• Ronald Raes

    Other: OJ Howard.

    I’ m torn. i’d be happy with anyone of Adams, Allen or Thomas. But i just think OJ Howard could be such a terrific playmaker for our offense. Playing him in 2TE sets with Sims, both being great at blocking and receiving, would make us a awesome running team, and provide ample protection and/or safety valves for Glennon.

    I’d welcome such a smashmouth offensive identity.

    • SC Dave

      But doesn’t a #3 pick seem a little high for that? Would you advocate trading down for him?

      • Ronald Raes

        is it too high though? the draft is such a crapshoot. If this guy turns out to be another Gronk, or Graham, or the dude from KC, and regularly putting up 100yd, 2TD games while affecting other team’s gameplans as a blocking/receiving threat, never coming off the field and not giving away if we run or pass, i feel like 3rd ain’t too high for that.

        • SC Dave

          And that’s the rub… “if”. Granted that’s true of *anyone* you could select, but in that instance as a Bears fan, I just sort of gravitate naturally to the defense.

        • MB30SD

          Let me be more blunt Ron… If there weren’t 2 blue Chip safeties, 2nd and 3rd top DL pics, the top CB, aaaand the top ILB in the top 6-8 guys…

          *this* year… With who we already have at TE aaand who we have at qb… It wouldn’t be a WTF talent pick, it would be a WTF position pick.

          Taking Howard means you are leaving these guys on the board: Adams, Thomas, hooker, foster, Allen (cuck), and lattimore. Not to mention Watson and trubinsky (for the phillistine crowd)

          Ain’t happening dude.

          • Ronald Raes

            i accept all that, and that’s why i said i’m torn.

            My point is, all the alternatives, imo, have bigger question marks than Howard.

            Lattimore, Hooker, Allen –> health concerns.

            Adams, as much as i love him, not a lot of INT in his careers. don’t you consider that at least a bit risky for a 3rd pick?

            Thomas, questions about too many opportunities left on the field, not a closer etc.

            OJ just looks like a bonafide bluechip matchup nightmare at a offensive skill position. how many of those do we have? That’s why i argue he’s worth the 3rd pick

          • MB30SD

            I don’t think Allen even belongs in the discussion personally​.

            Adams JUMPS off the tape… More than any of the guys you’ve mentioned and they are all studs. Adams reminds me a lot of Mike Brown.

            I also think the Thomas haters are going to eat their words. He’s the second coming of Aaron Donald from what I’ve seen.

            I totally agree Howard is a stuuuud, but it would be a silly pick this year with who’s on the board and with our specific needs/holes

          • Ronald Raes

            i do agree Adams and Thomas are bonafide studs too, and at positions of need. 100%. And i’d love them both.

            I just feel, in general, our need of playmakers on offense is just as big, if not bigger.

            If five years from now, we look back, and howard is a all-pro TE, and we got us some good to great pros at OLB/CB/FS in rd 2/3/4, , which is entirely possible in this draft, who’s complaining?

            Of course, if we end up with Adams and Engram (or say, Zay Jones) in rd 1/2, i’d be just as happy. I’m with you on the ‘skip QB this year, get good players, and sell the house next year if glennon doesn’t pan out’ scenario.

          • MB30SD

            my take is… as it is with WR… until you bring in a QB worth a shit to throw to him, it’s a total wasted pick. That and we’ve already brought in TEs. There are MUCH bigger holes to fill.

            next year QB, WR, TE need to be our focus… baring a total shitting of the bed at one spot on D

          • willbest

            Sometimes they are special. Megatron was getting it done with Culpepper, Kitna, and Orlovsky, Hill. Hell before this year I thought he was bailing Stafford out. Then Now it looks like he was using his safety blanket a bit too much for all those years

      • Sahr Gborie

        No pick is too high is the player is going to be a difference make for years to come

        • SC Dave

          Point taken.

          • Big Mike

            We’re going to win games 10-7. Need a safety

  • King of DBB

    Jeff –

    Is Trub really winning or are you fucking with these polls?

    • DaBearsBlog

      50+ early votes and QB winning solidly.

      • MB30SD


        Obviously the silent non-regs… You know, the people who read fucking Yahoo sports to get their insight.

        • willbest

          The people that are thirsty for a QB since we got rid of Cutler

          • MB30SD

            I would say… About to die of thirst.

        • SC Dave

          Remember, we’re talking about all the twats too.

          • MB30SD


    • Irish Sweetness

      Half the people want either Trubs/Watson or Adams. That’s about right. We win with any of them.

  • Frank Schoenburg

    Other: Malik Hooker. Kind of obvious IMO.

    • MB30SD

      Why is it obvious Frank?

      • Frank Schoenburg

        Hooker is a much better player and fit than Adams. Watson doesn’t have the arm strength to play in the NFL. Trubisky isn’t worth a top 15 pick. I don’t have a problem with Thomas or Allen but still prefer Hooker as the best player and fit for us.

        • MB30SD

          Alright then. Tell me more about Adams v hooker. You’ve looked at the tape on both… Not just highlights? Taken injuries into consideration and all that.

          All the regs have discussed ad nauseum… Curious about another pov

          • Frank Schoenburg

            No tape. I’m just a blowhard like the rest.

          • MB30SD

            Ahhhh… Go check hookers game tape and then Adams. I think it’ll be an eye opener.

            That said, I wouldn’t be angry with my original draft crush (before the hip labrum surgery) hooker.

          • Bender McLugh

            shhhhhhh, don’t distract from his thoughts….

          • 505Bears

            I Googled, “Hookers game tape” and it was no football highlights

          • MB30SD

            enjoyable nonetheless I imagine?

        • Bender McLugh


        • Irish Sweetness

          Hooker’s a better fit for what? Adams and Hooker play different positions.

          • Frank Schoenburg

            Hooker is a great free safety while Adams is a good strong safety. We have Amos, Bush, and HJQ. All of them are better strong safeties than free safeties.

  • Thompson Way


    • Frank Schoenburg


    • MB30SD

      That would be, after all.. the Thompson way!

  • T.dyon

    Other: Trade down if possible to acquire more value. This also enables the Bears to get the QB they want that also matches the value of the pick.

    • MB30SD

      TD, are you an NFL gm?!?!

      Ozzie, is that you? Oh oh, maybe Darth hoodie!! I looove your pressers sir!!

      • T.dyon

        Thank you but I am better than Ozzie.

        • MB30SD

          Well played.

          Alas, no, I personally think he’s one of the best

          • T.dyon

            My bad, I was only joking

      • 505Bears

        I’m a pretty bad ass GM on Madden. Maybe the Bears’ scouts should use the Madden scouting reports? haha

        • MB30SD

          give Pace a call 505. get some!

          • 505Bears

            He’ll have to wait until the new Madden comes out

          • MB30SD

            poor bastard.

  • TomC

    The only player I’d feel really good about at 3 is Garrett, and if he’s not there, I’d prefer to trade down. If there’s not a sure superstar, then maximize your chances of getting one by getting more top-50 players. Especially don’t like any of the QBs at 3.

    • MB30SD

      Tom Tom Tom, that’s just silly dude. Garrett is total consensus#1. He’s not getting past that spot. So the rest of the STACKED defensive dra… know what…. Never mind.

    • King of DBB

      Oh… a trade down post. How unusual.

    • 505Bears

      Going to be up to what San Fran does with that #2. Do they trade it, take a QB, or take whomever else?

  • willbest

    We are bringing Howard in for a visit.

    • willbest

      Howard would be such a Pace pick.

      • Big Mike

        I like it.

  • 505Bears

    Sims getting it done with a new baby momma, and she ain’t all bad. Welcome to Chi, Sims. On that Lach plan…haha

  • Scharfinator
    • CanadaBear

      I was at a really crappy local zoo as a teenager and a kid about 5 was harassing this old male lion. At some point the male lion backs up to the cage and pisses all over the kid. Zoo Justice!!!!!!!

  • willbest

    Jets working out Mahomes… I can’t imagine for #6

    • willbest

      Then again, I thought Tannehill going at 8 was pretty crazy too, so who knows.

    • Big Mike

      If you were the Jets would you want picks 1-5 knowing you were jonesing for A top 3 QB? I keep praying that Cleveland and SF lose their minds and both take QBs. Then we draft Garrett.

    • There’s been a ton of media hype around Mahomes recently. To the point where I’ve seen several media guys say he won’t last past CLE at 12, if he even makes it that far.

      Who knows. There’s so much disinformation floating around this time of year.

      • willbest

        That makes a ton of sense though since they get garrett at 1 and by 12 all the other “consensus” players have been picked over. If you believe he has it, take him at 12, even if its “early”. From what I saw of his tape there is stuff there to work with. Definitely worth a late first if you believe, and he probably won’t make it to the second unless you watch all the QBs fall.

  • Sactowns#1

    For everyone wanting to pick up a safety with the 3rd paick …. why? We could easily get a quality safety much later. http://www.nfl.com/draft/history/fulldraft?position=S&type=position

    • willbest

      I don’t agree with it either. But I understand where MB is coming from. When you have been dogshit at the position for so long you just want to make sure it gets addressed in a big way.

      • MB30SD


    • Bender McLugh

      are later guys studs like Adams/Hooker? I don’t think they are

    • Big Mike

      The draft profile for the first, second, third, fourth and fifth guy on that list gave them scores of 5.9, 5.8,5.6,5.6 and 5.6. Adams is graded at 6.6. In this scoring system, that is the difference between being evaluated as a “Backup/eventual starter” or a “good NFL starter with Pro Bowl potential”

      so.. that’s why.

      • Bender McLugh

        that’s a much better answer than mine. show off.

        • Big Mike

          It is so painfully obvious. The question is do they like Hooker better than Adams. Without the injury concern, I’d say they would like Hooker. Adams and Hooker are comparable cover guys, both are good. Adams might have a slight, slight edge coming down into the box and tackling. But again, both are good. Where Hooker has the edge, is hands. The guy catches like a WR. But then he got injured. So, if I’m Pace, I don’t touch him at 3. I don’t think it’s Solomon, because he doesn’t have the “length” that Pace seems to admire. So I would say he’d be a slight surprise. If Trubisky is there and the Bears take him. I wouldn’t hate that either. I think its the wrong move, but he might be the best QB the Bears have a shot at drafting for 10 years.

          • MB30SD

            supposedly, in next years draft at least 4 guys are already being graded as miles better than all of the cucks in this years draft, so I’m VERY dubious of your last statement mike.

          • willbest

            There is logic to it. Witch team in this league if they find themselves with an Andrew Luck QB at #1 trades that pick?

            Seahawks, Packers, Cowboys, Colts? That is pretty much the list. Everybody else is picking up the QB.

            And those aren’t teams likely to end up with a #1 pick unless their golden boy goes down with an ACL in week 1.

            If this team is better than 2015 team and goes 8-8, you are going to have to pay a King’s ransom. That is fine if you have a younger team already put together, but the Bears can ill afford to part with their two first, two seconds, and a 3rd in order to move up from 16 to 6 to get the 4th best QB on the board.

          • MB30SD

            after the draft and next year’s FA period and off season the bears better be close to having a play off team pulled together. That’s the hope and pace needs to hit this draft and next year’s FA outta the park, but if he does… you pull a tennesse and make some shit happen to get a guy you think can be marriota. period. You sell out to get your guy.

            And if we go 8-87 next year, I’ll be surprised.

            that said, I get your point… but I’d rather take a big shot on a bonnafied next year instead of a total hope and a prayer risk case this.

            Besides, the BPA rule should 100% apply. You want to be fucking cleveland, you take the 16thish ranked player @ #3. you just don’t. especially when there are 10 guys who look to be almost guaranteed at the very least year-one contributors, and at best HOF or pro bowlers. shit teams reach… badly.

          • willbest

            I don’t see it. Fastfoward to 2018. Young is going to be 33. Demps will be 33. Freeman will be 32. McPhee likely will get cut because he isn’t earning his $7 million a year.

            Goldman has yet to make it through a season. Hicks brought it, but Unrein is a Jag. Trevethan is a huge question mark. Cooper looks promising. Prince will be gone next year. We have jags at nickel. Over on the offense. Sitton will be 32 and possibly gone. Long does he recover? keep riding Leno/Massie? Zach Miller will be 34 and probably gone. Maybe we struck gold in Cam, but if not, the WRs are going to need some love.

            Pace slapped a bandaid on a bullet wound in this FA. He is going to need to pull an early 10’s seahawks draft out of his ass (the ones where they drafted 3 pro-bowlers) in order to get to where you are suggesting.

          • MB30SD

            agree, but others have done it.

            I guess that’s where the John Schneider of the world separate themselves from the cucks.

            So is Pace a cuck or a John Schneider?

          • SC Dave

            I would too… that’s a really loooooong season. 😛

          • BerwynBomber

            I would say CAR, SEA and IND.

            The Cheese would select the next Luck. Rodgers is only a year younger than Jay, and the Cheese don’t owe him a ton of years in guaranteed money.

            And Jerra is batty enough to draft another QB and have him compete with Dak.

          • willbest

            Fair enough. There is wiggle room in the list, but its in the 3-4 team range. Doesn’t leave a lot of potential trade partners if you are looking to move up and nab a high end QB prospect. And who knows what happens with those supposed 4 top tier QB’s with the next college season. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

          • Big Mike

            I don’t disagree. But if Pace goes with it, well fuck maybe he knows something we don’t. I really don’t think he will take a QB with 3. I could see a QB in the 2nd.

            I did not know that about next years draft. My pick at 3 is Adams. Hands down. Don’t surprise me. It would have been Hooker. Adams will just have to work on catching balls.

          • MB30SD

            looks like we’re 100% on the same page. If pace takes one of these QBs in the 2nd, I’m fine with that. He’s tryna hit something.

            But wasting our earliest pick since what, the late 90s, on some reach QB… I will be fucking pissed. Like you said, until he got the hip labrum surgery I was ALL in on Hooker. Now I’m all in on adams, he has zerop concerns only that he was more of a fill safety than a true mid-fielder.

            Then you watch his highlight tape and 2 of the three INTs on the tape were deep midfield balls that he poached.

            I think he can and will be Mike Brown 2.0 for us (hopefully without the injury bad luck). So I’m with you, you pick him and laugh all the way to the bank knowing you made the right choice.

          • Big Mike

            Let’s just hope A) we get’em and B) he’s what we think. The only other scenario and the likelihood of it is near zero is some GM panics and needs the 3rd pick and offers us their 1 and their 2 this year and those are in the top 10. (Jets) But as you and I have both pointed out that ain’t happening.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Watson and Trubisky aren’t reaches.

          • MB30SD

            They are massive, browns-style reaches @ #3.

            100% and without question they are dude. Now, that’s not to say we won’t because we are one of those terrible shitty organizations who feel so desperate about our place in the NFL that we HAAAVE to pick a QB, RIGHT NOW no matter how cuck they all are.

            Go look at overall player rankings, the top two guys (trubinsky and Watson) are both outside the top 15 I think.

            Passing up on 13 of the top 15 guys in the draft to get some desperation cuck is the pure definition of reaching to.

            Come on man… You can like the pick if it happens, but be honest with yourself about what it is…

          • MB30SD


            Whoops, sorry. Watson doesn’t break the top fucking 23!!! Trubinsky the top 30.

            Dude, these guys are both UBER reaches

          • Bender McLugh

            agree with all except Trubisky, I think if they do snag a QB it’s Watson. No proof or anything just a gut feeling. And I agree, I think it would be a mistake but it wouldn’t kill the season for me.

          • Mike, Hooker is not just a “little” better covering, he’s LOTS better covering than Adams.

            Hooker’s closing burst, angles, instincts, speed and hip-flip are off-the charts. He moves better than the top CBs in the draft (has better hands too, like you said).

            By the same token, Adam’s is not just a LITTLE better than Hooker in tackling, he’s WAAAAY better. Adams is fundamentally sound, beefy, and can bring the wood.

            Hooker is more of a wrap them up/drag to the ground tackler.

            Both are great at what they do, but they have totally different games.

            It’ll be interesting to see which goes first. I’ve said it from the start that it’s a coin flip.

            Traditionally ball-hawking FS are more valued because this is a passing league, but there’s something to be said about a 10 yr leader at SS.

            Personally, I go with ballhawker.

          • MB30SD

            again, we agree on all of that… the ONE determining factor for me was finding out about which labrum was hurt.

            You remember how much of a hooker whore I was in the begging… then we heard about surgeries, but I heard hernia and a repaired labrum, which I assumed was a shoulder so I was still HARD on hooker (ok ok, I’ll stop).

            Then I found out it was a fucking HIP labrum and not a shoulder. Yikes!! That’s not a little deal, it’s potentially a very big deal on that vaunted hip flip you just slobbered over… not to mention his speed, vert, flexibility, durability from here on out, etc… etc…

            I’m all in on adams man. I just think that iunjury is way too much risk for a #3 pick.

            Now, if pace takes hooker, I’ll be pretty fired up to be honest… but I just damn well hope he’s done his DD on the kid’s injury/recovery, otherwise he’ll be starting down the barrel of two kevin whites maings. Not good.

            In fact, they are so similar now that I think of it… no way in hell pace goes hooker.

          • I can see the inj concern for sure.
            But to me – safeties just always get injured no matter what.
            Even studs like Earl Thomas get hurt (broke his leg just last yr). It’s just such a high impact position.
            The way I see it now at S, just get a fucking bad-ass that’ll make an impact for as long as he can. Mike Brown is sorta the poster child for this.

            Sure, he didn’t last, but the time he was in he almost singlehandlely won some games and made such a fucking difference.

            If we can get the same impact (but hopefully less injury) with Hooker while he’s on the field, don’t think I’d complain.

            But, I could also see going steady-eddie with Adams

          • MB30SD

            This is what people simply aren’t remembering/don’t get…

            Sure, he didn’t last, but the time he was in he almost single handlely won some games and made such a fucking difference.

          • That’s my pitch for Hooker.
            MB had those back to back overtime INTs for TD. Ridicules.

            So I look at Adam’s and Hooker tape, and ask, “Who has that upside?”

            It’s not even close.

            Then I remember MB getting hurt and Hooker’s medical, and I just say, “Self. Why can’t Bears have nice things!?”

          • MB30SD

            exactly. that said man… watching adams tape and MB’s tape… they are the same guy to me.

            You keep saying no, but MB was a SS @ nebraska maings.

            Check out how similar their measurables are with adams beating MB in almost erra event AND he’s bigger and faster:

            MB: http://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?i=4752

            Adams: http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/jamal-adams?id=2557979

          • Big Mike

            I can’t disagree. I only watched a small bit of film. I was so impressed with both. The real point is that that we need one of these guys. I’m on the record with Hooker as my clear favorite first round pick. But then the injury happened and given our luck, if we take him Hooker will become an invalid.

          • MB30SD

            that’s exactly why I think that if pace goes safety @ #3, it HAS to be adams… with hooker looking exactly like a defensive version of KWhite, he simply can’t take that career risk.

          • Big Mike

            What about the top CB. I can’t remember his name. But if Pace does take Hooker, that’s big balls and hopefully a very clear medical evaluation.

          • MB30SD

            nah… chronic hammy issues too

    • MB30SD

      I feel like i’ve typed this like 20 times already. Here’s my take one more time:

      * We already HAVE guys on the DLine that are supposed to step up
      * in fact, we drafted one LAST YEAR @ #7
      * We have a gaping 10+ year hole at safety (like literally no one back there… some rookie/UFDA and some 5th rounder)… and before you say address the front 7 and you don’t need a good safety, go watch Mike Browns tape to remind yourself what a good safety can do for your D
      * There are 2 blue-chip top-tier safeties in the same draft where we pick # 3
      * BOTH of those guys have been rated in the top 3-7 OVERALL players by 4-6 different professional NFL football media outlets (for what that’s worth, but still). Most have jamal adams @ the 5th best football player on their list (not 5th best safety, 5th best guy in the entire draft)… one had him at #3.

      So, my bottom line is this…

      1. You can find TONS of DL talent in the back 4 or 5 rounds of the draft AND in FA erra single year.
      2. We’ve addressed DL early in the draft and in FA every single year I can remember…
      3. We haven’t spent earlier than a 3rd rounder (wright… shudder) on a safety in 10+ years
      4. We’ve had cucks at safety since mike brown, not one single decent safety (seriously, review the names in your mind)
      5. We pick @ #3 this year where there are TWO blue-chip safeties available, and again, are also listed in the top 10 PLAYERS OVERALL.

      It doesn’t make logical sense NOT to pick one of them. I can promise you if we dont, fucking old man demps will get injured early, and we’ll be screaming about amos and detonte thomas (or whoeverthefuck he is) getting fucking torched for multiple TDs a game while trying to play “safety” again.

      You take Adams @ #3 and you solve our 10+ safety hole for the next 5-10. Period. you don’t pick some second tier cuck QB that looks like strip-sack 2.0, and you don’t pick a dline guy that you can get almost the same value from in a round 2-4 guy. Pretty fucking simple in my mind.

      • 505Bears


      • King of DBB

        I can’t argue with this logic, despite being impressed by Allen’s tape and always wanting to take big bodies.

        • MB30SD

          really? Allen is the only guy I wasn’t at all impressed with. Not sure if he was just being cautious and saving himself for the NFL after watching Butt needlessly assfuck (get it?) himself out of millions of dollars just to play in a fucking useless bowl game (although I’m sure with freddy p softly gave him no choice).

          … in the only two game I watched almost explicitly to watch him every play, he totally disappeared. I was totally and wholly unimpressed with his play at erra level.

          • King of DBB

            I really like his inside hand work. He shed the tackles from USC, Tennessee and Florida like they just were not there, and he keeps his head up and drives the gap really well. The latter is what I like to see in a 3-4 guy who will be inside alot and need to shut inside A gap runs down.

          • MB30SD

            hmmmm, so you think he just kinda loafed in the nat champ game to not get injured… or?

          • King of DBB

            He Clowney’d

          • MB30SD


          • Allen’s hand’s really impress me as well.
            I read somewhere that he’s more of a read-and-react guy than a shoot-the-gap guy (ala Aaron Donald). Dunno if that was coaching/scheme or what, but he still wracked up lots of sacks and stuffs.

            I’m really torn about Allen though. While I see the hands and everything else about Allen, he doesn’t really take over games. He’s a meat and potato player who I think will only be good as his DC.

      • Sactowns#1

        Nobody has picked a safety as high as third in any recent draft. Bears are no exception.

        • MB30SD

          mark barron @ 7 in 2012 was the earliest in the last 7 years.

          What stood out to me most in those drafts, has been so much O or dl talent.

          There were always at least 2 top QBs or OL or DL taken.

          So seems situational. This year there are two safeties considered top guys, no QBs at all, no OT or WRs either.

          So basically this year’s draft is stacked at DL and DB… our two areas of most need.

          I’d prefer adams, but if we go Thomas I’ll be very happy.

          • Mark Barron is the poster boy of why you DON’T pick a S in the top #10

            Let’s take a trip back (flashback sound effect)

            I wonder how much influence Fangio has though.

            No secret he prefers pass rushers over secondary. Wonder if that nudges Pace’s draftboard.

          • MB30SD

            a safety like mark barron exactly.

            The ONLY reason we’re having the FS/SS @ #3 is because of WHO those two are. It’s like the perfect 10-year safety storm. Those two are available so you damn well take one of them.

            Trick-ass mark.

  • Big Mike

    You can’t scout injuries wiping out 28 of 32 games. Kevin White was a consensus top 10 pick.

    • Beasley was still the guy who made more sense for them though. But White was clearly going somewhere in that region.

    • willbest

      He sucked in those 4 games though.

      • Big Mike

        3 ½ of them. But no worse than a rookie getting his first action with the shit we had at qb.

        • willbest

          I don’t consider him a true rookie. He had an extra 365 days to run routes on a field. He either didn’t do it, or he is dumb as a brick. Plus the dropped passes.

    • MB30SD

      not talking about white (which I agree with you on), I’m talking about our general track record over the last 10 years.

      • Big Mike

        I don’t think our scout sucks. I think they used to suck. It’s a widely forgotten fact in his first draft Pace was stuck with Emery’s scouts. Last year was the first year with his scouting team on board and they stuck the landing.

        • King of DBB

          agreed. I should have qualified that. Westworld swept Halas clean including all the player personnel guys.

        • MB30SD

          fair point

          • willbest

            Its why I gave Emery a pass for his shit 2012 draft. Of course then he turned in a bad 2013 and 2014 draft too.

    • King of DBB

      no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

      Go look at Kevin White’s pre draft scout report on NFL.com. It is still there.

      “has significant injury concerns”

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        I think the Bears wished and prayed that Amari Cooper would fall into their laps and they settled for White in that draft.

        1) had only 1 good year in college
        2) was not a route runner which is crucial in the pro game (think of everyone Brady throws to)
        3) had an injury history

        The pick was a reach because it was a position of need.

        Amari Cooper was the can’t miss pick. Not White.

  • willbest

    Speaking of our Dline. If Houston is still on our team come camp, I am going to be livid. We have paid that guy $21 million dollars for 9 sacks and 46 tackles, and 11 assists. No reason whatsoever to hand him another $7 million.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Here’s to Houston still being on the team!!! I love his sack dancing!!!

      • BearDown100393

        Bear down.

    • Wouldn’t the time to sack him (jes) have been BEFORE the FA period in order to use that $7M (or whatever) on another player of equal or better caliber?

      What are the benefits to cutting him now? Can we roll that $7M over to next season?

      Cuz if it’s just the McCaskeys having to fork over $ without it hurting our team, I’m ok with keeping him given that no better FAs are available by now.

      • willbest

        You can roll cap forward. There are complicated rules about cutting injured players even if they don’t have any guaranteed money on their contract.

        It could also be a situation where Pace is negotiating a salary reduction. I don’t think Pace missed out on anybody he wanted to pay though. Which is a pretty sad statement.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Zane Gonzalez!!!

  • King of DBB

    breakdown on White.


    Again, there is rumors and whispers that everyone but the Bears knew about this kid’s leg issues but nothing ever emerged.

    • Bender McLugh


    • “I am not insinuating that White will have lifelong problems with his
      legs, I am simply saying that he was considered an elite athlete due
      to his lower body explosion and there’s good reason to believe that will
      never be the same after the two recent surgeries.”

      Pretty much.

      The skins selecting that Olinemen did seem to come out of nowhere too.

      And given the Bears dicey 1st rd inj prone history, not beyond believable that they overlooked the stress.

      Wish we would get the report the docs gave Pace.

      If the Docs cleared White while other medical staff’s didn’t, they should be fired on the spot.

      If the Docs warned Pace but he swung anyways, that should totally be on on him.

      We’ll likely never know.

  • King of DBB

    OJ Howard: Best Bears Top 5 pick since they picked Ditka?


    • He’s def in the “elite tier” and should go top #7 on talent alone.

      In fact, it could be argued that OJ Howard has higher upside at TE than Garrett has at Rush, and that’s saying a lot.

      Howard by all accounts is a beast. He was somewhat limited in that Bama O, but still managed to put good tape. Has soft hands. Solid blocker (and still learning). Great measurables. He killed the combine. There’s always ONE prospect who looks like a man amongst boys at the senior bowl, and Howard was that guy this year, which is saying a lot in a great TE class.

      Howard is the best TE prospect since Vernon Davis (who ran like a 4.3).

      But that’s the thing – was Davis worth a top #10, yet alone, a top#5 pick? It’s dicey.

      Which TE outside of Gronk/Graham are worth a top#5.

      Kelce? Eifert? Olsen?

      If Pace drafts Howard at #3, he’s gambling he turns into Gronk, and absolute unstoppable force, because even if he settles into that Olsen/Kelce/Eifert level, many might question that pick.

      It would be a bold move, that’s for sure.

      One thing to keep in mind is that Pace loves him combine freaks in the 1st, and Howard def checks that box .

      Pace also didn’t seem all that concerned about landing a big name WR in FA.

      If he’s targeting Howard as the focal point to the Offense, it would make sense.

      A dominant TE can do more for an O than a dominant WR for the fact that Howard could also block, helping out which ever OT, and the run game, while providing a lethal TD target.

      I don’t think I would mind Howard at all – but it’ll be a tough pill to swallow passing on Hooker or Thomas.

      • CanadaBear

        I’m way more jacked for a Safety.

      • MB30SD

        or adams.

        I agree with most of what you said… and I wouldn’t be super pissed, although I would be disappointed since I see safety, DL and even ILB as positions of much more need.

        the biggest question mark about that move for me would be… do we most likely have a cuck throwing to him this year, and maybe even for a few years given pace’s proclivity NOT to drop the huge FA or draft bomb (like selling out titans-style for a Darnold next year)? That would be my worry… we get a beast TE without the offense being at all set, AND with so many holes on D.

        • You can reverse engineer too – or that is to say, flip the question.

          Who is a QBs best friend?


          That’s their comfort blanket.

          A savvy TE can really help out a marginal/rookie QB.

          Also, it must be remembered that TEs usually take a season or two to really find their stride. There’s been some rookie TE exceptions like Gates or Gonzalez (HOFers) but typically they at least a season to really grow. It’s understandable as they have to enter the league and learn how to block like linemen and run routes and catch like a WR.

          So gotta take that into consideration too, though I think that trend doesn’t deter Pace since he’s eying next yr and beyond as the real runs.

          But on talent alone, only Garrett is in the same stratosphere as Howard in this class (and maybe Fournette).

          Just look at what he did in the championship game. 200 yds! Deeum. I know a lto of that was busted coverage, but look how he turns the corner and zooms.

          • MB30SD

            Oh I agree he’s a fucking stud and I wouldn’t be incredulous about the pick… I just think it’s the wrong time, but I would understand.

            Really as long as pace picks, adams, thomas, hooker, howard, foster, or lattimore we’ll be a better football team hands down.

          • I’m a bit dubious about CB at #3.
            It’s true, it’s deep CB class, but honestly, I don’t know which one of them is actually the best CB. Could be Lattmore. Could be Humphrey. Could be about 3 other guys I hear thrown into the hat. I don’t think Pace goes that way.

            But, yeah, any of those other guys look like locks.

            Howard would be a very ballsy move though.

            If Pace drafts Hooker, Adams or Thomas, and those guys somehow bust, the fanbase won’t be as irate I don’t think cuz the more sane ones would understand that they fit a need and were considered locks by most “experts”

            But if Pace drafts Howard and he becomes just good, not great, then the pitchforks will get sharpened.

          • MB30SD

            yeah, I think that’s a reasonable analysis… and with white, I think he is probably hyper-cognizant of that risk. Taking adams/thomas/hooker/allen gives him a little bit of a pass… “but everyone said they were the guys and would be awesome, I just took what pretty much the entire industry was saying and filled an obvious need”

          • Yeah, safety in numbers/group think.

            We all love the ballsy Costner moves, but for the Bears, those just turn out to be ChickenDinners 🙁

          • MB30SD


          • Bender McLugh

            Supwer Bowl winning Chicken Dinner

          • Bender McLugh

            he looks like a taller Vincent Jackson

  • King of DBB

    Sir, the Bears left side OL needs work
    Well, we could say that,
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    they’re all right now

    Rodgers died with semen on his face!
    Well, I guess you can say
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    He saw it coming

  • King of DBB


    AT&T’s national LDD and LEC service in over 170 cities has just crashed nationally.

    There are E911 PSAPs and hospitals that have no voice right now. Kind of a shit storm for AT&T.

  • MB30SD
  • CanadaBear

    Titans sign Demontre Hurst from the Beloved. ST’s loss at most.

    • SC Dave

      So much for 15-1 this season

      • MB30SD

        hee hee

  • MB30SD
  • King of DBB

    Her’s an interesting thought

    Trac descends from heaven on his Golden Chariot and deems it such that the Bears get the ENTIRE 2017 first round. Forget salaries and caps and everything, the Bears can go with all these players and keep the ones they want.

    POX selects:

    DALVIN COOK RB Florida St.
    DEREK BARNETT DE Tennessee
    O.J. HOWARD TE Alabama
    COREY DAVIS WR Western Michigan
    JOHN ROSS WR Washington
    T.J. WATT LB Wisconsin
    RYAN RAMCZYK OT Wisconsin
    TEEZ TABOR CB Florida

    Ok. So what are the opening day 22 starters? Depth chart?
    who – if anyone – would not make the team?
    Would the Bears have another sub .500 season?

    • King of DBB

      So here is the Bears on DL I think if the entire 1st round is there. Kind of an exercise of who sticks

      this is actually kind of hard

      Down lineman:
      Hicks – Goldman – Allen (starters)
      Charles Harris – Jenkins – Charlton

      Released: Unrein, CJ Wilson, Sutton, Lewis-Moore.
      Strangely Bullard would probably go. I don’t know that you keep 6. Have to work on this for the rest of the D

    • MB30SD

      too much… overload!!! OVERLOAD!!!

      I think it’s easier to list the few who STAY… on D at least. hahaha

    • In other words, 22 new starters.

      I do this in Madden all the time.


      • MB30SD

        exactly. except for howard (RB not TE), a lot of our oline, uhhhhh…. hahaha

  • MB30SD
    • SC Dave

      I want one too! But I’m sure I cannot afford it. After all, it’s a military vehicle, so price is no limit. It might be $10M each.

      • MB30SD


    • Bender McLugh

      very very cool. SCIENCE!

      • MB30SD

        Yay science!

    • Bender McLugh

      wow – “The ZH2’s thick-walled storage tank — GM engineers went through 38 saw blades trying to cut one in half for a display — is filled with compressed hydrogen gas.”

  • So, poll dead-heat between Thomas and Adams.
    Think that’s about right, which is why Pox will draft Allen.

    • MB30SD

      hahahaha, FUCKER!

      don’t kill my dream man. but I agree sadly.

  • MB30SD
    • leftcoast dave

      Yea, this guy’s got cred:

      “John Fox believes the Bears are “in striking distance” of winning, but there are still many holes to fill. The biggest question mark is how much an upgrade — if any — Mike Glennon might be under center, as compared to the Jay Cutler/Brian Hoyer/Matt Barkley trio of 2016. With Alshon Jeffery
      departing, Glennon doesn’t have a No. 1 target to rely on, which could
      lead to an inefficient passing offense — something that plagued the QB
      in Tampa.”

      Simple break down: Loosing AJ is real, real bad. Big impediment to improving on the QB performance of last year. What an idiot.

      Can Glennon compare with the merry go round of three QB’s, one of whom was not even in training camp and barely shook hands with his receivers?


      Glennon with the new receiving corp and a new big-arsed TE included will have all of the weapons he needs as well as (duh?) a little time to get to know them with a full preseason ahead. You know, a little bit more than a handshake?

      What the dummy doesn’t even address, or likely know, is the reality of the O-line gelling last year with a new, never been in the league before, center whose leadership got control of that HUGE aspect of the game.

      Dude, that O line is back, assuming Kyle Long, who was good even when injured, can get back to some semblance of who he was. The knowledge remains and the coordination between the O linemen is a HUGE plus.

      Meanwhile, back at the ranch, both the Lions and the Viqueen paid up to improve their O line. Think Pace will prioritize that in the draft with an OT?

      • willbest

        I can’t imagine Glennon being any worse than last year, but will he be better than 2015?

        Gimp Kyle and Danny is a major concern though.

        • BerwynBomber

          Considering ’15 was Cutty’s best statistical year, if Glennon is better than that (right off the bat), it might sway Pace from drafting a first or second round QB in ’18 (if he doesn’t select one this year).

          Realistically, I’m hoping Glennon can get near Cutty’s/Hoyer’s career passer rating averages in his first year. That way he will prove he is, at worst, a decent bridge and it won’t deter Pace from drafting the kid Glennon’s bridging to.

          But hey, if you want fantasy, Glennon posts a 99 passer rating, we win the division and host a playoff game in the divisional round. Thus beginning the Glennon Era.

          • willbest

            I am not a “looks shouldn’t matter” kinda guy. I won’t ever don a Glennon jersey.

          • BerwynBomber

            Didn’t stop many from wearing Scottie Pippen jerseys.

          • MB30SD

            yeesh. how about tha whole 80’s celtics team

          • leftcoast dave

            Amen to that. Not to mention the Celtics “most ugliest team to ever play basketball.” Bird, DJ, Lurch and the Chief?

          • BerwynBomber

            Their chief rivals — the Showtime Lakes — weren’t getting any invites to be the Bachelor either. Kareem, Cooper, Rambis, Worthy, …

          • leftcoast dave

            Hey, they were not butt ugly like the ugliest team ever to step on the floor. Bird and Chief had them world class honkers, and then there was Herman Munster and DJ of the ingrown hairs.

            Seriously? Even a competition?

          • leftcoast dave

            And hey, you’re reaching for the sixth man with the Coop who was pretty compared to the Celtics, as were Worthy and Rambis. Then there were Magic and Byron Scott. Yea, they would have won any beauty contest with the Celtics.

          • I’m really wondering how bad Glennon would have to be for Pace to go all-in on a QB next year.

            If Glennon goes full Oz, then I think it’s a no-brainer.

            But what if he falls into that Sam Bradford range?

            Does Pace go after Jimmy G or throw the draft at Darnold/Rosen?

            Would be funny if Glennon gets replaced twice by a #1 pick.

          • BerwynBomber

            I think if he is Cutty/Hoyer level Pace will still draft someone. Worse? No brainer of course.

            The one year contract tells me he is either planning to hedge or wiling to hedge by drafting a kid.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Whitehair can move to Guard, Grasu to Center if needs be.

          • willbest

            You know its going to be Kush filling in at guard with Grasu only coming in if WH goes down.

      • MB30SD

        not sure on your last question. Not in the first two rounds is my guess. Unless your unicorn situation happens and someone offers us a random for our #3.

        As for the rest, I agree for the most part.

        • leftcoast dave

          Yep. With Kyle being an unknown, we still have what to plug the holes? Someone is going to go down, right? What is the most important part of the offense? It is the line!!! That without which QBs get their legs, ankles, hands, wrists and collar bones broken. Why even consider paying money to a QB unless you can protect him?

          • MB30SD

            wait, didn’t we play like 4-5 games without long last year? who filled in then?

          • Kuuuuushh push.
            And Larsen.

            And they perhaps did better, so not too worried there. OT is another story.

          • leftcoast dave

            Yea, like, late season? After Long and Sitton gelled the new kid with the barely adequate OTs? Once Whitehair got his legs, Larson and Kush came in and plugged holes. But what if . . . . ?

            We need a real OT. Period, end of discussion. The Viqueen and the Lions added where? And why? Dak and Zeke got where they did this year why? Because the Big D has an O LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • MB30SD

            sure, that guy can be had in rd 3+

          • BerwynBomber

            But just remember that the Vikings’ O-line was god awful last year.

      • Even if Long is still ailing, I like Kush at OG, and very worst case scenario (if somehow Long and Kush go down) Whitehair can slide over and the Romanian Ice-skater can step up at OC after two years of gaining NFL meat. (I don’t like it, but, hey, it’s an otpion at that point).

        Our interior is pretty set, but OT is rather murky indeed. Leno is edge above-avg, while Massie seemed to improve down the stretch. Still, neither are elite, and if one goes down, then we have an unproven OT we just signed from the Falcons, who at least looks promising at swing.

        Pace brought the Saint’s/Kromer Oline philo over, that is to say, build from within: OG-C-OG

        And that seems like the foundation, not only of the O, but even of the team, esp with Howard carrying the rock.

        If Glennon is worth a shit and has any pocket presence whatsoever, he will take advantage of that pocket and step up into the bubble to buy some time passing a la Brees.

        Gotta have Joe Montana feet. Feel the rush, do a lil dip, step up, sling it.

        Pace was supposedly swinging for the fences at OT this offseason, but somehow that Ravens’ OT fell through.

        So if value is there at OT, I think he goes for it, but only after the 1st.

        • leftcoast dave

          Yep. Last year, Floyd first. Then Whitehair. This year BPA (and with luck that comes after trading down one or five times), then same again and again and again. Right now, BPA is likely to be DE absent a trade out.

          • Bender McLugh

            Safety, bruh, Safety.

      • Johnnywad

        Barkley played better in his first start than he did after 5 weeks as the starter and a month’s full time practice getting all first team reps.

        That dude just sucks.

        • MB30SD

          duh, da da daaa da daa da duhhhhh….

          • Hey now.


            Now I know what to buy you for Chunukah or whatever heathen holiday you celebrate.

          • MB30SD


          • MB30SD

            gee thanks

          • leftcoast dave

            Stop that.

            I hate the University of Spoiled Children.

            I don’t hold that against Barkley.

            And you might want to keep this one for a hot chick, “if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”

          • MB30SD

            (rolls eyes)

            dude, that’s TURRIBLE. how long have you been married? haha

            Here’s one for you… you roll up to a hotty who’s been eyeing you and you just look into her eyes for a second or two (don’t make it creepy). Then say, you know there’s really only one thing I would ever think about changing about you….

            (this part is important)

            Then just wait… she’ll get really curious and impatient, so wait till she’s like “OMG!! WHAAAAAT?!?!? Tell meeeeeee!!!”

            Then you stare into her eyes and deadpan say… “your last name to mine”

            she will crack up and will think you’re super cute.

        • leftcoast dave

          No. Think……….

          They had film on him?

          “First team reps?”

          Yea, like all three days a week?

          • Johnnywad

            This makes no sense.

          • leftcoast dave

            What makes no sense? Being picked up from the FA list mid season and saying he’s getting reps during the season and therefore . . . ?

            Dude, Barkley did not know the system, let alone the receivers.

            Glennon will have all of that with what they call the preseason. Learn the system, throw to the receivers. That happens over several months, not a few days per week preparing for a new team every week while trying to learn not just the system, but also your three, four five or six receivers.

            Think. What makes no sense?

          • Johnnywad

            He was on the roster September 4th.

            He’s a professional football player. He had more than enough time to “digest” the play book.

            He practiced with the team from September 4th to the end of the season. He had plenty of time to get past the handshake phase of his relationship with the receivers. The top three receivers were not the same ones the QBs threw to in July so it’s a moot point anyway. After his six weeks taking every single rep in practice he still sucked balls. The more time he spent practicing with his receivers, the worse he got. And yes, the rest of the league had film on him. The two are not related. But it did allow us to see how bad he sucked.

            So it makes no sense. Your assertion that his lack of time with the receivers was his great downfall is just wildly inaccurate. It does not hold water at all. He threw interceptions because he sucks at football.

            Think. Duh.

          • leftcoast dave

            SF does not agree, so we shall see. Pace chose to clear the decks to create a new culture and let Glennon know he was the guy in no uncertain terms. Barkley got thrown out for that sole reason.

          • CanadaBear

            If POX thought Barkley had that much talent they would have resigned him, regardless of Glennon’s feelings.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            don’t buy it. he got thrown out because he sucks.

          • Johnnywad

            Barkley didn’t get re-signed because he’s bad at football. Even his college coach said he’s not ready for the NFL draft when he declared.

            SF is hardly a qualified measuring stick.

          • Agree. By the end of the season, Barkley looked like Cutler but without the arm.


  • MB30SD
    • King of DBB

      ugh. who uses those things? like what is the pink thing on the end? do you twist that? cripes.

      • MB30SD

        I do. chicks LOVE it.

        It’s just a rubber stretchy ring with a little cylindrical holder, that you slip this little cylindrical vibrator into. then you slip the ring over yer cack (and balls if you want), then you nail and the little vibrator hits her clit.

        Use them a lot… check it out next time.

        • King of DBB

          so you use a condom AND that thing?

          you’re like an astronaut getting ready to walk to the Saturn V rocket.

          • Scharfinator

            This analogy is wonderful!

  • Shady

    Did you guys see this? Our new TE comes with some common NFL baggage.


    Via Instagram? Millennials smh

    • I prefer getting my baby daddy announcement via Pornhub, but to each his own!

    • leftcoast dave

      To quote the Rugrats, “A baby is a gift, a gift from a bub, a baby is a gift from a bub.”

    • CanadaBear


  • King of DBB

    I did have an interesting revelation in bequeathing the entire 1st round to the Bears:

    The team that emerges from that is still probably not good enough to win the division. Glennon would still be the starting QB, Fournette would make a helluva a 1-2 combo with Jordan Howard and the D would be massively upgraded, but the team would be raw and several of those rooks would bust out – just looking at last year’s draft and playing those percentages.

    We’ll see what the wire and pre-camp signings bring, but this team needs at least 2 more drafts to correct things.

    • SC Dave

      Agreed. The thing to remember is NONE of those draft picks have made an NFL roster. I always laugh at the idiots that say Alabama (or whoever) could beat the Cleveland Browns.

      Not a fucking chance in the universe.

  • leftcoast dave

    Zags got hosed by the ‘bras.


    • SC Dave

      Did anyone actually expect otherwise?

  • This is an odd off-season. I gues 150 tackles does get you paid like it once did.

    Redskins agreed to terms with ILB Zach Brown, formerly of the Bills, on a one-year contract.

    The deal is worth “a maximum value of $4.65 million” and contains a $500,000 signing bonus. 27-year-old Brown established career highs in tackles (149) and forced fumbles (2) in Buffalo last season,
    although his play leveled off after a hot start, and the Bills’ run defense ultimately went in the tank. Washington’s defense also struggled versus the run in 2016. In D.C., Brown will compete with
    incumbents Mason Foster and Will Compton for two starting inside linebacker spots. – Roto

    • LBs used to be judged on their ability to stop the run, aka make tackles.

      Now they have to be able to cover or they’re a liability.

  • Go Adams or Go Home

    OK, I’m an old regular who is returning for a one-time anonymous post (no, not Barb). I played safety in college, but that was a long time ago, so while I know some of what I’m talking about, I’m likely clueless in ways that I’m blind to concerning the modern game.

    I want, want, want, with the passion and desire of a 40-something guy watching a spandex bunny at the gym, Hooker or Adams.

    I share MB’s concern over Hooker’s injuries–though I wonder if Hooker got the surgeries now because he wants teams to understand where he’s starting from, rather than being dinged up going into his first season.

    Hooker is the better fit for what the Bears need (and have needed for years): a center-field FS. Adams is, as MB astutely points out, more of a Mike Brown 2.0. Which isn’t bad no matter how you slice it. Here’s why I ultimately come down on hoping it’s Adams:

    Hooker’s angles in run support aren’t great. We’ve experienced years of safeties who take bad angles. Hooker’s angles aren’t *bad,* but if any part of his game regresses, that’s the one that’ll bite the D on the ass. Second, when you look at guys in the draft, you’re looking at their floors and their ceilings. Hooker has a huge upside, but his floor is lower than Adams. Adams seems more of a complete package–especially with his football IQ and passion. Let’s face it: we’re used to years of the Bears making what seems to be the right pick (Carimi, Fuller, etc.), and it turns out they made the wrong choice between two guys. Adams seems less likely to be the “wrong” pick, and even if he is–if Hooker turns into the superstar between the two–his floor makes him a serviceable starter. If the Bears pick Hooker and Adams is the superstar, Hooker seems more likely to be a bust instead of “just” a serviceable starter.

    So Hooker is the tall blonde with the taut body, fake boobs, and who has her own cooking show on cable… but she might be a psycho. Adams is the shorter brunette with less-emphatic natural curves, but less likely to have a personality disorder.

    Just my two cents. Go with Adams. The other possibility is some other team gets stupid and makes a trade that puts the Bears into the 6-10 range, where Hooker might be available, and netting another 2nd rounder. Is Hooker + a 2nd rounder a better deal that Adams by himself in my mind? Maybe.

    Anyway, hi guys. You’re all psychopaths. Which is why I don’t post here under my old account/name. Gov’t work, dontchakno.

    • SC Dave

      Welcome back, for however long it lasts.

    • MB30SD

      Dooood! How the hells Iz you?

      Come back maings.

      Oh, and agree with errathing

  • willbest

    Romo retires

    • MB30SD

      Good for him. 100% the right choice

      • SC Dave

        Guess we’ll see if Jay gets a call now, although he should make the same choice with all the concussions he has had and a family to raise.

        • MB30SD



    • BerwynBomber

      Wonder if Jerra exacted that promise from his “boy” before promising to release him. Wouldn’t surprise me if so.

  • MB30SD

    Fucking Cleveland has ELEVEN (11) picks!!!

    Two 1s, two 2s, a 3rd, two 4ths, three 5ths, and a 6th.

    If they can’t get markedly better with that haul they should literally just shut down the org the day the season ends. Smh

    • Bender McLugh

      and Patriots have no picks in the first 2 rounds, if I remember correctly. Crazy league

      • MB30SD

        They doooonnnn’t caaaaaaaare

    • King of DBB

      Sonny Weaver will find a way to blow it.

  • chitownproud85

    I’m assuming the lack of votes for QB comes from the fact that this years draft class is considered poop compared to the defensive options? Cant be some kind of bizarre-o faith in the Glennon/Sanchize connection…can it? I guess I get it, but my patience is making me vote QB, even if I know its not the most efficient use of the pick. I just want something to be excited about I guess. Meathead fan territory, FML

    • Bender McLugh

      which QB would you take?

      • MB30SD

        Don’t encourage him

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      We are fine at QB. Glennon is the second coming of…

      • MB30SD

        A giraffe?

    • MB30SD

      You’re better than this.

      • chitownproud85

        This is the equivalent of people going to hockey games, sitting in the 300 section, and screaming “shooooooooooooot” every time someone is in the offensive zone with the puck. Am I ashamed? You bet.

        • MB30SD

          I have no idea what that analogy means, I grew up in san diego… but I think I get it.

  • MB30SD

    Shady, butch… Bingo!


    There you go boys… Your problems are solved!

    • willbest

      Less sad than the people that marry themself.

      • MB30SD

        Themselves… Themself… Me…

        Yeah, some Asian cultures do some weird shit, but whatevs… So’s watching basketball

  • Sahr Gborie

    O.J. Howard.

    1. some say get the qb first then get the weapons. i say get the weapons first so they can coverup the mistakes of the franchise rookie qb we get next year(S.DARNOLD – sell the farm for him)
    2. there is plenty of defensive talent in the draft
    3. we can trade back if we find a partner with good compensation and still pick O.J. H oward
    4. our receiving core is all the same
    kndall wright/e.royal(will most likely be released) – slot

    marcus wheaton/cam meridith – outside

    ruben randall (probably wont make the team) – post pattern/fly route on perimeter

    josh bellamy/deonte thompson – same type of reciever

    pace is hoping against all hope that K.White becomes a true number 1 this year. if you partner him with O.J. Howard our offense is going to be a killer on the field.

    • King of DBB

      pace is hoping against all hope that K.White becomes a true number 1 this year.

      No, he’s not.

      They picked up Wheaton specifically to replace White. Wright is there to flesh out the squad with Bellamy and Meredith.

      Wheaton’s signing, if anything, signaled to me they have written White off.

      • Sahr Gborie

        Wheaton is a shift outside receiver. He does not have top end separation speed. That would/should have been the traitor A.Jeffery. Now it has to be K.White. White had the speed coming out of college

        • King of DBB

          You have two sides to this thing.

          You have reality, which is that he does not have just screws in his leg, he has a plate.


          I know a woman who was an athlete in her early 30s. She went to help move her elderly parents and her geriatric dad dropped a couch on her leg – on the stairs, and it smashed her leg as she slid down the stairs. She needed 8 screws and a plate and 10 years later she still doesn’t walk correctly and it took her 3 years to get to where she is.

          You have the front office saying the right things.


          Even the ESPN writer slips incredulity into the article, when he says “in John Fox’s mind, White can still be that player.”

          The Bears will say all the right shit and then, by opening day, people will get it. This is the same as when they kept Johnny Knox on the roster for an extra season after his injury: they knew he wasn’t going to play but they wanted him to get another roster bonus.

          With White, it’s just about saving face. He won’t catch another pass outside of pre-season, I will put money on it.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m pretty sure they will try everything in their power to get White on the field and add some value. Is it possible that he ends up being a decent WR? Yes. Likely? No. Hope we’re both wrong.

          • Sahr Gborie

            Hope for the best (White becomes a #1 WR) and prepare for the worst (he is a serviceable role player) by drafting O.J. Howard

          • CanadaBear

            Not at 3.

          • Sahr Gborie

            why not? plenty of defensive talent left in round 2. if not 3 what about a trade back with the jets@#6, carolin@#8 or saints@#11 and if he is still on the board we pick him?

          • CanadaBear

            I never go the trade route. Way too hard to predict what will happen. We desperately need a great safety. This year is the year. If they take Howard I won’t be upset but would much prefer a good/great safety.

          • Sahr Gborie

            we can get a safety in the second who has 1st round talent

          • CanadaBear

            Not the two I’m thinking of. It’s OK to agree to disagree.

          • MB30SD


          • AlbertInTucson

            The worst on White is, his leg injuries have sapped what made him special but the Bears keep him around for another year or two just because he was a #1.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I have zero expectations of White.

          • CanadaBear

            Me too. Really sad. He seems like a really nice young man and there’s no doubt he’s doing everything in his power to come back.

          • Sahr Gborie

            we should have gone defense. its always a safe pick to go defense…vic beasley was still on the board

          • AlbertInTucson

            “it’s always a safe pick to go defense..”

            Kyle Fuller.

            Shea McClellin.

            Michael Haynes.

            John Thierry.

          • willbest

            Just twist the kniife

          • AlbertInTucson

            Facts is facts:

            There’s no such thing as a “Safe Pick”.

          • MB30SD

            safe for everyone else but us and the browns is what he meant to say Al.

          • AlbertInTucson

            All teams whiff once in a while.

            Some just make a habit of it.

          • Tortured Bear fan

            Haynes gives me creeps only is just hearing is name.

          • Sahr Gborie

            depending on who is drafting and how the player is utilized

            kyle fuller – still on the board: C. J. Mosley, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix,
            Dominique Easley

            shea mcclellin – still on the board: Chandler Jones, Whitney Mercilus
            he just won a super bowl with the pats. the guy we could not find a use for. Belichick found a use for him

          • willbest

            I expect him to catch a pass next season.

            Anybody have a list of all the top 10 draft picks that played less than 5 games in their NFL career?

          • Bender McLugh

            you depressing jerk, with all those logical assertions

          • evantonio

            0 receptions for White in 2017?

            I’ll take that bet.

          • King of DBB

            ok. you are on.

            zero regular season catches. I’ll put a small qualification in there: no catches for GAINs. Cause they may throw one wideout screen to him before they realize he can’t cut or even move out there anymore.

          • MB30SD

            or his leg literally explodes into a million little bloody pieces.

            So uh, what’s the bet for you two?

          • evantonio

            you got it. ::shakes hand::

            what’s the bet? bottle of whiskey? lunch? loser takes MB to the clinic for his latest battery of tests?

        • Irish Sweetness

          Jesus. Give them a chance.

    • Irish Sweetness

      No he’s not pinning anything on White – he signed TWO receivers!!

  • King of DBB

    Romo hangs up the cleats, heads to the booth.


    “What was I going to do, play for the Chicago Bears? Child, please.”

  • BerwynBomber

    Romo replacing Simms as CBS #1 analyst. Was never a huge fan of Simms but don’t understand the unquestioned belief in Romo as a top analyst. Seemed a bit soft-spoken in his pressers in his career. Actually think Cutty might make a better analyst than Romo.


    • CanadaBear

      I’m thinking Jay wouldn’t use his filter enough and he would get canned. I just don’t see him happily going along with some stupid narrative the producers/directors come up with for each game. I mean that in the most positive and respectful way about Jay. I really admire that part of his make up. Not to mention, that is probably my least favorite part about watching games. The game narrative that only occasionally makes sense.

      • BearDown100393

        Battle of the Jays – Gruden vs Cutler in a PTI format.

        Gruden all animated.
        Cutler all don’t care.


        • King of DBB

          Cut to Cargo on the sidelines, doing the old Siragusa shtick.

          He’s smoking, grilling brats in a ratty tanktop and jean shorts with flip flops, throwing cans and cups back at the fans who are pelting him.

          “Jay, how about that crossing route to Gronk, another great timing throw, what did you see down there?”

          “Fuuhhh.. uh… what? (draws ciggy out, blows smoke into air). I was busy.”

          • CanadaBear

            I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a wadded up cup of ice from Jay.

          • BearDown100393

            He will probably fumble the cup before throwing anyway.

          • MB30SD

            hee hee

          • CanadaBear

            When I was 20 a few of us were at the local quarry swimming. I was with a guy who was a pitcher on the local A minor league team. Across the quarry and above us by about 30-40 feet was a mutual friend who was harassing us. The pitcher picks up a rock and says watch this. He throws a rock about the size of a super ball across the quarry (about 200 feet) and if my buddy hadn’t jumped the rock would have hit him with some real steam. Impressive to say the least.

          • BerwynBomber

            Did you ever see the video of then CLE LF Albert Belle tossing a ball at a heckler? Same thing. The fan had to be a solid 150 feet away. Belle pegged the dude right in the middle of the chest.

          • CanadaBear

            I forgot about that. He was a bad man. I mean that a couple of ways! I definitely made a note to self when he uncorked that rock.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, just pointed out those two extremes as examples also. But technically I believe you’re thinking of “Jon” not “Jay” Gruden.

          • BearDown100393


      • BerwynBomber

        Jay isn’t that controversial in the large scheme of things and most of his interaction with the media was only “hot take” stuff because of who he was and the fact that he played in a huge media market.

        Thinking back to this year what was the most controversial thing he uttered? That Fox would have no choice but to turn to him now? That seemed like an honest assessment. Maybe a little barb but hardly worth shock.

        Otherwise, Jay often conducted himself admirably with the media. Just look how he handled the McPhee situation this past year.

        I think the one thing that could get Jay in trouble would be his “don’t caaaaaree” attitude. In terms of announcing you have to bring some level of enthusiasm. On one extreme is Gruden’s gung-ho-ism, but on the other you can’t unplug from a broadcast either.

        • CanadaBear

          I didn’t mean he would say controversial stuff, only he would have a hard time faking all the enthusiasm for the narrative and all the fake aren’t we funny and having fun stuff that you see all the time. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Not to mention, I can’t imagine Jay ever wanting a job in the media.

      • SC Dave

        There is a button on most TV remote controls labeled ‘Mute’. I highly recommend it’s use.

      • willbest

        I regularly listened to the Jay Cutler show. He knows how to handle himself on the radio. I can’t speak to keeping his composure and mannerisms in check for TV though.

    • King of DBB

      But Simms is SUCH AN ASSWIPE.

      Do you ever watch him on Showtime’s Inside the NFL with Boomer and B-Marsh?

      God damn is he an asshole. You can tell Boomer hates the guy. Dude has zero chill, zero sense of humor. He’s an ass wart on tv.

      • BearDown100393

        His kid is no better either.

      • BerwynBomber

        The one thing I like about Simms is that, like Aikman, he doesn’t over-glorify players a’la Collingsworth and, to a degree, Gruden.

        But otherwise, Simms often seemed the biggest idiot of the top four guys.

      • CanadaBear

        I’ve never seen the show. He does strike me as being humor impaired.

      • BearDown100393

        He’s Marshall without the medication.

  • BearDown100393

    Simms was replaced by a guy without any experience at television let alone football commentary.

    And the broadcast will still be better.

    Further proof that television equates to garbage.

    • CanadaBear

      I’m still a little dubious about Romo taking over right away. Not that I’m a big Simms fan, although I think there are much worse than him, but it seems out of character for CBS to hand it over to a newbie. Honestly if you took two of the regs (Waffle/Irish would be my first pick, second would be MB/Butch) here to do Bears games, got rid of the narrative and the sideline reporters and just let them go, it would be 10X’s better than what they have now.

      • BearDown100393

        I don’t get it either. But the Joozians over at CBS must believe that Romo counters Fox’s Aikman because both were Cowboys quarterbacks.

        • CanadaBear

          Yeah, I thought about them both being Cowgirls. What did you think of my idea of Waffle/Irish announcing the game? How insanely fun would that be?

          • BearDown100393

            Add a drunk Ditka and let the magic happen.

          • BerwynBomber

            Both guys blowing Cutler endlessly. That would get old after a quarter. Plus, Irish’s grasp of football reality often seems lacking.

          • CanadaBear

            Don’t you think they would go off topic every 30 seconds? Now that Cutler’s gone they would be safe.

          • BearDown100393

            Has Madden given up on Favre?

          • “He’s the greatest QB ever. Look at those hands, quick feet, like McMahon. Balls too, though not as big as McMahon who once won 22 games in a row on a bender. And his progressions are quick, though not nearly as quick as McMahon’s who once figured out a rubix cube entirely in his mind”

            “You talking about that cuck, Glennon?”

            “Of course not. I’m talking about Fales. He’s dreamy”

            “Fales is in the CFL!”

      • MB30SD

        hahahahaha, that would be hilarious. Maybe we could switch off.

        • CanadaBear

          Waffle/Irish would be the A team for obvious reasons. Those broadcasts would be endlessly entertaining. You and Butch would be the backup team. You both would always try to one-up each other and the constant bickering between plays would be gold.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            with all due respect to everyone, there would be no difference from what they currently have. a couple of assholes…

          • MB30SD

            that hurts. why are you so mean

          • King of DBB
          • MB30SD

            hahahhaa… why is Engrish so fucking funny.

            I was watching Christmas Story with the kids over the holidays and the chinese restaurant scene at the end made they crack up… they were dying.

            I had to explain to them, that yes while it’s funny, it’s not nice to make fun of someone because they’re different, that’s what bullies do, and we are leaders and we stand up for the meek, blah blah… hahaha

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            i did say with all due respect.

          • MB30SD

            Oh, right. Never mind

          • That is Major Asshole to you

          • MB30SD

            I would get tired of his shit quickly and would just recommend the dick contest. whip it out and winner is the lead broadcaster. Needless to say, he would be relegated to sideline reporting after that.

          • I don’t have two co-eds banging each other in the back of my car cuz I have a jacuzzi over looking the pacific is all I’m “modestly” sayin’

          • MB30SD


          • “That Cam Meredith has NO fucking hand, just like [beeping] Constanza” -Butch

            “Is that another Seinfeld reference? I hate that show. But speaking of hand, I have this cock-ring trick I do with two hands…”

  • King of DBB


    And we would all go down together
    We said we’d all go down together
    Yes we would all go down together

  • King of DBB

    Solomon Thomas followed by Adams now leads the poll. Sanity has rolled in.

    • Sactowns#1

      That’s the kinda man you take in the top 10. Not some random DB.

      • MB30SD

        oh stop your campaign of terrorism!!

        I know where you fucking live and i will come slap you… after a few beers.

        Dude, read down and just look at the list of our safeties since 2012 man. LOOK AT IT!!!!

        • Sactowns#1

          I don’t wanna. It’s too ugly. But that’s like saying look at our QB’s over the last 30 years, so of course we should draft a QB no matter what. I have been, and always will be, a proponent of building your team through the trenches. I want big mounds of man meat in the draft!!

          • MB30SD

            I get it, so how’s that worked out for us lately. Sigh.

          • Sactowns#1

            Lets see.. since 2010 we’ve gone
            DB – Major Wrong
            OT- Carimi (Good)
            “DE” – Chicken Dinner (we ALL know he was a LB ..maybe and surely no DE) .
            G- Kyle Long (Good)
            DB- Kyle Fuller (uhhh who?)
            WR- Gimpy McGimpster
            OLB- Leonard (fast but skinny) Floyd 7 sacks in 12 games rookie year

          • MB30SD

            and floyd has concussion issues… I’m worried about that

          • willbest

            Long’s arm falls off every season. I am worried about that.

          • Sactowns#1

            My point is, we’ve drafted two DB’s and both stunk. We’ve drafted two OL and one is good and one was middling then stunnk. We’ve zero real D linemen. Can we please just give it a try?

          • MB30SD

            Dooood, we fucking drafted one last year!!!

          • Sactowns#1

            Are you seriously calling that guy a legit D lineman?! He’s the same size as Michael Floyd, the WR!!!

          • MB30SD

            7 sacks in 12 games… uh, yeah, I def do.

          • MB30SD

            also, we had cucks drafting cucks.

            come on now. New World Order!

          • willbest

            I am amused how that went from an obscure fetish to the most potent insult you are allowed to lob at a person without getting into trouble.

          • MB30SD

            the evolution of (DBB) life.

          • CanadaBear

            Not to put too fine of a point on things but Carimi was fucking awful. Jeff tried to get everybody stirred up with his ridiculous Bear Jew T-shirt but that was the high point of the era.

          • Carimi like White was hurt before he even had a chance, if I remember correctly.

          • CanadaBear

            Pretty sure there was a motor problem. Really a dud.

          • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

            He was hurt in his first start against the Saints. Bounty victim of that asshole DC in NO back then..

          • Greg Williams.
            Current Browns DC

          • Ground Control to Major Wrong
            Ground Control to Major Wrong
            Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
            Ground Control to Major Wrong (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)
            Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)
            Check ignition and may Bears’ love be with you (two, one, liftoff)

          • King of DBB

            how big would Major Wright’s cock ring be?

            prolly double as a fucking basketball hoop

          • Lift offf

          • BearDown100393

            Major Wright

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Carimi was good???

  • King of DBB

    Bill O’Brien:

    (ring ring). “Hi, Jay? Bill Obrien here, texans. Yeah, uh… sorry we haven’t called yet but hey, how is it going? Keeping the arm warm?”


    • MB30SD

      Jay Cutler: “Oh hey bill. Soooooo… you don’t have twitter or instagram huh?”

      • willbest

        I thought that was the purpose. Kristin was showing off Jay’s best ASSet

        • MB30SD

          well it ceratinly isn’t his decision making, but that’s a bit harder to take a pic of and post to insta

          • willbest

            Why do you think he was naked? He couldn’t decide what to wear.

          • MB30SD

            just got done tappin!

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            She has a great picture of that. She asked Jay to upload it. Unfortunately it was intercepted.

          • MB30SD

            or camden came by as he was carrying it, brushed his hand and he dropped it… at which point camden picked it up and ran to his endzone for a TD

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          That picture was just the first of a series of pictures.
          Picture one – “Strip”
          Picture two – “Sack”

          I don’t really want to see the second.

    • willbest

      Dumping Oz was about freeing up cap space. So if they aren’t going to use it, they should have just kept him. Personally I think they would be silly not to call Cutler assuming he would be willing to take $15ish million. Do like a 2-year 30 million deal with 20 million guaranteed. Maybe structure some of it as an active roster bonus. A serious upgrade from Savage, and they are drafting 25. Not exactly a great place to pick up a QB you want to start as a rookie.

      • BerwynBomber

        No Oz fan but dumping him seemed premature to me.

      • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

        If Houston wants to guarantee they don’t win anything, they will sign Jay Cutler.

        Cutler is not a winner. He has never won anything – not in high school, not in college, not in NFL. 8 years in Chicago and not a one signature win I can think of in an important game. Always played worst against Packers. Why would Houston and Bill O brien think that he will help them win it all? Houston defense will pissed to have this turnover machine in their offense…just like lach, briggs use to hate him for all those INTs and fumbles.

        • willbest

          I guess its been awhile since Favre night

        • A7Xthebest

          You sound like a real cuck.

    • BearDown100393

      Houston has a team?
      – Jay Cutler

      • MB30SD

        they have a defense

        • willbest

          Do they? We stole Demps from them!

          • MB30SD

            oh right… they’re fucked now!

          • BearDown100393

            JJ don’t feel so dynamite.

    • CanadaBear

      If jay goes to Houston and wins the SB, Johnny will have a litter of kittens.

      • willbest

        It would be something, but not wholly unexpected. It would be like 2010, except they have Hopkins, Fuller V, Miller, and an O-line that knows how to block occasionally.

      • BearDown100393

        Super Bowl presentation. Jay goes to the locker. Don’t caaarrreeee.

        • King of DBB
          • BearDown100393

            To be fair the presentation is kinda contrite and stupid.

          • King of DBB

            Except this year when Roger was so fucking pissed he mumbled one sentence, handed the trophy to Kraft and BOLTED the stage.

          • BearDown100393

            LOL, remember the dude walking the trophy to the podium and dropping f bombs?

          • King of DBB

            Kiss that motherfucker!


            Then Kraft starts his bitchslap of the NFL and Roger is like “outta here”


      • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

        Jay Cutler and Super Bowl Champion do not belong in the same sentence. I had high hopes when he first came to Chicago but realized after about 4 years that he is never going to help Bears or any other team to win it all. Too inconsistent, too mistake prone and too big of a swing in his performances for him to be a champion.

        The other things is.. Bill O Brien is the most asshole coach ever.. ask any QB that has played under him. Bill O Brien and Jay Cutler will come to blows in about 5 minutes.

    • Said forever, Romo consolation prize IF that.

      9ers rather roll with Hoyer and Barkley (Bears west)

      While the Jets preferred to roll with old ass McCown and the clown shoes that are Petty and Hackenberg.

      The J-E-T-S.

      If I’m the Texans, I stay pat and eye a QB like Watson or Peterman.

      “Cutler, an 11-year pro, was limited to five starts last season, but ranked 10th in ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating in 2015. Cutler was sacked 17 times in those five games (11 percent of drop backs) last year, significantly higher than backups Matt Barkley (2.7 percent sack rate) and Brian Hoyer (2 percent), illustrating it was more on him than the Chicago Bears’ offensive line.”

      Though wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Browns dump Oz and the Texans re-sign him for a bag of chips?

      The 9ers and Texans almost have to draft a QB, only question is, where?

      This might make the Texans a bit more desperate to trade up since it’s rumored that a number of other clubs like the Cards, Gmen and Chargers (maybe even Chiefs and Saints) are looking into successor plans.

      • BearDown100393

        Vince Young is up in the Yukon. Eventually those tires will be kicked.

  • willbest

    The 9ers have 76 million in cap…. That is half a fucking team.

    • BearDown100393

      And play in a half empty stadium. With lots of shanks.

      • Sactowns#1

        Come on now, it’s not all shankings and knives. They had a shooting last year too.

    • Wonder if what the Browns did with the Texans even crossed their GMs mind.
      I also wonder if that’s a scenario every GM now shoots across the owners from now on.

      • willbest

        There is less opportunity in the NFL than other sports. The contracts aren’t fully guaranteed. And a lot of the guaranteed money ends up being signing bonuses, so they have to eat it anyway on a trade.

        Also, its not often that a player so grossly underperforms their contract without being injured.

        • BearDown100393

          Brock is a superstar. A legend.

        • But the opportunity no doubt will pop up again.

          There’s lots of “FA busts” with over inflated contracts which teams regret and usu try to “renegotiate” before cutting.

          I wonder if now the “Browns maneuver” will be an option going forward.

          Trading draft picks for cap space.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I took a hefty “Browns maneuver” about 15 mins ago.

          • BearDown100393

            If a FA was really great, that player would have not been a FA in the first place.

          • Reggie White?

  • King of DBB

    So Babs has convinced Craig to bring his crotchety Bond back one more time.


    Since Skyfall + Spectre told a story that closes down and since they fucked up Blofeld so badly, here is what the new James Bond 25 should do: just go back in time.

    Set it in 1967. Cars, costumes, and even the Russians as the menace. Bond stops a secret plot by the Russians to blackmail LBJ with 8mm film of him with Russian hookers who pee on him.

    Seriously, set it in the 1960s and let Craig be a pig. Go full anti-SJW on it.

    • Tom Hiddleston, AKA, Loki, was supposed to be the new James Bond?

      Dude looks related to Glennon!

      I like that. Bonds circa 67! Could’ve rode that whole “mad men” wave.

      Does Connery make a cameo?

      • CanadaBear

        Only if he’s the 80-year old version of Bond with all the ladies. That would certainly creep some people out!

      • King of DBB

        So the story is that Broccoli BEGGED Connery to be the Skyfall caretaker, but he turned her down. So they gave it to Albert Finney, who even kept the scene where he drops a guy with a shotgun and says “Welcome to Scotland”

        Imagine Connery doing that scene. It would have been epic. Now he’s too old.


        • That woudlv’e been stone cold badassery.

          However, now whenever I see that scene, in my mind, it’ll be Sean saying that.

        • MB30SD

          dude, finney looks bad… like I expect dude to drop dead at any moment.

    • BearDown100393

      Shaken. Not….. Don’t caaaarrrreee.

    • MB30SD

      I would love that

    • BearDown100393

      Reboot the series. Jennifer Bond 007

      • BearDown100393

        Same characteristics.

      • MB30SD

        stop. this. now.

        • BearDown100393

          She goes for the women also. And tag on a R rating.

        • SC Dave

          And. Forever.

  • Hooker at Halas.

    Plz bebe jebus, the greatest of all jebuses…

    • MB30SD
      • Won the Bears Ed Block Courage Award which goes to the player who screams hardest at their franchise QB.

      • Adam’s pro day is manana.
        Didn’t now his pops played HB in the NFL.

        • willbest

          That is starting to pop up quite frequently. I am curious how much of it is genetics, how much is parental knowledge and wealth providing a leg up, and how much of it is special treatment from coaches that wouldn’t give a guy with a different name on his jersey a second look

          • It’s likely a combination of all that.

            Like mozart. Sure, he had inherit genius, but what if his dad was a shoemaker and not musician who trained him since youth?

            The connections and extra opportunities help.

            The NFL is almost becoming generational, its own little fiefdom with blue-blood lines.

          • CanadaBear

            No offense but did you just compare one of the worlds greatest composers to a college safety? I think Mozart has a couple free throws coming.

          • Well, obviously Adams is not THAT great, just speaking in general.

            Like we have Kyle Long, who if he actually stays healthy, might make the HOF like ole dad.

            Genetics? culture? Opportunity?

            Mix of all.

            then again, in football, much like in other fields, ppl seem to come out of nowhere and become great.

          • CanadaBear

            Just yanking your chain but Mozart is a fave (not to mention a genius).

          • willbest

            Always been more partial to Vivaldi.

          • I love the response he gave to some of his critics.

            “Excuse me for my exuberance”

            Use it all the time to refute dullards.

          • haah, I know. Oh, and dunno if you saw, but I liked the Stewart vid you posted.

            Sounded a lil Zepplin even.

            I love the top 3. Mozart, Beethoven and Bach.

            Handel, Vivaldi, Frederick fucking Chopin, Satie and gregorian chants also in rotation.

            You know any modern composers who are worth a shit?

          • willbest

            You mean other than John Williams?

          • 19th century. 7th Symphony
            21st century. Vader march

          • willbest

            Vader march was 20th century fool!

            I actually saw John Williams conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra a few years back. It was awesome. It took like 3 encores before he gave us India Jones though. That fucker.

          • CanadaBear

            Not really. Doubt if you saw my response the other day. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all played in the Yardbirds in the 60’s. Beck and Page were with them at the same time. Beck is an incredible player. Just not as popular as the other two. Here’s a nice way to open a show.

          • Ah, that would explain my ear kinda catching some of that zep blues. No doubt they all influenced each other.

            Oh, that vid is blocked in the good ole USA.

            I’ll see if I can get around the “Eagel Rock” cock block.

          • SC Dave

            Said to Franz Schubert:

            “Such is the spell of your emotional world that it very nearly blinds us to the greatness of your craftsmanship.”

            – Franz Liszt

          • MB30SD

            you are such a fucking hoity LA hipster


          • Actually, I don’t know ANY “hipster” who listens to classical. I always hear the same thing with classical, “Oh, I love classical. I listen to it while I’m reading or studying”.
            Then I ask, “Oh, do you listen to it when you’re not reading or studying?”
            “No, not really”


            Hipsters listen to Carnival Folk music and throw around shit like “Oh, Coltrane was better on smack” whilst twirling their mustachoes and wearing vans without socks and rolled up jeans.


          • MB30SD

            Eeewwwwww… The fishmonger at whole foods had a viscous olde timey handlebar

            Had to give it to him, that thing was… Haedcore

          • Cormonster

            I only know his soundtracks, but Ennio Morricone writes some pretty cool shit.

            Roger Waters also wrote and recorded an opera called Ca Ira. I have it, but only listened a couple times.

          • Never heard of Ennio. Look him up.
            Roger wrote an opera? How the heck did I miss that.

            I’ll check it out too.

            To the Youtube mobile!

          • Cormonster

            I see the whole Waters opera is on youtube.

            Morricone did the music for all the spaghetti westerns and I believe a couple of Tarantino movies. I love The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly soundtrack. Metallica opened with a recording of this song on the And Justice for All tour.

            Hearing this cranking through the speakers to start the show was electrifying.

        • MB30SD

          he’s gonna tear shit up

    • BearDown100393

      Not the first hooker at Halas Hall. Won’t be the last.

  • “Always amazed me how much people overthink football. Tony Romo was very good. Can we move on now?” – Jeff

    I used to be more critical of Romo, esp after that fumbled hold.

    But in retrospect, Romo has been very successful. He was a UFDA who became a franchise QB.

    It would be like Webbnation making the HOF.

    How many 1st rd QBs have busted since Romo has been on the league?

    He’s body just couldn’t hack it anymore, but he’s got nothing to be ashamed of.

    Two side notes.

    1. Casserly argued that withoug PS Romo would’ve never had a shot (argument against 18 game season)
    2. I wonder if playing golf so much fucked up his back/body more than necessary.

    I don’t play golf, so maybe you hardcore golfers could speak to that. Seems like the swing torques the knee and back unnaturally to me.

    • willbest

      It broke Tiger down. But then I know casual golfers that are still out there in their 70s

      • Yeah, but from most accounts, Romo was not just casual. I think he was even semi-pro or something.

        Just something that crossed my mind. Maybe Jeff could give us his 2 cents on it.

    • BearDown100393

      Bill Parcells project.

    • BerwynBomber

      Fourth all-time career passer rating? Pretty impressive stuff. Lack of post-seasons success and only four Pro Bowls will keep Romo out of Canton, but he was just a cut below that and pretty much a top ten guy his entire career as a starter. No small thing.

      Read somewhere today that for all the Brady as sixth rounder talk, the careers of Warner and Romo might even be more unexpected — one guy off the Arena league scrap heap, another an undrafted rookie out of a tiny school.

      • willbest

        It gets my gord that the cowboys and the packers both managed to avoid QB purgatory while we apparently have been in it the whole time.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, the Romo/Prescott eras seems filled with even more GM good luck than the Favre/Rodgers one, though the latter have obviously been better/more accomplished (although Dak could change that).

          • willbest

            oh right, forgot about the Colts. And if a decade from now Hoodie and G have 3 lombardi trophies…

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, although the Colts thing just seems like a case where a franchise was spoiled with #1 overalls during the exact right years to hold such picks.

            Or to put it another way, Rodgers, Favre, Romo, Prescott all had their doubters/required some scouting foresight.

            Whereas Peyton and Luck were pretty much unanimous no-brainers.

      • Not saying that Romo is a Hofer, but QB is waaayyy harder than any other position in the NFL, including LT, so he gets point for difficulty there. Hence my Webb analogy.

        • Irish Sweetness

          What did he win again?

      • Irish Sweetness

        Being decidely average will keep Romo out of Canton. Thankfully.

        Philip Rivers is ahead of Romo BTW .. Kirk Cousins is ahead of Joe Fucking Montana … Terry Fucking Bradshaw has four rings ….Peyton Manning is the biggest choker in NFL history … so what does it say about passer ratings?

    • Irish Sweetness

      Romo never got a sniff at a SB. Never did, never will. I won’t remember him for anything other than his name rhymes with ‘homo’.

  • BearDown100393

    Romo’s 1st game in the booth better be in Seattle.

    • willbest

      I don’t understand the reference. But since he is working for CBS that could only happen if Seattle hosts an AFC team in week 1.

      • BearDown100393

    • Hike him the microphone and he fumbles it?

      • BearDown100393

        Live feed his microphone into the stadium on every visitor team field goal attempt.

  • Learn something new every day. This is part of the reason I love football. From GPs link below.

    “One of the most reliable indicators for predicting title contenders is passer rating differential —
    simply the difference between a team’s passer rating and the collective rating of the team’s opposing QBs. Its correlation to success led football stathead Kerry Byrne to dub it the “Mother of All Stats”during the 2012 Pro Football Researchers Association biennial meeting hosted by NFL Films. Over the past decade, 15 of the past 20 Super Bowl participants had a passer rating differential among the top five in the league. The most recent, Super Bowl LI, featured the top two teams in the NFL for passer rating differential.”

    That’s crazy that I never heard of “Passer rating differential” before because it seems like a really accurate predictor of championship teams.

    Does anyone have any more info on it? Tried clicking on that link, but page gone.
    Other google searches send me to stuff like this


    And this


    Anyways, would like to read a real article on passer rating differential.

    For you gamblers, might be a good read.

    • willbest

      So teams with good QB’s that play lots of teams with below average QB’s win lots of games. Holy shit, they might be on to something.

      • That’s why I’m trying to figure out the criteria.

        It says “collective rating” – I’m unclear what that means. Like, did they take Jimmy G and Brissett into account as well?

        If so, that’s a bit different than just saying “Brady historically has better QB rating than Eli, therefore, he’s going to win”

        Also wonder if they take defense into account, that is to say, if your D reduces enemy QBs’ rating, that obviously would increase the “differential”.

        Wanna read up on it.

        Edit, yes they do take defense into account for passer rating differential, which makes sense.

        • Follow up.

          “i was beating this drum five years ago when everyone was shitting on Romo
          nonstop. the fact was, regardless of who the QB was, if you couldn’t
          get your defensive passer rating in the top half of the league, you
          barely even stood a chance of making the playoffs. almost every year of
          romo’s career, the passer rating allowed was in the toilet. in 2007 we
          got the number to top 5 in the league, and surprise….went 13-3. i
          believe we until last season we only had one other season in the top
          half of the league, which we won the division and a playoff game.

          the same thing happened with peyton manning – ultimately he won a champ because his defense stopped the pass.

          thats modern nfl. pass effectively and stop the pass.”


          There’s another poster who calculates the stat predicts winners 65% of the time.

          Ah, Vegas anyone?

          • SC Dave

            Vegas has this long figured out, and factors it into point spreads.

          • I bet they have. That slide show presentation was from 2012, and this is the first I heard of it (though if I bet, I would’ve prolly researched it sooner), and I’m certain Vegas prolly had some Aces calculating all the numbers long before.

            So, long story short.

            Bet on team who has a franchise QB who consistently puts up good passer rating.
            Bet on a team that has a D that reduces opposing passer rating.

            Chances are high that team will win.

            The trick is the second part. Never know which defenses will become good all of a sudden, or fall apart, from year to year.

            Or even which will get on a hot streak down the stretch like the Gmen on their title runs.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Jesus. So the team with a great QB has a good chance of winning a title? Fuck me. I love science.

      What’s better? Planets … or milk?

      (inspects own navel)

  • BearDown100393
  • MB30SD
    • willbest

      I think it was SC Dave who said he wouldn’t be surprised if Barnett ends up being the jewel of this draft.

      I like him, but I like the Adams more. If it goes Garrett, Thomas, and then we trade back to 6 while the Jets pick up trubisky and the Jags grab Adams, and say the Titans pick up Latimore, then I would be all in on Barnett.

      • MB30SD

        yeah. And I would be pretty pissed to be honest with that move unless it was a HIGH #2 AND a reasonably high 4 or even a late 3.

        that said, if that’s the case we could get hooker or barnett there

        • willbest

          Well its the Jets, so they are drafting at 39 or 40

          • MB30SD

            I’d def take a 39… that would give us 36 and 39 to package with a 3rd or one of our 4ths to trade back into the 1st to get something we like.

            …now all we need is the Jets to accept our trade offer for them. haha

      • SC Dave

        Yeah, it was me. To be favorably compared the Reggie White definitely caught my eye.

        But consistent production in the best minor league did too.

  • MB30SD

    check it: http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft

    SCOUTS INC.’S TOP 32 FOR 2017

    Player Pos. School Grade
    1. Myles Garrett* DE Texas A&M 95
    2. Jonathan Allen DT Alabama 94
    3. Solomon Thomas* DE Stanford 93
    4. Jamal Adams* S LSU 93
    5. L. Fournette* RB LSU 92
    6. M. Lattimore* CB Ohio State 92
    7. Malik Hooker* S Ohio State 92
    8. Reuben Foster ILB Alabama 92
    9. O.J. Howard TE Alabama 92
    10. Forrest Lamp OG W Kentucky 91

    I dunno maings. I think I swap allen for fornette… oh and someone HAS to take forest lamp just for the name. and go hold up “We love lamp” signs at the games.

    Can’t remember who was slangin’ that boolsheet that howard was the only top elite guy. stop that.

    • willbest

      My Bears filtered top 10 looks something like Garrett, Thomas, Adams, Lattimore, Barnett, Howard, Allen, Hooker, Ramczyk, Foster.

      • MB30SD



        • SC Dave

          Looks about right to me, tho I suspect Thomas will be a monster.

        • leftcoast dave


          Give the pick up for a lower first plus a second or third
          Ryan Ramcyzk
          Cam Robinson
          Jamal Adams

          OT and LB more important than S for the team IMHO.

          • MB30SD

            You craaaaazy.

            You, sac, and the bears org are the reason we’ve given up more deep TDs that any other NFL team since 2012.

            …And I just made that all up, but I’m pretty sure it’s not too far from the troofs.

          • leftcoast dave

            Dooood. We’ve got a great teacher now playing SS and teaching the yutes FS. Hall may be stoopid, but he’s long and got the ‘stinks to be that man in center field. WE NEED ANOTHER ILB!!!!!! WE NEED AN UPGRADE AND COMPETITION AT OT!!!!!

            Ok, now everybody not wanting to develop a winning O line, step up and start snarking noise about how bad Glennon is, or any other QB takes a snap for that matter. Give him an f’in line, Doooooods. Then if he can’t cut it, you got nothin’ to bitch about.

            For that matter, start bashing Pace for picking Whitehair last year so high up in the draft when all them DBs, QBs and WRs were available.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Hall is 6’2 right? He’s 22. He has skillz.

            No way Pace is drafting a SS at 3. It’s Watson, a trade-down (his main hope) or MAYBE a D-lineman.

          • Irish Sweetness

            If you think long TDs are due to DBs and not pass-rush, then I don’t know what to tell you.

            When you give a QB six seconds .. .EVERYONE is open.

          • Irish Sweetness

            This. Nobody’s looking at signings.

            We have jack-shit at ILB and OT.

      • Irish Sweetness

        So you just excise the guy who averaged 162 yards rushing per game for ….?

        • willbest

          Yep. Not worth paying him like a top 5 RB. Not necessary for a team that has a top 10 RB already. Doesn’t improve the team. Would be an absolute waste of a pick.

    • If you were to look at prospects whose “upside” is through the roof, that would be Garrett and Howard.

      By that I mean, both at their respective positions are seen as “generational” – Many thing Garret best rush since maybe Peppers.

      Howard best TE prospect since Davis.

      Some argue Fournette in that convo (best since AP).

      I can see those claims.

      Meanwhile, no one is really saying that about the rest of the prospects.

      For instance, no one says, “Allen is the best DT since Suh”. In fact, ppl call him a poor man’s Aaron Donald”. Though I admit some in the minority believe he’s the next Richard Seymour, but anaylsis on him is all over the place, and I can see why cuz I’m torn on him too.

      Ruben Foster is another who is verrrry close to that Garrett/Howard/Fournette tier.

      Maybe just a notch below Kuechly coming out of college?

      Edit. Hooker also close with comps with Ed Reed, but his “1yr wonder” tag hurts a bit.

      • MB30SD

        I hear people compare foster to willis and/or warner… and Adams to berry. I personally think he’s closer to Mike Brown.

        • yeah, the thing is, this time around, every talking head throws a loft comp out there.

          Like someone comparing Allen to Seymour; however, most of the “consensus” doesn’t agree with that.

          It’s kinda like with Kueckly. We ALL knew he’d be a stud. He was comped to none other than Lach.

          Checked all the boxes.

          Not many do.

          Can Foster reach that level? Sure. But if Kuechly came out in this draft, he’d go before Foster 10/10 times.

          Meanwhile if you have Peppers-vs-Garrett at the top, that’d be more split (still think Peppers wins, but would be closer).

          Ditt Adams. Some comp hi to Berry, but Berry was MUCH more lauded coming into the draft, and for good reason. Just on measurables alone.

          Berry (drafted 5th overall)




          If Berry comes out this draft, he’s drafted before Adams 10/10 times.

          Not saying Adams is bad, but “generational” – for now, the perception is no. Nothing wrong with that as Earl Thomas was also drafted behind Berry.

          Still, Usually only 1-3 players per draft hit that “generational” tag (if that).

          • MB30SD


  • We all know the 1st rd safeties, but doing some digging around in later rds.

    Aside from Buddha Baker who I already shared, I present Desmond King, CB/S.

    “Four-year starter and ultimate iron man. Played in more than 94 percent of Iowa’s defensive snaps over his four years and took 46 percent of the special teams snaps in 2016. Football instincts are off the charts. Focused quarterback reader who overlaps into other coverage areas to go make a play on the ball. Pattern reader with anticipation to keep him ahead of the route. Creates unique angles to throws, allowing for top-ball production. Obsessed with getting the ball; nabbed 14 interceptions in college and 29 in high school. Has ball-tracking, hands and high-point talent of a wideout. Stocky frame with physical play demeanor. Good press strength. Rough on slot receivers who can’t make a quick get-away off the line. Viable option as both punt and kick returner. Not overly physical as tackler but tends to finish”


    Personally, I prefer fiesty iron men with production and instincts over under-wear olympic heroes like Obifnuwe or whatever his name is.

    Now, I know what you’re saying, “nnnnoo not another converted CB to S!”

    But King is a not an underwear olympic china doll like Hardin.

    King is a tad undersized for a FS (but bigger than HoneyBadger). He perhaps doesn’t have that long speed and obviously he’s not a hammer (otherwise, he’d be a 1st rounder).

    But King does excel in short burst, agility (tops in 3 cone and shuttle) and coverage, seems to crave those INTs (Offenses mostly stayed away from him), instinctive and a good special teamer.

    The fact that he’s an ironman and CB backround should be added bonus for us Bears fans. Can play some slot or defend TEs.

    At the top of the 3rd, would be worth a shot.


    • King of DBB

      Brock Vereen was a Golden Gopher. Avoid the Big Ten safeties?

      He looks rangy. I like that his highlight film uses NFL Film music and not rap with 1800 n-bombs in the lyrics.

      Here’s the best highlight:

      He reads the break and shows good direction change and speed.

      • That’s what impresses me most about the kid, his reading the QB, anticipation and route knowledge. He seems very saavy, which I guess is expected for a 4 yr starter.

        His long speed is lacking, but if he’s 15 yds back at FS playing to his cerebral strengths, shouldn’t be an issue. You’re right. His change of direction is great, and that is reflected in his excellent 3-cone drill. Possess “oily hips” (like me, in the sack!)

        Gotta love that he played specials, so he knows what to do with the football once it’s in his hands.

        He’s not one of those defenders all surprised that they INTed it. It’s in his hands, he’s a-running Gump style.

        Iron man a def plus. Sp teamer. Bonus.

        Think he’d be great 3rd rd value if we pass on Hooker and Buddha.

        • MB30SD

          Oily in the sack indeed. Eeeewwwwww

          • Racist!

          • MB30SD

            Little… Messican!

          • I just figure out you’re like a Jewish bald version of him.

            Gonna call you Jericho Suave from now on.

          • MB30SD


            I was thinking you with short hair.

            I usually get statham

        • Irish Sweetness

          How is he great value just because he’s in the 3rd? Why are people looking for ‘value’ in the draft? It’s not a curio store. We need top players, not bargains.

          You need a safety, you draft the best. If that means you do it in the first, you do it in the first.

    • Irish Sweetness

      But if he’s not going to start …? If he doesn’t scream ‘draft me’ .. .what’s the point? His NFL comparison is Jairus Byrd. A DB that lacks size and speed ….? Pass. The third round is where we get our OT/TE ….

  • King of DBB

    McPhee lost 25 pounds?

    He will be moving to strong safety.

  • King of DBB

    I have Amazon Prime as does MB.

    They wrapped up Thursday night football in a new deal.


    • madscout12

      About fucking time. Now stream all the rest of the games and drive a stake through the heart of cable.

    • MB30SD

      Oh well heerrrrooo!!!

      Let’s play some ghost soon

      • King of DBB

        I’m watching Cynthia Frelund go through the draft.

        God help me. I am in love.

        MS in Stats, MBA from Kellogg, grew up in Okemos Mi. Insane hotness. In-sane.

        • MB30SD


          Sorry I’m not sorry

          • It’s all about them sixes!

            Like a boss.

          • MB30SD

            Yep, especially when that’s your celling punk. Hahahahahaha

        • You lil sneaky bastard. Already doing your FF homework, I see.

          Mmm, love when they wear those skirts. Easy access.

          • MB30SD

            Ask for it on dates dude… Trust me.

        • Irish Sweetness

          ??? Dude.

          They call her blonde when her roots needed doing about 6 weeks ago.
          Can I get a saucer of milk?

  • MB30SD

    Watching Loopers again… My god that little kid is fucking creepy

    • Very underrated movie.

      Original premise.

      Bruce Willis HOFer timetraveller (12 Monkeys)

      • Irish Sweetness

        Any good? Really?

        Just watched The Discovery. Promising for 2/3s.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Notre Dame Head Coach, Brian Kelly, on DeShone Kizer: “He needs another year” (in college).

    Thanks, Coach.

    • MB30SD

      Hahahaha… The ultimate support system!

      • AlbertInTucson

        The same Brian Kelly who sent that kid up a camera tower to shoot practice video in high winds and got the the kid killed when the tower blew over.


        • MB30SD


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