Data Entry: Random Roster Thoughts

| April 6th, 2018

Note: thanks to Butch for the cool new header picture

Free agency is settling down, so now is a good time to take a look at where the Bears’ roster currently stands. This will give us a better idea of what minor free agency moves should still be made and where the draft attention should focus for the first few rounds.

Let’s start with a rough depth chart, followed by a few quick thoughts. This is just my estimate of what a depth chart could look like, don’t read too much into details like Roy Robertson-Harris being above Jonathan Bullard, or anything like that.

Reflections, in no particular order:

  • The Bears currently have 65 players under contract. They’re scheduled for 7 draft picks, and will likely sign a few more cheap veterans, but there’s going to be plenty of room to fill out the roster with undrafted free agents after the draft. Expect them to bring in at least 15 of them, and thus it’s no surprise that they’ve been meeting with several players projected as possible UDFA targets, including Jonah Trinnaman and Jarvion Franklin.

  • You can see that Ryan Pace has generally fulfilled his stated free agency goal of entering the draft without being forced to grab somebody at a certain position because of need. There’s no spot on the roster where the Bears are completely barren, though there are a few positions that could use another player ready to contribute already.
  • This is no surprise, but those positions are guard (or center if Cody Whitehair moves to guard) and outside linebacker. I feel much better about Eric Kush as the top backup than the starter, and Sam Acho needs to be the 4th or 5th OLB, not 3rd. I still think that re-signing Lamarr Houston would be a good idea, and may be an option if the draft doesn’t fall the way they like at OLB.
  • The Bears recently shored up depth at RB and G by signing cheap veterans in Benny Cunningham and Earl Watford, respectively. Two more positions that would make sense for them to look for before the draft include ILB and DL. Somebody like Watford-a cheap veteran who is a bad starter or solid backup but has starting experience-would be ideal at inside linebacker, and they need a defensive lineman who can be an end-of-the-rotation guy so their main players don’t play too many snaps and wear down like Akiem Hicks did last year.
  • A third roster spot that could use some veteran insurance is at safety, where the starting duo of Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos is solid, but there’s not much behind them in the way of experience. Every safety currently on the roster is a draft pick playing on their rookie deal, so a player with more experience to compete for depth would be ideal.
  • This is random, but ILB Jerrell Freeman is no longer listed on the Bears’ official roster, so it seems he’s officially been cut. A few weeks ago that was not the case, even though the media had reported he would be cut. The Bears probably waited until he could pass a physical. It sounds like Freeman had serious head injuries, so I’m guessing he retires, and I hope he is able to get the medical attention he needs.

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  • SC Dave

    Unfortunate situation for Freeman to be sure.

    • BenderMcLugh

      I thought he had already announced he was going to retire…must have dreamt it

      • CanadaBear

        I think he talked about it but hasn’t filed the paper work.

    • Sucks. When I first saw him play in PS, he was getting attacked through the air and I thought, “Here we go again. Another Frankenstein LB…” But when the real season kicked off, holy shit, he was omnipresent. Just fucking everywhere. Tracking TEs, stuffing RBs, aligning the D, and he played much faster than I expected.


      Oh well. Pour a 40 for Freeman…

      • SC Dave

        By about halfway through their second game together, I realized (and maybe wrote here) that while all the hype was on Trevathan, Freeman was just better. Just *way* better.

        Regrettably, it was a mirage for us Bear fans.

        But my post was really about Jerrell, not us. I hope he comes out okay. Shit, he’s still a kid.

      • Irish Sweetness

        That’s why these vet LB acquisitions are always risky. Draft your LBs. Let’s keep it going in round 1.

  • BenderMcLugh

    before reading I must say – JWood! You NEED to use this pic of Data as your avitar! You can even mustachio it iffins you like

    • Butch did an awesome job with this, but my avatar is an ongoing joke from the Trestman era, and I just can’t bring myself to change it.

      Plus I don’t think that picture would show up well in a tiny little square. Avatar pictures are intended to be something very small and simple, like a face with a ridiculous mustache on it.

      I did, however, make it the banner picture on my Twitter page. (https://twitter.com/Johnathan_Wood1)

      • BenderMcLugh


        Edit: okay not a quitter since you made it your Twitter page banner heh

      • I accept bitcoin!

        Wow. That used to be a joke. Now, those dudes are millionaires (noooooo….

      • Irish Sweetness

        Jokes are supposed to be funny, Woodsy. And it kinda looks like a Nazi linebacker.

        Correct on the Data avatar. The larger photo works much better. An AI positronic matrix analyzing Bears stats is what we need not a Schutstaffel Mike with a ‘stache straight from the Blue Oyster. But when I see Data…. I get a little verklempt.

        Hey GP, wanna join my metal band? Nazi linebackers. Yeah.

        • Cheese

          Looks more like a circus strongman.

    • Irish Sweetness


  • Bear Instincts

    Have we not signed Eric Reid at S because of the anthem protest? He’s a solid veteran that will come cheap.

    • I would love Eric Reid. Was gonna bring him up as possible vet S.

      I don’t know if I would get a vet ILB at this point though. While Kwiat is not ideal, he’s still likely better (and with more upside) than bottom of the barrel FAs at this point.

      Bears are desperately thin at OLB. Acho is a purely rotational guy. Floyd has a history of concussions and not finishing seasons. I’m a bit surprised they haven’t brought in Houston yet. He balled late last season. Give him a vet min contract.

      As for Dline, yeah, a vet would def be nice.

      I’m a bit surprsed that RRH is listed AHEAD of Bullard. That can’t be good.

      On the other side, I’m bullish on Kush, but I’m no doctor. Don’t know how he’s recovering.
      And Long is literally coming off 3 surgeries, so as of now we could end up with a Kush-Morgan combo and I have no idea if Morgan is any good.

      This is why I don’t understand letting Sitton go.

      Oh well.

      Billy Price is an Olinemen I like in the draft, and he may fall because of a torn pec. Otherwise, he’d likely be graded as the 2nd best interior linemen in the draft behind Nelson. Might be able to nab him in the 2nd, if we’re willing to be patient.

      • SC Dave

        Protesting by kneeling during the anthem is indicative of distraction and instead of an obsession with football. So Reid does not fit.

        • Only a distraction to cranky old white republicans, SC.

          Everyone else is OK with it, including, and most importantly, vets.

          You’d probably have banned these guys too for being a distraction, eh?


          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            It is not just cranky old white republicans. I have met plenty of people of all ages and backgrounds that have a huge problem with players kneeling, granted none of them are black. I also found that most of them didn’t really know why players were kneeling, and would not even take the time to learn why.

          • I know a bunch of vets. 1. Almost NONE of them even watch football. They do other shit, like camping, climbing, hunting, paint balling etc

            2. The ones who do seriously don’t give a shit. They’ve been in war. They’ve carried the legs and arms of their buddies. Kneeling doesn’t faze them.

            We also have no clue if the players are gonna keep kneeling. Seems case by case.

            Maybe they’ll kneel when a cop murders another unarmed af-am like that guy in Oak who got shot 6 times in the back.

            Maybe not.

            Maybe cops should stop shooting unarmed af-ams. I know – radical demand.

          • Irish Sweetness

            “….granted none of them are black.”

            Yes. Granted none of them have been discriminated against their whole priviliged lives.

          • BenderMcLugh

            Honestly the fist raise would go over so much better than the kneeling does, and would be less of a distraction to those old crusty white men.

          • Cheese

            I’ve voted democrat since 1980.

            He can take his kneeling and shove it up his ass.

            Save it for when he’s NOT at work.

        • Irish Sweetness

          African-Americans would disagree, Dave. He is kneeling … for them. Not for him. It’s not helping him.

          • SC Dave

            It does not sound like an “obsessed with football” thing to do, regardless of whether one agrees or doesn’t.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Maybe – if we drafted him – Tre might be better at OLB? He’s built to rush the passer. You blitz him and Floyd with any kind of chaos up the middle and it’s lights out party over.

    • ButtonShoes

      Eric Reid would be a real smart signing. Which is why the Bears won’t do it.

  • CanadaBear

    For me I think the roster needs improving in this order; OLB, G/C, DE, ILB, NT, CB/S. If Pace picks up another TE somebody needs to go to Chicago and kick him in the nuts.

    • BerwynBomber

      Decent list. I could flip a coin to determine the gold between OLB and ILB.

      P.S. We have more depth at the latter but I’m not sure anyone is starter material after DannyT.

      • CanadaBear

        I think Kwiat is about like Hunter Hillenmeyer. Nothing special but will be where he’s supposed to be.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, fair enough. He’s probably shown enough to expect Hillenmeyer 2.0.

          • CanadaBear

            Not that Kwiat gets me all excited or anything. Placeholder that won’t hurt you much. Although I gotta say he looked a lot better last year.

          • SC Dave

            Not everyone on the team will be a star. If he becomes as solid as HH was (who, you may recall, was also pretty damn good on specials), it would be an good investment of a 4th round pick IMO.

        • Agree. And the ILB FAs aren’t sexy. I think Kwiat provides more upside than those leftovers


          HOWEVER, how the fuck is Navaro Bowman still available?

          I know he’s had INJs, but he looked decent last season from the few games I saw.

          Might be a guy to look into, esp with the Fangio connection. He’s 30 though – not typical Pace age.

          Maybe not getting him is tipping our hand about Edmunds.

          • Irish Sweetness

            If we’re expecting Kwiat to be anything then we’re frakked. He is what he is. JAG.

            Think of the great LB crews of their day. Were there guys that used to be Kwiat, but the penny dropped and they became animals all of a sudden? Or were they Sam Mills, and they were that since they dropped mewling from their momma’s wombs?

            You draft those guys. And that costs you your first round pick.

            We got Leonard. Now let’s go get Tre … and that’s a pair of heat-seeking missiles to play with. Figure out how to get a disruptive DE in there and we can play ball whatever the fuck the offense is trying to do. Theirs and ours.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Nothing special? I had him as a pile o’ crap.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Or receiver. If he drafts a TE (impossible) or a WR (possible) then yes … multiple solid kicks to the ballbag in quick succession.

  • CanadaBear

    Nice short article about MT and the O. Give MT credit, he said a ton of nice things and never threw Foxy/Nathan Lane under the bus.


    • beninnorcal

      Mitch seems like a really good guy, I’m hoping he takes the next step this year after an offseason of prep knowing he’s the man and some new targets.

      • CanadaBear

        I’m truly excited to see the O this year. It seems like MT has connected with his teammates. It will be nice to see an O that uses the QB’s talents, is up tempo and has a ton of options. Don’t know if you saw the Jordan Howard quote about last year’s O but it went something like, “they knew what play we were going to run almost every time”. So it wasn’t just us?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BerwynBomber

      You mean like our last franchise QB might have?

      Actually, I think that would be way out of line for any semi-struggling rookie-to-second year to do. So … kinda expected that he wouldn’t.

      • CanadaBear

        Fair enough but it didn’t stop Jordan Howard!

        • Irish Sweetness

          Only the twenty yard line can do that, C-Bear!

          • CanadaBear

            Only Bear RB to have 1000 yds rushing in his first two seasons.

      • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

        Cutty never threw anyone under the bus. You know this.
        He could have easily but he never did.

        • BerwynBomber

          Directly, no. Indirectly, hmmm ….

          Anyway, my major point wasn’t about your guy. (Personally, I always thought the criticisms of Jay’s pressers were silly.) More that I refuse to applaud Bisky for refraining from what he should refrain from. Especially given his own inexperience and stature (lack of).

        • Not that Martz didn’t deserve it…

        • Irish Sweetness

          Devin. Once.

          “He’s not that go-up-and-get-it guy….”

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            That’s not really throwing him under the bus. Just stating the facts Devin is 5’11”.

        • CanadaBear

          I think yelling a giant fuck you to the sideline isn’t throwing the OC under the bus but it’s not a great look. Gotta admit, Nessman/Crybaby Kromer made Cutler look like the adult in the room a couple years later.

    • I’m curious to see if Birdcage jump starts the MIA O cuz we never really knew if he was just following orders or if that anemic O was his disaster.

      Gase hired him pretty fast, so I guess we know who he blamed for our debacle.

    • willbest

      I suspect that at some point in the last decade, NFL organizations started dragging their franchise QB’s into a room with a publicist who grilled them to they were deaf on how to answer questions.

      • ButtonShoes

        Seriously. Who gives a shit what these people say before the season starts? It’s all bullshit. The only thing that matters is play on the field. Until then it’s a lot of hot air. All talk.

        • CanadaBear

          Except when they go off script.

  • Bear Instincts

    Mitchell Trubisky feels he was built for new Bears offense. Trubisky said his first impression is that he was “built for this offense.” It’s just dynamic, it’s creative, and it’s also balanced,” Trubisky said on NFL Network. “And that’s what you want. We’re going to get the ball out quick. We’re going to deceive the defenses, and we’re going to spread the field, and we’re going to get it all over to our playmakers. We’re going to be balanced. We’re going to play fast. We’re going to be dynamic. And we’re going to stretch the field every which way. I just feel like this offense is going to utilize my talents more and the players we have around me. Hopefully, we can just get it rolling from there. So I’m excited to keep diving in and keep working.”

    • If Trub hits 62% and throws for 20+ TDs while keeping TOs around 10, I may just go out an buy his Jersey.

      I feel like his enthusiasm can be infectious, and It seems like that whole team has woken up from a 3 yr delirium

      • willbest

        He was 7 TD to 7 INT playing Foxball with happy feet. Lets hope the game has slowed down for him.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I hope that enthusiasm translates into solid protection and a well-drilled receiving corps that have developed critical timing patterns chemistry with their new QB, who does not currently possess the footwork necessary to carry it out. However hope springs eternal that the McCaskeys can do something they’ve never done before and take us to a super bowl.

  • John F

    This depth chart is kind depressing:

    – three of our top six WR’s are coming off serious injuries and may not be able to even play
    – both of our guards are coming off serious injuries and may not be able to even play
    – we have one reliable DE
    – we have one reliable ILB
    – we have one reliable OLB who will probably get injured for the third year in a row
    – a below average RT
    – a #1 RB that can’t catch and a #2 RB that can’t pass block

    Remind me again why everyone is so optimistic?

    • BerwynBomber

      Nagy. Bisky. Howard. Fangio’s D. Hicks. Fuller. Jackson. Floyd. A Barth upgrade. Allen Robinson. Cohen. Etc., etc.

      Said this before, but I’d argue we are, starter-wise, the second most talented team in the division (even with all our holes). Just that the other three teams have franchise QBs. And we don’t know if we have that yet.

      • willbest

        Excluding the QB position I don’t know if I could say we have a better roster than the Lions.

        • BerwynBomber

          It is close — excluding QB — but I would say that CHI, GB and DET all had one glaring Achilles Heel and, thus far, we have addressed ours best.

          Pace went out and got Robinson and Gabriel. (Plus, Merideth and White — yeah I know — are coming back.)

          Whereas the Cheese still have arguably the worst group of CBs in the league.

          And DET still doesn’t have a primary RB. Unless you believe in a full-season of Blount, which I don’t.

          • Lions are going RBBC.

            Considering they signed Blount, I’m assuming they’re going the Eagle’s route.

            They’re going to draft a RB early. There’s a few good ones they can draft in the 2nd and beyond.

            Cheeseheads are fucked. They can get CBs, but they still don’t have a pass rush.

    • Irish Sweetness

      The front 7 is not a unit. We have no unit.

      Offense wins games. Defenses win champs. End of.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Weird that no defense seemed to be played in the last Super Bowl.

        • Pretty Boy Assassin

          And yet the winning play was the Philly D stepping up, as they stepped up all year. One might say the Philly D was the difference in the matchup, where the Pats couldn’t stop Nick Foles.

    • ButtonShoes

      Bears Kool-Aid. Apparently, it’s mandatory to drink anytime Pace does something.

  • Bear Instincts

    Saints Signing Meredith to 2/$10mil Offer Sheet

    Pace should have just put a 2nd round tender on him because no one was going to give up 2nd rd pick for a guy coming off an ACL tear.

    • BerwynBomber

      Hmmmm … ambivalent about this one. On one hand, really liked what we saw of Cam in ’16. OTOH, that was a gruesome knee injury (so you wonder how compromised his athleticism is).

      • willbest

        We don’t really have a choice though unless we are taking a WR at #8

    • This is perfect. I’d way rather have Cam for 2 years at $5M a year than 1 year at $3M. If he looks anywhere near as good as he did in 2016-when he was just learning how to play WR-he’s gone next year on a contract paying him more than $10M per year, which the Bears can’t afford to match with 2 highly paid WRs already under contract.

      Now they have their top trio locked up for the next 2 years. If Cam emerges as the best of that bunch (a very real possibility, IMO), they can pay him in 2 years, and decide what to do with the other two (both have outs with very little dead money after 2 years).

      • John F

        Another way of looking at it is if the Bears match, they will have over $21mm invested in three WR’s that have a very high probability of not being able to play in 2018 due to serious past injuries (Robinson – $11.1mm, White – $5.3mm and Cam $5.0mm).

        • the only one with a serious injury history to worry about going forward is Kevin White, and he’s a sunk cost at this point anyway.

          • John F

            I still think having your top three WR’s with serious knee/leg injuries (even if they only had one) is a huge risk.

          • It’s not ideal but White didn’t have any INJ redflags coming out of the draft.
            And Cam’s knee went the wrong way.

            Tough breaks.

            Allen Robinson is really the only one who came to the Bears INJ.

            But what were the alternatives?

            Jarvis Landry was franchised.
            Watkins is even more INJ prone and less proven.
            Paul Richardson and Marquise Lee haven’t eclipsed 1,000 yds rec.

            Robinson was the best of a bad situation.

            Robinson, Gabriel and (hopefully) Merdith should make a solid trio.

            White is not really counted by the avg fan. Whatever he contributes is gravy

            And lotta ppl forget about Inman. He may benefit the most from a real O like he had in SD.

      • Will Pace match it?

        • willbest

          Meredith is the only play on the roster that can be Allen Hurns to Robinson. I don’t see how he doesn’t match it.

      • willbest

        But the odds of him playing that second year at $5 million are pretty low.

        • CanadaBear

          If he plays well this year, it’s a starting point for re-negotiations the following year.

      • leftcoastdave

        I’m glad to see Cam getting the paycheck.

  • Looking good, Data! That’s waaaay better than two laptops, if I say so myself,
    I was debating ptting a lil Bears logo beneath the Data Entrry, but figured this was a lil classier, like Data after dark.

    I was also trying like hell to find Cowboy Data and put Fistful of Datas , but couldn’t find any images w banner dimensions.

    This looks kinda cool. Much more you. Just put a cubbies hat on him and no one would know the difference lol

    • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

      I was hoping for that dude digitally formatted so you could place a bears colored dildo behind him ready for entry.
      The Entry of Data

  • Rap Tweet:

    The #Bears continue to host the top defensive backs, as #Bama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick and #OSU CB Denzel Ward are both visiting today. Fitzpatrick previously visited Tampa.

    I feel like these are smoke screens though. Just my gut.

    • BerwynBomber

      Well Pace could try to build the Midwest’s version of the No-Fly Zone if he selected Ward. But it would seem a little curious in terms of positional prioritization.

      Resigning Fuller and Prince, and tendering Callahan, would seem to indicate we aren’t going CB early in the draft. But who knows.

      Fitzpatrick is a little bit different deal. An S who is capable of playing 3rd down slot. So we could potentially move him around the field a bit and move Amos into a 3rd down S/ILB hybrid role. The S/ILB hybrid seems the direction the league is headed and Amos would seemingly be a good fit for it.

      • Yeah, I just don’t see it.

        Fangio’s focus is on pass rush. Like you mentioned, we just signed Fuller and Prince for pretty much 3 yr deals. Callahan in a great nickle, when not INJ.

        Ward could replace Prince I guess. Even though Pace gave Prince a contract, he’s not shy about replacing vet FAs (ahem, Glennon, Demps, Wheaton) on contracts.

        Could envision a scenario where Ward (or other CB) plays nickle in the meanwhile.

        Also, it’s not as if Prince is an ironman.

        Fitzpatrick is a totally diff situation.

        He’s a hybrid FS/Nickle, but unlike Ward or Mathieus, he has size.

        But I just don’t see Fangio implementing a 3 S set, or using Amos as some hybrid, or replacing Jackson so soon.

        Drafting Fitz would mean a diff D, and I would guess Fangio doesn’t want to change his top 10 approach.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          We don’t need CBs. We brought back Cooper!

        • CanadaBear

          If they draft one of those CB/S guys at 8 and they were worthy of that spot (big ifs) I’d be willing to bet Fangio would find a way to get them on the field and make the D better. In many instances, I would rather see a 3rd S in the D vs a LB that can’t cover.

      • Irish Sweetness

        It’s Quenton or Tre. Has to be.

  • Well, I guess FINALLY Toub’s on track to become a HC. Eventually, when all other candidates die apparently. Don’t get why he keeps getting snubbed. Does he smell? Does he wear toe-socks? Is he a Steven Segal fan?

    Chiefs promoted Dave Toub to assistant coach.
    In addition to his new role as Andy Reid’s right-hand man, Toub will continue to serve as Kansas City’s special teams coordinator, a position he’s held since 2013. “Dave has had the opportunity to work with our team on both sides of the football, on the field and in the classroom,” said Reid. “His leadership qualities have entrusted me to promote him to Assistant Head Coach.” Toub interviewed for the Colts’ head-coaching job this past offseason but lost out to Josh McDaniels and later Frank Reich after McDaniels decided to stay with New England. – Roto

    • willbest

      He probably dodged a bullet on that Indy gig. That seems like a 2 years and then blow it all up when they realize Luck can’t throw anymore.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      ST coordinators are just not that sought after as HCs. Teams that need new HCs usually have desperate needs on Offence and Defence, so GMs are going to usually choose the ‘hot’ OC and DCs. They want to catch fire in a bottle with the hire. Toub would have to simply blow away a GM in an interview. ST coordinators for HCs are not a flashy hire, and Owners want a flashy hire, it sells tickets, it energizes the fan bases. And to be honest with you, the average fan outside of Chicago and KC probably has never heard of Dave Toub.

      • I can understand the hot OC/DC mentality, but Sp teams coaches have shown they can become successful. Wasn’t Ditka a former SP teams coach? Think Raven’s Harbs was one.

        Sure other examples exist.

        I have also heard the argument that Sp team’s coaches can be more qualified as HC since they’re used to working with all types of players, TEs, CBS, WRs, etc and are constantly having to turn their lineup over, so they’re used to juggling personnel.

        And needless to say, SP teamers have to be very detail oriented. One whiff, and it’s a TD.

        If Toub can’t get an HC gig, doesn’t bode well for the rest going forward

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Other examples Marv Levy, Bill Cowher, Bill Belichick, Dick Vermeil.

          I agree with the Sp argument that they are used to working with all types of players from offense and defense. I think the more powerful argument is that ST coaches are also working with the bottom rung type player. Your starters are rarely on STs. Good ST coaches get the most out of the worst on the teams.

          I read an article somewhere that interviewed Greg Gabriel about when he was the director of college scouting for the Bears working with Toub. He said that Toub was great at spotting talent and when Toub suggested a player for any position those players would move up their board.

          But it is still a tough sell for GMs to owners and fan base, especially with the apparent decline of the importance of special teams.

          • Yeah, was gonna mention the bottom rung players too, but figured it was implied (except for the returners).

            It’s pretty cool of Andy that he’s giving Toub this chance though. Reid has a good tree, and this will fast track Toub.

            Well, unless Toub does go into interviews rocking toe-socks…

  • On a movie note, just watched “Kill the Irishman”. Recommend if you just wanna watch a man flick. Based on a true story too.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Is that Scorsese’s new one?

      • No. I think that’s a diff one. Apparently, this one cam out in 2011. Yikes, where have I been

        • Irish Sweetness

          2011???? Oh. There’s a Scorsese flick coming out, just googled it, thought that was the one you’d seen. I was surprised. It’s called The Irishman. It’s about a Superstar MMA guy that fucks up a billion dollar career because he’s an idiot.

          DeNiro. Pacino. Pesci. Keitel. Anyone pumped? Think this film has any chance of sucking? As opposed to say … Episode IX?

          • Hmm. Sorta sounds like it’s based on Danny Greene (the real life guy in Kill the Irishman).

            Kill the Irishmen has Val Kilmer, Walken, Ray Stevenson and a few others.

            Prolly not gonna win any academy awards, but it’s a cool Irish “mob” flick.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Love the photo! YES!

  • Guess Elway doesn’t mind dancing punters

    Broncos signed P Marquette King, formerly of the Raiders, to a three-year, $7 million contract.

    Released by the Raiders because he liked to dance too much
    for his position, King is annually amongst the league’s best punters.
    His 42.7 yards was third in net punting average last season. He will
    replace Riley Dixon, who remains under contract but struggled in 2017.
    It’s a solid, if ultimately minor, move for a club that will be playing
    the field position game with Case Keenum at quarterback. – Roto

  • AlbertInTucson

    LOL. Love the picture.

  • catfish44

    College prospects whose pass-rushing should translate to the NFL
    APR 6, 2018

    Jan 27, 2018; Mobile, AL, USA; South squad defensive end Marcus Davenport of UTSA (93) returns a fumble for a touchdown against the North squad during the second half of the 2018 Senior Bowl at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports
    Last week, our analytics team led by data scientists Eric Eager and Geroge Chahrouri, broke down what we’ve learned to translate best from four years of college pass-rusher grading into the NFL. Using that combination of career pass-rushing grades and combine athleticism, here are the pass-rushers that met our analytical thresholds and what makes them grade so high in the PFF system.

    Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
    Ogbonnia Okoronkwo

    When Okoronkwo was on the field at Oklahoma, he did nothing but dominate as a pass-rusher. He notched 134 career pressures on 781 pass-rushing snaps, including 52 combined sacks and hits. The latter is largely due to his ability to consistently win on first contact. Because of his size (6-foot-1, 252-pounds), that’s who he’s going to have to be and what he’s going to have to do in the NFL. Okoronkwo backed up his career numbers at the combine where he broad jumped 10-foot-1 and posted a 38-inch vertical – both excellent figures for an edge rusher.

    Kemoko Turay
    The key with Turay in our system is not the raw stats, but rather the rate at which he accumulated his stats. Turay may have only put up 110 pressures in his four-year college career, but those came on only 548 pass-rushes. Utah’s Hunter Dimick rushed the passer 525 times in 2016 alone and the majority of full-time starters fall somewhere around 400 for a season. Now, translating the production of a designated pass-rusher to that of a full-time starter is impossible, but it at least shows how productive he’s been in that role. The much bigger reason for concern with Turay production-wise comes with the fact that he was so much more effective as a freshman (39 pressures) and sophomore (30 pressures) than as junior (seven pressures) and senior (34 pressures).

    Maurice Hurst
    Hurst is the crown jewel of the PFF case study in terms of production versus traditional scouting methods. From a scouting perspective, he’s too short, too small and too inconsistent. From a PFF perspective, he’s had the most dominant college career of any interior player we’ve ever graded. He obviously didn’t work out at the combine because of a heart condition, and that will have to be further vetted by teams, but from an on-field perspective, we have zero doubts about his ability.

    Marcus Davenport
    Marcus Davenport

    PFF started fueling the Davenport train prior to the 2017 season on the backs of strong grading the prior two seasons. He made us look smart (a rarity) by delivering a monster senior season in which he collected 57 total pressures – 18 more than his previous career high. Tons of guys produce at a high-level at Group of 5 schools but won’t sniff this list because they lack athleticism. That’s not the case with Davenport however, as he ran a 4.58 40 at 264-pounds and broad jumped 10-foot-4 in Indy.

    Genard Avery
    Teams have already moved Avery to off-ball linebacker because of his height (6-foot-1) and the fact that he moved around quite a bit at Memphis, but he has the production and athleticism to stay at edge if he is presented with the opportunity. This past season, he notched 23 combined sacks and hits as well as 57 overall pressures on only 276 pass-rushes. Avery then lit up the combine with a 4.59 40-yard dash, a 10-foot-4 broad jump and a 6.9-second three-cone. Maybe the most important measurement in Indy for his sake, Avery had no control over. His 31-inch arms are seen as a death knell for most edge rushers in the league.

    Shaquem Griffin
    Shaquem Griffin

    Yet another player who will likely end up somewhere other than edge at the next level because of his size. At 6-foot-1, 227-pounds, this one is completely valid. Still we’d expect, with how productive Griffin was against college tackles, that he’ll be a nightmare on blitzes wherever he ends up at in the NFL.

    Harold Landry
    I’ve written before about Landry’s underwhelming 2017 season and how it still won’t stop me from putting him atop PFF’s big board. The reason being, the rest of his career – and combine performance – were so dominant. He didn’t have a single below average athletic test in Indy and checks all the boxes you’d want from an edge rusher.

    Arden Key
    Much like Landry, Key makes this list on the backs of a solid career and not necessarily what he did in 2017. In his first two years at LSU, Key averaged 56 pressures a season before limping his way to the barn with a measly 28 this past year. There are a ton of red flags with him both off-field (leaving the team last spring), and on-field (weighing only 238-pounds at the combine). His first two seasons in the SEC though were at a Myles Garrett/Derek Barnett level pace. That’s rare production that can’t be overlooked.———–https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-college-prospects-whose-pass-rushing-should-translate-to-the-nfl

  • catfish44

    How good can Mitchell Trubisky become with improved supporting cast?
    Almost regardless of how Trubisky’s rookie season went, the Bears were pot-committed when it came to his position as the team’s franchise quarterback given the trade that they made to secure his services. As it happened, he graded reasonably in his first year, and showed a significant improvement as the season wore on and the training wheels were taken off schematically, allowing him to actually play quarterback not simply manage the handoffs.

    Trubisky’s receiving corps was woeful a year ago, and between improvements there and a new coaching staff and offense, he should be markedly improved in 2018.

    Chicago Bears

    Matt Nagy comes over from Kansas City having just presided over a career year for Alex Smith in which he led the NFL in deep passer rating (131.4), deep passing yards (1,344) and deep touchdowns (12). Smith also had the league’s highest passer rating when kept clean in the pocket (115.3). To help Trubisky replicate some of that play, the team acquired Allen Robinson from the Jaguars in free agency. Robinson is coming off a knee injury and a poor 2016 season before that, but go back to 2015 and he led the league in receiving yards on deep shots (672), catching 19 of 46 passes that traveled 20-plus yards in the air with Blake Bortles as his quarterback.

    Trey Burton came over from the Philadelphia Eagles, where he has good familiarity with the system and has flashed exceptional receiving skills as a TE, and along with Robinson and WR Taylor Gabriel, gives Trubisky a new collection of playmakers that he didn’t have a season ago. All signs are good that Trubisky should be vastly improved given how much better the situation is around him, and what he flashed towards the end of 2017 as a rookie.——https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-storylines-nfc-north

  • catfish44

    MY GUESS: JORDAN HOWARD WILL BE TRADED. of course it’s and opinion or guess, but to the colts in a move up to #6 in the draft for the bears and have them taking bradley chubb, if available of course. i don’t know the points schedule for the draft and trades, but switching the 6 and 8 with howard and a pick for the bears. the colts very much need a running back and the bears greatly need an edge rusher. it’s easier to pick a running back later in the draft now then it seems it was years ago. we all want to bears defense to be elite and the biggest missing piece is an edge rusher.

    • ButtonShoes

      I hope you’re wrong about this. Howard’s a beast and we need him.

      • catfish44

        he’s a damn good back between the tackles, sometimes on the edge, but not much of a pass receiving threat and i read not an adequate pass blocker. the idea is it’s pretty easy to find a running back in the mid rounds these days, hopefully one with very good receiving skills. they’re certainly easy to find than edge rushers. if they could get chubb and still get a very good back that would go a long way to coming back to being a contending team.

      • Juan Stone

        Two men enter, one man leave.

    • Irish Sweetness

      It’s easier to pick a RB that’s better than Saquon Barkley? Why do you trade up to take a DE after airlocking your RB?

      I want the DE too, but if you trade JH you’d better get a stud back immediately.

      • catfish44

        ”It’s easier to pick a RB that’s better than Saquon Barkley?” of course, i never said that.

  • BenderMcLugh

    In other random opinions, I think Baker Mayfield will be the Marino of this year’s QB draft class.


    • That Guy

      Mayfield has Johnny Manziel written all over him.

      Maybe not so much with the off-field shit, but on the field. He’ll never be the pocket passer he would need to be to have sustained success in the NFL.

      Mark my words.

      MARK THEM.

      • BenderMcLugh

        Completely disagree, way better arm and instincts and none of the knuckle head bs

  • MArching15

    Bears resigned John Jenkins to a 1 year deal today

    • There’s the veteran DL depth I said was needed. Now for ILB and S.

      • CanadaBear

        I was hoping for an upgrade.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Well that’s the final piece of the super bowl puzzle in place.

      LET’S GO!!

  • Irish Sweetness

    Anyone watching UFC 223? This Kebab will get skewered when Conor gets back. What a joke. He can’t deal with the 11th ranked guy for a title.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    Granted it takes me going through 3 bars , but then the unexpected seems to be simpler at least today.

    Oh god..the first step in my ancientness was cashing our right it front of a hot young drunken blonde.

    Because I cared more if I had lost my laptop at home.


    But I would have lost that case even as a younger man.

    But still fuck.

    • BenderMcLugh

      +100 for the video, love that tune.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I will break this world and bring it back.

    But it will take a business decision to go my way.

    And whiskey I don’t currently have.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    So are we going to match the Saints offer to Cam?

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