• SC Dave

    It would be more interesting if it also said how many he lost that way.

    • Bear Instincts

      Question is will Pace make the change that is so badly necessary or will he stick with the same old same old.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I think we air it out against the Saints. Not Air Coryell, but more than will be expected.

    • The thing is that with Tebow they did run the read-option, and I even think, some wishbone.

      The got to the playoffs this way and actually defeated the Steelers.

      Naturally, the next week when they played the Pats, they were utterly destroyed and that was the end of that O in the NFL.

      • Bear Instincts

        Wouldn’t it be something if Fox got us to the playoffs with this kind of O?

        • SC Dave

          He just might.

          But I’d rather see a real offense

          • Bear Instincts

            I want to see MT10 air it out as well but I’m ok winning the SB with this trashy O

          • SC Dave

            We’d probably kill Howard in the process.

          • I think we would all love for Trub to suddenly run the Wentz high-flying O.

            But Fox won’t allow that, and frankly, Trub is not ready to run it.

            Wentz himself was not ready to run it his rook season, and he had way more experience in college running a real O.

            But the LEAST Birdcage/Fox can do is incorporate SOME read-option.

            It’s simple (that’s why it’s so prevalent in college) and Trub is used to it.

            And as many teams have shown, it’s effective in spots.

            I’m 100% sure Birdcage is ordered not to use it. How else can it be so absent when it’s simple, conservative, familiar (to Trub) and we have the perfect makeup to run it (TEs, RB, mobile QB and no WRs)?

            I don’t know where this ban is coming from. Hard to imagine from Fox. Yes, he’s an idiot, but even he was rather flexible with Tebus (maybe more Gase, but same shit).

            So that points to higher ups – Pace, whose ideal QB is Brees not Dak, Wilson, Wentz…

          • Irish Sweetness

            Wentz and Goff didn’t look like world-beaters as rookies did they …

            And it is coming from Fox, he basically admitted it in the presser. There is no way Pace has ANY input into football matters on the field. Foxy is the HC.

          • SC Dave

            True, and part of the point it seems.

          • True, but neither were they running an O from 1943.

            All I would like to see is that they open up the O a bit, maybe up to 1973?

          • BerwynBomber

            Wentz showed major flashes but he struggled down the stretch.
            I was convinced he was future top 10 the opening moments of the Iggles game against us last year, which I believe was the second or third game of their season.
            He looked more in control of his O three games into his rookie season than Cutler did after ten years. And that’s more a compliment of him than a slam of Cutler. Wentz looked that good that night.
            Goff is a surprise but I predicted McVay would turn into something competent if nothing else.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I wish Meredith was healthy.

            Even Kevin White.

            But Alson Jeffrey showed he had no heart.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Both the Redskins and Eagles local radio broadcasts of last night’s game alluded to that.

            Chris Cooley called him “A Stiff”.

          • Jim Miller in postgames would KILL Alshon.

            “Lazy route runner” I think were his exact words.

            He was happy Alshon was gone.

            Still, a lazy 6’4 230 Alshon is still preferable to what we have now, at least in the short term.

          • SC Dave

            Wrong on Jeffery – I never understand that bullshit.

            But I certainly agree on Meredith… he showed promise.

        • Irish Sweetness

          You can’t get to the playoffs with that kind of O. 7 passes is not an O, but as has been mentioned to death now, we won’t see it again unless we score two TDS really quickly.

          • SC Dave

            Patience, grasshopper.

            I think the brakes will come off slowly. We have faced what were rated as very good defenses since Mitch became starter.

            Even with Luke not playing.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          I don’t like the mileage on Howard. Those number of carries should be reserved for the playoffs.

          • SC Dave


          • Irish Sweetness

            See LeVeon Bell? He’s getting it 35 carries a game!

            Dave don’t read this ….. you’ll pop a vein.

            We need to keep investing in backs anyway. We don’t have anyone to spell Howard with. Jordan – though great – has a limited range…. even when he breaks one, he can’t take it all the way. The gas runs out 20-25 yards downfield. He’ll move the chains for us all day though and that’ll do. A Fournette takes that to the house. Ideally you have a Howard, another decent-sized back with wheels, and Cohen. But we can’t have it all. I just wish there was a bigger backup than Benny.

          • I’m actually ok with drafting HBs in the 4rth and beyond.

            We should target a specific type.

            We got the mauler
            We got the dancer

            Now we need a a sorta Hunt type with long speed.

          • SC Dave

            I understand your position, and it’s not unreasonable. Problem is, the best backs are always the guys that are “the man” and get their 20-25 carries.

            But I think we agree that 36 is WAY too many.

            And honestly, the guy you have on your avi never could take the big run to the house either. Got caught from behind all the time.

        • Bull Sheite

          Wouldn’t it be something if the Bears actually win a playoff game?

          Super Bowl bound…. team of destiny…. oh yeah!

  • Darn it, just posted this. So repost. Suck it.

    Few takes which have no doubt been elaborated.

    – Tebowisky O.

    I’ve said even before Trub even played that I hope Birdcage integrates various concepts that aren’t rocket science.

    Anyone catch the Iggles’ game?

    Amazing how simple a read option makes things. Fake the hand-off. Freeze the LB or S. HIt TE in the seam. Over and over and over again.

    Considering we only have TEs, HBs and a mobile QB, you would THINK this would be a logical choice, but we all know FOX.

    Again, don’t have to use it ALL the time, but how about in certain spots or ONE YD from the redzone?

    Lots of other stuff, but, what’s the point?

    Fox will be content with Tebowski ball.

    2. Oustanding D.

    It’s not really all that surprising Jackson has emerged. I said that he was the most likely candidate to make Pace look like a genius this draft, and indeed, he is.

    In one play he in the PS he showed more ball skill than all our other S since forever.

    And the return skills are just gravy.

    What is truly surprising is Amos and Fuller.

    They both looked like JAGs (at best) and suddenly they’ve elevated their play.
    Some might explain it as the front 7 playing great, but not really.

    Amos looks a bit thinner, faster and instinctive in coverage.
    Fuller is smothering, and holy, can he hit for a CB.

    They’re both playing with gigantic chips on their shoulders (one got benched, the other nearly cut with the bust label). If the front 7 stays healthy, the entire secondary will continue to ball.

    3. Forging an ID.

    This perhaps should be the #1 difference, but been saying for a while the Bears need to learn to win. One way or another.

    And like I said, they’re street brawlers. They want games to get ugly. They’re comfortable in the muck while other teams perhaps aren’t, get ansty, and make mistakes.

    It’s one thing to say this is a Defensive and running team and lose god knows how many games.

    It’s quite another saying it and winning.

    It’s finally becoming a semi-successful formula.

    That being said, Fox is still an idiot, and his players will have to win in-spite of him, not because of him, because I think even Tice’s O was more dynamic than what the Bears are trotting out right, and that’s saying something.

    For now, just enjoying the 2 wins.

    Not exactly a full-chub, more like a cinemax half-chub.

    • SC Dave

      On 3,

      I think it started on D with Akeem Hicks. Our MVP right now.

      On O, it comes from Jordan Howard.

      Long live both those guys. A decade more with The Only Team That Matters.

  • If they got to 4-4 Sunday, yea I could see them being players at the
    deadline to add something on the outside. Won’t be easy though. – Jeff

    Doesn’t Martivious Bryant still want out of Pit?

    I can see Pace shying away from a guy who wants out in spite of winning, but most WRs are like that (remember Antonio Brown demanding he be the highest paid player, or flipping over water coolers even though they were winning?)

    A fourth for Bryant I could def live with.

    He’s only like 25, big and fast. We’re not going to get a better WR prospect in the 4rth.

    • SC Dave

      No cancers, please.

      • Is he though?

        He wants the ball.

        That’s like 90% of good WRs.

        And if he only costs a 4rth, that’s no biggie if he flames out.

        Rather take a chance on Bryant than another Grasu.

        Also, Trub needs to get some REAL reps with REAL WRs.

        These WR clowns are stunting his progression.

        • SC Dave

          Yes, and no. Throw the ball properly to Cohen last weekend and he has two 60+ yard TD passes.

          Yes, real receivers would get more open, and guys like Alshon bail him out like Jeffery did repeatedly for Cutler, et al.

          But still, MT needs to start throwing better.

        • willbest

          he wouldn’t cost a 4th. it would be like a 3rd and a 4th, or maybe a 2nd

          • The Steelers drafted him in the 4rth.
            Plus, he not only wants OUT, but has like two strikes against him already for violating something or other.

            They may suspend him, but what would that do besides drive his value down?

            They would be lucky to get a 4rth, esp from a losing team like us.

          • willbest

            I don’t think we win 7, that is mid round. And Bryant is a #2 WR in the NFL. So where he was drafted is irrelevant

    • Irish Sweetness

      He’s an obvious fit at 6’4. I think he’d be happy in Chicago where he would basically become MT’s BFF. We have no 3rd round pick to trade, but have two in the 4th.

  • leftcoastdave

    Fox will go with what has been successful and that is pound the rock. He will also do what is necessary to open up the running game and expect that early with the Aints now that Mitchell has three games under his belt, has been able to get the birds eye view of Ds and has revealed very little of the bag of tricks Fox has in store.

    Stoopid as a Fox.

    Own the rock, own the clock and let a fresh D sock ’em.

    • Does Fox really expect to score twice on D every week while holding Os out of the redzone?

      • SC Dave

        I think he expects the line to win some blocks and get Howard is three to five runs of 12 to 25 yards.

      • Irish Sweetness

        We just fucking might. The Blues Brothers at safety will be egging each other on … like the 85 backers all competing for sacks. Loved Danny T’s showing up in pass coverage.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I expected 2 Florida QBs on the list. And the third is NC? I split my time between Florida and North Carolina now.

  • Cooper

    Fox can win that game in 1 pass!


    • KentuckyBearsFan

      that show was so bizarre….because players could name that tune within 1 to 4 notes.

      • Irish Sweetness

        It’s not that hard to name in one if you have a good idea of the answer.

        But the “I’m forever blowing bubbles” one was pathetic. Under the sea?

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    if Brees gets his ass kicked that means this defense is for real.

    • It’ll be a true test.
      We matched up well with the last two Os.

      Ravens are arguably the most impotent O in the NFL (Maybe even worse than ours considering we’re starting a rook with no WRs).

      Panthers had an ailing Benji, and that’s about it. Cam is still not Cam. He still looks beat up, and our Dline can bring the pain even more. Our big bodied CBs matched up well with the rest.

      Got up 2 scores, that was pretty much that.

      But Brees is another animal altogether. He’s a zone killer which is what has blown out the Bears more than any other type of QB.

      Brees is patient, savvy and accurate enough to sustain those long drives on “bend don’t break” type Ds.

      Michael Thomas, Ginn, etc are better than what the Ravens and Panthers had at WR (and in that Vikes game, Bradford was throwing on 1 leg with a hobbled Diggs the first half).

      Ingram is a lot like Howard. Kamura is a lot like Cohen.

      But they have Brees, and we have Tebowski.

      I think this will be an uneven game all around, but this O CAN’T go 3 and out like in the last games. Can’t. It’ll gas out our D and they’ll run Ingram down the pipe then hit Thomas and Co when they’re lagging.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Ginn will cut us open – or the OLD Bears’ D-backs anyway …

        Run-Run-Pass … will get us killed.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Aints spread us out and force us into base nickle, then go up-tempo and try to gas out our Dline.

          It’s not as if they fear turning the ball over quickly to our O.

          This might be a big Callahan/Amos day.

          • leftcoastdave

            I was becoming concerned about the D line time on the field Sunday and did not see much of RRH. Looked like they were rotating four and mostly using only two at a time.

            Anybody know if that hurt RRH took was serious?

          • Does anyone have any update on Roy-Roberston?

            I didn’t see anything in PFT.

          • willbest

            Well Brees does have a reputation to maintain. Plus our defense has scored more points than our offense since Trubisky took over (#fakefact)

        • It’s all part of the plan

          Ginn is the not the issue. Michael Thomas is the issue. He will easily top 100 yards.
          A Dolphins Fan Hurt By M. Thomas

          • He’s like his new Colston.

            Not a burner per se, but does everything well and has his trust.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I own him all over the shop in FF. He’s not gettinf it done recently. Ginn is.

      • BerwynBomber

        Tebowski? LOL.

        Brees is having his usual top five year. But the Saints seem more balanced this year. A nice one-two punch in in the rushing game and a D that — surprise, surprise — isn’t a Mel Tucker-level disaster.

        Saints receivers better than Panthers? I’m not buying. I’d take both Benjamin and Funchess over Ginn. And probably Benjamin over Thomas too.

        The big difference? Two of them play with Cam Newton and the other two with Drew Brees.

        Or as I wrote on the earlier thread, Ginn is on his fifth team, is 32 and is on track to have his best year ever. He’s also playing his first year ever with Brees. I sense there might be a correlation there.

        This will be a good test for both teams. Are the Saints really the class of their division? Are the Bears a legit WC/division threat?

        • willbest

          drew brees hit the bullseye on an archery target 20 times in a row and looked bored doing it. One of his WRs is going to beat one of your DBs

        • Benji is playing with a bum back and leg.
          Funchess is basically Alshon.

          Thomas/Ginn (and a healthy Snead) as well as Fleener are better IMO over inj Benji/Alshon 2/Dickson and whatever slot they Cam ignores.

          Ingram > old man Steward
          Kamura=McWhitey (maybe a slight edge to the latter, but not by much)

          And naturally, Brees over hobbled Cam.

          Practically superior across the board.

          That being said, Brees has thrown some uncharacteristic boneheaded INT, including a Cutleresque one

          (4:41 – 2:40)


          So if our D keeps pressing, Brees is not indestructible.

          It’ll come down to what it usu comes down to.

          The lines + the rest capitalizing when given the chance.

          • BerwynBomber

            Brees has never had Brady’s or Rodger’s ball security. He’ll throw the occasional lousy pick.

            But his TD/INT ratio, accuracy, decision-making are MILES better than even a healthy Cam. (And when was it determined that Cam was hobbled? Is that the excuse?)

            Cam’s basically Cutty as a passer. Big arm, bad mechanics, poor accuracy, questionable decisions. His running is what separates him.

            I’ll take CAR’s receiving corps over NO’s. Especially when you consider which guys are throwing them passes.

            But yeah I think we have a legit shot Sunday. NO is far from perfect. They’re a surprise team so far. Still trying to prove themselves.

          • Irish Sweetness

            “So if our D keeps pressing ….”

            Aaaahhhhhh ……. ”tis the question.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Five in the morning? Probably time to go to bed.

    I leave you with this.

    On the first time Philthy Phil Taylor met Lemmy:

    Philthy and Lemmy had hit it off immediately when the drummer gave Lemmy a lift to the recording studios where the original Motörhead line-up were rehearsing their first album. They stayed up all night, and in the morning Taylor staggered outside, stark naked, declaring to anyone who might be watching: “It’s all right, I’m on drugs!”

  • Dis Guy Trublinsky

    I don’t give a shit how Fox wins if he wins.

    • SC Dave

      I said it earlier that I would definitely PREFER if Jordan does not get killed in the process.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        It’ll change. They’re not going to do that every game. It’s not possible, therefore not worth fretting over. They likely approached the game with an ultra-conservative game plan to lead Mitch along, and were given the gift of a magical 14 point lead. That changes everything. Not sure what all the gnashing of teeth is over.

        • Heather

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    • Barbara

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  • Sactowns#1

    The only thing I want to see from this game is a minimum of 5 (FIVE) play action passes or options. Just 5, convincing fake handoffs. That’s it.

    • PAs seem like they’re simple and safe too, esp when paired with roll-out boots.

      But alas, I expect we’ll go empty spread on 3rd and short.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Be sure and check out Mitch’s fake. It’s a beauty.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky


        • SC Dave

          Should there have been the sarcasm font there?

          Serious question

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Yes. It’s pretty bad. That said, I’m glad we got him. He’s got all the tools. But that kids green as hell. The Bears are gonna have to run the shit out of the ball while he gets his sea legs for all facets of the game. The little things are gonna take a while. All told, I think he’s gonna be great, but it’s gonna be a while.

  • RedBulls83

    That tweet was corrected in that response


    • SC Dave

      Nothing like fake news, eh?

    • willbest

      its funny that 30% of them were coached by Fox

      • RedBulls83

        Yeah, for sure. Also, 3 out.of 4 with less than 10 passing attempts and all 3 with Fox as the HC.

        Another thing I noticed, most of these happened in the QB era. Surprised by that. I would think 50s and 60s where all anyone did was run the ball.

        • willbest

          They only went back 30 years

  • Bull Sheite

    Woo hoo, Mitch Tebow! Hee hee

  • For those on draft day who were blowing Lynch.

    Friendly reminder.

    9ers 0-7 and already checked out.

    Bears 2 win game streak.


    • Malice Halice

      Ain’t dat da truth!

    • AlbertInTucson

      Like the 9ers were supposed to be any good THIS season?

      • LOTTA “experts” predicted they would have a better record than us, and
        that in the long run, they did it right, and the Bears did it wrong.

        Probably the same experts who loved when the Browns traded down to pass on Wentz and Watson.

  • It’s all part of the plan

    The beauty of Netflix:

    Cheers Season 1 Episode 1

    They don’t write them like this anymore

    • AlbertInTucson


    • Irish Sweetness

      The idea of Frazier and Lilith drinking in a bar always seemed fake to me. But that was a good show. Harrelson was so good that I thought he must have been that dumb in real life. Like Eric Bana in The Castle (possibly the best Aussie movie ever). Does Foxy remind you of Coach?

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        why does that seem fake?

  • AlbertInTucson

    So, the NFL Network’s Replay Game Of The Week is Falcons-Patriots?

    The wasn’t a better game that THAT?

  • Irish Sweetness


    Replying to @dabearsblog
    Are your seriously making the argument Deonte is good?
    6:37 AM – 25 Oct 2017

    I’ll sort this c*nt out, Jeff.

    Engage Bipolar Drive .. .set phasers to rip.

  • Debra

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  • AlbertInTucson

    FF Post
    Cowboy kicker, Dan Bailey “Out”, probably for several weeks.

  • Heather

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