Five Things the Bears Can Learn From the Patriots

| January 25th, 2018

1. Everything
2. Everything
3. Everything
4. Everything
5. Everything

This was the easiest piece Jeff has ever assigned me!

Seriously, though. The Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for the eighth time in the Brady/Belichick era, and unless the Eagles play absolutely lights out and/or Brady gets legitimately injured and Hoyer has to play, they’re likely going to be lifting up their sixth Lombardi. Love them, hate them, every single football fan would kill to have their team be even half as successful as the Patriots have been these past 16 seasons. So with that in mind, what lessons can our beloved Chicago Bears take from the Patriots as they seek to build their own winning franchise?

1. Consistency is Key

In the 16 years they’ve been paired together as starting QB and head coach, Brady and Belichick have:

  • Made it to the Super Bowl 50% of the time.
  • Been 1st in their division 14 of 16 seasons.
  • Only missed the playoffs twice, and one of those years Brady was out for the entire season.
  • Never had a losing season.

Now it’s impossible to say exactly what their career trajectories would’ve looked like had they never been paired together (obviously Belichick already had success as a coach pre-Brady, and Brady is clearly the GOAT), but you can pretty much guarantee they wouldn’t have achieved this insane level of greatness separately.

While Brady and Belichick have remained constant, the team has gone through a slew of players, coordinators and assistants on both sides of the ball while seeing no dip in their success rate. That’s because Belichick has kept the same system in place on both sides of the ball. This is something the Bears (and really every team) can learn from. Keep the two most important pieces (head coach and QB) together for as long as possible, and keep the system intact while others come and go.

2. Be Bolder

On the Patriots’ first possession against the Jaguars Sunday they converted a 4th-and-2 from Jacksonville’s 31-yard-line instead of settling for the field goal, with Brady completing a 21-yard pass to Danny Amendola.

Granted a few plays later the Jags defense made a stop and forced them to settle for that field goal anyways, but still. It was the first drive of the AFC Championship Game and Belichick wanted to go for more. The Patriots understand the importance of grabbing the momentum early, and Belichick trusted his offense to make the play.

Throughout the 2017 season the Patriots had the fourth highest conversion percentage on 4th down. (The Bears, if you were wondering, were ranked 23rd.) Obviously there is a lot more involved in being bold than simply going for it on fourth down, and there is a fine line between boldness and stupidity, but the Bears were painfully, excruciatingly conservative under John Fox, and it robbed Trubisky and other young, developing players of the opportunity to gain the valuable learning experience by being more aggressive. We have to hope that with a new offensive-minded coach, more offensive weapons, and a talented young quarterback with a year of professional football under his belt, the Bears will play a bit more fearlessly.

It won’t always work out the way they want (just as it doesn’t for the Patriots), but as Michael Scott wisely said:

3. Take Away The Opponents Best Weapon

“If you’re a blitzing team, he’s going to come up with things to take away the blitz. If we’re playing them, he’s not going to let Marvin Harrison have a 200-yard day. You know that — but you don’t know how.”

That was former coach and current analyst Tony Dungy in a USA Today article discussing why the Patriots have continued to dominate under Belichick. Now this might seem like really obvious advice, and something that most all teams try to do, but the Patriots do it better than anyone else in history of the league. The last few years the Bears seem to be a team that lets non-weapons dominate them (See: Hundley, Brett / Gabbert, Blaine). The Chicago Bears need to learn how to dictate. They need to identify their opponent’s biggest weapon, shut it down, and dare the opposing team to find another way to beat them.

4. Resiliency

Now the Patriots haven’t had a whole lot of adversity on the field these past 16 years, but they’ve had their share of bad losses that caused the media to ask “IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR TOM BRADY” (Spoiler alert: No. It never is. Dude will probably be playing into his 50s….)

Remember their blowout loss to the Chiefs on Monday Night Football in 2014? They lost 41-14. Brady threw for just 159 yards and two interceptions, before they decided to put in Garoppolo. They had also lost 33-20 to the Miami Dolphins in the season opener. They were 2-2 and had everyone thinking this was the year Brady was finally starting to lose it. What did they do the rest of the season, you ask? Oh, not much. Just finished out 10-2, won their division, and beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Great teams find ways to win when they’re struggling. They don’t let a bad game spiral into a bad season. The Bears on the other hand have struggled to shake off disappointing losses, closing out the last few seasons especially meekly. All teams, hell all athletes, have bad moments, and even though I expect the Bears to improve dramatically in 2018, more than likely they’ll still hit a rough patch or two. It’s how they respond that will really show us what kind of team they’re becoming.

5. Adjust and Adapt

Things weren’t looking great for the Patriots for much of the first half on Sunday.

After scoring on their first drive the Jaguars defense shut the Pats offense down, while putting together two strong, extended touchdown drives in a row. It was 14-3 and a lot of America was thinking “Holy shit. I think Blake Bortles might actually make it to the Super Bowl!”

A few stupid penalties, and Brady being Brady, let the Patriots sneak in a touchdown right before the half, and they went into the locker room only trailing 14-10.

What did they do after halftime?

They adjusted their game plan. They ALWAYS adjust their game plan.

Their defense came out, found new ways to pressure Bortles, and completely shut down Leonard Fournette. Their offense (sans Brady’s favorite target Gronk) was able to protect their QB, and they made some big plays at the right times. The Patriots are flexible, adaptable, and Belichick is a genius at making in-game adjustments. If you were watching, you undoubtedly heard Tony Romo say that very thing about twelve times. Tony Dungy agrees. From the same USA Today article mentioned above:

“They do a great job of getting the players to adapt and understand that they can do different things. Those kind of situations, they don’t bother them. He’s the best adjustment coach in football, in adjusting to the strength of his players and masking the weaknesses of their team.”

The Patriots defense sucked at the beginning of the year: Matt Patricia came up with a solution. They lost Julian Edelman for the entire season: They worked without him. They lost Tom Brady in 2016 for the first four games: They went 3-1. Hell, even when they lost Brady for all of 2008 and missed the playoffs they still managed to go 11-5 with Matt Cassel!

The Patriots work with what they’ve got. They problem solve. If something isn’t right, they find a way to fix it. The Bears drove each and every one of their fans crazy with boredom this season with the same predictable, unimaginative offense. Run, run, pass. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t working. It didn’t matter that literally every defense knew exactly what they were going to run. They just kept doing it. They didn’t adjust, they didn’t adapt, and they didn’t know how to respond when Plan A stopped working.

Granted a lot of you are probably thinking that the Patriots can only do all these things because of the immense talent around them, and in some ways you’re right. They have the GOAT QB and the GOAT head coach. You can’t just replicate that overnight.

But you can adopt a more aggressive, more creative mindset.

You can be bolder, and try new things.

You can look at what works for one of the greatest franchises in modern football history, and see what you can learn from them, and apply it to your game plan.

It sure as hell couldn’t hurt to try.

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  • Good stuff, Emily.

    I think another key for the Patriots is that they don’t ask players to do anything they’re not capable of doing well.

    It seems so obvious, but instead of trying to force guys into their scheme, they identify what a player is and isn’t good at and then find a way to maximize that guy’s role based on his skills while minimizing his weaknesses.

    • John F

      Interchangability is another one. When players get hurt guys will move from position to position. They seem to have a general size/weight requirement for certain positions, they never seem to have the giant end or tall WR or stout ILB, just guys that can play multiple positions if necessary.

  • beninnorcal

    Excellent piece, Emily. I sure do hate the Pats tho. Mostly because of all the winning they’ve done but also because tend to cheat sometimes. They’re the greatest dynasty the NFL has seen to date. Interestingly, they are about 3 or 4 lucky plays from being .500 in the SB.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Reporter: You sure were lucky out there today, Gary.
      Gary Player: And the more I practice the luckier I get.

  • evantonio

    Uh oh. Propagating the RRP myth. Nothing to see here, Dave. Just move along and eat your toast.

    • SC Dave

      It’s funny how it never dies, even in the face of objective evidence to the contrary.

    • what is the RRP myth, exactly?

      • CanadaBear

        run, run, pass on 1st, second and third downs.

      • evantonio

        That the Bears offensive model was Run on first down, Run on second down, Pass on third down. RRP.

      • John F

        The other offensive plan was IRCP:

        – Incomplete pass
        – Run
        – Completion 3 yards short
        – Punt

    • Irish Sweetness

      No myth. In a number of games, the run-pass ratio was 80/20. No myth.

      The initial MT stretch of games – he was no trusted and they stupidly put him in a position where he could not succeed. No brains by Fox. None.

  • SC Dave

    6. Have dirt on the commissioner so that you get the penalties you need.

  • Bender McLugh

    Good stuff Emily & Andrew. Dilly Dilly!

    • Sactowns#1

      No! I refuse to support any comment which references AB Inbev and their garbage mentality.

      • Bender McLugh


  • That Guy

    I don’t think it’s as easy as saying “the Patriots are going to win unless Brady gets injured.”

    The Jaguars were in charge of the AFCC until a late rally by Brady & co. Despite getting jobbed by the refs.

    The Patriots lost 3 regular season games, and could have easily lost the AFCC and other games.

    Philly needs to play their game and not seize defeat from the jaws of victory like Atlanta did, like Jax did.

    New England is not the 85 Bears.

    • SC Dave

      The 85 Bears did not play miami in the SB

      • Irish Sweetness

        Because Miami did not make it to the SB.

    • John F

      The Jags were heading downhill after the Pats TD in the second quarter. At no time after that did I think the Jags would win, you could tell the boulder was coming downhill towards them and they couldn’t escape it. Similar feeling in the 4th quarter of last year’s superbowl, I turned it off knowing how it would end.

      • Yeah, but a tipped pass/int, or another random fumble scoop 6 points, etc, and the Pats would’ve been in trouble.

        Give it to the Pats they only made one real mistake (the Dion Lewis fumble), but as they say, funny things happen when the ball is oblong.

        • John F

          “tipped pass/int, or another random fumble scoop 6 points, etc,”

          When have you ever seen that happen to the Pats, I haven’t ……..

          • Well, it did happen in that Jags game when it looked like Lewis put a dagger in them, then got stripped.

            But of course, the Jags then went 3 and out, killing any momentum their D gave them.

            But that’s what one would expect with Bortles.

    • Emily

      No. But like I said I do think Philly will have to play lights out. Foles played great against the Vikings, but the Vikings defense just didn’t show up. I’m not sure he can replicate that exact kind of performance against the Pats (even tough NE has an inferior defense, I just don’t see them coming out as flat). I also don’t think Philly’s D will be able to get as much pressure on Brady as the Jags did that first half.

      Basically with everything the Pats have done, I’m gonna assume they win until proven otherwise.

  • BearDown100393

    “This was the easiest piece Jeff has ever assigned me!”

    First of all, excellent post. Kudos.

    Second of all, write what YOU want. Unless there is a check stapled to Jeff’s “assignments”.

    • Emily

      Haha. Thanks! It’s more that we bounce ideas of each other. Sometimes I suggest things, sometimes he does. I was more than happy to work on this piece, daunting as it was to narrow it down to five things.

  • I think another point that can be made on here is making it easy on your QB. This is something shared with what Andrew wrote about with PHI yesterday.

    Both PHI and NE have great OL and a deep stable of RB/WR/TE who can all hurt you in different ways.

    • Emily

      Absolutely. Honestly I probably could’ve written a piece entitled 20 things the Bears could learn, and there still would be stuff I was leaving out.

  • CanadaBear

    Emily left out the part about doing anything (legal or otherwise) to win. That and the generous calls from the zebras.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Or the part about worshiping Satan.

      (but seriously, I don’t loathe and hate the Patriots like most people. but I can understand why they do)

      • CanadaBear

        I don’t hate them. I’m impressed how good they are (jealous of course) but don’t respect them due to the cheating.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Don’t forget part of the Satan worshipping requires yearly animal sacrifices and at least one human sacrifice every decade.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          Johnny Knox. Close enough. We’re good.

          • CanadaBear

            No you didn’t!

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            I did.

    • Emily

      Haha. I considered making a joke or two, but figured the comment section would pick up the slack on that one 😉

  • CanadaBear

    Has anyone heard anything about Gronk? I’m assuming BB will make sure he passes the concussion protocol by the SB.

    • Most concussions are for 1 week, unless they’re super serious. A typical player who gets a concussion is back 2 weeks later, so I assume the same will happen here.

      • CanadaBear

        KInda depends on how many KO’s they have sustained. I’m guessing Gronk has had more than a couple.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          No way he misses the game. I would be in complete disbelief.

          • CanadaBear

            I agree with ya knowing Hoodie.

      • evantonio

        Which is strange to me, because a baseball player with a concussion is out for months.

        • CanadaBear

          Give them credit in baseball, if a guy’s still even remotely fuzzy, standing in the batters box would be frightening.

          • evantonio

            But running across the middle isn’t? 🙂

          • CanadaBear

            I would have more confidence running across the middle being fuzzy than standing in the batters box. 15 mph vs 100 mph.

          • Irish Sweetness

            A bb in the head is serious. Lethal, even.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis
          • evantonio

            It’s not like they knew. He passed the LSD-protocol before the game.

          • CanadaBear

            That would be some interesting tests!

          • Irish Sweetness

            “Listen to these three pieces of music and tell me which two are square.”

          • EnderWiggin

            This was a great read. Thanks.

        • We all know the reason for this ($)

  • ButtonShoes

    It would be nice if the Bears could learn to do all of these things. I doubt they will but it would be nice.

  • Bender McLugh

    Also something to learn from the Patriots, Belichick’s snark.

    Belichick about not scoring in the first quarter of Super Bowls: “We try to score in every game. I know that’s probably hard to understand.”

    • SC Dave

      That’s hilarious.

    • and this, from Adam Schefter

      Exchange from today’s press conference with Bill Belichick:

      Q: Would you say the chance to win a Super Bowl is the only thing on this earth that could get you in front of the media and inside the Mall of America at the same time?

      BB: That’s probably a pretty good analysis; yeah

    • BearDown100393

      Bill Belichick for WH Press Secretary

      • Bender McLugh

        oh what FUN that would be

      • John F

        The press corp would spontaneously combust …….

      • THAT would be must watch TV.

        “Is it true Trump paid a pornstar to deny she had an affair with him?”
        Bill staring blankly, “Hey, I’m all about scoring, so if he did, that can only be good, right?”

        • BearDown100393

          “At the Oval Office, we are always trying to score. I know that’s probably hard to understand.”

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  • catfish44

    Alshon Jeffery on why he chose to leave Bears for Eagles Another reason Jeffery chose to move forward with the Eagles is because of quarterback Carson Wentz, who he is very high on.

    “He had a lot to do with my decision,” Jeffery said. “He’s a great quarterback. He’s going to be a future MVP.”————-nbcsportschicago.

    • Maybe he was at that Bull’s game booing Trub.

      Great going, fans! Alshon saw their reax and said, “I’m getting the hell out of dodge”

      • catfish44

        he picked the right team and QB for his future. good for him.

  • So, I was informed that I’m going to watch the SB with my brother in law because he’s a huge Pat’s fan.

    Maybe this is because last yr I watched it with him, and they pulled it out. In the 2nd qtr he thought it was over and went in the other room. I kept telling him “It’s not over. It’s the Pats” But he was too nerve wrecked to watch.

    Naturally, Falcons blew it.

    So, here we are again a yr later.

    I’m not really going to enjoy it cuz I am going for Philly and now will have to pretend I’m not rooting for them out of civility. Ugh.

    Oh. Well.

    I guess this is how everyone else felt about the 90s Bulls


    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      Screw civility. A: He’s a Pats fan. And B: He left the room while his team was still playing in the Super Bowl? Fuck that. Root for the Eagles loud and proud.

      • A. Yeah, he adopted the Pats way back when. I think he did it cuz he hated the Raiders, and in L.A. it was all about the Raiders when they were in town.

        B. It’s an odd phenom, but I know a few fans who do this. They get too nervous to watch? Dunno. One fan I know doesn’t even watch because he swears they lose if they watch.

        Go figure.

        Ugh, it’s like family politics. If I start whooping and hollering, my sis will somehow interpret that as me wishing they would all die in a conflagration.

        So, I’m just gonna bring my Brady voodoo doll with me under the table.

        If it were one of my buds on the OTH, I would wear my sweet 85s Bear jacket and keep reminding them after every shot about the ass raping we gave them…cheers!

      • John F

        He’s a stupid Pats fan with no short term memory apparently, the Pats ALWAYS come back and the other team always craps the bed when the going gets tough

  • That Guy
    • It is intriguing as a thought experiment.

      What if fans demand, “helmet to helmet hits are ok. We want 80s football back”

      What then?

      No concussion protocol. No protecting the QB. No helpless receivers. no limited practices.

      Just back to gash and bash football

      I wonder if that would even be legal.

      And as both a fan and a human being, if I could watch with a clear conscience.

      • That Guy

        I don’t think that’s the direction he’s going. In the video itself he referenced talking to doctors, so they’re obviously going to be addressing the concussion stuff. Plus, shorter games? Shorter season? If they have a good conditioning program (and Vince knows conditioning), they might actually do better than the NFL with injuries.

        I think his main focus will be the more annoying stuff about modern football:
        1. Fixing the “what is a catch” rule.
        2. Fixing instant replay (maybe by eliminating it?)
        3. Maybe tweaking the rules to take the emphasis off of the QB a bit? (I doubt that one).

        I don’t think the pace of the game is too slow personally, so I don’t know how much they’ll really need to tweak that. Although, interestingly he talked about keeping the game to two hours. Maybe shorten quarters? Eliminate halftime? Put a sensor in the football to eliminate the need for measuring first downs and touchdowns (imagine if the only way to go out of bounds was if the ball crossed the boundary and body parts didn’t matter)? Maybe reduce the number of scenarios that stop the clock?

        But I think the real value will be the same real value that came last time the XFL was around. Vince knows media. He will have some new and interesting camera angles and opportunities that the NFL doesn’t currently have. Off the top of my head?
        1. A body cam on every player.
        2. Drones over the field.
        3. Alternate commentaries available through streaming.
        4. Madden style info graphics explaining plays as they happen.
        5. Maybe even a camera on the ball? Imagine that shot on a hail mary.

        I dunno. The success of the XFL will hinge on whether they can secure any star power. The obvious choice would be Tim Tebow, but there are other players not in the NFL that could be interesting. And I heard a really interesting discussion of what happens if McMahon is willing to pay players right out of high school, even if they do take a year off before seeing the field.

        • That’s the main thing – signing stars. That’s how the AFL forced the NFL to accept them. McMahon should study how Al Davis did things.

          – Half time could be shortened. 10-15 mins. They’re an 8 team league, so it’s not as if they’ll have to cover much.

          – They need to go back to ‘common sense’ football. Looks like a catch, is one. Same with all the other stuff

          – Review should go back to original purpose. Overturn blatant mistakes. None of this magnifying or microscopic dissecting.

          – Any sort of hit that draws a flag should be reviewable. Sometimes defenders hit someone hard legally, and it automatically draws flag. If it’s not helmet-to-helmet, should be able to pick up flag. Play on

          – The XFL should NOT look that different than the NFL or NCAA. If it resembles Arena Ball, it’ll fail. Americans don’t like that shit. Just follow the mold. Tweak.

          – All the other stuff like chipped balls could help speed up the game. Sure, take a lil of the drama of measuring out, but a lil red light on the sideline should flash for every first down or TD. Boom. Celebrate. Keep it going.

          – CUT DOWN COMMERCIALS. That’s yuge.

          – Offer custom online packages. The $5-$10 buck per game online option would make bank, esp to those over seas.

          This also reels in pirate watchers. A lot of folks won’t want to deal with the pirate routine of finding a quality game that doesn’t stall, crash or try to infect computers.

          That would be a good start, and like you said, maybe start it after SB.

          I think fans might have Football hangover too soon, so I would start in March, when ppl are FED UP with all the draft talk. Go through the summer. End in July before NFL camp starts.

          That may also allow some of the XFL players to join an NFL team, which could be a recruiting tool.

    • BearDown100393

      Vince McMahon is a trash can with arms and legs.

      • That Guy

        Dunno. The WWE network is one of the most profitable online subscription video services companies outside of the adult film industry. They’re also at the top of a lot of social media platforms. And, for those of us who enjoy the occassional nostalgia video packages, they have one of the best media groups in the business (right up there with NFL films).

        Vince has some notable failures on his resume, but the man knows entertainment. I think he’ll definitely bring some good ideas to the table that the NFL will hopefully copy to improve their product. The question is whether he’ll also be able to run a profitable B-league for those who don’t get enough just watching NFL and college.

        It also sounds like the XFL will be a spring league, so maybe he can take advantage of the quiet months for NFL fans.

        • CanadaBear

          I just don’t see it. Most people seem to want less football these days.

          • That Guy

            Now that is a real issue. But if they play in February after the Superbowl? They could start their season right when people are in football withdrawal and nothing else is really happening. Then let March madness happen in their mid-season before doing 2-3 weeks of playoffs in early April before the NBA and NHL post-seasons pick up speed.

  • SC Dave

    Ha ha ha… since we’re talking about “Five things lists”…


  • BerwynBomber

    #3 is probably #1 on your list, but the actual #1 is one you overlooked:

    #1 Attention to Detail

    Belichick considers EVERYTHING and the Pats are always the most fundamentally sound team in the league. As Romo said during their divisional game, by the end of the year NE is always tackling better than any team in the league.

    The little Belichickian wrinkles that slip out thru the years are always interesting (the un-orthodox spin of left-footed punters, double the opponent’s #1 WR put your stud CB one-on-one on their #2, kick short of the goal line to avoid the 25 yard touchback, etc., etc.).

    This year one slipped out after the Pats beat PIT in the final seconds in the regular season when the controversial Jesse James play was ruled an incompletion. A couple of Pats O players were asked about the play afterward.

    Oh, we can’t do that, they said. When asked to elaborate they said they we’re not allowed to stretch the ball out for a marker or goal line unless it is a fourth down play.

    Benny Cunningham, Derek Carr and undoubtedly a few others could have benefitted from that mandate this past season.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      I’ve noticed that bad organizations (in any field) have awful attention to detail. They put a product out that kinda-sorta-maybe works but no better.

      It’s not even planned obsolescence for products or services sometimes. It’s just inefficiency or stupidity across the board wasting everybody’s time.

    • The Pats beat the Hawks on fundamentals and details.

      When the Hawks hurried to lined up in a passing formation thinking they were going to catch the Pats off guard, the Pats were prepared.

      Butler, not exactly a household name, jumped the route.

      When asked afterwards about it, he said they knew exactly what SEA was about to do and how to defend it.

      Preparation. Execution. Ring.

      • BerwynBomber

        Right. Butler said Belichick had them practice defending that play prior to the SB.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    Bad Cheese = Super Bowls.

    (Kraft / Packers)

    11 appearances since 1997.

    Washington should make it any year now with all that government cheese.

    LESSON: The Bears need a kicker named Velveeta Limburger.

    (hey, I don’t care if the kicker’s a chick. This is science.)

  • This week, in Butch presents…

    An interview with a “narco-capitalist” Jeff Berwick

    What is that? A worker bee may ponder. Well, pretty much a Libertarian/Anarchist

    Some bullet points:

    – He lays out his argument about how the U.S. Government controls its citizens more than Stalin ever did. How the 24 hour newscyle, ads and culture have brainwashed more effectively than Kim Jong

    “Give me the first four years of a child, and that seed which I plant can never be uprooted” – Stalin

    – He argues that both Hillary and Trump are bank stooges, puppets for the Fed Reserve. He scoffs as Trump as an outsider who will drain the swamp ‘he’s a billionaire who surrounds himself with Goldman Sachs goons. How much more deep state can you get?”

    – The Bankers want to keep this world in constant warfare because it’s more profitable. Notes how every major U.S. war was started with a false flag attack – be it Golf of Tonkin (the U.S. shot their own ship), Pearl Harbor (FDR knew about the attack and allowed it to jump in the war) or 9/11 ‘you think some rebels in the Afghan desert could pull that off?”…

    – Libya, North Korea, Iran, Iraq etc are not “rogue” states. They’re the last bastions of economies not based on the dollar or western banking, which obviously must be destroyed.

    – Makes the case that the internet and Bitcoin (or electronic currency) can finally defeat centralized banks, the root of all evil as even Jesus himself pointed out.

    – Thinks Trump’s wall is to keep americans in, not to keep Mexicans out. Argues more Americans immigrate to Mexico than the other way around

    Just a short list of topics covered.

    Be interested what you guys think, esp those with Libertarians or Socialist bends.

    • That Guy

      There’s a lot of bullcrap and CT leavened with some sanity there.

      Iraq and Iran are absolutely based on the dollar and western banking. Oil is traded in dollars. What’s the basis for those economies (and Libya’s)?

      Warfare is unprofitable. Sure, there’s profit to be made in rebuilding after a society is destroyed, and there’s profit to be made in selling weapons, but war tanks economies in regions. War displaces thousands and millions of people–who can neither produce nor consume at non-wartime levels. People starve and die far from the fighting. The profit isn’t in war, but in economic competition–the race to the bottom, as countries and cities compete to offer the best package of deregulation to corporations so they can locate production there.

      “False flag” crap is just lunacy. We go to war on flimsy premises and even have more than once concocted causus belli out of fiction. But we were going to war in WW2 not because bankers wanted it, but because a nutjob was in charge in Germany and he was going to take over Europe while at the same time Japan was looking to corner oil production in the Pacific. And we (and our allies) were in the way of both. So even if you subscribe to the belief that FDR knew Pearl was getting hit and “let it happen,” there’s no way you can argue that we weren’t eventually getting pulled into WW2, no way you can argue that some secret cabal falsely pushed us in.

      More Americans emigrate to Mexico than Mexicans to America? That’s fucking ass backwards. The numbers are fucking plain as day. 2002 numbers put the number of Mexican-born migrants (legal and illegal) in the US at about 10 million. 2015 UN estimates put the number of US nationals in Mexico at less than 1 million.

      And the biggest problem with Bitcoin is the power and processing it takes. The wider it spreads, the more electricity it uses and the slower transactions become. It will die under its own weight. Can’t beat the banks, can’t beat government-backed currencies, if you can’t trade a currency because it’s too slow, and it sucks too much electricity just to use it.

      Finally, I’ll address the first point–that the US government controls people through the 24 hour news cycle, advertisement, consumerism, etc. Again, this is ass-backwards. You think the government runs the news and ads? Culture isn’t controlled by any one entity or agency or even corporate cabal. It’s amorphous and chaotic. The best government can do is be like a drunk fat chick riding the mechanical bull–it can hold on for dear life and imagine it controls the machine, but in the end, the machine throws off anyone who tries to control it.

      • Irish Sweetness

        You’re definitely not NBIT. He’s smart.

        “And the biggest problem with Bitcoin is the power and processing it takes. The wider it spreads, the more electricity it uses and the slower transactions become.”

        The more electricity it uses? Seriously? WTF? Do you know how many cryptocurrencies the market is testing right now? The electricity is from mining, not using.

        “It will die under its own weight. Can’t beat the banks, can’t beat government-backed currencies.”

        Which government backs its own currency? Are you talking about the Federal Reserve?? Those privately owned gangster banks? The U.S. dollar is not issued by the U.S. government

        No governments issue currency anymore (bar Sweden – gold standard, Denmark – national bank, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland). Two of the last U.S. Presidetns to try doing that got shot in the head in public.

        WWII was ABSOLUTELY caused/ funded by those people, namely the Rothschilds, who funded all sides. Hitler didn’t want to take over Europe – Britain declared war on Germany, not the other way around. He had his work cut out for him attacking an island. How many were killed in Poland? They were on horseback with rifles! Holland rolled over with the rest. Hitler’s main beef was with the banks

        ” US government controls people through the 24 hour news cycle, advertisement, consumerism, etc. Again, this is ass-backwards. You think the government runs the news and ads? ”

        No! Of course not! Who thinks that!? The government don’t run America. How old are you?

        “Warfare is unprofitable.”

        Are you trolling us? Raytheon. G.E. Lockheed Martin. UNPROFITABLE? $100 Billion a year for arms? A secret two trillion dollar black budget in the U.S. alone?

      • Pretty Boy Assassin

        “Warfare is unprofitable. Sure, there’s profit to be made in rebuilding after a society is destroyed, and there’s profit to be made in selling weapons, but war tanks economies in regions. War displaces thousands and millions of people–who can neither produce nor consume at non-wartime levels. People starve and die far from the fighting. The profit isn’t in war, but in economic competition–the race to the bottom, as countries and cities compete to offer the best package of deregulation to corporations so they can locate production there.”

        This has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, but it is all fucking true. Where you miss the boat is that War is only profitable for some people. And in Iraq and Afghanistan’s case, it was profitable for the people paying for our politicians.

        Fuck, look at half of South/Central America in the 70s/80s. We gave them “aid” in weapons and CIA/DoD training and support, let them destroy their infrastructure, and then our banks lent the money to the resulting right-wing dictators to rebuild said infrastructure. Did the American people profit? Fuck no, but the banker class did.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Congress are also puppets of the Federal Reserve Banks. They’re either all complicit, or too ignorant to realize their currency – and therefore country – got hijacked by a cartel of private banks.

      Cryptocurrencies are indeed the way forward. Think of how hard it is to move currency from one country to another, even between your own accounts. I put everything in the US into Bitcoin (or whatever), I then simply purchase as much of the other currency as I want, or trade my bitcoin and deposit the cash into the other account.

      • I was a bit surprised that a conspiracy theorist would be so bullish on crypto$.

        I would think that they would be paranoid about China or some dodgy russian being behind it and using it for their own nefarious agendas.

        May have to look into it.

        So, Bitcoin can’t be taxed?

        It also doesn’t accumulate interest, right?

        (GP, Waffle, feel free to jump in)

        I suppose it’s a form of bartering in that way, which is what some Libertarians and many Anarchist propose is the fairest method of exchange anyways

    • Pretty Boy Assassin

      Pretty typical stuff that sounds like what you hear on the left with secret societies and conspiracy theories thrown in. I’m on board with them, and then he says something like “anything you want to do has a 3 letter agency attached to it…that’s central planning…that’s communism.” Typical Libertarian logical fallacies, this one being “Either/or”. Everything that isn’t me is statist socialist communist crony-capitalism.

      • I always have linked Anarchy and Liberatiansm, and typically the latter is considered ‘right’ so logic dictates that anarchy is even farther “right”.

        They both believe in the premise that no government or as little as possible is best for man.

        It’s just a matter of degrees for those philosophies.

        I don’t agree with that premise. I don’t know what a world free of government would look like, but it feels like it would be more Mad Max than whatever arcadian vision they harbor.

        I feel like humans would simply revert back to tribalism, clans or polis warring endlessly with each other for resources .

        I think the closest most modern “libertarian” model would be The Wild West (and it didn’t get coined that for nothing).

        But even then if a roaming gang of cowboys came and trained your wife and murdered your family, there was still government marshals, sheriffs and army to hunt them down and mete out justice, keep order and restore freedom from such fear.

        Government which could only exist through the oldest and most socialist concept of all: taxes

        I do however find Anarchy and Libertarian ideas fascinating.

        They make a lot of insightful points, esp when it comes to bankers, the military-industrial complex, washington corruption and international back channels and agendas.

        When they start talking about Jesuits and devil worship though, that’s sorta where they lose me…

        • Pretty Boy Assassin

          Agreed, and to clarify, I consider myself left. Thus, when I say this is stuff you hear on the left, I’m saying the left agrees with their assertions on War and the ruling class using it. The left has a different solution than these two on the economic right. Also, I don’t hear lefties talking about one world gov or secret societies. We do talk about real false flags such as the Gulf of Tonkin.

  • evantonio

    From the “that’s the least you could do” files, the Bears aren’t raising ticket prices for season ticket holders.

  • I could sum up what the Bears should do in 3 words:

    Do the opposite


  • Malice Halice

    If the patriots win the SB. They need to move to another division. 15/16 division titles, 8 AFCS n SB appearances thats just not fair. Yea the Browns was savages in da 60’s but football wasn’t even intellectual at the time. Given the fact that they cheated so many times it’s sad. They need to relocate seriously. Great franchise it’s been fun to watch but I’m over that shit.

  • Irish Sweetness

    In a show of solidarity with all those ladies who sucked cock for a part in a movie …. I can’t find it in me to bring you Booby Friday …. so it’s Funny Friday. Let’s bring out the smiles instead.

    Somebody just sent me this Cheers clip, and it reminded me of why I liked Cheers.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Brilliant assessment of where movies are at by actor Anthony Mackie.

    Comic books killed the movie star.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Adjustments and taking away a team’s best player. Yes, we need to see that. Even Lovie could manage that, but it would take him until the half. He’d tell Peanut something, and then Megatron met Optimus Prime in the second half.

    • I never understood why teams don’t adopt that strategy. Seems simple.

      They have a hot player on O, take him away. Make them beat you left handed.

      And on O, have 3 different ways to attack.

      The Pats typically have Gronk, Edlemen, Cooks and Dion Lewis.

      Who do you stop? You double Gronk, that leaves Edlmen (or insert small white guy) carving up a nickle one-on-one.

      Stop slot, hit you with Gronk, or Cooks.

      Stay in nickle, Lewis is an excellent shot-gun HB.

      And he, or white, are mismatches for most LBs.

      Need to emulate that

      The “we got off the bus running” or “run and shoot” attacks are like 1950s IBM computers. Obsolete.

      Gotta be flexible, responsive and dynamic

      Of course, that requites a smart HC, which we haven’t had since perhaps Halas.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        It also requires the players that can get it done. Stopping Gronk isn’t easy. Well, unless you concuss him in the first half.

        That would be my strategy going forward. You keep a roster spot just for Brandon Meriweather. When the game starts getting out of hand, you roll him out of the locker room on a wagon, and let him out of the box. Like a head hunting Velociraptor.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          I hear going for his knee will stop him too.

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