Mike Glennon, the Thing?

| April 1st, 2017

A few weeks back I texted a friend, who also happens to be pretty damn high up with an NFL franchise that doesn’t play their home games in Chicago. I asked him a simple question, “Is Mike Glennon a thing?”

His response: “Pace sure thinks so. Tried to get him last offseason.”

I followed up, making sure he wasn’t fucking with me, then put that information on Twitter. It died there. I thought, “Eh, maybe nobody cares.” Turns out the fans did care but they waited until more reputable newsmen put the information out there to express it. (And yes, I’m kidding. No, I’m not a newsman.)

Ryan Pace likes Mike Glennon. He thinks Mike Glennon can be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL. And while Glennon’s arrival won’t deter the Bears from targeting the QB position at various points of the next two NFL drafts, it’s pretty clear that if you asked the front office to layout their best case scenario moving forward it involves Glennon winning a lot of games and STAYING under center.

Listen, I know I’ve been schizophrenic when it comes to this Glennon stuff.

At first it upset me because I heard “BIG MONEY FOR MIKE GLENNON” and, you know, that’s crazy. He’s Mike Glennon.

Then after seeing the comfortable, conservative terms of the deal I began believing Glennon to be one/two-year adhesive strip for a positional stab wound. He wasn’t going to keep the team from dying but he might keep them alive a bit longer.

Now after a series of conversations with people who know more than I do, I’m not so sure. Pace may actually be doing this Glennon thing. He may be staking his reputation as a talent evaluator on the goofy North Carolina State product who looks like he belongs on a pickup basketball court in rural Indiana.

What if the Bears GM saw the production from Brian Hoyer and #Barkleytime and thought, “I can get a better version of those guys and if he plays well, I’ve struck gold.”

What if Pace heard from his scouts all autumn that while there are talented quarterbacks in this year’s draft, there aren’t any ready to start in 2017 and they may not be ready to start for several seasons?

Maybe both of those things are true. But they wouldn’t explain this simple fact: Pace wanted Glennon…last year. There just might be a possibility that Glennon is the thing. He’s the guy. And barring the Bears taking a quarterback with one of their first two picks, the 2017 season is very much set to be about Glennon’s performance and – by that token – Pace.

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  • Saruman for America 2020 PAC

    Mike Glennon looks more like Mr. Incredible to me.

  • Saruman for America 2020 PAC


    I meant Mr. Fantastic. Like the comic book guy with the stretchy body parts. Instead of “The Thing,” as this piece is titled.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Here’s the thing … just because Pace wanted him last year, doesn’t change the 5-13 record as a starter. He’s won 5 games.

    I wish him well. He has a good running line in front of him. Hopefully his receivers get in sync with both him and the playbook. I wish him well. Pace certainly hasn’t set things up as if he’s taking a QB in the draft. Why sign Connor Shaw if he knew he was going after Sanchize? He’s put a backup in place, and has Shaw as his disaster fund. And he’s right – you don’t need to draft QBs … you just need a couple of good ones that don’t have training wheels on.

    • Bender McLugh

      Or draft a stud qb. Next draft

    • BerwynBomber

      He played for TB. Do you know how bad those teams were? It is like saying Cutler’s entire W-L record should be judged by the 2014-16 seasons. Wanna go there?

      Plus, Glennon was a ROOKIE during the majority of those starts.

      Rookies that win, a’la Dak and R-berger, are the rare exceptions.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Yeah…I remember Glennon looked good for a few games his rookie year.

        We’ll see what happens. And we have Sanchize as backup.

        Why draft a rookie when we have a decent shot at making the playoffs if the D improves a little more? Unless somebody looks like Carson Wentz (and NOT Jared Goff).

    • Dave

      Look at the suck azz team he played for. He had no weapons. The defense gave up most of the games lost games. Hell they gave up the Seahawks game Glennon brought them back and out played yes guess who! First it was ” all we need is a Franchise QB”. Now the team motto is “Weapons For Winston”. The fans blamed Glennon for everything. He never had the same OC with the Succaneers. Give him a chance And give him a GOOD Oline.

  • Irish Sweetness

    April Fool?

  • Sahr Gborie

    Glennon-cide is a thing. Not sure if it’s a sure thing but it’s a thing and we are stuck with it for 2017.

    We have a good team in the making: run game, o-line, defense once the backfield improves after the draft. Glennon-cide just needs to be a game manager and we can go far. If he is more than a game manager then the sky is the limit for this team.

    It’s either him or a rookie. Pick your poison.

    • Big Mike

      I want him to be good. I want him to at least be better than Barkely/Hoyer/Shaw, in order to protect Pace. A full training camp as the #1 can fix some timing and technique issues. Every team is looking for the next Russel Wilson/Dak Prescott break out value QB. Every team is looking for Aaron Rodgers. It’s time to focus on every other thing the Bears can do to get better. QB is what it is, save for drafting one in the top 2 rounds. I don’t see the Bears taking a QB at 3. They have a shot at the 3rd best college FB in the whole draft. That’s a rare occurrence. This draft doesn’t have a stud QB in it. If there was, he’d be gone by 3 anyhow.

  • Big Mike

    So let’s be hopeful.

    • Bender McLugh

      Absolutely. And if your are not, drink until you are

      • Tortured Bear fan

        drinking plan sounds funnier

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Pace might like Glennon for 2017. If he works out, great. If Glennon does not work out, He can go after Jimmy G as free agent next year. I suspect this is the plan.

    All the reporting suggested Bears did pursue JImmy G but hoody’s asking price was just too much. It is also important to note that Jimmy G has much say in where he ends up even in a trade scenario. If he is not willing to sign a long-term contract with the team trading for him (and the team will ask his agent about this before trading) why would they waste picks for a 1 year deal?

    I suspect Jimmy G has already indicated that he does not want to play for Browns. May be that is why Schefty was so adamant in his report that Jimmy G will not be traded this year. If you are JImmy G, you can wait a year as a backup in NE and then get the money you want in free agency and play for your hometown team.

    Meanwhile, Pace can try out Glennon on essentially a one year deal. He might not draft a QB in the first two rounds instead go with Peterman/Josh Dobbs type.

  • MB30SD

    I’m going to change my handle to, “bringbacktheblack……..adder”

    Oh, and I’m listening to opera in bed right now, so take that bitches.


    • Bender McLugh

      Hand check

      • MB30SD

        Uhhh, two?

  • BearDown100393

    Pace & Glennon can open a sherbet shop together when both are finished with the NFL in about a year or 2. PALENNON flavored sherbet.

    • MB30SD

      They have those? I thought those were just called ice cream shops?


  • If Pace is really willing to stake his career on Mike Glennon, that makes me very sad. I hope he hedges his bets with a highly drafted rookie this year, because otherwise it’s very likely his career as a GM is over in a few years.

    • MB30SD

      That whole story line seems weird to me.

      He wanted him in 2016!!!! Yeah, and we had a bunch of cucks at QB then too.

      Everything will shake out in the next year and one month.

      Now if Glennon is pedestrian this year and pace doesn’t aggressively enter the darnold/chosen Rosen/uw QB/etc… Sweepstakes next year, THEN he can write his career off.

      Little early at this point, no?

      • BerwynBomber

        Most of the “Glennon is a horrendous move” observations come from Cutty fans (at least on this blog). Hence, apply salt liberally.

        • MB30SD

          I really don’t care about 2017… Our QB sitch would have been shaky/in flux every way except if we’d won the Jimmy G /travon sweepstakes.

          Our QB situation is alls about 2018

          • BearDown100393

            Mike Glennon

          • MB30SD

            Connor Shaw
            Brian hoyer
            Chez Barkley

            Who cares… None of them were ever going to be our answer at QB. So it just doesn’t matter until pace pushes our entire pile into the kitty and says, “THAT’S our guy!”

            At that point, his clock starts ticking… Very very loudly.

            That all said, he better have a fucking balls deep draft… and FA period next year.

          • BearDown100393

            Good theme for a bar. Based on the all the local QB “greats”

          • MB30SD

            Do it!

          • BearDown100393

            Drinks named after quarterbacks. Need some recommendations:

            Rex Grossman
            Mike Tomczak
            Steve Walsh
            Jim Miller
            Dave Kreig
            Chris Chandler
            Matt Barkley
            Shane Matthews
            Kordell Stewart
            Cade McNown
            Chad Hutchinson
            Henry Burris
            Jonathan Quinn
            Craig Krenzel
            Todd Collins
            Mike Glennon
            Mark Sanchez

            Other suggestions welcomed

          • MB30SD

            I noticed one very glaring omission

          • See handle

          • BearDown100393

            Urinal named after him already.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Rusty Lisch.

            It’s a Grand Marnier and peach schnapps with a squirt of piss.

          • CanadaBear

            Remind me not to hire you to bar tend my next party!

          • willbest

            Putting a lot of faith on a guy that has played 1.75 NFL games and got injured. Followed by a win the following week by a rookie Brissett who was QB3 in training camp.

          • MB30SD

            Not really right. He just needs to show growth… 5+ wins will most likely do.

            And he’s on a 1 yr deal. So again, doooonnnn’t caaaaaaaare

          • willbest

            I was talking about referring to G as a sweepstakes.

            I am not particularly anti-Glennon, he is a far better option than Hoyer. He is after all an unknown. You know what you get with Hoyer. However, it was a rather costly unknown. That is money we could have overpaid Bouye with.

          • MB30SD

            Ahhhhhh… Agree on jg.

          • leftcoast dave

            Reality is that the kid ain’t stoopid, been staying in shape and throwing the football and now is getting his shot. He’s got a respectable O line in front of him with a great middle three to protect him and plenty of good targets including a deep threat and great TE options.

            Pace is treating him with respect and we will see what that brings.

          • willbest

            Pace is treating him with respect? What in the hell does that mean? Because he overpaid him?

          • MB30SD

            Uh, yes?

          • leftcoast dave

            Treating him like you believe in him and believe he will come in and get the job done. It’s not like he has been off on Mars for the last few years. He’s got a lot of football up there in his head and a mature healthy body.

          • MB30SD

            Mature healthy body huh Dave. Going to check out the white party then.

            NTTAWWT maings

          • leftcoast dave

            Hey, I’ll be cantoring at Mass hearing the pulsating beat just one block away. It’s held on Arenas Road. I’ve long been tempted to make T-shirts with that name on them to sell. Think possessive plural and you’ll get the gist.

            To quote Jerry: ” . . . not that there’s anything wrong with it.”

          • MB30SD

            Pulsating beat of all those arenases just a block away.

            Oh lordy… I feel the vapahs

          • leftcoast dave

            Butts R Us central.

          • MB30SD

            Whatevs floats their banana boats.

    • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

      The key thing is the QB HAS TO Be worthy of being a highly drafted rookie.

      Christian Ponder was a highly drafted QB. Blake Bortles was drafted #3. EJ Manuel was a first round pick.

      There is no point picking a QB high just because you need a QB. Regardless of the need, if the value is not there in QB then picking them high is not going to make the QB magically better.

      Plus Pace knows he gets a shot at Jimmy G. next offseason if Glennon does not work out. And Jimmy G is arguably better than any QB’s in this draft.

      So I think Pace has made a solid, logical decision here. Some fans continue to think otherwise.

      • MB30SD

        I don’t know about your whole get Jimmy g next year narrative, but I agree with everything else 100%

        • Jimmy G was heavily linked to the Browns and Bears.

          Browns because they had the draft ammo to deliver the king’s ransom the Pats are demanding

          Bears for the chicago and alumni connection with Pace.

          Obviously both like him and have needs (as a matter of fact, there’s still some chatter about the Browns making a move for Jimmy).

          I can see Pace waiting it out. He waited a yr for Glennon, and from reports, he’s much higher on Jimmy G.

          However, no one really knows what the Pats are doing. They seem like they’re all-in next season, which can signal a Brady farewell tour. Then Brady is talking about playing till he’s 45. Who knows?

          However the Pats don’t strike me as a team that’s just gonna let Jimmy walk out the door without getting something in return, so maybe they’ll slap him with an original tender (2nd) which is a helluva lot less than two 1sts the Pats are allegedly wanting for him right now.

          And if not, then like we all know, Darnold sweepstakes (and all this is presuming Glennon craps the bed).

          • MB30SD

            I don’t think Glennon has to shit the bed… If pace is smart he’ll go all out to get a brand new QB very high in the draft next year regardless of what Glennon does

          • Irish Sweetness

            So why not draft Trubs or Watson? Next year they’ll be better, right? They ride Glennon for a season and see what’s up. Watson or Trubs is there on the bench. Learning.

          • MB30SD

            Sure, with our 2ND round pick.

          • willbest

            G figured to get the Brock Oz love on the open market. You sort of preclude yourself from drafting a Darnold if you pay G. Then again if we somehow go 8-8 and end up drafting 17th we preclude ourselves from him too unless we want to give up 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and a 3rd

          • I think Pace is doing what we all kinda wanted.

            Eying next year’s QB market which most deem far superior.

            Tyrod, Cousins and Romo were never true options for the Bears.

            Next yr, Jimmy G might want to come home. If not, the QB class should produce 3 better QBs.

            As of right now, if Darnold, Rosen or that Oak QB, enter the draft, they’re all automatically ahead of Trub and gang.

            So logic dictates that another yr SHOULD improve their stock, and if we can’t get them, well, Jimmy G will no longer cost us an arm and a leg.

            (and that’s nothing to say of Glennon actually, yeah know, succeeding.)

        • Irish Sweetness

          We’ll be fine with or without.

      • Irish Sweetness

        It’s solid all round.

        We’re covered at QB, we won’t get caught with our pants down like last season. We have 3 signed up. No more desperate Hoyer signings mid-season.

        We have 3, possibly 4 good receivers. Even if White doesn’t get it together, we have 3 solid receivers.

        We have two decent corners, and a vet safety (hopefully there to mentor a guy we draft, while Hall learns the position).

        If Pace hits Adams or thomas with the first pick, and then finds ILB and OT gold, with maybe another DL, then he’s done his job. That OT may need to be drafted in the second though, which is why I’m hoping we get the trade down.

    • BerwynBomber

      He is hedging his bets. The hedge is called a one year deal.

      • willbest

        It seems like there are a lot more 1 year deals. Players are either getting Cox/Von Miller level 3-4 year commitments or they are getting 1 year deals, or multi-year deals that are team options on year 2 and beyond.

      • Glennon makes a lot of sense for the current Bears.

        No way could the Cutler torture continue.
        No franchise QBs available (unless you believe in Trubisky et al)

        Maybe could’ve gone with Hoyer for cheaper, but that’s like going to Vegas and only playing the slots.

        Pace stepped up to the craps table and rolled the dice.

        If Pace loses, he doesn’t lose his house mortgage. Maybe he doesn’t go to see the Blue Man group or something, but it’s not crippling.

        And the payoff could be free escorts and champagne for years to come.

        • willbest

          I don’t know if you should believe in Trubisky. Nobody should trade up for him. But I think at some point (maybe its 6th or 10th) you just have to pull the trigger on him the way the Pack did on Rodgers.

          • The thing is, what difference is there in #3 or #10 (aside from some cash)?

            The commitment is still the same. Just look at the 2011 draft.


            Locker, Gabbert, Ponder all were given the same chance as Cam. They just ended up sucking.

            That’s why I agree with Jeff. If Pace believes in a QB, just take him at #3 and stake your career on him.

          • willbest

            The difference between #3 and #10 are the 7 other players you have access to.

            At #1 your opportunity cost is massive. What if Cam were brittle? Look who came next. Von Miller, Dareus, Green, Patrick Peterson, Julio… a bit later Watt.

            Now look at cleveland sitting there at #1. Do they really want to trade an 90% chance at a beast of a player in Garrett, for a 33% chance that Trubisky takes the next step?

            How about us at #3? At #3 you got Barnett, Lattimore, Allen, Hooker, Adams, Howard, Fournette, Williams, etc. A bunch of guys that look like they are going to be contributing for a decade. Trubisky is still 33% chance at being a franchise QB but I have to give up on prospects that have the making of a 10-year quality DB.

            Lets just use this one


            By #10, you are Trubisky, peppers, cook, barnett, williams. And maybe you are absolutely sold on Williams being a legit #1 WR but not necessarily on the rest of them. But you already got a legit #1 WR. All of a sudden punching a ticket in the QB sweeps makes sense.

            So its not that Trubisky gets any better at #10 than he does at #3. Its that your other options get worse.

          • The #1 overall is always different. Like I said, Garrett is in his own tier, and many #1s are (esp non QBs). So let’s throw that out the window.

            However, my point isn’t that theoretically options get worse the lower the pick. That’s a given.

            The point is whether you draft a Qb #3 or #12, the commitment is the same.

            He’s starting, usually in first yr.

            And if you believe in a QB, let’s say Pace does believe that Trubisky is the next Carr or whatever, then he risks Trub not being there if he trades down to the #10.

            Do you trade down from #3 to #10-12 and risk losing out on Dak/Carr?

            No rational person would.

            Of course, this is all based on the premise of Pace buying in on one of the QBs.

            If he doesn’t believe in any, he’s not drafting them regardless.

          • willbest

            I get that. If I believe in Trubisky, I pull the trigger at 3. In fact, if I believe in anybody, I am not moving from 3 unless I am persuaded. But I am talking about a situation where I am not particularly enamored with anybody or at least don’t think any one of a bunch makes my team significantly better. Somebody pays me enough to move back, and now Trubisky looks good because I got my 2nd this year and next year and all the guys I would have drafted over him are gone.

          • Irish Sweetness

            But Pace has signed 3 QBs. That doesn’t look like a man who’s drafting a QB at 3, or in any other round for that matter.

          • willbest

            I know you have love for Shaw, but in your heart you know he is just a camp body, and maybe some PS fodder. And I don’t think they gave Sanchez more than a $750k bonus so they can dump his ass too on the quick.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Vet min? Rough. Yeah, I guess they could draft a QB at 3 and cut Shaw.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            we went through 4 qbs last year.

          • Irish Sweetness

            He’s a good QB in three years.

        • BerwynBomber

          Agreed. Hoyer (nor Cutler) was ever going to be the long-term future. Glennon might not be either, but there is an outside chance.

          Otherwise, he is a bridge.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Torture? He was injured last year. He’s injured now.

  • BerwynBomber

    “He may be staking his reputation as a talent evaluator on the goofy North Carolina State product who looks like he belongs on a pickup basketball court in rural Indiana.”

    Nice line.

  • BearDown100393

    “And now Bliss is peddling Jesus. I mean, for fuck’s sake. How can people be so dumb and gullible as to buy this bullshit?”


  • BearDown100393

    Pace bid against himself to bring aboard a giraffe. Either he’s right and every other NFL GM is wrong or the other way around.

    • MB30SD

      We’re going to find out one way or another

      • BearDown100393

        All the same, I’d prefer this experiment to be executed in Cleveland.

    • “Pace bid against himself” – we don’t know this.

      All we have is “rumors” saying the Jet’s didn’t want to pay more than $10 per yr, and naturally, no one’s gonna confirm that. And the Bucs were willing to throw a shit load of $ at Glennon just to hold the clipboard, though no one exactly knows how much.

      Two things though.

      1. When has Pace ever dramatically OVERPAID for a player?

      When a cheapskate bids against himself, it’s still a low number.

      2. Pace has thus far proved he’s very in-tune with the market.

      When ppl were screaming about Alshon, Pace just stood the course. Turned out he was right. He wasn’t the only reluctant GM on him. He cut Cargo refusing to subscribe to the “oh well, no one else is better” defeatist philo. Cutler is now in Mexico working on his ass tan.

      Could it be that Pace gave Glennon more $ this yr so that if he fails the cap penalty going forward will be minimal? Yes.

      But if that’s the case, it’s a good move.

      Cutlerites who defended the Cargo highest paid QB for a yr on the same grounds now criticizing the Glennon contract is laughable.

      And IF Pace had to throw some extra McCaskey trust fund $ at a chance for a franchise, so be it. I’m not gonna be losing any sleep over their expense reports.

      • willbest

        All we have is rumors that Pace was giving a hard sell for Mariota. Yet that is taken as Gospel. All we know is that Pace admitted to talking about possible Cutler trades and ultimately decided to roll with Cutler.

        • But there were multiple outlets linking Pace to Mariota or even Jimmy G.

          I think I only heard one report about the Jets willing to pay Glennon only $10M/yr, and even then, we don’t know how that was structured. What if it was a three year deal? Don’t know.

          All I’m saying is that Pace seems an astute judge of the market, usually hedging toward bargain bin FAs.

          He’s not like Emery throwing bank at guys like Bmarsh, Bennett, Cutler

          • willbest

            Of those 3 only Cutler underperformed his contract. And in the 8 years he was in Chicago, only 2 of those years (though they happened to be 2 of the years Emery was responsible for). Allen and Houston ended up to be far bigger wastes of money.

          • BerwynBomber

            Cutler only had three decent seasons in his entire eight years here — 2011, 2013 and 2015 (and ’11 and ’13 were shortened seasons, missing a total of 11 games). Although I don’t know what your financial/performance standard is for his pre-Emery contract.

          • willbest

            He had a decent 2010 too (86 PR 55 QBR). 9 and 12 were under Turner and Tice respectively. How many fucking TO’s did we waste because the play didn’t get into him? He didn’t underperform his contract, I think we were paying him around 12 million at the time. Granted the cap was around 120ish but so was the consensus payment to starting QBs.

          • BerwynBomber

            His 55 QBR was 22nd in the league in ’10. (I believe a QBR of 60 is generally considered the cutoff between above and below average.)

            Plus, in ’10 he had 23 TDs vs. 25 Turnovers. That team was mostly about the D and STs.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The team, not just Cutler. It’s a team game, and Jay had some shitty teams.

          • BerwynBomber

            It is also one thing to report a team’s interest in a player or a draft pick. It is another to report the actual number of what someone was willing to pay him. Or to put it another way, the former is much easier to verify than the latter.

            Plus, if Glennon sucks you cut bait on him at the end of the year.

            One year overpays can be embarrassing and black eyes on a GM’s resume, but they generally don’t fuck up a franchise.

          • Irish Sweetness

            If there’s anyone in the NFL who earned every paycheck it’s Brandon Marshall.

  • MB30SD

    Watching coming to America.

    God damn that shit is a good movie. Cult classic baby. Like my 40th time

    • willbest

      hop on one leg and bark like a dog. I tried that once. Didn’t work. I wonder if you gotta be Prince William or George Clooney.

      • MB30SD

        Gotta pick the right girl…

    • MB30SD

      Btw, Eddie has baby teeth.

      The joke at the end is the best

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      loved the movie, but is it really a Cult Classic?

      • MB30SD

        Yes. 100%

        • willbest

          I would have thought to qualify for a cult classic it needs to be a sort of bad movie with a rabid fanbase. Coming to America is just good entertainment.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            that’s my thoughts too.

          • O shit. This is actually playing in a movie theater today in L.A.

          • MB30SD

            I don’t think it has to be a bad movie.. just to have been seen as a big theater flop.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            then it is not a cult classic. It was a pretty successful movie box office wise. That was when Murphy was still considered funny

          • MB30SD

            Cult. Classic.

            It just has to have a cult following and be a classic. How’s that… It’s right there in the name.

            So argumentative.

          • MB30SD

            After some googlin I will give you that it did much better than I remembered.

            Budget of $28M

            Box office gross of $288M

            That’s not a bad return right there! I would have bet that the American public didn’t have that good a sense of humor

          • willbest

            288m in the 1980’s is like 750m today.

          • Hmmm. When did Murphy stop being funny?

            When he got caught with a tranny in his car?

            Cuz I thought that was heeelarious

          • CanadaBear

            When he took his music career seriously. From then on he lost his comic mojo for the most part.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Really? After all the gay-bashing in Raw and Delirious?

      • Bender McLugh

        Here! Have a seat! It’s a Lazy Boy!

        • MB30SD

          Hey bender… Since it seems you’re a fear and loathing fan… Did you see the Cameo in the animated movie Rango (one of our favorites at casa MB)

          It’s depp hence the cross over

      • Bender McLugh

        Wack Arnold’s isn’t a cult classic? There’s no way Wack Arnold’s is not a cult classic, none!

      • SC Dave

        The Reanimator

        • Scanners?

          • MB30SD

            THAT is a cult classic… Oh wait. I was thinking They Live with rowdy roddy

        • Irish Sweetness

          Oh yeah, and Return of the Living Dead Pt. II

    • McWib

  • willbest

    “And now Bliss is peddling Jesus. I mean, for fuck’s sake. How can people be so dumb and gullible as to buy this bullshit?” – Jeff

    Don’t watch? Or are you just in a rag on Christians mood?

    • MB30SD

      Sounds like he’s in a rag on bliss mood, no?

      • willbest

        Oh I read that as him calling Christians dumb and gullible. I suppose it could be a situation where anybody believing Bliss found God is dumb and gullible.

        • MB30SD

          That’s the way I took it.

    • Who da fuq is Bliss?

      A stripper?

      • BerwynBomber

        “Disgraced” ex-Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss …

  • MB30SD

    Ohhhhhhh, the circle​.

    GP, right up your alley

  • SC Dave

    Kinda more like Cleveland west.

    • MB30SD

      Sure whatevs right… Anything east of plan springs baby…

  • This just in. Trubsiky no Aaron Rodgers!


    What was a bit more surprising was the Arians said that Rodger’s arm was weaker than Trubs coming out.

    Goes to show that arm strength can indeed improve.

    • BerwynBomber

      Only caught Rodgers once in college and immediate impression was that he had a whip of an arm, a super quick release and was very accurate. But wouldn’t have predicted his athleticism, freakish ad-lib ability or Peyton/Brady-like smarts.

      P.S. Back when I watched college ball with any regularity it was predominantly Big Ten or MAC. So didn’t see much of the PAC-10 QBs, except Palmer (and Leinart) because USC could not be ignored.

      Btw, felt very strongly about Brees and R-berger. In fact, remembered the first time I ever saw R-berger, Miami of Ohio lost an OT thriller to Marshall at Marshall on a homecooking call and Leftwich (QB of Marshall at the time) was a Heisman candidate. Emailed my buddy from work the next day (it was a weeknight game) and told him the kid at Miami with the Jewish/German-sounding last name was ALREADY better than Leftwich (R-berger was a largely unknown soph at the time).

      Brees, OTOH, was throwing the ball 60 times a game in Tiller’s Purdue O and beating teams Purdue had no right beating. You could see him working rapidly thru progressions like a ten year pro. Shit you rarely see in college QBs. Even the best of them.

  • “There just might be a possibility that Glennon is the thing. He’s the guy” – Jeff

    Teams don’t hand out 1yr contracts for “the guy”.

    Teams throw 5yr, $122m, $44M guaranteed contracts to “the guy”.

    Pace is merely paying Glennon for an audition.

    If he doesn’t like what he sees, casting call in 2018.

    • willbest

      I think the reason Glennon got $18 million guaranteed is because Pace wanted 3 years instead of 1. why would a QB agree to be underpaid for year 2 and 3 if he wasn’t being overpaid in year 1?

      • The way I see it is that Pace (maybe) overpays for one year. Figures, they have the cap, esp since they’re not in win-now buy best FAs mode.

        The upside is that if it doesn’t work out, cut, snip, no biggie.

        On Glennon’s end, the only thing I can figure is – he’s betting on himself.

        And if the options were Browns, 9ers, Jets or Bears, I guess we’re the least of 4 evils?

        Could’ve been as simple as $, but I think Glennon did look at the tape and concluded that if Birdcage could make Hoyer look good, then that system behind a robust Oline and RB could give him the best shot at becoming a franchise QB and cashing in.

        • MB30SD

          Sadly, that’s exactly what my mohel said

        • Irish Sweetness

          Or he’s drafting Trubs or Watson, and knew Glennon wouldn’t sign for one year. Front loads it so that he can airlock Glennon if the draft pick works out.

  • MB30SD

    Trac, I know you’re lurking/creating fake handles… Just come back and post dude. It’s no biggie yo (see what I did right there at the end)

    • King of DBB

      t’s the beginning of the end, so you might as well set fire to your friends
      But it ain’t alpha and omega, it’s just Nintendo and Sega
      I’m a rear gun kid, here to flip your lid
      I’m a stone cold fox, spreading a bubonic pox
      I’m a zodiac killer, I’m a three dollar biller
      I’m a rooftop sniper, shooting roadmen in diapers

      A shotgun is a good substitute for mouthwash
      Drunk controllers eat their lunch at their desktops
      Why stop working if you enjoy what you do?

      Jesus turned the other cheek, and I’ll strike that one too
      A million little pieces will never be enough for you
      But the honorable blood we’ve spilled should be blue
      I’m an American nightmare hiding in a Mexican salad bar
      Last night I dreamt I went to Woostock, but I only saw Sha-Na-Na
      Your daddy is a traitor, and your momma has thread in her hair
      You best get to where you’re going, or else you’ll never get there
      You best get to where you’re going, or else you’ll never get there

    • Saruman for America 2020 PAC

      The only good fake handles are fake love handles.


      • MB30SD

        Isn’t saruman evil incarnate?

        • evantonio

          sauron was evil incarnate.

          saruman was turned by that evil.

          (he’s the anakin to sauron’s palpatine)

  • evantonio




  • evantonio

    looks like i did…

    • MB30SD

      Well thank you Evan. That totally cleared everything up for me.

  • Erik Newman

    If Glennon doesn’t turn the ball over in bunches he will be fine. I’m worried about who he can throw it to…does any of the Bears receivers make you change the way you scheme? Jordan Howard might see a lot of stacked boxes real soon. Even if the Bears put up points…their secondary WITH their additions is bandaid city. All that money to spend and they went and spent a good deal of it on players in the dollar bins at Target. There WERE marquee DBs on the FA market…AND Eric Berry at safety.

    I’m not worried about Glennon. I’m worried about the Bears getting bombed out of the building again because their secondary can’t get off the field on 3rd and Christmas.

    • MB30SD

      Eric berry was never going anywhere unless the chiefs didn’t want him. They always did. He would have and/or did give them a hometown discount.

      That and don’t think pace would drop that big of a bomb on one guy… No matter how good/needed

      • Erik Newman

        That may be true but the Bears weren’t even players in any of the markets. They let Jeffery walk so they could pin their hopes on White and cast offs. Then went on the b-list spending spree to fix their secondary. 1-2 year deals on wash outs and maybe one day players isn’t how you build a roster. Better hit a home run on draft day

        • MB30SD

          That’s always the case. Jeffery is a cuck who has decent games. There was no berry sweepstakes, never happened. You’re making that up in your head Erik… Bouye is another story.

          He got great value and they haven’t played a down for us yet. I was pissed at first too, but looking back, maybe next year is the year to go balls out, not this.

          Soooo, you’re an NFL scout?

          • Erik Newman

            I’m not a scout but I played a lot of quarterback. I know how to read defenses and the Bears got stop gap players. Hope next year?? That’s what Cleveland says. The Bears are getting there but not yet. There were better players. 1 year to rent Glennon was their big splash. Like I said better hit a home run in the draft. Better hit 3. The Bears have talent but not enough.

          • MB30SD

            Agree with all of that. Kinda my point. Anyway, we’ll see how the draft goes.

            You’re really Erik Kramer aren’t you?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Speaking of Kramer, his son got beaten pretty bad. Kramer needs this drama like he needs a hole in his head.


          • MB30SD

            Fucking kids man. What’s wrong with people?!

          • Irish Sweetness

            We have never had as much talent as we have at WR right now. Not ever.

          • SC Dave

            Marshall and Jeffery had more than all those guys put together.

        • The Bears were linked to Gilmore early on. But then the Pats stepped in – that was that (this should also show good talent evaluation on Pace’s part when you want the same guy the SB winners want).

          The other option was Bouye who got paid a lot by the Jags. Maybe Pace didn’t feel comfortable throwing major $$$ at a “1 yr wonder” (much like last year. Pace offerred Norman a decent contract, but naturally Washington offered him a lot more cuz that’s what they do).

          Trumain Johnson was franchised.

          The rest are more or less in a lower tier. In fact, Walterfootball ranked Prince the #6 CB FA


          As for WR, can’t say Pace didn’t call that one right.

          Allegedly he offered Alshon $12M for multiple years, but he wanted Julio Jones $$$. That was INSANE as he soon found out. Him taking the Eagle’s 1 yr prove it deal was just an FU to the Bears. He wanted to get paid more than he was worth but the market proved Pace correct.

          Could’ve got Pyror I guess, but Pryor also had “character” concerns and that is why he like Alshon only got a 1yr deal.

          It’s obvious Pace wanted to clear out the locker room of any distractions (Bmarsh, Bennett) so I doubt Pryor (who is also somewhat unproven) was high on his radar.

          The rest of the WRs again are in lower tiers, so pick and match.

          It’s also quite possible that Pace doesn’t feel the Bears are SB bound this year (news flash!) and is saving the cap for when they’re close.

          Either way, I think we’re a bit better than last season on paper. In fact, as long as the injuries don’t pile up like the bubonic plague, this team should automatically be more competitive not withstanding the FAs (and draftpicks).

          Remember last season the Bears lost a lot of close games with back up QBs and a decimated roster.

          Hard to imagine some of those close losses won’t turn into close wins with a QB who is not a TO machine, and a roster that isn’t in the MASH ward.

          • MB30SD

            Yep, you and I are on the same page

          • Erik Newman

            I like Pace. He’s done good things turning over an old roster. I’m sure it sucks watching Bennett win a ring after he leaves then join the Packers. Pace better get busy. Are they better….?? Yes. But if Glennon sucks Pace and Fox fry.

          • MB30SD

            Don’t forget chicken dinner.

            As they should, but they’ll (or at least pace) will get ’18

          • Bennett didn’t do much with arguably the greatest HC and QB of all time.

            I brought up the stats, but compare Miller’s stats to Bennett last year. Not much difference (and that’s with Cargo/Hoyer/Barkley throwing to him) , so letting Bennett walk wasn’t that big of a deal

            Agree. If Glennon sucks, Fox goes.

            But maybe that’s the masterplan all along for Pace who inherited Fox from the “brain trust”

          • MB30SD

            That would be good.

            Brain trust… Fucking laughable. And cryable

          • They had to hire outside consultants to look for Fox.

            Which begs the question, wtf exactly DOES that human parasite do?

            Sweaty Teddy. The Milton at Halas Office.


          • MB30SD

            Exactfuckingly. HATE that useless cunt

          • Irish Sweetness

            Why Fox and not Pace?

          • willbest

            Pace didn’t pick Fox. Ernie did. Pace didn’t even personally interview all the candidates, which is pretty fucked up if you are the guy doing the hiring.

          • MB30SD

            Fucking Ernie whatrverthefuck… What a useless cunt that dude is. Smmfh

          • What Will said.
            Also, Pace didn’t choose Cutler, and by most accounts, did everything short of throwing entire drafts to replace him.

            Always say the Bears do things fucking backwards.

            Pace should get his chance to hand pick franchise QB and HC.

          • BerwynBomber

            Pace can survive Glennon sucking IF they don’t miss on top 10 QB in the draft. But if Glennon sucks AND Pace passes on a Dak in the first two rounds, then he might be gone.

          • MB30SD

            This is the McCaskeys and teddy, he’s got through 18 regardless me thinks

          • Erik Newman

            The Bears division got better. If they draft in the top 5 they’ll both be gone so the new guy can start fresh with a high draft pick and “thank you very much” a low cap. Paces FA signings this off season are real sketchy. Injury prone Old. Inconsistent. Reclamation projects are what championship teams do. Not rebuilding. The Bears have players I’m a big fan of. They should’ve kept Hoyer he could’ve helped Glennon.

          • BerwynBomber

            “The Bears division got better”.

            Thus far:

            Green Bay got worse
            Bears got better
            Lions got better
            Vikings I’m not sure

          • Erik Newman

            The Packers got worse? They got healthy and gave Rodgers another weapon. Really? I got us for 5 MAYBE 6 wins. Unless something else happens

          • Irish Sweetness

            Without seeing ANY draft picks you’re calling the season? Wow. Crystal ball?

          • Erik Newman

            Better than last year. New QB learning a new system. Howard isn’t going to surprise anyone. Wide outs are question marks. Secondary is a mess.Trevathan might not be ready. Bears haven’t done real well with 1st round picks lately sans Long….

          • Irish Sweetness

            I can only assume Cutler is badly injured. We now have a 1 and 2 QB that don’t know the offense, with brand new receivers that don’t know them or the book – it could be a rough start, for sure.

          • MB30SD

            Jay is badly stripsack, fumble, and int.

            He done… At least he’s got a decent looking ass though… Right mate?

          • BerwynBomber

            They lost Lacy and Cook. They got Uni.

            They lost Lang. They have no fill-in as of yet.

            They lost Peppers, Hyde and Jones. They got Davon House and Jean Francios.

            Yes, the Packers got decidedly worse.

            And Rodgers doesn’t need weapons. He needs a solid defense.

          • Johnnywad

            Rodgers makes JAGs into weapons.

          • BerwynBomber

            And 5 or 6 wins would be an improvement for us. Heck, 4 would be if memory serves.

          • willbest

            Their D is still shit. And they gave Nick Perry WTF money.

          • Erik Newman

            Yet they keep winning. And we keep looking up at them.

          • BerwynBomber

            They have Rodgers. We don’t.

          • Erik Newman

            They have more than that.

          • willbest

            No they don’t. Rodgers is good enough to win the majority of his home games and thump the bad teams on the road, but any time they play somebody good he has to score 35 points to win. That is why he is batting .500 in the playoffs.

          • MB30SD

            Not really man

          • Bears almost won 5 games last year with Barkley throwing to the likes of Deonte Thompson (remember that TEN drop game?) and dudes like Prosinki and Bausby imitating pro football players.

            I think 5 wins is the Bears floor (barring catastrophic inj again)

          • Erik Newman

            They still have those dudes but not Barkley. They resigned Posinski and Thompson. The Bears have just as many question marks now as they did last year except they don’t have Jeffery as a go to WR. White is still coming off an injury. Secondary is still a mess. TE is still thin. Kicking game is still suspect.

          • Johnnywad

            Jeffery had two touchdowns last year. He was far from a go to receiver.

          • Yes, but hopefully everyone ahead of those guys won’t get injured again.

            Prosinki will likely make the team for specials and emergency backup.
            Bausby will likely be a camp body and nothing else.

            Last year, both got way more playing time then they should’ve due to injuries.

          • MB30SD

            That’s about right I think… Although I’m in the 6 to 7 range

          • Vikings are a bit of a mystery.

            It all depends on Bradford.

            Their D started off strong but then fell apart mid-season. Shit, even Cargo picked them apart (behind excellent Oline blocking).

            In the end, I don’t trust their coaches, so I think they’re gonna hover around 7 wins unless their D turns into the Donkey’s.

            7 wins is a typical Bradford/Vikes season.

          • willbest

            Assuming no other team picks him up in those 2 rounds. You can’t fault Pace for missing Dak since everybody missed him at least 3 times and most teams missed him 4 times.

          • BerwynBomber

            Fine then, whichever high prospect — Watson, Trub, Mahomes (or whomever) — is available at #3 or #36. If Pace passes on one of those guys and the dude subsequently lights it up (while Glennon sucks) that will be a fire-able offense.

            BUT … as I said to Irish yesterday (in response to some usual Irish silliness), Daks and R-berger’s rookie seasons are exceptions even among the very best. Thus, even if Pace misses on a rook, it might take us a couple of years to figure it out.

        • Johnnywad

          Disagree. That is exactly how you build a roster when you’re handed the steaming pile that was the Bears. You sure don’t build it by big spending in FA. It takes time to do well.

    • BerwynBomber

      All valid concerns. At the same time they did upgrade the secondary if only with Demps and Prince.

      • Pace also signed a sure-handed runblocking TE who should fit well with the run first game, a swing OT, and different types of WRs to complement the new QB.

        What is more, Pace didn’t invest highly in much, and as such, basically everyone is cuttable, which should create a healthy dose of competition.

        • willbest

          he did a remarkably impressive job spending $50 million dollars while not picking up a single playmaker.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Demps had 6 INTs last season. The Bears had 8.

            Oh, and Cooper is a playmaker, the little I’ve seen. He can anticipate and read.

          • willbest

            Demps is 32 years old coming off a career year. Oh and he was in Houston and their beastly line causing lots of opportunities. You think he is going to get many picks in the land of the 7 second pass rush?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Actually no, I don’t expect anything from Demps – but Pace signed him. We need a top DE and another pass-rushing LB. At least.

          • CanadaBear

            He’s had 15 INT’s in the last 5 years so he can catch the ball and has some awareness. That puts him at the top of the heap on the Bears.

    • King of DBB

      It was interesting to hear that POX has wanted Glennon for TWO years.

      I saw flashes when he played, but I always thought Tannehill at Miami was more talented. I guess that is not the read though.

      • Erik Newman

        Don’t have a problem with Glennon. He’s not real accurate but he takes care of the ball. With a good line and a quality run game his shortcomings can be overcame.

        • Irish Sweetness

          You could say that about Jay or any QB that ever played.

          • SC Dave

            Jay did not take care of the ball, which is *the* primary reason he is gone.

          • MB30SD

            Jay was “streaky” like they sometimes get “weather” in the mideest

      • Tannenhill was a bit streaky though. There was even some talk about replacing him but Gase seemed to work out some of his kinks ( a healthy run game didn’t hurt either).

      • willbest

        Yeah cause nobody ever spins anything in the NFL

    • Irish Sweetness

      Kendall Wright

      Markus Wheaton

      He’ll have Benny catching out of the backfield. Zach Miller has the best hands in the league, and Cam has been our best receiver thus far. For depth at WR we even have a first round draft pick.
      We might have the best WR corps we’ve ever had right now.

      • Erik Newman

        So good they were cut loose and Noone wanted them. Throwing short passes to backs isn’t Glennons strength AT ALL. Throwing quick passes to small WR isn’t his game. I like our TE…He just can’t stay on the field. The big arse dude they signed from Miami will block good…

        • Irish Sweetness

          The Bears wanted them. They’re good receivers. And I’m good with Glennon not being Hoyer, he can actually use these weapons.

          • Erik Newman

            I’m fine with Glennon. Let’s make no mistake he was chosen because they wouldn’t pay the Patriots price for Garappolo and Glennon would take essentially a 1 year prove it deal. These wide outs have potential but it’s unproven and again…new system…new QB. Tough row to hoe

      • willbest

        Its probably worth noting that roughly half of Glennon’s yards were to VJax (in his prime) and Mike Evans.

      • It’s worth noting that Wright had his best season under Birdcage.

        And Wheaton was a true vertical threat for an aggressive Steeler’s attack.

        Cam can scoot. If he can actually catch, watch out. White is the biggest wildcard on the team thus far. Can he regain his burst and swag after two years of atrophy? Dunno.

        Miller will be an excellent option for as long as he’s available. He’s actually got some wheels to go along with soft hands.

        I see Dion Sims as a young Witten. Solid blocker who can settle into zones and catch

        Cunningham is the 3rd down change of pace back to complement Howard (and he returns).

        This season will really fall on Birdcage – if he can creative enough to utilize all these different tools to make teams respect the pass.

        From all accounts, Glennon is also smart, so maybe he helps out with audibles (unlike a certain someone whom coaches denied audibles for mortal fear or dumbassery)

        • willbest

          not buying it. They are jags. If they weren’t jags they would have gotten more than 1 year guarantee. And Wright is only making 2 million.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Then Alshon is a JAG.

          • MB30SD


            He has been shown the liiiight!! This man has been… Exorciiiized!!!


          • willbest

            Alshon is making $10 million. That is rented merc money. Though lord knows why the Eagles would do it.

          • MB30SD

            Fool’s gold

          • SC Dave

            $14M, wasn’t it?

          • willbest

            Its 10 million base, plus 4 million with incentives. Primarily that he makes the pro-bowl.

        • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

          I won’t be surprised if Bears draft OJ Howard at #3 or slight trade back. 2 TE sets will be staple of Bears offense this year. Why?

          They need to protect Glennon. The interior O line is solid and has good depth. However, both tackles will need help to give Glennon the time to make throws.

          Dion Sims – very good blocker and decent pass catcher
          OJ Howard – very good blocker and very good pass catcher and route runner

          OJ Howard can also make up the some of the big target that Bears lost with Alshon’s departure.

          OJ Howard is as close to sure things as there is and he can transform Bears offense. I increasingly think he will be the pick. He checks off all the boxes and helps address multiple issues on the offense.

      • Bender McLugh

        CAM baby!

  • Bender McLugh

    So anyway, how dem Blackhawks?

    • CanadaBear

      They’re in!

  • King of DBB

    I have a candidate for worst movie of 2017.

    It’s got Nick Cage doing a Tony Clifton impression. I mean that is black hole suckage.

    Holy shit! Now Keanu Reeves is doing Tony Clifton. It’s a Tony Clifton revival! WTF?

    • MB30SD

      Jason momoa is a fucking beast

      • King of DBB

        He is. He’s got a wild man thing that makes chicks ovulate near him

        • MB30SD

          Fuck yes. Him and Chris Hemsworth.

          If I was gay (er? NTTAWWT) those two would be my man crushes.

          And they’re both fucking married?!?! How dumb are they?

          Jesus, If i we’re them, I’d be even more of a manwhore… Nay, a manwhore of epic proportions!!

          • King of DBB


          • MB30SD


  • leftcoast dave

    Irish has the insight on the WR corp. Between now being able to stretch the field, Zach’s great hands, Benny out of the backfield or dump downs to the new monster TE, the options are on the field. Cam showed up big and the future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades!

    Now if we only get an upgrade OT!

    Will the FA signing create a bit of competition there with the rookie we draft?

    • willbest

      Marcus Wheaton is the highest paid WR on the bears he is making 5+ million this year. That ranks him 31st overall. His contemporaries in perceived value are Brandon Marshall, Torey Smith, Rasheed Mathews, and Mike Wallace. Oh and Eddie Royal, but it is unlikely he hangs around a bit.

      Cam is on a rookie deal, but if he takes another step he will be a bona fide WR#1, though probably more in the 15-25 range.

      Wright is ranked 67th among WRs in terms of compensation. His contemporaries in perceived value are: Aldrick Robinson, Matt Slater, Andre Roberts, Jeremy Kerley

      • Irish Sweetness

        Dude, let go of numbers and charts .. .eyeballs. Wright will be good for us. Wheaton will catch a few deep, cam’s the man. White even might pop his head out of his ass. We’ve never had it so good at WR.

        • willbest

          Wright hasn’t been good in 3 years. he was targeted a mere 42 times last year and 60 the year before. He was the 5th option on the titans the last 2 years. He doesn’t work with Mariota, why would he work with Glennon?

          And like I said, Wheaton might be good. Or it might be a HoF QB mirage a la James Jones. White not only needs to learn to run without breaking his leg, he needs to learn to catch the fucking ball, and you and I both know he isn’t going to know the fucking playbook this year either.

          The only silver lining is Cam. And of course Braverman.

          I get that the Bears have been a murders row at WR, and I know cryptkeeper years are best forgotten, but we aren’t even 4 years removed from Marshall/Jeffery and Earl Bennett with Black Uni and Forte for good measure. The following year we replaced Earl with Santonio holmes and Josh Morgan. So stop trying to gaslight this receiver core as best evah.

  • MB30SD

    It’s sunny and 75 here… Not a fucking cloud in the sky. About to go have brunch with my chick bestie.

    Jesus, I’m so metro

    • CanadaBear

      Not as warm but beautiful here too. Loving life!

    • AlbertInTucson

      Beautacious day in Tucson.

      • MB30SD

        Excellent! Enjoy sir

    • You have a chick bestie?
      The tutu is making more and more sense!

      • MB30SD

        Yep, nice to have a chick to bounce shit off. That and she’s kind of a badass… She’s got more balls than some of my dude friends.

        But yes, glad it’s all coming together for you

        • SC Dave

          Chick besties can bring an entirely different perspective into your world. I recommend every man have/make one.

          • MB30SD

            You’re a true Renaissance man david

    • SC Dave

      Very similar day here too… but a touch cooler; maybe 73 around lunchtime.

  • King of DBB

    For my first time as a golf obsessive, I’m post-Tiger. It’s over.

    Dude. It’s been over for years for that guy. It was over when he crashed the Slade into the tree.

    • Even I who never watch golf knew it was over for Tiger.

      Once it came out that he was banging busloads of women, and he APOLOGIZED for it, I knew it was over.

      Golf is a lot more mental than other sports.

    • MB30SD


      • Janicemreed

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  • willbest
  • AlbertInTucson

    Another season-ending knee injury for Derrick Rose.

    What. A. Shock.

    • King of DBB

      rag doll

    • BearDown100393

      An athlete gets chronically injured is mocked by so many others who could never even approach that athlete’s skill set. Rose is an example. Woods is another. At their prime, these guys were considered heroes. And now ridiculed. Weird.

      • willbest

        Do people mock Wood? He has the championships. Rose had some really bad PR advice from those around him to go with his lack of championships.

      • BerwynBomber

        Rose said some very stupid shit during his career, never played defense and expected special treatment when with the Bulls (his own trainer and deciding when he wished to practice for starters).

        The Woods argument is a bit more valid, but a) anyone massively successful will be resented (people hated Jordan too), and b) Woods’ beat down by his wife gave people a lot of fodder.

      • “The higher the peaks, the stronger the winds” – Dante

        • SC Dave

          Kudos for a most apropos quote.

  • So The Pope Waffle has banished me? What ever shall I do?


    Let’s get the record straight.

    1. I did indeed ask for some Blog advice about that affair. I think I made it perfectly clear that I never so much as got with someone’s GF, yet alone wife, and that is more than I can say about just every man I know who has cheated in one way or other.

    The situation was rather specific, hence my wavering. She already cheated on her hubby. Has cheated on him since I brought up the situation, but with someone else, not me.

    Does it cross my mind from time to time? Of course, but I haven’t thus far.

    2. 18 is legal, and Waffle acts as if I go to playgrounds hunting them.

    This 18 yr old girl stalked ME. She was the aggressor. She likes older men cuz as she put it, she doesn’t like listening to stupid little boys. She was not a dingbat. She did not have “daddy” issues (grew up in a nice neighborhood with mom and dad). Not molested (as far as I knew).

    I know it’s hard for father’s to imagine THEIR daughters are capable of sexual degradation, but guess what. IT HAPPENS. Get over it.

    I’m sure a lot of wives/mothers take anal and do all kinds of freaky shit, but that’s ok right, cuz it ONLY happened with ONE dude and no one else (rolls eyes).

    Not dating that chick anymore though. It was fun, and that’s what I saw it as, but the fact that it gets Waffle’s panties ruffled says more about him than it does about me.

    He’s just butthurt that I WAS RIGHT about his BF Cargo, and honestly, I wasn’t even the first one. SC and many others were off the Cargo boat long before I was.

    But, I do relentlessly punk Cargo, cuz quite honestly, it’s fun, and if it raises Waffle’s blood level, even better.

    I find it completely hilarious how obsessed he is with Cutler.

    Going around calling ppl “fags”, Johhny? Maybe rubbing one off the #6 jersey isn’t the healthiest thing to do.


    • King of DBB

      You were right about Jay.

      • That’s really what he’s mad about. He was all-in on him, and Cargo bareassed in Mexico while guys like Hoyer and Geno Smith are on teams might be too much for po ole Waffle’s psyche.

        It was also a douche thing he did in FF essentially giving away his best players so that I wouldn’t win, but fucking you, shady, artoo, and everyone else over in the process.

        Once a holier-than-thou-douche, always a douche.

        Glad Shady won at least.

        • King of DBB

          If we are going there, Trac also did it.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Why weren’t the moves voted down?

    • BerwynBomber

      Yup, I could stand accused of being a major Cutler skeptic for numerous years. Thought I attempted to be fair (but may not have succeeded in some eyes). Always considered Cutty a competent, average, talented, flawed starter, and almost always our best option in uniform — no offense to Hoyer or McCown both of whom did damn good work as back-ups/spot starters.

      But saying all that doubtfully gives Jay’s fans much solace.

      • There were a lot of fans who didn’t like him from the start. Some took a few years longer.

        I’ve always said I’m a Cutler agnostic.

        I even wanted him after that Gase year. Figure, maybe he could become Alex Smith-ish.

        But it didn’t take very long into the season for me to just give up on that knucklehead.

        And no, I don’t buy that the reason for his suckage was inj.

        He didn’t look inj to me vs the Vikes b4 the Bucs meltdown.

        That’s just who Cutler is, and I wasn’t about to buy into him anymore. After that I became a full-blown skeptic, and lo and behold, Waffle suddenly doesn’t like me lol

        As if I care.

        The issue with Cutler isn’t even that he’s avg – it’s that the swings are too erratic to build a consistent successful team.

        Guys like Alex Smith, Dalton, or even Hoyer are consistent. Their ceiling might be capped, but at least they’re not likely to turn it over 4 times any given Sunday.

        NO defense can overcome those TOs.

        You can win SBs with “avg” – “gamemanaging” QBs (Dilfer, et al). You CAN’T win with TO over machines who can’t even play 16 games.

        • BerwynBomber

          “The issue with Cutler isn’t even that he’s avg – it’s that the swings are too erratic to build a consistent successful team.”

          Good point. His performances against the Cheese also really compromised fan trust. It was one thing to have such a bad record against a team — after all, there are times when a QB can only do so much — but his stats were also god awful against them. By and large he just play poorly against them. And that was happening against DET too the last half of his CHI tenure.

          Beyond their post-season heroics, that was the one thing that separated otherwise average guys like Flacco and Eli from Cutty. They weren’t always shitting the bed against their divisional rivals.

          Though being in a division with Rodgers did Cutty no favors either. Especially given they were peers age-wise and perceived as friends.

        • Irish Sweetness


    • CanadaBear

      You know me, I like Johnny a lot but I don’t get the Cutler thing at all. I get being your guy and when it doesn’t work out feeling betrayed but why take it personal? I used to like Rod Stewart when he sang for Jeff Beck and for Faces. When he went disco it felt like a gut punch. Makes me laugh now.

      • BerwynBomber

        And the early Rod Stewart albums — Rod, Gasoline, Picture — really kickass. A friend of mine turned me onto them back in the early ’90s. Excellent stuff.

        • CanadaBear

          And then the dreaded disco. Eek! I saw him with Faces a couple of times and it was really fun. Ron Wood was always silly and he’s a pretty good slide guitarist. The rest of the band was solid.

      • Rod Stewart!? Never figured you for a Rod Stewart guy lol

        Yeah, I don’t get it. I never worshiped anyone like Waffle kneels for Cargo though.

        Prolly the athlete I admired most was Jordan, but I lived in L.A. and lots of ppl would say how Magic or even West were better players, but I didn’t take it as a personal affront or anything.

        Now that I’m older, I can even live with that Jordan seems kinda douchey (not tipping? da fuq).

        I think some ppl got mad when that book came out about Sweetness having an affair (Same with Ali).

        Athletes are human. Never got worshiping them, or getting offended when they were criticized.

        • CanadaBear

          Here’s a song I know you’ve heard (in the movie Casino). It’s Jeff Beck on guitar, Rod Stewart on vocals and Ron Wood on bass (yes that Ron Wood). BTW on the vinyl the guitar goes back and forth between the channels. Lots of fun if you’re wrecked and about 16!!!!!!

          • Hey Canada, good song.
            I would’ve never guessed that was Rod Stewart. Never knew he had some blues in him. Maybe it’s cuz my generation sees him as Disco Stew.

            That song even sounded just a tad like Led Zepplin.

          • CanadaBear

            Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all were guitarists for the Yardbirds. Page and Beck at the same time. Jeff Beck played Blues/Rock on Truth and Beckola (Stewart sings on both albums) and then went to Jazz/Fusion. Ron Wood and Rod Stewart went to Faces and then Wood to the Stones and Stewart went solo.

    • willbest

      I think there is prude, and then there is just disgusting. Somebody willing to take piss in their mouth has some skeletons in their closet. Weren’t you the one who posted just in the last couple days about being brain damaged and still functional?

      Only psychopaths’ moral compasses aren’t triggered when they are taking advantage of somebody who is apparently disabled. But then we get into some rather large gray areas.

      Broken home, sexual abused as child? Does it make a difference if you know or don’t know? Do you have to inquire and perhaps force her to lie to make you feel better? Its not your responsibility to fix anybody, but you shouldn’t be throwing gasoline on the fire either.

      Then again by the religions the majority of the world adheres to, sleeping with somebody you aren’t married to is sinful. I think whether you believe in a god or not, you can see some wisdom in that philosophy in terms of preventing the spread of STD’s, reducing the number of broken homes, reducing the number of people who are damaged as a result of the behavior. Of course, its perfectly acceptable to come down on the side of individual accountability and personal liberties. We do that with things like alcohol. Many/most people can handle it, some can’t and that is problematic not just for them, but those they interact with.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        the legend or infamy of Butch continues to grow. Waffle thinks Butch is a pedophile trolling playgrounds for tail. now Will implies Butch is a psychopath that preys on the disabled. What next?

        • willbest

          That wasn’t my intent. He specifically, stated he wasn’t aware of anything in her past to cause this. I was pointing out he was clearly operating in the gray area, which is where you are going to run into a fair number people having problems with his actions.

          • I try not to make a habit of judging consenting adults.

            Some hubbys do indeed like being cucks.

            I don’t fucking get it, but I’m not about to get on my pedestal and deem them immoral, psychologically or physiologically damaged.

            I don’t get any special thrill on jumping on my high horse, like some others.

            If that’s what works for them, and they’re not hurting others, ce la vie.

            Live and let live.

        • Disabled fucking. THE BEST.

          • CanadaBear

            Don’t leave her hanging!

          • Maybe another time I’ll relay “deaf fucking”. Oh my…

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            just stay away from the extreme goat fucking and you are alright.

      • Where is that line though?

        Anal is still considered “sodomy”, right? Used to be sent to prison for that.

        According to catholcism, even jacking off is a sin (wasting the seed).

        Being gay is also a sin (see sodomy).

        How about BDSM – whipping, chocking, etc?

        Or, how about fucking your wife and her friend, and they’re ok with it – is that OK?

        How about getting your salad tossed? If your wife does it, it’s ok – but if you’re not married, she’s just fucked up in the head somehow?

        I’ve known crazy ass chicks (literally) who were the biggest prudes in bed.

        I’ve also known chicks who were raised in a nuclear family, got degrees, have good jobs, and are absolute freaks in bed.

        I don’t believe sexual preferences reflect much on the person’s “morality” unless it’s something perhaps more extreme like goat fucking.

        Think it’s just hardwired.

        • King of DBB

          Salad tossed. Ha.

          • Too perty for prison

          • King of DBB

            “when your cellmate is sucking your dick, he can pretend it’s something else. when he’s eating your ass… he knows it’s ass.”

            Words of wisdom.

        • willbest

          Isn’t that how we end up with prison rape? The lack of vaginas has people looking for any odd hole. And when they do studies of prostitutes, they find significantly higher incidents of broken homes and abuse (independent of poverty).

          No doubt you can find a number of goldilocks girls (raised with just the right combo of discpline and freedom, and just the right balance hardship and comfort, etc) that somehow end up out of whack (implying genetics), but if you are looking at the whole picture its impossible to exclude environmental pressures as a cause.

          You didn’t create the environment. Well somebody might have. She has never tossed a salad before, but she is in “love” so she does. Now she associates the act with the chemical reaction in her brain. We like to think we are above that level of conditioning, but we are mammals after all

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            who is to determine what is actually out of whack?

          • willbest

            Well in certain instances doesn’t biology? like its out of whack to eat a carcass raw that has been chilling in the sun for 3-4 days. “Don’t do that Ogg, we lost uncle Gronk that way. Also the smelly brown stuff, that comes out your butt, don’t eat that either we lost your mom that way”

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I understand that when it comes to life and death crap but we were talking about sexual preferences.

          • willbest

            That is where being human has its advantages though. We get to say fuck you to natural selection. Penicillin, condoms, and the like allow us to have preferences that our natural immune system would not.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            What in the fuck are talking about? The original question was who determines sexual preferences is out of whack? And you bring up eating rotting meat, and natural selection. It is a simple question.

          • willbest

            I am talking about if you are going to get sick doing something, or injured, that is your body’s way of telling you that its not a good idea (ie. out of whack). Modern humans, have ways of ignoring their body though. Whether it be pain killers to play more football. Or antibiotics to wipe out STDs.

            I am going to make two statements that I hope are not controversial

            1) You are more likely to do things that are pleasurable
            2) You are less likely to do things that cause discomfort

            Sometimes the thing you are doing causes both. ie. alcohol->hangover. We have found ways to mitigate the downside above and beyond everything else in the natural world. I think in doing so we have lost a bit of perspective in terms of what is out of whack.

          • Are you kidding me? Not when it comes to sexual preference, which is the topic we were on.

            You know how many lurid stories survived from Ancient Greece and Rome?

            Senators would bugger schools of kids, and no one batted an eye.
            The story of the Menataur is about a princess fucking a bull.
            Lesbian originated from the region Lesbos.
            Spartans soldiers fucked each other regularly. In fact, it was promoted to create fiercer warriors.

            And that’s just the stories we know about.

            If you were to time travel to the ancient times, diddling little kids was not “out of whack”

            You assume because something FEELS “out of whack” for you, it must be wrong across space-and-time.

            You were simply conditioned differently (not better) than others.

          • willbest

            Yes and powerful men today do that too (Denis Hastert). Sanduskey. Doesn’t necessarily mean it was accepted in the sense that the practice was widespread. It might have been accepted in the sense there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot anybody could do about it. And its noteworthy, that Rome was in decay at the time those stories started showing up as common.

            I hadn’t heard the Spartan thing, so I hit the wiki. It says you are mistaken about the Spartans. It was practiced by the Thebans according to the page, so I will grant that.

            Beyond that, you have to be a bit careful with history and the age of maturity. The modern world indeed has different standards in the sense that sexual maturity occurs by 14ish, but legal maturity is 18.

            And I did limit myself to biological triggers, not my Christian morality so as to avoid “feels”.

          • It was both, Thebes AND Sparta (and maybe more)
            I read it in a book, so I can’t link it, but Spartans def practiced homosexual “warfare”. The book I read said that it was common for a superior to take a young soldier as a “lover” which was physical but also acted as “mentor”.

            Here’s a quick link from PBS


            It makes sense in the ancient GK world view.

            They were true misogynist in that they felt that males, or more accurately, masculinity, was superior to females/femininity .

            So, in their logic, why “love” an inferior? Can you truly love a slave or someone you believe to be inferior to yourself in every way?

            Those are still questions that aren’t resolved.

            In our modern western definitions, “love” is usually between two equals – in ancient greece, only men could be equals, ergo…

            But as the link said, they also frowned on “submissiveness” so that had more to do with some frowning on homosexuals than the actual activity.

            Edit. But as to specifically with Sparta, there’s still some debate about the subject.

            It’s just like prison. The prison bitches aren’t respected. The shot callers are.
            The act itself is not really looked down upon.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It is true that the greeks used children for pleasure … does that make it right?

            The Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans sacrificed children … was that cool?

          • My point was that to THEM those acts didn’t feel “out of whack” – but perfectly normal. Most of us were conditioned by 21st century Judeo-Christian values and anything that counters that programing makes us squirm a bit.

            Some men in Arab countries go around holding hands. That would weird me out, but doesn’t mean it’s somehow “wrong”.


          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Again we are talking about sexual preference! How is it that hard to understand? It is a simple question. Who determines a sexual preference is out of whack? What does someone liking to be choked during sex, or pissed on have to do with anything you are talking about.

          • willbest

            I find your questions as absurd as you find my responses. Choking causes a whole host of negative consequences. Pulmonary aspiration, ruptured blood vessels, oxygen deprivation. None of which is healthy for you.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            simple question. This all started when people like Waffle and You decided to get on your high horses and chastise Butch’s behavior on the basis of morality. Who determines a sexual preference is morally out of whack?

          • willbest

            I didn’t get on a high horse. You claimed it, and I clarified my intention. Then MB jumped up without reading down thread, and you seem to have forgoten about my clarification.

            I have been consistent in claiming that if your activity causes you to become sicker or less fit, then its out of whack. That really shouldn’t be a controversial statement. And perhaps that is why you are having trouble with it. I don’t make the laws of nature, I just observe them.

          • Exactly. Let’s face it. Sexual preferences are mostly hard-wired.

            Sure, in extreme circumstances, like getting molested or gang-raped at a young age, victims get re-wired.

            But for the rest who aren’t victimized, sexual preference is something you discover.

            Some girls love giving heads. Some don’t. Some girls like anal. Other don’t.

            Some like to get slapped and pissed on, some don’t.

            Most ppl really don’t know what they don’t like till they try it. And some are suprised by what they maybe into.

            I knew someone who told a funny story about that.

            This guy was at the mall with his GF, and they were play fighting like teenagers do. So, the girl swings and grazes his crotch.

            To his utter surprise, he got a hard on. It was only then that he realized gitting dick grazed (or hit) turned him on.

            Normal guy. Not molested. Not a perv or psychopath.

            Just one day at the mall found out what he was into.

          • I’ll tell you this much from experience. Hookers do things cuz they get paid to do it. It’s business like for them.

            The “goldilock” girls who do freaky shit do it cuz they LOVE to do it- for free – regardless if they’re in “love” or not.

            Honestly, I don’t go looking for “freaky” stuff. I think I relayed how I was a bit hesitant to choke a girl who liked it. But guess what? If I don’t do it, she’ll find someone else who will. So I just roll with the flow as long as it’s not too outrages.

            But that’s the thing – one person’s “outrages” is another’s norm.

            To a virgin, regular sex is scary and strange.

            To a person who’s used to getting shitted on, chocking is probably tame.

            Diff strokes diff folks…

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Totally agree. It is all about finding out what you like and don’t and finding someone with the same interest.

          • Chappelle said it best. Get with someone on the same page.

            If you’re a devout christian, get with a devout christian
            If you’re a crackhead, get with a fellow crackhead
            If you’re a salad tosser, get with someone who likes that.

            The problem comes from one a crackhead tries to be with christian.

            “Know thyself”
            “To thine own self be true”

            Oldest wisdom on the books.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          I remember in 7th grade being preached to by the Catholic priest of the evils of jacking off. That priest made it sound like it was one of the worst things in the world and would have severe consequences. This was about the time of one of the many priest molesting children incidents. One of my classmates asked the priest why it is considered evil to jerk it but the church covering up child molestation was alright. I have never seen a priest that mad in my life.

          • King of DBB

            Your classmate had balls.

          • Big huevos

          • willbest

            sexual predators go where the access is. There are weekly stories about schools. Only when they can hang it around an NCAA male sports program does it seem to bust out of the local news coverage.

            And background checks are entirely worthless because predators that can’t pass a background check don’t even bother.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Jesus, how do you miss the point of a post so often?

          • willbest

            Wasn’t it a post about the hypocrisy of preaching one thing, while covering up greater sins? I fail to see how that is different from what our schools do.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Schools are not considered Moral Authorities.

          • willbest

            Then why do they teach morality?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            not sure what type of school you went to, but I don’t recall taking any classes in morality.

          • willbest

            Well the obvious one was DARE. But they can sneak it in other ways. For example, I could assume the person that designed my child’s common core math book is a fucking retard. And that is a reasonable assumption based on their inability to properly define square (they had the definition of rhombus in there) and their inclination to pretend that squares are not unique rectangles. But then I see this question which really pisses me off.

            question was a vocab match. the words were “true” and “false”

            one sentence was “something that is a fact”

            the other was “something that is not a fact”

            What the shit? teaching a 6 year old that things that aren’t facts are false. What about axioms that are either assumed true or considered self evident. Or hypothesis which is neither known or unknown but is testable. Or a theory which is generally assumed true, but which hasn’t been conclusively proven. Or an opinion or belief which may not even be falsifiable.

            Seems like an awfully convenient simplification of the material.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Did you listen to your teachers? Did they not impart morality?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Eh … they’re supposed to be …..

          • haha. Deum. Heerrrooo

      • MB30SD

        This is fucking bullshit. Who the fuck are you… And any of the moral right to call anyone anything about their preference?!

        Most non Western cultures not only condone but sanction VERY young marriage. Even Europe has much more lax customs.

        It’s this bullshit American puritanism.

        I like to fuck with him cause it’s funny, and I personally never go below the 20s, but it’s his perogative and as long as she’s legal and consenting who the fuck are you or anyone else to judge that.

        It’s fucking garbage dude.

        Oh and I’m not giving yonny a pass here, but I know him, have met him and hung out, we came up the same way playing football with Meathead cunts who will pounce on any weakness or opening and go hard… That’s what he’s mostly doing. Sure it was low hanging fruit and easy to lean on, but he was just as much alpha jock and conquering chicks is just part of it. He’s definitely not part of the conservative faux puritan right

        • willbest

          I was talking about the completely unsanitary nature of gargling piss, I mentioned not 1 word about the age of the women Butch goes after. Why are you on your fucking high horse about it? Talk about a moral crusade.

          • MB30SD

            Come on man… The attack pisses me off (see what I did there). Then be more clear… It also sounded to me like you called him a degenerate psycho just cause he found some young chick who likes some weird shit.

          • degenerate psycho who preys on tards.

            No wonder we get along MB lol

          • MB30SD

            “and then there is just disgusting. Somebody willing to take piss in their mouth has some skeletons in their closet. Weren’t you the one who posted just in the last couple days about being brain damaged and still functional?

            Only psychopaths’ moral compasses aren’t triggered when they are taking advantage of somebody who is apparently disabled.

            That’s what pissed me off and was totally unfair bullshit.

            … That and speak for yourself you degenerate tard-fucker.


          • I would change my handle to “tard fucking molester” but perhaps that’s a bit much for the newcomers :O

          • MB30SD

            A bit

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            don’t be a chicken. do it.

          • haha, you are the devil on every man’s shoulder…or the modestly huge bear penis whispering into our wavering ears…do it…

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            no arguing, you are over thinking things. it will be fun, just do it.

          • Tard Fucking Molester

            I’ll do it for you.

          • I pass the special Olympic torch to you…

          • Irish Sweetness

            Unless you have an infection, urine is sterile.

            No, I don’t drink piss. Haven’t had a Budweiser in years

  • MB30SD

    Watching the TJ Dillashaw/Dominick Cruz fight…. Deeeeuuum!!!!

    • A7Xthebest

      Kind of scary when you go from that fight to watching Garbrandt embarrass Cruz like it’s nothing.

      • MB30SD

        Same with erra fighter right. That one person for everyone that’s just their kryptonite. Their style or size or whatever it is… Like that first fight where whatserface got fucking destroyed by Holly balh blah

        • willbest

          Fighting styles are like any other weapon, they function better in certain situations than other.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Cruz looked terrible in that – every punch an over-reach. He needs to go back and watch Conor put Eddie to sleep.

        • A7Xthebest

          I mean I don’t disagree but at the same time I think Garbrandt IS actually scary good.

    • Irish Sweetness

      WTF? Wasn’t that like a year ago?

      • MB30SD

        Yeah, was on replay.

        Amazing fight, no?

  • MB30SD

    Oh, also… The winner of the fast food burger wars… Carl’s fucking Jr. Hands down. Including their marketing.

    Fucking kidding me: https://youtu.be/pva0EV3wCuI

    • willbest

      We know this from Idiocracy.

  • MB30SD

    Wow, that fight was NUTZ!!

    Before the call… Cruz by the numbers?

    • MB30SD


  • BerwynBomber

    AP visiting the Pats on Monday.

    • willbest

      I don’t see it. They got a bunch of decent RBs, and he is fumble prone. Hoodie hates that.

      • BerwynBomber

        Whom do they have beside White? Didn’t they lose Blount?

        • willbest

          Dion Lewis, and I could swear there was somebody else they were blowing smoke about.

          • BerwynBomber

            Both White and Lewis are change of pace guys. Belichick usually likes to have one workhorse type back in the stable. So in that regard the AP interest makes sense.

          • The Pats will pick up some UFDA and throw him in a 3man RB rotation, and still make the AFC championship.

      • SC Dave

        Maybe the lower air pressure in the balls in NE will help AP with his fumbling?

        • MB30SD

          There’s a low pressure ball whipping joke there somewhere

  • Zach Brown still surprisingly available. Aside from Hightower, might’ve been best ILB in FA. Like I say, ILBs can be signed in FA for relatively cheap now adays. The NFL has bascially made a nickle DB as important as an ILB. Wish we new if Tre is truly done.

    Free agent ILB Zach Brown will visit the Redskins on Monday.

    Mason Foster and Will Compton are the Redskins’ incumbent starters at inside linebacker. Brown would likely replace Compton in the starting lineup. Brown has also drawn interest from the Dolphins,
    Raiders, and Bills. Miami is believed to have dropped out of the running, making Oakland, Washington, and a return to Buffalo Brown’s ikeliest destinations. – Roto

  • The 5 families met, and Jerrah is Corleone?


    3 major take aways.

    1. Jerrah pro weed
    2. Looks to want out from NFL investigating legal matters on its own
    3. No concussion discussion?

    Also, Goodell might be out next CBA.

    • madscout12

      I’m all for the league not being involved in punishing individuals for off field stuff. If the team wants to do that as an employer, fine. But not the NFL.

      Also, just drop the steroid testing. The players will find a way around it anyway, always will and always have.

      Let the law do its thing. The NFL has done a shitty job of enforcing morality anyway.

      • BerwynBomber

        Could not agree more about the off-the-field stuff. Leave it to the courts and the discretion of each team. They’re some stupid, cruel fuckheads that play the sport. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

        Not sure about the steroid testing because ‘roids can result in a competitive advantage.

        • I wonder if the weed ban is partially due to “competitive advantage”.

          The thing with weed is that it stays in the system for like a month, so a player can get tested after a game, test positive, but simply claim that was from a few weeks ago, not right before the game.

          However, how much of an advantage is playing “high” really? Seems like it would actually be a disadvantage.

          And I assume taking opiate pain killers is still permissible on game day (the shot).

          Is the NFL worried that high players will produce an inferior product? Can you be angry and want to tear someone’s head off when you got the munchies?


      • That was more or less the policy, then Ray Rice came around and cold-cocked his now-wife.

        After that, the public uproar couldn’t allow the NFL to just wait and let the courts run their course.

        Maybe they go back that policy – barring video – let the courts figure it out.

        Let’s face it, if video existed of AP caning his kid’s balls, his career would’ve been over then and there.

        If there would’ve been video of Bmarsh going off on his wife (to the point that she had to stab him), then he’s not smiling and doing shows on cable.

        As for the steroids, I think the NFL has to regulate it. It’s like the speed limit. You know everyone breaks it, but still gotta have one for the sake of preventing anarchy.

        • willbest

          There were pictures though weren’t there?

          I agree with you on the roids. If they don’t even try to enforce it, they are basically making it a requirement. In the short term the help the players perform, but in the long term it can fuck them up even more.

          • BerwynBomber

            Of BMarsh or AP? But yeah, there were pictures of both — AP’s kid and BMarsh’s wife and GF.

            But I agree with Butch. The Rice video is what led to the outrage/hysteria. Hell, BMarsh himself was charged with domestic abuse like, what, four or five times early in his career and he was suspended for a grand total of one game?

            Post-Rice world everything changed.

          • This is why I wonder where Mixon will fall.

            On the one hand, he hit a woman, and caught on vid, but otoh, she did step up to him, and he’s been very contrite by most accounts.

            Interesting to see what happens with him draft day.

            I think he’s the 2nd best HB, and sometimes I think he’s even better than Fournette cuz unlike him, Mixon can actually catch.

          • willbest

            Fournette can’t catch? I haven’t looked at much tape on him because I didn’t care if he was LT 2.0. But now I have to wonder wtf Irish is thinking. Two backs with alligator arms back there. smh.

          • Irish is…Irish.

            Fournette’s rec high is 19 catches. Not exactly LT.


            And like you said, we already have a battering ram with dicey hands (hence the Cunningham signing).

            Fournette really does resemble AP in that way. A train, but hands?

            That’s why I think Mixon might have a better career than Fournette, and for a 3rd/4rth rd value?

            read that Mixon visited the Puke recently.

            That would NOT be good.

          • Irish Sweetness

            See? This is my issue – I knew it. People just dissing the guy without looking at his tape. Running backs run. fournette is a freak. If you want to give a job to that child who punched out a chick ….

            BTW – Forte could catch the shit out of the ball but wasn’t all that as a runner. We have plenty of guys now to catch the ball.

          • willbest

            You mean used excessive force when defending himself against an attacker? Its there on film plain as day who committed the first crime. We may never know why the lady with the blindfold on her head chose to prosecute one criminal and not the other.

            And I don’t really want him for the same reason I don’t want fournette. Mixon certainly wouldn’t cost #3, but we have more important things to spend #36 on than him, and I suspect he will be gone by 70ish when we draft again.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Nobody else – nobody – thinks Mixon is better than Fournette.

          • There were some pictures, but a vid of AP ripping off a branch with his bare hands then whipping his kid’s nutsack with it prolly would’ve made a deeper impression.

        • madscout12

          The policy when Ray Rice came around was that we ban players for Mary Jane, but not for beating their wives. Mary Jane (some places) and beating your wife are both illegal, and were both illegal at the time.

          But weed will be legal in more than half the country come the next election cycle. Forget it. It is stupid and nobody actually cares that these dudes do it.

      • Butch likes the butt stuff

        Except the teams won’t punish individuals for off the field stuff. Not consistently. And you have a union grievance if an individual team disciplines someone more severely than another team would.

        The union bargains with the league, not individual teams. So the league can and does have to discipline players.

        • willbest

          Really that is an issue. You are giving owner/GM’s competitive advantages for lower morality thresholds. Goodell was essentially trying to create, ad hoc, a uniform morality.

          Oh you dog fight? that time served plus an extra league year. You beat your girl friend that is 8 games. You beat your kid, that is a season.

          It opens the league up to massive amounts of criticism because there are thousands of different moralities but on the flip side it prevents a race to the bottom. Ideally, you want to say well the fanbase will keep the owners in check, but is that really true? What was the % of Viking fans that think AP should have been suspended vs. NFL fans vs. US population?

          If Patrick Kane didn’t play like he does, he would not be a Blackhawk right now. Just the accusations would have been enough. But because he is one of the best in the game, he a) gets the benefit of the doubt; and b) gets the express lane for character rehabilitation.

          And its not just in professional sports, though they tend to be highly visible. Seen some second chances for some rainmakers where lesser men would have been frog marched out of the building in handcuffs.

          • madscout12

            You beat your girl, then nothing. Then public uproar, and then 8 games.

            I’d go with a compromise. If a player is convicted of something, or pleads guilty to something, then you have standard disciplines. If one is convicted on low level possession as a misdemeanor, then fine them or something.

          • Maybe Goodell should implement a uniform code based on prison days/community service hours/probation length.

            So if a player has to do 30 days in jail, maybe that’s like 30 days (4 game) suspension.

            Or if he has to do 500 hrs of community services, that transforms to X amount of days suspended.

            Or 4 yrs probation = X days suspended.

            Can maybe go by tiers too (misdemeanor/felony, and such, though I assume the sentence would reflect that).

            That would take a lot of the seemingly arbitrariness out.

            If the NFL fans begin whining, blame whatever court handed out the sentence.

          • CanadaBear

            Rulings are so arbitrary from one area to another, I think some people would get punished twice as much as others for the same crime.

          • BerwynBomber

            I sensed immediately that Goodell would get himself in trouble with his hang’em high routine upon assuming the NFL throne. And the manner in which Bountygate was handled forever damaged his reputation, IMV.

            The huge irony of Goodell’s history will be that what ultimately did his rep the most damage will be the fact that he turned a blind eye to domestic abuse until the Rice tape surfaced. (And then, of course, he overreacted.)

            He always struck me as a bit of an amateur.

          • willbest

            He was baller at negotiating TV contracts

          • BerwynBomber

            A chimpanzee could do that.

          • AlbertInTucson

            I disagree.

            He took TV, notably ESPN, to the cleaners.

          • BerwynBomber

            Anyone could have taken the networks to the cleaners. Hell, the ratings can go down every year from now until the NFL’s next TV contracts are up, and the league will still end up with larger TV contracts.

          • The biggest flaw I see in Goodell is he lacks vision. Everything he does seems ex post facto like he’s just making it up on the fly.

            Under his watch, Bounty Gate blew up (remember that tape of Greg Williams).
            Concussion scandal emerged (which may end the sport 20 yrs down the line)
            TV ratings are finally falling in spite of every american wanting to love football.
            That whole domestic violence and deflategate fiasco

            The only thing Goodell seems to work for is expanding the NFL across the pond and to 18 weeks, but both “platforms” are unpopular.

            Is any commish more hated than Goodell (maybe the FIFA lord).

          • MB30SD

            He’s a fucking scourge.

            He is ruining the game penalty by penalty. He will be known as the asshole who destroyed football… And rightly so. Nofuckingone wants to watch flag fucking football

          • willbest

            I can’t imagine Adam Silver gets high marks. Its part of the job to be the lightening rod for the owners I suppose. That is why they make gobs of money.

            Its the constant being “caught of guard” but oh wait he knew about it bit that just makes you want to throw up your hands and walk away. That is a lot harder to do when you are getting a lot of decent football to watch, but I felt that league wide the games this year were either sloppy or uncompetitive. Outside of the crowning of GOAT and watching the greatest SB comeback/meltdown evah it was just a rancid season.

            I am hoping we are just in the midst of a transition and the coaches will break down the tape this season and find a way to be more competitive, less predictable, etc. Only time will tell.

            Supposedly the rating rebounded post election-post cubs win. I am going to be curious about how the NFL does this season.

          • One of the major issues the that Sean Payton and many other HCs brought up is the lack of practice time hurting the field product.

            File this under “path to hell is full of good intentions” cuz the union figured less practice, less injuries, but I don’t know if that ever materialized (is there a study for that?)

            Supposedly in the next CBA coaches are going to be allowed more time with players, which might improve overall play.

          • BerwynBomber

            Silver is still living off his Donald Sterling smackdown. But yeah, in reality all the “big four” commishes are either awful (Goodell and Bettman) or incompletes/zeroes (Silver and Manfred).

            The last great commish of one of the big four was Stern.

  • BearDown100393

    This thread is creepy.

    • King of DBB

      Here’s some kids going through Ditka’s menu in costumes, trying to affect a south side accent but ending up just doing south Boston. that’s creepy


    • SC Dave

      There’s a new thread, so far free of moral debates.

  • madscout12

    If we draft a QB, anyone but that tool Kizer. Hell, I’d take Kelly before Kizer, and Kelly probably won’t play next year.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Officiate via email?

    Some viewer reported a violation on the leader of this weekend’s LPGA tourney.

    The LPGA reviews video from YESTERDAY, walks up to the gal in mid round TODAY and tells her they are assessing a 2 stroke penalty.

    Then, they compound the insanity by adding ANOTHER 2 stroke penalty for an “incorrect score card”yesterday based on the penalty that nobody, including the officials, knew existed until today.

    Oh yeah, it wound up in a playoff that the penalized player lost.

    Can you just picture it?

    Attention, Green Bay: We’re taking away that 1965 NFL Title because the film of the game clearly shows that Don Chandler MISSED the game-tying field goal, erroneously called “Good” by the zebras, that sent the game into overtime where you won.


    • willbest

      With all due respect to the blogfather, I have one word to say on this. “golf”

      • AlbertInTucson

        Could care less. Especially LPGA but I found the concept absolutely hilarious.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yeah, one of the players would have to be eaten by a crocodile for me to care about some nameless LPGA event.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Sharif Floyd’s career is in jeopardy.

    Bad quad nerve may or may not grow back.

    Vikings found out AFTER they re-sign him.

    • willbest

      They didn’t resign him. The exercised their 5th year option on him (which they had to do back in march/april of last year). 5th year options are guaranteed for injury so they couldn’t cut him for failing his physical. They are going to owe him the 6.5 million this year. Its not a bad parachute but usually a player a team is willing to “franchise” is in line for at least 15 million in guarantees and probably more.

  • Janicemreed

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