Weekend Show With Adam Jahns [AUDIO]

| August 23rd, 2017

On this episode of the Weekend Show, Adam Jahns tells us a whole bunch of stuff, including:

  • How he views the situation with Glennon and Trubisky.
  • What the locker room is seeing on the practice field (hint: it’s not good news for Glennon).
  • Eddie Jackson may have been the best member of the Bears’ secondary this summer.
  • McPhee ain’t McHealthy.
  • Trevathan back.
  • Long not so much.
  • Lots and lots and lots on the whole Glennon playing thing…

And music from Mike and the Suspects!

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  • King of DBB

    Why does Jeff not sound like Jeff? His voice went up 2 octaves.

    Now he sounds like Woody Allen. On the call with Jahns he sounds like regular Jeff again.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Hormones kicked in. He is a giddy school girl with a crush on Trubs.

    • SC Dave

      Obsession will do that.

  • King of DBB

    “there is a lot going on at Halas Hall that they need to wrap their minds around.” -Jahns


  • SC Dave

    “How could a team that hasn’t won games in years rationalize not playing their best players?”

    Maybe because even the third preseason is meaningless?

    Is that why “should be angry too”? Over meaningless preseason games?

    • DaBearsBlog

      I didn’t need preseason games to evaluate. Fact that Bears have decided there’s no competition is what’s upsetting.

      • SC Dave

        You should relax on this a little, Jeff. It’s really not worth an aneurysm.

      • But even you must admit there’s not ONE template to creating a franchise QB.

        For instance, the Chiefs and Texans (successful orgs) are still rolling with their cucks while the rooks watch from the bench.

        The Browns are opting for more immediate returns, which sounds great in theory, except they’re the Browns.

        • SC Dave

          As Jahns (and posters here much earlier) pointed out, don’t look at the Browns for what to do with quarterbacks.

          • Yeah, like I said previously – risk/reward.

            The Browns can risk Kizer.
            He’s not a top 3 pick. They are loaded with picks going forward.

            Kizer is a Suburu. It’s ok to lend out ur Suburu to your teenage son learning to drive.

            Papa DON’T lend out his 69 Mustang GT till you KNOW he’s ready.

          • AlbertInTucson

            The Browns are now shopping Osweiler and, surprise, are finding little interest in him.

      • Corporal Clott

        They’re just trying to get Trubinsky chomping at the bits to start. It’s a good trategy.

  • King of DBB

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    and Im gonna make her my girl!

    • King of DBB

      Here’s the B-Side:

      She’s a North Side Girl
      Livin in a great big world
      she looks so pretty
      her daddy be runnin the whole damn city
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      she loves Louis Vitton
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      cheering for the Cubs – go Cubs go
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      gonna make her my girl!

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      where is she from again?

    • yeah, dougie leave it to me to write a song featuring the sox in the year the Cubs win their first series in 108 years, lol. Hope you liked the song, dig your weird al jankovic version. hear the rest of the album at mikeandthesuspects.com

  • FF Alert Getting closer, gentlemen, but I didn’t hear any takers from last announcement.
    You guys know the drill, so lemme know if you guys are still down. Last yrs’ league was actually HIGHLY competitive in spite of late season shennaigans (which shall be eliminated this time around w early trade cut-offs and me regulating more…ah the libertarian FF dream has vanished).

    I can re-open that league and add more spots (I think) or start a whole new one.

    The draft date will likely be next Sat to give ppl a chance to do their homework and plan for injuries and such.

    Lemme know if u guys are interested.

    Da Commish

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      I’m in. Revamped draft strategy. Won’t be lured in my NewBear’s innocent good Samaritan act. I will place in the top 5.

    • Fresno BearDown!

      If you got room for one more I’m in.

      • Alright, Fres. Long time.
        Cool. That’s good since I know Irish is in, so that’s theoretically 12 right there.

        Edit, Irish, what time Sat would work best for you?
        And NB, good sat?

        GP, NBIT, 505, Artoo, Ender, Sac. Trac, etc???

        • EnderWiggin

          I am (w)in!

        • Irish Sweetness

          Not if it’s an auction, Butch, no. I don’t do auctions.

          I was thinking about doing a snake draft on Friday night, like ten o’clock?

          • EnderWiggin

            Have you done an auction draft, Irish? It is worth trying if you haven’t! Everyone was almost broke by the 5th round last year and guys like Flacco, Landry, and Miller were going for pennies.

          • Corporal Clott

            I was broke by the 5th round.

        • Fresno BearDown!

          Okay cool. What site are we playing on?

    • Corporal Clott

      I’m out. I suck horribly at auction leagues.

  • SC Dave

    Jahns – “Jeremy Langford has produced before”
    Um, when?

    Jeff – “He’s too versatile to outright release”
    Not really.

    But the IR argument makes sense, if the Bears somehow think the guy is actually worth a shit. I definitely don’t.

    • he was solid as a rookie. Sucked/hurt last year. Hurt again.

      They’ve got plenty at RB. Even the most optimistic Langford projection would say he’s the 3rd best RB on the roster, and the other 2 are both younger than him.

      • SC Dave

        Jeremy Langford averaged 3.6 yards per carry, and finished *dead last in the entire NFL* in yards after contact.

        A 52.4% catch percentage (22 catches on 42 targets), with a very respectable 12.7 yards per catch, albeit skewed by about 3.5 yards by a single 83 yard screen play.

        You may call that solid, but I won’t. The most solid part of his game was the 170 touches without a fumble. But I guess if you fall down every time the first guy hits you it helps with that.

        Last year, however, he fumbled twice in 81 touches. Oops.

        In my opinion, he is the 5th best RB on the current roster. We’ll start to see soon if Pace has too big an ego to cut people he drafted that don’t belong on the team.

        • Fair enough. But he showed flashes in the games he started.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Flashes of what?

    • Irish Sweetness

      Versatile?? At what?

    • well if you like Kadeem Carey, he just had wrist surgery and is out 6 weeks. So Langford has his chance, I sure liked him as a rookie.

      • SC Dave

        I didn’t. See the numbers I posted above. He had ONE play all year against a shitty team (Rams) and everyone got excited.

        Zach Miller had a longer one the same game.

  • Hmmm. My angriest I’ve ever been at the Bears?

    Would def have to be running CedDrunk in the SB.

    I was really close to throwing my beer at the TV.

    • SC Dave

      Losing the NFC Championship to Green Bay at Soldier Field was the worst thing ever by far. Don’t know if I was angry tho – just despondent.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Jeff, We are all thankful for Adam Jahns contributions also. It is always a good listen when you have him on.

    • Hoge and Jahns podcast might be more informative, but Jeff and Jahns is def more entertaining.

      Must be the Guinness.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Wet T-Shirt Wednesdays??? I think so


  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Trubisky is practicing with the 1s today. And will play with the 1s on sunday

    • Fantastic.
      I wanted Trub to get the 2nd qtr and open up the 3rd, but hey, I guess this can work.

      That’s the one point I agree with Jeff on. Trub needs reps with the 1s in practice.

      What’s the point of him developing rapport with Titus Davis or Howard Alton?

  • Carey had wrist surgery and is out for 6 weeks. That makes a tough choice for the Bears.

    Do you IR him with a designation to return? You only get 2 of those, seems like a waste on a 3rd/4th string RB who mainly plays ST.

    Do you keep him on the 53 man roster for 3-4 weeks when he can’t play? That seems unlikely for a 3rd/4th string RB who mainly plays ST.

    I think the best bet might be to cut him, which means paying him an injury settlement for the time he needs to rehab. Are there rules preventing them from signing him back again after he’s healthy?

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      that sucks for him. Carey wasn’t a world beater but that kid had a ton of heart and brought max wood at every opportunity. He had a bad attitude in the very beginning of his Bears career but snapped his head on straight and gave it 100%. I hope he can make it back and stay in the league.

    • He’ll get cut and paid.
      When he heals, he’ll likely sign with our practice squad. I agree with Waffle, love his energy and attitude. Be good to have around in some form, but no way can we roster him or IR with des to return.

      This is a game of attrition, and one of our bigger stars might go down.

      Heck, many fans expected Tre and Long were going on that IR to return.

      Should be reserved for studs or starters.

      • willbest

        I don’t believe you are allowed to resign with a team that has waived you injured until you have been signed by somebody else. I might be thinking about something else though.

        • I thought once you got an inj settlement, a player became an FA?

          I could’ve sworn another player got an inj settlement last yr, then was picked up by the same team later in the season.

          • SC Dave

            From https://overthecap.com/what-exactly-are-injury-settlements/:

            “The CBA protects players who are injured performing football activities. Essentially if you are injured your salary is protected, but it is only protected to a point. Remember there are various extents of injuries that occur in the NFL. An ACL tear is devastating and will cause a player to miss the entire season.

            That is a major injury and the player will earn his entire Paragraph 5 salary for the year. But many of the injuries that land a player on IR are minor and are classified as such when placement on IR occurs. Those players, as soon as they are healthy enough to play football, are released from the team. Once released they may not re-sign with their former team for the duration of the season.”

      • willbest

        1 other thing, Carey might not be eligible for the practice squad. I think he has been on the active roster too many times. Although, I think they added 2 veteran spots of some sort. That is another aspect of the game that seems needlessly confusing.

        • I was wondering about that.
          Not sure if it was an age, active roster or games started threshold to still qualify for PS.

    • willbest

      Injury settlement. Pay him 6 weeks salary and let him go.

    • SC Dave

      I guess Langford makes the team instead.


  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    Trubisky will only get a series or two with the 1’s as I believe they usually only play part of the 3rd quarter to experience game play after halftime.
    It’s kind of big for a GM and coaching staff to admit through their actions that things may be progressing better than expected (or Glennon may be less effective than they anticipated)

    • Yeah, might only be two series, but sometimes coaches leave the starters in for longer.

      For instance, if the Titans D looked shaky in the first half, their coach might leave them in the entire 3rd as punishment or to work out kinks.

      That’s why I’d prefer Trub to take the 2nd and 3rd, but we’re lucky to even get this from Fox.

      Could’ve easily had Sanchize in the 3rd and Trub in the 4rth QTR throwing to Braverman.

    • SC Dave

      Or both

  • King of DBB
    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      haha, now I have to watch this stupid fight. The ninja pose got me.

      • Irish Sweetness

        What’s stupid? The guy with a 0-0 professional boxing record is going to get in there and demolish a guy that’s 49-0. In his first fight. That’s not stupid, that’s incredible. A new (non-racist) Ali will be born. A great day is coming.

        • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

          We shall see Irish. After the monumental amount of bluster and the world tour someone better fucking die in that ring.

          • Irish Sweetness

            That’s why they fight, exactly, we’ll see. Most of the bluster has been from the boxing community, repeating the obvious. But Conor’s not going in the re to ‘box’.This has never happened before, so I don’t know how people are so sure boxing wins the day. Ali fought Inoki, but it was compromise rules, and Ali didn’t understand the rules. Conor will weigh 20lbs more than Floyd, thereabouts. Whenever his left fist has touched a man as small as Floyd, that man has gone down. We shall see.

          • But Floyd doesn’t even “box”. He just blocks for 12 rds, throws some jabs and empty combos, and wins by decision.

            The real questions –

            Can Conor get by that D?
            Does he have the stamina and patience to do it for 12 rds?
            When he connects, will it be hard enough to finish Floyd off?

          • Irish Sweetness

            1. We’ll see. Conor has said he will punch through the guard.

            2. Yes, he has the cardio. His media days showed that, he was proving it by throwing thousands of punches, and he went 12 rounds with Malinaggi and a referee. Floyd OTOH did not do anything other than a few situps. Floyd didn’t show any kind of fitness, and has been entertaining in his strip club every night. Very reminiscent of Tyson before the Douglas fight, although Buster was a bigger upset at 42-1. Conor is like 4-1.

            3. Absolutely. Floyd has a small head, and he will not be able to ‘absorb’ punishment that has knocked others clean. He has KOd men who have never been KOd, and he put a much heavier Diaz on his 4 times in the second fight.

            4. Aldo is about the same size as Floyd and Conor knocked him out with this first punch.

    • Irish Sweetness

    • Irish Sweetness

      Floyd couldn’t take his shades off!! Couldn’t look him straight in the eye!! He’s done. Like the rest of them, done before the fight has started. Nice one, Conor.

    • SC Dave


  • King of DBB

    This Kap thing won’t die. Rumors abound about teams following the Browns display and whole teams taking knees.

    New slogan; The Civil War had a 175 year cease fire. It’s ending.

    • Like I said, the Browns gesture will spread.

      Players know what’s up. When they see Gabbert, Joe Webb, Henne…taking PS snaps while Kap is not even rostered, they know the deal.

      I don’t know how much of an impact it will make.

      Some don’t think much. But those are prolly the same ppl who didn’t think Kap kneeing would sweep the news cycle.

      • willbest

        Insubordination at work? I suppose that is one way to negotiate for more guarantees. Incidentally, the NFL has to be terrified of this. There was some evidence it suppressed ratings last year, though getting a good reading on it due to the election and the Cubs historic run is a bit sketchy.

        ed. here is one for you.


    • willbest

      If the US was smart, they would let some portion of CA leave. Obviously pacific coast ports are important for military and trade purposes so the US will want to keep some of them. Plus I think the Feds own some 40-50% of CA anyway, and then there is the matter of the 20 trillion in debt, and SS payments. But I think a deal could be worked out. Like say a costal region from San Fran on up to Seattle. Just spin that right off. NYC would also be ripe for some sort of conversion to Hong Kong style governance. Well pre-Chinese takeover.

      Of course, we would rather fight a war because we are Americans and that is what Americans do.

      • “Obviously pacific coast ports are important for military and trade purposes so the US will want to keep some of them”

        Lol sure, maybe they can leave us with desert and casinos like with the Native Americans.

        If CA secedes, it should be the WHOLE shabang, from silicon valley, to hollywood, to navy ports and everything in between.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Never going to happen. Ridiculous to even contemplate.

          • Al, A LOT of Californians have seriously been throwing the ‘secede’ word around.

            Never heard it before, but ever since Trump was elected, it’s entered the convo.

            GW was bad enough, but Trump’s taking it into a whole nother level.

            “To put it another way, the three electors in Wyoming represent an average of 187,923 residents each. The 55 electors in California represent an average of 677,355 each, and that’s a disparity of 3.6 to 1. ”


            When Wyoming vote essentially counts 3 times more than a Cali vote, there’s a word for that.


            “No taxation without representation?”

            Are we going back to 3/5ths a person?

            Many Californians do indeed feel disenfranchised.

            Now, there’s no hate for the rest of the country (esp the red states) yet. It’s not like the south genuinely hating the north or anything like that, but the sentiment is entering the populace.

            And with each Trump tweet


          • Corporal Clott

            If Yellowstone erupts, they might just get their wish.

          • If Yellowstone erupts, there will be no more US

            (except the lizards leaders 14 levels underground)

          • Corporal Clott

            Well, technically theyd get their wish. Lol actually, it’s conceivable portions of Texas will barely survive with a favorable easterly wind.

          • Irish Sweetness

            There has to be a revolution coming. The system is rigged to milk wealth. There will be blood. And so it goes …..

          • It makes NO sense why every election cycle we have to wait for “swing states” like Ohio, Florida, Michigan, PA to determine outcomes.

            What makes them so fucking special?

            Isn’t a democracy whoever wins the most votes?

            Just go by that.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            Don’t you mean “swing counties”?

          • That too.

            Every president seems to be determined by the state of Florida.

            Fucking FLORIDA.

            Perhaps our WORST state otherwise known as “the trash can of the south”.

            Seems criminal.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            i agree that i’m not enthusiastic about the types of people and places that get to determine our leaders in most situations.

            Fuck, i’m not impressed with the actors we have running for office either.

          • willbest

            Everybody retires there.

          • AlbertInTucson

            More than a couple of retirees out this way, too.

          • SC Dave

            Except for the minor point that the United States was founded as a representative republic, NOT a democracy.

          • It was also founded on slaves, but we changed that.

            The electoral college was a safeguard by rich literate landowners against “mobocracy” – fearing what the mostly illiterate uneducated yokels might vote in if given the power.

            But our general populace since then has evolved, I would hope.

            What’s so wrong with who ever wins the popular vote winning the election?

            Wouldn’t that insure that vote of bigger states like NY, Ill, CA are equal to those of the smaller states?

            My vote shouldn’t count more because I cross some imaginary line.

          • leftcoastdave

            Your vote is as it was valued at the founding. The constitution can be changed by a constitutional convention, but libs are afraid of convening one.

            The law of the land is founded in the constitution which is what it is. It can be changed. There is a process for it. Civilized people would choose to resort to civilized means to change.

            The rabble dress in black, wear masks and riot in the streets.

          • Hey, I’m not advocating for the violent secession of CA.

            I think the electoral college should be eliminated through legal means.

            But will that happen? Why would the REPS agree to that?

            The electoral collage has snuck in GW and Trump into the Whitehouse, and they like Wyoming and other red states counting triple over liberal CA.

            They know if it went straight to general they’d almost never win again, so it’s not principle, but politics which will continue the injustice.

            The ironic part is, if it were the other way around, and if Hillary lost the general but won the electoral, REPs would be screaming how the Lib Media and “deep state” are pulling one over on red blooded americans.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Seems every election cycle the topic of removal of the electoral college comes up, by one side or the other. Nothing ever happens.

          • SC Dave

            Are you seriously contending that the United States electorate is more than “mostly illiterate uneducated yokels”?

            Ask American voters to name, let alone define, the purpose of the three branches of their own fucking government, and 80%+ could not do it.

          • willbest

            The US is still full of idiots. Remember half the people are below average. Why would you want below average people deciding anything?

            The whole point of social security, medicare, and universal healthcare in general is that people are too stupid to manage their own finances, so we take the money away from them so we can give it back to them later when they need it. If you can’t be successful in managing your own life why in the hell should you have any input on the rules we all live by?

            And its not an imaginary line. Its a different sovereign government. Part of the problem is you don’t think the states are their own sovereigns. And that is understandable considering Lincoln put an end to that. But they do still enjoy considerable amounts of power.

          • Corporal Clott

            Actually, the United States is now a Federal Corporation and is now afforded equal status of the “We the People” proclomation. The “United States of America” of which you reference, died in 1913.

          • willbest

            So you are a Northerner. Southerners believe that 1865 marked the beginning of the American Empire and that the South was its first territorial acquisition.

          • Corporal Clott

            There’s actually quite a bit of evidence which suggests you are correct but it even goes back further than that imo.

          • SC Dave

            The abdication of monetary freedom did not transform the republic into a democracy, Trac.

          • Corporal Clott

            I never said that. We have neither Dave.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            I’m fairly certain we’re headed for some pretty substantial riots. It’s going to be an interesting next decade….and it will be started by the idiocy on some millennial.

          • Corporal Clott

            No chance of a revolution, it’s too late for the masses. The man behind the curtain owns all the food. I figure the puppet masters will toleratate a certain amount of anarchy until the ranks are culled.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Laughable concept.

            California’s gonna walk away from the ports, the military bases, the National Parks, not to mention federal funding?

            What are they going to do?

            Fire on Edwards AFB, Camp Pendleton, Miramar NAS or The Presidio?

          • Scharfinator

            They don’t even like to own guns…

        • willbest

          Why should CA get the parts of CA that are owned by the Federal Government? Anyway, since southern Cal is dependent on Colorado River it seems nonsensical for it to leave the US and lose all rights to it.

          • Technically, isn’t every inch of the US, well, federal?
            The U.S. can even evict you from your home as many americans living on the border have found out.

            Of course the federal government isn’t just going to let CA just go. That’s why it’s called secession.

            And no reason CA can’t, you know, make independent agreements with private companies for water.

            Heaven forbid, capitalism!

            Besides, I don’t think we’re that far off from desalinating plants transforming salt water into drinking water.

            CA won’t violently secede in my life time, not quite yet (unless Trump pisses off N Korea into launching a nuke in L.A. or SF or something).

            But many Californians were IRATE with the whole Florida Gore/GW debacle.
            Then again with Trump winning the election despite not winning the popular vote.

            Once might be a fluke, but twice has alarmed many Californians, and not just liberal either.

            Ppl often assume that this state is more liberal than it really is but this state not long ago voted against legalizing gay marriage, so it’s not just “liberals” who are pissed their votes count less.

          • leftcoastdave

            People are upset by the contract into which they entered known as our constitutional republic? The worst change was to change how Senators were chosen, ie., by the legislature vs. now the popular vote. But the Electoral College was here ab initio. It protects the small states from the tyranny of the big states and the majority vote.

            As to the Colorado River, Kalyfphonya takes more water from it then any state or even Mexico. By what right you might ask?

            Check out the desal plant built in San Diego County for costs and cost of the water thereby produced and you will see that the economics are not yet there. That does not stop the wacko environmentalists from sending many thousands of acre feet of fresh water out into the SF bay for the minnow known as the Delta Smelt.

            Kalyfphonya is run worse than Shiraq. Moonbeam is spending billions for his crony capitalist friends on a choo choo train while tens of thousands of homeless line the streets in LA. “Cap and trade” taxes the utilities and gas refineries to make poor people pay for subsidies to the rich buying Teslas to the tune of $25-$30k per car, all of which makes Elon Musk even richer.


            Let there be a vote by county and let those who wish to go, leave. San Diego would stay, the producing states would stay, the looters on the coast can have their dystopian paradise.

          • “It protects the small states from the tyranny of the big states and the majority vote.”

            So Chicagoans, Los Angelenos, New Yorkers, etc are automatically tyrants trying to suppress the po farmer? Is that it? Is that why the electoral college still exists?

            Isn’t the majority vote, well, the majority?

            It’s not as if the popular vote is going to elect a president who will then just oppress the rural united states.

            What’s to protect the big states from the tyranny of the small states?

            If CA is run worse than whatever your saying, why is it an economic powerhouse, not just in the US, but internationally?
            Why is the cost of living higher? Why do americans flee other parts of the US to try to make it here?
            They must love living under the communist fist.

            And if you’re going by county by county, imagine the “left” counties in other states opting out lol

          • leftcoastdave

            Lol or silently. You rail against what is, that which is enshrined in the constitution which was the pact formed by the thirteen original states. That was the deal they cut.

            Want to bitch about that? Tough shit. Want to change it, there is a process enshrined in the constitution. Change it or quit whining.

            Kalyphonya is a rich state because it of its resources and because of the capitalist system which has allowed it to prosper. It has long been corrupted with the legislature owned by business interests who suck at the guvamint tit. See, ie., water historically and now Moonbeam’s choo choo train or cap and trade. It is all for the benefit of the rich. Just ask Elon Musk cashing in on the subsidies for his cars.

            If you really thought that county by county opt out would create anything governable, just look at where those counties voted in the last election. Good luck trying to govern the slums of America.

          • I could bitch about anything I want. If I feel like bitching about ice cream, I will.

            But this is a bit more serious, isn’t it?

            You think the electoral college should stand? Would you feel the same if Trump and GW won the general but lost the electoral?

            Would you feel that way if you count was 1/3 of another state?

            If you would bend over and ask for more, that’s on you, not me.

            And of course it’s not going to change.

            Like I said, no Rep would be on board since it benefits them..

            And name one state government that doesn’t have pork barrel and corruption. I’ll wait.

            Still doesn’t mean that state is as powerful as CA.

            Here ya go.

          • willbest

            Its nonsensical to contemplate the vote totals from 2000 or 2016 as if they were valid under a direct democracy system. Or really any election.

            1) voter fraud is more valuable in direct democracy.
            2) people in safe states that don’t otherwise vote would be compelled to
            3) the campaign strategies would be different
            4) the political party apparatuses would align differently

            Also, the swing states change over time. CA use to be GOP, Texas used to be Dem. The midwest has been reliably democrat for the last generation and its moving to the right now that the Dems have abandoned the white working and middle class, at the same time VA is going blue, as is the Sunbelt, and GA will too if blacks continue to be gentrified out of their northern cities.

            So its not like Ohio and Florida have always controlled things. That just happens to be the case in recent times.

          • SC Dave

            “It’s not as if the popular vote is going to elect a president who will then just oppress the rural united states.”

            Why the fuck do you think Trump won, Butch?

          • willbest

            You don’t subscribe to the old axiom “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner”. The founders were terrified of democracy, and for good reason.

          • willbest

            Desalination has been viable for decades, it’s just bad for the environment or something.

            And I mean, the land is deeded to uncle sam.

            CA is liberal on the coast which is why the inland would stay with the US.

            Hillary lost MI because she F’d up and she has now admitted she doesn’t think we’ll on her feet.

          • My point isn’t that Hillary was a good candidate (I didn’t vote for her), or that she didn’t lose (perhaps with some Russian sabotage).

            My point is that the electoral college is no longer necessary, and furthermore, that it disenfranchises american citizens strictly on geographical reasons.

            Get rid of it.

            If Trump wins the popular vote next time around, so be it.

            What are ppl scared of?

            Every election going forward will be 51%-49% close, so whoever wins isn’t exactly going to turn around and fuck over the loser states.

          • leftcoastdave

            Go to Hillsdale.com to learn about the constitution and what it takes to change it. Then say “get rid of it” in reference to the electoral college. Silly talk signifying nothing.

          • Corporal Clott

            Then how will the elite control the outcome of elections so effectively if they do away with the electoral college?

          • Exactly!

            C’mon Fox news, campaign against the “deep state” electoral college.

            We can hand out pamphlets at KKK meetings, I mean, statue parades Trac!

          • Corporal Clott

            They’ll never go for it.

          • willbest

            We have a concerted attack on free speech going on right now, and you question the wisdom of a system designed to retard the power of the majority?

            The IRS has just been ordered to name the names of the employees that were actively discriminating against conservatives, and you think that giant red swath in the middle of the country wants the election to be decided by Hollywood and Silicon Valley?

            You question Russian involvement and yet you want a system that generates a single point of attack?

            The country has never been more diverse and you think that bodes well for tyranny of the majority?

            Country has been in a cold civil war since at least 2006, and it’s looking like it will go hit here in short order at the rate antifa is going

          • SC Dave

            +10,000 or more on that first sentence

          • Irish Sweetness

            Always has been attacked. The Dixie Chicks got disappeared over anti-Bush statements. Kap is unemployed.

          • SC Dave

            Well, think about those folks in Montana who are not enamored of the idea that you can vote to take their money away to pay illegal Mexicans’ health care so they can mow your lawns.

          • Irish Sweetness

            All Federal except the bank that calls itself so. Go figure.

      • Irish Sweetness

        The Federal Reserve hold all national parks and territories as collateral on that loan. Could they sell some of that off?

        • Corporal Clott

          You always tempt me to spill the beans Irish but I’m sworn to secrecy. You make me feel like I’m sitting on a park bench watching a blind man trying to gather up a piece of bread he dropped that he just can’t seem to pull in.

    • Corporal Clott

      Yet Albert Pikes statue and tomb in D.C. stays. It’s all about pitting people against each other imo.

      • leftcoastdave

        What about Stanford?

        Can’t besmirch that name now can we?

        • Corporal Clott

          It matters not Dave, the only way to rise above it all is to call them on the b.s., not get drawn into a skirmish with one another. I actually think it’s a mistake to cover up their crimes by destroying evidence.

          • leftcoastdave

            Whose crimes, the black pajama ninja’s coming to “protests” armed and wearing masks?

          • Corporal Clott

            Lol. Earning 25 bucks an hour?

          • SC Dave

            Soros money

      • willbest

        Duke university is named after a confederate soldier and slave owner. It’s financial well being was secured by the guys done who made his fortune in tobacco and burning fossil fuels. I expect it to be renamed before 2020

      • SC Dave

        Anything to distract us from the debt-ridden, dream-stealing fiasco that is our government.

  • The immortal Henne starting for the Jags


    And a new contender enters the Darnold sweepstakes…

  • Just checked my Twit since like last yr.

    Apparently, Peyton was at Halas.

    Pretty cool pic (also, Peyton and Trub have same goofy smile. Good sign?)


    • SC Dave

      Maybe Fox will hire him as a special coach for Trubisky?

      • In one of the pics White and some other WRs were listening intently to Peyton in a somewhat private convo.

        Hope they took notes.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Yup. We don’t them shitting their pants if they make the playoffs.

  • leftcoastdave

    I love it that Robert Yi Ree was going to offend some VA fans and so ESPN took him off a game.

    Snowflake city.

    • BearDown100393

      Blame the Mouse for caving.

      • leftcoastdave

        That’s racist. Don’t be blaming the black dude.

    • SC Dave

      You’re shitting me, right?

      Edit: You’re FUCKING shitting me, right?

      • Scharfinator

        It’s real. Sadly.

    • AlbertInTucson

      ESPN is claiming Lee and his agent were concerned and first broached the issue

      Pardon me if I don’t believe that.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Shouldn’t they deal with Bob Ley, too?

  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    I’m watching the Cowboys game and Jaylon Smith’s brother Rod is trying to make the team as a running back. If Irish saw how huge he was he’d simply spontaneously ejaculate.

    • But does he rock a neckbrace and 10 pound shoulder pads?

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        He looks like a more ripped Dion Sims. He’s pretty stacked.

        • I wonder who is the most ripped Bear.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


          • Heard Aguayo did 49 reps while jumping out of a pool.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Budda Baker flipped up straights from his back withotu using his arms. Jus’ sayin’ … could had backlip the Bear …

            Curious question – who on the blog, would rather have Adam Shaheen in 2, rather than Budda/Obi or an OT of your choice …?

          • CanadaBear

            It’s called a kip in gymnastics. I could do those all day when I was young. Didn’t mean I was any good at football.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            our long snapper, he has so many muscles it looks like Scales, hence his name.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Fag. NTTAWWT.

          • Irish Sweetness

            BTW – I am now identifying as a bigot and homophobe. So let me. Or I’ll sue.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Nah, chicks for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with being straight.

      So today I got educated up on identifying as a gender non-binary. I don’t have to identify as either a man or a woman, I can change, depending on how I’m feeling. I can be gender-fluid. My pronouns are we/them/they

      Can I then identify as a 7 foot tall Chinese girl? I don’t have the extra 12 inches, or the vagina, but I can identify as such … right?

      • Scharfinator

        I’m species-fluid. Today I feel like being a fish.

        My coworkers will be in for a surprise when they find me flopping on the floor and suffocating in my office.

        • SC Dave

          ha ha ha

  • willbest

    I regret to inform you that I did not win 700 mil and thus will not be purchasing dablog box at soldier field like I had been anticipating. I am happy to report I got my $2 back.

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      I have a feeling that I won. I will offer to pay off a 400million dollar tax bill for the mccaskeys for 30% ownership stake and free nachos at every preseason game.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Our department (7, including our supervisor) took up a collection. I have no idea how many tickets we amassed or what the numbers were so, I MAY very well be wealthy!

    Don’t worry, even if I’ve won, I’ll still post here.

    And yes, I realize that is NOT welcome news for EVERYBODY

    • Irish Sweetness

      May I pay you Toosday for a hamburger today?

  • Irish Sweetness

    Where did the Trubs-starting rumor come from? On NFL.COM Fox said Glennon starts on Sunday, and whoever starts on Sunday starts week one. What meeting did I miss?

    Edit: Ahhhhhh …. Mitchell opens the 2nd half with starting O.


  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I did not expect Glennon to ever suck this bad. He has lost all confidence since his rookie year.

    The Bears might as well start Sanchise.

    • King of DBB

      High paycheck high expectation
      Some guys can’t do it under pressure

      Pace built in a clause that gets him out this year for just 8m

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