Data Entry: Establishing Ryan Pace’s draft profile, day 1

| April 3rd, 2018


Now that Ryan Pace has been here for a while, we can start to look at his past drafts to see what lessons we can learn from his approach. This can help us cautiously look ahead to the 2018 draft to see what he might be thinking.

With that goal in mind, I’m going to spend the next three weeks looking at how Pace has approached the three days of the draft, and then applying that approach to 2018 to see what players are likely being considered for the Bears this year. We’re starting today at the top of the draft. Let’s look first at the history, and then we’ll examine lessons learned.

Draft History

2015: Kevin White, WR, 7th overall

2016: Leonard Floyd, OLB, 9th overall (trade up from 11)

2017: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, 2nd overall (trade up from 3)

Trend 1: Go get your guy

The first thing we should observe is that Ryan Pace is not shy about trading up in round 1 to get the player he has identified as his main target. So keep that in mind as we look at mock drafts with players who might be good fits for the Bears but are projected to go higher than #8.

It’s worth noting that these have all been relatively minor trades just moving up a few spots, which keeps the cost down. Despite reportedly exploring moving up to the top of the draft for Marcus Mariota in 2015, Pace has not been willing to give up multiple high picks in these moves.

Trading up becomes a bit more difficult this year because the Bears are already without a third round pick due to trading up for Trubisky last year, but they do have an extra fourth round pick they could use.

Trend 2: Replacing a veteran

The 2nd thing I notice about these three picks is that they all come at a position where a notable veteran had just been jettisoned. Brandon Marshall was traded before Kevin White got drafted, Leonard Floyd was brought in shortly after trading Jared Allen away, and Jay Cutler was cut before Mitchell Trubisky was drafted to replace him. Because of those veteran cuts, these were all seen as clear positions of need for the Bears heading into the draft.

Looking at the Bears now, there are a bunch of positions where notable veterans were just cut. Guard Josh Sitton, outside linebackers Willie Young and Pernell McPhee, and inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman all fit that bill, and Pace could look to replace them with top draft prospects like Quenton Nelson, Bradley Chubb, Tremaine Edmunds, or Roquan Smith.

Trend 3: Prototype Prospects

The last trend comes now from looking at the type of players Pace drafted. All three fit the prototypes for their position. Kevin White has ideal size and speed for a wide receiver. Leonard Floyd has ideal length and athleticism for an edge rusher. Mitchell Trubisky has every good trait you want to see in a quarterback.

When drafting at the top of the draft, Pace has shown a tendency to bet on players with the highest upside, even though all of these prospects had a limited track record in college. White only had one year of good production, Floyd wasn’t really a full-time edge rusher in college and thus didn’t have many sacks, and Trubisky had only started for one year. It didn’t matter; Ryan Pace saw the upside in each of them and took a swing.

One way to quantify this is by looking at the relative athletic score (RAS) for each player. This is graded on a 0-10 scale by position, combining all athletic information into one number. Generally, a score of 5 puts you in the 50th percentile, 7.5 in the 75th, and so forth. Trubisky had an 8.48, Floyd a 9.81, and Kevin White a 9.77. Athleticism is less important for QBs-though Trubisky still tested well-and the other two are both in the top 2.5% of athletes at their positions.

Forecasting 2018

Projecting these three trends to 2018 now, let’s look at what players could fit the bill. There are a number of options among the top prospects, as well as a sleeper that I think the Bears might consider.

Tremaine Edmunds

I’ll start with what I feel is the most likely outcome for round 1. Edmunds checks every box for Pace at the top of the draft. He’s a freakish athlete (RAS of 9.85) who plays a position where they just jettisoned a veteran in Jerrell Freeman. He has about as much upside as anybody in the draft, and if you draw up the ideal 3-4 inside linebacker, you’re going to end up with somebody who looks and moves like Edmunds. At only 19 years old, he’s still somewhat raw, but the upside is tremendous, and Pace has shown he’s willing to gamble on upside at the top of the draft.

Quenton Nelson

Nelson is another prototype player at a position of need, though guard is not typically viewed as carrying the importance of a pass rusher. And the Bears just cut Josh Sitton, potentially clearing the way for Nelson. Add in that the Bears just hired Nelson’s college offensive line coach, and plenty of fans have been making this connection. And Nelson certainly fits the profile, as he’s an elite athlete (RAS in the top 5%) who checks all the physical boxes. I’m guessing he’s the likely pick if he’s still available when the Bears go on the clock.

I also wonder if the Bears think about moving Nelson to right tackle. This would be a riskier move, but Pace has not shied away from those at the top of the draft, and Nelson has the build, feet, and arm length to play tackle. In that case, Nelson would break the trend of addressing an immediate need, but he would still be a high-upside yet risky play.

Bradley Chubb

In terms of filling a clear need on the roster, I think getting Bradley Chubb would be the best possible round 1 outcome for the Bears. He checks all of Pace’s boxes: he’s a physical prototype (RAS of 9.39) who is long and athletic and he fills their biggest position of need where they just sent not one but two veterans packing (though it is worth noting Chubb had a very slow 3-cone time at the Combine, which raises a bit of a red flag for a pass rusher). Chubb is also the only player I see them maybe being willing to move up to get. If he happens to fall to #6, I could see Pace wanting to trade up past Tampa Bay at 7, who desperately needs pass rush help as well, but Indianapolis is picking 6th and also needs pass rush help, so I don’t think this is likely to happen.

You could argue that Marcus Davenport (RAS of 9.42) fits this bill as well, and is almost certainly going to be there for the Bears at pick 8. He has the size and length Vic Fangio loves in a pass rusher, and is raw but has tremendous upside. That could be one sleeper pick for the Bears, but he’s not quite the freakish athlete that Leonard Floyd or Kevin White were. Harold Landry is another athletic edge rusher (RAS of 9.43) who could be an option, but he doesn’t quite have the length the Bears like in their edge rushers and is also not quite as big of a guy as they’d probably like opposite Floyd.

Minkah Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is a really good player who could be the top-ranked player left on most boards when the Bears are on the clock, but he doesn’t really fit the Pace profile of a truly special athlete. He posted a very good RAS score of 8.36 at the Combine, but that’s not anything special like Floyd and White were. Pace’s profile so far seems to be to go for guys with good tape and great measurables, while Fitzpatrick more has great tape and good measurables. While I think this would be a good pick for the Bears, I don’t think it is likely if Pace sticks to his usual round 1 approach.

Derwin James

James is my “sleeper” prospect for the Bears at pick 8 because I think he fits the Pace round 1 profile perfectly. He has tremendous upside with all the size and athleticism you could ever want in a defensive back. He’s such a freakish athlete that he literally tested as the 2nd most athletic safety ever at the Combine.  James has some questions from his college career due to lackluster tape at times, but he also made some big-time plays here and there, especially in 2016. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has a history of investing heavily in the safety position from his time in San Francisco, and Pace isn’t afraid to take a risk like this on an elite athlete at the top of the draft.

Stay Tuned

If Pace follows his established pattern in round 1, the three most likely players he would take at pick 8 are Tremaine Edmunds, Quenton Nelson, or Derwin James.

In the next two Tuesdays I’ll have pieces looking at what Pace has done on day 2 (rounds 2-3) and then day 3 (rounds 4-7) in the last three years. I think there are pretty good lessons to be learned about his approach on both days.

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  • KentuckyBearsFan

    Data..what is your opinion on Floyd? Is it too early to tell?

    Like Jeff thought it seems weird that he wasn’t rushing the passer every bloody play last year.

    • I like Floyd and think he’s a good solid player. I don’t think he’ll ever be a stud pass rusher, but he has a well-rounded overall game that gives him good value.

      • John F

        Aren’t you supposed to get game-changers in round one, and “good solid players” in rounds 3-5? Also, Floyd has a problem playing all 16 games.

        • ideally yes, and Floyd has the athleticism to think he could be more than that. But right now I think he’s a really good well-rounded player, not a great pass rusher.

    • This is his yr.

      If he doesn’t hit double-digit sacks this season (AND not get washed out in run game), then he’s like another Ogunleye level rusher.

      Good, but no Pepp.

      • SC Dave

        Not many are equivalent to Peppers. Almost none, actually.

        • Yeah, was just thinking of the best pass rusher on the Bears.
          Watt is freaky like Pepp, but always INJ.

          Von Miller-esque would’ve been nice, but Floyd doesn’t seem on that level.

          Hopefully it clicks for him this yr though.

          • SC Dave

            I was going to mention Watt, but he has had a tough career w.r.t. injuries. But when he is healthy, he may be the best ever.

  • OLB/Rush would be the biggest immediate need, though I doubt Chubb falls, so Pace would have to gamble on another Rush, and none of them fit his prereqs of athleticism + size

    There is one guy though who fits that and is off the charts.


    “Sources Tell Us “Good luck with your player comp on this one. They don’t come like him. I don’t think there has ever been a linebacker that has had his size and speed. You’re better off comping him with a basketball player.” — NFC regional scout

    NFL Comparison Brian Urlacher

    Bottom Line Edmunds combines elite size, speed and explosiveness into a productive, versatile linebacker package that will have evaluators salivating. Edmunds has posted high-impact production over the last two seasons and he still has room to get bigger and better. He will make mental mistakes and his instincts are subpar, but he has an ability to mitigate those issues with his athletic ability. Edmunds can play in any alignment at any linebacker spot and has All-Pro potential no matter where he lands”


    Knock on him is “instincts” but that’s the same drawback Lach had (converted safety. Some actually argued he would never master LB)

    It’s just a matter if Pace believes in draft priorities. WR, Rush and QB are premium positions, much more than ILB, OG, or even S or NT.

    A lot of “experts” rank Derwin James ahead of Minkah, but drafting James that high would all but guarantee Amos is permanently done, and I don’t think Fangio or Pace are ready for that after Amos showed some improvement in coverage last season.

    If Nelson is gone, heard good things about Will Hernandez at OG. Maybe he falls to us in the 2nd.

    Also, I can almost guarantee Pace will recoup that 3rd RDer back.

    Most likely by trading down in the 2nd plus some other stuff.

    Pace has an odd drafting style.

    He seems to swing for the fences in the 1st, high upside projects like Data said, but in the 2nd and beyond, he seems to go for “floor” guys (though last yr both Sasheen and Cohen were rather risky too).

    • That Guy

      This. THIS. THIS.

      This post is dead on.

      Every time someone (here or elsewhere) knocks Edmunds for a “lack of instincts,” they completely fail to remember that Urlacher looked lost a OLB, and he didn’t start to thrive until Jauron plugged him into MLB (after Minter(?)’s injury) and put a couple widebodies at DT in front of him so he could range around without getting swallowed up by blockers.

      Urlacher LEARNED his “instincts.”

      Edmunds is 19. Nine-fucking-teen.

      That’s not to say that he WILL develop into the Second Coming of #54, but he can plug in at ILB and let Trevathan do the heavy thinking, calling the plays, etc., for a couple years and then after some growth (physically and mentally), he could be a grand slam ILB for years to come. Or maybe, like Lach, he moves from his first position and establishes himself as dominant when he’s plugged into the right place (OLB?).

      • Yeah, 6’5 250 runs a 4.54. That’s insane. He’s already built, but at 19, he still hasn’t filled out fully, which is crazy.

        At worst I think he can be a Will type LB who can cover and tackle.

        At best, well, some sorta LB freak who can do it all, cover, blitz, tackle, wreak havoc for years to come.

        • SC Dave

          Well, it will be interesting to see how much he bulks up. He’s actually big enough, and one would imagine adding 10 to 15 pounds could drop his speed a bit.

          • It’s eerie how much like Lach he really is.

            Lach came into the league with almost the same exact measurables.

            But we all know Lach was closer to 270 than 250 towards the end of his career.

            He was still pretty effective at 260ish though. Just depends on a player’s frame, and Edmunds seems to have the frame to carry more natural girth.

            The other LB who was kinda hefty but effective is Suggs.

          • SC Dave

            Well, if he came in and was another in the line of HoF* Bears MLBs, I would be okay with that.

            * I was going to say “1st ballot” HoFers, but Bill George was elected the second time he appeared on the ballot. This page is an easy way to figure it out:


            Gee… 6(!) ballots for Doug Atkins to get in ?!?

          • That Guy

            Atkins was a physical freak 30+ years ahead of his time. I honestly think he scared HoF voters into thinking he wasn’t deserving as a player–they thought he was just some athletically gifted giant, instead.

          • SC Dave

            Maybe so. From what his peers said about him, he should have been in a lot sooner.

          • SC Dave
          • Irish Sweetness

            He’ pretty much there physically, that’s a good thing. If he can learn to run in the right direction … you have to value that higher than a really good guard.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I remember when Lach was drafted. No one knew what position he was going to play.

            Free safety? Shoot….he became one of the best middle linebackers of all time.

      • Bear Instincts

        Urlacher is the ceiling that we all look for but what about his floor? Do you want to pass up on as close to a sure thing as you will find in the likes of Q.Nelson, D.James, M.Fitzpatrick, M.Davenport or H.Landry for a freak athlete with “potential”? 1st round draft picks should be as close to a home run as possible especially when you pick in the top 10.

        • SC Dave


        • They all have floors though. Nelson could be another Jonathan Cooper, James can be another Laron Landry, Davenport could be another Vernon Gholston…

          In fact, history says one or more of these guys WILL bust.
          Just gotta hope it’s not our guy.

        • Davenport, Landry, and James are just as much of projections as Edmunds.

      • catfish44

        i played football, basketball, and fast pitch softball. i believe that you have the instincts for your game, or you don’t. urlacher was put into the wrong position, that’s not instincts for the game. from greg gabriel——”The concern with Edmunds centers on his instincts. He struggles to anticipate where plays are going, instead being reactive. In the college game, a player can get away with that and still be productive. That isn’t the case in the NFL, as that slight difference in time can make all the difference in whether a play is made. Instincts are the most important trait a linebacker needs to have to be a top player in the NFL”.—-https://670thescore.radio.com/bears-2018-nfl-draft-scouting-report-tremaine-edmunds

        • I played football, bball, and baseball, and while true instincts are important, they can also be honed and learned. Lach is the perfect example. Converted S.
          Many critics said he’d never learn how to be a LB. Vision is diff in the box. Spacing. Speed. But he obviously did learn and he had less experience at LB than Edmunds.
          The only real crticism which kinda stuck was Lach had trouble shedding blockers at times.

          Also gotta remember Edmunds is ONLY 19!

          That’s pretty much a college freshman and it’s common for those guys to switch positions and learn the intracacies of a new position.

          Fangio would essentially be molding Edmunds – the same guy who molded Willis and Bowman. That would get me excited

          • CanadaBear

            #54 lost that tag (can’t shed blocks) about halfway through his career.

    • That Guy

      And yeah, Pace seems weird after the first round. There will be 3 high-quality guys at positions of need on the board in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds, and Pace trades down and picks up a completely different guy. And he seems to be right more often than not. Look at the safety smorgasbord last year. In round 2 and beyond, Pace passed on every highly-rated safety prospect, despite having nothing at the position other than a can of baked beans (expired in 2014, no less). And Jackson was coming off an injury.

      So I think Pace is going to confound our predictions in Round 2 and beyond. He’s got guys who he loves and is confident will be there if he trades back a few spots in each round.

      • Billy Price, OG, 6’4 312 (Long clone) might be the guy Pace trades down for in the 2nd.

        He tore his pectoral, so his stock dropped, but by most accounts, he would have killed the combine, so we know he’s athletic.

        Ohio and Wisc usu are Oline factories.

        Big Mike, or any other Oline connoisseurs, 411 on Billy Price?

        In Pace’s first two draft, he kinda went with solid floor after the first (Whitehair, etc), but maybe now that he has HIS scouts, Pace will be more aggressive throughout. Something to keep an eye on.

        • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

          He tore it at the combine though. He is a medical red shirt.

          • A 2nd, even if we trade down for Price in the 2nd, might seem a bit pricey for him.
            But let’s face it. Bears aren’t going to the SB this yr, so this is like buying bitcoin in 2009.

            I’m also hawkish on Kush. I think he’ll be good. If we draft Price, I would be OK with seeing Kush/Morgan.

            I would’ve preferred keeping Sitton for this exact reason, but what do I know? I’m just a simple caveman lawyer.

      • I don’t think he’s that weird after round 1. But I’m not getting into it now… article next Tuesday!

        • Sactowns#1

          Agreed. The later rounds seem very orthodox. But his first round picks have all been gambles.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I’m willing to give Edmunds the benefit of the doubt given he’s only 19.

      If they don’t go with Nelson – or he’s gone – we’ll have fun watching Edmunds.

      • We’re the Bears!
        Any time we have a stud MBL/HB combo, we win!

        (well, somehow the Bears still found a way to lose with Butkus and Sayers, but I’ll just choose to ignore that)

        • Irish Sweetness

          It’s been too long where we haven’t had a guy in the middle that people respected.
          It’s the Bears … and we need a couple of nasty linebackers .. certainly a 19 year old freak.

          But Quenton. Damn.

          Hey, we’re not getting paid millions to figure it out. We just talk like it :o)

  • CanadaBear

    As long as they are good, I’m pretty much OK with any of them.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      Same. Just no busts and we’re all good.

      • evantonio

        Unless it’s a Canton bust. #amirite?

        • Anne

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  • BerwynBomber

    Surprised James hasn’t been mentioned earlier on these threads. He seems to fit the raw athlete draftee profile of Pace, if that is indeed a profile of Pace’s drafting.

    James would also allow a couple of options with Amos. Either move him into a hybrid S/LB role or trade him for mid/late round pick.

    • I think James and Edmunds are the two guys who best fit the Pace profile in round 1. But I think Edmunds fits slightly more, as they just dumped Freeman, who was a starter. Demps got dumped at S, but he had been replaced by Amos.

      • Pretty Boy Assassin

        I want Edmunds, but on the outside. That speed and size could make him on of the best OLBs in the league after he learns the game. Kid is 19 and just busting at the seems with athleticism.

        • Sactowns#1

          An athletic guy that you draft to play a different position. Sounds about like Pace.

          • Pretty Boy Assassin

            He was all over the D at Virginia. He could play inside or outside. I just think his present skills and size put him at OLB.

        • I pondered the same. If they move him out to McPhee’s spot, wonder how he would do there.

          However, the LOLB in Fangio’s 3-4 is basically a standing DE.

          McPhee is 6’3 280. He would even put his hand in the dirty on subpackages.

          Acho is a lil lighter at 6’3 260, however, he’s more of a rotational guy.

          If Fangio wants to get creative and flexible he could move Edmunds out there.

          However, skill set for OLB would be a bit different. For rush, needs to be quick twitch, use violent punches to knock back or shed OTs, and use bend and closing speed to sack QB or tackle RB.

          One thing is certain though.

          Wherever Edmund plays he’ll make that D much faster and improve the pass coverage.

          Floyd is already fast and good at coverage.

          Having two LBs out there who can cover RBs on wheel routes, or U TEs is a MAJOR advantage, esp in our div of QBs.

          • CanadaBear

            At least with Fangio there’s a decent chance he will modify the D slightly to take advantage of what the guy does best.

          • Fangio has his shortcomings, but he seems to develop LBs rather well (Willis, Bowman, Borland?)

            Freeman and Tre also balled under him.

            The other thing to consider is SPEED.

            The NFL now has tons of running QBs.

            If Wentz starts running, who’s gonna cut off that angle? Some plodding Kwiat type, or a 6’5 stud who runs a 4.5? (Flashbacks of vintage Lach owning Vick)

            Even in our division – when Vadgers starts scrambling, an athletic LB corp can help mitigate the damage.

          • Pretty Boy Assassin

            Yeah, my OLB requirement is not really a requirement…and I’m not even completely sold on Edmunds at 8. He’ll be a project. I take Nelson ahead of him and if I had time to watch tape on other guys, probably a few others too.

            I don’t want the game complex for him immediately. I want him in a position where he can just use his athletics and close in on dudes. If that’s in coverage, great. If that’s rushing the passer, awesome. But he should be all over the field with Trevathan and other vets in his ear putting him in position, and in meetings, showing him daily why. I want him learning like a sponge all week. I want him not thinking and playing fast on Sunday.

            Then, if he grows into a Mike, awesome.

            I also don’t see him as a Pernel replacement. He wouldn’t win the same way McPhee did when he was here. P flat out ran over dudes when healthy. He also was stiff as hell and wasn’t all that fast. Edmunds is not so light that he can’t take on blockers, but he’d have use his speed, bend and length like Floyd does.

        • catfish44

          you have no clue about football. lol.

    • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

      I’d love to have James. It won’t happen.

  • leftcoastdave

    Pace being predictable = Nelson or Edmunds.

    I hope we get Pace unpredictable with trading down in the equation to get more draft capital. Hard not to want Nelson, though if he drops to 8.

    • SC Dave

      I don’t think you trade down if either of those two are available.

    • I just don’t think trading down is a realistic option for the Bears, simply because nobody is going to want to trade up. The QBs will all be gone by that point, and there’s nobody else likely to make somebody move up.

      • MIA @#11 could trade up if Mayfield is still there.
        According to the chart, we’d switch picks and get their #3, so would work out for both parties.
        We don’t fall too far back, get back the missing 3rd. They get their QB for relatively cheap.

        • If a QB falls to 8, they could have options.

          But a QB won’t fall to 8.

          Right now 1 and 3 are all but assured of being QB picks. BUF is looking to trade up for a QB. NYG might take a QB at 2. DEN might take a QB at 5. We’re going to see 4 QBs in the top 5.

          • So basically you think Mayfield will go b4 #8. I can see that, but I don’t think alot of teams are sold on him which is why i could see him sliding.
            Also if there’s a QB feeding frenzy early, Lamar Jackson could come into play.
            The NFL saw how Watson jump started that O, and some think Jackson is actually a better passer and runner. I could see a team getting ansty and reaching for him.
            Many were mocking Mahomes in the late 1st or 2nd last yr, but the Chiefs traded up for him once Watson was gone.
            I could see the same happening this yr w Jackson , maybe even at #8

          • SC Dave

            I really liked Jackson in 2016. Have not paid attention… maybe the growth was not there?

          • He was a Heisman nominee last yr, so his level was on par.

            The knock on him was the same as Watson. Thin frame. Inaccurate. Can’t make NFL throws. Lacks anticipation and touch, etc…Z

            The leaked Wonderlic scores didn’t do Lamar any favors though, and Watson was more clutch but played on a better team, I think.

            I can easily see a team convincing themselves that Lamar is another Watson, esp if a GM/HC are close to being gone.

          • I think Allen is the one who may not go before Bears pick. But teams always fall in love with the tall white guys with rocket arms, even if they don’t actually play QB well.

          • SC Dave

            Think so? I say 3

      • leftcoastdave

        Can’t you just hear the howls if Pace trades down with Nelson on the board?

      • Irish Sweetness

        When have four QBs ever gone in 7 picks? Saints might want our spot. We have no idea what’s going to happen in the first three picks let alone 7.

  • Bear Instincts
  • John F

    Look for the guys that have had injury problems, that seems to be the number one criteria for Pace’s first round picks…. just waiting for the Trubisky ACL tear during training camp.

    • Kevin White had no significant injury history to speak of prior to the draft. Missed a total of 3 games in his college career. Leonard Floyd missed a total of 2 games in his college career. Mitch Trubisky missed 0.

      Sometimes injuries happen after the draft. Those can’t really be predicted. Bears have had a ton of those the last few years, which probably says something was wrong with their training approach more than anything.

      • John F

        White basically came out of nowhere which would lead me to believe that he added significant weight and muscle in a very short period of time – that can’t be good for your skeletal structure.

        Floyd has more of a basketball player’s frame, he doesn’t have enough thickness given his height. It seems that he wears down during the season.

        It seems that Pace stares at his stat sheet and sometimes ignores obvious physical shortcomings of some of his high draft picks. Trubisky is on the short side for a pro QB.

        • Trub is 6’2 and thick.
          Kinda like Dak. That’s about avg. I’m not that worried about his measurables

          He also seems to know when to run and when to slide which goes a long way to keeping a QB healthy (RG3 vs Wilson).

          You can be 6’5 250, but if a QB is reckless like Wentz, size won’t help much.

          • John F

            I would agree with the thickness comment.

            I remember seeing the movie Something About Mary and it was the first time I remember seeing Bret Favre out of his football gear. And I was struck by how “thick” he was from top to bottom. It was then when I realized that it was the reason why he never missed any games.

      • SC Dave

        I’ve bitched about the t&c staff for about two seasons.

        The best coaching change this season was getting rid of those charlatans.

        • I was trying to remember if the Bears under Lovie were so inj riddled or if it’s just one of those things every fan perceives cuz my Redskin’s buddy swears the plague took that team down last season, and my Pat’s friend says the same about them, and that’s to say nothing of positional INJs like Watson and Wentz both going down.

          Wish there was some sorta handy INJ report that tracks them across the league and ranks best to worst.

          Though needless to say, 2016 Bears were historically INJ, I think Data said something like worst in 10 yrs.

  • Sactowns#1

    Question- why in the draft does nobody draft a player and THEN trade the player for more picks? Create an open bidding war. I’m sure someone more football savvy knows why but I dont.

    • once you draft a player, you rarely have the leverage. Teams know you’re stuck with that player you didn’t want if they won’t trade value.

      The trades are done before the pick is made so teams can get who they want. If you don’t have a trade in place, grab the guy you want instead. Don’t get stuck with a player you don’t actually want.

  • AlbertInTucson
    • Sactowns#1

      Yeah. Those guys are in “win now” mode and are stacking talent. Watch though, in 4 years that team will be in ruins.

      • AlbertInTucson

        “Win now but,we ain’t given up 2 #1s for ODB.”

        They probably offered THIS this deal to the Giants, first.

        • Sactowns#1

          Two number #1’s is just insanity.

          • SC Dave

            Yeah… didn’t we do that for Cutler?

          • AlbertInTucson

            Couldn’t agree more.

          • SC Dave

            It’s not like we’re talking Jerry Rice or Jim Brown here..

      • They’re following the SEA blueprint.
        Go “All-in” while the QB is still in his rook contract.

        Cuz look at SEA now that Wilson is paid.

        They can no longer keep talent. Sherman, Earl Thomas, etc not to mention being unable to sign quality Olinemen to keep Wilson upright

        Philly also taking advantage of Wentz rook contract.

        In some ways, we are too now with Trub, though he hasn’t proved himself as much as Wentz, Goff or Dak yet.

    • SC Dave

      Patriots win again.

      • BerwynBomber

        Cook had Brees and Brady tossing him passes … AKA buyer beware.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Rumor mill: Patriots looking to take a run at OBJ.

    Personally, I can’t see the Pats taking on the kind of money OBJ is demanding.

    • That would be uncharacteristic.

      However, rumors are also swirling about Gronk being gone too, so if true, someone has to make up for Cooks and Gronk.

      I also think Cooks being dealt is ominous.

      Cooks was supposed to be the downfield threat.
      I think Bill now feels that Brady simply can’t make those throws anymore (more than a few bombs died on Brady last yr) and it’s better to surround Brady with those quick yac guys like Edelman and maybe OBJ.

      • BenderMcLugh

        Disagree about Brady’s arm strength, it’s the hardest I’ve seen him throw in several years. Cooks may be more hurt than we know

        • SC Dave

          Patriots stole a draft pick. Fuckers always win.

          • They gave up a 1st for Cooks last year. So ended up seappong a 4th for a 6th for one year of him.

      • BerwynBomber

        Don’t forget the reports that Kraft scrapped Belichick’s plan of getting rid of Brady this off-season and handing over the keys of the O to JimmyG.

  • Yo, Data, just my take, but you GOTS to change your image of 2 laptops on articles.

    When I see them, I get the same feeling like I’m about to enter the computer room to type out algorithms.

    So, since I coined you Data, I suggest instead using – Data! There are many you can choose from for each article.

    Cat Data


    Bearded Data


    Prospero Data


    Sherlock Holmes Data


    Western Data


    Gangster Data


    Poker Data


    Emotion Data


    And if you ever feel villainous, can always use Lore.

    Trek out! [beams away…]

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      change the image to Data from Star Trek. Just a thought.

      • That’s why I coined him Data (I think MB and I did actually, when he kept throwing out stats before he was even writing for sites)

    • SC Dave

      Gotta go with Western Data. That holster is over the top.

      • Yeah, and that suit is pretty bad ass too.
        Dunno how those western guys wore that gear.

        When I visit fam in the southwest, I wanna walk around with a gstring and portable AC hitting my balls at all times lol

    • That’s not my call. Jeff made the image.

      • Personally, I like it. But I know Jeff formulated it to be wide but not tall. Something like 800×250. If you want to make something like that and suggest it, I’m game, and I’m guessing Jeff would be too.

  • BerwynBomber

    This Rams thing is fascinating. They went out and got the best CB, IMO, in the entire league in Peters (sorry Jalen Ramsey fans), as well as another top 10 guy in Talib. And then provided some help to Donald by getting Suh.

    Now it’s Brandon Cooks on the O side.

    But man, some of those guys are “personalities”. Can McVey handle that lockerroom? I have my doubts.

    Three teams in the NFC — PHI, MIN, and LAR — seem all in. Meanwhile, who knows what is going on in the AFC other than Belichick revamping another roster.

    • I wonder how much of the Rams is to create buzz to sell tickets.

      Them and the Chargers had a HELLUVA time filling seats even though they were both playoff caliber.

      Now with all these moves LA did, I might actually wanna see a game or two of them. They’re basically fielding the Globe Trotters out there.

      As long as L.A. keeps winning, that momentum will build.

      If they have a Raiders type yr, it’ll get ugly, FAST, esp in this media market.

      • BerwynBomber

        Good point about the “buzz”, but yikes, a sketchy way to run a franchise.

  • BerwynBomber

    For the film room geeks this Brett Kollman guy does seem seriously in-depth work on YouTube.

    Here is his pre-draft breakdown of Tremaine Edmunds.

    • Great stuff. Like how he discusses Edmund’s false first step, or failure to recognize. Lotta highlight clips won’t show that.

      I contribute that to age (19) and aggressiveness. No doubt he probably wanted to get those stuffs instead of properly diagnosing THEN attacking or dropping.

      Think that can be bred out.

      I also agree that he may actually be better in a lovie type 4-3 where he can roam around freely.
      Edmunds was even tasked at covering WRs, which is nuts for an ILB.

      Still, he’s so athletic he can def work zone in any D.

      Gone will be the days of Vadgers zipping balls by Christian Jones’ helmet.

      The youtuber must be young though cuz he says ‘he’s like Urlacher except 6’5 250 with 34″ arms, can you imagine that?’

      Yes. Yes we can. Because Urlacher was 6’4 253 with 33 inch arms ran like a 4.5 and was in fact a S in college.

      “Potential to be DPOY and be better than Keuchly”

      Yes plz!

      • Irish Sweetness

        Remember when you were 19 and what you were doing?

        • I was pooning so hard at 19, I’m amazed I got anything done.

          Now that I think of it, yeah, I didn’t get much else done.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Imagine hitting the NFL …. the poon would be pooning YOU.

            I think I’m fully on the Tre wagon now though. Can he help us now? Nope. But we have …. forever.

          • In soviet russia, poon poons you…

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, figured you would like that. Maybe BigMike and JWood too.

        I watched one he did on Lattimore mid-rookie season this past campaign. Really geeky/technique stuff. Might have contribute to his Patreon page. Says it takes him 75-90 hours to put together one for a player (though more for a QB).

        • I’m checking the rest out right now, so thanks for sharing that.
          Roquan Smith is off my board. He’s purely a WILL. He’ll fall to the 20s or even the 2nd IMO.

          Seeing Minkah right now. Looks good, but not Hooker level S, nor a Lattimore level CB. Kinda a hybrid. Like the comp of Jenkins from Eagles.

          Think we’ll pass on him too with the signings of Fuller/Prince/Callahan and Jackson/Amos combo gelling.

          • BerwynBomber

            Smith worries me. He looked horrible in that game against OK in the national semi-final. Fast but way undersized.

      • SC Dave

        Lots of hyperbole from that dude.

      • Yeah people k trust day Edmunds’ best fit is basically as a Lance Briggs in a 4-3, and I agree. Think he’d fit just fine as a 3-4 ILB too though.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Just watching this now. And then I see Singletary is going to be coaching HS next year? Seriously? This kid will need a LB coach, and I don’t know if we could find a better one than Mike.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Can we take it from the signing of Earl Watford – and no real LB signings – that it spells a drafting of Tremaine Edmunds?

    1. We have a bunch of guards now.
    2. We don’t have a rake of LBs.
    3. Pace might not want to be the guy drafting a guard in the top ten.

    I’m feeling Tre … and it feels good.

    • Watford is a depth signing, may not even make the roster. Will have zero I fluence on their first round pick.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Have we got a poll coming up? It would be good to know if blog-members want Nelson or Edmunds (gun to your head).

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