Week 10: Packers at Bears Game Preview

| November 10th, 2017

Where’s John Fox’s left hand?

Why Do I Like the Chicago Bears This Week?

I always like the Chicago Bears. And it’s goddamn Packers Week!

A Thought on Pace & Fox

This has been an ongoing Twitter conversation, picked up by Jahns and I on the podcast midweek. But it’s worth restating what I know as the Bears embark upon the second half of their schedule.

  • Ryan Pace has no intention at this stage of firing John Fox at the end of the season, barring a collapse.
  • Pace and Fox have built this roster together. They are a team. And Pace is owning the struggles on offense.
  • Don’t forget about how the Mike Glennon Fiasco impacted this team.
    • The Bears never intended to play Mitch Trubisky in 2017. Never. They were willing to put him on the field once the playoffs were mathematically out of reach but their true intent was to keep him on the bench until 2018. (This, to me, is insane. But it is what it is.)
    • Because of that, Trubisky didn’t take a first-team rep in earnest until October. It is very rare for a rookie quarterback to be thrust into this position after four weeks and clearly Fox is not comfortable with it yet. Yes, it should be expected for them to “open it up” more in the second half but don’t expect this team to start throwing forty passes a game anytime soon. They don’t believe that’s the right approach for Trubisky at this stage.
    • For those who think Pace is “looking for his Sean McVay”…it’s just not that simple. The Bears have built a terrific defense and power run game. They’re not looking to drastically change their identity.
    • Pace likes Dowell Loggains. And if you read this terrific piece by Jahns, you’ll understand that what is being called currently on offense is coming from the head coach, not the offensive coordinator.
  • There are some “media” out there positing that wins/losses won’t matter for Fox down the stretch. That’s not just wrong, it’s insane. Fox’s job is to win games, not beauty pageants. And while Trubisky’s development is important it was never part of the 2017 plan. The Bears won 3 games a season ago. If they win 7 or 8 this year, the organization will view that as a significant improvement and Fox will face a make-or-break 2018.

Tweet of the Week

Three Reasons the Bears Win

  • Brett Hundley vs. Bears Defense. Mike McCarthy will script out Hundley’s first fifteen plays and the Packers will look decent. (This has happened in both of his starts.) But if they get behind the chains, Hundley is unable to recover because, well, he’s not good. He can be dangerous if the Bears let him extend plays outside the pocket or move the chains with his legs. But the Bears didn’t let Cam Newton do that. They’re going to be hustled by Hundley?
  • Leonard Floyd vs. RT Justin McCray. Floyd has five sacks in his last five games and will be facing a player in McCray he should dominate. This has all the makings of a 2 or 3 sack performance from Lloyd, who’ll be feeding off a fired-up Soldier Field faithful.

  • Tarik Cohen vs. Injured Packers LBs. The Saints and Lions, facing Dom Capers blitzes the last several weeks, exploited the Packers aggressiveness with well-timed screens. Don’t use Jordan Howard on these, Bears. Put the ball in Cohen’s hands at the right time, against the right defense, and he’ll score from distance.

Three Reasons They Don’t

  • Mitch Trubisky vs. Those Blitzes. The most difficult thing for a rookie quarterback to handle in his first go-round in the NFL is reading defenses, and specifically recognizing blitz looks. Capers knows he’s not able to pressure opposing quarterback with his front – the Packers have only 13 sacks on the season – so he will try to confuse Trubisky. Considering the Bears insist on putting the kid in third-and-longs repeatedly, expect Trubisky to take time getting comfortable against the team’s oldest rival.
  • Connor Barth vs. His Inability to Kick Field Goals. Barth is 3-for-7 on FGs longer than 40 yards. That’s not a bad percentage. That’s a percentage that should have gotten Barth fired over the bye week. Why are the Bears sticking with Barth? Nobody has a good answer. Just like the Bears are getting better by having Trubisky make his mistakes on the field, they’d be far better off long-term if some rookie kicker was shanking 42-yarders.
  • John Fox’s Bears vs. The Bye. Bears are 0-2 coming off the bye under John Fox, losing those games by a combined score of 59-30. And if you go back to the last year under Trestman, the Bears are down 114-44 coming off the bye.

Graphic by Brad Perniciaro at Cheatsheet War Room

An SNL Star Character is Born

With that, my five favorite SNL characters ever:

(5) Stefon. The perfect creation of Bill Hader and John Mulaney, Stefon Meyers was never funnier than when he broke Hader down like this great Halloween appearance.

(4) Brenda the Waitress. If you’ve never seen Jan Sweeney and Alec Baldwin in one of the greatest sketches ever written, watch it here.

(3) Gus Chiggins. This Will Ferrell character – an old prospector inexplicably placed in a military meeting of some kind – never actually aired. And the reasons are simple. First, the sketch and character are insane. Second, nobody on the damn stage could keep a straight face. But you should watch it here or on the Best of Will Ferrell DVD.

(2) Harry Caray. Nothing. Nothing. Seriously nothing on SNL has ever made me laugh more than Ferrell’s deranged and brilliant Caray impression. Space, the Infinite Frontier is a show I wish existed.

(1) The Blues Brothers. Quite simply the coolest thing to ever come from this television program. Am I a biased Chicagophile? Yes. But I also think that when characters leave SNL and create great movies, that’s still a check in SNL’s column. (Here’s my favorite number from the film.)

Don’t Be Surprised If…

…Brett Hundley doesn’t finish this game for the Packers.

Pertinent Packers Links!

Photo of the Week

Post-marathon Guinness for Official Lady Friend of DBB.

Game Prediction

Can’t remember ever writing this sentence. But if the Bears lose to the Packers Sunday at Soldier Field, it’s because the Bears played a poor game. The one advantage one would think the Packers have – facing a rookie quarterback – is mitigated by the fact that Trubisky has more game experience than the Green Bay signal caller.

Chicago Bears 23

Green Bay Packers 13

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  • Scharfinator

    Good write up. I agree that this game is the Bear’s to lose.

  • Big Mike

    Fuck the Packers.

    • Bear Instincts


    • BearDown100393


      – Erin Rodgers

      • Latoya

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      • Erika

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  • Bear Instincts

    Good article.

    I listened to the podcast with Jahns already. I understand why Pace wants to keep him. If Pace wants to handcuff himself to Fox for the long run after 2018 it might just be to his own downfall. Fox had it all in Denver and could not get it done. But I wont beat the dead horse anymore.

    Fox would have to go out of his way to intentionally sabotage this team in order for it to collapse. The schedule is too much in their favor for them to fail.

    American’s loves guns more than they love their lives. If not they would give their representatives hell until they changed the gun laws. Evil is evil is evil and it will use whatever means necessary to achieve its goals. Guns are the easiest way to kill.

    • BearDown100393

      Do what Elway does.

      Shove Hobo out the door and bring aboard a HC to get to the next level.


  • SC Dave

    While not really pertinent to what you wrote here Jeff, I disagree with you that this season is all (or even primarily for that matter) about developing Mitch Trubisky.

    In my mind, it is more important to establish in the minds and hearts of the entire organization that they can, should, and will be winners.

    Not next season, not sometime later. Now. This season. This week.

    And the *only* way you do that is to win games.

    • SC Dave

      (That being said, I’m not keen on cheating)

    • BearDown100393

      The biggest positive (so far) of the season is the defense. Hicks has been terrific. And Danny (when on the field) also. Fuller is the comeback kid.

      Well done Fangio. Well done.

      • SC Dave

        As much as we know Hicks has meant to the Bears, we probably still seriously underestimate it.

        • BearDown100393

          The guy is just special.

    • That has been my # objective since Fox took over.

      Creating a winning mentality. EXPECTING to win, and not just cross your fingers and hold on for dear life waiting for the clock to expire or checking vacation spots in Dec.

      • SC Dave

        We are in total agreement on this. It was the entire point after the Trestman debacle.

        Also, given the evident success of Fox in moving that direction, I just don’t get the whole thing about him having checked out.

        I’m sorry, but I don’t.

        • Would it surprise you if the team came out like Zombies and we lose this game?

          • SC Dave

            It would, actually. Of course, I never could understand how you could do that for the Packers.

            THEY will be ready to play, that is for sure.

          • CanadaBear


  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


    • willbest

      The level of risk aversion at that position is mind boggling.

    • BearDown100393


  • It’s all part of the plan

    GP, my wife and I discussed it and we’ve come to a mutual decision.
    Feel free to inform us about any future fintech investments you are making and …..that is all.

    • Cockney Kirk


      I’m shorting Ha-ha Dix’s career.

    • evantonio

      i’d like to subscribe to this newsletter

  • Cockney Kirk

    Bears eXtra (capping the X is key) had Eddie Jackson on

    Man, that kid is so full of Bama confidence it’s mad. He’s got that quiet low-key speak that athletes have, but when you parse his words you get the full Rick Flair.

    “no doubt that not only can I compete on this level I can dominate.”
    “I expect to have that kind of game every week.” (in reference to his twin pick-6s)

  • CanadaBear

    I like the football stuff. For someone who has always thought SNL was colosally overrated, that part of the article rings very hollow. The Blues Brothers were an emabarrassment and every true Blues lover just shakes their head over that hooey. Neither one of them can sing or dance. Ackroyd can barely play harmonica and Belushi couldn’t even do that. Watch a clip of them doing Soul Man and then watch Sam and Dave. Case closed

    • Cockney Kirk

      Ackroyd also founds House of Blues, with money from Bruce Willis and others.

      HoB becomes a chain and quite a bit bigger than any black-owned clubs, causing quite a bit of resentment in the city. Buddy Guy has outright complained that House of Blues did a “Taco Bell” on the Blues.

      • CanadaBear

        Buddy is a keen businessman. Gotta agree with him. Although Buddy isn’t as gracious as he seems. We booked Buddy in the mid 80’s for $2k. These days his asking price is more than 10x’s that and a few years ago he was still paying the sidemen like it’s the 80’s. Buddy is one of my all-time faves and I’ve met him and spent some time with him on a few occasions.

        • Cockney Kirk


      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        so they broadened the base, even if it is a very generic version of the Blues, people are more exposed to it. Once that happens, one would think, some of those will start looking into “true” blues music.

        FYI the first “mexican” food I ever had was from Taco Bell, which led me to try more authentic mexican restaurants.

        • CanadaBear

          It’s kinda like that trickle down theory. Trust me, the blues brothers sold a ton of copies of briefcase full of blues and that is the one and only Blues album in a lot of collections. I’ve never talked to one person that was introduced to the Blues by those guys.

          • willbest

            I got a healthy dose of Jazz and Big Bang visiting my grandpa. I think with the older forms you aren’t going to find your way into them without a family member at this point.

          • CanadaBear

            Good point. The Blues demographic is 60+. Once us old farts that promote the music are gone I’m afraid it will become a novelty or historical artifact. People will always play it but they won’t get paid for it! Oh well.

          • I hope you mean Big Band

          • willbest

            I do, that was posted from my smart phone not my desktop.

      • Cormonster

        HoB may be OK for smaller acts, but for national acts that are sold out, it’s a terrible place to see a show. Been to the ones in Chicago and Dallas and both sucked. Terrible sound unless you cram up front or have the very first row in the balcony. Also terrible sight lines all over.

        • CanadaBear

          Have you ever gone to the Gospel Brunch on Sundays? Years ago that was always a big hit.

          • Cormonster

            No. I’m always trying to get the hell out of there on Sunday mornings unless going to a Bears game. Sounds cool though.

    • willbest

      Angel was a decent bit, for the first 2 minutes, but I was already tired of it by the end.

    • BerwynBomber

      ITA about the Blues Brothers. And I don’t even think you need go to the source to determine their covers were singing Bruce Willis-quality.

    • beninnorcal

      Stopped watching SNL years ago, it wasn’t funny anymore and from clips I’ve seen lately, that hasn’t appeared to change.

    • CanadaBear

      Here’s Sam and Dave doing the winder upper of their show back in the day. They are backed up by Booker T and the MG’s with the Memphis Horns.

    • I always thought the Blues Bros were more of a parody.

      No one gets pissed over El Vez!

      • SC Dave

        Awesome! Thanks for posting.

      • CanadaBear

        How many SNL parodies put out albums and go on tour?

      • CanadaBear

        Have you ever seen Metalchi?

        • lol

          About a yr ago, this there was an Irish punk mariachi band playing somewhere in L.A.

          Wanted to see them just to see how the fuck they pull that off.

        • Cormonster

          There’s a Milwaukee band that does mashups of Beatles and Metallica songs, like Hey Dude! It’s funny for a couple songs, then gets old. Love the James Hetfield Yeah! impersonation. Funny lyrics in this one.

          • CanadaBear

            Liked the Hetfield impression! Couldn’t understand about half of it. Old Timers disease.

          • Cormonster

            There are lots of metal songs I love that I’ve heard hundreds of times and still have no idea what they’re about!

          • CanadaBear

            Kinda like Rolling Stones songs. Trying to decipher what Jagger is saying is an art form.

  • Cockney Kirk

    Wow. This is pretty scary. Makes you realize all the things that go on.


    Flynn, a Lt. General in the Army, takes a bribe from Turkey to allow them to take delivery of a citizen given asylum in this country. So, asylum is granted to this Turkish cleric to escape persecution from Turkey – the Turks want him back so they can torture him and fuck his shit up – so they ask a (admittedly former at this point) Army General if he would use his NightStalker team of Mercs that do renditions to go nab this guy and stick him on a Lear back to Turkey.

    And Flynn takes the money and does it.

    How many security companies are operating on U.S. soil making people, be they full citizens or asylum seekers, vanish?

    That is downright Mexican.

  • willbest

    “94% of Americans (93% of gun owners) want background checks on every gun sale. Retweet if you do too.” – Jeff tweeting Durbin.

    I suppose that is one way to distract from the fact the FedGov can’t even manage to do the data entry part of its job correctly. A background check is only as good as your database.

    • BerwynBomber

      Really lame counter …

      • willbest

        As opposed to pointing out that Fed law mandates that all sales with dealers be background checked, and all sales between private residents of different states need to brokered through a FFL dealer with a background check performed.

        That for private sales between residents of the same states, we still practice that quaint little notion of Federalism and allow the states to make the rules. And for these sales 20 states (including the majority of the population) require some form of background check.

        At the moment we don’t know where he got the specific guns he used, but we do know he passed a background check and acquired guns that would have served his purpose just fine. My question then is why wouldn’t you be looking to fill the holes in a known vulnerability and instead attack some unknown possibility. And its because well, the guy making the comment is responsible for the known vulnerability.

      • beninnorcal

        Will is spot on here. The Texas shooter had no buisness legally purchasing those guns. It was due to a failure of the government.

        • Bear Instincts

          Yes he had no business having access to gun legally. However we cant say for sure that he did not have the means to acquire them illegally.

          • beninnorcal

            Your point? Will was responding to the politician above, grandstanding about background checks. I’m all for background checks on gun sales but I would hope they would reflect someone’s ACTUAL criminal history.

          • Bender McLugh


          • Or mental history

          • willbest

            That gets tricky, because for example, around 1 in 4 women age 40-60 take some sort of mood altering medication. And then on the flipside it is a real chore to get someone declared legally incompetent. So where do you draw the line on mental health.

          • I think it’s already in the books that someone who has been instituted, attempted suicide, etc can’t buy guns.

            But we would have to leave that up to the experts.

            For instance, not all schizos are violent, but the ones who are, maybe cross them off the list.

            We can start with a strict baseline, then go from there.

          • willbest

            Well obviously he had the means to acquire them illegally. Every gangbanger in Chicago acquires them illegally. I could go get a hand gun illegally if I were willing to pay 3 times the price for one. I don’t need to though because I can buy them legally.

            I suspect you meant to say that he could buy one legally without a background check. And that is true he could buy one from another Texas resident legally without a background check. But if he didn’t have that option, it wouldn’t have prevented this tragedy.

        • BerwynBomber

          Will is rarely if ever “spot on” when it comes to something remotely political.

          The “failure of the government” was on the Air Force for not transferring his court martial convictions to the law enforcement database.

          That and the fact that Texas only requires a license for handguns — not assault weapons.

          • beninnorcal

            Please explain how the Airforce’s error isn’t a failure of government.

          • BerwynBomber

            Hah! I doubt Will ever wishes to blame the military when he calls out the “federal government”.

            And as I mentioned, this was also a failure of Texas’s whacky gun laws.

            If you disagree with background checks, fair enough (however dim). But arguing we shouldn’t have them because the federal government is inept is just conservative pablum.

          • willbest

            Why? The military fucks a lot of things up. Everybody seems to have their own pet government agency. Like some people take what the EPA or CDC say as gospel while chastising wastefulness/incompetence in virtually every other branch. Personally, I don’t think any particular area of the government is spared rot, waste, and incompetence. All you got is varying degrees of it.

            And lets be clear. I support background checks. I don’t mind the FOID card, I think the conceal carry bit is excessive in IL, but not unduly burdensome as long as it is SHALL ISSUE on jumping through hoops rather than the MAY ISSUE bullshit some states *cough* CA *cough* try to impose. But I would hasten to point out that its pointless because none of the gangbangers are going to take the course, so all you are doing is making things difficult for me, and I am not a threat.

            So I do see where Texas is coming from in that regard, and am not going to get all bent out of shape if they decide to conduct themselves that way.

            “But arguing we shouldn’t have them because the federal government”

            And that isn’t what I was arguing. I was as beninnorcal said, shooting down stupid ass grandstanding and blame deflection by my own representative.

          • BerwynBomber

            Grandstanding is pretty much normal political discourse on both sides of the aisle.

            Durbin was not deflecting blame. He was merely voicing an opinion held by an overwhelming majority of Americans.

          • “I don’t think any particular area of the government is spared rot,
            waste, and incompetence. All you got is varying degrees of it.”

            Would you prefer a private corporation take over government run areas, like the IRS, CDC, DMV, Post Office, ATF, etc, EPA, Dep of Commerce, CFTC, Anti-Trust division, VA, Dep of Education, Transportation, Labor…


          • willbest

            Well you listed a whole bunch, so the answer is, “it depends”

          • beninnorcal

            Sorry Berwyn, I forgot that the military wasn’t part of the government.

          • BerwynBomber

            When conservatives criticize the federal government it rarely is.

        • AlbertInTucson

          “..failure of the government.”!?

          I am shocked. SHOCKED!

    • BearDown100393

      Mitch hates killings.

    • Buying a gun should be as painful as going to the DMV, esp assault rifles.

      • willbest

        People keep saying this but I don’t really ever have a problem at the DMV. You go in, the guy/gal at the reception desks asks what you want, you tell them, they give you a number for that queue and you go sit in chairs for 20m-45m, do your thing, pay your tab, and walk out.

        • Malice Halice

          One benefit of da Twin cities is dat I can leave St. Paul n drive 8min to Roseville DMV and be done within 10 mins. Big city DMV is horrible.

          • willbest

            I mean it used to be bad back in the 90s where we all stood in a line for 6 hours and nobody had cell phones let alone smart phones. But they switched to the queue and chair method and now you have your smart phone, so now its not any worse than going and seeing your doctor (who is universally 20-40 minutes behind schedule even at 9 in the morning).

          • CanadaBear

            Hey MH, did you go to the Blues clubs?

        • BerwynBomber

          We agree there. Mine always runs well –and I go to the one out on Mannheim. And if you’re merely going in for a sticker (I forgot to renew mine this past year and had to supply physical proof after being ticketed) it is no more than five or ten minutes.

          They have a nice, efficient system in general and seem to stagger breaks and lunches well.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Had to renew my license in June. Got there 20 minutes before the opened.

          10 minutes before they opened somebody out and handed out forms for folks to fill out.

          Doors opened at 7a. I was done by & 7:45a.

          Arizona DMV used to be a stereotypical “We’re happy waste YOUR time” process but in the last couple of years they have really streamlined the process.

          • Willie

            Al, I used to drive down to the Green Valley DMV just to avoid the one over around Pantano or Sarnoff or something… It actually took less time to drive the 45 minutes each way for a 5 minute wait amongst the retirees than that shit show east side DMV.

            Actually heading back to Tucson in a week. What’s the eegee’s flavor of the month?

          • AlbertInTucson

            Cherry Cider.

            There’s an Eeegee’s in Casa Grande, now.

            On Florence Blvd a few blocks West of I-10.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        got to love small town DMVs, I have never waited more than a couple minutes. I also don’t go at busy times.

    • It’s all part of the plan

      Durbin is such a fucking scumbag.
      But I’m all for brutal limitations on gun ownership because, let’s face it, most Americans are borderline retarded.

      • Life is like a box of 5.56 bullets…never know what you’re gonna git

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Problem is we missed the boat. The guns are in the wind.

        I hunt, love the outdoors, and own two guns. Both shotguns. I could see a hunter wanting a rifle for some long distance shooting. I don’t own one, but I can understand it.

        I can also understand why folks would want to own pistols. I don’t. They’re too easy to get pointed in the wrong direction if you ask me.

        But the automatic weapons that are doing all the damage should never have made their way to the general public. They’re completely unnecessary for anybody but law enforcement or military operations. Never should have happened.

        But they’re out there, and there’s no getting them back. We’re proper fucked on that front. So time to figure something else out. I have no suggestions. The problem seems unsolvable to me given the state of things.

  • willbest

    Turn it around. If you are Ryan Pace and you decide Fox is your HC in 2018, then what?

    Pace is a gambler, but he doesn’t have Elway balls. He isn’t going to fire a playoff coach, and bring somebody in to close the deal. So if Fox is your HC next year, and the team takes off like the 2017 Eagles or Rams, Fox is your coach for the entirety of that defenses window of opportunity.

    • Bear Instincts

      Exactly what I have ringing the alarm about. What is the difference between Fox in Denver with Paytong @qb and a elite defense and Fox with the Bears. He failed to get it done in the most ideal of conditions and somehow people believe he can get it done here. I’m inclined to sit back and just watch the show and accept whatever may come.

    • BearDown100393

      Pace cannot jeopardize the future of his quarterback (who traded up for) for an overripe HC with a terrible OC.

      Don’t duplicate the tail end of the Smith era.

  • BerwynBomber

    Most important game the Bears have played since the ’13 finale. I’m sticking to it.

    The Bears lose this game the natives will be fucking livid. (I will be.) And ownership will be too. But I think we get the job done and the John Fox debate continues.

    Bears 20 Cheese 10

    • BearDown100393

      I’m fairly confident in a Bears victory. It’ll be ugly for the offense but our defense will continue to shine.

      The credit belongs to Fangio. Don’t get the Hobo lovefest popping up at the top of the page.

  • CanadaBear

    Is it just me or does the official girlfriend of DBB look like she could kick a lot of our asses? Can’t speak for you guys but I’m pretty sure she could slap the shit out of me. No wonder Jeff has so much patience with our foolishness!

    • BearDown100393

      Thought that was Rev Dave in town for a visit.

      Thank you for clarifying.

  • evantonio

    The 4-letter doesn’t think Fox hangs around next year:

    Trubisky blooms in 2018, Jim Harbaugh’s first year as coach of the Bears, leading the team to the 2019 playoffs.


    • BearDown100393

      Fake news

    • The funny part about the Fox apologists is that ALL of them would hire Harb over Fox in a nano second.

  • BerwynBomber

    “McCarthy is a good offensive coach and terrific play-caller.”

    I wonder about this. More and more Rodgers seems to be mentally approaching Peyton status, which is basically functioning as a player/OC. Or at the least an on-the-field OC.

    And let’s be honest, how much of the Cheese’s O production the last few years has been the result of scheme vs. Rodgers pulling rabbits out of his ass or getting free plays via 12 man and hard counts?

    Btw, Matt Bowen has been criticizing McCarthy’s scheme for a few years now. Claiming it is way too static and relies too much on WRs winning one-on-one battles. He has said the same of McAdoo’s O for the NYG — even last year when NYG was winning. McAddo having fallen off the McCarthy tree.

    • BearDown100393

      Yeah Hundley really tore it up out there against the Loins.

    • willbest

      His situational awareness of free play offsides and 12-man is superhuman. I honestly don’t know he does it in a football helmet. He must have mirrors in there or something.

      • BearDown100393

        Gets crap support also.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      “Pulling rabbits out of his ass.”

      It’s probably that. He’s ALWAYS doing that.

  • BerwynBomber

    Never cared much for the SNL recurring characters. In fact, often thought they were the worst part of the show. But the exception was Hartman’s Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

    Clinton-Dix isn’t garbage. But he shouldn’t have been a Pro Bowler either. He is mostly a competent safety. Nothing more, not much less. But guys like G. Quinn and H. Smith are much, much better, and E. Jackson might surpass him too.

    • BearDown100393

      How does someone name their kid “Ha Ha”?

      • BerwynBomber

        I assume it is a nickname.

        • BearDown100393



      • Was about to name my kid, then I got high…

    • Cockney Kirk

      I tried to show my kid Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

      It’s gone. Can’t find it on Youtube, Vimeo, NBC – nowhere.

    • I got a feva! and the prescription is more cowbells!

  • “For those who think Pace is “looking for his Sean McVay”…it’s just not
    that simple. The Bears have built a terrific defense and power run game.
    They’re not looking to drastically change their identity.”

    Gurley is the #4 leading rusher, one spot ahead of Howard.

    Don’t have to sacrifice a modern O to run well.

    • SC Dave

      I would suggest that Howard could be #1 with a modern offense. But he needs to wait until his QB is ready.

      • willbest

        You don’t think his less than stellar catching ability would hinder his ability to function in a more modern O?

  • EnderWiggin

    Thanks for the Gus Chiggins link – I’ve never seen that. Good stuff.
    Your whole top 5 is good, but I’d try to make room for Matt Foley Motivational Speaker, Canteen Boy, and possibly Opera Man.
    I think we aren’t done with conservative Bears. If we get up by 10 points or so – we’ll be right back to the high school offense, and that’s OK.

    • Ender, you bastard! You stole the Bears D from me this week!

      • EnderWiggin

        Trade deadline in a day or two…
        lol… 3-6 man. 3-6!

        • Willie

          This league is killing me! 4-5 with the most points! I had no idea what I was doing in the draft… still not sure what the scoring is? PPR as in PPRush?

          • Actually, I’m the point leader followed by Sac (pats shoulder).

            the funny part is that Ender has about 100 more points than Artoo, but Too is 7-2 while Ender is 3-6.

            But Artoo also has the lowest Points Against (PA), so thems are the breaks. He must have a tough D lol

            The point system is basically .5 PPR

            What is that?

            Well, you get some points for catches (5 catches, 10 catches) but it’s not TOO many points.

            I think it’s absurd when a HB like Chris Thompson is a top #5 back over real HBs like Howard or Fournette, or when small white slot WRs are equal to Julio Jones, Hopkins… so it’s not FULL ppr.

            The points only SEEM like a lot but that’s mostly due to being a two QB league.

            An 2nd QB is 15 points extra automatically.

            The rest is rather standard.

          • EnderWiggin

            I threw you an offer.

          • Ok. Lemme check.

          • EnderWiggin

            Yes, that was good stuff. Thanks.

          • I actually would’ve taken your first deal if Cam didn’t have wk #11 bye.

            But the league is too competitive for me to go into week #11 with 1 QB.

            I just hope Jones holds up lol

            Shepard I like. He’s the defacto #1 in NY now and they throw a lot.
            And Morris is now behind the best Oline with Dak and Bryant. He’ll be a RB#2 at worst – I think his floor will be 15 points per week, much like Howard.

          • Would you trade a hobbled Jones for Morris and Kelvin Benjamin?

          • EnderWiggin

            How about Morris and Shepard for Jones?

          • EnderWiggin

            and Bears D

          • You want the Jets D, or no?

          • EnderWiggin


          • Sounds good. I’ll send you the offer.

          • Willie

            Must be a different league. Not the PaceBots auction?

            I’m definitely first in points!

          • Oh shit, you’re right!

            You’re 35 points ahead of me. Forgot I completely bombed last week lol

            But FF, like Football, is a week to week game that depends on who you played.

            Like apparently Artoo has run into low scoring opponents.

            teams have scored 120+ more points against you –

            If you were to spread those 120 points for your team across the season, I bet you’re 7-2.

            You’re still in the mix for the championship though.

            Beating Bears 505 this week is a MUST for you cuz it knocks down a potential competitor for that last playoff spot.

  • Dunno what to make of these guys, but they do drop a lot of good tidbits, like this

    “The Bears are 0-5 under Fox. Don’t know what’s worse, only being favored 5 times in two and a half seasons, or losing all 5 games they’re favored in”


    • willbest

      Maybe Fox’s “any given sunday” speech is a lot better than his “Men of destiny” speech.

  • Bender McLugh

    I like this prediction from Graziano on the 4-letter

    Trubisky blooms in 2018, Jim Harbaugh’s first year as coach of the Bears, leading the team to the 2019 playoffs. And though Harbaugh still seems to lose that one game every year that costs him a title shot, iron-jawed Trubisky at least matches him scowl for scowl.

  • Bear Instincts

    Mike Shanahan on coaching Robert Griffin III

  • BerwynBomber

    This guy has to rate way up there among recent draft busts. Does anyone remember him from the ’14 draft? #2 overall? Yikes …


    • SC Dave

      Damnit, don’t make me follow the link BB… name?

      • beninnorcal

        Greg Robinson, LT, Detroit. I never heard of him either

        • I think he was a RT from Bama who many on Da Blog wanted.

          Busted out.

          OTs have surprisingly had high bust rates in the past 5 yrs.

          They used to be considered relatively safe

    • CanadaBear

      The name was kinda, sorta familiar but I couldn’t place it until the line about the Rams trading him to the Loins. Still didn’t remember he was #2 overall.

  • willbest

    This story makes no sense.


    The dogs should be dead, and they would be severely malnourished even if they had a bottle of centrum with them.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Smells more than just a LITTLE fishy.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Packers 17, Bears 13” – Ryan Wood, Green Bay Press Gazette.

    “This is a game they have to win against a bad team, even on the road.”


    Another of these guys opines that the Bear defense is pretty good, “Considering they have no stars”.

    • willbest

      Hicks is going to the pro-bowl. Danny would too if he could stay healthy. Goldman might be the unsung hero. Jackson is going to be something assuming he doesn’t blow out his leg like all the other safeties.

      • AlbertInTucson

        This guy is supposed to be a professional and he can’t see the play coming for those guys and Floyd?

        That is just ignorant “Reporting.”

    • AlbertInTucson

      Please, Bears, shove this right into this guy’s kisser.

  • AlbertInTucson

    2h2 hours ago
    “Love Martellus Bennett forcing media and Packers to scramble. He’s full of shit. He’s always been full of shit. He will always BE full of shit.”

    RE: This…


    • Cormonster

      I was just listening to some Packer sports show on the drive home and they were discussing Bennett. Some of the words and phrases used were…

      Con artist
      Despicable human being
      Terrible team mate
      and a few other choice comments that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

      I got a good laugh out of it. They also used the Charlie Brown football analogy that this time it’s gonna be different. They thought that this time he’s gonna be a good employee and not get run out of town..

      • AlbertInTucson

        Yeah, but other than THAT…

      • “This time it’s gonna be different”

        Oh boy, Bear fans have known that before and not just with Bennett.

        That dude is a bozo.

        But that being said, the Pats had no problem resigning him.

        Gotta ask what they’re doing diff than us or even the Puke.

        • CanadaBear

          They have the chance to win the SB every year. Almost no other team can offer that. Because of that BB takes zero shit from any of the players. MB needs the anti-enabler or you get the Black Uni.

      • BearDown100393

        Thompson will bring him back.

  • BuddhaJoe

    So Black Uni claimed the Packers were fucking him by sending him out when he needed surgery, but is now practicing and plans to play as soon as he gets claimed by the Pats.

    Verdict: Lying fucking douche. Not that we didn’t know already.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Photo of the week is a whatchootalkinboutwillis moment if ever there was one.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Dude, Brenda the Waitress. I just watched that. Whatever it was.

    Tiny Elvis remains The King.

  • Latoya

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    I’ll be at the game …first time in chi town n loving it
    Go Bears
    They’ve got to win this game
    An I don’t care how just fucking beat them

  • Erika

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