Steve McMichael: Long Year for the Bears, Hall of Fame will Call

| July 23rd, 2017

A former Bears great thinks it’s going to be a long year for the team.

“They’re going to be young, baby, so there’s going to be some suffering,” McMichael said with his thick Texas drawl. “There’s going to be mistakes all over the goddamn field, that’s what playing a young guy costs you. The ball is snapped, the play has started and they’re just standing there.”

McMichael knows what it takes to go from a young team to a great team. The Bears weren’t any good early in his career before they became one of the biggest icons of the ’80s.

McMichael, of course, remembers his time with the Bears fondly saying “Chicago and Mike Ditka is where Mongo was supposed to play, yes baby.”

During an interview to promote a charity wrestling event he is attending to help raise funds for the Gilbert Brown Foundation, McMichael spoke at length about his life in football. He noted his success in high school as a middle linebacker, tight end and kicker, earning all-state honors at all three positions.

After a brief stint in New England, in which McMichael said he “whopped” John Hannah’s ass in practice, he came to the Bears and the rest is history.

After 13 years with the Bears, the team released him, hoping to sign him for less money but, feeling insulted, McMichael went to Green Bay instead. He finished out his career, meeting Gilbert Brown and on Aug. 4 will be meeting fans as a fundraiser for the Gilbert Brown Foundation in Galesville, Wis.

McMichael finished his career with 95 sacks, behind only John Randle and Warren Sapp in terms of sacks by an interior player. Yet, McMichael hasn’t sniffed the Hall of Fame.

“One of these days they’re going to wake up and realize somebody who made that many plays should be in,” McMichael said before noting it took him 30 years to make the College Football Hall of Fame.

McMichael touched on a variety of topics.

• On Jay Cutler: “Boy, Cutler needed me and Hampton in that locker room. When you’re not a leader, you need to be led and nobody led him. He was more talented than McMahon, he just knew with the defense he had that he had to take chances and that’s going to come back to bite you in the ass. With our defense, you don’t make a mistake or you beat yourself.”

• On the difference between a winning locker room and a losing locker room: “If you ever saw a grass snake and thought it was a rattle snake, the first time you saw a rattle snake, you knew the difference.”

• Best player he played with: Dan Hampton, but Reggie White was the most dominant end he ever saw.

• On CTE: “What I told Bear Bryant coming out of high school when he wanted to make me al All American tight end is I’ve been the hitter and the hitter and I want to be the hitter from now on. That’s how I saved myself from brain damage.”

• Favorite QB to sack: “Joe Montana,” without hesitation. Before saying that Montana would take a sack on first down then throw a 20-yard pass to Jerry Rice on second-and-17.

• Regrets: “I had 2 1/2 years left to get my dental degree at the University of Texas. But then I’d have my hands in somebody’s dirty mouth every day instead of just on Sundays.”

• On Jim McMahon’s reckless style: “If that pussy Deion Sanders could make business decisions and be in the Hall of Fame, McMahon should’ve been able to.”


  • Corporal Clott

    Mongo really provides some juicy WWF one liners doesn’t he? If he really wanted to be honest, he’d admit today’s NFL are all a bunch of pussies. Just sayin…

  • Irish Sweetness

    • On Jim McMahon’s reckless style: “If that pussy Deion Sanders could make business decisions and be in the Hall of Fame, McMahon should’ve been able to.”

    Fuckin A, Mongo.

    I even agree with him on the upcoming year for us. I don’t feel the Season of Destiny is upon us. No. A very strange learning curve feels like it’s in the offing.

    Aside #1 : Dunkirk wasn’t bad. Well, for the Brits it was, but the movie is worth a watch.

    Aside #2 : Anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon check out the end of the last thread.

    • leftcoastdave

      The “so many young people on the field” comment is what challenged me to think. Other than the biggest position of all and Glenny, there are no other places where da Bears are relying upon “da yutes” which look to be of concern. Getting Demps to QB the DBs was brilliant, imho. Dude’s been there and done that with success at both S positions and can learn up the only other position on the field where a youngster will be playing, be he a rook, second or third year player. The only other potential impact position where a youngster will play will be filled by Kwick, with experienced players around him and coming off the bench. I do not see it as an issue with Floyd or Howard because of the positions they play and clearly there is no concern with Whitehair in the middle.

      Looks like a good and potentially great build and mix to me. But then, I’ve been a homer all my life.

  • jojopuppyfish

    ALways thought McMichael was worthy of the HOF. Maybe one day

    • SC Dave

      I think he is at a disadvantage because so many Bears are already in.

      • Bobby Douglass

        I’m sure the thought process is “Sure, best defense ever. But how many of them were HOFers? They only won one.”

        • EnderWiggin

          My father says hes not in because he always snubbed the media: telling them lies, flicking them off, ignoring them, etc…

          • Bobby Douglass

            There is that too 😉

          • BerwynBomber

            Yet he’s now part of the media. Go figure.

  • Irish Sweetness

    The dude’s name is Matt Andersen. He is a large white man and he gets sounds out of his geetar and voicebox. A jazzy “Ain’t no sunshine ….”, enjoy.

    • CanadaBear

      I watched it on youtube and this song also came up. If you’re getting into Blues check this out. That voice and guitar! I’ve spent time with him and his lovely wife. Truly the real deal. Turn it up all the way brother!

      • Corporal Clott

        Irish enjoys listening to Mexican aliens singing the blues?

        • CanadaBear

          Here’s one that should make you smile! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgq2xdA3p94

        • Irish Sweetness

          Aliens don’t make music.

          What do you think? Do you imagine there’s another race that has Woodstock. Lollapallooza. Reading rock festival … yada yada….are we special like that?

          • Corporal Clott


    • leftcoastdave


      Dude, dat’s bluesy!

      And very good for a white boy.


      • Irish Sweetness

        I’m clueless about music, sorry. I heard jazz in there … but it was good!

  • Irish Sweetness

    UFO nobs only.

    Brilliant Mexican UFO doco I just watched containing Mexican air force infra-red footage of ‘light ball’ objects travelling in formation yet invisible to the naked eye …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMPb0qA_5Ns

    Literally thousands of people seeing the same thing during the solar eclipse etc. Great stuff. The Mexicans have an open policy on the matter. They know it pisses off the Americans. When they recorded the light spheres in formation over Mexico on IR video they just handed it over to the famous UFO journo in the country after they’d reviewed and discussed it.

    • Corporal Clott

      I could go so many ways with this but alas……sigh….

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      It is about time. All offseason I have been waiting for you to dig into crazy stuff.

      • Corporal Clott

        I had no idea Mexican illegal aliens were even a problem back in 1974. Hee hee

    • BuddhaJoe

      Mexican Air Force? What is that, a couple of guys with kites and balloons?

      • Johnnywad

        I had no plans to read the article until you said “Mexican Airforce”. Now I’m tempted.

      • King of DBB

        He’s in a Mexican – whoa oh – Air Force….

    • Hey, got a chance to check out the vids. Good stuff, though I knew some of it.

      I find it HIGHLY dubious that Mexican personnel just “died” in the desert due to some alien contact. This aint’ X-files, and in no other event have I heard of that. In other narratives ppl came up and touched alien material (like in roswell, russia and england), and even presumably alien corpses without biohazard suits, and none of them died.

      If true, I find it MUCH more likely that the Am Alien retrieval squad flew over, executed them, stole the alien ships and body, then burned the assassinated mexicans to cover up.

      That would seem more likely.

      On Greer and the “5 messiahs” that is interesting because to me he comes off as def having a messiah complex, and many of these other “truthers” do too.

      Those tin-foil hats are golden jeweled crowns in their minds, which really muddles up what is truth and what is bullshit.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I hate Greer. He’s such a show pony.

    • Also, for those who want to watch a good vid on aliens from strictly a military POV as opposed to hearing about hill billies and anal probes, check this out.

      Very solid with official document and high caliber witnesses like nuke controllers (no doubt screened a million times to find out if they’re bat shit crazy)


      • EnderWiggin

        Jeez. If these guys are telling the truth, how’d they keep that stuff bottled up for 40+ years?
        Nice vid though. It was refreshing to see interviews and commentary taken with digital cameras/sound equipment.
        This kind of reminds me of the Vulcan theory. Didn’t Spock’s ancestors find us after Sputnik and Apollo?

    • EnderWiggin

      Watched it last night. That is a good ‘under the radar’ story.
      My favorite though is still the Renlesham Forrest/Air Fort Bentwater ufo incident. When you have a Lieutenant Colonel taking audio notes during the sighting, then filling out the paperwork the next day – the substance is way more believable.

      • And that one was like a 2 day thing right?
        Soldiers spotted a UFO the day before, told their superiors. Superiors went the next day to check it out, prepared with tape recorder, and holy shite, what do you know…the fear comes across in the audio too.

  • BearDown100393

    He was somewhat conscious when “coaching” that semi pro team at Sears Center.

  • BearDown100393

    Golf. Soccer. Mongo.
    Guess I’ll go with option C.

    • EnderWiggin

      I’ll take it.

  • SC Dave

    Look at that picture. Would you want that asshole trying to crush your face?

    Not me.

  • Seems like a decent overview of the shit fest that is Syria


    • Corporal Clott

      Follow the money, the rest is smoke n mirrors.

      • willbest

        How? The whole thing is a giant clusterfuck brought about by the CIA, the military, and the state department having completely different objectives. Its like nobody brought them into the oval office and said “hey lets get on the same page here, and get your underlings in line”

        • leftcoastdave

          Are you saying Valarie Jarret was asleep at the switch?

        • leftcoastdave

          BTW: Lest anyone be confused, the rational policy of supporting the Kurds was stepped up by President Trump at the urging of his generals and they are kicking butt on Isis, now surrounding Raqua and moving in for the kill. A month or so ago one of the top generals said we have moved from a disbursement policy to an encirclement and kill policy.

    • leftcoastdave

      I love it. The President stops the stoopid policy of funding terrorists and eschews the policy of regime change as he said he would and the left still whines. President Trump, not Barry O has just turned Syria over to Russia. I recall that Russia put bases in Syria before President Trump took office. In fact, it happened at the same time Chillary was banking cash to approve the uranium deal to the Russians. Damn, nothing to see there.

    • willbest

      Really it doesn’t make sense to engage with Russia militarily or the Middle East. We would get more bang for our buck spending on energy extraction and development. Crash the market. Find a way to profitably drill for under $30 a barrel in the US, Canada, and Mexico and our geopolitical adversaries won’t be able to support themselves, let alone have enough left over to cause us problems.

      • The three things I hoped that Trump would do at least

        1. Throw the bankers from the temple, so to speak.
        Doesn’t seem like it. He prolly has appointed MORE billionaire and bankers to his bidding than Obama. So much for the “wildcard” ending crony capitalism and corporatism.

        2.Help out the blue collar worker (regardless of region). The market is its own beast, so it’s rather difficult to blame/praise any POTUS for it. Most just go along for the ride. Some though, can steer it in a certain direction. Which is Trump, the former or the latter? (see #1)

        3. Stop policing. That’s the one major issue I agree with Libertarians about. Is Trump finally doing it? We still have a shit load of bases and personnel everywhere which make the warmachine a lot of $$$. It’ll be a tough task esp since Trump wants to simultaneously look “tough”

        #3 also gets complicated because Russians are like ticks. Once they’re in an area, they don’t just leave (see Berlin/eastern bloc). For all their bravado, they suffer from little brother syndrome, always insecure about their status as a “superpower” and as such always trying to stick their peckers wherever possible. It’s ingrained, and goes back centuries from when they were always trying to prove they were “European” while Europe treated them like that white trash cousin who won the lottery.

        I also believe that letting them take Berlin during WW2 left a very bitter aftertaste in the Am military psyche. Ike decided to let the Russians take it to save Am lives, which was great short term. But the Brits wanted to take it knowing the long term ramifications, and they were right.

        After that, the cold war and combating the russian “domino” affect took place, and I think that mentality drilled into our military and intelligence for the past 50 yrs is hard to change.

        It’s hard for them to just leave a sphere or theater without the ghost of Berlin rattling their chains in the background.

        • willbest

          Billionaires aren’t necessarily the problem. They know the evil of the bankster more than anybody. Imagine needing some jackal in a suit in taking 15% any time you want to get a deal done, while they take another 3% in transaction fees, or deliberately underpricing your IPO to deal out mad profits to their banker friends. The fact that Gary Cohn is on the short list to replace Yellen, however, means that we can forget about going after the bankers.

          • “The fact that Gary Cohn is on the short list to replace Yellen, however, means that we can forget about going after the bankers.”

            And I wonder how many Trump voters would’ve stayed home if they knew this beforehand?

            I don’t have anything against billionaires per se.

            Appointing Goldman Sach honchos and such is the same theory as hiring ex-hackers to protect the U.S., or imprisoned serial killers to catch new ones , it’s sorta a necessary evil.

            But the END of using billionaire crony bankers is where one could question the person’s motive.

            Is the end to create more u.s. jobs, improve the am economy and help the working class…or is the end to line their own pockets as much as possible?

            …think we all know the answer to that.

          • willbest

            He isn’t Hillary, I got my judge, and we seem to have a policy of not getting into WW3 which is why I voted for him. I will say that he does seem interested in fulfilling his campaign promises. He elevated one of Obama’s undersecretaries to head the VA and that guy is taking his mandate to get shit fixed to heart. I don’t know if its going to fix it, but he has been busy.

            Been a bit disappointed that Sessions seems to be distracted by his mandate to enforce immigration policy and is instead going after the drugs.

        • Irish Sweetness

          #3 … Is it 135 countries with U.S. military installations in them? If they were Russian/Chinese … how would people feel? Exactly the same.

  • That Guy

    I’m trying to think of a good joke that incorporates Freeman saving the Bears from choking, or making the Packers choke, but I’ve got nothin’.

    A little help?


  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Dan Pompei with a great profile story on Jordan Howard. A must read…

    Jordan Howard Isn’t Taking His Foot off the Gas After Monster Rookie Season

    When he was a boy, Howard had a book about Walter Payton that he read frequently. “The cover was blue, and the page numbers were orange,” he says.

    When he was in elementary school, one of his aunts had given him the Gale Sayers autobiography I Am Third.

    He didn’t remind anyone of Payton or Sayers at the start of his Bears career. In training camp, he was lost in the sea of 90 men. Going into the regular season, Howard “wasn’t No. 1 or No. 2 on the depth chart,” according to head coach John Fox.


    • leftcoastdave

      Thanks, great article.
      When he came in, he stayed in the smash mouth form which gave him the success at Indiana and sure enough that got him grind out yards. No deeking and dancing in the holes for Jordan. Now the coaches are tweaking the speed burst (hopefully not to the detriment of his size and power) and noticed that his eyes were to blame for his hands, doing lasik surgery.
      The set up is perfect with a new QB and beefed up TEs with the commitment to the run. Now it is up to Fox and Glenny to keep teams honest in the box and this could be fun to watch.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Let’s hope he stays healthy, eh, cos there’s nobody to back him up.

    • CanadaBear

      I’m almost positive he’s going to take another step up this year. Gotta love those humble players! There are going to be a lot of Howard jerseys in the stands this year. Love it!

    • SC Dave

      I said it a few weeks back and I’ll say it again.

      This kid wants to be Walter Payton.

      Obviously, it’s about ten years premature to compare, but he *is* off to a strong start.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        How sweet. Dave found a new RB to love, finally taking steps to move on from 22.

        • CanadaBear

          Honestly I think Dave and I both felt the same about the Forte situation. Both of us understood he had lost a step and it was time to move on but both of us were outraged the Bears thought a stiff like Langford was going to replace him.

          • BerwynBomber

            What was outrageous was how criminally under-appreciated Forte was on this blog. I’ll always remember AD expressing surprise at the warm ovation Forte received during his final home game. Really? That surprised him? Had he not watched the O the last ~10 years or had he merely focused the entire time on his Cutler crush?

            Langford was a 4th round pick. As was Carey. I’m sure Pace hoped he hit the jackpot (as he later did with Howard), but I doubt that he assumed he had. Which is why he selected Howard even though Langford played fairly well as a rookie.

          • Scharfinator

            He was always a class act too. Some football players are normal guys, some are criminals, and a few are role models.

          • CanadaBear

            Led the league in yards from scrimmage his first 8 years in the league. Somehow people on here thought that was some manufactured stat that didn’t mean anything. Yeah, I’m looking at you Irish.

          • willbest

            Irish judges WRs entirely by whether or not the QB looks for them in the endzone.

          • Irish Sweetness


          • Irish Sweetness

            Again, I didn’t MAtt. He just wasn’t all that as a RUNNING back. I grew up watching Earl, Wally, Dickerson, Sanders, Allen, Bo .. .dudes like that. Forte does not compare. Scrimmage yards? I could give a smaller fuck. You’re a running back – can you get me three yards up the middle?

          • SC Dave

            Some of us appreciated him from day 1, but yes, you are outrageously correct regarding the blog overall.

          • SC Dave

            Exactamundo. When Forte was released, he was clearly better than Langford. Despite the wear and tear.

  • CanadaBear

    Since Irish is going on about UFO’s again, here’s a douchebag harassing Buzz Aldrin about the moon landing being fake. Some of you will like the ending. I sure did.

    • willbest

      I would like to see us go back to just prove that we still can.

      • leftcoastdave

        If by “us” you mean the guvamint, that is simple. We can’t do it. It would cost trillions and take ten years.

    • King of DBB

      Bitches need slapping

      • CanadaBear

        I wish Buzz would have finished the job. I can only imagine how much patience it would take to tolerate this kind of BS.

        • willbest

          He no doubt has been dealing with it for decades.

        • Corporal Clott

          Yet with all the evidence staring us in the face we are Created beings, the deniers keep denying. Talk about patience eh Canada? Hee hee

          • CanadaBear

            I’ll need to see more evidence of god. 12 years of nuns and priests hitting me on a regular basis has made me a god denier. Just sayin’

          • Can’t let hypocrites influence ANY aspect of your life Canada, ESP the inner part. Excuse me while I tap my lil Trac…

            “Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: 2 “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. 4 They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.”

            “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.”


          • CanadaBear

            Well then, forget it, I’m all in!

          • Corporal Clott

            So there is a hell?

          • “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” – Satan, Paradise Lost

          • Corporal Clott

            Do you quote him often? Lol

          • Corporal Clott


          • Corporal Clott

            You are that evidence Canada.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The universe observing itself. Amen brother!

          • Irish Sweetness

            Evidence of the big bang does it for me, C-Bear. Literally the moment of creation, as evidenced by the Cosmic Microwave Background, brought to you by … science ( Penzias and Wilson, Alpher and Herman).

            And then there was light ….

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          “The Moon” was the name of the Hollywood sound stage where the landings were faked. It was named this so that if anyone ever had to take a polygraph they technically would not be lying. “I went to The Moon” or “I walked on The Moon”.

          • Corporal Clott

            Aaah….the ole plausible denyabilty tactic…

            Verrry interezting….

          • Irish Sweetness

            So they sent 18 astronauts to travel the world for the next 40 years telling the same lies (minus Neil after a couple) ? The later astronauts spent 3 days on the moon. Three days to get there, three days to get back. That’s a lot of stuff to talk about and I still haven’t heard it all. There’s no way these guys could lie at that level for so long, always remembering what stories had been made up. It’s humanly possible. Now Neil turned his back on all of that, but he was a quiet, shy man. It may be that simple, or there was a coverup of what they found on the moon.

            But they were there. Logic dictates that. They were there.

        • Irish Sweetness

          That was some punch for a man in his Eighties.

    • Don’t you find it odd that NO other country has gone to the moon?

      China, Russia, Japan, England, could easily go there, but don’t – is just economical? Doubt it.

      Esp with Russia and China who would gladly starve their own ppl for “pride”.

      Something’s fishy about that.

      • CanadaBear

        I’ve never heard anything about a space program from China, Japan or England.

        My whole point was what an obnoxious cocksucker that religious nut was and how happy I was Buzz snapped.

      • willbest

        Not really. The Chinese had to buy 4 aircraft carriers, and plans to a couple others before they finally got one operational. If you can’t get a boat to float on your own, then I would submit you aren’t likely to be able to get a habitable vehicle to take off from earth land on the moon and come back. And the bought a lot of their space program from Russia.

        I don’t think Japan or England ever bothered making habitable vessels using their rocket technology to just get tech into orbit. Really us humans are a huge constraint on the whole process. Rocket technology has dual purpose in weapons and getting communication satellites into orbit. Basically other practical considerations.

        So its really just US and the Russians that bothered to even develop the technology.

        • Even IF other countries don’t want to go to the moon (a big IF), why didn’t the USSR go there?

          They were ahead of us in the space race before JFK threw down the gauntlet.

          The ruskies didn’t want sloppy seconds?

          According to a doc I watched, the Russians determined that a radioactive belt surrounded the earth that would kill any humans flying through it, so they never bothered.

          NASA supposedly said, “that’s what space suits are for” but the USSR never followed up after we landed there.

          I would think the USSR would’ve wanted to land their own guy on the moon to say, “See, we could do it to” and plant their flag.

          But they suspiciously dropped out of the space race after we landed on the moon…(insert tin foil hat)

          • Irish Sweetness

            “According to a doc I watched, the Russians determined that a radioactive
            belt surrounded the earth that would kill any humans flying through it, so they never bothered.”

            I have technical info on this (not to hand) that I splash all over youtube to deal with those parrot-repeaters that love to say”it’s impossible to go through the van allen belts” as if they’re nuclear physicists. It IS possible and they did. The soviets were just throwing shade at the Americans. The radiation absorbed when travelling through the belt at 30,000 MPH is negligible. Stand outside on a sunny (or cloudy!) day and you will absorb radiation. Stand inside and you will absorb radiation. We live in a universe full of it. Of course the youtubers who want to feel special as part of the moon-hoax or flat-earth brigade love to cling to the words “Van Allen Belt” and then do a mic drop.

            Is there anything suspicious about them dropping out of a race that had already been won? How much more would they make people suffer just to come second? They were not a wealthy nation, people went hungry so that they could be the first into space, do the first spacewalk, first man/woman in space. It was time to turn to the nukes.

          • Yeah, it does seem suspicious that the USSR just quit. The U.S. beat the Soviets in a lot of things, and they didn’t just quit.

            We came out with abombs, and then they created their own (by stealing our shit partially). Pretty sure we created all kinds of other stuff like microchips, etc and the USSR tried to keep up.

            So after spending all that $$ trying to go to the moon, wasting all those resources and scientific minds, not to mention exploding cosmonauts, the Russians just folded up shop and threw in the towel at the height of the Cold War?

            That doesn’t jibe.

            Could be they didn’t want to waste $$$ but that never stopped them before when it came to propaganda.

            I don’t necessarily believe that we didn’t go to the moon, for the same reason I discard most conspiracy theories, namely, that a bunch of ppl can keep a secret, but I do find it odd that no other nation has wanted to go to the moon.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        The US was the only one to send a man to the moon. Russia had about 3 dozens of spacecraft meant for the moon which failed in various stages of the missions. Russia did send a rover(did not last long), China has a Lander on the moon. Japan sent a couple probes and India sent a probe in 2008 and are sending a rover next year.

        • But that’s what I mean about Russia (and the USSR back in the day).

          They were ahead of us. They were the first to send a satellite and cosmonaut into orbit. That scared the shit out of us, and that’s why JFK threw down the gauntlet.

          Then Russia suddenly became incompetent when it came to sending ppl to the moon, while our scientists suddenly became smarter, in like a decade?

          (And apparently our 1960s scientists are still smarter than modern russian scientists?)

          Of course I would like to believe that American exceptionalism triumphed, but doesn’t it strike you as odd that the USSR, even though more advanced than the U.S., couldn’t go to the moon, and just called it quits?

          If it had been the other way around, if the USSR would’ve landed on the moon ahead of us, I guarantee NASA wouldn’t say, “Well, Ok boys. That’s a wrap. Let’s pack it all up and shut it down”

          If anything, they would’ve wanted to land on the moon even more badly.

          But somehow we’re supposed to believe that the USSR did exactly that. They said, “Ah, Americans on the moon. No use in us going there anymore in spite of billions invested and national pride on the line”

          It could be the case, but just seems improbable to me.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            The Russian did not have a reliable heavy rocket. too many failures to reliably put men on. The Lead designer of their space program died in 1966 which did not help.

          • SC Dave

            Our Germans were better than their Germans.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The N1 is still the standard. Or was until recently.

            The Saturn V was special though. Why don’t they build more? Because they can’t. The plans were lost and there aren’t enough smart people to make them again i.e. Nazi scientists and people like Von Braun. Think about that.

            Without those German scientists, the USA would never have made it into space, and would not be a top world power.

          • Irish Sweetness

            They weren’t that incompetent – their time management was to blame. Their N1 rockets of the day are being used NOW to haul material into space. Once the USA got whiff of the timeframe of the Soviet lunar jaunt, they pushed up the moonshot to Apollo 11.

            But if you watch a doco like ‘The Red Stuff’ you get a sense that they were cutting corners and pushing launches forward all the time to beat the Americans, but it resulted in many terrible accidents. LIke the guy (Koralev?) who was due to go up and he was convinced the parachute would not deploy on his mission. But his best friend was next in line as backup pilot and he couldn’t put his friend in danger. That friend was Yuri Gagarin.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Not really. The Soviets did everything first in space bar land a moon man. They were even the first to land an object on the moon. After the lost the race to put a man on the moon, there was no point in going. And the Chinese are there now ….

        It’s very expensive to put men on the moon. Once the battle was won/lost ….

        But do you mean fishy as in hoax? Not possible. 300,000 NASA employees and the Soviet Union aren’t keeping that a secret for 50 years.

        There is of course the story that Apollo 11 was warned off the moon (puts hands in the air) – many videos on YT, enjoy. Then there is Armstrong’s cryptic statement at the 25th anniversary of the landing where he tells the students “There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers.”. That screams coverup, but not of a moon-hoax, we were on the moon. So … what was covered up? ‘Breakthoughs available’ sounds like alien technology to me.

        • Wait, so you think the Chinese are on the moon now?

          Doing what? (please don’t say lunar sweatshop)

          Edit. And yeah, possible alien moonbase they don’t want us fucking up with our pesky curiosity.

    • SC Dave

      No one else had the Saturn V, because the only Germans that could design it were here.


    • Irish Sweetness

      Bart Sibrel is a Class A top drawer asshole. Funnily enough his ‘A funny thing happened on the way to the moon’ is a good moon-hoax doc I have to admit. His other doc – where he weasels his way into the homes of Apollo astronauts under the pretense of an interview – is disgusting. He pulls his bible out and shouts at them all to swear on it (assuming they’re all religious!) that they were on the moon.

  • Scharfinator
    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      good thing he took all those PEDs so he had the strength to save this mans life. 3 Cheers for PEDs!!!

      • Scharfinator

        It enhanced his Heimlich performance

        • “It’s no biggie. I come up behind guys and pump them as hard as possible till weenies fall out of their mouths every day,” Rodgers said in a follow up interview.

          • fishing florida

            I would love to do that Jay Cutler. I am still waiting for my Jay Cutler sex doll to show up.

          • King of DBB

            Maybe you could go… like.. watch American Ninja Warrior and masturbate.

            Something. Anything to get you to STFU.

          • Pretty sure that’s Waffle trolling him.

          • fishing florida

            Once my Cutty sex doll is delivered I am going to invite Waffle over to tag team that bad boy. I can’t wait.

          • King of DBB

            What if they made a Biggsy sex doll?

          • fishing florida

            There is not enough plastic and silicone available to make something that big. And shipping cost would be outrageous.

          • King of DBB

            Maybe Pamela Anderson could melt down her tits or something.

          • On the plus side, comes with a free McRib.

          • SC Dave

          • SC Dave

            Try the block feature. Works great, and you won’t even be tempted to feed the troll.

          • Irish Sweetness

            You jack off to that too?

      • BerwynBomber

        What is the length of his suspension if he gets caught again? Eight games? A full year?

        • CanadaBear

          I think it’s 8.

      • EnderWiggin

        “Thanks for dislodging the hot dog from my throat. Here’s the bill for the Xrays and six broken ribs…”

    • That’s what happens when you put ketchup on your hot dog.

  • BerwynBomber

    Less than 48 hours away. Camp.

    Most interested in how the DB and TE depth charts shake out. And to a lesser extent, the WRs.

    All eyes will rightfully be on Trisky, but gotta figure the media will cover the kid to death. And Jeff seems to have already transferred his Cutty love to him so there will be no shortage of Trisky content here.

    First preseason game is less than 3 weeks away.

    • Wow, 3 weeks away. that was fast.

      The two positions that interest me most is S and CB.

      Who will start opposite Demps? Will it be the safe and steady but unspectacular Amos?

      Can Hall make enough of an impression to overtake him? Can the rook Jackson show enough?

      CB has the most intrigue (beside QB). Fuller was a high draft prospect. Mayock, who usually does a good job of evaluating secondry, ranked him #1


      But as Ethan Hawk proved in Gattica, no measuring a man’s heart.

      Prince is the new Porter, but a china doll.

      Cooper I think should be a nice surprise.

      then we come to the nickle (essentially a starter), where Callahan flashed, but never quite healthy.

      TE I think will be cut and dry. The only question there really is if Miller will get cut for Brown.

      This might be where Fox and Pace diverge. Fox’s job/career is on the line. He prolly wants as many vets as possible to win now. Pace would probably prefer Brown long term while saving $2M.

      That should be interesting to see how that shakes out for the power paradigm.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I’ll have a pound on Hall with Eddie Jackson taking over mid-season.

        I hope the Bears aren’t that desperate to get their hands on two million.

    • Johnnywad

      Perhaps that spotlight on Mitch will allow Glennon a little breathing room and some time to get his sea legs. (Glass half full for the moment)

      • SC Dave

        I remain optimistic about Glennon. His future is *right now*.

    • SC Dave


      If something half as good as Hester comes of this, I will be pleased. The thing about Cohen is funny. Once chance, one TD. But not.

    • SC Dave

      Larry the Tool has to be the fucking laziest writer ever. This has appeared in probably six articles by now:

      “White has shown promise when healthy; his 19 receptions last season were
      the most ever by a Bears player in his first four NFL games.”

      And really, who gives a fuck. It was force feeding at it’s worst; 36 targets to get 19 catches. Impressive. Not.

      • CanadaBear

        Indeed! Of those 19 catches, maybe two of them looked like more than just feeding him the ball.

  • Ok. so I posted this at tail end of alien thread (conspiracy!) Repost.

    Was browsing through Dickerson piece (I know), but this is basically just a facts-based preview of the starting line-up.


    The one MONUMENTAL trend that jumped out:

    most every starter is coming back from some sort of inj

    Is this normal? This seems unusual high, but I don’t follow other teams enough to compare.

    Here we go.

    QB. Glennon. Well, considering he hasn’t started in 2 yrs…he’s good.

    HB. Amazingly, perhaps the most brutal position in the NFL, we’re ok (knock on wood) w exception of Langford who won’t even make the roster.

    FB. Who cares?

    WR. Well, Alshon is gone, but he’s an INJ waiting to happen anyways. But it gets better! Meredith, our default #1, fucked up his thumb already. Cruz has no achilles or something White has a metal rod. Yay!

    TE. Much like with QB, no attrition due to no playing time. Sims caught 25 passes. Sasheen was playing against future car salesmen. But luckily, Miller is coming off another inj, and is fated for one anyways.
    OL. Where to begin? Long had not one but TWO inj and is most likely going on PUP. Sitton also has an All-pro INJ he’s coming back from. Grasu is still rollerskating on one good ACL.

    DE. Actually, not bad relatively speaking. Hicks mercifully healthy. Bullard is healthy, but awful. Though, wait, our new DE Howard is indeed coming back from INJ, naturally.

    DT. Goldmen played a whole 6 games last season. He’ll play another 6 before Unrein has to pinch NT in 17 as well as FB.

    OLB. McPhee hurt his throat yelling at Cargo. Oh, also coming back from inj. But wait, there’s more! Our top 10 pick Floyd concussed twice, the last of which lingered until January. You don’t need to use your head to tackle, right?

    ILB. Does PED count as an INJ? Cuz if Freeman gets busted for PEDs again…And Tre ruptured his petellar tendon. Maybe Cruz can give him some tips about making a come back in 3 yrs.

    CB. Prince has been Mr. Glass except last season, and Cooper has missed time already due to ‘soft tissue INJ”. But it’s ok, cuz Callahan is also coming off INJ! Good thing McMannis is an ironman

    S. Phew. Demps is healthy. Holy shit. Then again, he wasn’t on the Bears last yr. Amos was though, and I’m sure you look forward to him starting. And for good measure, our new S Jackson also had a metal rod implanted in his leg. Those things never fuck up careers, right White?

    • BerwynBomber

      What is the Dickerson hate about? Never got it. Did he not blow Cutty enough?

      P.S. We had an absurd amount of injuries last year, but so did other teams, specifically in the NFCN.

      • I don’t know. I really don’t read a lot of the chicago reporters.

        The only 3 I read: Moon, Hub and Biggsy (esp his “10 things” bit).

        But I know a lot of Da Blog don’t like Dick.

        Well, except MB. He LOVES Dick!

        (I know you’re lurking asshole!)

      • SC Dave

        I think it’s because Dickerson sucks. But that’s just my opinion.

      • CanadaBear

        It was way beyond that BB. Every article he would take a shot at him. Even articles that weren’t about him. The last 3-4 years of Cutler I was off the bandwagon and that’s when I noticed what a tool JD was.

        • BerwynBomber

          You and I disagree on stuff like this … or at least we have over national announcers and perceived favoritism. And though this concerns a local beat guy, it’s sorta the same argument.

          The only current Chicago print media guy I truly loathe is Haugh, but that’s not specifically related to the Bears (let alone to poor Jay), but more I find him wrong-headed, douche-y, inexplicably successful and a smug motor mouth (when I’ve caught him on TV).

          Remember too that Biggs took a load shit from the blog at the end of year for something he said about Cutler that was innocuous as hell. A total overreaction.

          • CanadaBear

            I dislike Haugh for the same reasons. To me JD and Haugh are very similar. It’s not like I was pissed because he was piling on Cutler (I’d given up on Cutler the last 3 years he was with the Beloved), it was just so tiring to read some shots in every piece no matter what the column was about.

            I like Biggsy and rarely grind on him (for any reason).

  • King of DBB

    designed to knock you down
    then raise your bitch ass up

    • BW part was like a steel toes to the balls.

      Other than that, I’m pumped.

      Has a rook defender ever gotten a safety-sack AND a strip-sack TD in our storied franchise like Floyd?

      Can’t remember. Be good trivia.

    • SC Dave

      Shitty soundtrack, although better than most to be sure. Sad as that is to say.

  • Speaking of Chinese lunar rovers…oldie but goodie

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Buzz Aldrin describes UFO encounter during Apollo 11 mission. The crew saw an unidentified object flying within visible distance from Apollo 11. The crew didn’t want to say ‘UFO’ so they innocently asked mission control in Houston the position of the jettisoned final stage rocket. The final stage rocket was jettisoned almost 2 days ago when they asked this question and the Apollo 11 craft had made some maneuvers since. Houston didn’t know why the crew was asking this question about the jettisoned rocket. Nevertheless, they did some calculations and reported the final stage rocket was about 6,000 nautical miles away.

    The crew clearly was not looking at an object 6,000 nautical miles away. Ergo, the thing Apollo 11 crew saw was a UFO.

    Watch Buzz Aldrin describe the episode. It includes the back and forth with mission control in Houston. Remember, this is Buzz Aldrin and he does not have a reputation as someone who makes up shit.

    • Irish Sweetness

      McDivitt reported something on his mission, and Gordo Cooper filmed one on Earth.

    • SC Dave

      The third comment says it all, viz:

      “The documentary cut the crew’s conclusion that they were probably seeing one of four detached spacecraft adapter panels”

      But so many, to paraphrase the X-Files, “want to believe”.

      • Other astronauts have said they have seen UFOs and believe they’re absolutely out there, and watching.

        One of those is Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Masters from MIT. Walked on Moon. Not exactly a crackpot.

        • Irish Sweetness

          I have to say I have never heard Edgar Mitchell speak of personal experience of UFOs. He does believe in them but I don’t think that he thinks they’re already here. He’s an Einstein-lover, obsessed with the speed of light.

          • You’re right about Mitchell. He said he hasn’t personally encountered a UFO, but that he has met many military men who have, specifically, air force pilots.

            He also lived the next town over from Roswell when it all went down, and he said that many locals did in fact confirm the original story about the downed UFO, specifically, how the local mortician had to create small coffins for the aliens.

            And he 100% believes aliens are there.

            Here’s a good interview with him, one of his lasts I think.

            He and this other physicist from Harvard discuss particle-quantum physics.

            The interviewer himself I think is a physicist, so it gets detailed.

            In one part he seems to debunk string theory in favor of 3-4 dimensions, but offers that there’s ‘hidden parts’ to those dimension, which sure sounds like string theory to me.

            Goes to other areas, like thought/speed of light/vibrations/meditations/precognition, etc

          • Irish Sweetness

            He was more careful about what he said than the others. I liked Dr. Mitchell. R.I.P.

          • I like that he was very accurate and detailed with his language.

            Never claimed he was abducted or stuff like that. And when he didn’t have evidence or science to back him up, he frequently pre-empted his ideas with “well, this part is merely conjuncture…”

            Def had the right stuff.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Different interview …. 8:38 …. Aldrin says it was a panel from the rocket, not a UFO.

  • BearDown100393

    Ruthless putter?


    • AlbertInTucson

      Dictators are “Ruthless”.


      Not so much.

    • CanadaBear

      He’s tough and ruthless. Or is that rough and toothless?

  • AlbertInTucson

    Remember Bob Irsay’s “…simple labrum repair.” comment regarding Andrew Luck?

    Luck has yet to throw a football since and today was placed on the PUP LIST.

    Great diagnosis, DOCTOR Irsay.

    • I’m not shedding any tears. They obviously tanked to get Luck.

      Seems like karmic justice if he never wins shit.

      • SC Dave

        I dunno. It’s not Luck’s fault.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Colts positioned themselves to draft him, then did virtually NOTHING to properly protect that investment.

          I feel sorry for HIM, but screw the Colts.

          How that GM stayed around so long is another testament to Robert Irsay’s ignorance and drug abuse.

          • willbest

            He got like $80 million guaranteed to go with his $25 million rookie deal. I won’t feel too bad for him.

        • Should’ve specified while he’s on the Colts but I’m guessing he’s gonna be on that team for a long time

    • Corporal Clott

      He had to create just enough doubt in order to sell the last remaining season tickets. Don’t you just love the NFL? Gotta tip my hat to these owners, they’re brilliant in a sick perverted way.

  • Irish Sweetness

    This was priceless.

    Buzz Aldrin standing behind the POTUS as he talks about his love of space.

  • King of DBB

    What I like about UFO was Michael Schenker’s guitar and the bridge they built to New wave.

    I can see why a Richard Dreyfus would dump Teri Garr for that shit

  • CanadaBear

    Enough of this UFO hooey. Walter would have been 63 today.

    • Sweetness had some moves, on and off the field!

    • Irish Sweetness

      He would have been a bald old coot.

      Happy birthday Sweetness.

  • Corporal Clott


    Will the Steelers ring the Bell? The dude is impressive but I’m not sure the Steelers will break the bank for him.

    • BerwynBomber

      As an NFL fan I love watching Bell, but yes in today’s league, it is not smart money to break the bank for an elite RB. That said, Bell is ONLY looking for his first veteran contract so a team could rationalize it in that sense.

      It is those second veteran contracts which are extremely iffy.

      • AlbertInTucson

        His injury/ suspension history is a big yellow caution light.

        • BerwynBomber

          Agreed. Although his most serious injury had less to do with durability concerns and more to do with known scum Vontez Burfect trying to end Bell’s playing career.

          Btw, Burfect might be the one exception to my own rule of never rooting for an injury (even against a rival). Burfect having a career-threatening injury? Yeah, can’t say I’d mind that.

      • Corporal Clott

        Franchise him, get your monies worth and buy the team another year to negotiate.

      • Irish Sweetness

        This is what I put forward as a running back, with all due respect to Matty F. Catches, runs, does it all. That’s a dude you can pay 8M – not Matty.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Colt’s #1, Malik Hooker, PUPped. Bad Hammy. Also coming off of surgery.

    Pre-season PUP: Not so bad, can come off anytime. Saves teams rosters spots.

    Regular season PUP: Not so good. Out 4 Weeks, minimum, then another two to make a decision on activation.

    • willbest

      Pace couldn’t risk Hooker. Not with Fuller and White on the roster.

      • Agreed.
        Though I still think Hooker will be AP, albeit, with injuries.

        All that matters really is playoffs in my view, esp when it comes to safeties.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Can you even IMAGE the crapstorm if the Bears HAD taken Hooker…?

    • Here’s an interesting experiment:

      Is not 9 games of Mike Brown preferable to 16 games of Amos-type?

      Reminds me of a scene about Don King when he told Larry Holmes, ‘You’re a boring ass boxer. I would rather pay to watch Ali watch a fight than to pay to see you fight’

      • AlbertInTucson

        No question.

      • SC Dave

        Depends on who you had to replace Brown. If Al Afalava, you still leave Amos out?

  • Ruh-roh. Enjoy it well it last boys.

    110 of 111 NFL brains examined suffered from CTE some even as young as 23 and that included kickers


    • willbest

      Now scan boxers, MMAs, hockey players.

      Golf is probably going to be the most interesting sport to watch in 20 years.

      • They’re finding that the repetitive “sub-concussive” hits, essentially, any violent helmet to helmet hit that doesn’t concuss you, is as or more guilty of CTE.

        That’s scary cuz anyone who’s ever played football has been exposed to those NUMEROUS times.

        When I played Pee-wee football, our coach used to line us up across another player, yell hike, and we would batter each other like rams.


        It was just a drill.

        I never got concussed, but sometimes I would get a lil phased. You were taught to just battle through it. That was part of the drill, to grit through it.

        The more research that comes out, the bleaker football’s future looks unless they come up with some miracle helmet or pill to counteract CTE.

        I imagine Boxing, MMA and hockey will follow.

        “Punch drunk” has been in our lexicon since like the 20s or something, so there’s been long anecdotal evidence of CTE effects esp in that sport.

        • BearDown100393

          You were concussed. You just do not remember.
          Now carry on.

          • Corporal Clott

            Lol, Butch’s angling for the class action lawsuit that’s about to be filed.

          • I wish!
            Nah. Im prolly more brain damaged from beer and watching Encino Man

        • Johnnywad

          The US is flowing over with completely normal, successful 50 to 60 year old Alpha dogs that rocked High School football in the 70’s when helmets were essentially a Lowe’s bucket. By and large, they’re fine. It’s also full of guys that played college ball and are still fine, though a larger number of them are a bit more prone to being fucked up. And then there’s the NFL. They all have CTE. Some of them lead normal lives well into old age, others put a bullet in their chest when they’re 40 so scientists can prove they had CTE.
          I believe many other sports will show high instances of CTE as the science grows. The key will be how it all started, how much Tao can you fill your head with before it impacts your life, and why does it impact some so much more severely than others.
          My hunch is that we’ll one day find out, the very thing that makes NFL football players so much different than everybody else mentally to begin with, (they’re all a little psycho, have to be) also contributes to the heightened emotional impact of CTE.

          I’m not a doctor, but I used to play one back on the block.

      • Corporal Clott

        Wouldn’t you rather have soup dripping from the corners of your mouth while sipping from a spoon in a wheelchair on the beach in Hawaii than working for your local waste management outfit until you’re 65?

    • Corporal Clott

      Speak for yourself butch, I haven’t enjoyed watching the Bears in quite some time.

  • Donny33

    The Bears are a terrible franchise.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Shut the fuck up Donny!

    • Irish Sweetness

      No. We’re the oldest, the coolest, and we have the best uniform. We are football.

      You …. you Donny … are a fat bell-end.

  • A Collision of Turds

    Bears really blew it this offseason. Getting rid of Cutler for a mediocre at best FA QB, then paying him WAY too much. Then getting swindled into trading up one spot for another bad QB. Bad decisions all around. They will be in the NFCN basement for the foreseeable future

    • Donny33

      gone are the days of team unity and gay shower sex.

    • Corporal Clott

      That’s a little harsh yonny. He he

    • “Getting rid of Cutler for a mediocre at best FA QB”


      Cutler was so great, he transcended football like Jesus to become an ESPN deskjockey.

      • BerwynBomber

        Technically, Fox. And he will be in a booth not a studio.

        But yes, other than Phil Emery no one ever over-estimated Cutler’s appeal/productivity like the Cutlerites. In fact, Emery himself should be an honorary Cutlerite.

      • SC Dave

        It’s not Waffle, is it?

        • Irish Sweetness

          I recognise about 4 people on here, man. At least Butch keeps his Butch-ness tag.

          Who is GP now? I miss Jim.

  • Donny33

    Comments deleted, really?

    The shower thing was a joke. The Bears being a bad franchise was fact.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Shut the fuck up, Donny!

      • SC Dave

        Block user works very well, HBP

        • Irish Sweetness

          Don’t block him, then you can’t read old comments like :

          11 hours ago
          idk, YOU CAN’T FORCE GENIOUS.

          or …..

          11 hours ago
          i blacked out for the first time in like two (2) years recently and
          now it’s been two weeks in a row. i’m not on a good trajectory.

          or …… (obsessed with abortions?)

          12 hours ago
          did your parents try to abort you and it didn’t work out?
          View in discussion

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            His comments are almost Shakespearean.


    i was promised an abortion site

    • Donny33

      The Bears will hit abort after Wk 3.

    • Irish Sweetness

      The Chicago Abortions, wassup??

      I want us to identify as abortions.

  • King of DBB

    Fucking Keebler Elf. Picking up the homos in sacks and dumping them in trees. He’s got your CTE for ya – MMA style!

    Look at his Instagram post with the kittens!

    Repressed much?

    • SC Dave

      Your secret fetish, I presume.

  • BuddhaJoe

    So in addition to the Joe Anderson Boner Award, should we have a Guy Who Got Drafted Because He Jumped Out of a Pool Award? Not sure who that would be right now though.

    • fishing florida

      I got a Jay Cutler Boner that just won’t go away.

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Just saw this article on nj.com. Makes sense. Fangio and Fuller can’t stand each other. Might as well get something in return and free up a roster spot for someone who will be in long-term plans.

    Could Eagles make a trade for Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller?

    The Eagles are paper-thin at cornerback, and are currently counting on last year’s seventh-round pick, Jalen Mills, to be their No. 1 corner.

    Outside of Mills, the team only has journey-man veteran cornerback Patrick Robinson and third-round pick Rasul Douglas as viable options on the roster.

    Fuller likely won’t cost much to pry away from the Bears — possibly a late-round pick or a player like linebacker Mychal Kendricks.


    • Irish Sweetness

      I’m tired of giving away players for late-round picks like people are doing us a favor. Cut the fucker straight up. He’s a waste of space.

      • SC Dave

        That makes zero sense, Irish. Zero.

        Why not get a pick instead of nothing at all?

      • CanadaBear

        If they trade him the receiving team will inherit his guaranteed salary this year and the Bears get a draft pick. If they cut him, they pay his salary and get nothing in return.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Yes, true. But who gives up a pick for a guy that is a non-entity? Does he not now have ten red flags?

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