Audibles: Defensive Continuity, Campbell & the Trib, Gabriel Wants to Rollerblade…More!

| March 19th, 2018

We are calmly navigating Ryan Pace’s most important off-season. And while it’s impossible to know if any of these decisions are any good until September, it sure feels like he’s making the right calls.

Bears Defense Taking Final Step?

A few stats from 2017 regarding the Bears defense:

  • 10th in yardage
  • 9th in points
  • 7th against the pass
  • 11th against the run
  • Troy Aikman’s ranked them 10th in the league in his Efficiency Rating – a stat I tend to find accurate.

It would be hard to argue Vic Fangio’s unit was not one of the league’s ten best defenses last season. And now they are (a) returning all relevant members of their starting lineup, (b) returning the entire defensive coaching staff, with the exception of John Fox and (c) building an offense to relinquish pressure on this unit.

If the Bears find a way to get consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks, they should be among the league’s best defenses. If the Bears develop a top pass rush, they could be the league’s best unit.

On the Trib’s Bears Coverage…

A few nights ago a fan on Twitter decided to ask Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune to be more like Adam Jahns and Adam Hoge. Well, asking one beat writer to be more like another beat writer is never going to be met with a wink and a smile.

Campbell works hard. I saw him slaving over his computer at the Billy Goat during the Tribune Sports Christmas party as Pro Bowl announcements were being made. And nobody with a brain cares about Pro Bowl announcements.

He also seems to be a genuinely good guy. We had a few on-line conversations when he first joined the beat, mostly about soccer, but those quickly evaporated for reasons I’ll never understand. (I assume David “Blue Moon” Haugh played a major role.) But if Campbell’s got any blood in his body, he’s competitive. He doesn’t want to be told he’s not as good as the primary competition at the Sun-Times.

His response to the fan was to call Jahns and Hoge “homers”, suggesting they operate as a cheerleaders and not as objective members of the media.

A few thoughts on this:

  • The Trib boys believe their relationship with the Bears has deteriorated over the years because of their hard-hitting, no-punches-pulled coverage. Nope. It has far more to do with their fearless leader Brad Biggs’ direct pipeline into Phil Emery’s cell phone. (I was told Emery often shared info with Biggs before he shared it with ownership.) Many inside Halas Hall revel in the lack of access currently given the Trib fellas.
  • Is there a single example of Hoge or Jahns writing a piece blindly defending the Bears organization when it is unwarranted? I don’t agree with everything they write (or say on their podcast) but I’ve never felt their approach was swayed by a desire to please those in charge.
  • The Trib has made the seemingly formal decision to go negative and they are starting to pay for that with the younger fans who have spurned their paywall.
  • Having a Chicago accent doesn’t make incapable of objectivity with Chicago teams. Rich seems to think it’s a badge of honor that he’s from the DC area and covers the Bears now. It doesn’t make him more credible.

It was an unnecessary moment. But I wish it was Haugh, not Campbell. Because then I’d have had a lot more fun writing this.

Taylor Gabriel Breaks Malcolm Butler

Wentz Says Goodbye to Burton

I’m gonna miss this man, @treyburton8 and the entire Burton family. It’s crazy to think how close you can get to people in just two years. I can truly say he’s one of my best friends and an amazing brother in Christ. He’s a heck of a football player, but an even better follower of Christ, father, and friend. He always challenged me and encouraged me both on and off the field and I can’t thank him enough for that…… And about his family. Man oh man that’s an amazing crew. I love watching the way they love on people and care for others; the way they raise their children; and the way they both pursue the Lord and make people around them better. Jax, Ariella, and Baby Kaia (sorry I have no pics of you😭), you kids are amazing and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed hanging out with y’all more than I did with Trey. You guys rock and can’t wait to watch you grow up! Now everybody watch this man on the Bears and know that he’s about to blowup! So proud of him and happy for him! Don’t worry, we’ll all still hangout in the off-season… someplace warm of course 😉

A post shared by Carson Wentz (@cj_wentz11) on


  • This weekend was St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish but I have a deeply-held love of the country.  And as someone who has studied The Troubles intensely – including spending countless hours in Belfast, Derry, Omagh…etc. – an article like this in The Guardian is scary, scary stuff.
  • If you don’t get the “Gabriel Wants to Rollerblade” reference in the headline, you’re welcome. It is from one of the funniest stand-up specials of all-time, David Cross’ Shut up You Fucking Baby!
  • From Colleen Kane in the Trib: “As his agent fielded offers for a new contract this week, Sam Acho just happened to be in the company of Bears Chairman George McCaskey. Acho and McCaskey had traveled with the Willow Creek Community Church to the Louisiana State Penitentiary as part of a ministry to discuss prison reform. Acho’s agent suggested the outside linebacker let McCaskey know there were other bidders for his services.”
  • For those who still believe the Bears were “fleeced” by the Niners in 2017, read the details of what the Jets gave up to move three spots in the draft. Here’s the weird part of the Jets move: why make it now? Are they just okay with whatever player falls to them at 3? How is that even possible? What if the Giants now deal out of the 2? Why not wait and make this deal closer to when you’re on the clock?
  • Some of you have asked, so I’ll share the link: Boardwalk Theatre.

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  • SC Dave

    On that trade with Indy, the Jets seemingly must be happy with any of three QBs – this way they are guaranteed to get one of them no matter what.

    • Scharfinator

      And that #3 spot won’t get traded elsewhere in the meantime.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      That’s crazy. They are three very different players. And I can’t imagine giving up half a draft to move up insuring any one of three very different players at a specific position, especially QB.

      • leftcoastdave

        I’m sure the Giants are very happy with the move.

      • Big Mike

        Pace wanted Trubisky. He went and got his guy. Gave up less. Tell me again how he was duped? Trading up for a QB makes sense. Giving up that much without knowing who would be there, does not. If I’m a jets fan, I spin it as this, the Jets are assured 1 of the best QB, Chubb, or Barkley. But damn, that’s expensive.

        • willbest

          There are 2 RBs in the history of the sport worth giving up three 2nds in order to get. If the GM of my team told me now we can get the best RB, I would lose my mind.

          • Big Mike

            Well, more than two but you’d have to guaranteed the guaranteed HOF production. Payton, Brown, Simpson, Dickerson, Campbell, Allen, etc. Your looking at 4.4 yards per carry and 85+ yards per game over long careers. Even then, in today’s game, you can patch those kind of stats together with mid round draft picks that flash bright and fade. Jordan Howard has averaged 4.6 YPC and 78.5 ypg. Walter’s stats were 4.4 and 88.

          • willbest

            The simple fact of the matter is not even HoF RB talent can carry a team in modern NFL. This is evidenced by the number of rings LT and AP have. So even if you are guaranteed that the RB is headed to Canton, your team’s chances at glory are still significantly better using those 2nd rounders to grab linemen, LBs DBs, and WRs

          • willbest

            Incidentally, there does appear to be a trend in the last couple years of grabbing RB’s early despite the fact that by doing this you are paying them more on their rookie deal than they would get in their second deal. I generally see this as incomprehensible, but then perhaps modern college RBs are so polished that paying Zeke or Gurley or Fournette is considered a low risk proposition relative to other positions.

          • Big Mike


        • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)


        • leftcoastdave

          Timing is everything. (Turn, turn, turn.) A time to trade, a time to spend money in FA.

          On paper da Bears look pretty good right now and Kyle Long expressed the “culture” thing quite well:

          “the thing i love about the roster that pace has put together is all the
          guys get along great and were willing to prepare and rehab not for
          ourselves but for one another. i know everything i do directly impacts
          tarik, eddie jackson, akiem hicks, jordan howard, mitch, etc etcetcetc”

          See also the above Wentz to Burton love. That Eagles team was infused with it.


          • Big Mike

            The results on the field have been frustrating, maddening actually. The feeling of futility has been overwhelming. I attribute this to Trestman/Emery/10-6 no playoffs/NFC home championship loss in that order. But if you look at Pace and Pace alone, he has been aiming the ship in the right direction with confidence. He struck out in FA last year, but in doing so, he did not fuck us over for years. His last two draft classes have been very good. His first one was meh, because of White. I will point out that his first draft was done with Emery’s scouting staff. While we won’t know for at least a year, if he does as well with this draft class as the last two, we can declare the exile / rebuild over.

            I believe we will play meaningful games in December this year. The biggest single factor is Trubisky. But with what the Bears are doing, they are setting him up for success. (which means drafting Nelson if he’s there). Bringing in Chase Daniel is a fantastic move. With what the Bears are doing, if he doesn’t go all Jonathan Quinn, Caleb Hanie, Mike Glennon, Chase can keep us competitive for a game or two.

            If we can score a bit more, the defense will be even better. Heck, if we can avoid 3 and outs a bit more the defense will be even better.

          • Chris Konieczki

            5-6 wins top, we are still worse than Det and much worse than GB and Minn

          • Big Mike


      • willbest

        But with them being 3 different players you can then be reasonably certain what the Browns and Giants are looking for in their QB.

        Were the Rams really dead set on Goff when the Eagles traded up to the #2 spot a week before the 2016 draft so they could get Wentz?

      • True, but Trub, Watson and Mahomes were very diff players, and teams graded them relatively close.
        From my understanding, Josh Allen, Darnold, Rosen are even closer, practically in the same tier, so I’m guessing the Jets were ok w any of them.

        Also it’s possible the Colts were dealing other teams , so it was a seller’s market.

        They forced the bidding teams to commit earlier than they wanted.

        That’s what happens when bidders negotiate from a position of weakness and desperation

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      The Jets GM saw how Pace got an extension after a few mediocre to awful years after trading up for Trubisky.

      Cynically, this might be the reason they traded up for at least one of the top QBs in this draft.

      Jets have been awful for a while so the Jets GM wants to save his ass.

      (that’s why you give up 3 second rounders instead of hoping one of the QBs falls).

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis
    • AlbertInTucson

      One Giraffe finds employment another, Geoffrey, from Toys ‘R Us, loses it.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Somebody hired Glennon? Wow.

  • CanadaBear

    Didn’t realize Wentz was so religious.

    • evantonio

      wonder if he thinks it was JC’s plan for him to get injured and the team to win its first-ever SB without him.

      • willbest

        This is entirely speculation, but since he is telling Burton that his role as Christ follower, father, and friend is more important than his career, and that people have a tendency to project… its concievable that was his interpretation of his injury.

        • evantonio

          would be nice to hear him say that. i think it was carlin who said athletes always thank jesus for scoring a touchdown, but he never gets credit when they’re tackled in the backfield.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            “Jesus made me lose the game”

            Because we were at church on Sunday instead of the game.

          • evantonio

            “JC must’ve liked the Cornerback more than me. That’s the only way he would’ve been able to pick off the corner fade I threw into quadruple coverage.”

          • Irish Sweetness

            I love those religious football movies …
            “Son, do you believe that God can make you kick a 70 yard FG?”
            “Yes, Coach.”
            “Well then go and do it.”


      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        JC faked his death and came back after 3 days. Why did he only wait 3 days? It was Sunday and he wanted to catch the game.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Occam’s razor. He wasn’t dead.

      • Reminds me of a Siegfried Sasson (WW1 vet) poem

        ‘They’ by Siegfried Sassoon

        The Bishop tells us: ‘When the boys come back

        ‘They will not be the same; for they’ll have fought

        ‘In a just cause: they lead the last attack

        ‘On Anti-Christ; their comrades’ blood has bought

        ‘New right to breed an honourable race,

        ‘They have challenged Death and dared him face to face.’

        ‘We’re none of us the same!’ the boys reply.

        ‘For George lost both his legs; and Bill’s stone blind;

        ‘Poor Jim’s shot through the lungs and like to die;

        ‘And Bert’s gone syphilitic: you’ll not find

        ‘A chap who’s served that hasn’t found some change.

        ‘ And the Bishop said: ‘The ways of God are strange!’

    • willbest

      Its considered “so religious” to publicly state that you think another person is a good Christian?

      • CanadaBear

        I think 3 references to god in one post qualifies.

        • willbest

          Seems like a pretty normal goodbye post to me considering that he and the other Christians on the team probably do Saturday night/Sunday morning worship for the 8 road games together. But then I guess attending weekly service in this day and age is enough to bump you into the devout category.

          • AlbertInTucson

            “I guess attending weekly service in this day and age is enough to bump you into the devout category”.


          • Depends how you intepret “devout”.
            Agnostics arn’t going to mass and receiving the eucharist.

            For a person to get out of bed, rearrange their plans, dress nicely , and take their fam to church is indeed a sign of belief. It’s not like going to the casino or mechanics.

            Otoh, i interpret “devout” as a believer who tries to live the scriptures mon-sat too, and not just a “cultural christian-jew-muslim-buddhist”

          • Irish Sweetness

            Respectfully disagree, mate. I witnessed a lot of ‘Christians’ growing up who get dressed up nicely and go to church. They didn’t live as Christians though, they didn’t practice their faith as far as I was aware when they weren’t in church.

            I could name the number of true Christians I know to be … four.

            To me ..’devout’ means ‘all for show’.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      To each his own, however I have never been able to figure out how people can be religious or have that type of faith in anything. It just seems odd.

      • SC Dave

        But you have faith the Bears will someday be worth a shit.

        Is that any more odd?

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          True, but I don’t thank the Bears for every little thing I have done in my life. “I would like to take a moment to thank the Bears for giving me the strength to have a healthy bowel movement this morning.”

          • Bear Instincts

            If you attribute your creation and the world you live in to that of a higher power you too would give thanks.

          • willbest

            Quite frankly, even if you didn’t you should give thanks to the Universe. Your individual existence is so impossible it is zero. I mean just starting with your conception your mom had several hundred thousand eggs and your dad creates a billion sperm a month, with the individual shot being anywhere from 50-200 million or so. And that is just you. Now do it to everybody in your tree all the way back to the formation of life itself. Followed by all the way back to the big bang.

          • Bear Instincts

            I’m with you, thought of me or any of us being here by accident is difficult to fathom when you consider all the possibilities that could have been.

          • Scharfinator

            It is pretty crazy, but it’s a bit of a fallacy to consider how “lucky” we are to exist.

            People who argue that so many variables had to happen correctly for Earth to have life that there must be a creator miss the error in the basis of that argument. We’ve created our stories to fit the universe. The universe was not created to fit our stories.

            For instance, if we had evolved with 3 arms, we would be grateful for our 3 arms and 2 legs, etc.

            If we had evolved on a solar system with 3 planets, our stories and history would fit that reality.

            If the Bears had won multiple Super Bowls… maybe we could consider divinity being involved. Hee hee 😛

          • Bear Instincts

            I get where you are going with this but think about how “luck’ you were as a sperm to be the one that fertilized the egg that would become the person you are today.

          • Scharfinator

            It’s not luck, it just *is*. All those other unlucky sperm don’t exist to lament the odds because.. well… they never moved beyond being a single cell.

            With that in mind, if people take time to be grateful for just existing, who am I to judge them for that?

          • Irish Sweetness

            How is it luck though? The same info was in each sperm.

          • Ppl also forget a YUGE part to “improbablity”


            If you go to a casino, the chance of you hitting , say, 36 three times in a row might be nigh impossible ( say, .oooooooo1) but if you are there spinning that wheel FOREVER, eventually it`ll happen.

            Also our imited brains can’t accuratly gage or imagine what is im/possible im/probable.

            It changes all the time.

            Once upon a time it was impossible for time to be relative.
            Once upon a time nothing could travel faster than the speed of light.

            Needless to say, the impossible is now near certainty.

          • Scharfinator

            Yup yup. I was talking with my father about our inability to truly appreciate scale outside of what our animal brains comprehend.

            200 years? 2 million years? Mathematically I understand it. But do I truly understand the difference? No.

          • I remember my physics prof (who taught at Cal Tech) talking about the speed of light. Then I asked, “So theoretically, then, it’s possible for us to see the creation of earth since that light is still hitting other galaxies out there?”

            “Yes, but we’d have to somehow jump over the speed of light to get far enough to witness the creation”

            Then I thought how that would be possible and couldn’t.

            Well now at CERN we’re finding subparticles popping in and out of existence, indeed perhaps faster than the speed of light.

            So theoretically, we can “beam” over to galaxy Z192822020 and witness the creation of our universe, which I’m sure will look like that Michaelangelo painting.

            Kinda cool stuff.

            I also remember him saying, “I want you all to close your eyes and imagine how the 4rth dimension looks like.””

            We all did.

            “Anyone have any idea?”

            The class stood silent.

            “Too bad. Cuz if you did, you would be the first human in history to imagine the 4rth dimension”

            Blew my mind. I think we’re up to like 13 dimensions and counting now.

            Other concepts our reptilians brain can’t fathom.

            How time can flow both backwards and forwards simultaneously.

            Infinity, or the highest number.

            No time/ outside time

            Crazy stuff. But sometimes we have to remember that we evolved to SURVIVE not to solve the mysteries of the universe, so our cromagnum imaginations sometimes falter when trying to do so.

          • Scharfinator

            Hmm, I have to say Butch, you seem like an interesting guy to have a beer with.,

          • I guess that’s why I dig this Blog.
            Talk about probabilities. You know the chances of going to a bar and being able to discuss God, quantum mechanics, and Grasu sucking balls?


          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I remember my Kentucky high school physics teacher.

            Apparently to him, all physics questions had one of two answers:

            1) ZERO!
            2) SAME-SAME!

            The textbook we used was about as stupid as that sounds as well.

            And the class only discussed Kinematics never touching on E&M.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I always thought Time was the fourth dimension. I can’t see how it’s not. Time and space. Four dimensions.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The ‘jump through a wall’ theory. They studied that in “The men that stared at goats”, at least they tried.

            “Once upon a time nothing could travel faster than the speed of light.”

            The arrogance of humans never ceases to amaze me.”

            Einstein was wrong about QM himself, and then he had the audacity to come up with that statement. Tachyons, neutrinos, who knows?

          • SC Dave

            We cannot conceive of 1 thousand years, let alone 1,000,000 thousand.

          • Irish Sweetness

            For ‘luck’ there was an interesting article written by someone on how ‘lucky’ the Earth is to be where it is, so that life can be sustained. The Goldilocks Zone.
            The fragility of the position we’re in, the tiny range of values we have to exist between. Almost as if, it’s all … designed …

            Now when a puny little human stands up and says, “It’s not bloody designed…” … they’re just so cute, aren’t they?

          • Scharfinator

            You just need to consider how many solar systems are out there Irish. It’s an inevitability.

            The likelihood that you pick which system and which planet will support life before you know (say you went back and time and picked out when and where)? Sure, that’s crazy small.

            The probability that this happens SOMEWHERE in the universe is inevitable. We’re just at that somewhere.

            If it’s a 1:100,000,000,000 chance that life exists, consider that best estimates put total planets in the universe at 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. It makes the whole scenario seem pretty likely after that.

          • SC Dave

            Actually, the probability of my existence is 1.0, since I am here.

          • willbest

            You could be a googlebot for all I know.

          • SC Dave

            How Descartesian of you.

          • I think a lot of folks believe he said “I think therefore I am” but actually it was ” I doubt, therefore, I am”

            Ponder that paradox.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            It means that the English can’t translate French or Latin worth a damn.


            Doubting means thinking critically? Though sometimes it means just being wrong.

          • leftcoastdave

            And when asked if he wanted his coffee cup refilled, Rene Decarte replied, “I think not” and disappeared.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Source? He wrote it in French and then Latin, I thought. Cogito Ergo Sum. Has this been disputed?

          • Modern physics argues that multiuniverses and alternate realties and realms indeed exist. If you accept that premise, the logic follows that each universe represents every single possiblilty .
            So maybe you won the sperm race on “earth 1” but in earth 2 maybe some gamma ray slowed you down juuust enough for WellBestest to come into being, while WillBetter exists on earth 3, etc etc

            In other words, the chance of Willbest existing (and the rest of the competing sperms) goes from some statistical improbabilty to near mathmatic certainty under the new paradigm.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            How did we get so unlucky that we got willbest in our universe?

          • At least Willbest doesn’t have a goatee like WillBestest?

            (Tho maybe we got the evil one and he indeed sports a goatee lol)

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Modern science also tries to sell a lot of new bullshit to get funding.

            PUBLISH OR DIE!

          • A lot of these theories are pushed by top scientists not starving undergrads.
            Guys like Kaku, Tyson arn’t hurting for cash.

            In fact, many scientists (like Einstein) were extremely reluctant to embrace chaos -string theory, quantum mechanics, multiverses and parrallel universes and dimensions cuz it made them sound like crackpots….but math and evidence are stubborn things.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Well I’m still waiting for my 5-dimensional Space Elevator.

          • Globe trotters are on it

          • Irish Sweetness

            Groom Lake, Nevada, apparently. There’s a door you walk through, and you come out on the other side in Pine Gap, Australia (U.S. military base).

            My friend’s older brother swears he saw a long oblong ‘UFO’ exit Pine Gap base about 50 years ago.

          • willbest

            Yes, that is why Planck said something along the lines of science advances one funeral at a time.

          • SC Dave

            Cool quote

          • Scharfinator

            By this argument, God exists… somewhere.

          • Science cannot disprove God. There can still indeed be “a watchmaker” to it al.

            In fact, modern science is more open to God than say science during the enlightenment/newtonion era

            And the two most important scientist, Newton and Einstein, believed in God (though perhaps not OUR version of the creator).

            Most humans in fact are theists. I think like 99%.

            So something in us def is inclined towards the idea of God.

            Whether that’s a wishful thinking fallacy or something more will be debated for a looooong time.

          • Irish Sweetness

            There’s a massive myth that scientists don’t have a faith in God. They mightn’t be religious, but they’re not dumb enough to believe in random chance universes either.

          • If one studies history, and the history of science (which I know you do), it’s understandable why the early scientist of the modern age denied god.

            We just got over the dark ages, full of witch hunts, superstitions, ghouls, goblins, banshees, ghosts, demons and massive papal corruption.

            The Renaissance was like a breath of fresh air in the lungs of humanity, esp in the lungs of scientist who wanted to put all that in the past.

            It’s like a teenager moving out of the house. Fuck you, I do what I want!

            This reached its apex in the age of Enlightenment in which matter was supreme. Indeed, one might say, the new god. Nothing before matter. Nothing after it. No demons. No Banshees. No soul. No god. No heaven. No nothing.

            It was a materialistic universe (which infected political ideologies as well, most infamously, communism).

            But now we have more than matter. Nietzsche once declared, “God is Dead.”

            Well “Matter is dead”

            Now we have energy, atoms, subparticles, relativity, energy, gravity, time, waves, frequency, stuff that appears then disappears, dark energy, dark matter (which some postulate are other realms), all kinds of shit we know is there but can’t even detect or name…

            So we’re back to “There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, that are not dreamt of in our philosophies…”

          • SC Dave

            Dumb, or smart, has nothing to do with it. That’s what so many people, apparently including you, don’t seem to understand.

            It is no more, or less, “dumb” to believe in random chance than it is to believe in a Creator. It’s beyond the realm of “smart” and “dumb”.

          • SC Dave

            It’s comfort. Most people are not comfortable with unanswerable questions. Most people have no way to justify/explain the deaths of loved ones.

            “God” serves both purposes very admirably to those of faith.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            or everywhere except one place? Probably some lawyer’s office.

          • willbest

            So if I take modern physics on faith… I should thank the multiverse for all versions of my existence.

          • Well, one can still squeeze god in there. After all, who or what created all the mulitverses, reality, dimensions, and god help us all in all realities, all the Wills?

            And these theories are moving more and more towards fact than faith.

            We just don’t have the tech yet to run the experiments to verify it like say gravity.

          • willbest

            I am going to be long dead before they get around to proving anything of that nature.

          • Oh, most definitely (barring an alien intervention).

            Our math, physics and quantum mechanic theories are far ahead of experimental capacities.

            But that doesn’t mean that the theories are “blind faith”. They’re more akin to likely conclusions yet to be empirically proven.

            For instance, it took like 80 yrs for us to finally have the tech to dis/prove Einstein


            I can’t even imagine how long it will take to “observe” and “test” some of these new hypothesis. Could be 80 yrs, could be 800, but a consensus is def emerging.

            Beam me up, Hawkings!

          • willbest

            See we keep finding out that light can behave more strangely than we previously thought.


            And that is an element we have been playing around with for a good long while. All this new stuff we can’t even experiment on? Forgetaboutit.

          • Irish Sweetness

            There was no mention of six sigma in the article. Suspect. But interesting, I’ll pass this on to a prof.

          • SC Dave

            Perhaps the Pope said something similar to Galileo.

          • Irish Sweetness

            We don’t have ANY treatments for gravity at the quantum level. That’s a massive chunk of our science that’s missing, which IMO makes Einstein’s theories incomplete. Even if he had believed in QM, we have no laws for gravity in it.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I love those guys that don’t believe in gravity. I would encourage them to jump off tall buildings.

          • leftcoastdave

            “Modern physics argues” without evidence. The most accepted theory of creation is that a tiny, massive singularity of energy “banged,” so to speak, and the universe continues to expand.
            Ain’t no theories, however, where that energy came from.
            The Creator is the most universally accepted explanation. The Jews believe that the Creator revealed himself to them, a belief now held by 54% of the earth’s population.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Well, there is lots of evidence for the big bang. Turn on your TV in between channels, there it is. Cosmic microwave background. It’s pretty indisputable.

            I do dispute that there was nothing there before it though. That’s just dumb, and I think most physicists accept that now. Nothing shall come from nothing.

          • SC Dave

            Faith is outside the realm of logic and science. This is not a value judgment, just a simple statement of fact.

            The existence of “god” always fails logic. You cannot argue that the source of “The Big Bang” is any more dubious than the source of God. It’s just silly.

            You can only state that your faith makes you believe it to be true. And that is not in any way silly. It is merely a choice.

          • Exactly.

            That’s why I’m always a little baffled by theologians who try to rationally explain religion.

            I commend them for trying, gotta make a living I guess, but seems futile.

            Some are more clever than others though

            I remember watching Bill Mahr’s “Religiolous” and he asked some guy literally playing Jesus in JesusLand or something how Jesus could be God-human-holy spririt all in one?

            Seemed illogical that a human can be 3 things at once.

            To which Jesus responded, ‘Well, look at water. When it freezes, it’s ice. When it boils, it’s steam. When it does neither, it’s water. So it can be 3 different things, but still be one’

            Now, that was quite clever, and he admitted it caught him off guard. But when he later thought about it, he concluded it still didn’t make any logical sense.

            Same can go for a lot of other religious concepts.

            Either you believe the Eucharist becomes the body of christ, or not.

            No amount of rational discourse will convince a non-believer.

            One of my favorite quotes is actually

            Credo quia absurdum – Turtullian

            “I believe because it is absurd”

          • Irish Sweetness

            Multiverses. This is the basis for my theory on “We’re in a simulation” idea.

            You’ll like this, because everyone lives to be a hundred.

            My own tiny theory of simulation:

            If we’re in a simulated universe, then it would make sense that at least one of our mulitiverses contains a simulation that has run its entire course and so data can be derived from a full spread out lived-in ‘sample’.

            So if you learn of a baby that dies … that baby didn’t die in its own specific universe .. . just yours and everybody elses’. It lived to be a hundred in its ‘own’ existence, in its own simulation.

            So will you. Isn’t that just cool to think of? And it doesn’t even have to be true! You just have to believe it’s true and then it stops all of those thoughts about “what if I drop dead before my kids are through college … I don’t have any savings, I’m worried about my kids’ future” yada yada running around your head like a madman. Don’tr worry, be happy, You’ll live to be a hundred.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The big bang is a funny one. Any scientist who says he doesn’t believe in God, and then quite happily has no problem with the big bang. … just wow. It’s like the ‘proof’ of creation right in front of them … to be ignored and explained away as ….?

          • SC Dave

            To be explained away by the invisible pink unicorn? The flying spaghetti monster? god?

            They’re all the same.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Hey don’t mock Pastafarianism. That is a great religion. What more can you ask for? They have Pirates, Beer Volcanos, stripper factories.

          • Irish Sweetness

            This is something that the faithless have to at least attempt an answer at.

            Where did it/does it all come from?

            By the way, I’m a fairly recent taker-upper of the faith-mantle. I asked God for help a while ago and was granted the serenity to see me through it. It was stunningly effective.

            I won’t ever go back down the road of organized religion though.

            And people might laugh at Jim Carrey (some even pay to do it!) but he’s a big believer in just asking the universe for shit. And then getting it.

          • BenderMcLugh

            sometimes I can thank them for helping me to throw up

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I can see theoretically thanking the Bears for that.

            But it would involve a lot of beer and a hell of a lot of bread during the game.

          • No wonder Bears suck.


        • Irish Sweetness

          Yes! Faith!

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Because people go through a lot of crazy things and one of these days that Hail Mary is gonna work? Goddamn it.

      • Nietszche argued that only the weak (addicts, idiots, cripples, ill, traumatized) or mediocre (those who arn’t exactlty defective, but arn’t exactly exciting, daring or memorable…”salt of the earth”) are Christians.
        That it is an ideology the masses adopt in order to control the great who tend to be amoral (at best).

        It’s been my experience that Evanglicals either went thru some real shit (abuse, poverty, war, etc), are ex-addicts of some sort, or were simply indocrinated w that belief from an early age .

        The more cynical like Bill Mahr believe it’s a neurological disorder and their “visions” are closer to psychotic illusions.

        Lotta interesting theories

        • Irish Sweetness

          1. Saying that a person needs to be religious to have faith though, it doesn’t follow.

          2. Why do people hold everything Nietzsche said to be true? Was he Buddha? He was a flawed human being, that’s all.

          And if God is dead, it implies there was a God to begin with.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I’m not religious at all, but I choose to believe in a higher power … because there so obviously is. I will call that faith. You can believe in something or you can believe in nothing. Up to you.

        • SC Dave

          Or you can not believe at all.

    • TomC

      It’s the whole team, including Pederson. I didn’t realize until the post-SB interviews, where to a man they all went full-Jesus. I imagine that can be simultaneously good and bad for team chemistry (for example, if I were on a team like that I would feel very isolated).

      • SC Dave

        I doubt they are all “full Jesus”.

        Those that are not are pressured into silence to not affect the team.

      • Irish Sweetness

        God only helps sportstars if you think about it. It works. They believe that they can achieve.

        What does a person who believes in nothing do?

        An athiest believes in nothing.

        • SC Dave

          What an arrogant statement. How can you categorize what someone believes? Statements like that are the very worst behaviors of “the faithful”.

    • Teams love bible thumpers. Next best thing to robots.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      Holy shit. Look what you did with a single off handed sentence. Impressive.

      • CanadaBear

        Being an atheist (12 years of catholic school will do that to ya), I try to stay out of all this for the most part. I guess I’ll have to try harder. Oops.

        • Irish Sweetness

          God loves you anyway C-Bear ! (Although apparently not enough to actually let you into heaven)

  • Bear Instincts

    2 players i want the bears to pick out of the dust bin: Kon Elay – DE and Eric Reid – S

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Just because they are in the dust bin doesn’t mean you can’t spell their names correctly.

      • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

        lol, damn.

  • catfish44

    Greg Gabriel

    When someone tries to say they know a club has a player ranked at such and such spot right now they are either guessing or out right lying.
    5h5 hours ago

    Clubs will begin meeting after Easter to put together their final boards. That’s when players are assigned final grades and ranking on draft board. Grades now are strictly preliminary…Bills GM Brandon Beane sent note to his scouts “we have six weeks to put our board together”. It’s what I’ve been saying to u for weeks. Draft boards aren’t close to being set. Don’t believe much of BS people put out.

    • catfish44

      Bills GM Brandon Beane sent note to his scouts “we have six weeks to put our board together”. It’s what I’ve been saying to u for weeks. Draft boards aren’t close to being set. Don’t believe much of BS people put out. @greggabe

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        What a load of garbage.
        These teams have been scouting these guys for at least a year. Boards may not be finalized, but teams more or less know their boards at this point at least the top halves.

  • That Guy

    Wait wait wait… a guy with the last name “Hughes” isn’t Irish? I thought it was Welsh/Irish.

    And it seems I’m not far off.


    Is Jeff adopted?

    • CanadaBear

      I was shocked by it. I went to catholic schools for 12 years with a lot of Hughes’ and they were all some percentage Irish.

    • One can technically be Irish and Jewish, methinks?

      He’s def Irish in drinking spirit!

      • Encyclopedia Brown

        Given that Judaism is matrilineal, and one’s surname is patrilineal, it’d be easy to be both Irish and Jewish. Irish dad, Jewish mom. Abraham O’Leary. Bingo.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          And if born in China, they would be known as the “Jewrish” family.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Jewish Famirry.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Jewrish Famirry.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Abe O’ Leary!

          I was just watching a doco yesterday where a Jewish guy goes around Israel asking Jews about Jesus. I did not realize that Israelis were that clueless about Jesus.
          There were obviously some Hasidic dudes who knew their shit, but most thought that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, which of course, he did not claim to be at all – but the Lamb of God, the messenger.

          • Depends on which gospel.In Mark, which most scholars believe to be the first, nobody knew who the fuck Jesus was. He would ask his apostles who ppl thought he was, and they would say stuff like the Messiah or prophet, but Jesus never confirmed or denied them.

            In fact, here’s a trivia question for you holy rollers – who was the first to recognize Jesus’ divinity?

            Might be surprised.

            Answer. Demons, namely, the ones who possessed a man and referred themselves as Legion.

            Ironic, eh?

            In other gospels it was actually the women (Mary) who recognized Jesus’ divinity and not Peter or his other followers. It was part of a theme. The secular power (rome) didn’t know who Jesus was, but neither did the “spiritual” (Jerusalem) or even his own friend, family or followers “No prophet is accepted in his home town”

            It’s interesting nuisance through out the New Testament. By the time we get to Revelations, Jesus is barely human, but in Mark, he didn’t start off that way. Like Neo in the Matrix, they kept making Jesus more badass with each new movie.

            Also, the Jews were expecting their Messiah to be a political-warrior-king like David, to overthrow Rome.

            When Jesus said turn the other cheek, that disqualified him as the Messiah in their view.

            I guess they’re still waiting around for Holy Rambo to save them.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    If anybody wants to watch one of the longest ass conspiracy docs of all time there is “Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.” 3 1/2 hours. It’s a great title anyway.

    Claims that German military and infrastructure (the autobahn) was all funded by Western financiers and industrialists to fight the Russians after the Russian Revolution. (Though that doesn’t explain Lend-Lease to the Russians at all….unless it was to fund both sides but mostly destroy the Russians in the end). European royalty was scared shitless when the the entire Russian royal family was killed off.

    Ford plants were building German tanks during WWII? I know the part of Ford building vehicles for the USSR used during Vietnam is true. But German tanks? Ford supposedly had some of his German plants bombed by the Americans, and he sued for reparations. AND got them too.

    And then it gets weird.

    And WARNING: it’s definitely very very graphic at some points of war, violence, and dead bodies.

    • It’s one of the reasons the U.S. was reluctant to enter WW2.

      They knew the REAL threat was Red Russia.

      Its ideology was an existential threat to the west.

      The west can absorb corrupt monarchy, socialism, oligarchy/plutocracy even theocracy …but it cannot absorb communism.

      They are polar opposite ideologies, and the stated goal of communism is to become global.

      In fact, Marx himself wrote that it will fail unless it becomes global, in much the same way car insurance cannot exist unless everyone is forced to buy it.

      So the “domino effect” was a real fear, and communism had many hardcore believers across the world, so it scared the shit out of the corporatist of the West.

      It was the French Revolution all over again this time with THEIR jeweled heads in the guillotine.

      The thing I don’t know if the corrupt bankers are some cabal (Irish conspiracy, insert royals and families, rockefellers, etc) or if the system itself will always lend itself to greed, power, corruption and oppression.

      In other words, if the status quo is driven by a specific agenda or if it’s merely institutional and any x,y,z billionaire mogul can keep it humming out of self interest.

      • willbest

        Communism in practice is oligarchy. It like Libertopia can never be achieved because they are premised on behaviors that humans are not capable of.

        • I agree. That’s why I always argue that anyone’s political belief is rooted in his/her conception of human nature.

          It is one of the greatest ironies that communism, one of the most oppressive ideologies in history, was created by essentially an optimist.

          Marxed wrongfully concluded that humans want to be EQUAL to their neighbors.

          Sorry, hippy.

          Humans want to be BETTER than their neighbors, and will do most anything to insure that outcome.

          That’s why we need laws, regulations and enforcement to maintain civilizations.

          • willbest

            The problem with your Law and Order approach is its impossible to genuinely enforce the law. Sure you can enforce some of the laws most of the time, but you can’t enforce all the laws. That requires voluntarily compliance. But if your citizenry knows there is no penalty for disobeying a law, what keeps them complying with it?

            China has some very nice laws and regulations… on paper. Trust is shall we say lacking.

            Civilizations rise and fall based on the trust the citizens have in one another.

          • Yes but China is still a “civilization” even without American levels of trust (which is a dubious claim anyways. How do you measure a citenzry’s trust levels?)

            In fact, historians I think argue that China is the oldest running civilization to date.

            US is in yr 200 and already seems like it’s about to rip apart at the seams.

          • willbest

            That is a blood and soil definition of civilization. Because the Cultural Revolution reset the clock on the large chunks of the social aspects and all the political and economic ones. Then again I expect President-for-life Xi to claim the mandate from Heaven and take on the mantle of Emperor before too long. So you could probably just look at the last 40 years as some sort of mid-empire crisis.

          • SC Dave

            The genie is out of the bottle, will.

          • Irish Sweetness

            China hasn’t been taken over by Rothschild-owned banks, and never will be, and will be around long after the USA is a pile of dust.

          • SC Dave

            And their trust in the currency.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        I’m guessing their agenda is “keep the rabble in line” (so we don’t get killed).

        Technically you can have a president and Congress take over billionaires and trillionaire families’ wealth “for the good of the state” because the wealth was gained through corruption.

        But outside of Saudi Arabia and Russia, I don’t see it happening in an American system that is corrupt on so many levels.

        Checks and balances my ass!

        • Those presidents and congressman are OWNED by the bankers and corporations.

          Trump was ready to talk gun control, then the NRA visits, and he changed his mind.
          He also has as many Goldman Sach goons on his staff as any Clinton or Obama.

          So much for that promise.

          Like I said – at this point – it simply might be institutional.

          It would take the combination of a reeling economy and true cult personality to throw the bankers out Jesus or Robespierre style.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            A popular BULLETPROOF guy in an Ironman suit.

            That doc I mentioned showed JFK had 16 bullets shot at him with 8 gunmen and only the last one hit.

            Okay, he doesn’t have to have a flying suit, but at least as good as the one in Robocop.

          • SC Dave

            Hahaha… 8 shooters. Comical.

          • evantonio


          • willbest

            Bernie has gone native.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            when he backed off mentioning any bit of how the DNC screwed him (and also said he was tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails) told me he was limited.

            And how his wife bankrupted that university.

          • It was political. He knew what would happen with Trump in the WH, and seeing this fiasco, who could blame him?

            Though Hillary and the DNC fucking over Bernie cost them in the end cuz a lot of Bernie backers voted for him anyways, or just refused to vote at all.

            So to all those Hillary fans hating every minute of Trump, that’s what you get for backing a corporate two-faced hawk.

          • SC Dave

            The Clintons probably reminded him about what happened to others that became too inconvenient.

          • evantonio

            When the pendulum swings so far to one side, it must swing (almost) equally as far back to the other. It’s science, which is totally a real thing regardless of what some believe.

          • willbest

            the idea that the NRA is all powerful when its funding is dwarfed by every labor union is laughable. What is all powerful is that you aren’t going to win IN, NC, WI, TX, or even Alabama if you start talk about restricting semi-autos. And what the NRA does is politely reminds him he isn’t going to be replacing those with IL, CA, or NY no matter what he does.

            And the reason it died is because
            1) it turns out the problem in this particular crisis was the complete and total failure of all levels of government, the sheriffs, the school board, the FBI, the state therapists, social workers, and probably even the city dog catcher.

            2) The democrats actually want to retake the House and that isn’t going to happen if they run on gun control.

          • “And what the NRA does is politely reminds him”

            This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Major corporations, industries and banks have IMMEDIATE access to the president.

            I never said the NRA is all-powerful, only that they, (and others like Pharma, Oil, etc) have MAJOR pull/power with not only the prez, but ALL politicians, red or blue.

            And they value profit over ppl.

            Profit is the reason for their existence.

            Trump originally said that selling AR-15s to 18 yr olds who couldn’t even buy booze was ridicules. He then chastised a republican for being scared to adopt that common sense policy.

            Then the NRA pays him a visit, and whatdaya know, he changes his mind.

            Most politicians are not that stupid and transparent, but they all taking marching orders from their donors in one way or other, which IMO corrodes a democracy.

            Political Finance reform is the #1 danger to our democracy going forward, but nothing will change because all the politicians suck their cocks to one degree or another.

          • SC Dave

            Of course they exist for profit. Corporations have no other purpose.

          • Exactly. Which is why citizens have to curb their power.

            If it wasn’t for major struggles from common citizens, we would still have chimney sweeps and 16hr days.

            Corporations have fought workers at EVERY single step, and use the govt as their tool to do their bidding.

          • willbest

            A corporation can’t exist without a grant from a sovereign. I like to remind libertarians of that when they complain about taxing corporations and all the other things government proposes.

            Of course the problem is the government doesn’t stop with the corporations. All the i’s and t’s need to be done up if you conduct business as a person. That doesn’t exactly sit right with me because as a person you are subject to unlimited liability and jail time.

          • SC Dave

            Then incorporate

          • SC Dave

            If the corporations are using the government to do their bidding, then perhaps you can explain why US corporate taxes are the highest on the planet.

          • Irish Sweetness


            See how it works? Makes you feel good, too.

          • SC Dave

            No, corporations. Bastards has nothing to do with it. It’s about investors expecting return on their money, that they put up at risk.

            My opinions of economics are not advanced enough to believe that corporate greed is the root of all problems in the world. That takes much education from people that don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

          • willbest

            You are aware that the NRA represents a couple million voters, not S&W and Remington right? They have their own lobbyists.

            And its that collective aspect that grants them the access. I mean how else do you propose they get it? Should we entrust public opinion to Pew polls? Should the President set aside a couple hours each day and randomly dial US phone numbers? Should everybody that wants to talk to him sign up and lots get drawn?

            The whole petitioning the government thing requires the NRA, AARP, Sierra Club, the SEIU, whichever US Cardinal is currently in charge, etc. to convey information coherently.

          • Why should the NRA visit the Whitehouse right after the massacre, period?

            If it’s truly about the 2nd amendment, what can they offer that a constitutional WH lawyer can’t?

            And there’s always going to be lobbyists, but right now they have waaay too much power, and pretty much write up laws for the politicians to stamp for $, influence, vacations, gifts, and kush jobs for their families or them post-politics.

            That’s not democracy.

          • willbest

            No democracy would be giving everybody a vote on all issues and you would loathe that result too

          • Irish Sweetness

            The world’s problems basically end tomorrow if you all write your congressmen and ask them to repeal the Federal Reserve Act. It can be done.

          • SC Dave

            Were it only so simple.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I’d rather write to my congressman to call him a BASTARD.

          • Irish Sweetness

            No. It’s absolutely designed, Butch. The Fed are milking Americans of their wealth, they hold all national parks and forests, and each testicle of America in their hands as collateral on an 85 year old bridging loan. It’s a Ponzi scheme of the highest order.

            You ALLOW banks to create wealth from thin air. This should NOT be allowed.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            The industrialists and bankers already controlled America before the Fed was created. By 1900 certainly.

            But the Fed made it much worse. After the US dollar became the world’s reserve currency, the bastards could fund any war they wanted pretty much and skim trillions off the top.

            Also most of the wars throughout the world the last few hundred years could not have been funded without a sophisticated Bond Market according to Niall Ferguson’s “The Cash Nexus.”

            The history of the Bond Market is a bigger bitch to humanity than maybe even the Fed.

          • Irish Sweetness

            BASTARDS should be in capitals.

            Full disclosure: the last hundred years destroyed the fucking planet. ‘No’ to industry thank you. I’d be much happier riding my horse and screwing my squaw in a teepee thank you very much.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Industry has also allowed humanity to grow exponentially and not have to grow our own food which is very very strenuous.

            It’s a mixed bag.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Too fast, though. And the population will taper off at 11 Billion, they reckon.

          • SC Dave

            Probably not. Would you care to be subject to the niceties of, say, 5th century dental care?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Do we need corporations to make natural anti-biotics, say?

          • willbest

            If you believe that the Fedgov is controlled by unaccountable corporations why in the holy hell would you support any kind of limitation on the 2nd Amendment?

          • Personally, I don’t. But I am willing to impose common sense gun control laws like not selling AR-15s to 18 yr olds, or bump stocks, etc.

            And naturally, eradicate all gunshow loopholes and enforce already existing laws.

            See how that goes.

            I think Japan has a strict and strenuous process which we might look into.

            The real elephant in the room is how to deal with the borderline crazy.

            We all know a person who isn’t all there, but no one expects that person to go postal, until it’s too late.

            But committing borderline “off” citizens to insane asylums chills most americans.

            So that’s a tricky line, but doing some other common sense stuff is completely doable.

            The gun lobby wants AR-15s in 18yr old hands simply from greed not some 2nd amendment hoopla.

            If so, why not sell 18th century cannons to citizens?

            May actually do less damage than a maniac with an AR-15.

          • SC Dave

            Japan has near-zero ethnic diversity.

          • I don’t see how that is relevant to crazy gunman.

            Aren’t most of them “white”? (like serial killers)

            If you want to say it’s cultural, well, that’s different.

            But if americans are “innately” more violent, then perhaps arming 18 yr olds with AR-15s isn’t prudent.

            Also, I’m rather sure Paddock in the Vegas shooting would’ve cleared all gun checks. Something to ponder.

          • willbest

            what the gun lobby wants is irrelevant. The right of self defense is the prime right of all life, and 18 you are an adult. At least at 17 your parents have a legal obligation to you, which is more than can be said for the police. You are on your own at 18. Incidentally, alcohol at 21 wouldn’t pass the EP clause if the SC were intellectually honest.

            Anyway, you aren’t offering anything. You don’t want a compromise. The gun rights people have something and you want it. How about you try giving them something they want in exchange? You know give and get.

          • You don’t offer anything for doing the right thing. When they segregated the south, they didn’t have to give the KKK some cash to smooth things over.
            When Nader forced the car industry to put seat belts on all cars to save millions of lives, he didn’t say “Ok, but you don’t have to make good brakes anymore”

            You gonna go to that HS and ask those students, “Ok, what are you gonna give the gun industry and their lackies in return?”

            What if that were your fam’s school, or church?

            And it’s not just alcohol, but handguns that require 21 and over, so there’s inconsistency on many levels.

            That’s why I say, “common sense”.

            21 yrs olds are typically more mature than 18 yrs old.
            Certainly they’re out of HS by then.

            It’s not a stretch to say highering the age may lower down the chances of a HS student going on a rampage with an AR-15. That should be enough argument.

            The whole “right to defense” stuff is a lot of bull.

            I listen to Fox and they have a woman on their talking about if she just moved out at 18, she would feel vulnerable on her own, and therefore should have the right to a gun.

            OK. Get a gun. Heck, get a shotgun.

            But do you REALLY need an AR-15 to feel safe in your apartment?

            I mean, what are you defending against – North Korea?

            Raising the age to 21 seems reasonable. It’s not taking anyone’s guns.It’s not preventing citizens from defending themselves from the “deep state” if shit hits the fan.

      • Irish Sweetness

        1. Google ‘Money as debt’.
        2. The major players are all listed in ‘The Creature for Jekyll Island’ who then conspired to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The vote was passed when three members of congress were present on Christmas eve, I believe(at a time when only a majority vote was needed).

        Governments should control volume of currency in supply and wealth creation, not private cabals like the Federal Reserve. Every congressman and woman is either complicit in this, or ignorant of it. End the Fed.

        • willbest

          It doesn’t really matter if the government controls it or the private cabal. The private cabal will control the government in short order. You want bitcoin or gold standard or something that can’t really be manipulated

          • SC Dave

            Bitcoin is fraud.

            Gold is real, but governments have historically debased their currency by diluting with cheaper metals.

            All governments are ultimately corrupted.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The American dollar hasn’t been backed by gold since 1971. Nixon.

            Both Lincoln and Kennedy knew the danger of this.

          • SC Dave

            So did the French, assuming you are referring to pure fiat currency.

            DeGaulle kept returning increasing worthless dollars to the US in exchange for gold at the exchange rate dictated by FDR. Eventually, the US was forced to allow a free float of the dollar, which is blamed on Nixon, who actually had no choice.

            The USD prop afterwards was the devil’s deal* with the Saudi royal family. In exchange for US military protection, the Saudis intimidated the others into agreeing that all oil transacted by OPEC would be done in US dollars. This created a now nearly 50 year false demand for the US “petro-dollar”.

            This is, finally, coming to an end. The Chinese and the Iranians have been working at it for a number of years now, and the closer it comes to reality the shriller will be the rhetoric in the United States about the Iranian “nuclear threat”.

            * Is that where “Great Satan” originated? I would not be surprised.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It is curious that America’s 5 or so enemies are the only countries left without Rothschild-owned banks.

          • Is Russia Rothchild owned?

        • SC Dave

          Governments are equally bad at controlling money supplies, snd perhaps worse.

          The real problem is the idiotic notions of Keynes. As will (?) pointed out earlier, it reqiir3s humans to dismiss their natures.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Ah, but the govt would not issue dollars with interest. The U.S. government has been renting its own currency (with interest) off the Fed for 85 years now.

      • SC Dave

        The great irony is that the Soviet Union saved the world for democracy.

        At a frightful cost.

        • That is true.
          When the Berlin Wall was falling, the Commies could’ve easily just said, “Fuck it. Nukes away”

          And I think we all know that it was the Russians who were the sane ones during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

          • SC Dave

            Was not thinking of it that way, but rather that the Russians destroyed the cream of the Wehrmacht (and tbe Waffen SS) pretty much single-handedly.

            Interesting points though.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I thought that was the Russian Winter ….

          • SC Dave

            David Glantz is a good source for history of the war in the east.

          • Irish Sweetness

            So the Germans lost 700,000 troops before the winter, and 3.6 million after ….

            The winter did not help.

          • The winter completely bogged down their tanks which was crucial to their bliztkrieg strategy. (something we should keep in mind, ahem)

            The drawback to the blitzkrieg was it overextended their supply lines.

            They were blazing through Russia so fast, Stalin nearly abandoned Moscow like a little bitch, but last minute didn’t show up at the station.

            Nazis got bogged down. US entered war rescuing England and Europe and stressing their Western front.

            Game over.

            Hitler did one of the most foolish things I could think of. He had England early.

            If he had just taken over England first, or forced them to his term, then he could’ve easily got Russia, and then, who knows?

            But he decided to attack Russia before taking care of England.

            Pride cometh…

      • BerwynBomber

        Though our biggest reluctance to join the European Theater was probably split between a) lack of public support, and b) Roosevelt desiring overwhelming odds of victory.

        Pretty much why we waited until ’44 to enter. Hell, he was barely able to pass “Lend/Lease” to help the Brits. I believe it was approved only by a single vote.

    • leftcoastdave

      Sounds like Louis Farrakhan.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        …had no idea the historical beliefs were similar.

        The source for the Russian Ford part in the doc was from Antony Sutton who got fired from Stanford.

      • He wouldn’t be the only one with the theory, that’s for sure.

        I think even that guy Alex Jones from InfoWars would argue the same.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yah, why is it always conspiracy docs are 3.5 hrs long?

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        I think it’s because each new doc is trying to outdo ALL of the other conspiracy docs.

        But this one spends 30 solid minutes on the JFK assassination itself but there’s a buildup to it which goes back to WWI.

      • You can’t indoctrinate or rewire a sheep under 3.5 hrs.


        • Irish Sweetness

          Or …. those dudes are really bad at editing.

  • Bear Instincts

    Patriots release Shea McClellin…GM’s like to look fancy and screw up the first round pick like taking Shea over Chandler Jones. A top 10 pick should ALWAYS be a guaranteed franchise player.

    • Is he better than Acho?

      • willbest

        Only if the goal is to break Erin’s collarbone, and its the Lions turn for that.

        • SC Dave

          Hmmmm… Christian Jones is a Lion now…

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      “…and Ryan Pace selects….Baker Mayfield.”

      Actually Pace would probably draft Lamar Jackson instead of Mayfield.

      • Here’s a hypothetical for everyone.

        Would you trade Trubisky for the Bill’s #12, #22 then draft Mayfield or Josh Allen @ #8?

        • Russian Hacked Pacebot 2.0

          I would take that deal but kind of think Mayfield is the first QB off of the board. I know not a lot of people think so but that kid is a baller. I wouldn’t do it if Josh Allen was the result though. uh, so….I guess maybe.

          • I remember one of the few college games I watched thinking “Who is this spunky kid?”
            He was throwing dimes like Brees. SC said, “man, you really haven’t kept up with football, that’s Mayfield.”

            Apparently he has some “character” concerns, but dude looked like killa to me.

            Also, how can someone who looks like the karate kid NOT kick butt?


          • SC Dave

            Reminds me a little of McMahon.

            Probably end up the same way, all busted up through incaution.

          • Yeah, some scouts are knocking his “character” cuz he’s not some cookie-cutter Peyton always spouting the same ass cliches.

            Same with Rosen.

            I like that they have a mind of their own and show some spunk.

            The NFL has become so big and corporate that I don’t think we’ll ever have another McMahon type again.

            Joe Buck was going bezerk when Randy Moss simulated mooning the fans.

            McMahon ACTUALLY mooned the news chopper!

        • Bear Instincts

          Hell no. Every player in the draft is an unknown and a projection. MT10 is as close to a sure thing as possible because we have seen him compete against NFL starters.

          Also what happens if the 2 players you draft with the picks you get end up being bust’s while MT10 becomes the next Rodgers at best and at worst Philip Rivers.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            But I would trade the Bears 2018 pick for maybe a haul. A desperate team wanting one of the top 5 quarterbacks left might do it.

            But just taking Edmunds (LB) or Ward (CB) is a more sure bet.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky (Johnnywad)

      Oh hell yeah. Top ten picks are ALWAYS franchise players. Always.


    • beninnorcal

      Not that I disagree at all, but did we pick Shea in the top ten? First round yes, but I swear he was in the late teens.

      • SC Dave

        Pick 19… as late in the teens as you can get. Good call 🙂

      • Irish Sweetness

        I thought between 18 and 21?


    • Don’t forget he skipped over Mercilus too.

      But hey, at least we didn’t draft Trent Richardson #3 and Weeden #22 like the Browns.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Did someone post this yesterday? Doesn’t matter. Fucking priceless. Enjoy!

    • haha.
      My aunt still beats him by 7 yrs!

      • SC Dave


        • Yeah, we just can’t take her in public anymore cuz she DONTTT CAARREE.

          She’ll tell the waitress, “Hey, fatso, bring us a coke”

          And she has these old timey beliefs, like bearded men are lazy.

          Was that a thing during the depression? lol

          • SC Dave

            Nice. I’d like to have lunch with her.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Classic. I hope I get that old. Hey fatso ….

    • SC Dave

      “Jesus, I’m going to be an old fucking man.”

      No shit Sherlock. Congratulations!

  • BerwynBomber

    Hmmm … I always presumed guys like Jahns and Hoge were somewhat homers. Seems to be a prerequisite in terms of being in Jeff’s circle.

    All his DBB writers and reporter friends were Cutlerites at some point, and when you tweet things like ” Handling of Fuller is second only to stealthy acquisition of Trubisky on the Pace Impressive Chart” it doesn’t exactly scream objectivity.

    Anyway, good for Campbell. Nothing wrong with a little professional needling. I wonder if Jahns or Hoge have ever had a Blue Moon.

    • SC Dave

      Look at you, dragging us back to some form of football relevancy. And we were having such fun with economics and religion….

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    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      ‘Homer’ for some reason takes on a negative connotation. The thing I like about Jahns and Hoge over the other beat writers is that they are not overly negative all the time. The few podcasts I have caught of theirs they are critical when they need to be.

  • Amie Nugent

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