More Tweets From Free Agency, Week One

| March 16th, 2018

Here’s another compilation of Tweets, wrapping up the Bears’ flurry of free agency moves in the last four days and their press conference Thursday. I’ll have a full column Monday morning and Adam Jahns will join me on the podcast next week. 

My favorite development from yesterday…

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  • That Guy

    Fuller really shows up against SF. Remember the game his rookie year when he played lights out and we were all so optimistic about his career?

    Although I love the words from Robinson, the picture from Gabriel says more to me.

    It’s awesome that these guys seem genuinely excited about being here, and I like Kyle’s support of Prince.

    OK, Pacebot. Blueprint looks good. Now shore up that LB corps in the draft, and get some help for the Oline. Now that we can clearly see these are positions of need, though, we’re probably getting a TE and QB in the first 2 rounds.

  • That Guy

    CBS news says the first two doctors on the scene at the bridge collapse in Florida were a gynecologist and a dermatologist.

    (To person trapped in crushed car) GYNO: Are you ok in there? Spread your legs for me… you might feel a pinch.
    DERM: Oh, this doesn’t look good. That mole needs to come off.
    (To firefighters on scene) GYNO: OK, breathe deep and… PUSH!
    DERM: After the amputation, I’ll clean up those scars and no one will ever know you even had a surgery.

  • Irish Sweetness

    So Floyd Mayweather looks to be actually serious about coming to MMA. Reckons it’ll take him 3 months. That shit is funny. What an ego.

    And if he’s actually thinking about Conor, then I’m statting to save for my prop bet now.

    • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

      Will never happen. Why would you pass up 100mil to do what you are actually good at to make 1mil and possibly die or get your arm/leg/knee snapped off?

      • BenderMcLugh

        the dude beats women. He’ll do it for his ego alone

        • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

          haha, nevva gonna happin

          • BenderMcLugh

            yeah I never thought he would but then this report of him training for it came out. I would love to see his ass handed to him

          • CanadaBear

            That’s what Floyd is counting on. I really can’t see him doing this unless it turns into crazy money.

          • Reminds me of the debate my friends and I would have at Tyson’s peak.

            How much money would it take to get into the ring with him?

            Answer: A LOT!

  • FF names!

    Allen Parson Project
    Jurassic Parkey
    Taylor, Tinker, Spy
    Burton’s Porkchop Express

    • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

      Mocha manmeat mania
      N.W.A (no whites allowed)

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Lynch Mob

  • SC Dave

    Enthusiasm is great and all that, but this team has LOTS of work to do. There is an offense to learn, and bunch of guys that don’t know each other, holes to fill on the roster, and a glaring need to improve depth.

    Considering all that, I’ll say we top out at about 13-3. 🙂

    • Bear Instincts

      how many cups of kool-aid was that…lol

      • SC Dave

        I drink the Kool-Aid in buckets

    • Big Mike

      8-9 wins. But we are going to beat some good teams. Catch a break, maybe a wild card.

      • I have moved my prediction from 5 to 6 wins now after these moves.

        If Pace continues signing quality FAs and kills the draft, we may even get to 7 wins!

        (schedule, division are brutal + some learning curbs for O)

        • Big Mike

          Tough crowd. I think you are protecting yourself from disappointment. 🙂 I give you that we have a tough schedule. But the Bears are going to be good.

          • As a coach you know that the HARDEST part of transforming a losing team is the mentality.

            The Bears just aren’t used to winning, and trust me I’ve been on shitty teams, and it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

            The Bears IMO still need that one signature win to make them believe.

            I watch a lot of NFL docs, and never fails that a team has that ONE win which makes them believe and carries them that season. For the Bears that was likely that infamous Cards game.

            But I remember a lot of players cited that Pats final game in which they went toe-to-toe with them as the game which made them believe. They lost that game, but they took the Pats to the limit, and they carried that momentum through the playoffs.

            Losing franchises must have a game like that to turn it around. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later, but until then, I’ll still side on the sub .500 side

            Though naturally, I’ll be hoping for 16-0!

          • Big Mike

            The Bears are so young, the culture is a blank slate.

            I believe 100% in the Signature Win. I swear by it. It’s a real thing. Sounds like you are too young to remember, but the 85 Bears had the 1984 win over the Oakland Raiders. They beat the Raiders 17-6 at Soldier Field. I guarantee you that was the turning point for Ditka et all. This game was called the most violent NFL game ever played. https://deadspin.com/what-it-was-like-to-play-in-the-most-violent-nfl-game-e-1478281685 https://billkuhn.wordpress.com/2007/11/11/1984-raiders-vs-bears-the-day-the-intimidator-died/
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfo4nqhfCf8 raw footage

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaTwFoXbIo8 – NFL Game of the week coverage.

            Like you said the 2006 Bears had the Arizona Cardinal game. But I remember that Patriots game. I’m so glad you brought it up. I get tired of trying to remind fellow Bears fans about that game. It was also a foreshadowing of the one fatal flaw of that team (Rex Grossman). The Bears basically stood their ground and went toe to toe with NE, while Grossman threw 3 interceptions. He had a passer rating undrer 50 that day.

            The signature game is in this season schedule somewhere. It’s not an opening day win over a team that was good last year. It’s a win in game 8 or later on the road against a playoff team, or at home against a super bowl contender. A win over the Vikings, Patriots, possibly the Rams at home could do it. On the road they don’t really face any dominant teams outside of the division. Road win at the Vikings would certainly do it.

          • Good point about the Raiders game. I was just citing the most obvious example of the signature win for the Bears in the past decade (ugh, longer than that now).

            I was hoping beating the Puke on NeedleDick night was another signature win to turn it around under Fox. But it was fool’s gold. Beyond that, I can’t think of a big win, really.

            I think we won against the Cowboys on MNF and some other minor upsets, but nothing franchise changing.

            Also agree that the signature win is somewhere in the schedule (hopefully), just unknown. No one expected that Giant’s team (a barely WC team) to brawl the Pats like that in that first run. They usually come out of nowhere and it takes the league a month plus to recognize it was no fluke.

            Bears just need to beat a good team, in either dramatic or dominant fashion, to get those youngins believing again.

            That’s another reason I wanted Pace to be aggressive in FA for once.

            Infusion of new alphas is instant mojo. Allen, Burton and Gabriel come from winning teams. They’re going to bring new life with them.

            Just gotta get that win (hopefully against @ Vikes or Puke, or FINALLY vs the Pats)

    • A reporter asked, ‘what will it take to excel in this system?’
      To which Chase Daniels responded “brains..it’s not just about hitting the open man. It’s a lot more complicated than that’

      Just a friendly reminder about how complicated Reid’s WCO is.

      “They’re all talking about plays and it sounded like (a foreign language),” Murray remembers now with a chuckle. “I mean, they’re speaking and they’re calling these plays and I’m like, ‘I think they’re like messing with me right now, trying to scare me.’”

      Nope. Murray would soon learn that the 15-word plays his teammates were casually discussing were actual components of coach Andy Reid’s West Coast playbook, which sometimes features verbiage complicated enough to temporarily stun even a 10-year veteran like starting quarterback Alex Smith.

      “There’s times I’m in the huddle and I might go, ‘Alright, listen up for the call here fellas,’ and they know it’s gonna be a doozy,” Smith said. “We’ve got ‘shift to halfback twin right open, swap 72 all-go special halfback shallow cross wide open.’”

      Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article866082.html#storylink=cpy

      I think Chucky said it takes at least two years to master (and he was likely referring to a vet, not a youngster).

      Hopefully Nagy and CO are smart enough though to incorporate some RPO, boots and other stuff Trub is already familiar with to ease the transition.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      13-3….SMH!!! Why do you underestimate the Bears all the time?

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  • BerwynBomber

    Super impressed with what Pace has done in free agency — though Robinson did not come cheaply and I’m not a Chase Daniel fan — but these “win the press conference” days/moments never do much for me.

    Good news is we have, short of the QB position, the second best starting roster in the division. And if Bisky is the real deal he should make huge strides under Nagy with his new weapons.

    No one is touching MIN for a year or two. But no reason we can’t be as good as the Cheese and DET.

    • Big Mike

      Chase Daniel is the perfect back up. I don’t get what’s not to like about picking him up. Robinson at $14million a year was as good a value as you’re going to get in FA. On top of that he’s young. Physically, he should be a the top of his game for the next 5 -6 years. Burton another smart pickup. Bears nailed it. I don’t know about winning the off season or what that even means, but the Bears got substantially better.

      • BerwynBomber

        Robinson is 9th in the league AAV among WRs. Believe me, I like the signing. But like almost all first day FAs signed across the league, he is arguably getting more than he is worth.

        Daniels is 32 and has thrown less than 100 passes his entire career. Repeat, ENTIRE career.

        I’m fine with him assuming the Sachize mentor role. But if Bisky were to go down and Daniels would need to help us stay afloat, not really.

        And no I don’t prescribe to the “if you’re starter goes down your season is over” mentality. To me that is lazy. And we have seen good back-up play in the past from the likes of McCown, and on an otherwise crap team, even Hoyer. (And look what PHI did this past year with a decent back-up.)

        So we will have to agree to disagree. I don’t consider Daniels a “perfect” back-up. Not a huge thing. He is not a starter obviously. But not high on the guy even as a back-up.

        • Big Mike

          Just to be clear, I’m not trying to start something. I’m always looking to expand my view on football topics.

          Who decides worth? That’s the thing I don’t get about FA and these comments. Contracts go up. What was an outrageous contract 3 years ago, is now a bargain. So if you’re using existing contracts as a baseline, that doesn’t work. If you wait to the second day, you get Marcus Wheaton.

          The only way to slow up the escalation is when a player on your team is about a 18months from free agency, you extend them. Kirk Cousins has more guaranteed money on his contract than Tom Brady.

          You could argue that Daniels is a young 32. Not much action. He can’t be worse than Glennon. It’s all about Trubisky. I get the idea that you want to be able to win your back up. We’ll have to see what Daniels does in camp and pre-season. Lack of opportunity (<100 passes) doesn't mean he's awful. He's a don't know.

          Knowing the system, is huge for a QB. I bet Daniels is more than serviceable. I don't think the Bears were lazy.

          • BerwynBomber

            All’s cool. Didn’t mean to come off in attack mode either. (Maybe I should not have used all CAPs mode there.)

            And no I don’t think the Bears were lazy in their thinking about their back-up. Just that I have seen fans echo that idea. And to be honest, it somewhat easy to fall into that trap when you play in a division with a one-man band like Rodgers.

            The Robinson contract isn’t horrible. I just don’t know if he is the ninth best receiver in the league. But hey. That happens. Look at QBs. The top four AAVs in the league right now are:

            1. Cousins
            2. JimmyG
            3. Stafford
            4. Carr

            Like I said, I was pleased as punch (overall) with Pace’s moves. Just a couple of nits was all.

          • Big Mike

            First, Fuck the Packers. Actually, that’s all..

          • leftcoastdave

            Yea, but just remember. Nits grow up to be lice!

          • willbest

            Its not like we don’t have a template for a top 20 but not top 5-7 WR talent from 3 months ago when Jeffery signed his deal. And Jeffery mirrors Robinson in a way because Jeffery has been rather pedestrian the last couple years and nagged by injury and thus is a few years removed from his back to back excellence.

            But to really put it in perspective look at the top 2 Bears WR 2016 stats since both missed 2017 with an ACL.

            73 catches, 48% catch, 883 yards, 1048 snaps
            66 catches, 68% catch, 888 yards, 703 snaps

            The second one is Meredith. Who for some inexplicable reason Pace only slapped a right of first refusal on instead of a 2nd round tender to save $1 million.

            And for comparison sake, here is Jeffery 2016:

            52 catches, 55% catch, 821 yards, 692 snaps

            Robinson got paid for something he did back in 2015 when he had 2 good knees. That is why people are validly arguing that the Bears overpaid him.

          • CanadaBear

            If the team is buying top talent in FA on the first day, over paying is almost assured.

          • Big Mike

            The restricted offer to Meredith was a smart move. Since he didn’t get an offer on Day 1 of FA, the price most likely won’t be more than the Bears have him slotted for, but in either case, that’s a minor detail. Meredith benefited from being paired with Alshon. Not taking anything away from Meredith, but it really did help his development and his stat line.

            Robinson is better than Alshon, all day every day. He’s 3+ years younger and his down year in 2016 was still better than Alshon has had the last 3 years. He also is more complete in running routes at all three levels of the defense. Robinson got paid because he was the youngest best receiver on the market. You can’t slice it any other way. The Jaguar’s offense was bottom third in the league in 2016. I think the Bears were right in the middle. Bortles had a Passer rating under 80.

            Not sure what your point is? The market set the price. Pace went and got his guy. The risk is that he’s not as good as Pace thinks he is, not whether he should have gotten a $30m contract, or a $42 million contract.

          • willbest

            “Robinson is better than Alshon, all day every day.”

            This is a ridiculous assertion. The stat line I linked to demonstrated Jeffery was more productive in 2016 despite taking time off for a PEDs suspension. But you want to look at career go ahead.

            Jeffery averages 14.8 yard/reception, 8.22 yards per target and 55.6% catch rate
            Robinson averages 14.1 yards/reception, 7.4 yards per target and 52.6% catch rate

            Oh wait Jeffery is better there too. How about staying on the field? Jeffery wins again.

            And not to give Jeffery too much of a pass because he hasn’t been elite since 2014, but he did play through a torn rotator cuff all year which explains his historically bad catch %.

            I will give you age. Robinson is younger.

          • I think Robinson and Jeffery are very similar as players, both in terms of production and playing style (and injury history).

            My preference for Robinson is simply that he’s 3-4 years younger.

          • And FWIW, I think Cam Meredith is still going to emerge as the best WR on the Bears this year.

          • willbest

            The dream is to replicate the Robinson/Hurns dynamic duo of 2015 or the BMarsh/AJ years.

          • BenderMcLugh

            shhh!! MB is listening….

          • John F

            “I think Cam Meredith is still going to emerge as the best WR on the Bears this year”

            That’s assuming his knee is healed and he wasn’t permanently damaged … two HUGE assumptions that are likely not true ……..

          • It’s a prediction on my part. That’s why I said I think.

            I’m very bullish on Cam and am willing to put my neck out there on him.

          • DaCoaches Mustache

            I hope you are right.

          • willbest

            My point in showing that Jeffery and Robinson are no worse than comparable is to point out that Jeffery’s contract is a valid contract for analyzing Robinson’s deal. Mike was arguing that you couldn’t look at WR contracts from a couple years ago, and he is right. But Jeffery’s is a fresh deal.

          • BenderMcLugh

            and wants to play on Da Bearssss

          • Big Mike

            It’s my opinion along with about a number of people I asked who follow and write about the Bears. Stats are only a part of the story. Watch video of both of them. Robinson’s runs better routes (he has a quickness Alshon doesn’t). Robinson’s breaks are cleaner and he accelerates more quickly.

          • willbest

            1) Lets see the knee work first before you assert quickness, but just based on prior performance

            2) Jeffery is a better blocker, a top 3 jump ball WR, and probably leads the league in interceptions defensed.

          • Big Mike

            The ACL is the key.

            Get Outlook for iOS

      • I’m OK with Daniels given the circumstance.
        HOWEVER, I still advocate for a developmental QB esp now that we have Nagy on board (as opposed to Fox).

        I never understand how a franchise can value a 6th WR gunner or a 4rth LB blocker over a potential Cousins, Wilson, Dak, Romo, Brady…heck, even a McCown or Foles, Keenum.

        Seems like ill advised investing.

        • Big Mike

          I don’t disagree, I might skip this year. My hope for the late rounds this year is that the bears draft a raw OT with the right physical tools an FCS or D2 guy and let HH coach him up for a year or two. Rounds 1-4 (Bears don’t have a 3rd round pick do they? But they have 2 4th rounders). So picks 1 and 2 have to contribute this year. The first rounder should start day 1. (or be the equivalent of a starter Nickel Corner, DE/olb rotation). The 2nd rounder needs to start by the end of season. So now your jumping to the 4th round. That’s the earliest they could take a development QB. I don’t know anything about what’s lurking there. Never looked, never researched that.. ever. I can tell you in the 4th round you can get OL and DL talent that will contribute. 5,6,7 if they can’t play special teams well, they are projects. The 5th rounder.. maybe gets some PT on O or D.

  • Bear Instincts

    With these new additions to the offense the draft looks like it will be focused on
    the defense unless there offensive player you just cant pass on

    1. Q.Nelson/Edmund’s – either one would address a need though i would prefer R.Smith from Georgia as he is more polished and a plug and play guy as compare to Edmund’s who has all the upside but is still raw
    2. Whoever we miss in Rd1 we can get in 2
    4. with two 4th we can get an ILB and CB
    5. OT/WR
    6. OT/WR
    7. WR

    • Big Mike

      Nelson won’t be there. With 8 you have to swing big, no? Edmunds will be good his first year, not great. He needs to reps to slow things down, develop instinct. His frame can carry another 10lbs easily. He’s got Urlacher type measurables. Height, range, speed, weight. But his knock is “instinct”. Which at the LB position is essential. I project the Bears take Edmunds. He fit’s Pace’s profile. By season end he could be special.

      • Bear Instincts

        As a coach how important is “instinct” in playing the game?

        • Big Mike

          I believe starting young enough you can instill and hone instinct. But every so often you come across a player who has “instinct” in his DNA. Those players are better and have a gift. If he’s a good athlete and has heart, that player is is flagged.

          Broken down, we know that “instinct” is part football IQ, spatial awareness, peripheral vision and reaction time. Some of those can be improved with exercises, (physical and mental). Others are genetic. By the time you get to the NFL all the players have gifts. Make no mistake take the players on a NFL practice squad are extraordinary athletes. At the NFL level, I’m not sure you can teach instinct. I think reps create the appearance of gaining instinct, but that’s more pattern matching.

          I think instinct is far more important on defense than offense. The exeption on offense being RB.

    • leftcoastdave

      This draft will be fun to watch. My favorite sleeper signing in FA was Aaron Lynch. Dude has all the right measurements for the biggest PON on the D and has the smarts to play Fangio ball having graduated from Notre Dame.
      Now Pace is free to take BPA at 8 which could be LB, CB or DE, or even grab a QB to really shock the world. But watch him take a WR to see this board explode, again.

      • I like Lynch too.

        High upside, low risk FA.

        Just as long as we bring in more OLBs and DEs, it’s a good gamble.

  • Bear Instincts

    QB Tyler Bray is set to agree to terms with the Bears

    • SC Dave

      I guess that means Sanchez is out.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Offer him a coaching job.

      • BerwynBomber

        Sanchize, I assume, already was out.

        Bray, I assume, will be our new David Fales type — mostly PS fodder.

        • willbest

          Probably means we have no intention of drafting one. I still think the NE strategy of picking one up every couple years is a must.

          • Bear Instincts

            When you are in NE’s position (being in the playoffs every year) you can afford to do so . We are not. We are still building a roster. In a year or two we can consider doing that. Right now every pick has to an immediate impact player or as close to it as possible

          • BerwynBomber

            We also won’t be dressing 3 QBs this year either. My suspicion at least.

          • leftcoastdave

            I’m with you and would like to see it done.

          • John F

            Kinda hard to waste picks on QB’s when there are like 10-15 guys we still need to even be competitive

      • DaCoaches Mustache

        Fuck that guy…. LOL.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Camp is not camp unless there is a Tyler.

      • SC Dave

        Ha ha… good one. It was Boggs for a while as I recall.

    • That’s the guy I thought the Bears would target. He’s only 27 and an Ex chief, so knows the O.

      If I remember his scouting report, he had a great arm albeit erratic , though I’ll have to double check.

  • CanadaBear

    You can really tell how small Gabriel is wearing that MT jersey. The number covers most of his torso!

  • Irish Sweetness

    Michael Crabtree is looking for a job. I’m Just sayin’. The man is looking for a job.

    Two farmers prayed for rain ….

    • Sactowns#1

      I’d take a flyer on a prove it contract. But so far its looking like they dont want to sign anyone over 26 and I’m ok with that

      • AlbertInTucson

        Let’s work on some other areas of need.

        • Irish Sweetness

          If Cam isn’t 100%…. he’s a need. He’d be our best receiver.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            You have Cam Meredith as better than Robinson?

          • willbest

            Based on 2016, Cam is better than Robinson. Of course since both of them have 1 knee now, its anybody’s guess.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Based on reality and common sense, Robinson is better than Meredith.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Neither of them are even close to the greatness of BRAVERMAN!!!

          • Irish Sweetness

            No – if Cam can’t play then we need another receiver. If he can go, then you don’t really need Crabtree but he’d be nice. Better than nice.

          • Taylor Gabriel played on the outside more than the inside, so theoretically would still have Allen Robinson, and Gabriel on the outside, with a slot guy (maybe Cohen).

            Or, if White actually sticks, there you go. Robinson/White/Gabriel

          • John F

            Robinson had one good year, people need to stop acting like he is a perrenial all-pro ………

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Nobody is acting like he’s a perennial All Pro.

            If he was, and he hit the open market, that would mean he’s old and broken. But he isn’t. He’s young, and already has better stats than any Bears receiver ever has. He averaged 17.5 yards a catch over a season. Go find a Bears Receiver over the last 100 years that has done that.

            That’s why we’re excited.

          • John F

            Harlon Hill (1954) – 45 receptions, 1,124 yards, 25.0 yds/rec
            Harlon Hill (1956) – 47 receptions, 1,128 yards, 24.0 yds/rec
            Mike Ditka (1961) – 56 receptions, 1,076 yards, 19.2 yds/rec
            Ricky Watts (1980) – 22 receptions, 444 yards, 20.2 yds/rec
            Willie Gault (1983) – 40 receptions, 836 yards, 20.9 yds/rec
            Willie Gault (1985) – 33 receptions, 704 yards, 21.3 yds/rec
            Willie Gault (1987) – 35 receptions, 705 yards, 20.1 yds/rec
            Jeff Graham (1995) – 82 receptions, 1,301 yards, 15.9 yds/rec
            Curtis Conway (1995) – 62 receptions, 1,037 yards, 16.7 yds/rec
            Marcus Robinson (2001) – 84 receptions, 1,400 yards, 16.7 yds/rec
            Alshon Jeffrey (2016) – 89 receptions, 1,421 yards, 16.0 yds/rec

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Right. So guys with 20 catches. Not 80+. That or you have to go back to the Korean War era.

            Not a single guy on your cherry picked list caught 80 balls for 17.5. Nobody.

            Alshon was close. Robinson was close. But no cigar.

            Did I mention Robinson did that playing with Blake Bortles?

            Thanks for making my point.

          • John F

            You just changed the rules, you asked for somebody that has averaged 17.5 yards per catch in the last 100 years I knew there were a bunch and they were easy to find.

            Also, relying on one year to determine how good a player is can be dangerous ……..

            (P.S. – Only one guy with 20 catches)

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            And Tarik Cohen is averaging a 21 yard TD pass every time he throws the ball. We should just do that.

          • John F

            Tarik Cohen > Mitch Trubisky

            (at least as far as passing accuracy)

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)


          • That was Ditka’s rook yr too, methinks.

            That’s amazing for a TE. To put that in perspective, Gronk’s rook yr was 13.0

          • This surprises you? lol
            It’s Irish!

            We had the best WRs last season!

        • leftcoastdave

          Looks to me like that can only be LBs and backup dbs.

          Pace has done one hell of a job.

          • Bear Instincts

            let’s get out of camp and preseason without any injures before we start celebration…#cautious optimism

        • Like OLB, ILB, OG, DE.

          Fo sho.

    • Signed with the Ravens.

      If we hadn’t signed Robinson, I def would’ve liked him. A lil older, but a baller.

      He was the real #1WR in Oak Town.

  • CanadaBear

    Apparently the beloved value Sims more than me. Seems like a lot of money for a blocking TE. WTH, at least it’s not ManOfMoolah.

    • leftcoastdave

      Agree. Perhaps they were happy to let him sit late season to stay healthy or they hope to trade him, but I see keeping him as a good sign. Maybe another signal to others in FA that they will get their chances to shine.

    • I think they still hold out hope that he can catch.

      We got the inline in Sasheen. The move in Burton.
      Think they’re banking on Sims being like Benny – the inbetween who can do a lil of both and provide them scheme flexibility.

  • leftcoastdave

    Where have all the whining doubters gone?

    Come on, there has to be more to criticize than just “I think he was overpaid” or “another injury waiting to happen” for someone to whine about.

    • SC Dave

      We are all expecting a big step forward from the offense, but the giant question mark is Trubisky.

      I’m not sold on the guy. Yet.

      • leftcoastdave

        What Pace did was put people with experience around him doing the things they already know how to do in the system being implemented. That is YUGE. All three new receivers fit the scheme and know the scheme. That will make it much easier for the Biscuit to pick it up, not to mention being surrounded by QB’s who also have the knowledge of the system.
        This is a brilliant plan being implemented to create a top five offense.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Then we got Chase to save the day. No sarcasm. He looks okay.

      • John F

        It will be worse when Deshaun Watson lights it up again next year and we all wonder what could have been ……….

        • DaCoaches Mustache

          People would be all over Pace if that dude didn’t get hurt last year. He’s the goods, but fragile it would seem

          • John F

            “but fragile it would seem”

            So are half of the players on the Bears and our first round draft picks…….. (and our new “star” WR)

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            You missed it. People already were all over Pace for not taking Watson. Sac nearly drove to Chicago to stage a protest or commit violent acts against his family.

          • In Sac’s defense, Sac did like Watson BEFORE the draft (Irish too, methinks).

            Sac also was all-in on Jimmy G.

            Neither are locks but looked like the real deal.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      This free agency period is almost exactly what I thought it would look like. Perhaps even a shade stronger. If Pace gets Fuller, which seems highly likely now, this FA period should be viewed as a home run.

      Will it mean wins? I think so. But we wait and see. Any way you slice it, Pace is doing very well, and the McCaskeys are neither cheap, nor getting in the way. I think we can safely put that tired old notion to rest.

    • John F

      “Where have all the whining doubters gone?”

      I’m still here. The question is will guys come back from their injuries:

      – Long (multiple injuries)
      – Meredith (usually takes 2 years to come back)
      – Floyd ( injured every year)
      – Kush (really need him as a backup)
      – White (perpetually injured)
      – Robinson (hasn’t been good for 2 years)

      And will we have a season where, for once, less than half of our guys end up on IR?

      Also, that’s not counting the pre-injured players Pace will likely draft this year.

  • Bear Instincts

    Tight end Daniel Brown will return to the Bears, sources tell the Sun-Times’ Adan Jahns.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Never heard of this guy but his name is awesome. Karl Klug


  • ButtonShoes

    If Daniel Brown is coming back, then why is Sims still here? 6 mil for a blocking TE? I don’t get it.

    • Brown isn’t a blocking TE. He’s a move TE who would be competing with Colin Thompson for a backup role behind Burton.

      The in-line TEs on the roster right now are Shaheen, Sims, and Brauneker.

    • John F

      Paying $6mil for a backup TE is idiotic ………. especially one like Sims who disappears for games at a time ………

    • For a blocking TE who is 3rd on the depth chart.

      A lot of other teams simply use the backup OT as the 3rd blocking TE, or some guy like Braunk.

  • BerwynBomber
    • SC Dave

      Yeah, really

      • John F

        He seems like such a low-key guy, color me surprised at this development …….

  • Bear Instincts

    S.Richardson to the Vikings….things just got a lot more difficult for us

    • Fuck. So the Puke get Mo, the Queens get Richardson

      While Loins get Christan Jones, and we get Lynch.

      Vikes are going all-in this season, that’s for sure.

      Surprised Richardson couldn’t get more than a 1yr deal.

      Goes to show that when you get a rep for skipping meetings and not caring, hurts your wallet.

      • AlbertInTucson

        “Goes to show that when you get a rep…”


        • The Queens can resurrect the Purple People Eaters and Fran Tarkenton…and they’d still find a way to lose in playoffs.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Packers just upped the ante on Fuller…


    This article does NOT have what the offer was.

    • lol I thought the Browns with their war chest would do this.

      Puke trying to break Pace.

      • leftcoastdave

        Good humor. Da Bears still have more cap space than da Cheese.

        • I think it’s not so much about the amount but how the Cheese structured the contract.

          For all we know, they could’ve offered 3 yr $40M fully guaranteed, which I don’t think Pace would’ve preferred if it were up to him.

          I don’t like him being passive and letting the market dictate the terms of contracts HE should figure out on his own.

          Pace gambled no team would actually call his bluff or lowball Fuller.

          He was wrong.

          • CanadaBear

            It’s amazing how Pace is wrong when you don’t know what the offer is.

          • He was wrong in thinking no team would offer Fuller a competitive or even ridicules contract.

            We don’t know if the Cheese is offering the kitchen sink. Given their cap, I doubt it, but GMs can always wave a magic wand and create cap.

            Either way, it’s a gamble I never liked.

            The tag for a CB this yr was, what, $14M?

            Why risk losing Fuller over $1.3M?

            Why allow other teams to set the market?

            I just feel a GM should be more proactive.

          • CanadaBear

            You’re wrong assuming Pace thought nobody would offer him a contract. He’s said repeatedly he’s OK letting the market set itself. If Fuller is correct he gets a little more than Pace wanted to offer. Not a big deal.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Also we don’t know the numbers of what Pace had originally offered that Fuller refused, therefore drawing the transition tag. It was a fairly safe play, unless someone put out an outrageous contract to him.

          • CanadaBear

            As far as I’m concerned it’s both sides looking to make a deal and not being able to agree on price. I think they both want the same thing.

          • Pace thought that no team would offer Fuller a crazy contract. (like $17+/yr)

            I think we can all agree on that

            However, like I said when he transitioned tagged him, teams make a lot of stupid ass moves (helllo Bradford) in FA.

            It wouldn’t have been inconceivable that a team like the Browns would’ve thrown an outrages contract out for Fuller, and Bears would’ve received no comp in return.

            To me, it just seemed unnecessary, esp for a measly $1M or so.

            I think Alshon would’ve been signed if Pace correctly gauged his market back when he was originally tagged.

            I just wish Pace would lock up homegrown talent more summarily. Are we gonna go through this with Amos, Floyd, Whitehair, Howard?…

          • CanadaBear

            FFS now you’re bitching about future negotiations. You really go out of your way to grind an axe.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I am really glad Butch is not the GM.

          • We would’ve had a better record than 14-34, that’s for damn sure.

            Firing Fox in 2016 alone would’ve accomplished that.

            But, that’s in the past…hopefully.

          • John F

            Pace is developing a pattern of either:

            a.) Signing free agents that can’t play, or

            b.) Signing home-grown talent to contracts and then they get hurt (Long),

            c.) Failing to sign home-grown talent when they are free agents because he low-ball’s them

          • There’s no axe grinding. I didn’t like the gambit originally. Actually, what I said, was I don’t care either way as long as it works (locking up Fuller).

            But again, why gamble over $1M or so?

            A GM should be confident and savvy enough to set the market.

            It’s in the nature of FA to overpay. The whole point of homegrown talent is locking them up before they hit the market to get overpaid.

            That’s just my take.

            I liked Pace’s FA moves this yr. But I never really understood the transition tag on Fuller (or tender on Callahan either )

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            The difference in the Transition Tag and the Franchise tag is $2M.

          • Yeah, that’s chump change in NFL terms.

            Cutting Sims alone saves, what, $6M?

            I don’t understand Pace’s logic of throwing $ at guys like Glennon, Demps, Sims, Wheaton…but then trying to save like $2M on homegrown franchise players.

            It’s like spending $1,000 on rims, but going to some guy in his garage down the block to fix your alternator.

        • John F

          “Da Bears still have more cap space than da Cheese.”

          True, but we need like 10-15 more guys, the Pack don’t need that much …….

          • BerwynBomber

            Meh. Careful overestimating the Cheese personnel because of one guy.

        • AlbertInTucson

          And they have the fun prospect o trying to make Aaron happy with a new contract that tops Cousins and Garappolo on the heels of pissing him off by firing his QB coach and dumping his favorite target without consulting him.

    • Bear Instincts

      Pace fucked up….big time

      • It’s smart by the Puke.

        A. They make some ridicules offer knowing Pace will HAVE to match it, thus fucking us financially going forward.

        B. They get Fuller, and Pace looks like a god damn idiot.

        Either way, they win.

        (Unless Fuller does suck, in which case, Pace still looks bad for tagging a shitty player)

    • Sactowns#1

      Meh. I think they did this as a favor to Fuller. They couldnt agree on a number so they decided to let the market decide. Seems fair to me.

  • Sactowns#1

    Can we just get Honey Badger and call it good?

    • Bear Instincts

      Not until we sign Suh

  • leftcoastdave

    I bet Pace signs Fuller quickly. He is basking in the glory of his signings this week and wants everything to stay upbeat. He’s got a great team under contract now and will not let this become an issue.

  • Fuller gonna be signed to a long-term deal now. Thanks GB!

    • Pace has 5 days to decide, right?

      No leak about the Cheese offer from your twitter network?

      • NFL Network said year 1 hit was just over tag of $13M. Also said another team tried to sign a sheet but wouldn’t go as high as Fuller wanted.

        I’m guessing average amount will be somewhere around $13M-$13.5M per year, just like I said 6 weeks ago based on looking at past deals. The key is in the structure: does it fully guarantee 2 or 3 years? Hopefully 2.

        • Anything sub 14M would be a good contract for Pace.

          I think Fuller has a sorta set $ number he wants.

          So for instance, if it’s only 2 yrs guaranteed, he might score $14M for those two yrs, plus bonus.

          If not, maybe he spreads it out. More up front bonus, but lower cap like $13M.

          I’m guessing that’s what Pace and Fuller’s agent is likely working out, along with inj and benchmark bonuses.

    • John F

      “Fuller gonna be signed to a long-term deal now”

      Yeah, by the Packers …. and because Pace used the transition tag, Bears will get no compensation

      • AlbertInTucson

        “Yeah, by the Packers.”

        Guess not.

        • John F

          Now that we see the numbers, what the hell was the Bears/Fuller fight all about? Did Pace offer $0.25 in guaranteed money or something? The Packers just wasted their time and actually helped the Bears.

          Go figure ………..

    • BerwynBomber

      Would have had to do that anyway.

      The Cheese did us no favors here. Except drive up his price.

  • John F

    I am reading that the Fuller deal is likely three years for $30mil, but with a $25mil signing bonus

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Source or you are just making up numbers.

      • John F
        • John F

          What a face plant by Pace, he could have saved $10mil and just franchise tagged him, jeez this guy is pathetic

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          I am starting to wonder about your reading comprehension. ‘If’ and ‘Predicted’ does not mean ‘likely’.

          • John F

            Regardless, Pace thought there would be no offers, and he blew it. So he has two choices:

            1.) Match and hamstring the team financially when the Bears need to sign MANY more players in free agency to even be competitive, or

            2.) Don’t match, Packers get better, Bears get worse, and now he has to use either a 1st or 2nd (no third due to getting de-pantsed by the 49ers last draft) round pick on a CB.

            All because he didn’t want to spend the extra $2mil on the franchise tag, what a dope

    • The REAL question, which we will never know, is if the Puke contract was MORE than Pace’s offer.

      As I understand it, Fuller had to agree to the Puke contract, so I’m assuming it was more than Pace’s offer.

      How much more? and if Pace baked that into his equation? Again, we’ll likely never know.

      And if it was structured in a way Pace didn’t want, also, we’ll likely never know.

      Unless of course, Pace doesn’t match the Packer’s offer. In which case we’ll know.

  • BerwynBomber

    The Cheese have looked like morons most of this off-season — their Davante Adams contract, the Deshone Kizer trade, their Jimmy Graham reach …

    But this was a clever move by them. They win two ways, they lose one. They either get Fuller or drive up his price. Only way they lose is if they get Fuller and he sucks.

    I would hope Pace would do the same to them, or especially MIN, if the occasion arises.

    • The Cheese struck out on a few CBs in FA and got desperate.

      That’s what teams do in FA, which is why the transition tag was sorta risky (given we had cap, not extremely risky). $1.2M. That’s the diff between transition and franchise tag for CB this yr.

      I’m sure Pace baked in the bump of the market offer, but I’m willing to bet it’s more than what he would’ve worked out on his own.

      The only thing is, and this is a possibility, maybe Fuller told him “I’m not signing anything until I test the market”

      If Fuller demanded this, then the transition tag makes more sense.

      Pace then resigns himself to matching the overpaying market, and calls it a day.

      I hope of all our sakes that’s how it went down, cuz the alternative is Pace gambling on losing a franchise CB over $1.2M when he threw about $16M on Glennon last yr.

      • John F

        Based on Pace’s history, it has got to be the latter…..

      • BerwynBomber

        We won’t lose him if all the reports have been accurate: which is we are committed to signing him no matter the offer.

        The Cheese just gave Fuller more bargaining power. He’ll cost a little more. Not the end of the world.

        But we got trolled a bit.

  • John F

    Bears are gonna have to cut Sims now if they want to match on Fuller.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      No they don’t.

      • BerwynBomber

        I think he meant that as a joke.

    • BerwynBomber

      Were you BD1000?

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        No. They were posting at the same time.

  • John F

    Bears will match on Fuller:


    “It’s a 4-year deal worth $56M. The key number is $18M guaranteed. Fuller
    already had $13M guaranteed from the translation tag. For $5M more
    guaranteed, they get him long-term”

    • John F

      This seems cheap, what the hell did Pace originally offer him, the league minimum?

    • The guarantee seems extremely cheap.
      The rest is about right $14M/yr.

      It’s funny reading the twits.

      GB fans are saying they forced Pace to overpay.
      Chi fans are saying Pack helped Pace lock him up

      Some are grumbling Pace should’ve taken the 5 days and made the Puke sweat it out with no cap.

      As long as it’s done, I don’t care.

      • John F

        The Bears definitely did NOT overpay, except if you want to knock Pace for not exercising the fifth year option (I read that was for around $8mm) and rolling the dice.

        The point is, Fuller got his shit together and will make an additional $6mm in 2018 …… good for him.

      • SC Dave

        It’s all pussy shit. There is only one fucking over, as we still owe those bitches

        • John F

          If I saw Charles Martin tomorrow I would punch him in the face.

          I’d get my ass kicked after that, but it would really feel good to punch him …….

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Get a shovel and start digging.

  • George Smiley

    Give generously. Please. I beg of you.



    Bears matched offer
    56million over 4 yrs
    18 guarantee

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    That pic where Nazis first look at death camp footage might sum up humanity.

  • And for balance…boobs.


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