

          On hitting the target, there are reasons the Royal Navy ruled the planet for 120+ years (Trafalgar until about 1943).

          I don’t know wjy lcd took down the post with Sowell’s work.

      • willbest

        I see you gave yourself a promotion.

        • Major Obvious

          The past couple days, every time I posted as “Captain Obvious” my post would get deleted. As I said, I was O-4 (Major) when I retired, so I changed my handle. I guess I could’ve changed it to “Major PainInTheAss” instead.

    • Major Obvious

      Oh, and one more thing. A guy under my command got the Bronze Star for pulling platoon mates out of a damaged Humvee, while under heavy fire from the enemy. He saved the lives of three American soldiers, and took a bullet through his ankle, too. He almost lost his foot, and walks with a cane now.

      Anyway, that Spc was gayer than gay. He made everyone’s gay-dar go off whenever he opened his mouth. We were in the DADT era, but everyone knew. No one in his platoon very much cared, because he was big and strong and carried more than his share of the load, and at that time everyone was a lot more scared of dying from an ambush or an IED than getting hit on by him. But he was absolutely a flamer. And there was nothing wrong with it. He wasn’t less manly for being gay. He was a goddamn hero.

      Fuck that, he IS a goddamn hero. A gay goddamn hero. You got a problem with that?

      • Nicodemus

        No problem with that, only with brain-washed libertard Trump haters! (they spew vitriolic all the time…it’s only fair to insult them back!). If your guy is ex-military, I’m sure he stands for the anthem, salutes the flag and voted for Trump!

        • SC Dave

          Stop watching the MSM then. While 95%+ of them actually ARE libtards, the real world is far less bleak.

          • Nicodemus

            Way ahead of you! I turned off CNN after I realized they were lying about 9-11, stopped watching Family Guy when it became so perverse it was disturbing…hardly ever watch TV anymore aside from Last Man Standing!

          • What about those gun shows on Discovery with Lee Ermey? I bet you watch those.

          • OK. I’ll bite.
            So what exactly was CNN lying about 9-11?

            What’s the “real” truth according to Nicodemus?

          • Nicodemus

            Too much evidence to relate….do your own research! What tipped me off, however, was watching Dan Rather stumble about the Pentagon, repeating over and over again that there was no airplane wreckage, not so much as a pillow or can of soda….yet the network continued putting out the ‘official’ version that some ragheads with boxcutters somehow evaded us interceptor aircraft for hours and navigated across the eastern 1/3 of the country in jumbo jets after a few hours of flight training in puddle jumpers! The “757” at the Pentagon somehow managed to zig-zag across the parking lot as well, missing all of the streetlights and telephone poles! Here’s the CNN live video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0eC3uns3pA&t=49s

          • Irish Sweetness

            To anyone who has actually inspected the information, it is clear there were no Rolls Royce Engines in the ‘wreckage’. The hole was indicative of a cruise missile, the video was indicative of a cruise missile, the fact that the wing had been closed for renovations etc etc. All the powers that be had to do was to show ONE frame of a plane going into a wall. Couldn’t do it. I wonder why?

          • willbest

            To what end? So we could fuck around in the desert for 20 years, and belatedly get around to messing up a quasi-functional country that was being ruled by a former ally strongman.

          • antityco

            Stick to Breitbart now?

        • Irish Sweetness

          Imagine putting a flag, a song and a bunch of hired killers in front of what you believe ….

        • antityco

          No way in hell.

          • Nicodemus

            In other words you’re just an internet poser who’s never been in the military and who knows more about San Francisco night life than why the M-16 had problems when it was introduced into service in Vietnam!

      • So he’s like Tom Hardy in Warrior then. But maybe he dresses better.

      • Yeah, I’m often amazed about the anti-gay policy in the military, esp when Alexander the Great is a must read in Annapolis and every single military history and tactics course. Uhm, news flash, he was quite gay. As were the Spartans.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate and say that the new rules are actually fairly reasonable.

    I remember prayer circles before soccer games. No one minded that I was outside the circle in rural Kentucky. And it wasn’t a protest. It’s just that I wasn’t religious or part of local churches so it would be just wrong. No one gave a damn in practice.

    Staying in the locker room without being forced to salute the flag sounds like a decent compromise considering the stupidity of sensationalistic modern American political discourse.

    Against first Amendment rights? Bullshit. This is commercial American business supported by advertising dollars and gambling. You want free speech.?Do it on any of the dozens if not hundreds of American platforms available. Do it on your own dime. Do it for free on your own blog. Write a fucking editorial and get it published in a goddamn newspaper. NFL players are fucking surrounded by the media, journalists, and TV broadcasters. You already have way more free speech than most of us. Give some needy reporter an interview that they’ll run with. Do you really have the slightest fucking sense of how complicated history is? Do you read? Then let us read your thoughts in writing. Let us see or hear a debate between you an some one who has an opposite view in a series of podcasts.

    Everything is else is virtue signaling, bitch.

    And I don’t really want to hear the national anthem before every game anyway. Before Monday Night Football, give me a cover band playing AC/DC to set the mood.

    Hell, I’d even take Kiss over the anthem.

    • CanadaBear

      I was with ya until that last one.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Yeah I re-heard that song and…it sort of sucks.From some reason I thought it was better.

        I think I really was thinking of AC/DC’s “Shook Me All Night Long.”

        • CanadaBear

          Never a fan of Kiss. Totally with ya about not needing to hear the anthem at every game. In Canada everyone sings along at the game. Of course, O Canada is about 100 X’s easier to sing than the Star Spangled Banner.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Never a fan of Kiss either. But I thought the comedy movie “Role Models” (2008) was hilarious, with Seann William Scott’s character Wheeler being a huge fan. Movie has Paul Rudd.

          • CanadaBear

            I’ve seen the movie. Definitely some laughs in it!

          • AlbertInTucson

            The English and French versions of OH, CANADA are almost 2 different songs, no?

          • CanadaBear

            Same music, way different versions. Living in Western Canada English is dominant and if you’ve ever been to Victoria, it’s very English.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I have a co-worker who is transplanted from Calgary. When I ask about French-Canadians and Quebec, he just shakes his head.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m married to one and I shake my head!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • AlbertInTucson


    • Juan Stone

      You don’t think Jeff knows that all this kneeling bull sheite is planned controlled and designed to stir the public on purpose?

      Come on Ken, besides, your common sense takes all the fun out of the discussion. Uh wait, I mean… let the fun begin.


      • willbest

        Morgan Freeman just got #METOO’d

        • BerwynBomber

          From the earlier rumors about him, he might be lucky if that is all he gets.

          • willbest

            Shit. I really liked him.

          • Juan Stone

            His villain roles are just as convincing as the good guy ones. Hmm…

        • And he’s an atheist.

          MeToo is an equal opportunity employer…

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      If you want to bring attention to a “cause” would you not want to do it on the biggest stage possible? Sure they can post on social media, or talk to a needy reporter whose story might not be picked up by the AP, but you are limiting your audience.

      • willbest

        The players are on company time. Anything they do on company time is attributed to the company under respondent superior.

        99% of private employees would get fired on the spot. For example, say you were a mechanic at a Ford dealership, and were working Saturday during a sale, and decided head out onto the showroom floor with a sign saying “End Police Brutality” you wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          That is the point they are not part of the 99% of private employees. And they did nothing wrong. The NFL should have written their rules better. You are a lawyer so you know if there is any ambiguity in rules the court will side with the employee.

          • willbest

            Except that everybody in the NFL is bound by the catchall “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.”

            The league is even going after Jerry Jones on it over his spat with Goodell and the Zeke suspension.

            So the player can appeal the fine and the NFL can produce the 10 million angry tweets, the 50,000 angry emails, and the 2,000 angry letters. The spat with Papa John and everything else and make their case.

          • That Guy

            Let’s be honest. This is the NFL trying to have its way with something that isn’t spelled out in the CBA.

            If, prior to this, the NFL tried to fine players for “conduct detrimental to the integrity” of the league, they’d have a lawsuit on their hands from the players’ union. Now they have a rule, and since they don’t fine individual players, the NFLPA doesn’t have a dog in the fight.

            So no, these guys aren’t like 99% of the employees in America who could get in trouble for whatever protest.

            At the same time, if a private employer required employees to stand for the playing of the national anthem every day at work, and an employee got canned for kneeling, that’d be a pretty interesting lawsuit.

          • willbest

            Lots of things aren’t spelled out in the CBA. Like what sort of punishment you should get when you knock your wife out or make your son’s balls bleed on your own time. Doesn’t mean there aren’t provisions to cover changing circumstances. You guys seem to think the NFL lawyers are dumb, I guarantee you they are better than the NFLPA’s lawyers.

            What they don’t need is a lawsuit and the bad PR of which from the NFLPA while they settle the matter. And the NFLPA would likely win an injunction allowing the practice to continue through the 2018 season which the owners really don’t want.

            So this process makes sense from an expediency standpoint. Also, the teams have significantly more leeway in fining players than the league does for utterly trivial matters such as being late to a team meeting and whatnot.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            maybe it’s just another distraction from the concussion liability issue.

          • AlbertInTucson

            “…any ambiguity in rules the court will side with the employee”.

            Tom Brady begs to differ.

          • Good luck proving “conduct detrimental” in court.

            Usually that’s reserved for immoral behavior like wife beating, drugs, fighting cops (and even then…)

            If they want to interpret “conduct detrimental” as effecting their bottom line, good luck with that too as a case can be made that the sport itself (including all these new rules) and other media platforms is turning fans off from football.

            Not to mention, the cat will be out of the bag. Namely, that the NFL doesn’t give a shit about patriotism, but the bottom line, something they’ll never admit in court.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        oh yes. But it’s already been done, many many times.

        Now instead of sending a message, it just feels tedious and annoying.

        Kneeling is no longer a pro-active (yet still vague) message. It’s a re-run.

        • willbest

          The other problem is the message got lost in the attention seeking behavior.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            When Kaep started protesting preseason games in August 2016, I made this caption from an NFL fan’s point of view.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Has anything changed yet? Sometimes things have to become tedious and annoying.

      • Exactly. Guess what, Kap has already succeeded.
        He got exactly what he wanted. Recognition and debate about police brutality.

        If he had just tweeted, this doesn’t become a national firestorm, and the focus of police racism and brutality are swept under the rug every 2-3 months.

        Sometimes protests have to be shocking to wake ppl the fuck up.

        I could just imagine

        “Hey, why did that Chinese protestor step in front of a tank in Tienanmen Square? Couldn’t he have just posted a sad face on FB?”

        “Hey, why did that Buddhist Monk set himself on fire? Couldn’t he just have posted a an anti-imperialist meme on his IG?”

        “Hey, why go through all that trouble of throwing tea into a harbor? Just switch to coffee and write an anti-tea tweet”

        • Juan Stone

          Do you think a cops gonna think twice about crossing the thin blue line because Kap took a knee? Child, please…

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          It doesn’t even have to be that shocking. Just something that gets noticed. Do you think the Woolworth’s sit in 1960 would have received so much press if it happened at Joe Nobody’s diner down the street. Probably not. But it happened at a very recognizable place.

    • SC Dave

      I’m fine with the rules. It’s just that the whole thing was unnecessary.

  • CanadaBear

    I liked Acho’s take on the situation. Very reasoned and respectful.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Acho:”We always talk about the silent majority. The silent majority that allowed slavery to thrive. The silent majority, even go back to the Holocaust. There’s a big-time silent majority that people love staying in. They like staying in the gray.”

      Western civilization – Britain and the United States- was literally the only force responsible in the entire world for ending the immoral practice of slavery which was considered acceptable for centuries EVERYWHERE. That’s how messed up this species is and was. It still exists in places like Congo, but in most of the world, the West applied pressure to obliterate the trade.

      Thomas Sowell:
      -“The Real History of Slavery” (2 hours audio)
      from Chapter 3 of “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”

    • evantonio


      “No one’s intent and, I think, no one’s purpose was to disrespect the flag,” the Bears linebacker said. “Everyone’s purpose, starting with Colin Kaepernick, Michael Thomas, Eric Reid — who still doesn’t have a job — was to protest police brutality against people of color. And so I think that still stands, right? You’re going to find a way to stand up for people who were being unjustly treated, find a way to stick up for justice in whatever way, shape or form you can possibly do it.”

      “We always talk about the ‘silent majority.’ The silent majority that allowed slavery to thrive. The silent majority, even go back to the Holocaust. There’s a big-time silent majority that people love staying in. They love staying in the gray. And right now, you can’t do that anymore. I can’t sit back and be silent. You can’t sit and be silent. You have to do something, say something. And even if you don’t agree, speak up for what you believe and have a conversation.”

      • Once upon a time, 1998 to be exact, the NFL pulled the Super Bowl out of Arizona because they refused to recognize MLK day.

        That was when the owners cared about minority rights.

        That day is gone. Now the owners are afraid to piss off the deplorables because they buy the tickets and pack the stabds

      • ButtonShoes

        Sam Acho’s a smart dude. Good on him for saying this. I still wish he was depth and not a starter this year, though. We really need some legit pass rushers.

      • SC Dave

        The silent majority was not in a position to stop slavery.

        And despite what tbe profiteers of racism will have you believe, it is primarily because of Great Britain that slavery was stamped out in the world after holding sway for 8,000 years or more.

        • AlbertInTucson

          The Brits passed an act abolishing slavery in 1833. It took a while to actually permeate The British Empire and, remember, Britain was more than happy to recognize the Confederacy to keep American cotton flowing to their mills.

          • The Catholic Church which still held a lot of sway also banned slavery; went a long way, esp in the Latin American countries.

            That’s the reason the U.S. now owns Texas, the southwest and CA.

            Southerners were importing their slaves into Texas (Of course, the southern states were doing so in order to make those western territories slave states), but Mexico, following Catholic doctrine, abolished slavery and warned U.S. citizens .

            Mexico kicked out those southerners, and the U.S. used it as a pretext to invade Texas, Mexico. That’s why Lincoln called the war unconstitutional and immoral, a war of aggression.

            This is also why many mexicans don’t give a fuck about the borders. They still see all that land as Mexico (the U.S. also fucked over a lot of mexicans native american style after those states became the U.S.)

            But the Catholic Church played a big role in abolishing slavery world wide

            (though they too were complicit in it for a loooong time)

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Kudos to the Catholic Church for doing something nice for once.

          • The Catholic Church has pretty much been toothless since the Industrial Age.

            With the rise of powerful economic nation states with huge standing armies, it can’t really control much. At best they’re now relegated to Jimminy Cricket status, trying to be the conscience of the Western World, but even that could be warped by nation states.

            The Holocaust is a perfect example.

            The Pope couldn’t outright condemn Hitler’s antisemiticism because he feared Catholics would be the next group rounded up (and he was right. Hitler despised christianity and wanted to replace it with his own version of German paganism/mysticism).

            So, the Church had to be somewhat silent.

            But it did try to do things behind the scene to help the Jews and the Allies. But again, it couldn’t really do much, and their “moral” code was definitely altered by “worldly” circumstances..

            Same with the slave trade. Couldn’t do much to stop it but at that time they did still hold some sway in some countries, who followed their lead, but that power is all but gone now, even in Latin America.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            the “Church” may have tried to help Jews and the Allies behind the scenes, but they also helped Nazis escape Germany at the end of the war. Playing both sides of the fence is never good, and that seems to be the M.O. for the “Church”

          • Oh, no doubt, and like I said, they were somewhat complicit in the slave trade, and let’s not forget, the eradication of most natives in the Americas ‘better to be dead than a soul less savage’

            And what ppl don’t like to admit is that a lot of the native populations of “Christian” Europe, like in Poland and such, were also wildly antisemitic, and had no qualms about working with the nazis and shipping away their Jews.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            sounds like strategery to me.

            …But the Nazis only gained absolute power because the Catholic Church wanted out of politics for over a generation. The Nazis won the election only because the Catholic Center Party ceased to be a political party in Germany.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Education, slavery, great things done. They just dropped the ball buggering kids and then covering it up.

        • willbest

          Stamped it out? Its alive and well in Africa, the Middle East, and parts of South East Asia.

        • evantonio

          Primarily by Islam? Hey now. They’ve got their bad guys for sure, but they’re not the ones dropping bombs on hospitals and wedding parties then shrugging it off as necessary collateral damage.

      • Coincidentally, both Kap and Reid are unemployed, when neither should be (Kap maybe, but not last yr)

        Acho is a devout Christian I believe. And it’s important to see where he’s coming from. He’s coming from the true MLK spirit that police harassment, oppression and murder is IMMORAL – an affront to god’s children “Verily I say unto you, In asmuch as ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

        Frankly, I don’t see how other Christians could be against what he’s saying.

        Then again, “Christians” in the U.S. slaughtered Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and oppressed women, Irish, Jews, Italians, Mexicans….

        Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

        • evantonio

          Pro-Life means it’s cool to kill. I think it’s in Corinthians.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I’m waiting for the media fiasco when an entire team stays in the locker room.

    Or let’s say the U.S. does something questionable… like bomb Australia. And both teams stay in the locker room. With the fans in the stands kneeling. With their hats on. And fists in the air.

    AC/DC – “Shoot To Thrill”

    • CanadaBear

      I’ve always struggled with the vocals but I’ve always liked the music.

    • willbest

      The Steelers already did that except the one guy that stood in the tunnel, and he was made to apologize for it.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        I forgot about that.

  • Juan Stone

    “No issue has been more incorrectly reported than the TV ratings issue.”
    Quote ~ Sirly Jeff

    Dear Jeff,

    You Sir, grossly mistate the facts. Mostly everything that is reported is incorrect or purposely twisted to stir sheite.

    The only NFL Patriot can of whoop ass policy I care about is going to take place on October 21st, 12:00 pm CDT at Soldier Field. You feel me brah?

    Take a knee Patriots, I dare you. Hee hee

  • SC Dave

    What happened to the post of Sowell, lcd?

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      yeah, I thought of any of a myriad of comments I’ve made where I’m spazzing and maybe are worthy of deletion, a link about a 2 hour chapter on the history of slavery from a black economist scholar who works at a Stanford institute would not be one of them. It was a youtube audio link of a book that came out in 2005 called Black ******** and White********.

      One brief paragraph mentioned that 1/3 of freed men of color before the Civil War owned their own kind.

      • SC Dave

        On that last paragraph, I’m all over that. And mayne my favorite part, was the more or less irrefutable claim that racism was a RESULT of slavery, not a CAUSE.

        Amazing how people will a priori dismiss such a conclusion without ever giving the exposition an ear.

    • leftcoastdave

      I don’t think I posted anything which was deleted.

      All I said in response to the column was:

      “Yes, absolutely. Divisive politics should infect every aspect of our lives, especially our rants about such things.

      Let’s all signal our virtue at every opportunity.”

      I posted that 9 hours or so ago and gee, look what happened!

  • Juan Stone

    For Kentucky Kens eye only. Hee hee

    Ken? Tsk. Tsk..tsk..

    If you have a Birth Certificate with a stock number on it, you’re a debt slave, you’re common stock belonging to the Federal Government which actually belongs to the Great House of England (see the link below). The 14th ammendment killed 2 birds with one stone. On one hand it put down civil unrest and the other hand that was behind the magicians back, tricked all descendants of slavery into being debt slaves whether they wanted to become Citizens or not. Your premise is way off my man, they went from being victims of slavery to kidnap victims and debt slaves. The black pearl struck again.

    Signed ~ Prof. Trac


    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Oh come on.

      Like George W. Bush said, it’s “just a piece of paper.”

      • willbest

        What? the Constitution?

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          no the part about the birth certificate meaning being owned by the Crack House of England.

          • SC Dave

            Guddam furiner.

          • Irish Sweetness

            A hun!

    • Irish Sweetness

      I know that was a Jordan Maxwell idea, but I never saw any proof.

      Wait, that’s you Trac?? I was just wondering where you’d gone! Sweet.

  • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

    GP, I had to cave in to the wife and abandon my dream of 911 ownership. In a small act of resistance I did replace it with a used family friendly SUV
    a 2008 fucking Cayenne Turbo that easily has over 450HP. Haha, Waffle lives!

  • willbest

    A bit off topic, but this ruling about Trump not being allowed to block people should have some fun repercussions. It means that no government employee can block people on twitter. And if I were a twitter shareholder I would sell my position. Since if the ruling that Twitter is a public forum stands, then its ToS and harassment policies are clearly unconstitutional, and the class action lawsuits should be forthcoming.

    • That Guy

      I don’t follow that its ToS and harassment policies are unconstitutional. It’s not government.

      The ruling was that the postings of government employees (e.g., the Prez) create a public forum, akin to a town hall meeting. You can’t exclude people from a town hall meeting because they are critical of the officeholder, and so you can’t exclude people from a twitter feed. The town hall could be on private property; doesn’t make that private property government property or subject to constitutional requirements.

      • willbest

        The problem with that logic is Twitter exercises absolute control over their space. Trump didn’t rent out a gymnasium or have his friends at pizza hut loan him a restaurant for an evening. He doesn’t control it. Twitters ToS does.

        But lets assume you are correct. That means any time Trump has a public forum tweet, anything said in response to it cannot be regulated by Twitter on the basis of its content. So you are saying that if Twitter allows government officials on its network, it now must surrender control of its network every time a government official makes a “public forum” tweet.

        Its utterly preposterous. She knows this, which is why it took her 75 pages. Its also why she didn’t bother ordering Trump to unblock anybody. Because its really Twitter’s responsibility and she can’t order anybody not part of the lawsuit to do anything.

        Rule of thumb, if a Judge needs more than about 15 pages, they are making something up.

        • That Guy

          No, the prohibition is not on Twitter.
          The ruling has no impact on Twitter.
          It’s not about Twitter’s regulation.

          It’s that Trump, or any other public official, cannot silence a user in that forum.

          Yes, there is a hole in the logic, because Twitter DOES exert control over the forum. Users who are banned from Twitter cannot participate. But again, this is a super narrow ruling, and it is applied to the actions of the office holder, not to Twitter, so I assume that a banned user isn’t having their constitutional rights limited by the government, but instead by a private company–which is not a problem… until someone sues to be reinstated to Twitter.

          Or, you know, they could create a new account.

          And of course the judge is making something up. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about social media. This is new ground.

          • willbest

            The constitution says quite clearly that Congress doesn’t get to make the rules about speech. Congress didn’t make any rules. Trump didn’t even make the rules. Twitter did. Which is why it took 75 pages.

      • SC Dave

        Wow, that is an astonishingly stupid decision.

    • AlbertInTucson

      A Judge just begging to be overrulled by a higher court…?

    • SC Dave

      Trump should whine about people bullying him.

      It would be the pinnacle of the twitterverse

      • willbest

        He does already. 4:04am, every morning. You can set your watch by it.

  • Amazon Echo made recordings of a family, then a bug triggered in the code and it sent .wav files of the family talking to everyone on their contacts list.

    I assume Trump will tweet about this soon, as it makes Bezos look bad.


    • “Free market!” unless of course, if it’s the president attacking a specific corporation, in which case “Autocracy rules!”

      Oh, republicans are fiscal conservative though? Yeah, biggest spending bill in history.

      Oh, but they’re moral! Yeah, Trump lies like he breathes, used to believe in abortions, I think still stands up for gays, has like 3 baby mamas, dumped one while pregnant to purchase this one, gives cuts to the top 1% (camel’s eye…)

      Oh, repubs believe in meritocracy! Kush is now charged with peace in the middle east. Daughter sitting in on U.N. meetings. God knows what Jr. is doing…

      Oh, but they stand up for american laws and institutions…already claimed he can’t be indicted, the whole Nixiononan “If a prez does it, it’s not a crime”…constantly attacking the FBI, DOJ, and anyone looking into his SWAMPY ass crew.

      By the end of it, won’t have any agreement with Iran or N. Korea, which is what Putin wanted all along anyways….

      Rant, over.


      • In your FF league this year, you should have a rule that if Trump calls a NFL player out on twitter that week, they automatically lose ALL of that week’s points.

        It introduces a Joker to the deck.

      • willbest


        Your alternative was Hillary. And Trump has been gloriously not her. In fact, if you could put them on the ballot in Nov for the rematch, I would put $10k on Trump to win 320+ EVs (he won 304 last time) and take the popular vote.

        • Well, as many know, I was not a Hillary backer, so that would not have been ideal, but at least our constitution and institutions wouldn’t have been under attack.

          Also, I’m curious, what Hillary policies were the Trumpers so afraid of?

          • willbest

            Our constitution is under attack by Mueller, and Clapper, and Brennan so you are right about that. They wouldn’t be trying to cover up Comey/McCabe/Strzok/Ohr’s illegal conduct

            I know you think he is a liar, but Trump has actually been the first one in a long time to spend most of his time trying to make good on campaign promises. tax reform, trade reform, moving the embassy, judges, etc. You might not like those policies, but he hasn’t really gone rogue anywhere.

          • Yes, but you didn’t answer my question.

            Which Hillary policies were Trumpers so scared of?

          • willbest

            Her judges.

          • Why, is it the abortion thing? Is that the be-all end-all for you and other trumpers?

          • willbest

            Oh Butch, if you are going to sling ignorant slanderous hate around you could have at least have included muh gunz.

            But I guess despite you know my years of studying and practicing law it all comes down to my feelz. You need to put down the prog kool-aid.

          • You didn’t answer the question.

            You said the judges, so you want to over turn Roe-v-Wade?

          • willbest

            I want to overturn a lot of cases that violate the 10th Amendment. I also want a lot of cases that violate the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment

          • Ok. Like which ones?

            And that doesn’t include Roe-v-Wade?

          • willbest

            How about you go now. What has Trump done that has been so much worse than if Hillary were elected?

          • Well, I’m not afraid to say it, but I do think the judges play a big role, including preserving Roe-v-Wade.

            Also, judges that would be more sympathetic to laber/working ppl over corporations.

            The EPA wouldn’t be for sale from companies looking to deregulate so safety and environmental conditions won’t be fucked for the sake of making their CEOs richer.

            We would still have the Iran accord, and be allied with everyone, and perhaps try to rework withing the frame, instead of just leaving and allowing the Russian footprint to enlarge (and if there’s an Iran invasion, like Bolton hard-ons for, wouldn’t be one under Hillary)

            Keeping the Iran deal would’ve signaled to others that the U.S. keeps it’s deal. That’s gone, which is why N. Korea prolly won’t negotiate with us anymore. Why should they if we can just shred up our deals after 4 years?

            Instead of simply trying to repeal Obamacare, it would get fix (and it does need a lot of fixing)

            U.S. wouldn’t be a laughing stock internationally. The FBI/DOJ wouldn’t be under attack, nor would there be an impending constitutional crisis and impeachment.

            After Charlotsville, Hillary wouldnt have said “yeah, they got some good ppl over there with the Nazis”.

            Commonsense gun laws may have been in place after Florida, like not selling Ar-15s to highschoolers.

            We wouldn’t have to worry about pee tapes, 5-10 affairs paid to be silent, “fake news” or if our president is a Russian asset…

            That’s just for starters…

            And again, I’m no Hillary fan.

          • willbest

            “Keeping the Iran deal would’ve signaled to others that the U.S. keeps it’s deal. That’s gone”

            Hillary killed Gaddafi and he was cooperating. So if anything our reputation for honoring agreements improved. Not that the US word has met munch for the last couple generations.

            Iran wasn’t Trump’s agreement and it wasn’t ratified by the Senate. It was an executive prerogative and you are arguing that one President should be bound by the executive policies of the previous ones. I am positive that isn’t what you actually desire.

            “Instead of simply trying to repeal Obamacare, it would get fix (and it does need a lot of fixing)”

            “Commonsense gun laws may have been in place after Florida, like not selling Ar-15s to highschoolers.”

            I said if Hillary were elected. Not a Democrat wave had swept the Dems into power in Congress, and Schumer did away with the filibuster for everything. You know none of this would have happened.

            Back to the Roe v. Wade, which for whatever reason you are super concerned about for some reason.

            The problem is not that it is moral or immoral, or good or bad policy. The problem is that its clearly a 10th amendment issue. I said in response to the twitter opinion, that if a judge takes more than 15 pages, they are making something up. Its a good bet that what they are making up is a way around the 10th Amendment.

            Now you might think that its unfair that Jesus freaks in Kentucky prevent those poor girls from aborting babies, but there is a constitutional amendment process for a reason. And it was designed to be really difficult.

            What the left seems to think is that if something is moral than the system must accommodate, fuck the particulars of how. And if it is immoral the system needs to put an end to it.

            The fault is not with the system though. The system of Federalism is designed to prevent us from killing each other. Now it does need some tweaking, but we are never going to accomplish that when the SC operates as a super legislature. We would probably have 14-15 more Amendments by now if they hadn’t.

          • Juan Stone

            It’s a dividing line. Does a person love life or do they hate life or maybe they have an indifference to life? No matter, every person will have their day of atonement, it matters not what I think, but to me, it matters what I do.

          • Juan Stone

            Hillary’s next in line if she wants the gig. The feminist’s would wet their pants if she’s vagina that finally makes it to the top.

            It would make for great entertainment to say the least.

          • BerwynBomber

            No tax break for the wealthy. Or making Obamacare more expensive for the masses.

            Those are the only two things he has done.

          • willbest

            Its actually unclear if taxes on the wealthy are going down with the SALT cap. CA, NY, IL, NJ are all trying to find ways around it. And my napkin math tells me that my ’18 tax bill will be roughly the same as ’17 +/-$300. The people in the really nice houses that pay 2-3 times the property taxes I do are really unhappy.

            The GOP hasn’t done anything to Obamacare. They tried. It failed. Unless you are talking about the zeroing out of the penalty, excuse me, tax on not purchasing health insurance. And if that is what you are complaining about you are basically saying that 25 year old men and women, who engage in low risk activity should pay 3-4 times their risk profile to make things cheaper for others.

        • BerwynBomber

          Hillary would have been ten times the POTUS this ass clown is. And she won’t be running in ’20 anyhow.

          • willbest

            Hillary couldn’t even bring herself to concede the night of like a fucking grownup. So your statement false

      • leftcoastdave

        Yes, and his proposed spending repeal bill is bogged down by the swamp still needing draining.
        Meanwhile, the fact that the Obummer administration started spying on Trump and his candidacy is rolling out and the boomerang continues on its path to Comey, Bremmer etc., etc..
        And now the Norks say they still want to meet! That is how you negotiate. Walk away from the table, don’t agree to give up $150billion like BarryO for a hope and a prayer with the Ayatollahs, that unless you are just being a good muslim.

        Rant back at you!

        • BerwynBomber

          Drain the swamp? LOL.

          Good lord, Trump is the biggest piece of sewage the presidential office has ever seen. By a mile.

          With a straight face you are still going around tooting “drain the swamp” in your echo chamber? Honestly?

          • Republicans were whining about Clinton getting an extra $150,000 for his speeches.

            But where are they now? Why aren’t they whining about the $500 BILLION the Chinese dumped on a Trump investment? Then Trump for some mysterious reason began trying to save a Chinese corporation which was proven to spy on the U.S.

            yeah, NOTHING swampy about that.

            Or how some Russian oligarch bought one of his horrible proprieties for like 10 times the value, then never once set foot in it, demolished it, and rebuilt another structure.

            And don’t even get me started into EPA Scott Pruitt, The Goldman Sach/Oil fuckers surrounding him, or the Saudi/Emirates pay to play with Trump.

            The only swampy difference is that Trump is fucking over the country to make himself richer, as opposed to his party or cronies, so there’s THAT.

          • BerwynBomber

            Damn near his entire administration is on the take. Like we have never seen. Completely unprecedented.

            Remember the report about Mike “Lock Her Up!” Flynn texting a potential business deal with the Mideast via his WH post to his former business partners while he was sitting on the dais during the Inauguration?

            It is like something out of a poorly writing comedy.

          • willbest

            You need to lay off the MSNBC

          • BerwynBomber

            Flynn is a convicted felon. You realize this, correct?

          • willbest

            Flynn hasn’t been sentenced yet. Flynn is also likely to get his conviction overturned. See, not turning over exculpatory evidence to the defendant is bad. Its actually, one of the few ways to get disbarred.

          • BerwynBomber

            Admitted felon Flynn is cooperating now. He agreed to a plea bargain. If he sings well, his sentence will be lightened.

          • willbest

            You guys have been saying just wait and see for 18 months. And the only person we know to conclusively collude with a foreign national was Hillary Clinton when she used 2 intermediaries to hire a former British agent to dig up dirt on Trump.

            Anyway he is appealing the plea bargain.

          • BerwynBomber

            Wait and see? What are you talking about? It’s already happening. Scumbags are being arrested and indicted — Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, etc.

          • willbest

            On nothing related to Russian spying. And Flynn was busted for something that everybody on the fucking planet does. Because it wasn’t lying, it was making a false statement.

          • Juan Stone

            It’s my opinon that people like him are owned by the World Bankster’s and financial predators. High profile carpet baggers..

        • Obama didn’t spy on anyone.

          The FBI, on its own, including lifelong reps, got wind that the Russians were trying to collude with the Trump team (you think that russian “lawyer” met with them by accident, or for “orphans” PLZ)

          It would’ve been horrifically negligent of them to see that evidence and say, ‘Meh. We’re not worried. I’m sure the Russians are not dodgy”

          Imagine that reality, where the FBI heard of the tampering, and did NOTHING to try safeguard our elections.

          So, they did what they always do. Used someone to see if it’s true or not, and to what extent.

          That’s how they brought the mob down. Informants and insiders.

          If the Trump team had nothing to worry about, who cares?

          And if the FBI REALLY did want to bring down Trump, they would’ve released their evidence right before the election, like Comey did with Hillary.

          Instead, the FBI did it quietly, collected evidence, didn’t fuck with the election.

          If they were really on Hillary’s tab, you think all this info we have now (19 indictments, and counting) wouldn’t have been spilled all across the news during the campaign?

          That would’ve absolutely torpedoed Trump. Lock her up would’ve been changed to lock HIM up.

          The fact that they refrained ought to prove they weren’t politically motivated. If anything, NOT releasing all this conspiracy and collusion while releasing the Hillary crap (which was disproven) shows they did Trump a solid, not the other way around.

          • leftcoastdave

            And so when Loretta Lynch first learned that Carter Page was named by Trump as an “advisor,” a meeting was held concerning what was known about his questionable connections. This was in March, 2016. It was suggested that Trump be advised to protect the integrity of the election process. The decision, however, was made to plant spies instead.

            Not whoring for Hill?

          • When the FBI has the mob under surveillance, they don’t say “Hey, Vinny. We got an informant in the room. It’s so and so”

            In what world does that ever happen?

            They wanted to make sure collusion wasn’t taking place. And if it wasn’t how the Russians were TRYING to sway the campaign.

            What part of that don’t you get?

            Again, if it was politically motivated, why woudn’t they have leaked this investigation during the campaign when it would cause maximum damage?

            I’ll wait for a response.

          • willbest

            I am confused by your question. First, the fact that there was an investigation into the Trump campaign did get leaked as an October surprise.

            And I would presume the reason they didn’t leak more was because they hadn’t actually found anything they could use to damage him politically.

          • There was A LOT more that could’ve been leaked, like that 13 russians and other companies were going to be indicted for possible collusion with the Trump team. Or that almost everyone surrounding Trump was going to be investigated for shady pay for play deals with not just Russia…allll the stuff that is coming out now (and more to come).

            But the leaks likely would’ve hindered the FBI’s investigation, esp if they turned some of them early, which is my point.

            They were more worried about making their case than influencing the election.

            In politics, unlike law, something doesn’t have to be true, just the appearance can fuck a person up. Just ask Comey and Hillary.

          • willbest

            Its far more likely they didn’t have it. Especially the personal stuff. “He talked to a Russian” is not going to get even a progressive judge to give you a warrant. And they didn’t get the stuff from FB until the middle of 2017, so its unlikely they knew about those companies then either.

          • Irish Sweetness

            How would anyone know whether tObama was spying on anyone? They spy on everyone all the time. It never stops. It’s not even up to him. He’s only the burger store manager.

          • willbest

            You make more and more sense every year Irish.

          • The FBI had an informant not Donny Brosco in the team.
            That’s what they do.

            They hear of a possible federal crime going on. They investigate it.

            They don’t look the other way.

            Because of the nature of this possible crime, they had to run it through the Pres most likely.

            He OKed. OF COURSE.

            What prez wouldn’t want to investigate possible Russian interference in the election?

            But again, they didn’t leak ANY of that info when they absolutely could have.

            BTW, in case there are still some delusional Trumpers, here is the Russian lawyer (Natalia Veselnitskaya) the Trump team met in hopes to get dirt on Hillary


            Yeah, nothing to see here, comrade. She later admitted she is directly tied to Putin and the GRU, which of course Trump said “fake news” lol

            Can’t make this up.

          • Juan Stone

            Boom! Irish is on fire.

    • SC Dave

      Anybody that uses that shit gets what they deserve.

      How anyone can POSSIBLY IMAGINE that Echo, or Alexa, or whatever is not granting total rights for the supplier to share any- and everything about you with the customers is simply ignorant.

      In Facebook, twitter, alexa, cortana, siri, instagram, etc ad nauseum, you are the PRODUCT, not the customer.

      • willbest

        Your smart phone is just as capable of spying on you as those things are. They are just marketed as such.

        • leftcoastdave

          And some laugh because I still have a flip phone.

          • They can get all your info regardless. Tap into your computer. Put some mega-algorithm to decipher your passwords.

            Spy on you from a van with infared, xrays, god knows what else.

            Point a satellite right down on you, see right through your roof, and record everything.

            Gait recognition, so even if you’re in a crowd, could still tail you.

            If “they” want you, they’ll get you.

            No where to hide anymore, unless you join the Taliban in some medieval caves.

          • That Guy

            You know “they” need a warrant for all that stuff, right? The gummint can’t do anything to gather private data without a warrant. You do/say stuff in public, that’s different. But pulling info from your computer, phone, or using lasers to detect the vibration of your windowpanes (essentially a long-range microphone)… that all requires a warrant.

            Though a judge ruled that the laser-window thing only requires a warrant until the technology is readily available to and affordable by the public. Once companies are producing that particular device and it’s less than a few thousand bucks, Uncle Sam will be able to listen in on all your home conversations without a warrant.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Dude. The CIA isn’t even supposed to operate inside the US. You do realize all your freedoms were removed after 9/11 with all those executive orders, homeland, Patriot Acts I and II (that nobody even read).

            You are aware of a guy named Edward Snowden who revealed the info files that exist on all of us? Not only does Uncle Sam listen in on all of your calls – they record everything – they’re filed and categorized and cross-referenced. This is not conspiracy theory this is happening every day.

          • Irish Sweetness

            If it’s an Ericsson T-100 it has a receiver and transmitter in it, put there by Ericsson that can act as a microphone even when your phone is switched off. A Navy guy told me that. He was in a SKIF one day having a convo with three other people – info from that convo got out and all were interviewed to see how the information was leaked. When they realized it was none of them with loose lips they took their phones apart.

            Ericsson did this to ALL of those phones. Remote controlled microphones … as phone. Swedish spies!

      • Johnnywad

        Don’t forget Disqus.

  • BuddhaJoe

    Damn, I’m just surprised this article wasn’t overrun by a bunch of MAGA shitheads.

    But seriously Jeff is right. Stop the nationalistic, jingoistic, flag humping bullshit and stop playing the anthem at fucking sporting events. That song blows anyway.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Eddie Izzard – How To Sing An Anthem (4 minutes)

      • BuddhaJoe

        Underrated bit.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Eddie be the man.

        • CanadaBear

          Kinda, sorta.

  • Ha. 16 women jointly filed a court complaint against Morgan Freeman for sexual harassment.

    That Freeman impersonator on YouTube should just cue that video up…

    “I’m Morgan Freeman. When I’m not busy meeting my good friend Andy DuFresne I enjoy some ripe melons to motorboat. Yes sir nothing beats a day with a push up bra and some jiggly d cups to make the trousers tight. God himself has given us these delights and I should know since I used to play him.”

    It just writes itself.

    • I dare anyone to read that in a non-Freeman voice.

      It is going to be extremely ironic if Freeman ends up in a Baltimore max prison trying out his parole speech on the board…

      • willbest

        It doesn’t even make sense to me why these guys do it. “Hi, I am morgan freeman” is enough to get 80% of single women, and 40% of married women into bed.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          Because getting older, a guy loses his fastball when compared to competing against younger famous guys with young women, which used to be a sure thing.

          “The Godfather” novel has an older Frank Sinatra-type character describing the decline.

        • It’s just the power trip. Caligula sympton. Remember Darren Sharper?

          Former AP S, relatively young and good looking with a gig on NFLN… charged with serial rape

          And I think he got off with being on TV whilst doing all this on the down low.

        • Irish Sweetness

          And probably 20% of men ….

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        I used a Bobcat Goldthwait voice the second time.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Woohoo!! So glad politics have made their way back to the blog.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Oh why can’t we all just get along?

      …uh maybe this is why…George Friedman (Stratfor) on the shift from a party boss system to a primary system post-1972.
      https://worldview.stratfor.com/article/paradox-americas-electoral-reform (March 2015)


      “As the bosses’ corruption was curbed but money’s centrality soared, the types of corruption endemic to the political system shifted. Corruption moved from favors for bosses to special treatment of fundraisers, but it was still there. Reformers tried to limit the amount of money that could be contributed, but they ignored two facts. First, a primary system for the presidency is fiendishly expensive simply because delivering the message to the public in 50 states costs a fortune. Second, given the stakes, the desire to influence government is difficult to curb. The means will be found to donate money, and in some cases it will be done in the hope and expectation of favors. The reforms changed the shape of corruption but could not eliminate it.

      The second unintended consequence was that it institutionalized political polarization. The party boss was not a passionate man. But those who go to the polls in primaries tend to be. Turnout at American elections is always low. The founders set the election for a Tuesday rather than a weekend as in many countries, and it is a work day, with children to be picked up at school, dinner to be cooked and so on. The founders designed politics to be less important than private life, and in the competition on Election Tuesday, private life tends to win, particularly in off-year elections and primaries.”

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


        • KentuckyBearsFan

          well I guess this is another explanation

          President Camacho

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            and this

            “The people who vote in primaries tend to be passionate believers. The center, which holds the largest block of voters in the general election, is not a passionate place. The kids’ homework comes first. Passion exists on the wings of both parties. This means that in the primaries, only two types of candidates win. One is the extremely well funded — and the passion of the wings make funding for them even more important. The other is the ideologically committed. The top fundraisers face the most passionate voters, and the contest is whether the center can be turned out with money. Frequently the answer is no. The result is that the wings, although likely a minority in the party, frequently select candidates in the primary who have trouble winning the general election. From their point of view, winning means nothing if you give up principles.”

          • Irish Sweetness

            It doesn’t matter who you vote for. The Government always gets in. Lying, conniving, cheating bastards. Suckers of Satan’s cock each and every one.

          • Juan Stone

            Irish, thank you Sir! You have said it!

    • BerwynBomber

      Don’t worry it will blow over in a day and you will be safely returned to the fascinating topic of Eddie Goldman.

      • willbest

        I am going to go out on limb here and say, the key to getting a big pay day as a D-linemen is to hit the QB a more, not less.

    • willbest

      In fairness, Jeff deemed this politics day.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Is the Two-Minutes Hate over yet? My watch is broken.

    • It’s the offseason. Let the games, begin!

      • BuddhaJoe

        Are you not entertained?!

      • willbest

        Meh, we have been pretty good and its been a long time since there was legit football news. The Incognitos and Fosters of the worlds can’t sustain us forever.

    • BuddhaJoe

      Welcome to the offseason.

  • What’s the verdict here?


    Mikwaukee Bucks player gets uppity, gets taken down. Thoughts?

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Traffic cops on a power trip? That’s a lot of cops for a traffic stop.

      Guy seemed a little drunk or stoned, but nonviolent and dressed formally.

      It’s unlikely that, say, a drunk fratboy in a college town would be treated the same.

    • BuddhaJoe

      Fuck tha Police?

      I’m white as hell and I’d almost never call the cops. If you’re not rich they don’t work for you.

      • Johnnywad

        What a giant load of bullshit. You’ve clearly never needed an officer.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      full video

      looks to me like there was no reason for this to escalate to this point.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        in the full video, he seems completely coherent. Not intoxicated. Keeping his cool for the most part with a police officer being a dick. He parked that way because it was closest to the entrance to grab something quick from the store and leave. It’s so obvious that he didn’t feel like explaining it to some asshole.

        The lot is so empty it’s not like someone else couldn’t find another space.

        No discretion at all used by the cop.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Yes they could find another space unless they were handicapped.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I thought there were other spaces just as close.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I was just pointing out he parked across 2 handicapped spaces. Still no reason to have 15 cops show up.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Yeah. I think – speaking on the officer’s behalf – is that this should have been as simple as giving the guy a dumb annoying expensive ticket. But since the player did not have his ID, the whole thing prolonged and dragged out and became more and more tense.

            And then the dozen officers show up and it just goes crazy.

          • willbest

            I wonder if that is two, $300 fines instead of just one.

            I had a neighbor that parked their car on the street and went on vacation. Somewhere around day 3 the city came and tagged off an exclusive handicap space right where their car was parked. They came back from vacation to their car impounded and some $3000+ in tickets and storage fees.

    • Juan Stone

      Good acting?

  • Speaking of stars going to federal ass pounding prison, Julian Assange, who leaked the Hillary emails for the Russian to help elect “I love Wikileaks” Trumps – about to lose his Ecuadorian protection.


    Asssange’s next Wikileak page may include something about dropping the soap for the GRU…

    • BuddhaJoe

      It’s fucking sad. Once again the war criminals get off scot free while the ones that expose them go to jail. Like John Kiriakou who exposed the torture program spent 2 years in prison while the fucking ghoul Gina Haspel gets promoted.

      • Exposing a torture program is one thing (and I totally agree. Haspel should never have been promoted. Sends the wrong signal to the rest of the world about us), but Assange was complicit with the Russians to hurt Hillary and elect Trump. At BEST he was a patsy for them, but either way, he’s going away forever.

        It’s also Jeff Sessions, Trump appointee – not exactly a Hillary acolyte – who wants to get his hands on Assange for the breach.

        and, Oh yeah, Roger Stone, former Trump adviser, asked Assange for the Hillary emails to help Trump.

        But, yeah…nothing to see here…

        The real hero I think is Snowden.

        • willbest

          You mean in proving that Hillary rigged the DNC primary against Bernie. Which is why it is easy to believe that the FBI spying on Trump was done for political reasons. If she was willing to cheat at that level, she would be willing to cheat at the next.

          • Like I said, I’m no Hillary, and said even before Trump got elected, that if found guilty, she should indeed get locked up.

            But Trump didn’t want to lock her up after he got elected. Funny how he suddenly became magnanimous since we all know Trump is not a petty vengeful ass.

            And again, all the FBI had to do was relay the depths of all the russian connections, pay to play, swamp shit to the public to ruin Trump’s campaign.

            They didn’t.

            But just for the record, you’re arguing that Hillary and Obama somehow convinced a traditionally conservative FBI to plant a spy into the Trump campaign and found NOTHING? lol

            Including how Cohen was funneling $ to pay off porn stars Trump denied he had an affair with which is now also under investigation by the election committee…

          • willbest

            If the IG report drops and it says something like “the FBI was negligent in its duties in investigating the Clinton e-mail server” will you entertain the idea the real reason for the current “RUSSIA!” is to distract from the fact that the Obama Administration was illegally spying on Trump for the Hillary Campaign?

          • So you think that this whole “russia witchhunt” is an FBI scam to distract from them “spying” on Trump for Hillary?

            See, that just seems nut to me. It’s not as if I think the FBI doesn’t do shady shit, but historically, they’ve always done it for Republican side, like spying on MLK and other 60s activists, or imprisoning Hollywood “commies”

            So suddenly the FBI has become some hippy commmune, and are doing the bidding of the Dems?

            Is that the tin-foil theory? I don’t think even Irish can buy that one.

            Also, it’s not mutually exclusive.

            Maybe the FBI did do shady stuff with the Trump team. BUT that doesn’t mean they didn’t find shit.

            This would be akin to the burglar who broke into a house and found a bunch of kiddie porn poloraids and reporting it to the cops.

            One crime is bad, but the other is much much worse.

            And both are true.

            Though I doubt this is the case.

            Occam’s razor.

            If nearly EVERYONE around Trump’s orbit is connected to Russia…well, if it smells like shit, and it looks like shit, it’s most likely shit, not some fantastical conspiracy that it’s clone shit from Planet Xion….

          • willbest

            I think you need to take a step back on this one. What is more likely After 28 years of political cultivating by the Clinton and Bushes the FBI would be apolitical when it came to a guy the destroyed both their dynasties


            Trump is such a criminal mastermind that the FBI, CIA, and the Mueller team in over 2 years of investigating have failed to find something with actual teeth to pin on him.

            I mean I get politicians are pikers compared to new york real estate developers but come on. And don’t give me “oh they are just being deliberate” Mueller’s investigation leaks all over the place. So now you are talking about crafty misdirects to lure Trump into complacency. And all kinds of BS. From a guy who has a long track record of shady ethical behavior.

            If you want Occam’s razor its my theory every day all day.

          • I’m still undecided if Trump actually colluded with the Russians. Frankly, I think he’s too stupid to try it. But, if they had dirt on him, it’s not like he had much choice. How about those Trump taxes, eh? He’s got nothing to hide, why not publish them? He said someone who takes the 5th is guilty. Not releasing his taxes is essentially taking the 5th.

            What he and the Russians did reminds me a lot of like when I play risk with my cousins. They don’t have to verbalize that they’re gonna team up against me, but they’ll do it nonetheless in order to win.

            But a quick summary of those around him.

            George Papadopoulos (Former campaign adviser): Charged with Lying to the F.B.I. about conversations with people he believed were working on behalf of Russians

            Michael T. Flynn (Former Trump National Sec Advisor) Charged with Lying to the F.B.I. about conversations with the Russian ambassador

            Alex van der Zwaan ( Lawyer who worked with Mr. Manafort and Mr. Gates): Charged with Lying to investigators about conversations with Mr. Gates

            Rick Gates (Former campaign adviser) Financial fraud and lying to the F.B.I.

            Paul Manafort (Former campaign chairman): Tax and bank fraud, false statements, unregistered agent of a foreign principal

            Thirteen Russian nationals and three related companies : Conspiracy to defraud the U.S., conspiracy to commit bank fraud; identity theft

            Cohen (Trump Lawyer) charged with all kinds of shit, including possibly funneling $ through hiss LLC for the campaign, taking $ from foreign companies for access to Trump, and in biz with a russian mob connected “king of cabs” in NY who just flipped for the feds.

            Witchhunts don’t usually turn up witches. Here’s just a few, and it’s not over yet. More than a few more Trump characters will be indicted before all is said and done, including clowns like Stone and Numberg, and maybe even Kush and his pals.

          • willbest

            In fact, witches do turn up when you go hunting for them. They dress the oddballs up and burn them at the stake.

            Most the people you listed are guilty of talking to the FBI. They are people that didn’t listen to their lawyer. And you have to remember that the standard isn’t lying to the FBI. Its making a false statement. If you have ever participated in a deposition you know how big of a difference that is.

            And Manafort is being busted for shit he did 10 years ago. So even if he is crooked, that has nothing to do with Trump.

            Trump’s lawyer is probably dirty of taking bribes so AT&T and whoever else can talk to Trump. He didn’t funnel it through a charitable foundation. bad planning that. But not campaign finance violations. I would refer you to Edwards. Reasonable doubt is a bitch. Sparing Melania hardship is enough to merit the payments to pornstars and playmates.

            But thank you for answering my question. Since you believe that Trump collude with Russia via an understanding of mutual self-interest it won’t matter what Obama appointed IG turns up or even if Mueller clears Trump. You aren’t going to be persuaded otherwise because nobody can disprove that theory.

          • Yeah, they are guilty of LYING to the FBI, which is a crime, and it wasn’t about some chunky chick giving a BJ, but about Russian connections and attempts to usurp our democracy.

            I guess you rather get your judges instead of trying to protect our democracy. Why not allow the investigation to pan out? Why did Trump fire Comey over “the russia thing” (admitted it on tv)? Why did he try to fire Mueller only to be held back by his lawyer? Why is he trying to undermine them now claiming some Info Wars conspiracy theory? Why not just let the evidence play out? Why doesn’t he just go in for an interview? What’s he afraid of?

            It’s only a perjury trap IF you actually lie. If you got nothing to hide, and want to get it over with and do the Republican agenda, get it over with for your party and nation’s sake.

            It’s true that LEGALLY it’ll be hard to prove intent, which is why he won’t do the interview because that’ll reveal his intent.

            But, that doesn’t mean there’s not gonna be other evidence. All those guys Mueller is threatening with 25 yrs are gonna sing like canaries. Who knows what they have? Could be financial stuff. Could be russian mob stuff. Could be Putin stuff. Could be more hooker/porn star stuff. Could be all of the above, which is why Trump is shitting his pants and obsessed about the investigation.

            I’m open to the possibility that Kush, Manafort, etc were trying to collude with the Russians (i.e. get dirt from the Russians on Hillary, which isn’t even debated) and Trump didn’t know anything about it.

            It’s possible, but not likely IMO.

            It’s also possible that they pull an Oliver North and protect Trump, though he AINT Reagan, and I doubt they’ll do this for him.

            It’s also possible (and what I think will pan out) that the FBI will present Trump and high ranking Republican officials in the House and Senate with the evidence, and force him to resign instead of forcing a constitutional crisis and embarrassing everyone, FBI included, about the fact that Russia did indeed successfully place their asset in the presidency.

          • willbest

            Yes you are perfectly open to any scenario so long as it ties trump to Russia. Because Hillary didn’t win, and that wouldn’t be possible in a democracy without something illegal going on.

            See, I called trump winning back in October 2015 before manafort, page, and those guys were even on the team or any of them had talked to some Russian lawyer or whatever oligarch’s son. I even made a bet with someone around here over it around then too.

            So I didn’t see it as inconceivable the way you do. Which is why I am not invested in there needing to be an illicit reason he won to make my world right.

            You are going to be wrong on Mueller, but if you aren’t I am not the one losing sleep over President Pence.

          • BerwynBomber

            Why didn’t you back Hillary? She seemed solid to me. Obviously lacked Barack’s and Bubba’s charisma — but sound enough as a pol and her grasp of issues.

            She seemed competent and professional to me. Despite the ridiculous email server nonsense.

          • To me, she was just another wall st cronny. She’ll throw a few bones to the Bernie agenda, but will continue the same ole program, most notably, of war.

            The republicans are right in that she never offered us a vision. What was her platform? Don’t vote for that guy?

            And compared to Bernie, she was just as dirty (as she proved during the primaries) as any political hack.

            On the plus side, she wasn’t Trump, so I can see how some in swing states would vote for her, but I personally have a hard time not voting my conscience.

            Same with Gore the Bore. Another political automaton. I voted for Nader then.

            If the Dems weren’t so stupid, they would’ve paired Bernie with Elizabeth Warren.

            Bernie would’ve got the rust belt with his FDRish platform, and Warren would’ve energized the rest and in line for the WH in 8 yrs.

            But of course, the Dems are rather clueless when it comes to campaigns.

            The Republicans are much more shrewd when it comes to them.

          • BerwynBomber

            I don’t know. Setting aside their differing political views, do you really think either Bush was superior to Hillary, because I sure the hell don’t. And those guys were both elected. Hell, Shrub was elected twice.

            Not sure about Sanders or Warren, the latter manages to make Hillary seem like MLK as a speaker.

            Bernie, OTOH, is excellent on the stump but I never bought his economic isolationism. Same thing w/ Trump. There was a reason Bernie had to support Trump’s China tariffs. He basically ran on the same thing.

            Hillary obviously has her Wall Street ties, but Walls Street is less than crazy about her or any Dem because of regulations. Same with Obama.

            Guess I have just accepted the global view of Obama/Bubba/Hillary. Of course I would vote for either Warren or Sander if it came to it — I’m not a political purist like you — but I don’t buy theirs (or Trump’s) return to 1950’s American industrialism for a second. Nothing more than childish feel-good stories, IMO. Won’t happen.

          • Well, I’m not GW fan, that’s for sure. Thought he was one of the worst presidents ever. 9-11 changed him, and his fear allowed the Neocons to come in and implement their agenda. That same fear (and a ho hum dem) got him relected, nearly to the downfall of western civilization (and that’s no hyperbole).

            So Hillary being better than him or daddy isn’t that much of a high standard, in my book. Actually, as I get older, I appreciate a lil more OG Bush, but he was almost like the Republican Carter.

            I agree with Elizebeth not being exactly a barn stormer, but she’s extremely sharp, and let’s face it, VPs are better seen not heard (anyone ever hear Pence? Holy shit)

            I actually support Trump’s tarriff’s too. The idea, that is. But like a goddamn retard, he unveiled it in quite possibly the worst way.

            He could’ve targeted China first, and unrolled the rest.

            I find the imbalance grossly unfair. The trade disparity is like the Bears going into a game 2 TDs down already.

            That’s NOT what the free market is supposed to be.

            And the same with our allies who we needed help after WW2 to rebuild, but I think Germany, Japan, etc are doing fine. I agree with Trump that there needs to be a fairer competitive global landscape when it comes to that.

            But it had to be done with a scalpel, not a damn sledge hammer.

            And it should’ve been paired with a huge infrastructure plan like Bernie wanted to. That would’ve been a huge boon for jobs, esp in the rust belt and those other areas still economically wobbily.

            But Trump hasn’t done that in spite of being an easy bitarsan layup. He’s too busy tweeting about walls and MS13 and Fakenews.

            I think Hillary would’ve served court, basically.

            But she is so divisive, that she would’ve been crippled by the Repubs in the House and Senate. Nothing would’ve got done.

            That’s why she should’ve never won the nomination.

            Trump in the long run is good for the Dems and progressives.

            A lot of them were sleep walking for 8 yrs, and now, as the Japanese said, Trump has awakened a sleeping giant.

            We’ve already seen traditionally red districts and states going purple, and the trend may continue.

            But it won’t be with Hillary at the helm, nor Pelosi, IMO.

            And sadly, I doubt it’s with Bernie. I think his shot has passed.

            The most likely candidate will be – of all ppl – Biden.

            That’s what I sense – that the voters want an earnest “strong” male that can be more purple than red-or-blue just to regain stability for our country.

            But it’s a long way between now and 2020.

          • Irish Sweetness

            OG Bush is one of those guys that has 11-22-63 all over his hands … a family tradition of sucking Saudi cock going back a long time, and using those riches to entrench his family in the running of the world. Fuck them all.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Her vision? To change her story depending on which way the polls went, as far as I could tell.

          • Irish Sweetness

            She’s bred to lie … she’s a Bilderberger, a Tri-lateral commissioner, Council for Foreign Relations … part of all the cabals that want to herd us all to the slaughter.

            Trump? Smells like Reagan to me. They entrench a guy that’s not too smart or aware because they have something to ‘install’ on the people. With Reagan, they used him to de-regulate the banks. With Trump .. .God knows what they need him to drop on us.

          • BerwynBomber

            Mindless …

          • willbest

            What is mindless is being presented with conclusive evidence that she cheated and thinking it was the one time. Nobody has challenged the authenticity of those emails

    • Irish Sweetness


  • willbest


    As they say the punishment for polygamy is two wives.

    One petite and one curvy. I guess that way he can mix it up a bit.

  • Johnnywad

    “He just randomly chooses a words and CAPS.”


  • Johnnywad

    The blog sucks today. Folks hashing out Hillary versus Trump again. Let me help. They both suck anus.

    Anybody here on the board see a dramatic change in the quality of their life one way or the other since the election?

    I’ll answer for you. No. The answer is no. Because it just doesn’t matter. Nothing ever changes. They’re all bastards. Every God Damn one of them.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yep. Once more. Doesn’t matter who ya vote for, the government always gets in … “suckers of Satan’s cock, each and every one…” – Bill Hicks.

      As soon as your country offered you a choice of Clinton or Trump, that should have been the signal for the whole shit-show to get burned down.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Yesterday’s anthem announcement is par for the course when it comes to the NFL under @nflcommish. They. Get. Everything. Wrong.”

    And THAT is why they make BILLIONS of Dollars!

  • 6-1/2 more years of Trump to go 🙂

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