Getting to the Quarterback Key To Goldman’s NFL/Earning Potential

| May 23rd, 2018

Eddie Goldman was one of the first key defensive additions for Ryan Pace and Vic Fangio as they rebuilt the unit. But his staying and earning power could depend upon his ability to get after the quarterback.

First, nobody questions whether or not Goldman is a good player. He is a very, very good player. But the Bears have to decide exactly how much they value a run-stuffing defensive tackle in a passing league. But Goldman, according to media reports, is primed to become one of the league’s higher-paid defensive linemen. In order for that to happen, he’ll have to convince the Bears they don’t need to take him off the field on passing downs.

Goldman has shown the ability to get after the quarterback.

  • As a rookie he managed 4.5 sacks and regularly generated pressure up the middle.
  • In his second season he added 2.5 quarterback take downs in just five games.
  • His total dropped to 1.5 in 2017, despite playing significantly more snaps.

As last season progressed, we saw less of Goldman and more of the athletic Jonathan Bullard. Over the team’s last six games – of which Goldman played five – Bullard averaged 54.7% of the team’s snaps to Goldman’s 41%. (That’s using only the games he actually played.) Perhaps the injury that cost him a game was lingering, but the fact of the matter is Goldman wasn’t getting to the quarterback enough when he was on the field.

This year, the Bears figure on having Bullard start and it wouldn’t be surprising to see last year’s snap counts continue in a division with Matt Stafford, Kirk Cousins and Aaron Rodgers. You can also expect to see Roy Robertson-Harris on the field more in passing situations and rookie Bilal Nichols could get some run too.

So, where does that leave Goldman in a contract year?

Goldman is never going to be a great pass rusher and that shouldn’t be the expectation. Unfortunately, the Bears don’t have enough pass rush elsewhere to be able to survive without getting it on the defensive line.

This offseason, we saw run-stuffing defensive tackles Star Lotulelei and Dontari Poe sign relatively big contracts. Like Goldman, neither are great pass rushers so it’s entirely possible the Bears defensive tackle is licking his chops at the kind of deal he could sign. He’s still only 24 years old. That’s younger than Bullard. Big contracts for run-stuffers are hardly guaranteed, however. This off-season we’ve also seen another run-stuffer, Jonathan Hankins, sit on the free agent market waiting for some team to pay him close to what the Colts gave him last off season — three years, $27 million.

If Goldman continues to lose snaps to Bullard, Robertson-Harris or Nichols, the Bears simply can’t justify giving him the kind of pay day other linemen have received.

The Bears have to be hoping Goldman can produce like Linval Joseph does for the Vikings – an immovable player who still pushes the contract. He’s done it in the past and if he does it again this season, you can expect he’ll be paid handsomely.

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  • SC Dave

    One thing for sure is that Goldman/Bullard/RH/Nichols have to play enough good snaps so Fangio does not feel compelled to grind Hicks down like last year.

    By the way, AD, what does “pushes the contract” mean in that last paragraph? Not quite sure I get that.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      …after being confused by that phrasing for a few minutes, I’m assuming it means that even if Goldman doesn’t help at pass rush, he’s so good at being an immovable object run stuffing that he would be worth it to pay the man with no regrets. ???

    • I assumed it’s supposed to be pocket, not contract.

  • CanadaBear

    I’ll be shocked if the Bears don’t re-sign Goldman.

    • Depends how Pace values NTs.
      He seems to have a set price on players, and if they outprice his estimation, he’s not afraid to let them walk (see Alshon, Cam)

      Nichols is his contingency plan

      I’m a bit worried Goldman has been run down.

      Fox rode a lot of his players like donkeys, Hicks, Goldman, Howard, Long….

      I hope this new blood helps change that idiotic philo.

      Most teams know a heavy dline rotation keeps players fresh and healthy.

  • leftcoastdave

    Nice to be talking about five Big Uglies with talent to rotate this year.

    That matters bigley.

  • Part of Goldman’s job is now to keep blockers away from Roquan Smith too.

    • SC Dave

      Good point, although it was part of his job to keep blockers away from Trevathan and Kwiatkoski also.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Remember, you COULD be a JETS fan.

    The have Jets traded their 2016 2nd round pick, (51st overall), QB Christian Hachenberg, to the Raiders for a conditional 7th round pick.

    Hachenberg took exactly ZERO regular season snaps in his 2 seasons in New York and actually dressed for only 5 games.


    • evantonio

      that’s still more value than we got out of curtis enis.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Actually no, it is not.

        • SC Dave

          Well, Enis was a round 1 versus Hachenberg in round 2.

          • AlbertInTucson

            True, but Enis actually ran for over 900 yards in his second season.

            Of course, he averaged a lusty 3.2 YPC that season.


            Still a bust, but he actually did MORE that just suit up 5 times.

        • evantonio

          They got a conditional 7th round pick for him. What did we get for 5th overall pick Curtis? I know he suited up for us, but he may as well have stayed on the sidelines.

          Maybe Dan Bazuin would’ve been a more apt comparison?

          • AlbertInTucson

            Enis played 3 seasons, all as a Bear and that was it.

            And, as Will pointed out, the Jets get nada if the Raiders don’t keep Hachenberg.

    • That Guy

      Hackenberg has made a lot of money, and probably hasn’t gotten enough dirt on his uniform to wash it once.

      Look for a few mint-condition Hackenberg jersies to show up on eBay soon.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I am only surprised that they found someone willing to give them anything for him.

        • willbest

          Oakland is getting camp fodder, and has to give up a 7th if he makes the roster. Seems reasonable enough.

  • AlbertInTucson

    R.I.P., Clint Walker, 90.

    Best known as TV’s CHEYENNE and “Posey” of THE DIRTY DOZEN.

  • leftcoastdave

    Kickoff rules changes.

    They seem reasonable enough. No more running start and more “in the box” and balanced at the kick.


    • willbest

      It would just be simpler to make a a kick off be 4th and 20 from your 45 yard line.

    • SC Dave

      “7. The ball is dead if it is not touched by the receiving team and touches
      the ground in the end zone. So, kick returners no longer need to “down”
      the ball.”

      I assume this means even if it hits at the 10, bounces in, and then touches the ground in the end zone. So say the returner misjudges, and the ball is bouncing close to the end zone. Does he drill the shit out of the nearest coverage guy, or cover the ball? Will the hesitation result in *more* big hits than if the returner *knew* he had to get the ball?

  • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

    I think we can all agree that before this is all said and done Incognito is going to jail or the morgue. I tried to post the link but it won’t paste so fuck it.

  • ButtonShoes

    “He is a very, very good OK player.”

    There, fixed that for you. And it’s fine that he’s OK, btw. Sometimes you have OK players.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I’l grudgingly give him credit for a LITTLE better than “OK”.

      • ButtonShoes

        I might do the same if he could consistently stay healthy.

      • Yeah. I think he’s a good not great player. NTs in a 3-4 arent going to get many sacks. Ngata ‘s highest sack in a season was 5.5

        The great ones command double teams whilst collapsing the pocket gradually.

        From time to time they get sacks.

        Goldman i s not exactly that, but he def is not a JAG.

        When he was out opponents ran all over them

  • AlbertInTucson

    “He is a very, very good player.”

    Sorry, Andrew, but I think he has to be on the field more often than he has been to deserve that accolade.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “When Chris Long retires from the league, these owners would be smart to consider him for the commissioner’s role…”


    Like THATS ever gonna happen.

    • ButtonShoes

      There’s no way the NFL would ever appoint a commissioner that was even remotely ethical. Whoever gets the job would have to be a giant walking turd of a man, like Roger Goodell.

      • Yes men sycophants often end up rich for essentially being fluffers.

        Don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          you mean…there’s a reflection?

  • Irish Sweetness

    “His total dropped to 1.5 in 2017, despite playing significantly more snaps.”

    Not the career of a stud. I was never impressed nor in love with Eddie. He’s just a dude. Like Bullard.
    What has he done in the last two years?

    2017 44 combined tackles 1.5 sacks
    2016 18 combined tackles 2.5 sacks

    He’s just a dude.
    We have no pass rush, we have had no pass rush, and the only way I can see us manufacture one is a strategic decision to rush the passer from different places. Which of course, Fangio will not allow. Why? You’d have to ask him. He knows better.

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