What the Four Remaining Teams Can Teach the Chicago Bears

| January 18th, 2017

Is it a generic, almost clichéd way to approach the Championship games? Yes. But after years of writing about the Bears in January – whilst the Bears are often in hibernation – this is what we got. The four remaining teams in the NFL playoffs have valuable lessons to teach the Bears moving forward.


Tom Brady beat Brock Osweiler. Aaron Rodgers beat Dak Prescott. Ben Roethlisberger beat Alex Smith. Matt Ryan beat Russell Wilson. I understand that football is the ultimate team game but it isn’t coincidence that the four better quarterbacks all advanced this past weekend.

There are three kinds of teams in the NFL.

  • Teams with star quarterbacks that can compete for titles every single season.
  • Teams with better-than-average quarterbacks who won’t be in the postseason every year but can still be good enough to win a title here or there.
  • Everybody else.

All four of these teams belong in the first category. (And half the league spends their time debating whether their quarterback is a category 2 or category 3 man.)


Three of the four coaches remaining are also three of the five longest tenured in the NFL. But…they’ve also had a franchise quarterback in their holster for the duration of their tenure.


…how do you explain the NFC? Green Bay and Atlanta play little defense and are more than likely to blow their over/under of 61.5 out of the water.

Here’s how the eight teams that played in the Division round ranked in points allowed per game this season:

1 – Pats (win)

3 – Seahawks (loss)

5 – Cowboys (loss)

7 – Chiefs (loss)

10 – Steelers (win)

11 – Texans (loss)

21 – Packers (win)

27 – Falcons (win)

What do the four conference finalists have in common, however? All four are top 10 in turnover ratio. The lesson: you can survive playing subpar defense if you take the ball away from the opponent more than they take the ball away from you.


  • Sauron’s right eyeball

    It’s called mistake free football Jeffrey. Good QB’s can either overcome turnovers or avoid making them. This is what the Bears need. Cuttler was/is the anti-franchise QB

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    • MB30SD

      Coach, OC, team, and fan soul killer.

      … But he is a stripsack artist extraordinare!!

      • Susannejhines

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      • Marionfford

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    • “Anti-franchise QB”. #6. Doooont Care

      How could none of us have seen it!?

      • Sauron’s right eyeball

        Is it too late?

  • Captain Obvious

    One thing I miss from the Lovie years: turnovers, and a positive net turnover number.

    I swear, I barely remember what an interception looks like.

    • MB30SD

      Seriously, wtf is going on with that. Turnovers are like the lottery for us.

      Calling hooker, calling Malik hooker

      • willbest

        1) Favre isn’t in the division anymore.
        2) The CBs are bad
        3) The safeties aren’t good enough to let the CB’s take chances
        4) No pressure on the QB
        5) LBs and DBs can’t catch the ball, left 6-7 INTs on the field last year.

        • BerwynBomber

          1) Nor is Ponder. And Stafford seems to have picked up his game a bit, even if his Cutty gene still exists.
          3) They’re actually worse than our CBs

      • Bender McLugh


      • Irish Sweetness

        Seriously if we could draft Hooker AND Adams somehow .. .that would be a thing.

        That heat-seeking Mike is still eluding is though. Replacing Samurai’s and Urlachers is hard.

        • MB30SD

          Foster. If you didn’t, watch the national championship game. #10 for Alabama was in on literally (the old usage where it means literally not figuratively) erra single D play.

          The kid is ridiculous

      • It’s pretty simple. Fangio doesn’t emphasize it.

        Fangio doesn’t count “loafs” like Old Sauce, or make ppl do pushups on the field when they drop an easy one (peanut!), and Lovie stressed TOs again and again and again and again citing that the #1 predictor of victories was TOs

        The one thing he did get right.

        You can tell by the way the defensive guys play that they’re coached to be fundementally sound and nothing more.

        None of them try to hold the guy up while another strips it, or jump routes or attack the ball in mid air.

        This leads to a sorta lackadaisical style of D that’s not looking to create TOs, and as such, don’t get many.

        That play when Porter (Him, Floyd and McPhee seemed the only ones interested in TOs) stripped the Lion’s WR at the goalline while Amos just looked at it lying at his feet is a perfect example.

        Amos was like, “Oh. Why is the football on the ground like that?”

        The Lovie D would’ve had 5 guys jumping on it and leading a convoy to score themselves.

        • MB30SD

          Yep. Sucks

    • do you also miss Bob “Sacks Don’t Matter” Babich?

      or Mike “9 sacks in one half” Tice?

      • Captain Obvious

        Not in the least. Note that I said “one thing” I miss from the Lovie years.

        It’s like saying “I miss Urlacher” and someone saying, “Yeah, do you miss Webb, too?”

        • Really? You miss J’Marcus? You know he was awful, right?

          • Captain Obvious

            Reading comprehension is hard.

            Try reading my post again. You’ll see me comparing me saying I miss turnovers and you asking if I miss Babich or Tice to me saying I miss Urlacher and someone asking me if I miss Webb, too.

          • Yeah, I miss Urlacher, too. He was great until he wasn’t.

            But really? J’Marcus? What’s next, you going to say it was wrong to cut ties with Omiyale?

          • Captain Obvious

            Again, reading comprehension is hard, isn’t it?

            Again, me missing turnovers can happen without (and despite) you wondering if I miss Babich or Tice.

            Thus, me missing Urlacher can happen without (and despite) Webb. In fact, the point I was making was that the ONE thing I miss about the Lovie era is the turnovers. I miss nothing else, and, in fact, despised the crappy offenses and coordinators. Which parallels how I can miss Urlacher while also despising the revolving door at tackle that was Webb. And oh sweet zombie jesus I had put Omiyale out of my head. At least he was not quite a rotting pile of garbage for a few games. Webb was a dumpster fire from the start.

            Is that clear enough, or do I need to Trump it down further? Sad!

          • Huge Bears Penis

            so what you are saying is that you miss guys like Brandon Manumaleuna and Major Wright. Or that great year we had Archuleta. That is sad what is wrong with you.

          • Captain Obvious

            Oh I get it. You guys are taking the piss.

            But going down the rutted, pothole-filled memory lane of Webb, Omiyale, Archuleta, Favalalalalalava, Wright, etc., almost makes me pine for Bryan Cox. Remember that asshole? The guy who drew 45 yards of penalties on the same play (personal foul, unsportsmanlike conduct and an ejection, then another unsportsmanlike conduct for flinging his helmet and refusing to leave the field). Fuck me, we’ve had to live through some Special Olympics rejects over the past 20+ years.

            Makes me verrah verrah happy we hit on three solid starters in the 2016 draft, all guys who should see multiple pro bowls.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            With a name like Captain Obvious it sure took you a while to figure out we were messing with you.

          • Nothing else? You don’t miss Dave Toub?

            I miss Dave Toub. I miss him like I’d miss my penis if I woke up and it was gone.

            Also, talking about Lovie’s strength in hiring OC’s doesn’t help your cause. Maybe you should leave that out.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Isn’t he starting now?

          • according to the internet, yes. according to my brain google, he disappeared once we cut him loose.

    • We saw plenty of them last year, it’s just that almost all of them were thrown by the Bears.

  • I’m going to disagree with you a bit about Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson, Jeff.

    Ryan had a fantastic year this year. But Wilson is a better QB overall. That game showed how a team with a good QB can beat a team with a better QB: have a better team around him. Specifically in the trenches. ATL dominated both lines, and thus dominated the game.

    I would put Wilson in category 1; SEA is in the playoffs every year with Wilson, and has been in the final 8 for many years in a row now. Ryan, I’d argue, should be in category 2. The Falcons have made the playoffs 5 of the 9 years he’s been there, never made a Super Bowl, and had 4-12 and 6-10 seasons with him.

    Ryan shows exactly what life is like with a good-but-not-great QB (as does Stafford, Eli, Flacco, Smith, Palmer, etc.). All of them have led damn good teams to the playoffs multiple times with a good roster around them. A few won titles that way.

    All have also had mediocre rosters around them and drafted in the top 10.

    • BerwynBomber

      One underappreciated element about Ryan, though, is that he has been Manning-like durable since entering the league. He has only missed two starts in nine years.

      But I agree with your assessment, though Brees (and maybe Rivers to a much lesser extent) has me re-thinking the post-season appearance metric.

      • postseason appearances mean diddly-squat for anybody but the true studs.

        If you’re a truly elite QB, your team is in the playoffs every year simply because you’re good enough to drag them there. Of course, shitty rosters around a great QB get exposed in the playoffs, which somehow leads to everybody blaming the QB who dragged a 6-10 team to the playoffs, which is absurd. This happened a good 8-10x in Peyton Manning’s career.

        If you’re not a truly elite QB, your team is in the playoffs if the rest of the roster is good and out of the playoffs if the rest of your roster sucks. That’s why I’ve long maintained that Drew Brees was not on the same level of QB as Peyton, Brady, or Rodgers.

        Then evaluating playoffs isn’t really a fair metric. That depends much more on the team around you than you yourself. Brees and Rivers are great, but haven’t been in the playoffs for a while because their GMs suck. Flacco hasn’t gotten any shittier since winning the Super Bowl, but the rest of Baltimore’s roster has, so they’ve gone from a contender to a mediocre team. Same with Ryan.

        There was a great roster around him his first few years, and they were a damn good team. Then a lot of guys got old and/or left, and all of a sudden they sucked. Ryan didn’t get worse, the rest of the team did. Now they’ve got a bunch of good young players, so they’re good again. Ryan didn’t get better; the rest of the team did.

        I’m still not entirely sure what to think of Wilson. He’s been in the playoffs every year of his career, but he’s also had a damn good team around him the whole time. This year he carried a pretty shitty offensive cast though, which was impressive.

        • willbest

          My knock on Manning is the AFCS was garbage for a decade. Occasionally somebody in the AFCE at least shows some spunk.

        • BerwynBomber

          Don’t know if I quite buy your Peyton excuses, though I agree in principle that holding a post-season record against a QB can be an all-too-simple way of criticizing or praising a QB. Elite QBs, as you imply, largely get you to the post-season. After that it is most often as much about the team as the QB in regard to post-season success.

          But in terms of Manning he arguably had three HoF or borderline HoF quality skilled guys on those Indy teams: James, Harrison, and Wayne. A borderline HoF C in Saturday and a very good TE in Clark. Plus, their D, if nothing else, had Freeney and Mathis. Moreover, much as I can’t stand his presence on SNF, Dungy was a terrific HC. He almost single-handedly made TB a relevant franchise and even went to the NFCC one year with freaking Shaun King as his starting QB.

          • Peyton Manning has basically identical stats to Tom Brady in the postseason.

            Yet everybody praises Brady as a postseason god, while Manning is a postseason choker.


            Brady wins more. Despite performing almost exactly the same.

            Which can only lead to one conclusion: the teams around him have been noticeably better.

          • Bender McLugh

            post season game-ending drives though, Manning has fewer than Brady. How many fewer though?

          • BerwynBomber

            Manning’s career post-season TD/INT split is 42/25. That’s really not that good. Not horrible but certainly nowhere near his regular season numbers.

            And his career post-season passer rating is 87. Again, not horrendous as many players stats drop in the post-season, but not exactly sterling either.

            Or to put it another way, Peyton Manning in the playoffs basically played like career regular season Jay Cutler.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Where’s Joe, Ber?

        • Huge Bears Penis

          wow Brees not truly elite… you got me on that one, not sure how to reply to that. What more does the guy have to do?

          • consistently win games. All of the top QBs do in this era, he doesn’t.

            Sure, part of it is that the team around him isn’t great. Guess what? Peyton and Brady and Rodgers have dragged some shitty teams to the playoffs much more consistently than Brees.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            sorry don’t buy it. Brady and Peyton have played in some pretty crappy non competitive divisions.

          • That’s fair. It’s my take on the situation. No guarantee I’m right.

          • BerwynBomber

            I would argue that Rodgers has dragged some suspect teams to the playoffs — look no further than the Cheese team playing this upcoming weekend — but GB seems like NE when compared to NO. The Saints are a mess.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Often by single plays .. .similar to the last time he beat us.

          • Irish Sweetness

            And Peyton would annually do his choking chicken dance on the big stage. Never was impressed by the man. Regular season stats are like what an opera singer sings in the shower. When the lights are on, and the audience is in place … that’s when you get measured.

          • BerwynBomber

            Could be JW was suggesting two levels of elite:

            1a) Brady, Peyton, Rodgers.
            1b) Brees, Wilson (potentially)

            Otherwise, yeah I’m a bit flummoxed too. I get the whole Brees isn’t single-handedly carrying NO to the post-season every year, but as you said, what more can he do? Seems a fucked-up franchise. Hell, half the time it seems remarkable they win seven games.

          • Huge Bears Penis

            they are also in a fucked up division, most years very competitive, I think even more so that TB seems to be up and coming. Those NFCS inter division games are usually pretty good games to watch.

          • Irish Sweetness

            When Bradford posted the highest single season % numbers, the four guys behind him were all named Drew Brees.

          • Irish Sweetness

            6000 yards, 60 TDs in a season. And another superbowl so he can be ‘elite’ like Eli.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Has Wilson had a good offense around him? Playoffs every season is testament to him, and a good defense. He’s pretty studly is our Russell. We wouldn’t say no.

          I think Jay is with us this year. But you can see them drafting Trubisky ….

        • Are you sure Ryan didn’t get better? It may have just taken him a while to acclimate himself to the new OC’s system and now he’s hit his groove, much like Stafford.

          QBs, contrary to popular belief, CAN get better under new systems as long as they have decent protection and weapons.

          • Fair. He has performed better under this OC. We’ve seen that with Cutler, Rivers, and Stafford in recent years too.

            Typically with guys like that we see that the performance drops back to previous norms when that OC leaves. So it’s not really the QB getting better as much as it is the QB being temporarily put in a better position to succeed.

            That’s my take on Ryan.

  • Rack ’em (GP)

    Travis Kelce apparently hates his money because he is about to lose a bunch of it.

    He ripped the league and NFL refs over the Fisher holding call, insinuating the league was trying to fix the game.

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      It happens, oh it happens.

      • Rack ’em (GP)

        Dick Cheney is a Steelers fan. I see where that is going.

        • MB30SD

          The devil likes the steelers!?!?! I always thought he’d be a packer fan

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            Yellow and Black? Yup, Satan’s colors. I’m predicticting a Packers vs Steelers SB. Aha..yup, they be my dark horse betters nightmare and bookie dream.

          • MB30SD

            fuck that shit. NE v. ATL

        • Bender McLugh

          SO BE IT.

        • To the woods face hunting

    • AlbertInTucson

      Open mouth- Insert foot.

      Open Wallet -Withdraw cash.

      BTW, Travis, the officials didn’t drop a key pass or take a cheap shot 15 yard penalty.

      • BerwynBomber

        Kelce’s a moron. The majority of unbiased viewers would undoubtedly see that as a hold. Doesn’t get called all the time, and I have little doubt Harrison is juicing, but it was a hold.

        • MB30SD

          hold??!!?! It was a fucking two armed take-down. The dude would have won were the play a judo match. Plenty of missed holding calls erra game… that was undecidedly NOT one of them.

          Kelce is a stud, but he’s also a fucking idiot… and he thinks he’s black.

    • DaCoaches Mustache

      Who’s tits are those and where can i find more photographs of them?

  • Bears-4-Ever

    “Teams with better-than-average quarterbacks who won’t be in the postseason every year but can still be good enough to win a title here or there.”

    I would welcome this option for The Bears, We don’t need to be the Pats, but we “should” be a way better franchise then we are now and have been. BTW our Defense carried us into the last Superbowl NOT Rex. Unfortunately I do not see the Bears getting into the Second Category with the ownership group we have presently. The Bears need to be bought and bought by a group that actually CARES about winning and not just the dollar signs. We hear the “talk” from ownership, but the “walk” just ain’t there.

    • They spent a 1st round pick on Grossman.

      When that didn’t work out, they spent 2 1sts and a 3rd on Cutler.

      They’re willing to invest in a QB. The question is whether they have the right football people in place to identify, acquire, and develop said QB.

      I don’t see how ownership has much impact on that. Their job is to hire the football people, sure, but the current football people were basically hand-picked by Ernie Accorsi, one of the most respected football people in the NFL.

      • Big Mike

        The problem is that order matters. You need a good team first.

        • BerwynBomber

          No, if you have a chance to get a young, franchise QB you take him. Doesn’t matter what shape your team’s in. Heck, if he’s truly one of the best, he’ll outlast most of your positional guys anyway and will go thru two if not three personnel turnovers during his tenure.

          • Big Mike

            If you get a shot at an Andrew Luck, or Mariota, or Winston, yeah I could go along with that. But until that happens, you build the front seven, the offensive line, find playmakers for the secondary, find playmakers for the offense and take a shot with re-treads, or lower round draft choices. I believe that’s the plan the Bears are on. Stop the run, pressure the QB, have an offense built around the run, quick passes and the occasional shot down field. Sounds just like Lovie Ball, with better, younger personnel and a much better grasp of offense.

            If you get that generational QB, you’re all set. Do you spend 20 years sucking like Cleveland, and 6 years sucking like the Bears, while you look? Makes no sense to me. Bears thought Cutler was that QB. He turned out to be another middle of the pack QB. Seems by your argument going back in time you have to get Cutler.

            There are a dozen scenarios that will improve the Bears. Even after they happen, we won’t know if they worked. In that sense everybody gets to be right or wrong during the offseason. Unless they suggest reaching for a QB at 3 (Doh!)

          • BerwynBomber

            I had no problem with Angelo getting Cutler. He seemed like a “potential” 10-15 year stud at the time, even if I had my doubts. I DID have a problem with Emery’s contract that was offered Cutler. We knew what we had by then. At most you franchise him for a year and then negotiate downward after he shits the bed.

            If you decide on your approach then there is NO reason to pay a QB $16-22M a year (basically Cutler money). You get a bridge guy for much less and invest the bucks elsewhere.

            No offense, BM, but I think it’s absolutely insane that you wouldn’t draft a young, stud QB because they’re not enough parts around him. You can’t wait for perfect situations.

            Nor do you look at the Browns and say, “see, that’s why you don’t draft QBs.”
            You identify a guy, you take him. Even if 0-16 talent awaits him.

            And no, I’m not suggesting we reach for a guy at #3. I just think the whole notion that other parts need to be addressed before QB is misguided as hell.

          • Big Mike

            They still thought he was the guy, + inflation of QB contracts. (see Brock Osweiler). Cutler won’t be out of work for a month. He’ll also get his $15 a year That’s my bet.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m thinking it won’t be that much due to his labrum surgery and the chronic thumb issue.

          • Big Mike

            The market for QBs is ridiculous. My guess is whatever amount it is, people here will say it is too much.

          • I think he said IF we have a chance at a QB like Luck, Cam, or even Mariota, Winston, then go for it.

            The issue with us this year is that Kizer and the rest are not as highly rated.

            The QBs at #3 would be HUGE risks, so build the trenches in the meantime.

            If a Luck or Winston was available this year, then we’d absolutely take him at #3.

            The irony is, the Browns would too at #1 overall.

            So we’re fucked either way.

            Either take a MAJOR risk on Kizer et al

            Or roll the dice on whomever is left over in the 2nd and beyond.

            Never know. Could roll 7s like the Pats, Boys, Raiders, Hawks did.

          • CanadaBear

            My only real issue with that is the Carr syndrome in Texas. The poor guy got beat up so bad early in his career it effectively made him gun shy.

          • BerwynBomber

            But was he also just not as good as his little brother?

          • CanadaBear

            It’s hard to say. Lots of people really liked him until he had battered QB syndrome.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’d like to see Dak behind a bottom ten line before I’d grade him.

        • That’s an ideal situation.

          And I think think the Bears are just about there. Good OL, good power running game, should have a good D next year, if they re-sign Alshon have solid pass targets. It’s a good situation to put a young QB into and not have to ask him to do too much right away.

          • Big Mike

            I said as much somewhere else. Build front 7 and O-line is job 1. Then play makers on Offense and Defense (WR, RB, TE, S, CB), then get a QB. Pray for an ELITE qb, have a plan to win with a B- to B+ guy.

          • Irish Sweetness

            We’re just about there … IF …. Jay is the QB. Insert some new guy in there now, and it’s back to square one. Can anyone see a young QB lead this team to the playoffs in their first year. This is it. This is the year. No more excuses. This management team must make the playoffs.

      • Rack ’em (GP)

        The question is whether they have the right football people in place to identify, acquire, and develop said QB.



    • i still wish i could hop in the “what if” machine and see how things would’ve panned out if they rode the orton train and used those picks to shore up his supporting cast.

      there’s no reason neckbeard couldn’t have out-Dilfered trent dilfer.

      • willbest

        I liked Orton. Of course in the hindsight world you use your 1st on Maclin, and your 3rd on TJ Lang then come back in 2010 and take Earl Thomas. We also don’t necessarily end up with Johnny Knox

        • i think i’d be ok trading knox for those 3.

        • also, if we stuck with orton, perhaps the bears would’ve drafted other QBs through the years instead of subscribing to the “we don’t need anybody but Jay” newsletter.

    • Big Mike

      I would say that’s the plan until Dak Prescott 2 lands in our lap.

  • Rack ’em (GP)

    Last time the Steelers were at Foxboro, the massholes fucked with the sound system and headsets


    These are two teams that genuinely, honestly despise one another.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Simple solution.

      NFL tells NE,

      “Anything goes wrong with the headsets, Steelers can use walkie talkies.

      But YOU can’t.

      Because we don’t trust you to play fair.”

    • CanadaBear

      I’ll give Tomlin credit. Most coaches don’t say anything. Everything I’ve ever read it’s been a problem ever since BB became their coach.

  • beninnorcal

    GP, thanks for the movie recommendation. I enjoyed the Mcqueen documentary on Amazon Prime the other night. Crazy movie.

    • Rack ’em (GP)

      Glad you liked it. Poor poor poor Chad McQueen. Fathers who cast long shadows do their children no favors.

      • MB30SD

        my son should be fine

        • Captain Obvious

          Is this a short penis admission?

          • MB30SD

            for me not him.

            …he’s 6 and is already hung like a horse. Good boy.

  • BearDown100393

    Kyle Shanahan just married the 49ers.

    • Rack ’em (GP)

      Jed Dork and his balls of cotton.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      still plenty of time for him to get cold feet and back out. His buddys really need to talk him out of this. I would be like ‘Really? Are you sure? Dude come on! That 49ers chick is bat shit crazy. Stay away. Seriously the 49ers could Lorena Bobbitt your career.’

      • MB30SD


      • BearDown100393

        Buddies? Like Pacebot?

  • BearDown100393

    Quarterbacks beat defenses not each other.

    • Big Mike

      Not at this level. It was a race to get the ball back in a couple of games. In the blow outs the QBs got their teams out to leads so quickly they changed the other teams offensive game plan.

      • BearDown100393

        Which side gets the ball back to the quarterback?

  • Rack ’em (GP)

    This video makes me laugh my ass off.


  • MB30SD
  • Rack ’em (GP)

    Oh oh oh…. Christmas has come a bit late for Irish.

    Irish – the CIA just released 13M new documents about their UFO programs. That’s a lot of juicy bedtime reading!


    • willbest

      I am sure its “all” of the document.

      • Rack ’em (GP)

        Chapter 7: Anal Probes, 1970-1978

    • Irish Sweetness

      Back when they ere releasing redacted documents on their website, I downloaded them all. What a joke. Every single line blacked out. Nothing to see here?

  • willbest

    “I think Hoyer and Bradford are basically the same player.” – Jeff

    No you don’t… Nobody thinks that, except maybe Brian Hoyer’s mother.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      maybe MB. I think he has a secret man crush on him.

      • MB30SD

        He my man! Keep yo hands off hoochie!!

        • Huge Bears Penis

          send him that pic of you in a dress. you might be surprised by the response you get.

          • MB30SD

            It was a tutu

          • Huge Bears Penis

            my bad, don’t get your panties in a bunch

          • MB30SD

            I wasn’t wearing panties big boy

    • BearDown100393

      “I think Manson and Bradford are basically the same psycho.”
      – Fixed.

    • Irish Sweetness

      And Bradford’s ex-girlfriend ….

  • CanadaBear
    • AlbertInTucson

      I remember enjoying that game at the SPORTS PAGE Bar here in Tucson.

      Part owned by former U of Arizona and Cardinal DT, Mike Dawson, who also tended bar.

      Nice fellow.

      Bears got whacked in SF the next week that win in Minnesota was fun.

      They had swept the Bears in the regular season that year.

  • MB30SD
    • willbest

      That anchor is brutal on the ears.

      • MB30SD

        So bad

      • AlbertInTucson

        She passed the eye test.

        • MB30SD

          Asi asi (not to be confused with comsi comsa)

    • AlbertInTucson

      Yeah, I saw that guy.

  • CanadaBear

    North team for Senior Bowl announced. Lots of guys for rd 2 and later. Rd 1, not so much.


    • BerwynBomber

      Doesn’t help that the game is only for seniors as I assume a lot of the top prospects are kids declaring early.

    • willbest

      I presume that the round 2 and beyond guys are the ones where getting in close and coaching them would reveal more than whats on the tape.

    • Typical. Top guys skip/prep for Combine more. Little to gain by going against guys regarded lower than you, injury risk. Do drill-specific prep to blow up the Combine instead.

      I have a piece coming out on here in a few days about teams coaching in the Senior Bowl and who they draft from that week that reflects this trend. Most of the guys teams like the Bears end up drafting in a few months are in rounds 3-5.

      • Rack ’em (GP)

        Colorado’s Sefo Liufau, Pitt’s Nate Peterman and Iowa’s C.J. Beathard are the QBs that Birdcage gets to coach up.

        Peterman could be the Bears 4th round QB, if they play the game that way. I don’t see the other two making the grade.

  • As for the QB thing – truth is – almost NOBODY knows how they will pan out.
    It’s almost akin to predicting the next Beethoven, Picasso, Brando

    Billichick wasn’t some genius who “stole” Brady in the first when everyone pegged him for the 6th and beyond.
    Jerra had both Romo and Dak fall to him
    The Pack were doing everything they could to trade away their pick but “settled” on Vadgers
    Caroll passed on Wilson twice having other QBs ranked ahead.
    Matty Ice/Roth were sorta no-brainer. They graded out high just like Luck and Cam (and Bradford/Wentz for that matter). When guys like that fall to a team who needs a franchise QB, it’s almost a given they MUST draft him and HOPE he doesn’t bust.

    Like I said, you give me some test to predict the next Shakespeare, then maybe we can apply it to QBs.

    Finding a true franchise QB requires more luck than skill.

    Bears, and many other teams, just haven’t homered into one yet and haven’t had that high of a pick to be able to draft a Ryan type in many years.

    • MB30SD

      Watched the new jungle book with the kids again tonight (I MUCH prefer the classic cartoon. I love scarjos tits and all but talk about totally and utterly Fucking up my favorite scene and character with something totally out of bounds)… That and the kid is a Fucking doos.

      But I realized only this time the apocalypse Brando reference for king lou when he just comes out of the shadows… Replete with the head wipe. I laughed, my kids were like… What?!

      • I prefer Scarjos butt and leggs. Yams?


        • MB30SD

          Gams. Smh.

          GP told me tonight he pictured you as a nerdier version of Toby McGuire. Hahahaha

          I told he he was way off… More like an ugly nerdier Cuban version of Charlie may

          • Charlie who? never heard of him.

            I sometimes get Charlie from it’s always sunny, except, ya know, I’m not a glue sniffing midget

          • MB30SD

            Same guy ya putz

          • MB30SD

            Typo… Charlie day

    • That Guy

      There is a ton of luck involved. But there are three other factors.

      1. I do believe that some teams evaluate better than others. So figure that some evaluators have a 60% of accurately predicting QB success versus other teams that are more like 30%. This is impossible to track because of other factors.

      2. A better team around a QB will both allow him to develop (Dave Carr didn’t have this, Russell Wilson did, Dak is enjoying that now) and give him the confidence that comes with success. Hence, the rich get richer by not burning out their players by relying on them too much to carry an offense or cover up a poor defense.

      3. Some coaches are just better at developing QBs and scheming to match their strengths than others – particularly when only for a few games. The Packers made Matt Flynn a star. The Patriots did it for Matt Cassell. Andy Reid is really good at this, but it can be a mixed blessing because you can settle for a mediocre player and not be active enough looking to get better at the position.

      I think Pace has shown himself a capable evaluator, though he needs to get more aggressive at QB, so I’m okay with #1. I think our offensive line and running game are a good start at #2, but keeping Alshon will also go a long way to easing a new guy’s transition. I think #barkleytime was a prime example of #3, which is why I think it very important we don’t get complacent that Hoyer or Barkley would be “good enough.”

      • BerwynBomber

        Matt Flynn was a joke. He had one good game. Did you notice how he played for the Cheese after Shea put Rodgers on the sidelines for six weeks in ’13? He was god awful.

        I’ll give you Belichick and Reid. I’m not convinced yet by McCarthy. So far he only has the enviable fortune of coaching arguably the most talented QB ever.

    • BerwynBomber

      I’ll give the Cheese credit for Farve and Rodgers, and especially Farve as they saw something in him that apparently very few did and they made a move to get him.

      And in terms of Rodgers, far as I know they weren’t planning to shop for a Favre replacement yet had identified Rodgers as a BPA guy and took him when he plummeted.

      Also, the Rodgers selection was kinda ballsy. Imagine the blowback a Bears GM would have received from the ridiculous Cutlerites if said GM took a first round QB while Jay was still the unquestioned starter. Now imagine your unquestioned starter is Favre and not Cutler and you make that move.

      I also credit Philly for Wentz (if Wentz turns into a legit top 10 guy as I think he will). Again, they identified him, and gave up shit to go get him. He didn’t just fall in their lap. They went all in.

      But yeah most of the others involved a good deal of luck or to a degree were no-brainer moves.

      • I’ll give the Puke more credit for Favre than Rodgers. As GP posted in the last thread, they were calling everyone to trade down from that pick then just went BPA as last resort. Probably much like Pace with White.

        And MOST QB needy teams would’ve drafted Wentz in the top 3. Just not everyone had the arsenal of picks or had diff QB circumstances.

        That’s what I mean, guys like Luck, Cam, Wentz, (who still needs to prove a lot), Ryan, Rivers, Stafford, even Bradford, would’ve been drafted top 5 in most drafts, top 3 most likely.

        Doesn’t take much ‘evaluating’. Even if they bomb (like Bradford w Rams) the picks are defensible.

        The problem is the Bears

        1. Haven’t had a top 3 pick in a looong time until this season (and no Luck-Ryan level prospect this yr)

        2. Haven’t even tried for the Wilson, Dak, Romo, Brady, Carr lottery (mostly cuz they were sold on Cutty) unless you count guys like Fales or LeFever.

        IMO, it’s just a lot of luck as to what QBs are coming out in certain years meeting a team’s need and draft slot.

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog Is there a worse sports debate than yearly baseball hall of fame? He cheated! He kinda cheated! Did he cheat? I don’t think he cheated!”

    It’s funny and pathetic at the same time. Beware when writers but especially sportswriters try to play moralists. You end up with hypocrites and self-righteous blowhards.

    You end up with the two of the greatest players ever — in Bonds and Clemens — being passed over for guys like Bagwell and Raines. Whatever.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      HOF voting in all sports is kind of bogus. It is done mostly by sports writers. Some will not vote for 1st ballot HOFers no matter what. If a player has a bad rep with the media it negatively affects them. It is for the most part a popularity contest, when it should be done based on stats and on field play alone.

      • BerwynBomber

        Interestingly (I suppose), baseball is going to begin publishing individual voting, which led someone on the radio to speculate that you will begin to see a few 100% first ballot guys. Jeter, the person speculated, would be the first.

        • Huge Bears Penis

          baseball has been interesting with the ‘steroid era’ guys like Bonds and Clemens there was a lot of evidence that stated they used steroids yet they were never caught. I am of the opinion that if you get caught then you should not get in the HOF in any sport. I assume both guys will eventually get in but it is ridiculous that the haze of steroids hangs over guys that were never caught.

          • C’mon, we all know both Clemens and Bonds did it.
            Like Rose cheating – should disqualify immediately.
            But I’m a bit of a hardliner when it comes to that. That’s why I stopped watching baseball long ago.

          • BerwynBomber

            But many believe Bagwell did it too. And Big Papi DID too. He was named. Yet he will get in also.

            Hence, it all becomes a huge fucking popularity contest, as HBP mentioned earlier. Bonds and Clemens = bad guys. Bagwell and Big Papi = good guys.

            It’s so childish.

          • Those guys shouldn’t get in either. But then it all becomes a slippery slope . welcome to America



      • stats on the field fueled by ass injections?

        Maybe they should make bronze busts of the needles too.

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  • Irish Sweetness

    Cowherd makes a good case for Kyle Shanahan as a HC in the first few minutes of this.

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