Pace Wins Training Camp, Glennon is Glennon & Jaye Howard’s Poor Debut

| August 16th, 2017

Remember when people were calling for Ryan Pace to be fired?

Sure you do, it wasn’t that long ago.

He was stupid for taking a quarterback with just 13 collegiate starts, a D-II tight end, a safety with a rod in his leg and a tiny and a small running back from a small school. Guys like Matt Miller and Jason La Canfora quoted made-up sources saying Pace was SURELY going to be fired.

It’s early, of course, but two weeks into preseason, Pace is the unquestioned winner of Bears training camp.

Adam Hoge and Adam Jahns brought the topic up on their podcast last week. Who is the winner of training camp? Jahns named UDFA and 2017 Joe Anderson Boner Award winner Tanner Gentry. Hoge raved about rookies such as Adam Shaheen, Tarik Cohen, Eddie Jackson and, of course, Mitch Trubisky. Neither Hoge nor Jahns was wrong. Those guys all look legitimate. But one guy is responsible for all those individuals being in camp, in Bears uniforms. That’s Pace.

It’s funny how much a narrative can change once football players, you know, play football.

Hell, I doubted the Cohen pick myself, comparing it to the Garrett Wolfe selection several years ago. In attending one training camp practice, I knew he wasn’t Wolfe and against Denver last week Cohen looked downright special. Both Hoge and Jahns have raved about Shaheen being a potential cornerstone. Jackson should start this year and would’ve been a first-round pick if he worked out before the draft last spring. And Gentry just hasn’t done anything wrong yet, elevating up the depth chart with a legitimate shot to make the final 53.

But this draft is about Trubisky…

…and the first glimpse we got of him was nothing short of special. The “it’s only preseason” argument doesn’t matter because the kid from Ohio was throwing perfect passes. There is no defense for a perfect pass.

The talk of firing Pace was always stupid. He came out of the 2016 draft with the league’s second-leading rusher, a guy who is going to anchor the offensive line for the next decade and a player who certainly looks the part of a premier pass rusher. Now, it’s possible that Pace has added four more cornerstone players…including a franchise quarterback.

The Problem With Playing Mike Glennon

Last week’s preseason game showed a lot of what I saw on tape before the Bears signed Mike Glennon. There were four plays that stood out as reasons why the Bears will have a hard time winning with the “veteran”:

  • His first pass of the game. He had Cam Meredith in the middle of the field, but his ball placement was terrible. The throw was high and behind Meredith, making him reach up and back, leaving his body exposed to a big hit.
  • The interception. He was pressured and he crapped his pants. If Chris Harris didn’t get a pick-six there, Aqib Talib would have.
  • He can’t be blamed for Whitehair’s bad snap, but that play should’ve never been a turnover. He had a great opportunity to jump on the ball, but just couldn’t bend down and get there. Most quarterbacks prevent that from being a turnover.
  • Another pass to Meredith, this time it was a deep shot in which Meredith had a step on the defender. A halfway decent throw would’ve been a big gain, but he lofted the ball short and Meredith had to become a defensive back.

The problem with Glennon is that you need everybody else to be perfect. They have to run the ball, their line has to hold up and their receivers have to make difficult catches. If any of those things don’t happen, they won’t win.

Trubisky, however, can make his own offense. The rookie creates a margin for error for the other 10 guys on the field and the play caller. Don’t think the other guys on the team didn’t notice how well he played.

If Glennon isn’t significantly better this week, the Bears can’t justify sticking with him.

Disappointing Veteran

Glennon wasn’t even my most disappointing vet in the first preseason game. I knew he wasn’t any good. I thought Jaye Howard was. Now, I’m not so sure. He looked slow and out of shape. Perhaps he’s still coming back from injury, but I still expected more.

The Bears aren’t going to keep more than six defensive linemen. Howard is a good distance behind the three starters (Hicks, Goldman and Unrein) and looked much worse than Jon Bullard and CJ Wilson.

If the Bears keep a sixth defensive lineman, it’s more likely to be a young guy than a veteran who just might not have anything left in the tank.

I hope Howard can get into shape because if he can lay at the level he was at two years ago, the Bears front seven might be the best in the league.

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  • StarkyLuv

    I agree. Pace has done nothing but hit doubles, triples & homers in the draft. (It’s not his fault White has brittle bones). It’s obvious that he’s an ace talent evaluator. Let him build the team.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      As much as I want to see the rookie play, I hope Glennon improves enough to buy him some time.

      At least 2 games worth.

      • chitownproud85

        Agreed. Writing him off after a quarter of a preseason game on a new team with a newish receiving corps and an o-line that was a little shaky? Yeesh. It feels like Glennon must have pissed on some family graves or something with the ire he gets.

        • SC Dave

          I don’t get it either. Probably because it is not a rational response.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            or maybe he sucked in TB and hasn’t gotten any better.

          • fishing florida

            your comments, and your name, are absurd.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I will accept that my name is absurd, who really cares. But Glennon sucked in TB and does not appear to have gotten better, so how is that absurd.

          • The “modestly” part maybe throws him off.

          • CanadaBear

            I think it’s that monster Wang, Dang, Doodle!

          • Can’t determine that in what, 3 series vs top #3 D.

            This will get sorted out anyways by Sept.

            I just hope Trub is taking 1st team reps now just in case we get Clausened.

    • Scharfinator

      It may be his fault he didn’t pick up any cues from White.

      However, I agree with your sentiment overall. Pace has done well in both FA and the draft, the team just needs time to rebuild and gel.

  • King of DBB

    If Trubisky then busts under the pressure of playing in a real game, is Pace then back down?

    Such a Roller Coaster of fanboy here. Could we possibly see how they look in games 1-4 before passing judgment on the fact that maybe they could have used a 2nd and 3rd round pick? The fact the ENTIRE NFL press thinks Ryan got fleeced by John Fucking Lynch?

    Let’s give Westworld a pass on the rumor that K White had health issues pre-draft. Let’s look at just Floyd and Trub. Floyd has put on weight and looked in the PS game as if he had a true swim move. If he can lock and pivot against tackles instead of just trying to fly past them, he can be a very dangerous pass rusher. Hope he keeps his noggin clean of those CTE cobwebs.

    • SC Dave

      Sounds like a good plan.

    • Bender McLugh

      the ENTIRE NFL. Heard it before and you are wrong on that.

      • King of DBB

        Ok. Link to a NFL National Press writer who defends Pace’s draft this year, then.

        • leftcoastdave

          It matters what the NFL National Press writers say because?????

          Pace stole Trub. Remember last year and the prices paid to get Goff and Wentz? Everybody moved up for their QB this year and Pace was first paying the least for the best in class.

          Is there any disputing that?


          • SC Dave

            Plenty of disputing that. You find one article from MMQB and this is indisputable evidence that Pace pulled a fast one on the league?


          • Johnnywad

            Boy. It might be a great pick. But I don’t see how it could be called stealing. He used the second overall pick and some additional picks to get there. Might have been there with “just” the third overall. We’ll never know.

            That’s a pretty steep price any way you slice it. Hard to call that stealing.

          • Ryan Pace

            Pace has done a good job since he’s been the GM of the Bears and his first season here he had to do it with Emery’s scouts cause he didn’t bring his guys on until after that draft/off season. So it’s not just this last draft that should say what Pace is as a GM in the NFL. He’s made solid moves in free agency, the draft and with UDFA’s.

          • What price would you pay for the opportunity to draft Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or Roethlisberger? You can say Tru would have been there at #3, but why take a chance? Benefit of bad record is high pick in every round, so he trades down in 2nd, gets picks back and still ends up with Adam Shaheen. Or, we could be trying to convince ourselves Glennon did not get a fair shake in Tampa, he just needs a little time, we can run Howard and mix in a pass now and then. In other words, same excuses we have been making for Bears QBs since Jim McMahon left.

          • Johnnywad

            I’m completely fine with what Pace did. I have zero problem with it. Gotta strike when you’re that close to the top. I just think characterizing it as “stealing” is misguided. Pace used a lot of draft capital to get him. I’d call it fair market value. Especially so if the kid can play.

          • Bender McLugh


          • King of DBB

            I always thought steal meant getting something for nothing or near nothing. Like “the deals are so good at Cellosi Ettelson they are a steal!”

            Trub will have to show he is Vadgers 2.0 to be a steal because we paid a lot to get him.

            And yes, I read national NFL writers and listen to them. I get that the Zeitgeist of this nation is to discount all expertise, however we live in very stupid times

          • CanadaBear

            You are arguing over semantics. If MT turns out to be the real deal, what Bears fan is gonna mourn the loss of a couple mid rd draft picks? Dare I say only a stupid one. This isn’t directed at you GP.

        • Bender McLugh

          sorry, no links, I didn’t save them. I did read a paltry few that didn’t rip the draft. There was one owner or coach that did say he didn’t get all the backlash for going up and getting your guy if you believe he’s actually your guy. I’m in a mood today, but still the fact remains that you are right that MOST of the NFL thought it was a reach, no doubt, just not all.

    • Hey, GP, do you remember Steve Walsh?

      That’s right, NO ONE DOES cuz Troy Aikman balled!

      He was the 2nd overall pick in the supplemental draft even though Aikman was already on the roster.

      Moral of the story, if the QB pans out, NOBODY’S gonna remember some 3rd rd pick.

      It’s risk reward.

      It’s like if you go to the store and put on a coat, and that coat is fucking FANTASTIC. Makes you look like a million bucks.

      Some hot retail salestail passes by while you’re mesmerized in front of the mirror and says, “Honey, you look FAB in that. You rock it. It’ll be on sale tmrw, but honestly, two guys already came in today and tried it on. It’s the last one”

      Do you believe her? Is this is sale’s tactic?

      Does it matter?

      If you love the coat, you pay the little extra and leave the store with a big ass grin on your face saying “fuck those guys”. Then return to the story in same coat and tell that hot little salestail to meet you at El Torritos for lunch


      • King of DBB

        Butch’s argument:

        If you had to spend for a HOF QB, who the fuck cares! In the end, history only remembers the stud! The one who gets a blowjob AND tacos in the same day at El Torritos! Blowjob taco! the best kind!

        GP’s Argument:

        Pace could have had Trubisky without dealing the picks and moving up. That is a sign of a GM who got swindled.

        If you go into a Ferrari dealer and you really want a 97 F355 Berlinetta, and you see them under 50k miles for as little as $80k, is it ok to pay $130k for a really good one if it had it’s belts and headers swapped and you will pick up obscene amounts of pussy in it? Or does that make you a sucker? Either way, blowjob tacos are on the menu.

        Steve Walsh story. I am an undergrad sitting in the Big House at the 20 yard line. Michigan is way up over Miami, and the whole fucking stadium starts in with the White Sox na-na-na-na anthem, hey hey goodbye.

        Steve Walsh and Cleveland Gary lead a 4th Q comeback and make up 24 points in ine quarter and win the game by a point. The tiny group of Miami fans at the lower section between the 10 and 30 of the opposite side start singing it loudly as the rest of the stadium piles out. It was a bad day for the Maize and Blue, but it was funny as hell. That game actually sets the table for the Convicts v. Catholics game.

        • Was expecting a Ferrari analogy.
          Was NOT expecting a bonus Walsh story!

          Only da blog…

          And I’m all in. Fuck it.

          It’s ok to be excited. I can’t believe I have to tell myself that, but being a Bear fans mindfucks us.

          • SC Dave

            Only da blog…

  • SC Dave

    Last I checked, the preseason has three more weeks, so its kind of odd calling a winner before the game is over.

    That being said, I was not one of the “sky is falling” “Pace sucks” people. In fact, I was an early advocate of the idea that Pace was drafting his Brees, Graham, and Sproles. And if he has in fact got them, things could be looking up for some time.

    Although Irish hates him, a key piece for the next two to three seasons is Vic Fangio and his staff. There are a lot of young guys on the defense that need to develop and we shall see how well that happens.

    • beninnorcal

      I’m a fan of Fangio. Not a big Fox guy but I like Fangio. Not a big Loggains guy either.

      • SC Dave

        Jury’s out on Loggains for me. On Fox, he was brought here to change the culture, and by all accounts that has happened. Whether that can translate to wins is unclear.

        Overall, my biggest concern with the Bears the past two seasons is injuries. I don’t know if it’s just bad luck, or that there are systemic problems in the strength/conditioning, nutrition, and medical/recovery staff. Or in the nightmare scenario, all three.

      • Ryan Pace

        People are way under estimating D.Loggains and his play calling. Tell me the last time you saw Bears WR’s so wide open as much as we saw it last season.

        • I agree, Dowell did a hell of a lot with litlle on offense. Barkley had us fooled for a minute, but he did figure out Cam Meredith is pretty damn good. Bellamy and Thompson ST guys, Dowell got them open, they just dropped too many.

          • Dowell and Hoyer made Meredith catch back to back 100 yd games

            That’s saying something.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            exactly, even more impressive because Hoyer can only throw it 8 yards.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Who probably could have had back to back 200 yard games with a proper QB.

        • SC Dave

          A fair point for sure, but let’s see what happens now. He has presumably more of the pieces he needs, but the league has more film on him.

          Fortunately, I think, for Loggains and us, I’m not sure the league is ready for what I think Shaheen and Cohen will bring.

    • Johnnywad

      It was very nice, at a minimum, to have the rooks go out and look like football players in their first game experience.

      For too many seasons, I’ve watched the noobs in preseason and thought “Well, maybe they just need time to adjust to the speed of the game.” Or “Well, he just needs a full off season to bulk up. Then we’ll see.” Or “We’ll, he just needs more time to learn the playbook, or his assignment on that adjustment.”

      But there was none of that. So for now, through one game, I’m feeling pretty good.

      • Scharfinator

        I’m with you Johnny. Let’s enjoy it while we can. It may only last a week, it may last 5 years. BUT LETS LOVE EVERY MINUTE

      • I think we said that for 3 years with Shea.

        • Johnnywad

          You must have been on a different blog. I don’t remember that at all.

          • CanadaBear

            The people that were desperately hoping CD would pan out were saying that. Most of us saw him for what he was that first season. A horrible pick.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          are you talking about Super Bowl winner Shea?

  • chitownproud85

    Holy shit the hype train is completely off the rails here. The stench of potential is wafting from this team, and thats enough to smile about. Whatever Jeff is on, I want some too.

    • SC Dave

      Andrew, in this case. But Jeff too.

      • chitownproud85

        Holy shit, my bad. Reading it seemed like 100% Jeff and I hadnt even considered it could be someone else haha. *Andrew*

    • Choo choo!

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    I’m waiting for Fox to say “We get off the bus running.”

    • SC Dave

      He better not.

      • KentuckyBearsFan


  • leftcoastdave

    Pace has killed it, both FA and draft. He was able to steal Trub out from under Cleveland’s nose by signing and praising (and perhaps overpaying) Mike Glennon. Compare what was paid last year in the draft for Goff and Wentz. Pace did not show his cards, he false carded and snookered Cleveland in the process (and everybody else thinking they could move up to get Trubinski).
    The rest of his picks? Off the charts. Even last year’s “disappointment” in Jon Bullard is looking to take the step into the starting line up bulking up into a run stuffing machine.
    Let Glennon have his chance while Trub keeps being a winner against steadily better defenses and it will all come together.

    Division title, baby!

    • evantonio

      How did he steal Trub from under Cleveland’s nose? Were they looking to move up to the 9ers spot to get him? What am I missing?

      • leftcoastdave

        He was their first pick. After signing Glennon, nobody thought Pace was after Trubisky. Cleveland wanted that boy from Ohio badly and had all the ammo they needed in draft capital to get him. You remember the riches given up for Goff and Wentz from last year?

        Pace played them all like a fiddle.

        Chiefs also after Trub and traded up for Mahomes:


        • SC Dave

          Just like all the writers that said we could have got Trubisky with the third pick, your entire take on the Trubisky thing is pure speculation. With a rose-colored filter .

          • leftcoastdave

            No, plenty of people have confirmed that the 9ers had other offers for the 2 and other teams wanted Trub. Pace did what he had to do to get Trub and it was a small price to pay based upon recent market comps (ie., other drafts).

          • Lynch admitted he was fielding numerous calls. Neither Lynch nor Pace ratted out which teams, but we can reasonably conclude it was the Browns and most likely the Chiefs and and maybe Texans as well as a few other dark horse teams.

            The deciding factor for Lynch taking our deal was that we picked immediately after them. Other teams were giving up more picks, but since we were right after, they could still get their guy in Thomas.

            And for those saying, “well, if Trub was so good, why didn’t the 9ers pick him?”

            Who cares!?

            They wouldn’t be the first team who passed on a franchise QB -how many teams passed on Vadgers, Wilson, Romo, Prescott, D Carr?

            The Browns themselves chose picks over Wentz not last yr.

            9ers are obviously in rebuild mode and have Cousins practically penciled in next yr.

            That’s their guy.

            We got ours.

          • Irish Sweetness

            And Houston got theirs.

          • Ryan Pace

            So writers said we could of got him at 3 and you believe them?? You believe writers?? Hahahahaha. It was well known that teams wanted to trade up to get Trubs and Pace saw the guy he wanted and wasn’t taking any chances of losing him and you and others have a problem with that?? I’d love to hear what you same people would be saying if another team got him and he became a good/great NFL QB. You guys would of been hating on Pace for not finding a way to get him.

          • SC Dave

            No, all I said is that it is speculation. Try reading what is there next time.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            “Sports journalists” are generally not journalists.

            They are entertainers.

            And generally bad ones at that.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I don’t think there are any journalists left, are there? The ones these days can’t even spell, or make grammatical mistakes, and all seem to have an agenda, or a dog in the fight.

        • Johnnywad

          Didn’t the Browns pick first?

          • leftcoastdave

            Yup. Believing they could also get Trub later. The consensus number one was Myles Garrett on every board and the 9ers would have jumped on him without a doubt, having taken Soloman as the consolation prize.

        • evantonio

          Eh. I agree that Glennon was a smokescreen, but I don’t think Cleveland or KC would’ve traded up to #2 to get him. It’s my firm belief he would’ve been there at #3. And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that beliefs outweigh science.

          Unless those GMs come out and say they were trying to trade up to #2, the fact that they traded up for Mahomes and Watson does not mean they wanted to get the 9ers spot.

          • Pace himself said that he was fielding a lot of trade-up calls before the draft, so he concluded that the 9ers were receiving the same calls from the same teams.
            He also said he feared the Browns because they had way more ammo than the Bears or any other team.
            So put 2+2 together, and we can reasonably conclude that the Browns were indeed one of the many teams looking to jump the Bears for Trub.

            And given that two other teams actually did trade up, we can add them to the mix.

            There was also allegedly a “surprise” team in the mix.

            My $ was on Cards or Aints.

            Regardless, teams were wanting to trade up for Trub.

            And no way in hell was Kizer the Browns first plan for a QB in 2017.

            Kizer was their consolation prize after Trub was snatched.

            You know they wanted to come away from this draft with their franchise passer and pass rusher, they just didn’t expect Pace to move up that aggressively to select Trub since we paid Glennon.

            No one expected it. I think that was the first time in a long time where all the “draftniks” like Mayock and Kiper, et al were genuinely clueless as to whom Pace was drafting. I was hearing Thomas right up until Trub was announced. Then the “gasp”

            Pace did pull a fast one on everyone.

            Hopefully it pays off.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            probably why the NFL “Press” says Pace got fleeced and gave it a bad grade, like GP says. NFL Press does not like being caught of guard on things. No one saw it coming, so better attack it.

          • SC Dave

            So I can speculate not knowing anything also.

            Any of those teams would have had to give up way more than Pace did to move to #2.

            *Minimally*, any of those teams would have had to put up at least everything Pace put up PLUS next year’s #1 and #2.

            No one would have done that, ergo, Pace did not have to move up.

            See? Easy.

          • evantonio

            So we agree!

  • JC

    Like a lot of fans I was disappointed Pace had to move up 1 spot to secure a qb who started only 13 college games but if Pace was willing to stick his neck out for Trubisky then he must have some strong football qualities. Pace’s gamble has paid off. One franchise qb can improve the offense more than anyone can know. Now the Bears defense is still in transition and improving but not there quite yet. If given another year to draft Pace will surely get a few more needed pieces for a lockdown defense. Pace is working on the 5 year plan since he signed a 5 year contract. Bears are only into year 3 of the Pace administration. So I’m patient enough to see if Pace can get the job done. So far Pace is going into the right direction just by drafting Trubisky while the defense is getting there.

    • SC Dave

      While your post generally seems reasonable enough, claiming a first round trade has “paid off” based on a single preseason half is just silly.

  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    Pace must be held accountable for what he hasn’t done since he took over.
    I liked what I saw from Trubisky as much as the next guy but when I see the holes on the roster I just want you guys to be ready for what is going to happen. Our D looks to be headed for a complete meltdown.
    D Back is a position of incredible fucking need. We have failed on many levels to address it and it will result in many losses now and in the future. We have failed to address corner and safety and it’s unacceptable that we ignored it again.
    D line and LB is suspect as we’re relying on Goldman coming off of a major injury, Trevathan off of a major injury, McPhee is a lost cause as he has one leg and one arm, Young and Houston are old, hurt, etc , Unrein is white, Jaye Howard coming off of major injury. Kwiatkoski fucking sucks, Prince is hurt now, Jackson coming off of major injury, etc.
    It pains me to know that our D needed a major overhaul and this past draft seemed to have some young bucks who could start to heal the wounds of that past 10yrs of shitball drafting and FA pickups and we passed on it for Trubisky. I kind of wanted to go the Dallas route of building up the team and bringing on a guy who succeeded in college, had athleticism, had the respect of his teammates and was able to be plugged into a solid overall squad a la Wilson or Prescott. I know hindsight is 20/20 but that’s just how I feels.

    • SC Dave

      It may feel that way, but your opinions have not yet been borne out on the field of play. Perhaps you’ll be able to come back mid-season and say “see, I told you”. Or not.

      To use that tired cliche, “that’s why they play the games”.

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        Only time will tell. Here’s to an entertaining Bears season!

    • CanadaBear

      The problem with taking a mid-round QB is they usually suck moose wang. You picked the only two drafted in the last 10 years that don’t. You will never admit it but they desperately needed a QB. Another year of Cutler and Chicago would have become a Cubs town. I’m not here to rag on Cutler but he never got it done. It wasn’t all his fault but he definitely had a hand in it. When you’re up that high in the draft, you desperately need a QB and the guy you love is right there, you pick him. Pace signed two veteran CB’s. Who knows if they pan out. The SS they signed had 6 INT’S last year. The Bears entire ream last year had 8. From all reports Jackson has looked like an NFL FS.

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        haha, I know it’s unfair to pick just those two but I think it’s more about the types of teams that those guys went to. Both teams had a veteran core and addressed the trenches and had skill players to make any QB look good. I was hoping we could provide that environment for our own QB.

    • “Our D looks to be headed for a complete meltdown.”

      I sorta agree with this cuz we don’t have depth. I wrote my lil “everyone who’s gonna get inj” schtick already, so I won’t rehash, but it ain’t looking good.

      We’re dangerously thin, esp at CB and Dline.

      That’s why this offseason I wanted a bonafide CB like Bouye/Glimore but none wanted to be on our team cuz we sucked so instead we got China doll Prince. (and I won’t even bring up passing on Norman last yr. Oh wait…)

      Dreamt about Brandon Williams, Hankins, Baker, or Poe (if his back checked out), and instead, we got inj Howard.

      If we could’ve somehow got Gilmore/Baker, I would feel much better.

      We could withstand inevitable injuries without having to see Unrein, LeBlanc or ,god help us, McMannis.

      Our D looks decent, but it’s only skin deep. Once the injuries kick-in, we’re going to be pulling FAs off the street, which won’t bode well for our season.

      If we somehow miraculously stay healthy, then I expect a strong season, but I’m not counting on it.

      As I learned in the cubscouts, “Always be prepared”. Our team is not prepared for injuries.

    • any word on seriouslenss of Ammukamara injury? Guess we better hang onto Fuller for a while. Unrein is white? so what, kinda racist thing to say. to your point, we signed a lot of secondary guys and drafted Eddie Jackson, who looks like a steal. Pace is pluggin holes any way he can rght now.

      • SC Dave

        It’s a theme here on the blog. Lots of white “hate” from certain people.

        Edit: And it’s really all tongue-in-cheek. Or so I hope.

        • CanadaBear

          With Johnny it’s tongue in cheek. If you take everything he says literally, it would make you crazy. Instead take it like he means it, it’s all in fun.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            Sage Canadian advice my friend!

          • CanadaBear

            FFS, we don’t carry on like we used to (thanks MB) but it can still be fun and funny and not very PC. I think the newbs are a little shocked or offended but who cares? Deal with it or move along. All of us are basically harmless on here. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

          • SC Dave

            It’s the spirit of the place, compadre. As you said, deal with it or move on.

      • Fox aint gonna tell us about Prince, that’s for sure. He’ll say it’s a toe, then put him on IR the next day.

        But doesn’t matter cuz Prince is a china doll. Like Miller, we’re all expecting him to get hurt at some point.

        But unlike Miller, we didn’t sign anyone else who’s possibly younger, better and the future.

        So brace yourself for McMannis before season end.

        • Bender McLugh

          oy….Bryce can play that spot too

          • Cooper will take over #1 then I’m pretty positive they’ll keep Callahan at nickle (while he’s heathly) and promote another CB. Prolly LeBlanc or maybe even Hall

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        Mike, I don’t hate Unrein because he’s white. He’s white because I hate him. Think about that.
        Also, I have not heard anything further on the Prince undisclosed injury front.

        • SC Dave

          There it is. Exactly why Urlacher was not white.

          He’ll get it eventually, Yonny. It’s part of learning the ropes around here.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In


    • Irish Sweetness

      The D looks to suck major ball bags, but it’s the OL I’m equally worried about.

      Pace could have picked any of the top 3 or 4 QBs and he would have been fine. I don’t see a great swathe of talent at LB, DB or on the line. I don’t see dominating bookends for the OL,a nd now, that interior is in jeopardy.

      At least another year of building is needed.

  • King of DBB
  • BearDown100393

    So Pace won’t be fired based on the premise of meaningless exhibitions, let alone the FIRST one? That is enough to decide the following:

    A. Mike Glennon is a horrible dirty rotten giraffe who should be euthanized for the sake of the zoo.

    B. Jaye Howard is a complete bust.

    C. Neither A or B matters anyway because Pace is completely vindicated by…..

    D. Moving up the board and drafting Mitch El Jesus Trubisky.

    E. With the 2nd string offense, Mitch looked dynamo against a 2nd string defense but….

    F. Not in a game….. Not in a game. Because we’re talkin’ ’bout practice. Meaningless pre-season. Not in a game…. Not in a game…. But practice. We’re all here supposed to be focused on getting ready for the season and we’re bloggin’ ’bout practice? Practice. Talkin’ ’bout practice….. Andrew….. Meaningless. Pre-season. Practice.

    G. “It’s funny how much a narrative can change once football players, you know, play football.”

    Dude, it is just practice. Meaningless – That is your blog’s word. Practice…. Not a game. Practice.

    • SC Dave

      Amen. The place has gone stupid.

      What’s funny is I don’t know if Jeff and Andrew are trolling for page hits – it would certainly *seem* to be the case as I can’t believe they’re both as goofy as they have been acting the past few weeks and especially since last Thursday.

      What’s funnier still is that it’s completely unnecessary, since Jeff can put up a picture of a punter with no caption, and we’d still put 300 responses out here in a couple of days.

      • BearDown100393

        I have little issue to the excitement over Mitch’s performance. Hell, it was refreshing to see good play out of the quarterback position. But where is the perspective? Let’s be cooooooooooollllllll about this until the games matter.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          NOPE!!!! GREATEST EVER!!! FUTURE HOFer!!!!

          • BearDown100393

            I “hope” so

  • AlbertInTucson

    Declaring victory after 1 preseason game.


    • BearDown100393

      And it was a loss.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Can we just declare victory any time we take a lead…?

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          We can declare victory every time we lose.

          Like a Congressman.

        • willbest

          That’s how my 3 year old plays Uno. “I am winning, games over”

          • AlbertInTucson

            “3 year old mentality”.

            That explains a LOT of what goes on these days, doesn’t it…?

        • BearDown100393

          Only if preempted with “meaningless” lead…. 🙂

  • Ryan Pace

    M.Trubisky–1st round
    J.Howard–5th round
    A.Amos–5th round
    J.Bullard–3rd round
    L.Floyd–1st round
    K.White–1st round–injuries
    E.Goldman–2nd round
    H.Grasu–3rd round
    E.Jackson–4th round
    A.Shaheen–2nd round
    N.Kwiatkowski–4th round
    T.Cohen–4th round
    C.Whitehair–2nd round

    These are all his draft picks in 3 years he’s been with the Bears that are all gonna make the team and most will actually be starters or will be contributors in some way and i threw in two UDFA’s in Meredith and Callahan that both will help this team. Yeah he’s been horrible…lol. I can make another long list of great free agent signings he’s made as well. Of course he’s made some mistakes but that should be expected cause everyone that’s ever been a GM in the NFL has plenty of mistakes.

    • King of DBB

      make up a list of his FA signings too.

      If you had a great dad growing up, did everything for you and you loved him, but a Chevy dealer totally swindled him on a new Vette, does that turn him into a shit dad? Or a good dad that got swindled?

    • Irish Sweetness

      Kwiatkowski isn’t an NFL linebacker. He just isn’t. Not now.

  • evantonio


    Chick-Fil-A in the new Falcons stadium. Closed on Sundays.

    • CanadaBear

      Perfect! It will make not serving gays that much easier.

      • King of DBB

        Oh snap.

        Canada getting all salty dog

        • CanadaBear

          Anti-gay stuff really makes my ass tired. I’m quite certain most people that do a lot of gay bashing have never had even one serious conversation with a gay person.

          • BearDown100393

            In my experience, just regular people.

          • CanadaBear

            Certainly different from me but that’s all. I have a few gay friends and everyone of them told me they knew they were gay when they were kids. My issue has always been their lives had to be tough growing up, why keep piling on? As you say, just regular people.

          • Irish Sweetness

            All our lives were tough growing up, C-Bear. Doesn’t get any easier cos you’re straight. Being called a fag is no different to being called an asshole, or fat, or skinny, or ugly, pick an adjective. But now it’s gone 360, you can’t look queer at a gay person.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Tell me about it, it was tough being called Stud, Genius, Future HOFer. I could barely live with the torment.

          • Should a kid be called the “N word” just to toughen him up?

            And if you go 360, that means you’re in exactly the same spot where you started.

          • CanadaBear

            Have no idea what it was like growing up in Dublin but in Iowa gay bashing (literally bashing) was a sport when I was a kid. This still goes on. Just because Hollywood celebrates it doesn’t mean everyone else is going along with it.

          • Or are secretly gay repressing the SHIT out of it!

          • willbest

            They don’t discriminate against gays, so I don’t know how you can claim they are anti-gay.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            oh that’s right… not anymore {wink,wink}

          • willbest

            Chick-fil-A is less anti-gay than the NFL.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            well that is certainly a standard to strive for.

          • That’s typical Will move.

            Doesn’t deny something is wrong, just points to something else,

            “Yeah, Charlotsville had some white supremacists, but Germany had them some Nazis too”

            That’s why I call him “Et Tu” Will.

          • willbest

            No I flat out said Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate. I only threw the NFL under the bus when he told me I was full of shit.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            technically they don’t discriminate however they do fund organizations that do.

          • willbest

            I am sure those organizations would have no problem hiring a member of the LBGT community to lobby against gay marriage.

            In any event, petitioning the government for laws that have discriminatory effect is not the same thing as engaging in discrimination. In truth every law discriminates against somebody. If it didn’t it wouldn’t need to be a law in the first place.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I have to say “so what?” here. Are gays some kind of ultra-protected species? You can pretty much say what you want about Islam these days. They get hosed. But if you’re gay you deserve a cup of tea, a cuddle, here-take-this-job, have you got enough money, yes-you-can-identify-as-a-handbag. The world flipped from fag-bashing, to fag-loving. Just like that. First it’s illegal, now it’s “fuck you” unless you’re gay. Straight white males are officially pieces of shit?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I don’t care what your race, creed or sexual orientation is, and neither should businesses. However IF you or a company are called out for any type of discriminatory practices, own up to it, apologise and take the lumps.

          • “First it’s illegal, now it’s “fuck you” unless you’re gay.”

            Yes, it’s exactly like that. And by exactly, I mean NOTHING like that.

            Even in L.A. one of the “gay oasis” of the world, gays are still harassed.

            Try being flamboyantly gay walking around the hood, see what happens.

            Truth is, in a majority of places in the U.S. there’s still prejudice against gays.

            Little kids aren’t P.C. when the folks are gone, I’ll tell you that much.

          • Johnnywad

            There’s a really good joke buried in that first sentence. It’s just not clicking for me at the moment. I must be growing up.

          • AlbertInTucson


      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        They do serve gays, just not as cheerfully as they normally do. I believe it’s standard procedure at the restaurant to ask if a customer wants to make that a meal and also if they love penis.

  • i forget who, but one bears writer said if we get anything out of Kevin White now, It’s a bonus, because UDFA Cam Meredith took over as #1 wideout. And far from a Joe Boner, Tanner Gentry will make this team over a high mileage Vet like Cruz or Wheaton. The UDFA guys you sign really help the team if they pan out.

    • Most Bear fans at least on here arnt expecting crap from White.

      Even Thompson has looked better than White in limited playing time

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        who cares, we have BRAVERMAN

        • Oh, Braverman will arrive…at your house in 30mins or less


          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            with his speed he better be delivering for Jimmy Johns.

          • Bender McLugh


      • Irish Sweetness

        I expect Kevin to be good this year. There are no excuses.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Gentry needs to be good NOW to let anyone go. This is the most competition we’ve ever had at the position. He is 6’2, so he has that going for him. They’re probably deciding between him and Randle


      • Randle went on IR, so Gentry’s chances just improved.

  • honestly, even though I’m in the ‘wo there partner. Let Glennon go full-Oz b4 we put in Trub’ camp, I do enjoy seeing the hype and enthusiasm.
    When was the last time Bear fans have felt that? 2009 when Cargo signed?

    This was the song of that yr.

    That’s how long it’s fucking been.

    So while I might be a lil more tempered this time around now that Cutler gave me a few more gray hairs and has extinguised any youthful exuberance I will ever have for ANY future Bears QB, I still enjoy seeing other Bear fans totally hyped by Trub.

    It’s like watching your niece or nephew fall in love for the first time.

    Ahhh, it might end in heartbreak, but let them enjoy the ride…

    Tonight’s gonna be a goodnight…

  • fishing florida

    I agree with most commentators and posters say about it’s too early to judge these rookies, except in one case. trubisky is going to be a star, a franchise quarterback. he reminded me of tom brady. i’m not saying he will be as good and certainly not win as many super bowls (the bears organization is a far cry from the patriots).

    • fishing florida

      With that said, I still have wet dreams about Jay Cutler. I wish he was still our QB.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog
    What Trubisky needs to make sure is HE finishes those runs, not defenders.”

    For sure.

    Saw him make a nice slide once last week and dive another time.

    Not a fan of the diving.

    Too easy to screw-up a shoulder.

    • The real test will come when he’s a yd away from the 1st down and a S is screaming in.

      Will he go Cam, or Wilson?

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        I am going Madden. He will spin move then gain 45 more yards.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Never played Madden. My video gaming pretty much ended at Tecmo Super Bowlwhere I once managed to take the Neal Anderson led Bears to 19-0.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Cam’s still nursing his shoulder so far and Wilson’s rushing and YPC were WAY down last year because he was dinged up.

        • willbest

          I could swear his leg was in a cast one game.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Limiting him AND losing Lynch OUT of the running game hurt the Seahawks.

      • evantonio
  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    Roberto Aguayo set kicking back half a century

    good thing we signed him

    • Sactowns#1

      I remember listening to the draft as I was stuck in Bay Area traffic. When the Bucs announced that pick I thought it must be a joke or a mistake. But they were 100% really going after a kicker in the 2nd round. I guess the Bears aren’t the most inept franchise after all.

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        2016 Aguayo makes Barth look like a pro-bowler.

        • Irish Sweetness

          22/31 with his longest kick being 43 yards. Missed nearly a third of his FG Attempts!

      • kickers are ppl too!

    • AlbertInTucson

      PTI’s, Kornheiser and Wilbon pointed out that many GOOD NFL kickers

      A) Go undrafted
      B) Come into their own with their 2nd or 3rd Team.

      That said, I can’t think of one who was so spectacularly as AWFUL as Aguayo with his first team.

  • AlbertInTucson

    FYI: Per ESPN, Fantasy auction drafts promote slavery.

    • willbest

      Probably should outlaw blacks from participating in bachelor charity auctions too. Just to be safe.

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      I always blow my slave auction budget on a Cutler and Forte. Last year I blew it on Cam and had no extra money for later round slave selections like a dependable RB option in the red zone. When a couple of my slaves went down with injuries or had a bye week all at the same I was screwed. Being a slave owner is harder than I thought.

      • willbest

        Why do you think we got rid of it? Its better to just pay people $8/hr and just cut them loose if they no longer can do the work.

        • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

          hmmm, I know you’re making a smart crack about guaranteed money and the cutty-throat nature of the business but a tiny tiny section of me thinks you may be talking about actual slaves. Haha, i’ll never know with you Will.

          • willbest

            I don’t always get to convey the tone I want in text.

            The NFLPA failed their players on that one. The other sports leagues insisted from the start. The NFL didn’t. CTE might be a “blessing” in that sense. Some elite player like von miller will be able to leverage it into fully guaranteed and then other elite contracts will match and it will trickle down.

    • There’s nothing wrong with a fantasy auction, I just read it as ESPN apologizing for the optics. They had a sketch with a white auctioneer and mostly white audience bidding on black people (auctioneer held up cut-out head taped to a stick). They didn’t mean anything by it, it just looked a little off based on history and what just happened in Charlottesville.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Never done an auction draft.

        Too much like work for me, anyway.

        I have been in the same, very VERY, basic scoring league for about 20 years.

        The only FF league I have ever been in.

        If/when it stops, I suspect that will be it for me because I’ll never find a league so basic, again.

        As I have said before, when it comes to FF, I want a hobby, not a second job.

  • “Point he should be making is the rookie season’s success isn’t all that
    important. What’s important is he gets his mistakes out of the way.” – Jeff

    Agree. When most teams start rooks, it’s typically a 16 game PS.

    HOWEVER, we can’t just assume Trub will flush out his mistakes just by starting.

    Look at Bortles still trying to work on his throwing motion, or Luck still making the same boneheaded INTs he made his rook yr.

    It’s possible that Trub can get bad habits hardwired his rookie yr that will be nigh impossible to reprogram later .

    So gotta make sure Trub has the foundation from which he can make mistakes without them becoming long term habits.

    And only those seeing him in practice and in the QB room can really make that judgement.

    The rest of us are on the outside looking in, hoping him teabagging the scrubs with no gameplan will translate to real games.

    • willbest

      Luck isn’t Peyton, but he is still rather good. I think if they could get him a couple PBers on that line and 3 that don’t suck he could be Drew Brees.

      • This isn’t talked about much, but I think programming “mentality” also should be considered.

        I was listening to a podcast, and the guy (I forgot who, some scout/qb dude) made an interesting point.

        He was talking about Mahomes and being a “gunslinger”

        When asked, he said Mahomes reminded him of Cutler, both good and bad.

        He specified that Cutler played on a shitty team at Vandy, that he had to do it all over there, or they’d lose. As such he became a gambling gunslinger, which obviously works more vs lesser talent.

        That mentality transferred over to the next level. When he was with the Donks, that team was playoff ready if I remember correctly. But he still had that Vandy mentality of taking chances in order to win. That mentality was made WORSE when he joined the Bears cuz when you have Hester running routes and Webb protecting your blind side…

        So Cutler never really got the chance to “play within the system”. To consider down, distance, game flow, etc. He was just balls to the walls as if he was still at Vandy zipping it in between future Arby’s managers.

        That didn’t fly in the NFL, obviously.

        Ironically, Gase was perhaps the only one to reduce his Vandy ways (through taking away his audibles, and such), so we’ll see if that trend continues in MIA.

        HOWEVER, the point is, IF Trub is thrown into the same situation, throwing to questionable talent, feeling like he has to do it all (kinda like at NC), then that desperate mentality might get imprinted and become his signature.

        Just a theory, but there’s a reason rook QBs typically sat their first yrs for decades, and that was part of it, avoiding the David Carr syndrome.

        Still, Trub could be one of those special rooks who takes it all in stride, like Wilson, Roth, Dak.

        But those don’t come very often. Many more like David Carr (Ponder, Gabbert, Bortles, Leinart, Vince Young, McCown…) burn out when they start right away.

        • SC Dave

          Future Arby’s managers like Marshall, Uni, Jeffery, and Forte?

          But yeah, a mindset is a hard thing to change.

          • No, what I meant was that at Vandy he was zipping it in between future arby manager CBs, not NFL pick six machines.

            It’s one thing to sling it through triple coverage in the NCAA. Quite another at the next level.

            Cutler got away with it only because of his cannon, but couldnt do that on a consistent basis.

            No QB really can. That’s where reading Ds, anticipation and touch kick in.

            Edit. But to the larger point, that guy’s theory was that Cutler’s style was branded by his Vandy experience.

            Just a theory, but seems plausible.

          • SC Dave

            Don’t get me wrong. I like the theory and understand the point now.

            I also agree with Yonny that Cutler spent too much of his career, and most importantly the formative years, with substandard talent. But there were some good players he had with him, and the fact that it did not seem to change him lends more credence to said theory.

            Do you suppose that little twerp that drove Cutler out of Denver saw it and said “I ain’t working with that shit”?

          • I think so. McDaniels may not have been a good HC, but he’s a damn good OC, and he has spent YEARS with Brady.

            He may have thought, “I may not know what makes a franchise QB, but I know what DOESN’T make one” and quickly tried dealing Cutler.

            Interestingly enough, Pace spent about the same amount with Brees and concluded the same.

            Both tried to trade Cutler immediately after arrival.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            Dave, you gots to remember that Vandy was the Arby’s managers. The Bears were a shitty 2 consecutive D series from the playoffs in 2012. They had a solid top tier O in 2013 and THEEEEEE worst defense in Bears history in 2013 and the wheels came off in 2014 when every single WR got hurt in the first game combined with the second worst Bears D of all time.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Mitchell could get destroyed, both physically and mentally, behind a dogshit line.

  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In
    • Said it b4, but I think he’s done for this season. Hope I’m wrong, but when you have two offseason injuries and one of them is “complicated” or “set back” that ain’t good, esp for a big man.

      Was banking on Kush cuz I like his play, but no tank tops this yr.

      Gonna have to cross our fingers and hope Long can somehow heal or maybe Morgan can step up.

      (I don’t count Grasu until he plays against men and doesn’t skate backwards)

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        I know this would be kind of controversial because it could backfire completely but if Long and Kush are out and Whitehair has to slide over to Guard with Grasu taking over snapping duties then I would rather see Trubisky in there from day one moving the FUCK out of the pocket. Straight up shotgun sprint outs and very little climbing the pocket. it could fuck up his progress and put him in fire drill mode at all times but imagine even one more injury on that line to tackle or guard.
        Glennon behind a porous O line will be like watching a defensive highlight film…like on NatGeo when 7 hyenas attack a giraffe and rip it’s anus and bowels out. Then they go for the neck…not the fucking neck man.

        • Yeah, a statue behind a rag-tag Oline will get ugly, fast.
          We saw a sneak peak of that already in the 1st PS game.

          And if that Oline gets depleted even further no need to put 8 in the box for Howard.

          They’ll just tee up on Glennon while feasting on his sacks and wobblers like sharks devouring meaty chum.

          haha That would be fucking INSANE just to go shotgun sprint out.

          I wouldn’t mind it against say the Puke. Catch those pussies by surprise.

          But after that, may have to roll back on the Kill my QB set.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            I predict a quick OL signing asap. Gotta go for Jeremy Zuttah if he’s healthy since he’s a G/C with experience. Colts are about to sign him though.

            We’ll need to send a stripper to him via fed ex with a suitcase of cash to get him to take a trip to Chicago to visit.

          • I would agree, but I would think they should’ve done that IMMEDIATELY after Kush went down.
            Instead, they rolled out Compton with the 1st team.
            I think they believe that either Compton, Morgan or Grasu/Whitehair can emerge at OG.

            And they also got that one gigantic fuck too.

            I think signing a vet is prolly a sound idea, esp considering that Sitton is a bit older and had some issues last yr too.

          • SC Dave

            Poehls is the gigantic fuck – whatever the hell he is… like 6’8″ / 345lb or some such.

            You have to think they signed Compton because they like him for some reason.

            We have some PS games to see how this plays out, but yes, I would not be opposed to getting a FA if there’s a good one out there.

          • BearDown100393

            The return of J-Webb….

          • AlbertInTucson

            Is he still suiting up?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            he is a FA

          • AlbertInTucson

            “Failed Athlete”.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            tayo fabuluje

          • Irish Sweetness

            What about the draft? What about the off-season? We’ve been screaming line-improvement for years. Fail to prepare ….

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            Kush getting hurt was a blow. Letting Larsen go was a mistake.
            Whitehair is proving me dead wrong.
            Grasu is too easily pushed around.
            Never have been impressed with Leno. Massie bleh.
            Long is just so fucking hurt. Why do I remember lasike or carey just barrelling into the back of his leg?

          • Corporal Clott

            What if he’s a family man? Nope, you gotta make him an offer he can’t refuse.

      • AlbertInTucson

        +1 on Grasu.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I don’t know how everyone lets Pace off the hook with this. Pace has ALLOWED our line to become dogshit …. he knows Kyle has problems, has known for a long time …. and done NOTHING about it.

        • SC Dave

          Let the line go to shit by what, drafting Whitehair?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            exactly, then signing that loser Sitton.

          • Johnnywad

            Kush was decent as well.

          • Johnnywad

            Or signing Kush, or Sitton?

    • AlbertInTucson


      Starting to feel to me like that ship has sailed.

    • willbest

      Ugh…. Why can’t we have nice things? The O-line was our strength the last couple years, and now its a pile of warm dog shit.

      • BearDown100393

        “A pile of warm of dog shit”

        So let’s put a rookie quarterback behind it!

      • Irish Sweetness

        We should have been drafting OL if the first pick was a QB. Right around pick two. We’ll see.

    • BearDown100393

      Uh was he practicing “out of position”?

  • AlbertInTucson


    So, the “Retractable” roof on the Falcons’ new stadium will, currently, not retract.

    A few engineering issues still to be worked out.


    Still, looks like a nice shack with the “World’s Largest Statue of A Bird” outside.

    • willbest

      Expensive mistake. Somebody is going to go bankrupt.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I guess they closed it manually and the mechanization of the roof panels is the last phase and takes about 40 days so, they are just behind schedule and it’s not like the old Montreal Expos’ stadium where the roof was forever stuck in the open position.

        • willbest

          I wasn’t saying they were going to get sued. That is unlikely to happen since delays are just sort of par for the course in these things. Though there is probably some sort of hold back when you have a hard deadline like the start of a season.

          The issue in specialty construction is that there isn’t a lot of margin to absorb massive cost overruns or errors. Basically, they aren’t going to make it up on the next retractile roof, since who even knows when that will be.

          Its not like the developers that build those match stick house subdivisions.

          • SC Dave

            I imagine the contractors put in a pretty good margin, will. How many firms would be judged “competent” to do the work?

          • AlbertInTucson

            I dunno. I think contractors work on pretty slim margins.

          • willbest

            Its a highly specialized field to be sure, but that doesn’t mean there is no competition. There are dozens of firms that will build you luxury cruise ships for example.

    • willbest

      I found this article which is a few years old. It says that NFL teams with retractable roofs leave them closed 67% of the time.


      I think the reason the vikings decided not to even bother is it was an extra $200 million to put one on. And it makes complete sense.

      30 year life of the stadium. 240 home games, so you keep it open for roughly 80 home games. That is 2.5 million a game to have the roof open. Plus an additional source of maintenance, and power consumption.

  • Malice Halice

    If we can go back to da draft blog I’m pretty sure I was one of the first to realize Pace Savegtry in da draft. I screamed but didn’t Boo da Trub pick. All those guys we got this year r STARTERS hands down! I’m still pissed at Glennon INT tho until he provides a 5td game against the falcons, fuck dat guy. I’m a fan Fox unless we get the old Steelers coach or Gruden or somebody from the Pats coaching staff. This we will be a great year for da Bears franchise.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      has anyone from the Belichick coaching tree ever been successful??

      • Malice Halice

        I don’t know. Only guy I know of is O’brian and his team makes the playoffs atleast…. just to get schooled. Still makes the playoffs tho

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          I forgot about Bill O’Brien

    • leftcoastdave

      I was shocked at the trade up and pick. I believed he would go the Houston route with a QB of “build it and he will come.” I thought he would be able to trade the three for more picks to be able to stack the needs at OT, DB, LB and WR. Turned out that was never the plan and even if it was, that three pick was not much for trade bait.

      I loved the rest of the picks, though, when they were made and believe Pace will prove to be The Man after da Bears regain control of the division this year an hereafter.

  • Irish Sweetness

    “It’s funny how much a narrative can change once football players, you know, play football.”

    Whoa. Did we make the palyoffs? I thought pre-season was meaningless, when did we play football?
    Can’t validate pre-season to support certain arguments and then diss it for other reasons, Jeff.

    Glennon is not a few snaps in PS, neither is Mitch. Let’s see the actual football first. I have seen nothing of this second rounder – but damn he’d better be good. Haven’t seen Tarik get his clock cleaned by a 250lb LB running full tilt yet

    One pre-season game? Really?

    • leftcoastdave

      Irish, dude, you gotta realize many of us are also Die Hard Cubs Fans from the sixties!

      You gotta believe!

      Division title, baby!

  • BuddhaJoe

    Damn, missed all the good repeat debates again. Ate some damn good kielbasa today though, so suck on that fuckers! I’m gonna rotate between that and the new Italian beef joint and go the full Chris Farley. Be jealous.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Chris Farley (1964-1997).

      • BuddhaJoe

        Well, not the whole OD and drinking bit. Was gonna post a Matt Foley skit but couldn’t find the original on YouTube.

        • Irish Sweetness

          I think it was on the Letterman show, but Chris came bursting thru the fire escape doors at the back, ran down the stairs, ran up on stage, threw the host over his shoulder and ran back up the stairs and out of the building.

          Can’t find it either.

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      I’ll bet you took that kielbasa all the way down.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • MrBearsox02 .

    Decent article and i agree with much of what you wrote ! Now if only we can get the Bears Blog tweets to stick with Bears info instead of political hack crap ! Plenty of that junk on CNN , MSN and Fox to choke ya to death now and much is so bias why bother . The only stuff i want to hear / see on a BEARS blog is BEARS info please !

    • leftcoastdave

      What, you got a problem with virtue signaling?

      • MrBearsox02 .

        I come here for football and related that is it ! Getting Blog lecturn style Tweets on politics can be had written on bathroom walls for all i care . Just give us some free space from the crapola and our bastion football style !

  • leftcoastdave

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