Championship Sunday Game Predictions

| January 19th, 2018

With ten seconds left in Vikings/Saints, I was staring down a 4-4 opening to these playoffs. Then it happened. Now I’m 3-4-1 and need to hit more than I miss over these final three games to end up in the black. Can I do it? Probably not. Because football done lost it’s damn mind.

One note on the end of Vikes/Saints: enough with the babying of pro athletes. Marcus Williams blew a playoff game. Often these playoff games are decided by a single moment, a single play, and in this case Williams committed one of the biggest gaffes in the history of the sport. For those saying “his career won’t be defined by this moment” I ask you this: how the hell do you know? Bill Buckner had one hell of a baseball career. What’s the most defining play of Tony Romo’s career? Williams is a safety. He’s not going to get too many opportunities to change this legacy. And the “Whiff Six” is his legacy.

On to the games…

Jacksonville at New England

Sunday – 2:05 pm CT

Pick: Patriots -9.5

  • Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett picked the Steelers apart last weekend with one of the most dynamic play-calling exhibitions you’ll see in a postseason game. This wasn’t a “we’ll line up and do what we do” performance. Blake Bortles may have only completed 14 passes but he utilized 9 different receivers. Tommy Bohanon had 5 catches all season long. So did Ben Koyack. The Jags have decided to use their entire roster this postseason. And it’s working. But did they empty the cupboard?
  • Frankly, enough with this Jags defense. They talk a ton and make some big plays but the last two actual quarterbacks they faced – Jimmy G. and Big Ben – totaled 711 passing yards and 86 points. Jags defense built a reputation this season picking on bad quarterbacks and an historically awful early-season performance from Roethlisberger. They’re facing the best that ever did it this weekend.
  • But Jacksonville does have one element on defense required to make Brady’s life difficult: pass rush. And they have a man in the front office who knows that better than any other individual who has confronted the Belichick/Brady dynasty. But if Jax doesn’t get to Brady, lights out.

  • The most surprising development of the Divisional Round? Pats pass rush. They brutalized a very good Titans line, even with the loss of Jack Conklin, to the tune of 7 sacks and 5-7 more pressures. If the same pressure is present Sunday, Mr. Bortles is going to have one of those games that makes Coughlin and Caldwell start pricing out Kirk Cousins.
  • My buddy Josh, a bitter Bills fans, has started texting me “Wheels” every time Bortles gains a first down with his legs. Well, don’t think for a second the Patriots aren’t well aware of this newfound dimension in the Jags attack. Wheels ain’t beating Matt Patricia’s boys.

Patriots 30, Jaguars 16

Minnesota at Philadelphia

Sunday – 5:40 pm CT

Pick: Eagles +3.5

  • Here’s what I don’t see happening in this game: (a) either team running the ball effectively or (b) either team throwing the ball effectively.
  • Here’s what I do see happening in this game: (a) lots of short, easy, risk-adverse throws and (b) two coaching staffs attempting to make life as easy as possible on their quarterbacks, both of whom will have never faced pressure like this in their football lives.
  • Trust-o-meter: Jake Elliot – 81, Kai Forbath 60. And I think this game is coming down to a big kick late.

Eagles 13, Vikings 10

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  • Irish Sweetness


    Philly +3.5

    Dey gots da tools.

    But that Pats game is a pickem at +9 …

    And to make real money, I’ll harp on this for a bit until those of you with disposable cash (of which I have none) at least are are of it.

    Ethereum was at $20 when I mentioned it on here. I’m not into the stock market or anything but this blockchain is built to last – not that anyone should get into this long term. Get in get out. It’s like being present during the early days of the Earth, with pools of lava and pools of amino acids side by side, everyone’s just buying up land right now – but nobody knows where Central Park is, or London SW1 … they’re just buying up small tracts of land on Earth. But in the early days? Get on it. Don’t be greedy. Ride the wave for a bit .. .and get off.

    Last time I felt the hairs go up like this was the first day of the Linux floats. Sucks to be a pauper but that’s what being a pisshead for 20 years does to your savings. If you’re rich, dig in. Fill your pockets.

    • CaponeBot 1.0

      Don’t have to be rich Irish, just throw down a bit, cash out once in a while and set the profit aside. I’ve been recycling the same small stack over and over with different currencies over the last few months.

      • evantonio

        Spank Coin. Go for yours.

        • CaponeBot 1.0

          Tron or die homeboy.

          • evantonio

            Bought in at .06. Got hard at .28. Bought some more when it dropped to .05. Waiting for it to go to the moon.

          • CaponeBot 1.0

            what platform did you buy it on?

          • evantonio

            I’m a Binance boy.

          • CaponeBot 1.0

            I thought they weren’t taking new users. I need to sign up this weekend. I want to be Binanceual.

          • Sactowns#1

            I’ve been doing Coinbase but I would like to switch if possible. Their pricing seems whacky.

          • evantonio

            Dunno about the new user thing. I signed up a few weeks back.

    • evantonio

      Problem with crypto is the vast influx of different coins, all promising to change the world of this, that, or the other.

      What’s the next coin to jump? Is it Ripple? Monero? Tron? Iota? Aeon?

      There’s a lot of coordinated pump and dumps going on, too, which only serves to further muddy the waters on what’s legit.

      That said, I’m all ears for your next tip. 😉

      • Big Mike

        My strategy is to have $ in the most stable currency and wait for it to shake out.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        How does one bet against all of this bullshit nonsense and profit from it when it all burns to the ground because it’s all a giant scam?

        Asking for a friend.

        • evantonio

          Isn’t that what investing in futures is all about?

    • Big Mike

      Irish, I’ve started to buy various digital currencies. I did some research on BitCoin and Block chain technology. The best analogy is to think of it as currency trading, with bit coin being the dollar, and then the other coins all being other currencies (Euro’s, Lei’s Rands, etc). There are two bets 1 is on the whole notion of digital currency, the other is on the “economy” of your particular currency. My goal is to have a stable currency when the shit hits the fan. I’m going to start dollar cost averaging as bitcoin comes down, looking for arbitrage opportunities along the way in other currencies. I like ethereum. What I like about Ethereum, is that its “economy” is based on building “markets” using block chain technology. Some of the other currencies have no real function, they are just trading instruments.

      • evantonio

        SpankChain gives you producer credits on internet pornography. Is there a more noble function than that?

        • Big Mike


  • SC Dave

    The last thing I want is for the Patriots to finish first

    • Jean

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    • KentuckyBearsFan

      Blake Bortles- Super Bowl MVP.

      10/20, 100 yards, 1 TD, 2 fumbles recovered (his own)

      15 rushes, 150 yards, 2 touchdowns

      (I just think it would be funny.)

      • Big Mike

        I always pull for weird things like that if I don’t have an interest otherwise.

    • BearDown100393

      The NFL does not care what its fans want.

      The NFL cares what its fans will watch.

  • catfish44

    greg gabriel- one of the most knowledgable on the bears. interesting videos with gabriel. http://wgntv.com/2018/01/17/greg-gabriel-discusses-the-bears-future-under-matt-nagy-on-sports-feed/

    • catfish44

      by most knowledgeable on the bears, i mean he knows a lot about bears. polar, black, brown, koala, teddy, panda, and even care bears. as far as football he does not know much

  • BearDown100393

    Who wins?

    Think of this way:

    A. Vegas Interests
    B. NFL interests

    Does the NFL want Bortles vs Foles?


    Does the NFL want Robert Kraft/Bill Belichick/Tom Brady back in the Super Bowl?

    Probably more preferable than attempting to pregame hype Bortles.

    New England reluctantly in.

    Does the NFL want the Vikings to have a home Super Bowl?

    I honestly do not know.

    Would the NFL prefer Vikings at home over pregame hype Foles?

    Vikings in.

    Picks: New England vs Minnesota Vikings.

    Question: If Patriots – Vikings, who is the “home” team?

    • willbest

      Patriots. For starters, the stadium isn’t going to be full of Minny fans. And while its their building, 20+ players on the Patriots roster are making their 3rd SB appearance with it being Brady’s 8th rodeo.

  • Bear Instincts
    • Also not mentioned in the article, but anybody looking to trade up for QB doesn’t need to go to 8. Teams right behind the Bears aren’t taking a QB either.

      • Big Mike

        The good news is 3 QBs and Saquon off the board uses 4 of the 7 picks ahead of us. What we are hoping for is for 4th QB to go. then we are looking at top 3. non QBs

        • Bear Instincts

          If you want an EDGE like Chubb you have to be very nervous around Tampa. If you want ND’s OG/OT you have to watch Denver very carefully and hope no one up to grab the guy you want. 1 or 2 more losses and we would not have to worry about this

          • From my preliminary draft reads, Bears will have a shot at

            Top OG
            Top OT
            Top CB
            Top ILB
            “Top” WR

            I put “Top” for WR because while Ridley is seen as the best, I could easily see him falling to the late 1st if teams view him as a Tavon Austin type.

            Bears will likely miss out on the two top Edge rushers, whether that’s DE or OLB, which is arguably our biggest need (AFC Champs)

            I don’t know how complacent Pace will be. He might see Long/Sitton/Kush/Morgan or Leno/Massie and reach for a CB instead, esp if he’s unable to re-sign Fuller like he was incapable of re-signing Alshon.

            Can always pick up a good ILB through FA (that’s how we got Tre and Freeman to start).

            Do the same with WR, though that will be more expensive, and we all know Pace is a cheap ass (out side awesome Glennon).

            So my way to early guess will be CB .

            If Minkah Fitzpatrick (S/CB) falls to us, might be him, even though we already have Jackson/Amos.

            I’m very curious if this regime will want to upgrade on Amos, or if they’re gonna give Demps/Amos another shot before investing in their replacements.

    • I’m sure masturbating to that dominating Raven’s win is much better than moving up like 4 spots in the draft


  • Big Mike

    Even if Williams makes the Tackle, The WR gets out of bounds and the Vikings kick the FG to win.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      Yeah. Been saying the same thing myself. He was at about the 32. Only chance the Saints has was to tackle him in bounds, which was doubtful.

      Keenum made a hell of a play there under the lights. That guy’s far better than I ever would have guessed. Even when he took the field against the Bears this year, I was surprised at the level of play. He’s good. Definitely earned starter money this year.

      • evantonio

        Don’t know for sure he gets out of bounds.

        Plus, I bet the Saints had a FG Block play they were as confident in as Fox was in ours.

        • CanadaBear

          Sure. You just had to bring that up didn’t you!

      • willbest

        Foles v. Keenum in the Fisher bowl.

      • BerwynBomber

        I don’t know how he gets out of bounds if Williams puts a solid, fundamental tackle on him.

        Diggs was five yards from the OB line and initially had zero momentum that way. (His momentum was all downward and backward coming off the catch.)

        A decent tackle and he’s not even getting within two or three yards of the OB.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          I could see a great defensive play keeping him inbounds. But as it happened, Diggs damn near fell out of bounds just landing. He barely kept himself in. So the safety would have had to have a pretty solid base and an opposing angle to the sideline to keep him from making it out. Possible, but I don’t see it as likely.

          Sadly, we’ll never know. I’d have preferred to see him tackled, fighting for OB and let’s see it the kicker can send them to the next round from 50 yards with 1 second on the clock.

          • BerwynBomber

            “A great defensive play”? Huh?

            Diggs was three yards from the OB line. His momentum was that of a guy going up for a Hail Mary NOT of a guy running an out with a full head of steam.

            It was an easy tackle. No way he was getting out OB. It was a horrendous defensive play.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Well, we agree on the fact that it was a horrible defensive play. We just disagree on the rest. Diggs is the superior player in this scenario, headed toward the sideline against a rook. I’d give him more than a fair chance of fighting his way out of bounds.

            That defensive play was so bad, I’m having a hard time fighting an urge to call it throwing the game. That’s how awful it looked. Looked like he was on the take.

    • Scharfinator

      I don’t it is impossible to see a DB grabbing Diggs and dead weighting him towards the hashmarks. Help was pretty close. Could have gone either way.

      Edit: AND the Saints still had to MAKE the kick. Not much of a guarantee

    • willbest

      There was plenty of space to tackle him inbounds.

      • Bender McLugh


      • willbest

        Here is a picture down the field that shows he is a good 7-8 feet away from the sideline when he gets the ball. If Williams had hit him his knee would have hit the ground inbounds and the time would have expired. Assuming the hit was after Diggs touched the ball and didn’t draw the PI.


        • Scharfinator

          Yeah holy shit, that photo shows it too clear. Just up end him while he is still airborne and that is it.

        • Harriette

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      • Big Mike

        Looking at different angles, I disagree.

        • willbest

          Why would you look at angles different than shortest distance to the sideline?

          If Williams had hit his lower body he would have upended and been down by contract with no shot at making the sideline.

          • CanadaBear

            Kinda depends. If he didn’t get a solid hit on him he might have put a hand down and kept going or went out of bounds. It’s all woulda, shoulda, coulda.

          • Big Mike

            He was up high making a play on the ball

          • willbest

            And your theory is the most likely outcome of him being hit towards the line of scrimmage (not toward the sideline) is that momentum would have carried him 8 feet to the sideline.

            That is a dubious claim. Look its possible, he could still have gotten out of bounds, but since his feet weren’t on the ground he would have been entirely at the mercy of Williams momentum. He barely stuck his landing without being hit. There is no way he would have if Williams had hit him.

          • willbest


            This angle shows it perfectly. If Williams hits diggs he falls on his ass 5 feet inbounds.

            edit. feet

          • BerwynBomber

            He merely could have wrapped him. He was five yards from the sideline and had no moment toward it. At least initially.

            Hard to excuse.

    • BerwynBomber

      He was a solid five yards from the OB line. Would hardly have required a stonewall to tackle him inbounds. Plus, Diggs only initial momentum was vertical and coming straight down from the catch.

      Jordan Howard, let alone Diggs, would have had a tough time fighting for the out of bounds from that position if the DB does his job.

    • Nope. Williams tackles him, or cuts his legs while he’s 3 feet in the air, and game’s over, barring a supernatural landing.

  • Viva Dave Toub

    Jags +9.5
    Vikings +3.5

    • Big Mike

      I think Vikings are giving 3.5

      • Viva Dave Toub

        Thank you. I fixed it…

  • willbest

    Vikings, and I don’t think it will be particularly close.

    Patriots and I think it will be close. However, I am 90% possitive Hoodie is just fucking with the Jags and Vegas with glovegate.

  • Scharfinator

    I’m confused about the picture for this article. What am I missing?

    • Sactowns#1

      I think that’s the Brady snake oil brand. I hear I cures cancer and regrows hair.

      • Bender McLugh

        ahhhh because of course it does

        • Sactowns#1

          It’s the raw milk of the sports industry.

          • willbest

            Raw milk got a huge plug in the latest Star Wars movie.

          • Leia force swimming through space…smh

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            He should have put some on his hand and practiced yesterday.

            Show us it works Tom.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Is that what is responsible for Urlacher’s new hair line?

      • Hey, if it can help me marry a billionair supermodel, I’m sold!

    • Bender McLugh

      had to look it up, seems like Tom Brady’s company or something

  • Big Mike

    I think the Vikings are hands down better than the Eagles with Fowles. Keenum will not pucker up. Eagles aren’t al that. Jaguars.. maybe they’re too green to feel the pressure. I’d love to see them beat the Patriots. So I’ve got Vikings giving 3.5 and The Jaguars getting 9.5.

    • Bear Instincts

      I’m with you. Jags v Vikings for the SB. Tired of seeing Tom Terrific.

    • John F

      I think that Jags bet is a loser. Jags will be down 21 point by the middle of the 2nd quarter and will never come back. If Pitt scored 42, the Pats will score 60.

      • Big Mike

        It is possible. Not actually betting.

      • The thing about the Jags is that they’re immature.
        If shit goes bad early for them, how will they react?

        If the season is any indicator, badly.

  • Sactowns#1

    Under 47 in the Pats game. That’s my lock for this week.

    • John F

      Only because it will be 45-0 Pats

      • CaponeBot 1.0

        Belichek will go for 2 and make it 47. Loss.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          That would only make it 46. So he’s good.

  • BearDown100393

    “For those saying “his career won’t be defined by this moment” I ask you
    this: how the hell do you know? Bill Buckner had one hell of a baseball
    career. What’s the most defining play of Tony Romo’s career? Williams
    is a safety. He’s not going to get too many opportunities to change this

    I want to address this.

    Williams made a job mistake. A big one. Not a criminal type but an employment mistake.

    I’ve made big time mistakes at work also. Who hasn’t?

    But there are differences. A. My job pays less and nobody really cares. B. My job is not performed on live television.

    The problem isn’t Williams. He is human like us.

    The problem is us attempting to microcosm a football career – his job – by one play.

    It is perfectly fine to express the opinion that his mistake will be remembered. The caveat following should be the obvious notation of the unfair stigma that it attaches to another human being making a job mistake.

    Let’s address this stupid knock around term “legacy”.

    That is a word drummed up by bloggers, reporters and fans. It is used as a measuring stick to compare one athlete to another.

    My response to “legacy” will crib “Any Given Day Sunday”. And it is the advice shared by Luther to Willie:

    “When a man Iooks back on his life, he should be proud of all of it. Not
    just the years he spent in pads and cleats. Not just memories of when he
    was great. You gotta learn that in here. Or if you don’t, you ain’t a
    man, you’re just another punk.”

    Williams made a mistake. Go ahead and criticize it. But to allow it to define him?

    That is bullsh*t.

    • Scharfinator

      Yup, it’s all about how we respond to adversity. I’ve noticed I learn the most about myself in those situations.

      • BerwynBomber

        I don’t think Jeff is suggesting he shouldn’t respond in a positive way. Only that is likely he’ll never do anything else as memorable between the white lines.

      • willbest

        adversity reveals character.

    • BerwynBomber

      Your opinion reminds of those who bemoan the fact that the name of the terrorist, killer, murderer, etc., is almost always more memorable than his victims (unless the victims are famous themselves).

      Williams’ first line of his obit will most likely be the Whiff Six. Is it a certainty? Of course not. Should he fight like hell to get beyond it. Yes. But Jeff is probably correct. The play will forever define him. Doesn’t mean he can’t have a productive, positive career, but odds are his mistake will be the most memorable thing he ever does on a football field.

      • BearDown100393

        You just compared Wiliams to a terrorist, killer and a murderer.

        Point proven.

        • BerwynBomber

          Sigh …

      • CanadaBear

        Ask Leon Lett and Jim Marshall.

        • Juan Stone

          Let’s not leave out Alan Page who ran the wrong way for a touchdown once. I’ll take his career any day!

          • Juan Stone

            My bad, got that totally wrong.

        • AlbertInTucson

          The Vikings WON the “Wrong-Way Marshall” game.

          • CanadaBear

            They were good back then!

    • “Bill Buckner had one hell of a baseball career”

      And yet, what is the first image everyone summons when Bill Buckner comes up?


      We’ll do another social experiment.

      Richard Gere.

      Bet the first thing you thought of wasn’t “Officer and a Gentlemen”.


  • Bear Instincts

    A new world order: Bears ‘brainstorming’ cutting-edge offense for Mitch Trubisky
    Oregon’s fast-paced, spread offense + Andy Reid’s West Coast offense with “some of the college stuff + D.Koetter “Air Coryell” system, a vertical passing game attack = 2018 Bears Offense

    • BerwynBomber

      West Coast Spread.

      • leftcoastdave

        RPO/West Coast Spread.

    • willbest

      Do Bears have the receivers to go vertical? Do we have the receivers to do anything in the passing game?

    • evantonio

      Heflrich certainly faces an adjustment coming from college. As he said, he can’t be as experimental as he was at Oregon and “waste a play.”

      Why not? We’ve wasted hundreds of plays over the last few seasons!

      • SC Dave


        Thought that too when I read it, but was not clever enough to post it.

        +217 blog points, ev

        • evantonio

          Are those redeemable anywhere?

          • SC Dave

            Not that I know of. Sorry.

            Though when I win Powerball and the Bears are in the Super Bowl (perhaps the former being most likely), I’ll get you a ticket.

  • willbest
    • CanadaBear

      If you’re done having kids get a vasectomy. Not a big deal and you’re set for life. I got one 40 years ago and never looked back.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Agree. Been there. Done that.

    • Bender McLugh
  • CaponeBot 1.0

    I have a feeling that the Jags are going to put an 85-esque beatdown on Brady. They are going to try to hit him at every turn. It’s the only way……
    That doesn’t mean it will work but it’s better than death by a thousand quick outs and by getting Gronked.

    • Sactowns#1

      I say the biggest factor will be whether or not the refs will let Gronk push off on every play. If they let him do that ridiculousness Pats and Brady will have an easy day.

      • Bender McLugh

        I’ve watched every snap of NE games this year. Gronk does not do that.

      • Bender McLugh


    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      Worked for the Giants.

      • Gmen had Eli making clutch throws.

        Can Bortles do the same?

        Will he have to – may be able to Dilfer it.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          No. Bortles doesn’t appear to have that in him.

          I’m not sure the Pats are the Pats though. We’ll see.

          • SC Dave

            25 yard scrambles will do just fine, thank you.

    • The way Malik Jackson was talking, they’re sure looking forward to it.

      He also was correct in how to beat Brady: up the middle.
      He said they have to get pressure on him, but not just pressure, but cave in the OGs so Brady can’t step up.

      Unlike other teams, they have the studs to do it with just 4, which is how the Gmen beat them.

      If I were the Jags I would do what the Pats did to the Rams.
      Jam the fuck out of their WRs and TEs.

      Force the refs to throw PI flags.

      They’re usually relectent to do so in big games.

      That way it won’t be death by a thousand illegal picks, I mean, crossing routes.

      The Jags also should play nickle and put their fastest hybrid S on Dion Lewis/White who I guarantee will get at least 12 targets between them.

      I would wager that’s the way Pats are gonna try to attack the Jags.

      The Saints were trying the same thing against the Vikes who also have a formidable D and athletic LBs, and nearly pulled it off.

    • SC Dave

      Nothing would make me happier this season than seeing Brady in a cervical collar ala Danny White in 1985.

    • Irish Sweetness

      They get beaten when they get run on. Minimize Bortles and just run it at them.

      Leonard’s ankles might be a thing though.

  • If the Jags win it all, that may change the paradigm of modern football.

    Goodell has been trying his damndest to make this a QB/passing league.

    But if the Jags beat down his model, that may get other GMs thinking…

    “You know what – it might be easier to field a dominant D than to find a HOF QB”

    The old paradigm to SBs was

    Great/Hot QB + opportunistic D


    Historic D + game manager QB

    But if the Jags win it, then that “once a decade” D isn’t perhaps a decade.

    Peyton Manning not 5 years ago homered into a SB riding that D.

    So it’s more like 2-3 times a decade a dominant D can carry their Dilfer to the dance, which is much better odds than just once a decade, and might be easier to do than finding the next Brady – Bill; Petey-Wilson; Payton-Brees combo.

    • BearDown100393

      I do not believe the Jaguars had an intentional game plan to suck at quarterback.

      Blake Bortles sucks.

      And he be replaced with or without a Super Bowl ring.

      • Well, GMs are always gonna try for the ideal – for the HOF QB AND great D, but that is like chasing unicorns.

        What usually ends up happening is either/or

        Bortles right now is on the cheap. His cap hit is $6M which is $1M more than Hoyer took at SF.

        If he was a good QB, he easily takes $20M, and maybe they no longer are able to afford a Calais Cambell or Bouye, which may be the difference between losing to Steelers or not.

        If the Jags don’t win it all this year, the paradigm will stay the same.

        Get a franchise QB.

        Dilfers gonna Dilfer.

        • SC Dave

          Go Jags!

          • You know, I originally found the idea of Bortles winning it all as odious.

            This is hands down the biggest 1st RD bust still playing.

            It’s like if Jamarcus Russell won it all.

            But now I’m sorta seeing it as a big FUCK YOU to Goodell who completely changed the game (for the worse) by handicapping the D.

            I hope it’s a Jags-Eagles SB: 13-9.

            Fuck you Goodell.

          • SC Dave

            Actually, any matchup NOT involving Brady would be excellent.

          • SC Dave

            I was just thinking …. imagine the irony if MT is the real deal, and we got him too late to matter.

    • John F

      You won’t have to worry, Jags are gonna get crushed by the Pats

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

        How much did you bet on the game?

    • This is what DEN did in 2015 too. But here’s the problem:

      at any given time, there are 2-3 great QBs in the NFL.

      There’s a D good enough to carry a team with a mediocre-bad QB to a SB maybe once every 10 years.

      It’s actually easier to get a great QB than it is to build THAT good of a D. And a great QB lasts for 10-15 years, while a great D has maybe a 2-3 year window of that level of dominance.

      With that said, it takes more than a good QB to win. You need both. Good QB and good D (and OL, weapons around QB). Complete team.

  • BearDown100393

    “Go ask Michael Jordan…or Jeremy Roenick…or Wayne Gretzky…if golf is a sport.”

    The better question is to ask those former athletes if golf is the equivalent to their former professions.

    • willbest

      My word, you made sense

      • SC Dave


        Should I log out to read it?

    • Golf is essential a more racist, sexist, elitist version of billiards or bowling.

      • BearDown100393

        Jeff loves golf.

        • There’s this romanticizing of golf.

          I don’t get it.

          Sure, it’s picturesque because a billionaire’s club sees to it, but otherwise it’s ping-pong.

          I’m sure playing it might be fun or relaxing, but watching it on tv?

          I’d rather watch WSOP .

          • BearDown100393

            Ping pong on a property with plantation vibes thinly veiled. The privileged whacks a ball with a stick. The lesser subordinate follows behind to carry those sticks.

          • Yes, it’s a “sport” to those who miss the good ole days of medieval serfdom.

  • SC Dave

    So now you’ve got the whole possum game with Brady. “We’ll see.”

    • willbest

      I maintain it was just ketchup and its all a ruse. #Glovegate

  • John F

    You can take the Pats and lay 20, they will roll: Pats 45 – Jags 6

    I get the home team plus 3.5, easy money: Eagles 17 – Vikings 14

    • willbest

      Pats D is going to hold the Eagles to 3 points in the Super Bowl. Bad! Vikes have to win. SKOL!

  • BTW, I was a guest for a podcast over at Windy City Gridiron. If you’re bored and want to listen to me talk about the Bears for 45 minutes, have at it.


    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


      • I shouted out DBB several times. Good way to help gain a new audience.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          we already know what kind of audience you attract. LOL!

          just giving you shit. I haven’t listened to it yet.

    • Bender McLugh

      Dilly Dilly!

    • BearDown100393

      This is a stroke of genius. Go on another blog and deposit your fan base there.

  • Here’s your boy, Gruden, Irish. Most likely wanting Manziel over Carr


    to MB’s credit, he predicted his downfall from day 1.

    • Bender McLugh

      Who is this “MB” you speak of?

      • SC Dave

        Some mythical poster

    • BearDown100393

      Gruden overestimated his playing ability while underestimating immaturity.

      Leaf now understands the opportunity lost from his youth.

      Time will tell if likewise will occur for Manziel.

  • Harriette

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  • leftcoastdave

    Here’s irony for you. BearsWire mocks a CB out of Ohio State to da Bears in the first round. Gee, if you go CB, what about Josh Jackson from Iowa who picked three from them on the way to the Hawkeye rout of the Buckees and is ranked number one by Walter?




    • Bender McLugh

      he’s a beast, long and lanky and athletic. lots to like here, after the first INT in this highlight which was a stupid throw by the QB

      • leftcoastdave

        He kept the Buckeyes out of the National Championship final four. My favs were the one handed catch at the goal line and the Peanut punch take away.

  • CanadaBear

    There may be an up and coming WR cut loose. Any interest? Crazy immature but definitely talented. BTW, besides this guy, who passes a cop in a 45 zone doing 105?


    • Bender McLugh

      he should be signed for that mugshot alone

    • leftcoastdave

      Went to Temple. Where did that poor lost soul take the wrong turn?

      • CanadaBear

        Not sure about Temple. Most famous alum is Bill Cosby.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Sports Illustrated is so PC. SI reports he threatened to sexually assault the officer’s wife.
      Other sites actually report what was said to warrant the sexual assault threat. “when he got out he was going to find my wife, fuck her and nut in her eye.”


      • Does anything good happen in Florida?

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          I had a really nice day of fishing there last April.

    • Loved Robby Anderson!

      If McCown stayed healthy, he’d easily have an 80/1200/10TD yr.

      In some ways, he reminds me of Meredith but without the fucked knee.

      Welcome aboard!

  • willbest

    “So the NFL is credentialing The Athletic for all events but still won’t
    acknowledge blogs? Got news for ya, NFL. The Athletic is just a fucking
    blog with a shit load of VC cash.” – Jeff

    In today’s edition of money shouldn’t matter…

    • BearDown100393

      Hard to believe a weekly feature of “Rev Dave” audio doesn’t put DDB over the top for NFL credentials.

      • Juan Stone

        Hahaha. Congratulations on one of the most decisive takedowns in the history of da blog. Hee hee

      • What, you think the NFL would look down on cooking and eating chinese dogs?

  • leftcoastdave

    Was looking a little this morning at the FA pool and some of the youngsters on the roster. Rashaad Coward looks like a stud who could step up in the DL. The wrap on him was his lower body strength which I am sure is being addressed. Similarly, Jordan Morgan played left tackle and has good feet and was drafted to play G. You know he’s also been bulking up from 310 and should at least be a solid reserve this year if not a starter.

    • Sitton and Long may be done, but we still have Kush and Morgan, who I think they’re high on.
      Guess it depends on the new Oline coach, and if they want a diff type of Oline for the WCO/RPO, but how much better would that Notre Dame OG have to be to outplay them right away?

      Lots better.

      That’s why I feel Pace isn’t going OG in the first.

      OT is another matter because it’s known he was trying to upgrade Massie, but has Massie really been that horrible?

      He struggles a bit vs speed rushers, but he’s a mauler in the run game.

      I don’t know what his PFF rank would be, but I would guess somewhere in the middle.

      • leftcoastdave

        If you look at what we have at Edge and what is there at FA, you have to think that is our first pick, much as I would like an OT.
        I’m still hoping that the Bills want to trade up. We give them 8 and 5th in the second and our top 4, they give us their 22, 23, their equivalent two in the second and their late third. I think the math works and it gives them a good shot at their QB as well as a high second. We get two extra picks and can get a good Edge and a good OT late in the first.

        Am I overthinking this, or just dreaming?

        • I might have a diff view of the upcoming draft than the mainstream.

          I predict teams are gonna be falling over themselves to trade up for a QB, and I think it’s gonna be aggressive like a shark chum frenzy.

          This QB class is STOCKED.


          Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, Rudolph, Josh Allen are gonna go top 10, and teams aren’t going to be waiting for leftovers. They saw the result of that with Kizer.

          Teams were aggressively aiming for Trub, Watson, and maybe even Mahomes.

          All those QBs in the 18 class are arguably higher graded than Trub/Watson/Mahomes, (esp Mahomes).

          Heck, even Lamar Jackson might go in the teens.

          The only thing is that there might be a few FA QBs to lower the draft demand (Eli, Alex Smith, Tyrod Taylor, McCarron, Vike’s QB, Cutty?)

          But I predict trading frenzy in the top 10, so we’re in a good spot IMO.

          Would’ve been better if we had lost a meaningless game, but I think it’s still likely Pace gets numerous offers.

          I just hope Pace doesn’t reach if he stays put.

          • leftcoastdave

            Yup. And I don’t see any player likely to be at 8 who is more valuable to da Bears than being able to get another good pick. Josh Jackson, perhaps? Roquan Smith, perhaps? Look to me to be the likely BPA there for us.

  • leftcoastdave

    Next years MVP.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)


      • leftcoastdave

        My new avatar!

        The Human Joystick!

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          Ahh. Didn’t notice.

          Did you see he was named the NFCN rookie of the year? Just a four team division, but still, pretty impressive given his draft status and small school background.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            must be rigged. Because the feeling around here after the draft was that NO small school player can be any good and we wasted a draft pick.

          • CaponeBot 1.0

            Alot of people felt that way because of the dumb move for Tr00b, then a no nameTE in the 2nd and then a 5’6 RB from A&T. Overreaction? Probably but given the first two picks you can’t blame people.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Have you checked on that bourbon? Is it over oaked?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I have always been on the side of ‘lets see what they can do’ before overreacting. I never understood flipping out before anyone hits the field. I can see people having a little disappointment but more than that baffles me.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Yeah. Same here. There are so many players that bust from big schools, and just as many that come out of the late rounds or small schools, and go on to have great careers, it’s not worth getting whipped up over until they get some games in.

          • I think it’s ok to flip out. That’s part of sports. Some ppl watch college or tape, and they like certain guys, or DON’T like certain guys, so when some jabroni from Ashland is picked over their guy, gonna flip.

            I wasn’t thrilled with the Long pick, and I made it known. I wanted Tyler Eifert or Sharrif Floyd (drafted immediately afterwards).

            Was I wrong? Who knows – but I WAS pissed about drafting a 24 yr old OG with 1 yr experience over those guys. No one was gonna convince me other wise (at the same token, I also HATED the Grasu, Shea and Rodriquez pick…)

            Sac and Irish were all aboard the Watson train since April, so when Pacebot moves up ONE spot for Trub…well, if he were my guy, I’d be fuming too.

            It’s all part of the fun.

            We’re just fans afterall in an a pixilated bar. Fuck it.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I get the initial flip out reactions, I consider that a little disappointment. What grinds me the most is half way through a season and a draft pick gets a penalty or makes a mistake and people start saying we we should have drafted so and so. Even if we drafted that ‘so and so’ guy there is no guarantee our coaches would use them the same way or even coach them up the same way. So that guy may not have had the same impact as he is having on the team that drafted them, especially in their rookie years.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I wanted Fournette so bad, but if they were going QB then why not the guy that’s done it?

            The Bears had Alvin Kamara in for a visit BTW …

          • It reminded a lot of fans of Emery drafts.
            I recall that GP kept saying ‘the 3rd draft is where a GM reveals his true colors’ then, bam, moved up 1 spot for a QB with 13 starts, moved down at the top of the 2nd when guys like Buddha Baker, Dalvin Cook, Zay Jones, Forrest Lamp…were still available for a Devry Tech TE, then went small school again and tiny with Cohen.

            Considering the Emery PTSD, it alarmed a lot of fans of a GM who was trying to outsmart the room instead of just taking the guy most graded out at the spot (Shea over Chandler Jones, DeCastro, Mercilus…ironically enough, the guy drafted right after Shea…Kendall Wright).

            So even though I was in the wait and see camp, I could understand the fan outrage esp post-Emery.

            But all-in-all, seems like a good haul a yr later.

            Cohen brings electricity this team desperately needs.
            Saheen seems to be coming along, which is great because Simms looks like Manamanua JR.
            Bisky looks like he’s still getting his sea legs, but considering Fox….
            Eddie Jackson I think was the only pick most ppl liked, and probably had a better yr than the guy I liked Buddha Baker.

            The rest are pretty much dart throws.

            Incidentally, the 3rd rd pick we traded to the 9ers ended up becoming Alvin Kamara to the Aints.

            Can’t win em all, I guess.

          • leftcoastdave

            Yes, you can blame them for thinking they are smarter than the GM who put together three of the weapons of tomorrow in one draft. They were sooooo smart and knew better than Pace.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Give me an OT instead of Shaheen. Weird pick.

          • leftcoastdave

            Times two if I recall.

          • CanadaBear

            Not everyone felt that way!

          • Well, Cooks went down, but hey, not shabby.

            He’s no Garett Wolf, that much is apparent.

    • Throws 2 TDs!

  • CanadaBear
    • BearDown100393

      Theoretically this Bears coaching staff should not be out game planned next season.

      And that is an advantage.

  • Malice Halice

    Just got all my wisdom teeth pulled and a infected molar. Surgery wasn’t bad at all, sucks my insurance didn’t cover anesthesia but I took it like a champ. Glad they let my listen to my music

    • CanadaBear

      Hang in there MH. I’m guessing tomorrow will be a fucker!

      • BearDown100393

        It is the worst.

    • beninnorcal

      Had all four of mine out in july, took a good few months before everything was settled back there again.

      • Stephanie

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    • Irish Sweetness

      (beats chest)

  • BearDown100393

    “And I don’t think the NFL should credential bloggers. There’s too many
    now and an overwhelming majority of em are dogshit. But the policy
    should be consistent. Just because a writer used to work for an
    accredited news entity doesn’t make The Athletic one when they take the

    Well you got the dog crap part accurate.

    • Don’t know about this Jeff.

      Think about this analogy. If say, your grandma is kidnapped by terrorists, and you have the cash, would you hire ex-seals who are now mercenaries to extract her, or would you hire jabronies who paint-ball shoot on the weekends?

      One would assume that they would carry over the same standards.

      I’m sure the NFL does.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Granny lived a full life, so hire the paint-ballers. They are cheaper and granny will understand.

      • BearDown100393

        The McCaskeys would rehire Trestman.

  • BerwynBomber

    MIke Vrabel is the new HC of TEN.

    • Wow.
      Didn’t see that.

      I’m extremely curious how he’ll do. Seems a Samurai type – cerebral and tough.

      Let’s hope he has a better temperament.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, felt the same surprise factor. Will be interesting to see whom he brings in as OC and how Mariota responds. Thought he played fine in the post-season (but I admittedly turned off the TEN/NE game after the first half). But:

        1) He definitely regressed in his third year

        2) His arm will always be limited

        3) He doesn’t slide much better than RG3 so wondering if he’ll be injury-prone the remainder of his career

        Getting rid of Mularkey made sense but that seems like a fucked-up franchise. Last I heard none of the owners live in TN.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

          I’d like to crack a TN joke here but Nashville is a pretty fun city

        • BearDown100393

          He’ll call up Drew Bledsoe.

    • BearDown100393

      Steve Wilks already going strong on his weekend bender.

  • leftcoastdave
    • “Let’s start with what I think is the most realistic scenario of the five I’ll mention. I don’t necessarily think that the Bears will break the bank for an edge rusher”

      hmmm, I wonder why…

      I agree with the writer. I doubt Pace pays for anyone in FA (Ansah), and I don’t think he’ll draft the 3rd best edge in the draft at #8, though it’s early to call that.

      Longacre seems like a total Pace guy (Inj and/or cheap and/or part-timer and/or 26ish). Longacre would fall more into the ‘part-timer’ niche like McPhee.

      Davenport is an intriguing prospect, but if he’s 6’7 255 with a condor wingspan and blows up the combine, he’s not lasting till the 2nd, small school or not. But, good name to keep eye on.

      I was actually hoping the Bears would take a flier on Dion Jordan before the Hawks signed him, but it seems that ship has sailed. He did well over there, and I don’t see him leaving.

      • leftcoastdave

        Do you think we take Roquan Smith or Josh Jackson at 8? Both could be killer adds, but not necessarily the greatest needs.

        Or sign Zeke Anzah and draft Smith or Jackson as a nod to Fangio and going top five D after resigning Fuller.

        Hey, it may take time for the O to gel. Might as well put the best D on the field you can.

        • BerwynBomber

          Love Josh Jackson, but is he a top 10 guy?

          If we re-sign Fuller I’d be surprised if we take a CB before R3.

          • Even if Fuller re-signs, CB could still be in play at 8.

            Prince is still INJ-prone, and not exactly lockdown. He’s basically a slightly younger Porter.

          • BerwynBomber

            Too many other needs though. Pace resigns Fuller, and CB slips to where on the PoN list? #5?

          • leftcoastdave

            And then the question remains, do you sign best available or second best because of need?
            A lock down corner takes away a top weapon. Two lock down corners?
            Edge is more impact full, but better to pay up for that with a more mature man. Look at Floyd. Great talent, but still developing body.
            Pay up for the best available Edge, pay Fuller, draft Jackson and wow.
            Give the O time to gel with the best D you can buy.

        • 8 INTs will be awfully tempting to an INT starved secondary.
          Also, it’s a copy cat league.

          I know the RBs will get love (Hunt, Cook, Kamara) but look at how much of an impact those rook CBs in Tre’ White and Lattimore had.

          Josh Jackson is def in play, esp if Fuller and/or Prince are gone.

          Even then, nickle plays like 60% of the time, so could still make an impact.

          Imagine how much improved the secondary will be with Fuller/Prince/JoshJackson.

          And in out div of Lesbo/Keenum/Vadgers, can’t have enough good ones

          (Naturally the counter is pass rush)

          • BerwynBomber

            I don’t think MIN keeps Keenum. Zimmer never fully committed to him all year and it is well-known that Zimmer loves Teddy.

            Spielman could toss cold water on his HC, but I’m guessing Zimmer’s love wins out.

            At worst Keenum will get a Glennon-like payday to hold down the fort for one of the drafted rooks.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

            Zimmer is a god damn fool if he lets Keenum walk for Bridgewater.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Teddy has too many questions after that injury. They would be best to give him ‘backup’ money, and try and see if Keenum will take a Glennon type deal where there is an easy out, if not just tag him and have another prove it year.

  • BerwynBomber

    Go JAX, I guess. Can’t say I care for the other three, and the thought of Bortles raising the Lombardi makes me chuckle.

  • BerwynBomber

    Other than Brady, Kirk Cousins might have the best shot of winning an SB next year.

    Cousins efficiency #s are a bit misleading, IMO, but he is good/solid, and he will have his pick of teams in the off-season (and either JAX or MIN could be in play and DEN already is).

    You put a franchise level B guy on a ferocious D-led team and you’re immediately an SB contender.

  • BearDown100393

    Bortles mania has apparently led to dumb thinking about not really needing a top flight QB to actually winning the Super Bowl.

    Here are the QBs who have actually won:

    Tom Brady
    Peyton Manning
    Russell Wilson
    Joe Flacco *
    Eli Manning
    Aaron Rodgers
    Drew Brees
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Brad Johnson *
    Trent Dilfer **
    Kurt Warner
    Jon Elway
    Brett Favre
    Troy Aikman
    Steve Young
    Mark Rypien
    Jeff Hostetlier
    Joe Montana
    Doug Williams
    Phil Simms
    Jim McMahon
    Jim Plunkett
    Joe Theismann
    Terry Bradshaw
    Roger Staubach
    Ken Stabler
    Bob Griese
    Johnny Unitas
    Len Dawson
    Joe Namath
    Bart Starr

    * denotes mediocrity
    ** denotes garbage

    Continue on with absurdity

    • BerwynBomber

      You could asterisk Williams, Plunkett, Rypien and Simms too.

      • I know they played in diff eras, but Broadway Joe and Bradshaw seemed mediocre even for their time

        What say ye ole timers?

        • BerwynBomber

          Namath had a Marino-like arm and release, and incredibly bad knees, but by all accounts he was a stud for about four or five years until the Jets lone SB win, then his career cratered shortly after that. He also like women and booze, a’la Stabler, so that probably didn’t help.

          Bradshaw was a bit like Simms but with four SBs than 1. Not bad, solid, but way overrated.

          P.S. I’m a 70s/80s kid, so definitely a graybeard but junior to guys like Al, CB, SCD and a few others.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Namath as Super Bowl MVP was another cruel joke. Matt Snell was SB III’s Star along withe the Jet Defense.


          Swan and Stallwoth to throw to, Franco Harris to hand off to, an O-Line anchored by Mike Webster and the Steel Curtain defense to cover up his mistakes.

          • BerwynBomber

            Namath went 17/28 for 208 with passer rating for 83 in his SB. (And his QBR, would have been comparatively much higher vs. the norm.) He way exceeded the average QB at the time.

            Snell had a good game with a 4 yard average. But that was the era of the RB and his one rushing TD was set up by Namath’s passing.

            They got it right by giving the award to Namath.

            The Manning SB MVP, OTH, was a joke — career achievement award.

            Agree about Bradshaw. No QB was surrounded by better overall team talent.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I say Namath’s pedestrian passing totals were the result of Snell’s 121 rushing yards.

    • Peyton Manning was pretty garbage with the Donks, and rather pedestrian even against our ravaged Lovie D.

      • BerwynBomber

        True, but career-wise …

        Btw, that SB MVP he “won” against us was one of the worst SB MVPs ever. They should have given it to the two Colts RBs that day — Rhodes and the other guy whose name I forget.

    • BerwynBomber

      McMahon was also a borderline mediocre guy.

  • Stephanie

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  • catfish44

    pace. worrisome. he has done pretty well at the draft and assembling this coming years coaching staff. BUT, free agency. The same basic scouting crew and general manager that gave us Glennon, Dion Sims, Quintin Demps, Marcus Cooper, Markus Wheaton and Tom Compton is searching for this year’s free agent crop. not a player worth keeping there. we shall see, won’t we!

    • Irish Sweetness

      I give any new incoming team three years. Based on that, Pace failed.

      Nothing says we’re headed for success. (shrugs)

      So be it.

    • Glennon was just voted worst 2017 FA, and no one can deny it.

      And let’s not forget about the guys who couldn’t even make the squad like Cruz or Jaye Howard.

      This is why I say Pace is avg, or maybe a lil above avg.

      Maybe we can bring Emery back just for FAs.

      • catfish44

        yep, they can’t afford another crop like this one. wheaton – 3 catches? no excuse for glennon. none at all..

  • Irish Sweetness

    Gah. Brady’s gonna do it isn’t he?

    Pats -9.5
    PHI +3.5

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