Tannehill Injury Provides Opportunity for Bears To Embrace Future & Trade Glennon

| August 4th, 2017

Ryan Tannehill’s injury at Dolphins practice sent a Jolt Cola through the veins of the NFL yesterday. This is what always happens when a team loses their starting quarterback during the summer months. The other thirty-one all stand at attention, processing such an injury in a very similar manner.

Stage One: How injured is Tannehill? Before overreacting teams have to know if the QB is done for the year, several months, four weeks…etc? With this injury it sounds like Tannehill could be looking at a two/three month rehab or season-ending surgery.

Stage Two: Who is out there? The three names that sprinted into media mouths within minutes of the injury were Cutler, Romo and Kaepernick. Kaepernick does not fit what Gase does. Romo just signed to be the lead analyst on CBS. That job isn’t worth giving up to quarterback an 8-8 Dolphins team to second or third place in the AFC East. And then…there’s…Cut-ler! Darling Cut-ler! (Catch that reference, win a prize.)

Stage Three: What do we have that can provide a solution and help build our future? Call it Bradfording. The Dolphins need a quarterback. And if you have one on your roster they want, it could be worth the Joe’s Stone Crab fortune.

The Bears have one.

Mike Glennon is an unproven, developmental prospect at quarterback. That’s what he is. He is not a steady, veteran presence. He’s not even Brian Hoyer or Josh McCown, who despite their limitations are reliable commodities. He is a project. He’s thrown a total of 11 passes over the last two seasons. The last time he won an NFL game – September 28th 2014 – the number one movie in America was Denzel Washington in The Equalizer. And seriously, I don’t even remember what that was.

How many times in recent years has a top pick at quarterback been benched for their rookie season in favor of a player like this? Once. The Rams. 2016. And how’d that work out? Rodgers sat behind Favre. Brady behind Bledsoe. Eli behind Warner. Rivers behind Brees. Trubisky is really going to sit behind Glennon? Mike Glennon? Why? So Trubisky can learn from the guy who lit up the NFL for 75 yards total a season ago.

Nobody knows if Adam Gase has any interest in Mike Glennon. But they have the cap space to pay him so why not make the call and the offer? Wouldn’t Glennon appreciate the opportunity to go win the starting QB gig for a franchise where he has a plausible chance of being there long-term? The dog stopped hunting for the Bears the second Trubisky’s name was called in whatever city they held the draft in this year.

Outside of Trubisky being a complete disaster this summer, I can’t make a single argument for not playing him in favor of Glennon. Not one. The 2017 Bears are not winning a championship. Why not improve the chances for the 2018 edition by letting the rookie quarterback work out the kinks on the field against the best defenders in the world?

And if the Dolphins can make that decision easier, while providing a future draft, how could the Bears possibly ignore it?

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  • JC

    Sounds nutty to me. If I were Miami, I’d grab Cutty and call it a playoff run. I just cannot understand why everyone is so eager to “David Carr” this QB. My God, give him a chance to learn to take a snap without having to think about it and have “hard count” explained to him. I think Mitch could be a great QB but he barely knows the position. Wouldn’t hurt to get him an OT, either.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      big differences between David Carr’s team and the current Bears. The Bears have more than an adequate Offensive line and a running game. He won’t be sacked 5+ times a game. 2ndly the hard count crap is just that, CRAP. everyone has acted like it is something so hard to learn, it’s not. Gruden took 45 seconds to explain it to him, enough said, also not a lot of QBs are good at hard counts anymore, which QB in the league consistently gets players to jump with hard counts.

      • JC

        100% agree with every point. However, the hard counts and snaps under center aren’t the actual issue. They’re just a sampling of how little he can possibly know at this stage of his development. Think about that for a second. He took all of OTA’s and a few days of training camp to get the snap under center right. Is it a big deal? Absolutely not. But it shows that even the simplest of skills can take some time.

        I don’t profess to know anything about what it takes to be a QB but what I do know is that it’s really hard. Why not give him a chance to get comfortable with those things before asking him to carry the team?

        Meanwhile, lets see what Glennon can do. This is why he was brought in. If he’s decent – and I think he is – the Bears will win a bunch of games – assuming a healthy defense – and recoup some of those draft picks in a trade next year. That’s been Pace’s plan from the start. Why not work that plan?

  • John Matuska Jr

    Everything I’m hearing is that Trubiski isn’t ready. Don’t throw him in there and destroy his confidence especially with the tough schedule to start. Better off with Glennon. Plus if the kid gets hurrrrrr… Then what?

    • Bender McLugh

      Buttfumble the season away

      • Darnold-Sanchez-Barkley.
        Complete the USC set

        • Bender McLugh

          that “lineage” does not bode well for Darnold’s future as a pro

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        “Buttfumble the season away.”

        sounds like a Beach Boys song that got rejected.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          I think I’m thinking “Wouldn’t Be Nice”

  • Isn’t it too early for Guiness?

  • FQD1911

    I’m with you Jefe. Trade Glennon now.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      yeah. Trade him for a 3rd or a 4th or anything. Get the salary off.

      Is there anyone else we could sign to improve this year or is it all too late in free agency now?

      Fans will remember in Florida when he played for Tampa (“yeah…I remember he had promise”).

      But then the question will arise why the Bears got rid of Glennon so soon.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Colin Kaepernick is unemployed ….. and will work for vet min at his point?

        But why wouldn’t Miami hire him at that point?

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          he played awful last year.

        • JC

          Well there’s that whole Fidel Castro thing. Miami has a lot of Castro hating Cubans.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I want Kaep to be signed by the Redskins…so he can take his trolling to a whole other level.

            He can protest the Redskins name, he can protest who built the White House, he can protest who is in the White House, he can protest why Black Haus is booze, he can ride on a horse carrying the EU flag for no damn reason.

            The Washington Post is ready to put you on the front page Kaep instead of Libya, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ukraine.

            Ok, maybe not. But definitely above Ukraine.

  • FQD1911

    oh…the reference is to Ivor Cutler “Darling Will You Marry Me Twice”

  • CanadaBear

    I like Jeff criticizing Glennon for an entire paragraph and then proposing trading him to Miami. If Gase can get Cutler for salary only and Glennon is as bad as Jeff says, why would he trade for Glennon? If you believe Jeff’s paragraph (I don’t), Glennon can barely find the stadium.

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah I noticed that too. He is a POS unproven project but he fits right in with Gase and a team that has playoff aspirations. LOL …

      • SC Dave

        Jeff has at least partially discarded reason when it comes to Glennon and Trubisky.

    • Corporal Clott

      Bingo! Exactly Canada. Jeff needs to stay off the juice.maybe.

    • AlbertInTucson

      And the Dolphins are inspired by the deal after seeing the 7-8 record the Vikings amassed after acquiring Bradford, including a loss to THE BEARS?

    • It’s like the tradedown syndrome.
      Oh if X is there we should trade down for a million picks.
      Counter: if X is that good, why not just draft him?
      Delusional rational: oh X is not THAT good

  • BerwynBomber

    Keep in mind there are other options beyond Cutty, Glennon and Kap.

    What is Cincy’s asking price for McCarron? Would SF part with Hoyer and go with Barkley while aiming for the ’18 draft? Didn’t the Cheese try to unload Hundley during the draft? Is JimmyG still unavailable? Who knows? Maybe Gase is a Brock Osweiler believer.

    Cutler and Kap don’t cost anything but cash, but if MIA doesn’t believe in either they might throw a draft pick at someone for a back-up/marginal starter.

    We tend to (obviously) see things thru a Bears lens, and given Gase’s history with Cutty and Fox, maybe the former and Glennon are tabbed. But there are probably a half-dozen other players too.

    • CanadaBear

      RGIII is available along with Kap. Although Kap wore a Castro T-Shirt and talked up Castro’s educational policies with the Miami press. The large Cuban community would go nuts if Miami signed him. I’d be happy to see Cutler get the job and hope he had a good season. Gonna be fun to see how it unfolds.

      • BerwynBomber

        Honestly, I’m looking forward more to hearing Jay in a booth on Sunday than seeing him play again. But I’m more bullish about his announcing potential than his QBing at this point, so I might be in the minority.

        Agreed about Kap. BUT winning can salve all. Problem is, I just don’t what type of player Kap is anymore. He looked atrocious against us. But others said he played reasonably well last year.

        • CanadaBear

          I agree that Jay in the booth could be a good thing. If he still wants to play this is the best situation he’s gonna get. I’m guessing all those people that were persecuted under Castro’s rule won’t forget.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Mrs. Cutler certainly wants him in the booth.

        • Johnnywad

          I look forward to Jay in the booth as well. He’s smart and has a bit of bite to him. I hope it works.

          • SC Dave

            Me too. There are soooo many schlubs in the booths now.

            And no, use a real dictionary, not the Urban.

          • Irish Sweetness


        • Irish Sweetness

          I’d be pumped to see Jay call a Bears’ game.

      • Maybe Oz. Browns never really wanted him.
        He may just get cut outright

      • SC Dave

        Castro. Another of the great socialist figures of history.

        • CanadaBear

          Had a really long run. I liked the fact people were educated and the health care was available for everyone. The rest of the stuff, not so much.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Kap and RGIII in Miami. Why not?

        • SC Dave

          Because two bad QBs do not equate to one good one. Or even one “ok” QB.

    • Some Random Yahoo Commenter

      Teams in the hunt for a playoff birth (Cincy) or another Super Bowl (Pats) will never get rid of a guy they think can take over and win some games should their starter go down.
      If the Dolphins feel like their team is strong in a bunch of other areas you could see a monster move.

    • Bridgewater?

      • CanadaBear

        That would really be a leap of faith to trade for him right now.

        • I wonder what the Vikes would ask for him?
          It’s not as if Tannenhill is a sure thing even beyond this yr.
          At worst Bridgewater is a high end backup w Daltonesque potential.
          Actually, not true, at worst he never plays again.
          High risk high reward that’s for sure but i think the Vikes would like some of their picks back

          • CanadaBear

            I’m sure they would. Until Bridgewater gets back on the field, I would never trade for him. If the BiQueens like what they see from Teddy they should launch Bradford. They could get something of value for him.

      • BerwynBomber

        Bridgewater is ready to play this year?

        Even if the Fish receive the worst news, Tannenhill should be ready to go by the start of ’18. So if Bridgewater can’t play right now I don’t see the point.

        • SC Dave


    • Sactowns#1

      Good point. I forgot that Jimmy G is still out there just waiting for his time to shine.

      • The problem is, the Pats wanted a 1st and 2nd last time I checked for Jimmy G.
        That’s why the Browns backed out.

        And I can’t imagine the Pats trading Jimmy G to their div rivals, unless of course, they think he sucks.

      • Irish Sweetness

        40 year old Brady! Can’t be long now until Jimmy is SB MVP for the first time.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      I think because the rest of his players like him and he’s shown competence though not stardom, it would be way way better to play Matt Moore than try for anyone inexperienced like McCarron. An accomplished veteran you can make an excuse to trade for and replace the guy you know, but not a young guy or a just plain-out journeyman.

      Remember the year everyone especially the defense (it seemed) rallied around Kyle Orton? Yeah.

      If you trade for McCaron, Hoyer, and Ossie…and you lose the locker room.

      • BerwynBomber

        Pros are pros. And you also have to count on your HC in such a situation.

        Plus, none of the guys I mentioned are rookies. And Hoyer has a boatload of starter’s experience.

    • Irish Sweetness

      How is Gase connected to Glennon? He knows Cutty is better than Glennon.

      • BerwynBomber

        Because Gase worked under Fox and Pace. He might trust their opinion on players … in this case, Glennon.

  • Corporal Clott

    Jeff, the reason you give for the Bears trading Glennon is the exact reason Miami won’t trade for Glennon. Teams will have to have a different assessment of Glennon in order for them to trade for him. The Bears are now gonna trade a bridge guy they’ve settled on in lue of Sanchez? Ah..no! Again, another contradiction of comments you’ve posted on the twat.

    I just don’t see it happening.

    Edit added: these comments were made before reading Canada’s comments and amazingly, we said basically the same thing. Also, neither Canada and I drink booze so there is also that. Hee hee

  • CanadaBear

    Perfect example of twitter nonsense, “Find me another Bears column today that references Denzel Washington in The Equalizer.” I could write an entire column about my favorite musical performer (Professor Longhair) and the Bears and say basically the same thing. One has nothing to do with the other, no wonder nobody else wrote a like-minded piece.

  • “If Cutler were Bears QB, or even Hoyer, I’d say fine. Play the vet. You
    know what you have there. Bears have NO IDEA what Glennon will give.” – Jeff

    Exactly. What if Glennon turns out to be another Warner or Gannon, or even Flacco?

    And by the flip side, we don’t know what Trub is besides the #2 pick. He could be another Bortles or marginal Tannehill.

    How could Jeff be so sure that Glennon sucks (and therefore, a hot commodity) while Trub is the next Carr?

    Is Trub that much of a better pocket passer than Glennon as of right now?

    • Bender McLugh

      Better long ball at least

      • SC Dave

        Based on what?

        • Hope?

          One of the knocks on Trub is that he doesn’t hit the deep ball consistently enough.

          He has the arm, but being accurate on the go routes and such are about feet work and mechanics, which is exactly what he’s working on.

          Too many of his bombs sailed out of bounds.

          The reason guys like Brady and Brees hit the deep ones more than man-canon backpeddling Cutler is footwork and mechanics.

          If you have those down, you can hit the deep ball (barring no noodle arm).

        • Bender McLugh

          Practice. PRACTICE.

    • Irish Sweetness

      He’s playing poker, hoping one bluff pays off someday. But they never, ever do.

  • Here’s some Tannenhill-Kap-Cargo talk


    Kap in Mia and Chi will be the least possible for obvious reasons.

    However, here’s the issues with Kap.

    1. He’s been regressing w/out Harbs
    2. He looked rather horrible last season

    That being said, isn’t a ‘regressed’ Kap STILL superior to say Kessler or McCown?

    Or is the margin so minuscule, Kaps baggage tips the scales negatively?

    I mean, even IF you agree he’s not starter, he has more upside than 80% of backups, right?

    On the HOge and Jahn’s podcast Jeff linked, one of them makes the case why he wanted to keep Cutler around till Sept. For this very scenario of trading.

    But could you imagine the QB shitstorm if the Bears had Cutler, Glennon and Trub? lol

    That would be like your X-wife staying in the guest room with you and your new wife for the sake of saving $$$.

    • Irish Sweetness

      “On the HOge and Jahn’s podcast Jeff linked, one of them makes the case
      why he wanted to keep Cutler around till Sept. For this very scenario of

      How many times was that said on THIS blog? Everything gets touted here first. Even Jeff gets his ideas from what’s said on here, or it’s just a really big coincidence.

  • Johnnywad

    I mentioned this yesterday mostly in jest. But if the Dolphins come calling with picks, you have to listen, don’t you?

    • It seems eerily similar to last season with Bradford and the Iggles.

      Non-contact knee inj to a team that had playoff aspirations.

      And let’s not forget that Bradford was no sure thing. He was considered a china-doll 1st rd bust.

      Glennon is no sure thing, but he’s been learning the Birdcage system, which is very similar I imagine to Gase’s.

      It brings up some very interesting questions.

      1. What would Glennon garner? A 1st? a 2nd?
      2. What is the LEAST we would take from MIA – a 3rd?
      3. Would the Bears REALLY be willing to throw Sanchize in there ahead of Trub?
      3A. what kinda message would that send to the vets and teams (not to mention future FAs)?
      4.If you’re Glennon, do you WANT to be traded to MIA?
      Writing’s on the wall with Trub on board, but from Glennon’s view point, what would give him the best chance of succeeding and creating a career?
      Remember, this is a one yr try out essentially.
      5. Will Pace have the balls to pay $18m for a 2nd rounder (see Browns)?

      • Johnnywad

        If they throw a first out there, you have to take it. Their first plus our first could equal any player in next year’s draft.

        I’m not sure what you mean by #5. Did the Bears already pay Glennon the $18M?

        • I think we guaranteed it, so I think we’re on the hook for it.
          Though I haven’t checked Spotrac to make sure.

          • Johnnywad

            I’m pretty much full retard when it comes to NFL contracts. I was under the assumption that any trade after the NFL year begins was prorated in some fashion.

            That said, it would be pretty tough to trade him if the Bears eat the $18M.

          • I’m not sure either tbh. Usually Will, Data or NBIT are the contract blog gurus.

            edit. “dead cap”. $18.5M


          • SC Dave

            Nor do I know, but don’t most trades actually mean you are trading the *contract* to the other team, and the player just goes along with it?

          • Depends on how the contract is structured, esp with guarantees kicking in.

            Fins have $17M of cap space, so that wouldn’t even be enough (for Glennon this yr).


            They would have to cut or restructure other contracts since teams like to carry $2-$5M in emergency funds.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It would be lockup insane Johnny. But this is only actually possible in Jeff’s head.

      • SC Dave

        Bradford started 42 games in his first three seasons, including all 16 his rookie year. His lines in STL were garbage fires, and the guy got the shit beat out of him. I seriously doubt the “china-doll” idea existed anywhere outside this blog.

        Cutler played 8 seasons for the Bears, playing 102 of 128 (79.7%) regular season games.
        Bradford has 6 NFL seasons, playing 78 of 96 (81.2%) regular season games.

        So if Bradford was “china-doll”, Cutler was more so with the Bears.

        Bradford was far more proven a player than Glennon. MAYBE we could get a second for him, but the whole trade idea is stupid to begin with IMO.

        • Bradford played more games, but I don’t know if he was more “proven” (in a good way). When he wasn’t hurt, he was mediocre. And unlike Cargo, he never really flashed teasing fans.

          All Bradford has proven imo is that he’s a Daltonesque QB. that’s not exactly a good thing.

          If I had a choice at the start of the season, I’d start Glennon over Bradford all day long precisely because we don’t exactly know what Glennon is yet. He could be another meddling Bradford. He could crash like Barkley. But maybe, just maybe, he can become more.

          Glennon wasn’t quite a 1st rder, but 2nd round is good pedigree. Good upside.

          At this point, we pretty much know what Bradford is.

          Also, Cutler being inj prone doesn’t mean Bradford wasn’t.
          You can throw Romo and RG3 into that mix, they’re still inj-prone.

          Glennon is much more risk/reward than say Moor, and that’s why I don’t think MIA will even sniff his jock strap.

          • SC Dave

            To me, there is no rational scenario in which we trade Glennon. And precisely for the reason(s) you state – NO ONE has any idea of how *good* he might be.

            There are shitloads of ASSumptions that he will be bad, but that’s all they are. ASSumptions.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        He would be a 3rd round draft pick because of his salary and current history of mediocrity as a starter. But he’s a good locker room guy who will play in whatever system he is asked. Even Lovie Smith’s offense.

        Might be worth it just to rid themselves of salary. Pace wasn’t 100% sure Tru would be available.

        And start Sanchize or a robot tackling dummy for a few games.

        • SC Dave

          The talk about dumping salary is ludicrous – comically stupid.

          The Bears have no cap issues, and the McCaskeys can do whatever the fuck they want with THEIR money.

          Exactly WHAT would they do with Glennon’s salary? There is only one thing that makes sense, and they don’t need to extend Howard this year.

  • EnderWiggin

    I could name a dozen QBs the Phins would pursue before Glennon, starting with Dirty Sanchez – who knows that division well.
    When I woke up today, I half expected to read a pro Cutty to Dolphins blog post. But… Glennon? Really?
    One of the many reasons I come to this blog is Jeffe’s off the wall thinking. But I found myself almost embarrassed while reading this.

    • SC Dave

      It is embarrassing. The whole Trubisky/Glennon thing, from both AD and (particularly) Jeff, has been rife with weirdness.

      • Scharfinator

        They sure love Bear’s QBs….

        • SC Dave

          Only certain ones. Based on what I’m not exactly sure.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      We could maybe get a 4th for Sanchez. If it’s lower it would be better to keep him.

      Cutler makes more sense for them . He’ll put more butts in the seats…and then out of them with interceptions and touchdowns. Just for the controversy. He comes back strong? Great story!
      Cutler fails? He was asked to do too much!

      Anyone ever pay to see Matt Moore play? But I bet people have paid to see Cutler succeed or fail.

      Cutler is a better story.

      Management knows they can stay re-hired by saying “our starting franchise QB went down. We tried.” And soldout games. And if Cutler sucks he is…such a convenient scapegoat. For everybody.

      Even the TV ratings would be better with Cutler.

      • With that bare butt, Cutler will go over well in South Beach.

        • SC Dave

          A bonus for sure.

      • Irish Sweetness

        A4th would be it. At least dealing Trubisky we could recoup some of Pace’s overpay.

        • SC Dave

          Ooooh…. here comes wrath of the Jefe.

  • BearDown100393

    “Mike Glennon is an unproven, developmental prospect at quarterback.”

    And Mitch Trubisky isn’t?

    • SC Dave

      Not in Jeff-logic.

  • BerwynBomber

    Jeff would shove Glennon into an oncoming train at this point.

    • SC Dave

      Yeah. He’s become unhinged.

  • BuddhaJoe

    Twat after twat from Jeff stated that Glennon was garbage and they should start Trub, now he thinks they could/should trade him for a 2nd rounder? He’s drunk on Trubisky cum apparently, because this makes no sense.

  • BuddhaJoe

    Johnnywad, I tried the Italian beef place and it’s really good. My only beef was that there should have been more jalapeno in the giardiniera but that’s a minor complaint.

    • Johnnywad

      I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the info.

      • BuddhaJoe

        FYI Giordano’s apparently opened a place in Holland if you’re in to the deep dish. My soon-to-be step daughter loved it. I hate Holland so haven’t been there but there it is. Excecpt for New Holland, I could drink Mad Hatter all day long and their food is good too.

        • Malice Halice

          They opened a Giordano in Minneapolis bout 2 years ago. Ppl still goin crazy about that shit.

  • Apparently we’re all cucks.

    “There has been so much fascination with CTE that we are going the wrong way,” Omalu [whom the movie “Concussion” is based on] said. “CTE is just one disease in a spectrum of many diseases caused by brain trauma. If he doesn’t have CTE, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have brain damage. . . . I’ve always said that every child who plays football has a 100 percent risk of exposure to brain damage. And I’ve always said that at a professional level, 100 percent would have brain damage of some kind to some degree. That’s whether or not their brains are found to have CTE.”

    Omalu is promoting a new book called “Truth Doesn’t Have a Side,” but he was careful to say he was not taking shots at the NFL, which has pledged $100 million to brain research.

    “I don’t attack the NFL,” Omalu said. “I shouldn’t. The NFL is a corporation. This is a free market. What do corporations do? They try to make money by selling a product or service. The NFL is not in the business of health care. It is not a research organization. If you think the NFL is not doing anything, well, what do you expect? They are in the business of making money. The issue is parents.”

    Instead, he appeals to parents, and compared efforts to square the health and safety of football players with a man who finds out his wife has cheated on him.

    “He might deny it because he loves this woman,” Omalu said. “He might think there is no way it is true. Eventually he accepts that it happened. I think that’s what America is experiencing now. America is in love with football but is struggling with its truth. But just like the man in love, give him time.”


    • SC Dave

      Didn’t read the article, but that last quote you posted is rather interesting.

      • That’s pretty much the entire article. Was trying to edit it down, but hard to do without biasing.

        Yeah, interesting analogy.

  • Irish Sweetness

    So Jefe wants us rolling into the season with Trubisky starting and Sanchez backing him up?
    “I can’t make a single argument for not playing him in favor of Glennon. Not one.”

    Not one?

    And why would you trade Glennon instead of Trubs? Who’s worth more?

    I’m glad you’re not my GM, Jeff.

    • willbest

      You better get 3 firsts if you trade trub

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      and i am glad you are not my GM, Irish.

      • willbest

        You would love the 1-2 punch of Zeke and fournette

  • Irish Sweetness

    How many folk on here were saying we’d never be able to trade Cutler?

    It’s not even week one …..

    • Malice Halice

      Preach bro. Could’ve been a Cutler Glennon n Mitch TC this year and we could’ve just WAITED on a Viking-like scenario and SOLD him to da highest bidder. While allowing Mitch or Trub to develop or even wait till the NEXT qb drop

    • BerwynBomber

      Even IF the Fish sign Cutler it by no means indicates they would have traded for him.

      Half the appeal of guys like Cutler, Kaepernick and RG3 is that a team doesn’t have to trade for them.

      • willbest

        I don’t know, you think Jay plays for less than 12.5 + 2.5? How much is a second worth? Browns paid $17 mil for one, but then they are the browns

        • BerwynBomber

          It’s not the money. It’s the team compensation required to get him (in a trade). Unless you are talking some 6th round/conditional pick or something. At which point the fantasy of keeping him to trade him would have been pretty ridiculous. Or to put it another way you’d be saying you would rather have Trisky/Sanchize/6th rounder than Trisky/Sanchize/Glennon.

          • willbest

            It’s trub, Sanchez, a 6th and 12.5 mil. But a 4th would be a no brainer to part with because they have only have like a 20% chance of being on your roster in 3 years. And I mentioned above the bears could have made cutler cheap to up compensation. I think the fins are tight on cap

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, but what would you do with the 12.5 this late in the off-season? Nice to have it but you’re not probably not utilizing it for another year.

            And even if we agree on a fourth rounder, you’re then saying 12.5 and a fourth is worth more than Glennon. Fair enough, but what would Cutler having been doing all this time during OTAs and camp, and how would he have handled the Bears drafting Trisky? How many reps would he have taken? How much would you have shared of the game plan? Does he want to be a mentor? What’s the point of him being here? Would it have been just one giant distraction?

            Yours and the Bears Penis argument (bring him back for a Bridgewater situation) was always a highly theoretically one separated, by a large measure, from reality.

            The Bradford situation last year was a freak occurrence. Bridgewater was looking at possibly a career ending injury (over a year recovery at the very least), Bradford was unhappy about the Wentz pick, Wentz was from a pro system and impressed the coaches enough to roll with him as a rookie.

            But even beyond that, the biggest difference is that Bradford was still wanted. Even before Bridgewater went down. PHI, in fact, traded for him.

            No one wanted Jay in the off-season. I don’t say that to troll you, BP, Waffle and all the other Cutlerites, but it’s just fact. No one wanted him.

            Now if you want to argue you would rather have him than Glennon, then fair enough, but why would you then dump him for a fourth rounder?

          • willbest

            You are right about the money. It goes into your war chest for next year or you extend Leno or Hicks. Doesn’t do much to improving this years team.

            I suspect Cutler handles Trubisky drafting better than Glennon was rumored too. He handled the Glennon signing fairly well when it meant he was out of a job, Trubisky would have meant 12.5-15 million more money and hopefully not ending his Bears tenure in a manner that foreclosed future opportunities. He knows the Bears have treated him well.

            My argument with Cutler wasn’t to keep him through camp, through the draft if we knew we were drafting a QB seemed ideal. That puts you in the situation where you can take advantage of other teams. Not necessarily in the Bridgewater way, but what if the Texans couldn’t snag Watson. They really going to roll with Savage or McCown or say Kizer (Glennon I believe was rumored to the Jets). Obviously, the second we signed Glennon at $18 million everybody knew Cutler was getting cut, so there was no point in keeping him.

            Cutler was quite cheap this year, he knows the offense, and odds are Trubisky would see playing time while Cutler was dealing with an injury. Which I think is better from a PR perspective, than Keenum/Goff fiasco.

            Plus every QB Cutler has held a clipboard for has praised him for it. And that is probably the real disappointment on Cutler. He is a very talented soldier, but he is not commander material and you need that in your QB.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Bears fans, you’re right. Cowboys rushed Aikman into bad situation. He went 0-11. And it ruined his career. Trubisky should sit until 2027.

    This is actually support for why we SHOULDN”T start Mitch. Aikman was a 3x SB winner and 6x PBer. And he went 0-11 with guys like Tootall Jones, Jim Jeffcoat, Michael Irvin ….

    How badly would Mitch shit the bed? To the point where we could draft Darnold? Go for it then.

    • SC Dave

      Sigh… yet another silly Jeff tweet. Too bad people keep reposting that crap on the blog. Otherwise, I’d never see it, which would not be a bad thing.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      …and he must have had so many concussions that year.

      He would have never been cleared to play today.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    I am wondering who it was that advocated for keeping Cutler till the start of the season. Just in case someone goes down and we could trade him. I wonder who that could have been. OH right it was ME!

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    if MIA wants Glennon then trade him. For you guys that don’t want to start the rookie then play buttfumble for the first games. We have an offense that is predicated on the run and short passing game. It also seems pretty QB friendly. Remember there were idiots on here singing the praises of Brian Fucking Hoyer last year {Looking at you MB}. Then I think we were all a little more than surprised when Barkley had some early success before going on his INT rampage. Get the extra pick. If BF and Trub struggles we get a higher draft pick. In the least we Trub gets to get out there and take some lumps and make mistakes.

  • ManGod

    I tend to agree with the assessment of Glennon’s QB experience, but I do believe he is going to be very competent to a degree. Is he a better option than Trubisky at this point only in the sense that the Bears’ believe Trubisky is the future face of the team and that makes it almost imperative to at least try to keep him on the bench year 1 per several NFL coaching minds. Secondly, I tthink sitting the last two years behind Winston may very well have given Glennon a chance to learn and overcome many of the issues he experienced as a starter in his first 2 years in the NFL.
    !) Trading Glennon leaves the Bears with 3 QB’s….Trubisky, Sanchez and C Shaw on the roster, can’t find any reason to want either of the 3 under center as your starter in 2017 with the exception of possibly Trubisky who by all accounts looks poised to enter the season as the #2 at this stage.
    2) A Gase would not take Glennon for more than maybe a 4th round pick and if in fact the Dolphins do decide to bring in another Qb, one has to believe J Cutler is the #1 option for Gase and if the rumor mill is correct, it is only a matter of $$$ and contract language preventing it from being a reality….ie guaranteed starter vs open competition with M Moore and 14-16 mil vs 18-20 mil for 1 year….and weather there is a possibility based on performance for J Cutler to play in 2018 or beyond.
    3) Cutler to Miami at this stage makes to much sense….and I doubt that it happens.

  • Alex

    There’s no way I’d trade Glennon. Better he has at the very least a solid start to the season or even a solid to good season which would increase his trade value. A QB roster of Glennon, Trubisky and either Shaw (my preferred choice) or Sanchez sounds a lot better than Trubsiky, Shaw and Sanchez. By most accounts Sanchez has been dog sh*t in practise so far.

  • Alex

    I should state I think the Bears have a reasonable chance of winning the NFC North. Most don’t I know but if we stay relatively injury free this is the strongest Bears roster by some distance in several seasons. I don’t fear the Vikings or the Lions and the Packers are all about Rogers. Well fcuk you Rogers, Leonard Floyd is coming for you. Our DL is stronger, Floyd is emerging, Trevathan and Freeman are a good duo and we are at the very least stronger at DB than we have been in 3 seasons.

    Given that I am not giving up someone like Glennon for a token draft pick though I happen to think he’s better than most people do. And if he’s not he’s gone next season and Trubisky plays earlier than expected.

  • That Guy

    It’s like the old refrain every year in the draft: “The smart thing is to trade down.” Forgetting that to trade down, you have to have a trade partner who wants to do the “dumb” thing and trade UP.

    Yes, it would be fantastic for the Bears to trade Glennon to Miami for a good pick. But it would be stupid for Miami to do. If they’re looking for a one-year stopgap with a QB good enough to get them to the playoffs, there are 3 guys who aren’t under contract and would cost them zero draft picks. If they’re looking for a QB of the future, they don’t know that Glennon is that, and why not wait until the 2018 draft class, when they might hit the jackpot?

    Trading for Glennon is actually the LEAST likely (and least intelligent) option Miami could pursue.

  • Scharfinator

    Dolphins have signed Cutler!

    One of two things will happen…

    1) He will tear it up and I’ll feel good for him.
    2) He’ll bread basket the football and toss screen pass interceptions for pick 6’s and I’ll have some schadenfreude.

    • Corporal Clott

      Irish……you were right my son.

      • Johnnywad

        There are aliens running the Federal Reserve?

        • Corporal Clott

          You have said it.

      • Like Berwyn said, doesn’t mean MIA would’ve TRADED for Cutty (taking over our contract AND giving up a draft pick).
        Those two factors may have been enough to go w Moore, then we would’ve been stuck w Cargo hoping another QB wenr down

        • Corporal Clott

          Maybe. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, I’ll bet my bippy that Jeff’s feverishly writing his Cutler bylines at this very moment. Hee hee

          • It’ll be fun to watch Cutler play ON ANOTHER TEAM.
            He plays the Pats twice. That always went well for him.

        • willbest

          I wonder if Suh ignores the red jersey for ole time sake in practice one day.

          Cutler’s contract is pretty affordable and the bears could have sweetened the deal. Do you give up a 2nd for cutler on $2 mil base plus 2.5 mil active roster and no guarantees? Seems pretty easy choice to me. You think Cutler plays for less than $15 mil this year? I mean I think fins have cap issues but he is rich and probably making 2 million to not take hits

          • BerwynBomber

            Maybe. But Cutler would have also meant Pace is down to one shot at the future.

            Jeff seems to think the only future is Trisky. He could be right BUT Glennon is a back-up plan. Or if he plays well, at the least a nice trade chip.

            There was no future in Cutler, Hoyer and Barkley. Glennon provides Pace two shots at it.

  • BearDown100393

    “Outside of Trubisky being a complete disaster this summer, I can’t make a
    single argument for not playing him in favor of Glennon.”

    So pre-season is no longer meaningless?

    • willbest

      It is, as is camp open to the press. Only the super double secret camp counts

      • BearDown100393

        Held in the super secret bunker?

  • Corporal Clott


    “Personally, this seemed like the right idea from the start. I think Ryan Pace butchered this move. It never seemed like, at least to me, that Cutler was truly done. Pace knew that Tannehill wasn’t getting surgery for his partially torn ACL. He knew that the Broncos didn’t have an ideal quarterback situation. He knew that Cutler wanted to play in Houston, so if they had a change of heart, that could be a possible destination.”

    Yes gents, it seems even yahoo sports doesn’t cut Pace any slack. Whatta ya gotta do to get some respect around here Mr. Pace?

    • Houston didn’t even CALL Cutler. Gotta remember Obrien came from NE where McDaniels first move was to dump Cargo (in Denver).
      And Nooooo way Elway was going Cargo. He’s a HOF championship QB who actually met diabetes Cutty.
      Browns and even Jets didn’t even budge for him.
      I think the Jets made ONE call but signed McCown rather fast.
      Lemme ask u this. Would YOU have traded a 1st or even a 2nd rder for Cargo?
      Cutler lands in the perfect situation.
      Like i said early on from last season.
      He’s a high end backup. Mia starter went down, he’s tapped

      • Corporal Clott

        Yet the guy that got his head coaching position after 1 year with Cutty didn’t blink an eye. It’s gonna be interesting. Think Vegas is giving odds on Cutty getting 1 more HC fired? Lol

        • It’s hard to say.
          Maybe this was the ultimate wake up call for Cutler. Maybe Gase continues to transform him into Alex Smith.
          Or maybe Cargo does what ge always does and notches another coach to the termination board

    • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

      Pace’s decision was very simple. He did not want his newly drafted qb in the same room with Cutler. So he tried to trade the INT man and when he couldn’t, he simply cut him.

      Pace wanted HIS kind of guys in the qb room. Cutler was someone who he inherited. He tried to move Cutler right after he got here in 2015 but found no takers due to his contract.

    • ButtonShoes

      Why does Pace deserve respect? What has he actually done here in Chicago other than sell us a bill of goods? Has he actually delivered on one damn thing?

      • Corporal Clott

        Exactly. You can’t ignore all the injuries and vet casualties over the last couple of years though. If Trubinsky pans out, it will be all worth it. I expect the Bears to compete for a wild card for most of the season. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears make the playoffs but I’m not holding my breath.

  • BerwynBomber

    Jeff doesn’t think the Dolphins are good enough for Cutler? LOL. If you are a non-Cutlerite, tells you all you need to know.

    Anyway, could be fun. Especially if Glennon holds down the starter’s job here. Cutler vs. Glennon comparisons for the year = some added spice.

    One thing, though: whoever signs with MIA is probably a one year rental. Tannenhill has a Cutler-like career passer rating, but a) he is trending upward, b) he is “only” 29, and c) they were 8-5 under him last year on the way to the playoffs.

    Which probably means it will be his team in ’18 unless whoever they sign has a career year.

    Btw, someone send Waffle a MIA #6 jersey ASAP.

    • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

      If Cutler joins Miami, I am betting on him getting hurt by week 4. Shoulder, thumb, groin, ribs – one of these things is gonna break down given that dolphins OL.

      So regardless of Tannehill or Cutler, Miami is going to see plenty of Matt Moore.

      If Gase is smart, he should sign Kaep. He almost worked with him when he had San Fran coaching job until kid dork gave it to Tomsula.

      • Johnnywad

        “He almost worked with him when he had San Fran coaching job……”. Ergo…..? That’s completely irrelevant.

        If Gase is smart, why would he sign Kaep? Nobody else did. The bloom is off that Rose. That kid sucks outside of the read option.

      • BerwynBomber

        Cutler’s not a bad idea as a one year rental. He knows the Gase system. Played decent in it. And he only costs cash.

        But yeah, the concern would be durability. And given Jay’s apparent starter requirements, I’d want to know what sort of headache I was taking or if he really wants to play. (The whole I-don’t-want-to-compete-for-a-job vibe would raise a few red flags.)

        But if the Fish are willing to part with a pick and/or they think Tannenhill is not a long term solution, I might sniff around McCarron. (Provided Cincy doesn’t have silly demands)

  • Michael Bradbury

    No, you’re daft.

  • BearDown100393

    Miami. Jay doesn’t caarrrrrrrrre.

    • Bender McLugh

      Not should he, good on him

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Mike Glennon is an unproven, developmental prospect at quarterback. That’s what he is. He is not a steady, veteran presence.”

    Could not Matt Moore be characterized as “A steady, veteran presence”?
    He was 2-1 as the starter for the Dolphins last year with 8 TDs. 3 INTs.

    As for “Bradfording”, he poo-poos the notion of “…an 8-8 (or is it 7-9) Dolphins team”.
    Well, 8-8 is what the Vikings got thru “Bradfording”.
    7-8 if you figure in Shaun Hill that played, and won, their opener last season.

    Hardly a ringing endorsement for “Bradfording”.

    With their defense, The Vikings could have probably gone 8-8 with Hill.

    They won the game he started with 4 FGs and two TDs from their defense.

    • Bender McLugh

      Glennon will surprise us all, I’m now convinced. He’s won me over & I’m excited for him like a Jim Miller going into the season. All while Trubs waits in the wings

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