Data Entry: Outlining My Ideal Free Agency

| March 6th, 2018

The Combine just ended and NFL free agency is about to kick off. Teams and agents were already talking in Indianapolis, and the official legal tampering period starts next Monday.

With that in mind, I’m going to lay out both positions and players I think the Bears should target. I’ll explain my rationale for each, detail why they are a good fit, and try to provide a contract estimate. I’m not going to address smaller depth needs – backup QB, 3rd RB, etc. Just the main contracts that will take up most of the cap room.

Salary Cap

The Bears are currently projected to have around $80 million in cap space after accounting for their eventual draft picks, so they have plenty of money to work with. They could also clear up to another $15 million by cutting Dion Sims ($5.7 million), Markus Wheaton ($5 million), and Marcus Cooper ($4.5 million).

As we’ll see below, however, they have a number of significant needs to address, and that’s before you begin to consider extensions for in-house candidates like Eddie Goldman, Adrian Amos, and Cam Meredith, which GM Ryan Pace said at the Combine were being discussed.

The Bears have money to spend. But they can’t just throw it around willy-nilly because that money won’t go as far as many might casually think from looking at the large number.

Wide Receiver

I’ve already spent a lot of time talking about wide receiver this offseason, so this discussion is going to be short. I think the Bears should try to add two players, one to be a WR2 and one as a WR3. There are plenty of FA options available for both roles who fit their new offense well.

As I stated before, my ideal targets would be Marqise Lee as the WR2 and Albert Wilson as the WR3. Lee has proven to be reliable, while Wilson knows the offense, and seemingly has a strong relationship with Matt Nagy. Both are fits.

At WR2, I would prefer Allen Robinson over Lee, should he hit the open market, and Emmanuel Sanders, should the Broncos cut him. Taylor Gabriel seems like a good fit as a WR3 too, but Lee and Wilson would be my targets of choice. I already laid out and explained projected contracts for these players.

I would also cut Markus Wheaton, saving $5 million on the 2018 cap.

Contract Projections: cut Markus Wheaton (save $5 million), $9M/year (Lee) + $6M/year (Wilson)

Cap Space Remaining: $70 million

Tight End

The Bears have Adam Shaheen lined up as their top TE for 2018, but could stand to upgrade Dion Sims as the TE2. Additionally, it would be good to get somebody who can be a move TE (like Zach Miller was with the Bears), as Sims can only be in-line, which is where Shaheen best profiles. So I would cut Sims and use that $5.7M in cap space to sign his replacement.

The TE everybody keeps talking about for the Bears is Trey Burton, and he would be a great fit next to Shaheen. However, he’s a little pricey for my tastes, as Spotrac projects his contract to be for about $7 million a year. That’s a lot of money to spend on a guy who likely won’t be a primary weapon. I also have concerns about Burton’s role if Shaheen gets hurt. Burton is too small to be a primary tight end, meaning you’d need a third tight end who can step up and be your in-line guy in place of Burton.

That’s why I think a better target for the Bears would be Luke Willson from Seattle.

Willson is athletic enough to be a move TE complementing Shaheen, but also big enough and a good enough blocker to move in-line as the primary tight end should Shaheen get hurt. He should also be a bit cheaper than Burton, as Spotrac projects him to make $3.5 million a year. I would happily give Willson the 2 year, $7 million contract Spotrac projects, but we’ll round up to $7.4M to make the math work out to whole numbers upon replacing Sim’s deal.

Contract projections: cut Dion Sims (save $5.7 million), sign Luke Willson ($3.7 million per year)

Cap Space Remaining: $72 million

Interior Offensive Line

After cutting Josh Sitton, the Bears need another starter on the interior of the offensive line to pair with Cody Whitehair and Kyle Long. Ryan Pace said at the Combine that Whitehair can play center or guard, meaning the Bears can add somebody at either of those spots and let Whitehair man the other.

The name everybody is talking about is Zach Fulton, the center from Kansas City, and on this I agree. He’s a solid player who knows the offense, and that has added value as a center who can help the offensive line make the transition. Peak Fulton isn’t as good as peak Sitton, but Fulton is 7 years younger (so entering his prime instead of aging) and has been a whole lot healthier. It’s hard to project offensive line contracts, and the only estimate I’ve seen has him at 4 years and between $25-30 million. That sounds a bit high to me, and has no real justification behind it in the article. I think JC Tretter’s contract (3 years, $16.8M) is a better estimate, but we’ll round up a bit because of inflation and say 3 years, $18M.

Contract projection: $6 million per year

Cap Space Remaining: $66 million

Outside Linebacker

This is the position group on the roster that concerns me the most.

After cutting Willie Young and Pernell McPhee, the Bears have basically nothing left besides Leonard Floyd. Much like at wide receiver, I think the Bears are going to have to sign two players in free agency and draft one to address this position. But the options here aren’t nearly as good as at WR, unless somebody is unexpectedly cut. But for now I’m going to assume that doesn’t happen and only look at players who are currently available.

That starts with re-signing Lamarr Houston, who has been a solid if unspectacular player during his time in Chicago. There are injury concerns there, but he is at least a solid rotational piece who knows the defense and plays pretty well in it. A contract somewhere along the lines of Elvis Dumervil (2 years, $8M) or Lorenzo Alexander (2 years, $6M) seems reasonable. I’ll go with the low end there as Dumervil is better than Alexander and project 2 years and $6M.

With Houston as a rotational backup, and barring Nick Chubb landing in Chicago, the other free agent addition needs to be a starter. Unfortunately, those are few and far between in free agency, and all potential starters come with risks. The player I think fits best for the Bears is Trent Murphy, a power rusher similar in style to McPhee who had a breakout season in 2016 before tearing his ACL last August. Relying on somebody coming off a knee injury is risky, but honestly I don’t see any better options available.

The missed season due to injury also makes contract projections difficult. I think a 1 or 2 year deal full of incentives is likely to set up a bigger contract if he backs up his 2016 season. I’m just pulling numbers out of a hat here, but I’ll guess $7 million gets it done.

Contract projections: $7 million a year (Murphy) and $3 million a year (Houston)

Cap Space Remaining: $56 million


Chicago’s top 3 cornerbacks from last year are all free agents. I’d actually be just fine with bringing all three of them back, drafting a rookie to develop behind Prince Amukamara, and seeing what happens. I’d also be fine with upgrading the CB2 spot, as Prince Amukamara is always hurt and only mediocre when healthy. Since the Bears have plenty of money, I’m going to try for an upgrade at CB2. I would probably bring Kyle Fuller, and Bryce Callahan both back, and look at Bashaud Breeland as a CB2. He’s the type of long CB that Vic Fangio loves, and is a younger, healthier, and better player than Amukamara.

I wrote in detail earlier about what Fuller’s deal should look like, so we’ll roll with that estimate of 5 years at $13 million a year. Callahan is a restricted free agent who can be brought back on a tender for about $2 million. Breeland has a Spotrac projection of just over $7 million a year, but that seems a bit low to me. Their highest contract comparison is the deal Logan Ryan signed last year for 3 years and $30 million, and I think that’s a pretty good estimate of what Breeland’s deal should look like.

I would also cut Marcus Cooper and look to replace him as the top backup outside CB with a draft pick. This would free an additional $4.5M in cap space.

Contract projections: cut Marcus Cooper (save $4.5M), $13 million a year (Fuller), $10 million a year (Breeland), $2 million (Callahan)

Cap Space Remaining: $35 million

Defensive End

Here’s where my only real splurge comes in. The Bears are actually in decent position on the defensive line with Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, Johnathan Bullard, and Roy Robertson-Harris all under contract. They could add in some cheap depth and be ok there.

But they could look to upgrade their defense by adding another really good player on the defensive line, and Muhammad Wilkerson just became available after being cut by the Jets. Wilkerson has had a couple down years in New York, but is an absolute beast when motivated, and he’ll likely be looking for a 1 year prove-it deal now to rehab his image and earn one more big payday. I’d love to see that happen in Chicago, which can point to Akiem Hicks as a free agent who came on a smaller, shorter deal and got paid after playing well.

If Wilkerson returns to his 2015 and before form, the Bears would have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, with three legitimate studs and 2 quality backups. That would help cover up for a likely shaky outside linebacker group and better quality depth would help the Bears rotate players more so Akiem Hicks doesn’t get burned out halfway through the season from playing too many snaps again. There are certainly no guarantees that Wilkerson cooperates, but the risk is mitigated on a short-term deal.

It’s hard to project exactly what Wilkerson’s contract will look like, and it will likely be heavily incentive-based. Like with Murphy, I have to pull numbers out of the air a little bit, but I’ll guess 1 year, $10 million.

Contract projection: $10 million

Cap Space Remaining: $25 million

Your Turn

So these are the main points of my free agent plan. It addresses the major holes on the roster without going overboard on any one position and leaves the Bears with some money to address lesser needs (backup QB, K, P, etc.) and extend their own players. It also leaves some money to go after a better and more expensive option at a position should they become available (such as Allen Robinson instead of Marqise Lee, which would probably cost about $4-5 million a year more). Finally, it leaves a little bit of money to add in a veteran running back who’s more of a threat in the passing game (Jerrick McKinnon?) as extra insurance just in case trading Jordan Howard is in fact a possibility.

I’m sure Ryan Pace will attack a little bit differently, but won’t be surprised to see many of these names popping up connected to the Bears.

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  • SC Dave

    I don’t really follow this stuff much, so other than to say it looks okay to me.

    I remain hopeful that fitting everything to the offense that KC used is *not* what the Bears intend to do. That would be, after all, predictable. And haven’t we enough of that? Haven’t we had enough of caoching staffs that have no clue how to play to the strengths of the roster?

  • Joecashflow

    As good as any educated guess. Nice work, Data! I’m gonna assume the O will be anything but predictable. It wont be plain vanilla. Giving credit to Kagy brains and Oregon OC to mix it up. Would like to see the ND guard be in play and look for WR down the draft. Lots of holes and depth needs.

  • CaponeBot 1.0

    I think we can all agree that as long as we stay away from any white players we’ll be just fine.

  • Bear Instincts

    If Pace followed your blueprint it would be his best off season ever. Question…will you do a similar profile on potential draft picks that fit the mold of the athletic freaks that Pace likes in the 1st round?

    • That is indeed coming. Will have four or five pieces looking towards the draft.

      And I think something along these lines fits the Pace FA mold too. Not a ton of top of the market deals, but plugs all the main holes and invests in a lot of upside.

    • That is indeed coming. Will have four or five pieces looking towards the draft.

      And I think something along these lines fits the Pace FA mold too. Not a ton of top of the market deals, but plugs all the main holes and invests in a lot of upside.

      • Spoiler alert, but I think I have a Pace draft profile worked out based on what he’s done the last three years.

        If he follows that same trend, I think I have a pretty good idea of how this draft falls for the Bears.

        • So yeah, just did some polishing on those pieces, there will be five of them.

          Next Tuesday: dreaming about the future (it’s FA week, news will be breaking, don’t want something draft-related overlooked)
          Following 5 Tuesdays: draft stuff.

          That takes us up to a week before the draft.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Another over-reach on a tight end? Trading up to get someone who’d be there anyway?

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    If they don’t sign that one FA and draft that one guy who plays that position from that one college, I will be extremely pissed off.

  • leftcoastdave

    Nice work. I’ll take it.

  • CanadaBear

    Good stuff JW. I’m not a fan of Wilkerson but a 1-year prove-it deal would be fine. Not sure what happened with the Jets but a guy dogging it makes me really uncomfortable when it comes to signing them.

    • BenderMcLugh

      Black Uni 2.0

  • 505Bears

    Wilkerson in a Fangio, 3-4 defense? Count me in!!

    • another name I’ve seen a couple Bears bloggers I trust rave about is DaQuan Jones, a 3-4 DE from Tennessee. I can’t claim to know a ton about him, but several smart guys say he’s a solid player with room to blossom into more. Sounds like a Pace-type signing to me.

      • Bear Instincts

        This sounds like Pace not wanting to spend the money. You have to pay to play. Go out and get Mo Wilkerson who is proven instead of some guy with upside. This is our window to win. Once MT10 gets his second contract it’s going to be difficult to add FA’s that will be significant difference makers.

        • Wilkerson has been a problem, while Jones has not. Jones is also 2 years younger (just entering his prime at 26) and could likely be locked up on a reasonable long term deal.

          But yeah, I’d rather get Wilkerson.

          • I doubt Pace wants anything close to a locker room problem.

            He’s a boyscout

          • ButtonShoes

            He’s no boy scout. He’s just bad at all this.

      • SC Dave

        Pace likes projects. Hopefully, they will pan out.

        Retaining the defensive staff and getting Heistand make me more optimistic about personnel development on the Bears than I have been in some time. To say nothing of a training staff rest that will hopefully result in a lower IR count.

  • CanadaBear
    • BenderMcLugh

      hahaha harsh! as I was reminded a few threads ago, we think Jeff’s still on the lamb from the drink

      • CanadaBear

        Jeff is literally the only person I know that likes soccer so he got the call!

  • Bob Doll

    Pretty good list to me…I think maybe a FA running back may need to be added. Your list leaves a bunch of money still so lots of options. I’ve been consistent in saying Fuller has to be the top priority. Pace has created a couple of holes, by his own doing, that he now needs to fill. That can become a downward spiral so don’t heap on any more vacancies…sign Fuller! Where I might diverge a little, is with this much money, signing Robinson and Burton probably are next…assuming they are free and the Bears can win the bidding war. There are not many choices for a #1 receiver, but if one is available, sign him…aim high, hit high. If they shy away and go after a #2 when a #1 is available then Pace would be rolling the dice. Money is not an obstacle…the trick is to not make and BAD signings…that is a bunch of money for an ineffective player that doesn’t prove to be serviceable. I don’t like Jarvis Landry as an option…Marquis Lee would be ok, but like you stated; he is a #2 and if Robinson were available get him. Most teams keep 5 wides…so Merideth, White, Wright, Albert Wilson likely and 1 other? and a draft pick fight for 5 maybe 6 spots…crowded field.

    Also, for my money, if he could digest the playbook…my next slot/part-time slot receiver is on the roster in Tarik Cohen…that would greatly increase his time on the field, make the offense much more unpredictable and address a hole and depth….I think he would likely be an awesome slot receiver!

    A good rule of thumb I subscribe to with regard to personnel…if you have a greater than 50% chance of improving on a position, make the move…if not, if there is some question, if there is a chance things won’t work out…maintain the continuity of the current as you move into the future. (Kyle Fuller fits this)…tag him if you have to but keep him. A FA QB might be in order too…don’t know if that is Sanchez and a draft pick or a different player altogether but there is nothing behind Trubisky right now.

    • I wrote this last week, when the assumption was Howard and Cohen are the top 2 RBs, and I assumed they’ll either re-sign Cunningham as RB3 or draft somebody on day 3.

      Now with the Howard rumors last weekend, I do wonder if they’ll look to add a little bit more of a sure thing at RB, just in case Howard ends up getting traded.

      • Bob Doll

        The rumors didn’t surprise me as Howard just isn’t a reliable pass catching option out of the backfield, but he is a stud running back and so far, has been very healthy for that position…..it would be hard to move on from him…unless say, you traded picks with someone in front of you and offered him up to draft Saquon Barkley? Not gonna happen but that is probably the only way I’d consider parting with Howard…and again as I stated, Pace would be filling a hole of his own making and that is self-destructive if done too much…and with such a young RB. Nagy will put Howard in a place to succeed, even if it is 3 hours a day in front of a Jugs machine!

        • Irish Sweetness

          Barkley might go at #1 …

    • as for WR, I think Meredith, 2 FA, and 1 draft pick are guaranteed spots as your top 4. Then probably Bellamy as a 5th/STer. White will be fighting for a reserve spot and I don’t think he makes the team.

      • Bob Doll

        I’d like to see the Bears move on from Bellamy…he is a career Special Teams player as his hands are unreliable at best…I think between Bellamy and Howard dropping key passes, the both of them may have cost the Bears 4 or 5 wins over the last couple of seasons…pure speculation on my part, but catching the ball is kinda important for a receiver…remember Dez White? Roy Williams? All that talent, speed but poor hands

        • You want a ST guy as your 5th/6th WR. That’s why I think he sticks.

        • SC Dave

          Definitely pure speculation.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yah, Cohen’s got to pick it up at slot.

  • SC Dave


    So if it pans out this way, would you take Jackson? I think I’d want Edmunds.

    • BenderMcLugh

      Ward is so much faster, not sure who is the better bet for CB. Edmunds is a beast though

      • I’d be shocked if they go CB in round 1. Doesn’t fit how Fangio likes to build his D, and neither of those guys is the freak athlete Pace likes to take that high anyway.

        IMO pick 8 comes down to Edmunds or Derwin James. They both fit the Pace profile.

        • BenderMcLugh

          yeah I have to agree that CB doesn’t seem likely.

          Do you think Edmunds or James even if Quenten is still on the board at #8?

          • yeah, probably, because about 10 days from now they’re gonna have a starting G/C signed from FA and no room to take an interior OL in the draft anywhere.

            Whitehair, Long, FA as starters
            Kush, Morgan backups (Grasu off roster at that point)

          • BenderMcLugh

            and that would make sense then passing on the big Q, but man he would make a great addition to the line

          • I wonder about them taking him as a RT, but that seems unlikely. I think Edmunds is the most likely outcome, with Derwin James as my sleeper.

            I also don’t think Nelson lasts to the Bears at 8.

          • leftcoastdave

            I think a project big T is a lock in the late rounds, given HH there to coach them up. The plan will likely be someone to first replace Massie, then possibly move over to LT.

        • Alex

          Edmunds maybe. I doubt James.

    • Irish Sweetness

      If it’s not Edmunds, Chubb or Nelson, someone’s getting a kicking.

  • CaponeBot 1.0

    GP, I know you’re lurking and I know you heard about The Loop getting bought by some Christian Group. I’ve found you a list of the hardest rocking Christian groups in the game today:

    Enjoy this, my brother in Christ’s love!!!

    Sadly I think the Loop Rock Girls contest may be over.

    • This list is way outdated (I’d guess 5-10 years old), and a bunch of those groups aren’t rock.

      • CaponeBot 1.0


      • CanadaBear

        It scares me that you know so much about this topic!

        • I’m a Christian and grew up listening to a lot of Christian music. Still listen to some of it.

          • CanadaBear

            Just yanking your chain. Needless to say I couldn’t name one.

          • Irish Sweetness

    • BenderMcLugh

      I don’t see Sixpence None The Richer on there

    • Dude, missing the hardest christian rocker evah


    • Irish Sweetness

      Catch any of Vernon David Koresh rocking out to the FBI on ‘Waco’.

      I would like to think that actually happened.

  • 505Bears

    Sammy on the market? I think I would rather have him if the pricetag is not too high https://www.yahoo.com/sports/m/c568c936-fdbe-38b8-ad7f-86686a3afc6d/ss_la-canfora%3A-los-angeles-rams.html

  • Sactowns#1

    Ed Hochuli to retire… and be replaced by his son. Does anyone else feel like we’re moving backwards on the whole nepotism thing?

    • CanadaBear

      Al was dancing a jig until you posted his replacement!

      • AlbertInTucson

        I saw the son referee Pac-12 games before he got the NFL gig. He wasn’t terrible and he wasn’t doing impressions of his dad.

        • CanadaBear

          Good. At least they got rid of one terrible ref.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Yo, Ed! Take Jeff “I can screw up a coin toss” Triplette with you!

          • CanadaBear

            I wish I could give that one 100 up votes!

  • Alex

    Thank you Jonathan. A really interesting, informative and well constructed article. Much appreciated.

    My wish list with at least an attempt at reality below: –

    Further cuts to come: Mike Glennon (QB), Dion Sims (TE), Markus Wheaton (WR), Marcus Cooper (CB) +

    Bobby Massie (OT) – see at the bottom

    FA: Chase Daniel (QB), Anthony Sherman (FB), Zac Fulton (OG/C) – 4 years, $24m, $12m guaranteed,

    Luke Wilson (TE),

    Allen Robinson (WR) $10-12m 1 year prove it deal, Albert Wilson (WR) – 4 years, $24m, $12m guaranteed

    Daquan Jones (DE) 4 years, $24m, $12m guaranteed, Navarro Bowman (ILB)?, Aaron Lynch (OLB) 2 years, $6m, $2m guaranteed, Jeremiah Attaochu (OLB), 2 years, $6m, $2m guaranteed

    * I can’t justify the signing of Trent Murphy coming off an ACL and a 4 game PED bust. Floyd isn’t the epitome of health and I want to bring back Houston who has had 2 significant injuries himself. I think Lynch and Attaochu would come in under the money you feel Murphy deserves to be paid. Last time Lynch worked with Fangio he got 6 sacks so hopefully that bodes well.

    Rasheen Melvin (CB)?


    Eddie Goldman (DL) – 5 years, $43m, $24m guaranteed, Kyle Fuller 5 years, $62.5m, $25m guaranteed,

    + Benny Cunningham (RB), Christian Jones (ILB), *Lamaar Houston (OLB), *Sam Acho (OLB),

    Cairo Santo (K), Pat O’Donnell (P)

    *I think that the deals offered and most likely accepted by Houston (given his injury history) and Acho will be pretty low.

    2nd Round Tenders: Cameron Meredith (WR) and Bryce Callahan (WR)

    I provide a roughly outline of what I’d envisage would be a solid draft based on talent and what I’ve suggested in FA.

    Draft: [1] Joshua Jackson (CB), [2] Lorenzo Carter (OLB), [4] Alex Cappa (OT), [4] Keke Coutee (WR),

    [5] Nathan Shepherd (DL), [6] Antonio Callaway (WR), [7] Logan Whiteside (QB)

    Further notes: –

    – I think given the recent trade between the Dolphins and the Rams involving Robert Quinn when combined with the franchise tag on Jarvis Landry (which I think will eventually be rescinded) means there is a very good chance that Ju’ Wuan James and his $10m salary cap hit will be cut. If this is the case then I’d like for Pace to consider cutting Massie (who I actually don’t think is as bad as some make out to be fair) with the intention of replacing him with James at around the $5-6m a year range.

    – It looks like both Robinson and maybe Watkins will make it to FA based on the news flow today. I think the Bears have a very good chance of landing one of them.

    I hope this is reasonable

    • Alex

      If we do go Tremaine Edmunds in the 1st (a player I like a lot) then I hope for Bashaud Breeland as well to line up opposite Fuller.

    • evantonio

      I appreciate you having us cut Glennon a second time. He deserves it.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Muhammad Wilkerson / “…when motivated,.”

    Something he HASN’T been since he got his money.

    Something which Albert Haynesworth never WAS, again, after he got HIS money.

    “Danger, Will Robinson!”

    • ButtonShoes

      It’s not even that. He’s going to visit the Fudgies. And right now, I have to think playing with Jordan Rodgers’ brother might be more appealing to him than playing with Mitch.

      • This will be a common theme I fear.
        Think about how shitty the Bears are viewed for a player to willingly prefer living in Wisc over Chicago. Yikes.

        • Krush12684

          I agree for the youngins, Rookies and newbs. Lotta these guys are straight professionals though. They aren’t looking for the distractions of the mega cities.

          They don’t all wanna drive 2 hours a day to get to work. Or lose 500K-$1M on rent a year. You can get a 5 acre 4000 sq/ft home like 20 mins outside of GB, and own it for what you’d pay in rent in the time you spent in Downtown Chicago.

  • Ugh. I remember doing this last season, making an in depth wish list of FAs.
    I wanted to re-sign Alshon for a reasonable price, or Garcon if that failed, Bouye-Gilmore, Dantari Poe (if his back checked out) , Zach Brown at ILB cuz i wasnt sure Tre would be healthy, Cook/Vernon Davis, DE Baker from the skins maybe make a move on Jimmy G…

    Instead Pace gave us Glennon and a big fat shit sandwich.

    So forgive my skepticism.

    My excitement has been sapped. It’s like wanting a BMX bike for 3 yrs but instead unwrapping socks and used underwear.

    I don’t even want to get my hopes up.

    That jaccuzzi in SD is beginning to look more and more tempting in my mind w each brutal bear season that passes…

    • ButtonShoes

      Not to mention outlining a best case scenario is wishful thinking. The odds of Ryan Pace nailing this season of FA aren’t very good, especially if we look at past performance.

      • Fulton and Wilson are almost locks . Cheap, ex chiefs, fill a need.
        Beyond that, I don’t really have a clue what Pace will do. He got Hicks , somehow, then again, numbnuts got Peppers.
        I’m just hoping the new regime attracts talent. This new generation of athletes seem to prioritize a winning culture, or teams on the upswing, over $, which doesn’t exactly bode well for Bears.

        • ButtonShoes

          The regime has to sell players on a vision of what this team could be. The problem is that other teams have a vision too. One that’s more tangible. Like the 49ers, for example.

          • John F

            “Like the 49ers, for example.”

            Or virtually every other NFL team other than the Bears …………

          • ButtonShoes

            Well, I didn’t want to be more depressing than I usually am. But…yeah.

    • John F

      I have to agree, I doubt the Bears will sign any top tier (or second or third tier) FA’s until they can demonstrate that they can win consistently. The main reason they have so much cap space is that they only have 45 players under contract. They will have to burn a third of their cap space just to get bodies on the team. My prediction is they will overpay for a few fourth-level guys that will not make a difference and sign a bunch of problem children to one-year deals that will blow up as usual.

      We need to replace like a dozen starters and need upgrades of another half dozen starters, and another dozen quality backups.

      There are just too many holes to fill ……………. 8^[

      • I’m replaying that scene in my mind from Shawshank Redemption when Red warns, “Hope is a dangerous thing . Best to live witout it” and Dufrane counters, “Like Brooks did?”

        I’m not quite checking out like Brooks yet, but I’m def more Red than Andy 3rd yr in.

        Pace and gang have instituionalized the fans.

        And like Dufrane, we must all crawl through 500 yds of prison diahherea before we even whiff sweet triumph.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Weren’t you the one that was really happy about the Glennon signing?

      • Nope. I wanted to keep Da Destroya for cheap, wait a yr for a franchise QB and HC .

        I said i understood the move, but didnt agree w it.

        I half jockingly predicted that he would have an Eli-esque yr, and both were benched by garbage teams, so I wasn’t too far off !

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          hmmmm…. That’s not how I remember it. I remember you being as giddy as a schoolgirl. Oh well, I like my memory better.

          • Giddy for Glennon? I don’t think anyone was. Well, except maybe Westcoast.

            I was more hollering for Hoya.

            My Bears blueprint would’ve been waaay different.

            I would fired Fox in 2016 first of all. Most likely got Shannahan or McVay esp if he came with Wade.

            Signed most of those FAs I mentioned.

            Would’ve kept Hoya. Most likely drafted Thomas.

            Now if you say, “we would’ve sucked with Hoya’

            Well, that would’ve been the plan in order to net a QB that McVay handpicked in this draft (or jumped on Jimmy G for a 2nd)

            That would’ve been the Bears in an alternate Butch universe.

            Think it would’ve made us more competitive short term, but long term? Who knows.

            I still contend that Trub was the best QB of the last draft, so I still have hope. That’s why I’m still sticking around.

            Trub was the last straw for MB, and he bolted.

            Only time will tell.

          • leftcoastdave

            Hey, wait a minute. I wanted to keep Barkley and draft CJ Beathard who the 9ers got in the third as well as trade that 3 for more picks. I was certainly not “giddy” about Glennon but did want to give the guy a chance. Beathard is a good drop back passer from Iowa who was good but not great with the 9ers in his first season getting starts over Hoyer until the second coming arrived.
            If my ideal strategy was followed, we’d likely be sitting in much the same spot today but with four more draft picks on the roster from last year but no Biscuit.

          • Irish Sweetness

            MB is in love … I’m tellin ya! Gots ta be.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Bears just Transition tagged Fuller.

    • AlbertInTucson
    • 505Bears

      Well, he better step up his play to match that $13m dollar tag

    • So Pace couldnt close the deal again.
      I just hope Fuller doesn’t resent the Bears for tagging him a la Alshon.

      If Fuller has another good yr, his price tag will shoot up to $18m/yr next offseason

      • John F

        I’m pretty sure they are close to a long-term deal. Teams hardly ever do the transition tag because the team doesn’t get compensation if they don’t match an offer from another team.

        This was just to protect themselves for the time being.

        • I read that they were close. But I also read that Pace was going to let him test the market.

          So wth knows.

          I’m just tired of seeing homegrown talent walk.
          Sure, Fuller has redflags, but that’s most FAs.

          • transition tag basically means Bears will match any offer he gets. Likely that Bears don’t think Fuller will get what he wants on the market, so this lets him find that out.

          • John F

            Now I am scared. I figured they used the transition tag because they were close to a deal, so it just buys them some time.

            Now I realize what will likely happen is the Bears low-balled him, he’ll get a huge offer, Pace won’t match it because he thinks it’s too high, and they’ll get no compensation at all.

            Wonderful ………….

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            That’s not what his is. Fuller wants to remain a Bear. Bears want to keep him. Neither party knows what he’s worth so this is the best course of action to establish fair market value.

            If they didn’t want him, they wouldn’t use the transition tag. If they did and couldn’t agree to a long term deal, Pace would just franchise tag him.

            This makes sense and it’s fair to both sides.

          • John F

            Pace is now gonna have to match a $20mil per year offer when he could have franchised him for much less ………….. typical Pace

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            If he gets $20M a year then he walks. He’s not even remotely close to that player.

            It’s crazy how clingy some of you all are to the very some player everybody thought was getting cut and wanted him gone in August. Shit, he even disappeared for a few games this season. That isn’t Revis in his prime out there.

          • John F

            Then he could have franchised him for less, Pace just blew it.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            No he didn’t. He doesn’t want to tag him. Fuller doesn’t want to be tagged. They both want a long term deal in place. If he wanted to tag him, he would have. Then he’s on the hook for a second tag or a shitty deal next year. This is a friendly gesture to Fuller to come back with a real market number and remain a Bear, which they both want.

            Ahhh fuck it………

            I’m out.

          • SC Dave

            This user is blocked can sure be obstinate.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Your contention is that the franchise tag would pay him less than the deal he’s likely to find on the open market?

            HE HAS ONE GOOD SEASON!!!

            And it follows a season in which the entire NFL was questioning his toughness and motivation.

          • SC Dave

            It means that the Bears CAN match any offer he gets and keep him.

            Honestly, I can’t see an argument for a player being made if his team lets him try the market, and then pays him more than anyone else offered.

          • The danger is if the Browns just throw bank at Fuller.
            It’s not as if the Browns are strangers to doing stupid things.

            In which case, the Browns outbid Pace, and Bears are left with…McMannis.

          • leftcoastdave

            What FA signings did the Browns make last year which paid out the kind of money Fuller is worth?
            For that matter, who did they overpay in FA last year or the year before?
            When did they start to bend the curve?

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            It’s a very smart play.

          • John F

            For Fuller, not Pace

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            For both. You have to presume Pace has made an offer at this point that Fuller thought was low.

            This way, they both get to find out for sure. And Pace can still get out of it if it’s a stupid number.

            This is literally the reason the transition tag exists. He’d be a fool not to use it in this instance.

          • John F

            Pace should have used the franchise tag where he gets two first round picks if he doesn’t match a stupidly high offer (which Fuller will probably get). Now Pace is faced with two bad choices:

            1.) Match a too-high offer which will leave less money for the other 30 guys he needs to sign, or

            2.) Don’t match, lose Fuller, no compensation

            As I said, typical Pace …………

          • leftcoastdave

            No, smart players just play on the franchise tag and get more the next year without the incentive of a lower yearly cost of a long term contract. Notice the dudes being tagged signing the tag tender? The rules almost dictate that due to the compensation issue of losing a tagged player who does not sign the tender.
            The transition tender is the best way to guarantee keeping him at market value. Market value is, after all, defined what a willing buyer is willing to pay in a liquid market. People who know everything can opine that it was too high, but if the person with the $$$$$$ is willing to pay it, that sets the market value because the person with the opinion has only that, an opinion and no skin in the game.

          • John F

            “No, smart players just play on the franchise tag and get more the next
            year without the incentive of a lower yearly cost of a long term

            My understanding is that players hate the franchise tag because they end up with lower overall guaranteed money and they bear the risk of injury. Most players would rather sign a four year deal for $13mm per year with $25mm guaranteed than one year under the franchise tag for $17mm

          • leftcoastdave

            And they have the option to sign a long term deal despite the tag if they choose to do so. It’s called negotiating a contract. They have into July (I believe) to negotiate a new contract even with a signed tag. Some choose to play under the tag and sign an even better contract next year. See, ie., DeMarcus Lawrence:

            ‘Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence,
            Cowboys – Lawrence has also signed his tender. He said on Monday that
            he’s grateful for the opportunity to “break the bank” next year, which
            suggests he may wind up playing out the year with the $17.1 million
            salary mandated by the tag.”

            Or not. They can still negotiate a long term deal.

          • John F

            I’m not saying you are wrong, but the Cowboys have:

            – a franchise QB (we probably do not)
            – a stud OL (we barely have two healthy, qualified O linemen)
            – a pretty good defense (we have to replace at least 4-5 starters on D)
            – decent receivers (we essentially have none)
            – good TE (we may have one)

            Cowboys are in a much better spot than we are. A smart GM would have franchised Fuller for cheap, and used the savings for the 25 other players we need to sign.

          • leftcoastdave

            What part of “for cheap” equals over $15m is being misunderheard? The TT is much more likely to result in Fuller remaining in Chicago with a long term contract than the FT.

          • John F

            I think it is risky, especially since the Bears get no compensation if they don’t match. I can see a team overpaying for Fuller since each team gets another $10mm in additional cap money this year.

            If Fuller was one of a few pieces that the Bears needed then fine, do the transition tag, wait for the giant contract to match, and match it. But the Bears need a couple dozen players and probably close to a dozen STARTERS, which means that $80mm is gonna go pretty fast. And if they have to match a big Fuller deal, that means by definition they can’t afford two (or maybe three) other players that they REALLY need.

          • Yeah, but Bears can’t go on signing JAGs. Can’t. Do. It.

            Bears are not only desperately lacking depth (FA fuckups), but top playmakers.

            Need more Tres and less Kwiatiowskis.

          • SC Dave

            By definition, most guys in the league are JAGs.

          • Yeah, but most good teams have good and even great players.
            Was watching the Bears-ZOna game the other day.

            Urlacher, Briggs, Harris, Mike Brown, Peanut, Thomas Jones, Kreutz, Gould, Hester… heck, even guys like Vasher, Idonije, Desmond Clark and rook Anderson.

            Right now, it’s like our team is made of Hunter Hillenmeyers (who is still probably better than Kwiat or Christian Jones)

          • Irish Sweetness

            Hattie fucking Hillenmeyer. Worst Mike ever to put on the uni?

          • Don’t hate on HH!

            HH>Kwiat, Christian Jones, Timu and Anderson (combined)


          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            There is no such thing as “franchising for cheap”. That doesn’t exist. Not anywhere.

          • SC Dave

            What is hilarious is that anyone would argue with such obvious truth. Even a This user is blocked.

          • evantonio

            huh? I thought with the franchise tag, other teams can’t make Fuller an offer. is that wrong?

          • John F

            There are two franchise tags available – one is called “non-exclusive” where other teams can negotiate with your player, make an offer, and if you don’t match the offer you get two 1st round picks as compensation.

          • evantonio

            Ah. Thank you. #themoreyouknow

          • leftcoastdave

            For da Bears.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        Why would he resent being allowed to shop the market and find out what he’s worth? This move makes perfect sense for both parties.

  • ButtonShoes
    • John F

      For a second I actually believed it ……… that’s how bad things have gotten around here …………

      • ButtonShoes

        That’s the reason it’s funny to me. Because it rings so true to life.

    • Would’ve been a 3rd if it weren’t traded away to move up one spot!

      • CanadaBear

        You are literally trolling at this point.

  • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

    Just to be clear here, all you Eors out there want Fuller to stay. Pace makes a move to make sure he has the option to keep him without screwing him. This indicates he sees, as we all do, that Fuller needs to stay. It indicates he wants the player to remain happy. It indicates that he doesn’t want to fuck the team by overpaying him.

    He wants to keep a good player, on a fair market deal, thats written for the long term. And you are finding a way to twist that into some bullshit.

    Let’s not overlook the obvious, in an effort to remain pissed off that Pace fucked your sister in High School. It’s getting a little ridiculous.

    • John F

      We will know the answer in a couple months. My prediction is that Fuller gets a stupid-high offer, Pace refuses to match, Bears get no compensation.

      The franchise tag (not the transition tag) is extremely unfair to players, sometimes GM’s have to use it in the best interest of the team. GM’s that try and “be fair” to players usually lose a lot of games and get fired.

      • leftcoastdave

        Not unfair to this player it would seem:

        ‘Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence,
        Cowboys – Lawrence has also signed his tender. He said on Monday that he’s grateful for the opportunity to “break the bank” next year, which suggests he may wind up playing out the year with the $17.1 million salary mandated by the tag.”

    • “This indicates he sees, as we all do, that Fuller needs to stay. It
      indicates he wants the player to remain happy. It indicates that he
      doesn’t want to fuck the team by overpaying him.”

      It indicated the same for Alshon, and he still left, only for Pace to replace him with Wheaton, Wright and Inman.

      Pace has to CLOSE THE DEAL.

      And in order to do that, he’s gotta overpay cuz the Bears SUCK, and that’s what sucky teams have to do. What player is going to choose the Bears at fair market value over say, well, any other team not named the Browns?

      Frontload it while we have the cap.

      If Fuller plays on that tag all season, two things can happen.

      1. He reverts back to being an inconsistent headcase.
      2. He balls again and demands $20M/yr next season, which we all know Pace won’t pay.

      Best scenario is he extends Fuller this season for a bit beyond market value. Fuller keeps balling and the contract will seem reasonable in 2 yrs.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        Which is exactly where this is going. It’s headed to a long term deal.

        Fuller is likely pushing for more than he can get. And good for him. And if I’m right, then he ends up signing a long term deal that he’s comfortable with because he’s tested the market. And the Bears aren’t overspending. Why wouldn’t you want that?

        • John F

          “It’s headed to a long term deal.”

          With a team other than the Bears ………….

        • I don’t feel one way or another about the transition tag. It’s a means to an end.

          If it results in Fuller staying long term, so be it.

          However, it’s risky.

          The Browns have $108M in cap. They can easily throw the bank at Fuller, and Pace will be left with thumb up ass.

          Jets, Colts, and Bucs have more cap than Bears as well.

          Pace has had trouble extending homegrown talent 3 yrs running. doesn’t give me confidence.

          This feels like deja vu.

          Some players resent getting tagged, esp ones with a somewhat rocky history like Fuller.

          Just get er done.

          • John F

            Fuller knows he is a hot commodity, Pace tried to be “nice” by only using the transition tag, Pace underestimated the market, Bears lose Fuller and get no draft picks.

            Pace Faceplants Again ……………

          • If the Browns decide they want Fuller, they’re getting him now.

            We’re now left in the uneviable position of hoping horrible teams won’t make horrible overbloated offers a cheap Pace won’t match.

          • John F

            It’s not so much that Pace is “cheap”, its that we have SOOOOOOO many needs, we can’t afford to pay more than the franchise tag would have cost for Fuller. Pace only has around $80mm to sign a couple dozen players. It sounds like a lot until you realize that above average guards cost $5-6 million per year.

          • FA resembles FF in many ways. What I mean by that is that there’s two prevalant philos in FF.

            1. “Stars and scrubs”. In this method, a drafter pays for like 3 stars, then pays like $5-1 to fill out the rest of the roster. This is a more aggressive method where a GM must absolutely guess who the stars are gonna be.

            2. Conventional tiered method. Spread draft capital out, and take savings where given the opportunity. A more passive wait and see approach.

            I think Pace is more #2. As such, yeah, I do not envision him going all in on “stars” and filling the rest out with scrubs.

            This is why he doesn’t land blue chippers.

            As such, you may be right. Pace may simply go bargain hunting again, hoping no team will make a dumb offer to Fuller.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            If the Browns want to throw the bank at him, then he walks. He hasn’t earned that. It’s impossible to even attempt building a contender while overpaying on long term deals.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Don’t the Browns have 5 picks in the top 2 rounds …?

  • Malice Halice

    I agree with everything Data posted except WR, we can do better than that. Unfortunately I can’t come up with any options besides Landry, Richardson, n Sanders (if available). The OLB unit is quite alarming so I’m pretty sure ,well know we will draft T.Edmunds at#8. He is easily better than any vet in the league that’s available in FA. The 2nd round is for WR. Most of the money is going to Offense but if Pace is smart he’d pick up M. Wilkerson!

    • Irish Sweetness

      Why are folks worried about receiver? We can’t buy a 6’5 dude. We draft them. That WILL need to be a second rounder though.

      • Bears have MUCHO holes, Irish.

        Pace needs to get two WRs in FA so we can use that 2nd for some badasses on the lines, an OLB or even a CB.

  • leftcoastdave

    The transition tag in this instance was brilliant. The franchise tag, if signed, gives Fuller $15m (?) for the year and no reason to negotiate down from there and only get a better offer next year. With the franchise tag, da Bears can match any market offer. That is what Pace said he was willing to do, allow Fuller to test the waters and pay the going rate.
    Now some dummy might say da Bears might now overpay for Fuller “If” someone makes a “ridiculous” offer.
    Why would they do that? GM’s are stoopid?
    Fuller is worth more to da Bears than any other team and will be paid what is fair. And given the fact that he will be paid “only” $12.9m for one year on that tag unless a bid situation arises, he will be more inclined to enter into a long term contract this year.

    It was the perfect move to make.

  • SC Dave
  • WiltedSpinach

    Figures in $/year, contract length usually unmentioned
    WR: Allen Robinson (~$13m) + Paul Richardson (~ $6.5m) + Bellamy (~ $2m) Bellamy is Special Teams. Robinson is elite (when healthy), Richardson hit the WR thresholds and can be a top WO (wins jump balls, fast as hell) and could be either a WR2 or force LBs to back up from the slot … giving Shaheen (and Willson, below) more space.
    OL: Zach Fulton(~ $6m) Knows the scheme, young, may not be great right now but could thrive under Hiestand.
    TE: Luke Willson(~ $3.5m) Cheap + good, does a bit of everything.
    QB: Mark Sanchez (~ $2m) Bears want a reunion, must think Sanchez is good for Trub.
    RB: Benny Cunningham (~ $1m) Special teams signing mostly.
    DL: Eddie Goldman (~ $5-8m) A beast when healthy. Some variability here because health.
    OLB: Jeremiah Attaochu (~ $2.5m) + Aaron Lynch (~ $2.5m) Lynch did well under Fangio, and I have to imagine both want a reunion. Attaochu fits Pace’s apparent FA interests.
    ILB: N/A
    CB: Kyle Fuller (~ $13m) + Amukamara (~ $7m) + Callahan (~ $2m) Fuller is obvious, Amukamara was good enough when healthy and I may be overpricing him in this market, Callahan is just a good keep.
    S: Adrian Amos (~ $4.5-7.5m) Extend. Range because Spotrac has no good comps, should split difference with Goldman.
    P: Pat O’Donnell (~ $1m) Great leg, not so great coaching … yet. 1 year deal?
    K: Cairo Santos (~ $1m) From the Chiefs, so Nagy is familiar with him – we’ll see if they re-sign him.
    Total:~ $75.5m

    Cut: Sims, Wheaton, Cooper. Only Sims has any value, and Willson is worth more.

    Draft (by overall):
    8: Vita Vea, DE (Hicks/Goldman/Vea across = 3 guys who can take on double teams regularly. Plus the bookends will give Goldman a chance to finally heal that ankle. I like Tremaine Edmunds and Josh Jackson here too, but don’t think they can have Vea’s impact and have a higher chance to bust).
    39: DJ Chark, WR (Surprised? One of just 6 Wideouts at the combine to break the 4.51s 40-yard, 120-in broad jump, 35.5-inch vertical “thresholds” for Wideouts mentioned on this site – and he dominated in those categories [4.34!!, 129in., 40in.] Also, he’s a big dang target @ 6’3″, 199lbs. I think LSU’s reliance on the run may have limited his total success, but he averaged over 20yds/catch in his last year there. Doesn’t fight well for the ball, so could be a perfect Furrey project. Other option is DJ Moore.)
    105: Chris Herndon, TE (Scouting reports have him as ‘athletic but raw’; 6’4″, room to grow, showed after-the-catch ability. Reminds me of the Braunecker/Shaheen picks that Pace likes.)
    115: Darius Phillips, CB (Small ballhawk with return abilities.)
    145: Richie James, WR (Tiny athletic guy with after-the-catch ability, raw.)
    181: Kurt Benkert, QB (Pace likes a QB each year. This guy is Grossman – all the athletic ability, none of the mental. Does he want to bank on his new coaching staff developing a QB? This is the guy for it.)
    224: EITHER Kentavius Street, OLB (played opposite Bradley Chubb, often in the backfield with him on video, tremendous strength – reminds me of Pernell McPhee with less length) OR David Bright, OT (played or practiced at every position on the OL at Stanford, reasonably athletic but raw ie doesn’t bend enough etc., could be a good Hiestand project)

    • leftcoastdave

      Now that must have been fun to put together!

      • WiltedSpinach

        Thanks, it was!

        • AlbertInTucson

          Interesting read. I think you sell Cunningham a LITTLE short. He made some nice 3rd down contributions. Of course, one of them WILL live in Bear lore infamy.

          • SC Dave

            Sadly, because I can hardly blame a guy for stretching for the end zone. The real problem there was challenging.

    • Agree with a lot of the FA part. Robinson is coming off an ACL(?) tear, so gotta check that first. I def want Paul Richardson.

      Wouldn’t want Sanchize. More philosophical. Rather develop a younger QB. Mentors? That’s what coaches are for.

      Give O’Donell the boot. I don’t care what numbers say. He chokes at the worst times and can’t pin anyone inside the 10 even if punting from midfield.

      Santos has a groin. That other guy (Nugent?) kicked a 50yder late in the yr. Have them both compete. Winner makes it.

      The draft I haven’t checked out as in depth beyond the 1st cuz I’m not as enthused. I like Edmunds though. Chubb, though doubt he falls.

      Beyond that, I’m sure Pace will trade down in the 2nd to recoup the 3rd and do his usual Pacey stuff in the draft.

      • leftcoastdave

        I hope he trades down in the first, ideally with the Bills to get two firsts plus a third or fourth. I want to see another QB drafted, but only after an ILB, an OLB and a CB, not necessarily in that order. Then QB and/or WR as 4 and 5 picks. Lower get a T and DL project with another CB and another WR.
        Those are the priorities I see which can be addressed in this year’s draft.
        Unfortunately, I do not see Trumaine fitting into that scenario unless the trade back in the first is only a few spots.

        • If there were ever a year were the mythical trade down scenario materializes, this is it.

          There’s talent at the top like Barkley, Chubb and Nelson who will likely fly before us.
          About 6 QBs who all are graded rather differently by various QB needy clubs.

          That rumor that MIA was gonna trade up with the Bears I think was a clue that teams indeed want to trade up to land their QB.

          Heck, maybe the rumor was started by Pace himself to let the league know that Howard is available, and that they’re willing to trade down.

          As long as we don’t fall beyond 12ish, I’d be cool with it.

          I mean, we only have 45 players signed. That’s a lot of heavy lifting.

          • John F

            The fact that Denver is out of the Cousins sweepstakes is good for the Bears since I assume they will draft a QB at #5.

          • Yeah, they almost had to bow out. I think they’re in cap hell. They’re probably emulating what the Texans did with Watson.

            I still contend at least 3 QBs will be drafted b4 the Bears pick.

            Darnold. Rosen. Mayfield.

            Then teams will start panicking for Josh Allen or even Lamar Jackson and Rudolph.

            That’s when Pace can bend teams over a barrel like Lynch.

            “Oh yeah, TONS of teams calling me up. Gimme what you got unless you wanna end up with the 18 version of Kizer”

          • AlbertInTucson

            But isn’t John Elway another “Genius” GM?

          • AlbertInTucson

            So much for the Paxton Lynch era.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            He really had no chance with that overgroomed facial hair.

            What was he trying to look like? a magician? a pirate? a rockstar? a douche? maybe a douche. not a bad person. but a douche.

            I’m questioning the judgment of someone who woke up every morning and looked in the mirror and said “Today, I want to look like the nicest douche in the world.”

            (John Elway must have thought, “He reminds me of me when I was younger.” Draft him!)

            But Lynch’s football career can be resurrected on a new team. After an intervention. With a barber.

      • WiltedSpinach

        Fair enough on Robinson and Sanchez. O’Donnell I want to see with the new coaches, not a fan of the folks he’s had up to now; besides, a cheap contract with the new coaches won’t hurt too bad if we need to replace him. Bring in competition, though, yea. Santos, same sorta story, but I like the competition idea.

        I like Edmunds too, but I worry about his (lack of) ability to diagnose plays. Could be he’s just young, but if he can’t adjust to the speed of the NFL it doesn’t matter how much athletic ability he has. I think Vea has that elite potential while having a much higher floor. That said, I’d not be upset if the Bears took him.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Edmunds is super quick. What gives? He’s super fast.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)


      • WiltedSpinach

        Thank you!

  • BuddhaJoe

    Of course the WR pickings are slim when that’s the worst of the Bears needs. Not excited about any of these guys even if they managed to swing a reasonable deal for Landry.

    My friend who’s a Bronco fan has heard rumors that they might cut Thomas instead of Sanders, that would be something.

    • They probably would cut Thomas cuz he’s a pussy.

      Personally, I would prefer Sanders.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I recall a LOT of drops from Thomas last season.

        • BerwynBomber

          Last couple of seasons.

    • I really don’t think they’re that slim. There aren’t any Antonio Browns, but those guys don’t hit FA, and there are plenty of solid options available. In 10 days the Bears are going to be perfectly fine at all the skill positions.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Neither Robinson nor Watkins got tagged today. One of them could end up a Bear…?

    • leftcoastdave

      So now are the Fins getting more desperate on a Landry trade? Flip our firsts and give us their third for taking the $15m off their already over the cap spending?

    • Agree with Wood. There are good WRs in FA usually every yr.

      (Just gotta be willing to overpay)

      Last yr Alshon and Pryor were the top FAs.

      This yr it might actually be better. Robinson, Watkins and Paul Richardson IMO are in that tier.

      There’s also some speculative guys like Landry, Dez Bryant, Sanders/Thomas and Flash Gordon who might be in play.

      (Is ODB a giant for sure?)

      I’m actually more worried about OLB/Rush.

      That cupboard is pretty bare both in FA and the draft.

  • BerwynBomber

    Breeland would be nice but given your #s you are talking the top 3 prospective Bears CBs next year making $25M. I believe that would make them the highest paid group of CBs in the entire league. Only DEN’s guys (Talib, Harris and Roby) might exceed it.

    Would Pace do it?

    I believe not. And here is why.

    Nagy and Bisky bought him, at least, one more year. Given that, I don’t think he will move all his chips into a pile, especially in a positional group that, at worst, was average last year.

    My bet is he will do everything in his power to resign Fuller, draft a young CB and/or sign an inexpensive veteran. But $10M a year on a #2?

    I’m guessing he only does that if he thinks the Bears are ready to contend for the SB.

    • leftcoastdave

      What you point out is why I believe he will be drafting two CBs, one in the top two, the other in the fourth round. It only makes sense when you see what these guys are getting paid. I think Fuller stays long term but Prince gets one more year.

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