Divisional Round Game Predictions

| January 12th, 2018

Went 2-2 ATS last week and would have been 3-1 if I’d remembered never to lay 9 points on an Andy Reid-coached team under any circumstances. Still, 2-2 is a good start. Need a 3-1 week to keep the dream of topping 7-4 alive. I’m confident.

All spreads from BETUS, Thursday evening.

Atlanta at Philadelphia

Saturday – 3:20 pm CT

Pick: Falcons -3

This is the hardest game to analyze on the weekend because it’s impossible to know what to expect from Nick Foles. But if the Falcons defense plays as fast and angry as it did against the Rams, how could anyone expect Foles to get anything done through the air? A few interceptions are likely as the Falcons continue their journey to Super Bowl redemption…maybe. Falcons 20, Eagles 14.

Tennessee at New England

Saturday – 7:15 pm CT

Pick: Patriots -13

This Titans crap has gone on long enough. Patriots 27, Titans 10.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh

Sunday – 12:05 pm CT

Pick: Steelers -7

Here’s my hot take for the column: the Jaguars defense is overrated. Jimmy G tore them to ribbons on Christmas Eve. Since then they’ve faced the offensive juggernauts of Tennessee and Buffalo and could easily have lost to both. (Tyrod Taylor had plenty of opportunities.)

I can’t imagine a scenario where Ben Roethlisberger repeats his mid-season “maybe I don’t have it anymore” nightmare. I can imagine a scenario where Chad Henne finds his way onto the field to replace Blake Bortles. Steelers 30, Jags 10

New Orleans at Minnesota

Sunday – 3:40 pm CT

Pick: Saints +5

Last week I didn’t trust Goff. This week I don’t trust Keenum. Both had wonderful regular season but the playoffs are an entirely different animal. Every single throw carries the weight of the entire season. Is Keenum ready for that pressure?

New Orleans has the corners to limit what the Vikings receivers can do outside, allowing their front to harass the Minnesota signal caller into mistakes. Then the game falls on the arm of Drew Brees and, well, he’s just fine with that. Saints 20, Vikings 17

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  • Worst to first!

    Ugh, can’t sleep. Watching WWII in Colour on netflix to nod off.

    Falcons 24 – Eagles 13

    I like the argument Florio made. Some team always goes into playoff must win mode around Thanksgiving, and they’re drilled and tested and tend to catch bye week teams by surprise.
    I was also impressed by ATLs brain trust last week. Outcoaching McVay and Wade not easy. Add the humiliation of the SB loss to the mix…think they got it.

    Pats 27 – Titans 13

    I wanna give the Pats another 7 points, but may start off slow, though I fully expect them to figure it out and take them out.

    I don’t see how the Titans score 2 TDs. Mariotta will have a running one, maybe their TE, but I just don’t see it. I like Henry, but I think the Pats are gonna do their nullify #1 threat thing, and that means Henry and the read-option.

    Steelers 23 – Jags 9

    Too many weapons and experience on the Steelers side, and what’s more, the Killer Bs are clutch. They’ll simply make more plays when it matters.

    The Jags are too immature imo, and Bortles is going to demoralize them; they’ll do a bunch of stupid shit to sabotage themselves. I expect a lot of FGs on both sides.

    Vikes 30 – Aints 24

    Everyone’s been doubting Keenum all yr. I’ve watched a lot of him, and he’s no game manager. . Everyone keeps waiting for him to go full Cutler, and he reeaally flirts with it, but somehow always manages to make just the right throw, escape the sack, scramble for a 1st when his team needs it.

    Saints SHOULD’VE lost last week if not for major drops by Panthers, including two in the endzone where Cam couldn’t hand it off better. Then everyone’s talking about how stupid and overaggressive Payton was.

    I think the Vikes will get a score on D or specials as cherry on top. Barring a Keenum self-implosion, I simply don’t see how they lose this game.

    • CaponeBot 1.0

      some analyst rewatched the Falcons Rams game and analyzed everything. The 2 turnovers by that Rams guy totally fucked the whole mojo of the game. He felt the Rams overall still outplayed the Falcons and that’s why he feels Philly will pull off this upset.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    Saints defense was awful last week.

    • BerwynBomber

      So was their run game.

      Looked like the same old Saints last weekend: all Brees (w/ Payton nearly costing them the game).

      • willbest

        Perhaps they will try a different tactic away from the dome.

        • BerwynBomber

          MIN is a dome too, isn’t it?

          • willbest

            It is, but they won’t be able to use the hard count there I presume.

  • I’ve got Vikings over Saints, but otherwise agree with these picks.

  • beninnorcal

    I think the Vikes pull it off and win this weekend.

    • BerwynBomber

      And the spread?

  • BearDown100393

    I don’t give a sh*t.

    • Scharfinator

      Ahh, glad to see you’re still cantankerous as ever.

      • WP4Life

        He hasn’t taken a shit since the Bears last went to the Championship game!

    • CaponeBot 1.0

      it’s a weekend of great football dude, start being a guy again.


      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        You convinced BD isn’t a middle aged woman?

        I’m at 50/50.

        • BearDown100393

          I’m at 100% this board is filled with McCaskey cuckold drunks who really don’t care about winning.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Titans +13
    Jags +7
    Philly +3

    Take the points baby. The three best Ds in their matchups.

    Dump the toss-up game. Worked last week!

    • leftcoastdave

      Irish: Charles London, Penn State. Saquon Barkley.
      You can dream?

  • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

    Anybody else read Baffoe’s stuff on the Score’s website?

    I like that dude. This is from his piece this week.

    “When I think of Silverstein, I reflexively go to “Invitation”. And as I looked at Nagy, half my jaded brain tuned out the special mulligan stew of football press conferencisms he and his new boss, general manager Ryan Pace, chewed in their most earnest tones. I began to think of the various flotation devices the decent Bears fan out there — not the caricature spittling sausage chunks or the Cubs fan hybrid eternal pessimist — is currently using on this sea of frustration and insecurity we were flooded with years ago as punishment for the 10-6 Lovie Smith firing. And I thought of what keeps any of them afloat, not giving in to just easily, mercifully sinking away.

    I figured it’s that tiny glow deep within, the one that flickers ever so brighter with the thought of what a new franchise era might bring despite so many letdowns since the VHS in your parents’ basement of the Super Bowl in January 1986 or the sardonic twitch of the corner of a lip at reading “The Sitter.” It never quite extinguishes, no matter the crushing realities of ownership with your favorite team or office.

    That decent Bear fan is still a dreamer. A wisher and definitely a liar. A hope-er? Check. A pray-er? God yes. And the decent Bears fan has bought a lot of magic beans in the Marc Trestman time alone. (Raises hand.)“

    • Viva Dave Toub

      I went to college with his brother, Matt…

    • CanadaBear

      I haven’t prayed in 50+ years and I’m sure as hell not starting over the Beloved. Gotta stand for something!

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        Yeah. Never got the God and sports connection. A Christian thankful for the opportunity to play professionally is certainly understandable if you’re the religious sort. But praying with conviction for a win, which I’ve seen, is nuts.

        • CanadaBear

          Recovering catholic. 12 years of catholic schools! Embracing atheism for the last 50+!

  • leftcoastdave

    Just read about Charles London’s connection to Penn State. This is sure to get Irish’s hopes up for Saquon Barkley.


    • evantonio

      He won’t last until #8.

    • Bear Instincts

      Not happing. Our 2 biggest needs are EDGE or OL/OT and possibly ILB. Anything else is a wasted pick.

      • leftcoastdave

        I agree and believe it will be OT or Edge, but you know what Irish wants!

  • leftcoastdave

    Erik Lambert showing Jeff some love at the end of this article with his Twit.


  • Viva Dave Toub

    Eagles +3 (Weather)
    Titans +13 (back door cover)
    Jags +7 (Defense wins championships)
    Saints +5 (Viks win by a FG)

  • catfish44

    thoughts on a new bears offense.

  • FresnoBear88

    Helfrich new OC.

  • John F

    Falcons – 10
    Eagles – 13

    Tennessee – 0
    New England – 44

    Jacksonville – 3
    Pittsburgh – 20

    New Orleans – 14
    Minnesota – 17

    • willbest

      Everything looks believable except Atlanta only scoring 10 points.

      Although the conspiracy theorist in me believes that the refs start nudging the game in favor of a team that is getting blown out during the playoffs, so your Ten-NE prediction is unlikely. I mean how else do explain Titans getting back in it? Triplette was on that field. He shouldn’t even be a ref let alone doing playoff games. Why? Cause he is Goodell’s goto enforcer.

      • John F

        Re: Atlanta – Gonna be 32 degrees in Philly at game time. That is way different on a dome team then playing outdoors in LA and 70 degrees.

        Re: Tennessee – Even the refs aren’t going to be able to help them.

        • willbest

          Not win, but maybe more like 13-35

  • BearDown100393

    Kick Vic.

  • Fangio staying. Coaching staff looking good.

    • willbest

      That is an unforgivable sin in Irish’s book.

    • Sactowns#1
    • EnderWiggin

      Good. Some folks seemed upset with his procrastination, but I’m glad he tested the market. He likely made big $ and now he should be 100% certain of being a Bear.
      Good things.

      • Bear Instincts

        How long is the contract? Will he want to test the market next year when a HC opening becomes available?

        • EnderWiggin

          Good question. I’m guessing we’ll know in the next few hours, right Wood?

          • reported 3 year deal.

            So Pace, Nagy, Trubisky, Fangio all under contract through 2020.

            Goal in 2018 should be playoffs, 2019-20 have to aim for SB title IMO.

        • willbest

          The Bears can’t block anybody for interviewing for HC

          • Bear Instincts

            Not saying we should block him. Never want to keep anyone from advancing in their career. Just wondering how committed he is to the Bears

          • willbest

            If Cleveland offered him the HC job next year he would take it. I don’t know why you would expect anybody like Vic who has been passed over multiple times for the promotion to turn it down because the circumstances weren’t right.

          • BearDown100393

            How committed is any coordinator in the league??

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Commitment does not matter. Any coordinator is going to do there best damn job possible, if not they get fired, they may get a second chance but most likely they will end up in the college ranks or worse.

          • Fangio is 60. He’s never going to be a head coach at this point.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    “Now get Vic some pass rushers.”

    And Hicks some bloody help.

    He was overplayed throughout the season and running on fumes by the end of the year.

    • willbest


    • Bear Instincts


      8. Chicago Bears
      Christian Wilkins, DE, Clemson. If the Bears re-sign Mitch Unrein, or if Key or Chubb make it to No. 8, theBears are probably going to go in a different direction. But with how the board plays out here, Wilkins would seemingly be a great fit as a 3-4 base end that can kick inside in nickel downs and be just as effective getting into the backfield. New coach Matt Nagy may want to give Mitchell Trubisky a new No. 1 weapon, but that strategy makes most sense after a trade down. Any team targeting a quarterback may want to give Chicago a call if their desired prospect is still on the board here.

      If we cant get Chubb I would go with Wilkins. Arden Key is way to small. He is going to need to put on a lot of weight. With Wilkins, Goldman and Hicks our line will be an absolute terror

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        The other way to go would be O-line. Protects Trubisky and helps Howard….and anything that extends drives helps the entire D because they won’t be on the field for 40 minutes a game.

        • Bear Instincts

          hard to argue with that. I’m ok with the OG/OT from ND or Chubb/Wilkins…any of those 4 is a win for us

      • I’m still intrigued by another Clemson guy, Clellin Ferrell, should he declare.

        Dude’s only 20 and has upside through the roof. Also has the length Fangio loves in an edge rusher.

        • Bear Instincts

          Thanks. Totally forgot about him. Wilkins always caught my attention when watching Clemson. We really have options this year on both sides of the ball. Wonder if anyone would be available if we traded back a few spots.

    • This is why i wanted Poe and Baker last FA.
      Can never have enough big boyz

      • leftcoastdave

        Bullock was looking great until he strained the biggest, most important muscle in his body, that being his big arsed glute. Roy Rob-Harrison also had his moments for a red-shirt UDFA who put on forty or fifty pounds. He is long and quick at 6’7 300. The the one weakness which remains is John Jenkins, a five year vet.
        Yup, we could use another big uglie in the middle, but the six we’ve got are pretty good.

        • Bear Instincts

          always room for improvement

          • Always.
            And it usually cost.

            You don’t go to home depot and by rotted wood.

            Get the good shit that costs but will last forever.

        • CanadaBear

          Both Bullard and RRH showed enough to bring them back. Hopefully they both take another step or two. Can’t imagine Jenkins is back unless there is guaranteed money. Would love to see the Beloved sign at least one DL and draft one at the very least.

          • leftcoastdave

            Agree completely and like the way they gave RRH and Morgan a year to bulk up. We’ll see what it does for Morgan coming in at G. RRH can be a great pass rusher with his speed and long, long arms.

        • Both Bullard and RRH are just speculative upside though. They flashed. A lot of ppl flash in PS (Joe Anderson Boner Award).

          Pace needs PROVEN big boys.

          That way, if the workshop fatboys don’t pan out, still have s decent Dline and don’t have to grind Goldman and Hicks to a nub.

          If the projects pan out, then it’s all gravy, and we suddenly field a fierce Dline that crushes QBs.

          I sincerely hope Pace realizes this and doesn’t go with Jaye Howard blue-light specials this time around.

          • leftcoastdave

            Almost forgot about him from KC. Great expectations, didn’t make the cut.

          • He was coming off INJ so was cheap.

            As the saying goes though – you pay what you get for.

            All I ask is for one Blue-chip Dline that gets us excited, not an inj dude on a one yr contract we’re crossing our fingers about.

          • leftcoastdave

            The last two years required quantity. Too many needs. Now when you include the walking wounded there are no gaping holes other than WR. That assumes resigning Fuller and Prince. Not that there will not be upgrades to be had. That first round pick will be a tough choice with the great O line prospects sitting there as potential ten year players, but Edge is usually more immediate impact and our O line “pretty good” but not yet great.
            This draft will be fun.

      • Cassondra

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  • catfish44

    Brad Biggs GREAT NEWS!!

    #Bears are expected to retain DC Vic Fangio.

    2:07 PM – Jan 12, 2018

  • BearDown100393

    Biggs reported Fangio staying.

    That is reporting.

    Repeating Biggs on a blog…

    That is blogging.

    Either way, Vic on board.

    Now get to work on that divisional title.

  • Bear Instincts

    New Bears’ HC Matt Nagy has successfully recruited DC Vic Fangio, convincing him to stay in Chicago on a three-year contract, per source. Agreeement just reached.

  • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

    Tabor was the only hire I was really struggling to understand. It was probably just a reflexive reaction to anything associated with the Browns.

    Upon further googling, it appears, on paper at least, to make sense.

    “Chris Tabor: The veteran special teams coordinator returns to Chicago after a seven-year stint at Cleveland. Under Tabor, the Browns’ special teams ranked sixth in kickoff return average allowed, seventh in punt return average, ninth in total kickoff return yards and 10th in total return yards allowed since Tabor took over in 2011. Prior to his time in Cleveland, Tabor served as Dave Toub’s special teams assistant in Chicago from 2008-10.”

    Wonder how many kickers and punters we’re gonna see when the OTAs get under way.

    • The best part about that is he came from Toub.

      I also think we’ll have those two vet kickers duel it out. Santos and that guy who made a 55.

      Hopefully they bring in another young boot

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        I don’t know about Santos. He got shit canned because he was injured. He barely even got warmed up with the Bears when he was re-injured. Pass.

        Nugent, let’s see more. Not sold yet, but he sure has enough leg.

        • CanadaBear

          I”d give the guy a chance, along with Nugent and hopefully another kicker and at least 1 punter.

          • Big Mike

            You know how many young kickers are out there wandering around? dozens. Maybe hundreds. Place Kickers. Punters are bit tougher to find.

          • CanadaBear

            Exactly! I know it’s tough to find the guy that can do it with the lights on and the game on the line but ya can’t stop looking.

          • leftcoastdave

            Mike, you lovin’ the Hiestand hire like I’m lovin’ the Hiestand hire?

          • Big Mike

            It a very big deal. His track record is all-pro caliber. Every stop in his career he’s built good to great OLines with whatever he had. See Garza, Tait, Kreutz and Beekman (?). Practically speaking every guy on the OL just got better. The player we draft will outperform his slot. BTW, that’s the other thing, his eye for talent and ability to see what can be improved and what can’t is going to be a weapon. Bears will end up with a Cody Whitehair type pick this year. I’d even be willing to see the bears take a run at a tackle in FA. The other thing about his groups , is he builds quality depth.

        • Santos’ groin was still fucked up IMO. But we just NEEDED one and pressed him. Found out quickly he inj still lingered.

          I actually like the move by Pace.

          Season lost. Take a flier on a vet who was good. Get him familiar and on the team. IR him for next season.

          Cairo also came from the chiefs. Coicendence? Or was Pacebot thinking Nagy/Tabor(Toub) since Dec?

          I think IF Santos gets over his INJ, he should be good.

          Nugent surprised me. I always tabbed him as an accurate not powerful K.

          I know it was indoors, but 55 is nothing to sneeze at

          I’m normally for drafting a K in the 6th or something, but I think Santos or Nugent will win the job.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            ah…ahh…ahhh-chooooo! I can make 70yarders in pitch black, I can hear them sail through the uprights. With lights on it is a different story.

  • willbest

    Mostly boobs, but some shitholes too.


    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      I approve.

  • leftcoastdave

    “And re-signing Vic Fangio won’t change the solid defense. It’s about players. Bears have good ones on that side of the ball.”

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am glad to see the continuity and I would bet the locker room is as well.

    • willbest

      As long as the D understand its Nagy’s team not Vics.

      • CanadaBear

        I don’t think that will be an issue. If he didn’t do a palace revolt with Foxy asleep at the wheel I don’t think he would undermine Nagy.

        • willbest

          One of the biggest mistakes that Emery/Trestman made was not making Lovie’s D buy in or ship out.

          • CanadaBear

            I think that’s more on Nessman than anything.

          • Going from Lovie, Chico, Old Sauce to Tucker?

            Sheesh, almost don’t blame them for checking out.

          • CanadaBear

            Don’t forget Babich (as much as you want to).

          • Who?

          • CanadaBear

            Bob Babich. The reason Chico didn’t get re-upped. He was Lovie’s pal. I read that Lovie wanted to name him DC when he came in and mgmt insisted on Chico. He was the LB coach while Chico was DC.

          • haha, I know. I was just trying to forget him! giving u the biz.

            Lovie was still the defacto DC.

            And as much shit as we give him, those players ran through brick walls for him.

            Tucker…not so much…

          • CanadaBear

            I didn’t know if the players didn’t respect Tucker personally or because his scheme was so incredibly simple. Maybe a bit of both. I know the players didn’t respect Nessman.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            How could any football player respect Nessman? All I can think when I look at him now is “weenie”. I was actually excited when he was hire. “Outside the Box”. No thanks.

            I should have known, squarely inside the box is where you want to be. It’s always been my favorite place.

          • Major weenie., with ketchup on it.

          • leftcoastdave

            And nary an onion.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            The ultimate non Chicago Weenie. He couldn’t even weenie right.

          • WP4Life

            I hear you. They were an older crew who had been to the dance.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          Boy I don’t think there’s any question there. Vic seems like the soldiering type. And Nagy sure seems like he owns the joint

        • leftcoastdave

          Wonder if Fangio was trying to get some titular form of “assistant head coach” or some other concession other than $$$. Maybe a promise to be in on alternate draft picks? A better parking spot?

          • I seriously think he wanted to join one of those playoff teams, esp the Pats.

            But his agent probably told him that is a huge gamble, and the Bears I would bet gave him a Fri deadline because they’re not gonna be waiting around for playoff teams to lose either.

            marriage of convenience really.

          • CanadaBear

            What’s the use of having leverage if you don’t take advantage of it? I’m sure he squeezed them for a few extra $$$. Good on him!

    • CanadaBear

      Needless to say Fangio is an old school type coach. I don’t mean his schemes but his demeanor on and off the field. I think a lot of the players appreciate it.

    • Pace MUST MUST not be a cheap-ass in FA this time around.

      He MUST realize his leash just got shortened to 2-3 yrs.

      Hopefully, he purchases accordingly.

      Not splurging, but targeting elite FAs who are impact players.

      No more 1yr dudes with one knee or achilles.

      When teams get new coaches and have a young franchise, that new car scent tends to attract FAs, so that should help.

      • CanadaBear

        He will have an extra $12.5 mil after cutting MG and going through the roster he could easily cut another $25-30 mil.

        • Absolutely. We’ll be flush with cap, and this time around the Jags won’t have a billion in cap while the Browns will always be the Browns, so we’ll have the new car smell AND have $.

          No excuses to sign leftovers. Pace needs to be aggressive. The time is now.

          • CanadaBear

            There’s no doubt in my mind George and Sweaty Teddy mentioned the clock is ticking when they re-signed Pace. I’m hoping there will be some actual buzz about the Bears this year. That would help. When Fangio signs I’ll be pretty happy.

          • I think there will def be buzz, Canada.
            Fuck, there was buzz about the Bears LAST PS. Lots of talking heads recognized our roster was not horrible and shouldn’t lose that many if healthy.

            Naturally, they didn’t factor the Fox effect like we did, but if buzz was there last yr, I can easily see the buzz this yr sans Fox.

            I already fortell the narrative “Nagy/Fangio/Trub blue print much like the Rams jump..”

            That’ll be the buzz – and I hope Pace sells the fuck out of it to attract talent.

            It’s demoralizing having guys like Bouye go on record saying they wanted to be on winning teams.

          • leftcoastdave

            As with AJ.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            You’re not surprised Bouye wanted to play for a winning team are you?

          • CanadaBear

            I always assume that’s true unless someone is chasing the last dollar.

          • Some FAs actually want to be part of building a team (like Hicks)

            But most FAs either want to be paid or be on winners.

            That doesn’t surprise me.

            But since Pace hasn’t built a winner, he SHOULD pay – that’s the penalty for hiring/keeping Fox too long.

            But he doesn’t pay either (Or pays for Glennon. Don’t know which is worse)

            So we end up with Cooper, Jay Howard, Wheaton…

            Point is, Bears will have buzz this off-season.

            Let’s hope Pace rides it and swings for homeruns, not doubles.

          • willbest

            Hicks was the Rodney Dangerfield of FA a couple years backs. The Bears gave him a shot, and he rewarded us by sticking around when we made him a fair offer.

          • CanadaBear

            Usually once they are in Chicago they like it and want to stay, esp if the team at least has a chance.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            I’m wondering if Fuller is the next Bouye. Bouye kind of blew up after a long stretch of “meh”.

          • CBs take time to develop. That’s why I was so shocked TWO rook CBs played at such a high level this yr. Might be the spread creating more ready CBs.

            I can def see Fuller as growing in the same way.

            I don’t think he’ll be a top tier ballhawk/shutdown guy, but I see him as a Peanut type.

            Peanut himself struggled a bit early in his career before perfecting that Peanut Punch and improving in coverage.

            Fuller kinda reminds me of peanut in that way. A physical tackler with a knack for playmaking with good (not great) coverage skills.

          • leftcoastdave

            Have you checked out Joshua Jackson from Iowa? Kid was great with three picks to lead the Hawkeyes to their 55-17 butt whooping of Ohio State.

          • No, I haven’t. I usually start looking at tape after the SB.

            Give me something to look forward to.

            Though I do read some scouting reports on the top 10 guys since we usually pick top 10.

            And I have watched a smidgen of college this yr, but I’ll def get into the tap more in a few weeks.

            Remind me later when the draft talk really starts going.

          • leftcoastdave

            Somebody already mocked him to us this week.

          • CanadaBear

            Hope you’re correct. I don’t remember much buzz but I was already bummed and on the 5-11 train.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Wonder what the future bet in Vegas would have paid you for that? 🙂

          • CanadaBear

            I’ve been pretty good the last few years when they have been terrible. I haven’t placed a bet since I quit working in casinos.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            I’m sure. If there’s one thing I’ve learned around the track and the casinos, stick around long enough, see enough, and you’d lose your appetite for it. I can’t imagine what it’s like to work in one.

          • CanadaBear

            Other than when I first started I worked day shift 6:30-4:00. Take all of the cash out of the machines, count it and account for it by machine, help get the cashiers going and then hit the floor at 10. Always worked in the slot area so it was mostly old farts. At some point you get to be kinda, sorta friends with some of them (you’re always working for tips) and feel bad for them throwing their money away. I hated working at night and only did that for a few weeks.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Correct. This has been my guess for going on two years.

            Pace has stated openly he intends to build for the long haul, THROUGH the draft.

            Fox was likely always a rental babysitter.

            The Free Agent contracts to date have made sense when looking through this lens. (Outside of Glennon and Barth. Huge misses)

            I expect him to step it up a bit in FA this year. But I’d guess it still won’t be quite what you’d like to see. If what you want is an A, I’d bet you’re gonna see a very solid B to B+.

            Bears should stock the pantry with enough veteran talent this Spring to go win games and be a very real threat for the Division in December.

            If that holds true, that means Trubisky and Nagy are goods and are progressing well.

            Year after that, bar the doors.

  • CanadaBear
    • Smart. Would still like Sanchize to stay on as a QB coach/assistant though.

      “When Pederson left to become the Eagles’ coach, he crafted the same three-layered quarterback incubator, calling the plays while coordinatorFrank Reich and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo developed Carson Wentz.

      Nagy, Helfrich and an as-yet-unnamed quarterbacks coach — incumbent Dave Ragone would make sense, as they all have the same agent — should provide Trubisky with the same three layers of guidance”.

      • CanadaBear

        Pretty obvious Sanchez can be a QB coach any time he wants. If the fire goes out for playing …

        • yeah, I would be all on board with Sanchize as QB coach.

          I don’t like this Chase Daniels talk though.

          It amazes me how short-sighted GMs can be sometimes.

          Trub’s gonna learn the system. Yes, it’s a complex system, and he’ll need help, but hiring a QB for that?

          No thanks.

          The position is too important.

          I still want a mid rd lotto QB to groom behind Trub.

          that way, if Trub godforbid goes down, we’ll have a guy we’re looking forward to, and not fucking Chase Daniels.

          That’s what teams like the Pats and Puke do – draft a guy. Mold him.

          Hope we do the same.

          Leave the teaching to the coaches and Sanchize.

  • willbest

    Brady, Manning, and Big Ben have represented the AFC for 13 of the last 14 years (Flacco’s Ravens in 2013 being the lone exception). As much as I think the Jags and Titans have no chance, I would really like to see one of them make it. Like could Bortles just fucking rise to the occasion for 2 games. Like not even good, just 220 and a TD with no INTs.

    On the NFC side the NFCC I most want to watch is Saints @ Minny. Oh wait we are getting that this weekend because the Rams fucked up. Um… wow, I don’t care about any of the 4 possible NFCC, but as Brees is a fellow boilermaker I will throw my hat in with him.

  • Bear Instincts
    • willbest

      its trolled up atm

      • leftcoastdave

        Yes, you may not want to go there unless you have the time to block users.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        Holy shit.

  • willbest
  • Just saw the new thread.


    Regs better off on this thread to discuss real shit.

    • CanadaBear

      Definitely better off here. Fuck JW’s posse is back.

    • Bender McLugh

      I did get this nugget from there though:

      GM, HC, QB, and DC all in place through 2020.

      • leftcoastdave

        And what about Hiestand as the O line coach?

        That is YUGE moving to more WCO/spread as will happen under Nagy and Helfrich.

  • CanadaBear

    A good read about Fangio staying. BB, if you read this check out the quote towards the end.


    • leftcoastdave

      Amen to all of that. Great find, great read.

  • Bender McLugh

    So is the ST Coordinator Toub 2.0?

    • CanadaBear

      His ST’s stats look pretty decent, esp when you consider it was at the Factory of Sadness.

      • Bender McLugh

        And he learned from Toub, I’m optimistic

      • Well, god knows he earned his paychecks with all those Kicks and Punts…

        • CanadaBear

          I’m guessing there was constant roster turnover during that time and not in a good way.

  • leftcoastdave
    • The oregon connection is interesting (not that anything can salvage Grasu).

      I do wonder if the Bears will go more quick tempo/shot-gun now with them on board.

      For as big as Howard is, he also ran out of a quick temp O in college, so he’d be comfortable in that scheme (just don’t throw it to him).

      • leftcoastdave

        I’m still lovin on Hiestadt to coach up the line to the new O schemes.

  • CanadaBear

    Gotta admit I’m starting to get optimistic! Not that I know for sure but it seems like Nagy filled out his 3 coordinators in short order. I’m a little concerned about Helfrich might be a loose cannon but I know Vic is the goods, Tabor seems like a can’t miss, HH as OL coach seems like a plus, I’m guessing Donatell is staying, plus London for RB’s. Who knows how it will turn out but there aren’t any Dave McGinnes moments.

    • ‘Gotta admit I’m starting to get optimistic!’

      Et tu, Canada, et tu!

      Leftcoast posted a good artlcle below/above on the expediency of Bears hire.
      We pretty much got everyone on board, while other teams are still twiddling their thumbs.

      Guess we’ll find out if the quick process worked or not, but so far they look like solid hires.

      There’s risk and drawbacks to all the changes, but as they say, can’t make an omelette without a few broken eggs.

      • CanadaBear

        No eggs for me. It’s nice not to be down to seeds and stems again.

        • leftcoastdave

          I’m loving the O connections and don’t see how Helfrich can be a problem with Nagy calling the plays. Sure, his Oregon scheme was wild and crazy but after this year of keeping everything safe and bottled up, it’s time for some wild and crazy. Like those stats on Nagy QB ints? It is as if Pace had this planned out and told Fox to teach up Trubinsky with that one thing in mind.

          • CanadaBear

            Let’s hope Foxy was good for something.

  • Also, totally off topic, but nagging at me.

    The new Star Wars SUCKED. *Spoiler Leia fucking force swimming through space was jumping the shark. Holy crap.

    Dunkirk sucked too.

    It’s hard to fuck up a WW2 movie, but they found a way.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Disagree on the sucking. Agree on the Leia scene. And they could have cut the movie about 20 minutes shorter or refocused those 20 minutes at the casino on something else.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    OH HOLY HELL. The new thread is infested. I know they Data followers, but I don’t understand how? Data is pretty smart and his posts are pretty deep, so how did he end up with these degenerates?

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