The Bears Have a New Director For Their Young Star. Now They Begin Rehearsals.

| July 17th, 2018

This week the Bears report to Bourbonnais for training camp.

Yea, they do this every year; pack up their shit and invade the campus of Olivet Nazarene, a university that sounds like it should have Pontius Pilate as Athletic Director. Training camps used to be brutal, grueling tests of survival – a series of two-a-days in sweltering sun, with players completely cut off from their families and friends. Oh, and there used to be tackling. Tons o’ tackling. Way more tackling than not tackling.

Parcells, Walsh and Gibbs wore their teams out in the summer the way a good drill sergeant wears out recruits on Parris Island. They believed war was coming and the only way to properly prepare was to mirror those conditions. Players HATED it. Free agents would postpone signing contracts until the last possible minute if it meant missing a single day of camp.

Prior to the innovations of Bill Belichick, who introduced the idea that a game plan could be altered each week for that individual opponent, camp was when the entire system was installed. The great teams in NFL history were completely unsurprising before Belichick. Those coaches did what they did. If you beat it, you won.

Now training camp is simply part of the installation process. Practices are short. Contact is minimal. Time in the classroom is more important than time on the field (for the most part). And with starters seeing less and less preseason game action, teams won’t know if any of it is working until that first weekend in September when they print the scores in the morning paper.

But this training camp is pivotal for the Chicago Bears because it is hopefully about the establishment of the team’s leadership for the next decade at its two most essential gigs.

Coach. Quarterback.

The first summer for a first-time head coach is about as important as any he’ll preside over during his tenure. Matt Nagy’s challenges in the lead-up to the 2018 campaign are many but a few stand out. (i) He can’t allow himself to become a one-sided leader, leaving the defense autonomously to coordinator Vic Fangio. (ii) He must get this collection of newly-acquired skill players on the same page to start the season. (iii) He must break the Fox Doctrine of refusing to allow young players to break into the starting lineup even after they’ve shown they’re ready to do so.

Which brings us to…

Mitch Trubisky was ready to be the Bears starting quarterback before the team even arrived in Bourbonnais last summer. Everyone around the club knew it, including the man who drafted him, Ryan Pace. Practice after practice, Tru outplayed Mike Glennon. (The latter was so awful during one practice session, the Bears were considering giving Mark Sanchez first-team reps.) The whole enterprise, including the preseason games, were no contest. But Fox refused to so much as grant Trubisky the courtesy of first-team snaps over the summer. He refused to give Trubisky the opportunity to become the team’s quarterback and leader. Until he got desperate, that is.

Trubisky is now a known commodity in the Bears locker room but this is still his first summer above the title. Any respect he earned over the second half of 2017 will have little impact on Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, Anthony Miller and Trey Burton. Trubisky is as responsible as anyone else for bringing these new talents together with the established ones and forging a cohesive unit, ready to compete on that first football Sunday in September.

The play’s the thing…

If you’ve never been in the rehearsal room for a theatrical production, there are some universal truths. The director sets “the stage”. They lay out the schedule. They create the environment for which to work and guide every single detail of the pending production. But the star, always the star, sets the tone and the mood. Every supporting actor takes their cue from the top. If the star is an asshole, the swing chorus boy’s work will suffer. If the star is professional, if the star leads by example, the company will always reflect that behavior.

It is Nagy’s production. But Trubisky is the star. And now we’ll see if their summer rehearsal period can produce a winning production.

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  • SC Dave

    While tone and preparation are clearly important, as Belichick himself has said repeatedly in the end it comes down to guys making plays on the field.

    Not just Mitch… everyone.

    Your point on Fangio is well taken, Jeff. Vic’s situation is reminiscent of Buddy Ryan’s when Ditka came in.

    Although there was no Fencik letter to management, the defense seems very happy he is back and players have commented so publicly. So there is a challenge there for Nagy to become *everyone’s* head coach.

    • leftcoastdave

      Do they still talk football on da Bears Blog?

      • Scharfinator


    • leftcoastdave

      Training wheels have a purpose, after all?

      • CanadaBear

        Not really. When the training wheels come off, the kid is still gonna fall down a bunch of times.

        • leftcoastdave

          Not if you raise them slowly. Mr. Biscuit was given more options each game, but was started with taking a snap and handing off. Yes, frustrating to watch, but better than a baptism of fire.

          And as a practical matter, he didn’t fall too many times last year.

          • CanadaBear

            I agree with ya except about training wheels. They are totally worthless.

          • leftcoastdave

            Now that’s an issue to throw down over. But maybe we should stick to football . . .

          • CanadaBear


  • leftcoastdave

    Nice piece, but I take issue with the Fangio-Buddy Ryan analogy. That happened because of a feckless offense which put all the pressure on the D.

    Given Fangio’s tenure and the likelihood (necessity?) of Nagy being in complete control of the new O, I hope he defers to Fangio to do what he has done so well. All the more power to him if he can so delegate authoritatively. An O that puts up points and keeps the D off the field is what is wanted by the D and that will make them quite happy.

    • Big Mike

      Disagree about Feckless offense. The defense was just that good. The offense was probably slightly above average.

      • leftcoastdave

        It was a crazy situation where the D so often won the games that the coaches egos became an issue. Point is, I don’t expect to see that happen with either Nagy or Fangio, neither of whom have the same “Dikka” like bulldog character.

        • Big Mike

          Buddy Ryan was also an ass. My opinion. But there it is

          Get Outlook for iOS

          • SC Dave

            I agree. He and DItka were quite the couple.

          • But can’t argue with results. Responsible for the greatest D of all time.

            Ryan had to be an ass with those characers (who loved him)

            Could you imagine someone like Trestman trying to coach Singltary or Animal? holy crap.

          • Big Mike

            He was a failure as a head coach. Tactics were limited. He had HOF talent in Chicago. No doubt he was a great defensive coach. His scheme was ahead of its time, his personnel got him to the QB a click faster and it all worked.

          • Oh, I wasn’t referring to Buddy’s HC tenure.

            Then again, was Ditka truly a great or even good HC?


          • Big Mike

            We forget the beginning of his tenure, because the Bears faded so hard. But he built a winning culture. The challenge of any successful coach is to continue to adapt. He did not. Still the biggest downfall of that Bears era was not solving the back up QB role.

          • leftcoastdave

            I think the tude festered and was made manifest in the ’84 season when the D won games and the O sputtered.

          • Big Mike

            Which is fine, but a coordinator shouldn’t be an asshole about it. Buddy’s sarcasm and personality fanned the flame.

    • SC Dave

      Jeff didn’t write about Ryan/Fangio, I did.

      The Bears led the NFL in rushing every season from 1983 to 1986. Overall offensive yardage, they were 6th, 7th, 7th, and 7th.

      Problem was scoring; 20th, 16th, 2nd, 13th

      • leftcoastdave

        “(i) He can’t allow himself to become a one-sided leader, leaving the defense autonomously to coordinator Vic Fangio.”
        I, too, automatically jumped to the Buddy Ryan issue with Mike Ditka and remember specifically 1984 as the year of frustration for the Monsters of the Midway. At one point they were even direct snapping to Sweetness.

        Don’t think that will be the issue this year but would love to see the D develop the same swag.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      I agree, let Fangio have pretty much total authority of the D if necessary. Nagy needs to focus on making sure that O is running smoothly. If that means taking a page out of the McVay coaching style, by ignoring the D when they are on the field just so he can make sure Trubs is progressing then do it. Nagy can always start working with the D later on once the O is up and running.

      • I was thinking the same, the McVay doctrine.

        However, Wade Phillips is a much better DC IMO, so I’m hoping Nagy can nudge Fangio to be more aggressive when it’s necessary, kinda like Chico did for Lovie.

        • leftcoastdave

          I don’t think it is a given that Fangio will not be aggressive or will need “nudging.” He now has his peeps who know his system and d backs in the secondary who can keep mistakes from being 6 points. I believe he now has the opportunity to start gaming the O’s with his own variations on the theme which will include more pressure up the middle.
          The big tell will be game one against the Peckers. That game could be the culture changer da Bears need.

          • What peeps?

            The Rams have Suh, Aaron Donald, Easly. Floyd gets one more concussion and Fangio is down to Acho and some street FAs, which will FORCE him to be more aggressive, which he is not.

            Fangio is basically Lovie.

            He’s not blitzing. He’s not going to get creative. He’s not going to disguise or confuse.

            Fangio has his system. That’s it. And if he doesn’t have elite talent like he did in SF, it’s much like Lovie’s D without T. Harris or Pepp. Death by a thousand paper-cuts.

            This is where, IMO, Nagy can FORCE him be more aggressive.

            But again, it’ll have to be tactical.

          • leftcoastdave

            Added to what he had last year is his OLB from SF, Aaron Lynch. But also added through the draft were three quick players in Roquan Smith and Kylie Fitts at ILB and OLB respectively as will as Bilal Nichols who is a fast twitch lineman who you can expect to see in the middle on passing situations. I think that suggests a more aggressive approach at getting after the QB. We shall see.

  • BerwynBomber
    • CanadaBear

      Hard to say how this is going to play out. I don’t think the offset language is even an issue because I believe Smith will be here for a long, long time. However, I get the Bears position if they do it for Smith it sets a precedent. They set that precedent last year with MT but that is supposedly common for 1st rd QB contracts. Hope he gets in camp soon.

    • willbest

      This issue doesn’t even make sense to me other than NFL is just being stubborn shits. Considering the pay cut over the spec deals they were getting before, we are talking about a trivial sum difference between offset and no offset. The risk they don’t play the full 4 years is pretty minimal. I mean FFS Kevin White is going to play his entire rookie contract. If you are so awful the team is cutting you after 2 or 3 years, the offset is going to be the league min anyway. That is like $570k for year 3 and and $620k for year 4 or something like that.

      • SC Dave

        I think it’s more about a guy signing to play for another team (worst, a division rival) while you’re still paying him.

        • willbest

          But his contract is fully guaranteed. You cut him because you felt he wasn’t worth the roster spot. So how valuable is he really going to be to some other team?

          I guess it could be a football related disciplinary issue, but you still are giving up on the player

  • CanadaBear

    I just don’t get all the hand-wringing over MT not starting 4 games last year. Esp with that offensive system relegated to the dustbin. Here’s a nice article about MT and the new O. Not much meat and potatoes but if you read between the lines a little bit I think you can see MT saying Nathan Lane and his O were bogus. The playbook and the installation.


    • DaBearsBlog

      The four games didn’t matter. The three months prior to the season did. The guy wasn’t given a rep with his starting center or the team’s starting WRs in 2017 until Week 5.

      • leftcoastdave

        Agree with you both. The training wheels were on for good reason and he developed beautifully to where he is now, ready to win the division.

      • CanadaBear

        I get all that Jeff. With Fox and Nathan Lane it wouldn’t have made any difference.

      • SC Dave

        The center would have helped. The WRs? Well, nothing to see there.

      • willbest

        The only person he missed out receiving reps with was Meredith. Everybody else is gone except Shaheen who he got reps with because Shaheen was 3rd on the depth chart.

        The Center is a concern but Whitehair had his own demons to work with last year. I don’t know if putting Mitch in the spot with having to deal with that too would have been beneficial for his development.

        • SC Dave

          Good point on Whitehair’s troubles.

          • He needs to be moved to OG, IMO.

            This is the perfect opportunity to do it.

            Early 2nd rd players need to start at the position they played in college.

            Daniels needs to start at OC.

            If he’s “overwhelmed” then Pace drafted the wrong C.

          • willbest

            WH figured it out by the end of the year, and WH has way more NFL experience at C than he does at G. The Irish “he is a guard” because he spent 2 years there in college is nonsense. He also spent 2 years at tackle. Nobody is asking he play there.

          • I just don’t trust WH at C. He’s been good for some REALLY bad snaps that have killed drives. And he never played C in college.

            And I know that C/OG are somewhat interchangeable, but Daniels was projected as a C. It would be like moving Kreutz to OG.

            If you got a Kreutz in Daniels, start him off there. Everyone is learning the new system at the same time.

            Long is also eventually gonna get hurt, and I’d rather have WH replace him so the fall-off is not great.

          • willbest

            Hopefully we won’t lose Kush this year.

          • I don’t know if this is accurate, but it seems like the Bears suffer a lot more tears these days, pictorial, groin, biceps (Peanut suffered that twice in two seasons…

            Dunno how this compares to rest of league though. I’m no muscle expert.

          • Got Morgan too who may move out to RT.

            If Heistand can do that, he really is good.

          • SC Dave

            I agree with you Butch, but sometimes it just seems these guys are compelled to mess with a good thing.

          • Sometimes I feel like I’m singing alone in the woods or something. Pacebot doesn’t seem to compute the future

            1. We have to assume Long is going to get INJ. So who do we want there long term? I’d prefer WH

            2. WH gets the yips at C. Is he over it? Ppl assume he is, but maybe not. Maybe it never goes away. He didn’t play C in college. Maybe the muscle memory isn’t ingrained.

            2A. So why not insert the prospect who DID play C, is projected at C, drafted in the 2nd rd as C, in Daniels?

            3. Barring a miracle, we’re not winning the SB, so don’t pussy foot. Just put Daniels at C, they’re ALL learning a new playbook this yr. Come next season, and the next ten, we have our Oline cemented.

            WH can still help Daniels from the OG position. In fact, I think Roberto Garza did that.

            Oline is not rocket science. Stop shuffling them around, put them in their natural positions. Let’s roll.

          • SC Dave

            All over point (3). This is the ideal time to do it.

            Not sure on the leadership side, however. Perhaps Mike can chime in. Isn’t the center typically the “leader” of the line? Do they see that in Whitehair (if you read that long article I posted in this thread, MT seems to have a lofty opinion of Cody)?

            But I go back to your point. Daniels is and was picked as a center. Everyone is learning a new playbook. Now is the time if you’re going to do it.

            But shit Butch, maybe we should trust Heistand? This is, after all, the very first Bears coaching staff in my 50+ years as a fan that I think actually understands the importance of running a system to the strengths of the roster. It fucking better not be just the Kool-Aid.

          • I REALLY want to trust Heistand, but I got jaded from the Mike Tice experience.

            Every week he trotted out a piece of shit Oline that nearly got Cutler killed, and every fucking week some nit-wit announcer kept gaslighting us saying “Mike Tice one of the best Oline coaches” every fucking week for like 2 yrs…I was seriously beginning to question my sanity…

            So, nah, I’m going with my gut now lol

            Hope Heistand starts them off this way (I doubt it) and makes adjustments as needed.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Look at it this way. Heistand was the Oline coach the last time we went to the SB.

          • leftcoastdave

            Daniels coach Ferentz said he was the best lineman on the team at any position. He had the ability in the Hawkeye’s zone blocking scheme to make an impact on the second level. That is one reason he will be playing G. That will allow him to build up to the pro level better than the added responsibility of C which Whitehair did admirably his rookie year where he was more focused there.

            Let Whitehair stay focused at C and I think you will see one hell of a line.

          • CanadaBear

            Whitehair had snapping issues in the first quarter of the season. After that it was a non-issue. Worrying about that and basically saying Long is done, strikes me as more grim reaper stuff than anything else.

    • SC Dave
    • There’s pros and cons about starting right away vs being eased in.

      Starting right away means learning the speed in a crash course.

      The risk of that of course is that the speed overwhelms and wrecks the QB forever (the “Carr” effect)

      The original Pace plan was to sit Trub the whole yr to avoid this.

      But his boy Glennon sucked so bad, they HAD to throw Trub into the fire, ready or not.

      And ALL the teams just blitzed at will doing exactly what Pace feared.

      Considering Fox and WR corp , surprised Trub didn’t look much worse.

      Reason for some optimism going forward

    • Sactowns#1

      Or, ya know, draft a guy with lots of pro level experience that’s ready to go day one. Like a Deshawn Watson for example.

      • willbest

        And hope the other ACL doesn’t give out.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        How do you draft a guy that has pro level experience when they haven’t played in the Pros yet?

        I am assuming you mean that the QB ran a pro style Offense in college. But then that still isn’t a guarantee. These QBs still play against college players. Every rookie will tell you there is a big difference between the 2 levels, mainly SPEED.

        • Sactowns#1

          No, I mean he played against a professional level defense, on a professional level team and excelled. Yes, I know it wasnt the NFL but it was a hell o f a lot closer than NC.

      • Deshawn Watson would’ve DIED under Fox.

        As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox didn’t allow Watson to run, and make him run the same plays as Glennon.

      • CanadaBear

        I wanted Pace to draft Watson but he didn’t. I understood why he didn’t (acl issues). Once Watson went down with another acl tear I was pretty fucking happy Pace stayed away from him. Different strokes.

  • leftcoastdave

    Let’s get some D talk going. One thing which I believe has remained under radar is how the special teams will be moving up to the next level. All the people with the “say what” on the Iggy pick (phonetically E A Boonie Way best I can recall) are going to love this dude for his special teams play.
    Another “conventional wisdom” meme we are hearing is how suspect the pass rush will be because of the OLB situation. I have got to believe that Fangio will be gaming the inside more on down and distance with more speed in the middle, including Pace’s other “who dat” pick Bilal Nichols. What I have been reading is that he is expected to be able to play anywhere on the line and is a quick pass rush threat who could be spelling Goldman on those downs, perhaps even with the long Roy-Rob teamed up on the left side with those long arms up to deflect passes.
    Finally, I saw some film on the 6 pick Kylie Fitts who was very quick and impressive in dropping back into coverage.
    Personally, I love the thought that Fangio will likely mix things up in his nickle/dime packages.


    • SC Dave

      If pressure up the middle is the idea, Smith will be the primary blitzer. It appears to me that neither Trevathan nor Kwiatkoski are slow, but 0.25 seconds on a blitz is huge, and both those guys give that up to Roquan.

      • Yup. It’s all about that initial burst, bend and judo chop.

        I remember when Briggs and Lach would crowd the Oline like they were gonna blitz, as if they were EVER going to sack the QB

        That just wasn’t their thing.

        Hopefully, Roq shows more chops in that area. If you’re gonna get run over, might as well be able to cover and pass rush.

        • CanadaBear

          #54 was pretty good at it when he had Keith and Ted keeping him clean. Lovie’s scheme really needed #54 to read his keys and do his thing.

          • He was a bit better at it when he was younger and faster, but Lach always struggled with disengaging (his tech improved as he got older though).

            But pass rushers must have violent hands. That’s often little discussed, but some ppl have natural violent paws that can swat blockers.

            Same with bump-in-run CBs.

            If you ever see a WR-CB up close, it’s almost a boxing match those first 2 yds.

            That’s what made Peanut so awesome. He had MMA hands.

            If Roq pairs those hands with his burst, that’ll lead to a lot of sacks up the middle, and totally change the D.

          • SC Dave

            Here’s hoping.

            Irish loves to bitch about Fangio not blitzing, but you MUST have the right personnel to make it work.

          • Absolutely. Fangio in SF had Justin Smith at RE. Dude was a country strong stud who made it easy (sometimes by holding) for Aldon Smith to rack up sacks.

            Pace has provided Fangio with Bullard-Floyd combo. Thus far, they have been an inferior combo.

            On the other side, Fangio had McDonald. Pace did a great job there with Hicks.

            But after that – Kyle Fits, Acho, Aaron Lynch? Talk about a hail mary.

            McPhee was supposed to be his guy there, but he could never stay healthy.

  • iii) He must break the Fox Doctrine of refusing to allow young players to break into the starting lineup even after they’ve shown they’re ready to do so -Jeff

    Hope this is the case too like if Nichols outplays Goldman, take a seat Goldman.

    The reverse I hope is true as well, if a vet like Kush outplays Daniels, start Kush . don’t worry about looking like an ass over draft position , don’t repeat the Trestway -Odonell debacle

    The Joker mo. Throw the pool cue on the floor and best man wins

    • AlbertInTucson

      “Tres Way -Odonell debacle”.

      Still paying for that one.

    • Nichols and Goldman play different positions. Nichols is competing with Bullard and RRH

      • I think he’s gonna spell both..

        Nichols came out of college at 6’4 306.

        If he gains 10 pounds of muscle, he’s in NT territory

        If he loses 10 pounds, he’s in the 3-4 RE range.

        But Nichols can pass rush at 316 AND be able to hold against the run, then he could very well relegate Goldman to a run stuffing NT.

        I admit, it’s rare for NTs to come in their rookie yrs and do that, but never know.

        Goldman’s contract is coming up, right?

        RRH and Bullard will likely be the pass rushing REs.

        • leftcoastdave

          I saw Nichols listed on a depth chart as backup NT. I think that will be a part of nickle/dime packages for quickness up the middle and long RRH to the QB’s right with them long arms up. Seems like big arsed Bullard would be the natural backup to Goldman in running downs if needed or packing in at the goal line.

          • No way is Bullard a NT. He was originally projected as a 3Tech DT at 285.


            He’s packed 10 pounds, but is still relatively undersized even for a 3-4 DE (much less NT)

            He was meant to be a pass rush specialist specialist, but that hasn’t materialized.

            Nor is he even a Justin Smith (6-4 285). He’s pretty much a bust thus far, and why Pace keeps trying to add guys at RE like RRH, Jaye Howard and Nichols

            Pace is hedging his bet with Nichols. A player who can likely insure both, Goldman (in case he prices himself out of Pace’s cheap wallet) and Bullard (in case he totally busts).

            It’ll be interesting to eye Nichols’ weight. That may clue us in on where they see him long term going forward.

          • CanadaBear

            I’ll be really surprised if Eddie isn’t re-upped by the Fudgie game. He played that first year around 340-50 and was too big. In the off season he lost about 25 lbs and packed on more muscle. He’s a grown-ass man for sure. That position lends itself to injures for obvious reasons.

          • Yeah, I liked the Goldman pick. It was an unusually strong NT ’15 class.

            Danny Shelton went #12 (extremely rare for a NT)

            Then, in my estimation, I had Malcom Brown next who got drafted by the Pats at the end of the 1st.

            Then I had Goldman and Jordan Phillips graded really close, but Brown/Goldman/Phillps all became solid.

            Ironically, Shelton might’ve been the most disappointing NT from that class cuz he was so hyped.

            But NTs are treated a lot like HBs, as disposable.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if ALL those NTs from that class end up on diff teams next season.

            Coaches seem to think they can get any cheap fat body in there, which is a gross miscalculation IMO, so I hope Goldman sticks (as long as he stays healthy)

          • leftcoastdave

            Bullard was looking good early last year until he had a glute strain which for a D lineman is like a hammy only higher up on the biggest muscle in his body. We saw flashes earlier and later of his ability to push pressure into the backfield.
            This is clearly his year to step up or step out.

          • Bullard flashed, but then again, so did RRH.

            Gotta do more than flash. Pace has been trying to find that bookend to Hicks for a couple seasons now, but hasn’t happened.

            Maybe this is the yr, but we could easily be talking about drafting a RE come next April…

        • Goldman is going to get a nice fat extension at some point, very possibly before the season (like Hicks did last year). He’s been very good for the Bears and is a key player on this defense.

    • Johnnywad

      If Nichols outplays Goldman by the beginning of the regular season then Pace is a fucking sorcerer and you will buy a Ryan Pace Bears Jersey #69.

      • Never know. Who the hell saw Mark Anderson storming the league his rook yr?

        Let’s hope if it does happen, it’s not just one yr.

  • willbest

    So Le’Veon Bell turned down a reported $14 million a year, and ~$33 million guaranteed in some sort of rolling structure with $45 million paid over the first 3 years. That dude is nuts. The highest paid RB in the NFL makes 8.5 million a year.

    • He’s not gonna sign anything until the very last moment he can. A lot of FAs do this so they won’t have to practice more then they should.

      Last yr it took him about 2 games to come into form, but he finished strong and healthy. That’s probably what he’s going for, and maybe Steelers too in a nod-wink.

      • willbest

        It looks like he is going to play on the tag this year fro 14.5 million. And then become an FA because the 3rd franchise tag is something like 145% of this year’s salary.

        • In some ways, I understand what he’s going for. RBs always get treated like trash. Teams almost always cut them a yr or 2 before their contract’s up.

          We just let Forte walk out the door like nothing. So I get Bell’s stance. Get as much as you can while possible.

          Guess we’ll find out how much the market values possibly the greatest HB in the NFL right now.

          I think he’ll sign something last minute.

          But hey, maybe he thinks he’s the next Revis, and will be happy to bet on himself yr to yr to the highest bidder.

          • SC Dave

            This. I hope Howard goes off for 1800 and 16 TD this season so they HAVE to extend him.

            In defense of the Bears, Forte did point out that while his contract was not the biggest, none of the RB with bigger contracts were paid every dollar of their second contract like he was. Of course, Matt earned every nickel.

            Even those as heavy as manhole covers.

          • I still can’t get over that Forte never drank a soda in his life, not even as a kid
            Every time I pop one open, I see his eyes staring at me in disappointment lol

          • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

            Forte would be a solid #5 WR on our team this year.

          • CanadaBear

            He would have been a mofo gunning on ST’s.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            too far to run, he would run out of steam before he got downfield.

          • CanadaBear

            You’re getting Howard and Forte confused. Howard is the one that gets tired after 20 yds (according to our Irish friend).

          • leftcoastdave

            That is what we drafted E A Boonie Way for, being the killer gunner on special teams.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Maybe he should have drank some, might have helped get some short yardage when needed

          • More pop to pop.

            I admire your persistence in trying to give SC an aneurysm

        • AlbertInTucson

          He just turned 26. They can get 400+ touches out of him before he walks.

      • SC Dave

        Well, they start with the Browns (division, but who cares, its the Browns?) and the Chiefs, so 1-1 after 2 games would hardly be a disaster.

        • Adrian Peterson would do the same. I don’t think he played or even practiced much in the PS, but a team has to trust the player.

          The Vikes knew once the season started, AP is running like a cyborg. Those extra non-hits and grind might’ve made him more productive long term.

          HB is such a brutal position, I think that’s the way to go, and why I don’t want to see Howard much in PS.

          He’s not CedDrunk with questionable heart. I have NO reservations about Howard, and think he should just keep his body tuned but not grinded until late august.

    • AlbertInTucson

      The Steelers gave up 45, in the playoffs, at home, to an offense led by Blake Bortles.

      They need to sink a chunk of cash into that defense which misses Ryan Shazier, big time.

      They’re already paying Brown and Ben.

      And Bell wants QB money ?

      Not to mention he’s 1 failed drug test from a year off.

  • BenderMcLugh

    Danica Patrick can suck it. Booooo hissssss

    • AlbertInTucson


      • willbest

        She is bearding for Aaron Rodgers these days

        • Guess he likes his beards skinny and brunette, and his BFs blonde and buff like Clay Matthews (NTTAWWT?)

          • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

            deep down inside my gut is telling me that he’s putting the wood to these hotties whether we like it or not.

          • I refuse to acknowledge that reality.

          • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

            Danica Patrick doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who will willingly accept a life of show tunes, attraction-less dinner parties and quiet desperation…..i’m thinking that she may get alpha crazy.

          • CanadaBear

            She’s the alpha with her girl friend. Probably with Erin, too.

          • Yeah, she made a living racing a bunch of hollering yokels, so decided to beard the opposite.

          • CanadaBear

            Both Danica and Oivia both strike me as manly or at the very least, alpha. Both are physically attractive but neither one of them exudes any sex appeal whatsoever.

          • Johnnywad

            That’s because Danica has a penis. I’m sure of it.

          • willbest

            Crazy talk. She would have placed higher than 25th if that were true.

          • Johnnywad

            That may be the best, clean, subtle, one liner I’ve ever read. LMAO.

            Well done. Well done.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Not sure about that. Have you ever tried to drive with your penis tucked?

          • Johnnywad

            Danica is a man. It’s been proven. Look at that jaw. Somehow they took out the Adam’s Apple endoscopically so as to leave no scarring. Swingin dick like the rest of us.

          • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

            you shut yo damn dirty mouth!!!!

          • Johnnywad


            You can see it here. Minimal scarring, burn defintie evidence of an Adam’s Apple. She’s no Kate Uptom to be sure.

            Danica or Pregnant Kate Uptom? Who you nailing when it comes to brass tacks? Pregnant Kate Upton in a landslide.

          • willbest

            If I were married to Kate Upton she would spend 8 of the next 10 years pregnant.

          • Johnnywad

            He’s into dudes. No way that’s happening. Trubisky is cleaning up on all the bitches.

      • BenderMcLugh

        Apparently she grew up a Bears fan and switched to the Pack, but I hear Vadgers has a golden twat that’ll make ya change yer religion.

  • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

    so…..when are we signing Lamar Houston to address our putrid OLB situacion?

    • When Fitts gets INJ, or Floyd bangs his brain, which by then, will be too late.

      I totally agree.

      Didn’t the Puke sign Wilkerson? Least we could do is throw some wooden pennies at Houston

      • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

        we’re in for a long season of Acho being nice, kind and respectable-like. I want linebackers who whip their kids testicles god damnit…

        • Acho. The Timu of OLB.

          • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

            …..I actually like Timu. I just wish he could cover a fucking release route. Every team needs a badass player of samoan descent.

            NFL list of required players for sustained success:
            1. mocha man meat mountain madness on the D line.
            2. insanely athletic and overall intimidating black inside linebackers
            3. cheetah like corners who have at least 2 illegitimate kids
            4. safeties who seek to obliterate all those who enter the seam and actually hope that someone dies on the field.
            5. running backs who can break the long one and who will die for that last yard to move those chains or put the rock across the goal line.
            6. huge white linemen who can play on chopped up knee ligaments and who’s heads and necks are so thick that it makes your testies shrink when you are in their presence.
            7. WR’s that run 4’4s and who could basically play any pro sport.
            8. A QB that can run for a first down, throw into a tight window, roll the dice from time to time and who isn’t afraid to push the envelope on the field or with young hotties in River North.
            9. a consistent FG kicker.

          • I liked him too, but that’s the thing. They’re backups for a reason.

            Didn’t he have like one of those martial arts pony tails?

            This is why a person should never fight a pony-tailed guy.

            He’s either a 10th degree Dungeon and Dragon wizard, or some 10th degree Krav Maga bone breaker.

          • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0


          • CanadaBear

            That’s a good list. You can’t get that kind of info just anywhere!

          • SC Dave

            Need at least one wide-grinning Nigeria brute to play TE.

            And an overachieving 5’10, 190lb moderate speed white dude with bad hair who is always open, has a catch radius like Hakeem Olajuwan, and drops one pass every 914 targets.

          • Johnnywad

            Last season Waffle said no white receivers. So that’s out.

          • Bwhaha. Need an Oline with at least ONE ‘ski in it!

            #10 Kyle Fits…

  • Johnnywad


    Why not? What would it take? Perhaps a 3rd? I’d do that.

    Although Jackson is your guy back there presuming that rod in his leg continues to hold up. I think I’d still bring him in for a middle round pick.

    • Man, wish we could’ve traded for him B4 we drafted Jackson.

      An outside the box scenario is we trade Amos + a 4rth to them, and Earl Thomas becomes our SS.

      Then we got TWO playmaking safeties.

      Considering the division we play in, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      Our run D may suffer a bit, but if given the choice between Vadgers or whatever HB they trot out, I’ll take my chances with their HB.

  • Johnnywad

    I am sincerely looking forward to the twilight years of Aaron Rodgers’ football career. Provided he’s healthy, he still scary as all hell. But Father Time is a relentless bastard. And he’s coming for Aaron. Too many surgeries, too many pins, too many torn calf muscles. Sooner or later this ends. And what do they have? They traded away a starting CB, out of a weak DB group, for Kizer. Just as a Mitch is about to take flight.

    Fuck you Green Bay. Fuck you.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Wishful thinking.

      I will believe he is in decline when I actually see it.

      • Johnnywad

        I’m not about to proclaim it’s happening THiS fall. But it will happen. Outside of Bears football, it’s my next thing. I’m waiting for this bastard to age.

        Just let me have this Al.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Ok, ok.

          But when it happens, you have to share.

          • Johnnywad

            We will feast.

      • CanadaBear

        I actually thought I saw some decline in his play last year but like you say wishful thinking probably.

  • Johnnywad

    Heading to Boulder, CO for a week Friday lads. Anybody got any tips? Places to see? Drink? Eat?

    • CanadaBear

      If you have the time, go through Lyons, Estes Park, down through Granby, Idaho Springs, Nederland and back to Boulder. RMNP is the highlight, of course, but it’s a beautiful drive and you avoid any towns of any size.

      • Johnnywad

        I do have the time, and I definitely will do this. Thank you.

        • CanadaBear

          If you’ve never been to RMNP and like that sort of thing, it’s an awesome park. Mostly a hiking/camping park. When you drive over the pass you’re up a little over 12.000 ft. I’ve done that a couple of times on a bicycle when I was much younger and in much better shape. I’ve been over the entire route by bicycle at one time or another. Love the mts. Have a great time!

    • Cormonster

      Are you going to be there the following weekend of the 28th? If so, there’s gonna be some great blues bands at Red Rocks on the 28th and 29th – Tedeschi Trucks, Marcus King, and Drive by Truckers.. I’ve never been to Red Rocks, but hear it’s one of the coolest music venues in the US. If you like jam band stuff, the String Cheese Incident is playing Red Rocks this coming weekend.

      • Johnnywad

        No. We’ll be back home by then. Sounds like a good time.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Weed is legal there….. just sayin’;

      • It also is the capital for “Super-Churches” – coincidence?

        No wonder they believe in God out there

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          But they also have the International Church of Cannabis.

    • Sactowns#1

      Yes. Please take pictures at all the filming locations of Mork and Mindy

  • Ditka was an offensive genius as long as Mad Mac was QB. Mac was kind of a jerk, so people hit him with particularly nasty shots when given the opportunity. And because the 46 defense was killing their QB. We should have won at least 2 more ‘bowls with that roster which was among the youngest in the league in ’85.

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