Bears Must Move On From John Fox. Today.

| November 27th, 2017

Five years ago the Chicago Bears fired a head coach because they deemed 10 wins in 16 games that season were not enough. Through 30 games of his Bears tenure, John Fox has 12 wins.

On October 16th 2016 this space advocated for the firing of Fox for many valid reasons. But primary among them was the Bears seemed ready to move into a new era – with a new, young quarterback – and Fox was clearly not the man to usher the organization through that era. It wasn’t so much an indictment of Fox’s job performance as a recognition that he’d done his part to bring the Bears back to respectability post-Argonaut and the time had now come to transition from respectable to competitive.

That was 2016. This is 2017. And now it’s ENTIRELY about job performance. Because the Bears are a terrible football team.

Is it worth going through the litany of things wrong with John Fox’s approach to game day football? No. We’ve been talking about the lack of preparedness and penalties and awful mismanagement every day over the three years he’s run the show in Chicago. But the deal breaker for the organization has to be that for the first time Fox has young offensive talent to work with and develop and he, as well as offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, are squandering that opportunity on a weekly basis.

Mitch Trubisky is being relegated to an old school, drop deep and survey the field offense that neither fits his skill set nor helps him adjust to the NFL. Twelve games through the season, the Bears have relegated their most explosive offensive player, Tarik Cohen, to a gimmick back. Adam Shaheen. One target. One. One.

Sunday night I received a text from a friend, a high ranking pro personnel guy with a different NFC team. Sunday, he was in Philadelphia. He texted me this: “This Bears offense is the easiest to defend in the league. And there’s no close second.”

Fox must go. Today. Otherwise the Bears and their fans will have to wall in the mud-laden slop that has become the 2017 campaign for the next five weeks as any hope for the 2018 turnaround drifts further and further away. Firing Fox won’t fill Soldier Field against the Niners or the Browns. Giving away $100 bills at the gate wouldn’t do that. But despite the belief that firing a coach in-season achieves nothing, firing Fox would achieve three important goals.

  • It would allow the Bears to effectively turn the page on 2017. Fans will be more willing to accept the coming results if they know a new coach and philosophy are ’round the bend.
  • It would send a message to the fan base that ownership will not tolerate performances like the Bears have given two of the last three weeks. Yes, it’s common knowledge George McCaskey does not want to fire a coach in-season. That’s why doing so today could have such a remarkable impact.
  • It allows the Bears to take the lead in finding his replacement and they should start that process by flying to Stanford and gauging David Shaw’s interest in returning to the NFL.

Fans would love to get angry about the 2017 Bears but, unfortunately, they don’t care enough to express that level of emotion. And as long as John Fox remains the head coach the fan base will remain apathetic to his team’s results. If Fox isn’t removed before the Bears face the 49ers Sunday, it’s an insult to everyone following this team.

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  • BearDown100393

    The Argonauts would beat this team.

    • Bear Instincts

      Trestman won the Grey Cup

      • BearDown100393

        Good for him.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Without Jason, too.

  • Aaron T. Starks

    Yes, I agree. Yesterday’s effort was so poor that combined with the shitshow that was playing an injured Packer team when we were coming off a bye and looking overmatched by Brett-fucking-Hundley, it’s time for Fox to go, NOW.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Hundley threw 3 TDs against the Steelers and I don’t think he was picked.

      • BerwynBomber

        Hundley has five TDs and seven INTs on the season and a bottom dwelling passer rating.

  • ButtonShoes

    They should fire John Fox today. They won’t, though. Because ownership is perfectly fine with performances like this. They do keep on happening over and over again, after all.

    • Irish Sweetness

      It’s just the salary. It must be. Bean-counters don’t like paying two salaries for the same job, and we’re run by bean-counters.

      • DBears

        More on the Steelers for being inconsistent and poorly coached (i.e. loss to Bears) than Hundley being a good QB.

      • Big Mike

        They’ve done it before. Lovie Smith had a year left. I think Trestman may have as well.

        • CanadaBear

          Nessman had two years left.

          • willbest

            Cryptkeeper should have been a cause for HC contracts to terminate in the event that there is a media shit show on their watch

          • Big Mike

            So there.

    • BearDown100393

      I’m sure George McCaskey is really really mad. And will really really do nothing.

      • ButtonShoes

        That’s about his speed.

  • Juan Stone

    Who do you hire? Gotta have a plan if you can the coach. Do you make Fang-Boi or Low-Gains the interim? It’s a shit show either way.

    • I’d promote Fangio.

      Not necessarily cuz he’d be better, but just so Loggains can focus exclusively on the O unfettered by Fox.

      Also, Birdcage as Bears HC…just…wrong.

  • Scharfinator

    Man, hit it on the head. I’m apathetic as shit about the Bears at this point. I guess the one feeling I do have is I hope no one else suffers a Zach Miller injury.

    • Irish Sweetness

      And we appear to be more than a season away from the Season of Destiny to boot …. but with the Anti-Spirit-of-Halas brigade ruling Halas Hall .. .what else can we expect but an annual bag of shite for Christmas?

      Don’t let them drive you away from that which you love.

  • Irish Sweetness

    The one thing that flummoxed me about Fox was the commitment to the run-run-pass thing. It defied logical analysis. Why would you announce to any and every opponent “Listen, we’re going to go run-run-pass … got it?” ?

    If you have the 82 Hogs and John Riggins, go for it. OJ and the Electric Light Company … hey ho. But with Jordan Howard and a midget … and a group of middling blockers in front of them … you can’t do that. It’s basic math. The defense knows what’s coming, and we don’t have the skill on the OL to overcome that. Lombardi’s dead and the Green Bay sweep is gone.

    So why would Fox persist with a routine that virtually guarantees offensive strangulation?

    Two possibilities exist:

    1. The mafia are into him / death threat / bookies etc.

    2. He’s insane.

    (three, if you’re a bit conspiratorially-inclined, per se some behind-the-scenes rich fucker has a bent for knackering the Bears organization from the inside somehow, or by some other combined methods to foster flaccidity: poor hirings of fuckwits, Ted fucking Phillips …. start with the richest Packer fans and work down … btw Ted Philips is a New Yorker, he can be had.)

    Jared Goff.

    There’s a dude that disappears from this league in a heartbeat behind any shitty OL. Man, he had ALL DAY to throw that thing behind his line. Wow. The kind of pocket an old man would like to drop into and just see what happened downfield before ripping one off. Take your time like you’re out in the park. Fuck me.

    • Scharfinator

      1) I’d buy it.

    • BearDown100393

      Perhaps John Fox is the NFL Pete Rose but worse.

      He bets against his own team.

      • ButtonShoes

        John Fox is a loser as HC. Always has been, always will be.

        • BearDown100393

          Elway recognized it.

          • DaCoaches Mustache

            Elway’s proving himself to be a shitbird this season. Fox still eats cock, but Elway’s a turd too.

          • BearDown100393

            A turd with rings on and off the field.

  • “Apathetic: Fox Bears 2017”

    The game became so UN-competitive that they switched to the Jets game sometime during the 3rd QTR.

    That’s right, the Bears got bumped. FOR THE JETS.

    And you know what? I didn’t give a fuck. I usu scramble to Reddit, but I just simply shrugged, and checked my FF team.

    Did well. I sat Howard for for Dion Lewis because I KNEW the were going to get blown out.
    And I started Ertz cuz KNEW they were gonna attack the middle that is softer than a newborn’s head
    And revved up the Eagle’s D cuz I KNEW they were going to feast on Fox’s constipated O.

    I won, btw, by roughly 100 points (humble brag)

    And that folks is how I know that I no longer give a fuck about a Bears season…when I start players against them. usually happens around Turkey Day, give or take a week.

    Been saying to terminate one-dump Fox since last season, but everyone kept trying to convince “It’s the injuries…he’ll right the ship…they don’t quit on him…look at his past record…blah blah blah”

    Kept raving into the wilderness for anyone to hear that he’s a HORRIBLE coach, and that injuries had nothing to do with coming out like zombies, failure to adjust, baffling personnel decisions and attack plans, iffy scouting eye (Langford) etc etc…

    But in vein.

    Tired of refraining. Sure everyone is tired of hearing it.

    Oh well.

    Maybe Pace will keep Fox so the Bears can earn a higher draft pick- that way Pace can trade down ten times and draft a hybrid S/OLB…

    • Reposting this from Jeff’s link to Hoge.

      ““Frankly I don’t give a rip. That’s not why I do this,” Fox said about questions regarding his job security.

      Perhaps he should. If Pace decides to part from Fox, a move that seems like an absolute necessity for the good of Trubisky, why not do it now? Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio might be an unlikely candidate to replace Fox permanently, but why not give him a shot for five weeks, especially with four winnable games coming up, starting with Fangio’s former team — the 49ers — next week? With nothing to lose, Fangio and Loggains would undoubtedly let it loose, allowing Trubisky to gain confidence against defenses this flawed offense could actually move the ball against.

      Just as important, it will allow Pace to get a head start on a thorough head coaching search that Chairman George McCaskey and President Ted Phillips will ideally allow him to conduct on his own, unlike when Pace was hired in 2015 and “advisor” Ernie Accorsi strongly pushed Fox on the organization.”


      • BearDown100393

        You mean there is a chance Pace has NOT decided to part from Fox?

        • ButtonShoes

          Of course there is. This is the Bears. There’s always a very good chance that they’ll take the stupid route.

          • BearDown100393

            Sigh…. cannot argue that point at all.

      • willbest

        Why would you give a rip when your money is guaranteed wholly apart from performance and you know nobody would hire you again as a head coach?

        In retrospect hiring a 60 year old with two stints as HC in his career as your HC is an awful idea. Failure is an option for such a person.

  • Scharfinator

    Is anyone else afraid that Fox’s conservatism isn’t a result of his own head being broken?

    What if MT is an idiot and cannot grasp the concepts?

    That would likely be the best reason for Fox running this playbook. And the worst explanation for the Bear’s future… So I’m probably right.

    • ButtonShoes

      Those are terrifying questions and they have terrifying answers. And I’m terrified that yes, you’re probably right.

    • SC Dave

      Your last paragraph is, sadly, a wholly realistic scenario.

      • willbest

        It also has the highest probability of being correct since we know Fox has coached plenty of successful teams with far more complicated offenses. Even if you subscribe to the theory that he hampers a team, you have to admit he did more with the Bears O the last 2 years than he has this year.

        Your other options appear to be (1) dementia or a
        (2) hatred for Pace/Trubisky and a burn it down mentality because he knows he is fired anyway and nobody is going to give him a 4th bite at the apple

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        After seeing the play calling last week, and MT’s comments about only being able to do what Fox will let them. I have a hard time believing that Mitch can’t grasp the concepts.

        • Scharfinator

          Well, that’s the rub isn’t it? You wouldn’t TELL Mitch he’s too fucking stupid to do it, you’d just make sure Dowell limited him because “Oh Mitch, you’re still learning it blah blah”.

        • willbest

          Why would a QB want to project anything but confidence at a presser? Also, it might not be that he doesn’t understand the concepts, he just can’t execute them. He is not very accurate with what he has been asked to do already. I don’t see that improving as the playbook gets opened up.

    • BearDown100393

      I do not want to think Mitch is an idiot who cannot grasp the concepts.

      Because that would mean Ryan Pace is an even bigger idiot.

      Sadly, this may prove correct.

    • Big Mike

      Dear god no..

      • Scharfinator

        I like the logo, very meta.

        • Big Mike

          Wish I could claim creative genius. But I saw a Bears fan with it on a poster board at the game yesterday.

    • Sactowns#1

      Watching him try to read through the progressions, I fear you are correct.

      • CanadaBear

        One of the Bears was quoted as saying MT was getting to his third read against the Loins so that makes me feel like he’s progressing. Still has those happy feet, though.

    • Trubsiky being a mambo and Fox being a constipated Fisher

      Aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • Scharfinator

        Hahah, good point. Of course it would be a perfect shit storm.

  • Bears-4-Ever

    I totally agree with Jeff’s post. I wanted Fox fired 2 games ago…Alas does the Bear ownership actually have the gonads to do it? Frankly, the Bears ownership also sucks so I really don’t expect all that much out of them either. Just plain sad that we Bear Fans have to sit back and watch this shit show of mediocrity over the last 10 seasons ever hoping that something, anything, will change for the better. It won’t because the Bears problems have ALWAYS been from the top down. Period. We need the Bears to be sold and the current ownership to retire into the sunset…

    • BearDown100393

      Ownership should have the gonads to allow Pace to have the gonads to decide the fate of Fox and move forward with the future of this team.

      • Bear Instincts

        If ownership has to allow you to have gonads then you have none to begin with

        • BearDown100393

          Pace is an eunuch?

  • CanadaBear

    I’m guessing the Beloved will beat the Forty Whiners and the Factory of Sadness and lose to Cincy, the queens and the loins. Certainly no slam dunk they beat SF and Cle. I see no way any of these coaches stick around. As always under Fox, injuries are a legit excuse but is there something this staff is doing that is leading to all the injuries? It’s not like anything has changed on that front in 3 years. If the Beloved lose to SF next Sunday, things will get really ugly.

    • BearDown100393

      Beating either or both Cleveland and San Fran is simply lipstick on a pig.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Beathard went down yesterday.

      Garoppolo may get his first SF start vs. Bears this Sunday.


      • ButtonShoes

        Oh crap. His first start? Garoppolo is going to have a career day against us, isn’t he? Motherfucker.

        • AlbertInTucson

          THAT is what I expect.

          I figure I need to play Carlos Hyde in FF, too.

      • CanadaBear

        Don’t know about you but that makes me a little more uncomfortable. I can vividly remember CK’s first start was against the Bears and it was a bad, bad thing.

      • Sactowns#1

        Guess we can all see who we could have drafted in the second round a few years ago. The rebuild would already be well underway.

      • Big Mike

        Advantage SF

      • BerwynBomber

        Yup, that blows. I do wonder if Lynch and ownership might tell Shanny Jr. that they don’t want JimmyG starting until W17. They may have their eyes on that #2 draft slot.

    • Big Mike

      San Francisco and Cleveland are more reasonable measuring sticks for the offense. What a sad, sad state of affairs.

      • willbest

        If those are your measuring sticks then 2019 is the earliest you are looking at a playoff run.

        • CanadaBear

          Unless they hire the right coach, he gets a great staff and Pace just kills it in FA and the draft, I don’t see any way the Bears are sniffing the playoffs next year.

        • Big Mike

          Starting over with a new coach. Yeah that’s about right.

  • AlbertInTucson


    Written like someone who actually had a modicum of influence in such a decision.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      you never know, Ginny may be an avid reader of Da Blog.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        She’d have sold by now

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          why? I don’t remember Jeff advocating for the sale of the team. It’s mentioned a lot in the comments section by yahoo posters.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Because BD10000098567 says it’s the only course of action. It’s the only way

          • willbest

            We don’t accept failure

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Hell no. Post enough and she’ll defintely sell this bitch

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Could you imagine Ginny actually reading the comment section? It brings a smile to my face just thinking that she is reading my handle and seeing my avatar.

          • CanadaBear

            Pretty sure she would be more than a little surprised by our “earthiness”.

        • willbest

          because she needs the money?

          And just because you read something doesn’t mean you agree with it.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky


      • burntorangenavyblue

        Ginny is the one posting the “I work from home!” ads, phish scamming people online, like in real life.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Not after that insulting tweet he pinched out a while back.

  • willbest

    In other news, an American nabbed a British royal. I am informed that this is somehow important. So go USA! Make England American Again!

  • BerwynBomber

    The time to do this was two weeks ago. Getting waxed at PHI can be rationalized. Losing the Brett Hundley game at home cannot.

    Let’s be honest. Two of the biggest reasons we looked so anemic yesterday were piss poor QB play and a banged up D. Not a fan of Fox but expecting him to make chicken salad is unrealistic. PHI is one of the two best teams in the league. Getting slaughtered at their place was hardly surprising.

    But Fox will certainly be a Black Monday casualty.

    • CanadaBear

      Totally agree but the OL was completely dominated yesterday.

      • willbest

        There is a reason Cox makes what he makes.

      • BerwynBomber

        Yes, that could have been placed among the top two reasons.

        • CanadaBear

          What a beat down. I expected them to lose handily and they unfortunately exceeded my expectations.

          • Not me.

            Hence my first post on game day

            “thank you sir may I have another…

          • CanadaBear

            You expected them to have more penalty yards than offensive yards at half time?

      • Big Mike

        5 guys blocking 8. See the quote from the article “Sunday night I received a text from a friend, a high ranking pro
        personnel guy with a different NFC team. Sunday, he was in Philadelphia.
        He texted me this: “This Bears offense is the easiest to defend in the
        league. And there’s no close second.”

    • Big Mike

      Getting waxed can maybe be rationalized. But showing up unprepared AGAIN, can’t be.

  • leftcoastdave

    From a 1972 bumper sticker:

    “Don’t change Dicks in the middle of a screw
    Vote for Nixon in ’72”

  • Big Mike

    Some questions and thoughts. Still don’t think Bears Fire Fox during the season.

    If the Bears had beaten Detroit, but still came out and got smoked by the Eagles, do you feel as bad about them as you do now?

    How attractive is the Bears’ job? I say, It all comes down to does the candidate buy in to Trubisky. How bad was Trubisky yesterday?

    Even taking into account what he’s working with (WRs) and against, he was flat out awful. On the plus side he stayed composed. On the down side – everything else.

    Is this really all on the game plan and the WRs? Or is he as “not ready” as the Bears brass told us?

    This game yesterday shook my confidence in everything about the Bears. If they shit themselves the next two weeks, we’ve reached Trestman era like lows. If we see a game plan designed to hopefully be tied with 5 minutes left so we “have a shot at winning” maybe Fox will get fired before the end of the season.

    • Cubsnlinux

      Trubisky hasn’t looked good so far. So far he has been all talk and zero action. If he is so raw and would need multiple years to become decent then why the heck did Pace select him spending that much draft capital? Good QBs make JAG WRs look good and vice-versa. If he sucks against the niners and browns then Pace will have his work cut out for him in the Free Agency this coming off-season. Why would any solid WR want to sign with the Bears unless he is absurdly overpaid? Why would any hot HC candidate like to gamble his career with Trubisky? Oh man..interesting times to be a Bears fan for sure.

      • Big Mike

        That’s why I commented earlier that I thought SF/Clev are a better measuring stick than the eagles were. If he looks crappy the next couple weeks, I’ll have serious doubts

        • The Browns have a somewhat underrated D.

          Just their O is horrendous cuz of Kizer and gang.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I think Josh Gordon will be back playing for them.

          • willbest

            He will be suspended before we play them.

          • Big Mike

            I agree that the Browns D isn’t bad. That’s why I think it makes a good benchmark. The eagles are just lit right now. They made Dallas look stupid. They made Denver look stupid the week before. Don’t let the 23 points Denver score fool you. 14 of those were after the Eagles were up 44-9.

          • willbest

            Denver and Dallas are a mess right now. Not saying the Eagles aren’t playing at a whole other level, but the proof is going to be @ CenturyLink follows by @ Coliseum.

            In fact, since I tend to only watch 1 game on Sunday, I am giving serious consideration to skipping the Bears game next week in favor of the playoff preview on SNF.

    • Bear Instincts

      Beating Detroit would/does not makes a difference regarding how I feel about the Eagles beating us like we stole something because leadership on this team from a coaching perspective is non existent, MT10 is a rookie doing rookie things, the WR’s are trash and the conservative coaching of Fox to not lose is killing this team

      Bears HC job is attractive because we are the Bears, we have a young nucleus of players to work with, and the HC who makes it work will be king

      MT10 was bad. It was to be expected. I have not expectations of him this season even if Firefox was not limiting what he can do. He had 13 starts under his belt before replacing Giraffe Gaff. Plus he did not compete for the starting job. It was handed to his out of desperation. The WR’s are bad but MT10 is not read like Pace said. He needs seasoning. Hopefully he gets it this offseason with a new HC

      Never had confidence in ownership/Ted. I have faith in Pace. He has had some hits and misses but I love his hits. This offseason could make us competitive if we get a competent HC and improve the WR’s/line backers/secondary/tackles

      • Big Mike

        good to hear some positives. I agree mostly. Philips doesn’t bother me. He seems to keep the ships running on time.

        • Bear Instincts

          glad you agreed. much respect you mike.

          im a believer in coaching. players dont play for management. they play for the coach. a good coach can make a supposed bad qb look decent:case keenum comes to mind.

          i don’t have fox. i just don’t see him doing anything that helps to maximize the potential of MT10. that is where i have a problem with fox because he is not the future. he will be gone but MT10 if he is everything we hope will be around for the next 10-15 years.

          hopefully the next HC will do what fox is unable or unwilling to do. enjoy retirement fox

          • Big Mike

            Fox has shown no ability to help Trubisky mature as a QB. I thought he might. But he hasn’t.

          • willbest

            You expect to see it in 7 games?

          • Big Mike

            You’d expect to see improvement. Maybe the Eagles game was an aberration, but MT’s getting worse not better.

          • willbest

            But he got them into FG range against Detroit. The previous times he had been put in that situation he threw a pick. The Eagles D is just beastly. Yeah they have to find an answer for that sort of thing on their way to a lombardi trophy, but its a tall ask for a QB in his 20th competitive football game.

          • Big Mike

            He was inaccurate in that game as well. I know how many games he’s started since HS. I’m just saying I’m losing confidence in everything right now

          • SC Dave

            In my experience, the best teams are those where the players play for each other.

      • SC Dave

        Sometimes I don’t understand, dude. You’re saying “MT10 is not read (sic) like Pace said”, and yet you’re saying Fox’ conservative coaching is killing the team.

        Which is it?

        • Could be both.

          Maybe Trub is not the next Dak like he hoped (BTW, how’s Dak doing?) but Fox def isn’t helping, and most likely, hurting his progressions or failing to max his potential.

          Don’t believe me?

          You’ll believe me when NO team even interviews Fox next season, and he “retires” much like Cutler “retired”.

          • willbest

            Fox’s 3rd HC job was highly unusual to begin with. A 4th is unheard of. Has it ever happened? Nobody is going to interview him for HC and he is too old to DC or try his luck in college.

        • Bear Instincts

          it is both Dave. but the question is who does the responsibility fall on? do you blame a kid for playing with an electrical socket or the adult who did not child proof the home?

          MT10 is not ready:rookie, 13 starts in college, no competition in camp/preseason. all of this means he is going to struggle and look like stinky balls. but he has potential. he needs to be nurtured not thrown to the wolves because he is not balling out of control. the team around him needs to get better. it has pieces but there is room for improvement

          Conservative coaching is conservative. it is not doing anything to help him MT10 overcome all his shortcomings listed above. coaching is also not putting the rest of the team in a position to win. look a the play calling. look a the questionable game time decisions

          i know MT10 has room to grow. But I believe that with a different coach he would look better and the team would perform better. Not saying that the team has quit on Fox but I don’t believe his game plan is doing anything to put the team in a position to win games.

          • SC Dave

            Thanks for the explanation. I understand your position, but I’m not sure how a less conservative game plan would help MT “overcome his shortcomings”.

            Certainly, one could infer that from the Lions game, but in that game, the OLine was not dogshit. It matters a lot. More than the game plan.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Nice post.

        Agree with Mike. Ownership has nothing to do with winning at this point. They did their best to find the best GM they could. It’s on Pace from here on out. He lives and dies by Trubisky

  • Cubsnlinux

    Interesting thought from Adam Schefter this morning regarding the HC situation. If a HC candidate that the Bears are high on is not high on Trubisky then the Bears might sign someone on the market and trade Trubisky. He specifically alluded to Josh Mc Daniels and that if the Bears pursue him then he might ask to sign Jimmy Garroppolo and trade Trubisky. If Pace is having buyers remorse then this would give him an escape cover.

    • ButtonShoes

      It would also be an indictment of Pace’s ability to scout, draft, and develop a QB. Which is why I doubt he’d pick a HC who would do something like that. He’s not trying to give the McCaskeys more reasons to fire him.

      • Cubsnlinux

        It will be. But if he strikes gold with the next HC and a FA QB then he will be set for the next 5-7 years. If Trubisky doesn’t meet expectations then Pace is fired either way. So if he is having buyers remorse and if he can get his hands on a hot and solid HC who doesn’t want Trubisky (Which only confirms Pace’s fears) then which way do you think he would lean?

        • ButtonShoes

          Honestly? I don’t know. My best guess is…whatever would be worse for the Bears, Pace will do that.

      • BearDown100393

        He is already under indictment with signing Giraffe.

        Mitch is not exactly giving rational folks an improved sense of confidence in that evaluation process. At best, “the jury is still out” remains plausible. And that ain’t much.

    • willbest

      What would you give up for Trubisky? I doubt I would give up anything more than a 3rd.

      • ButtonShoes

        A 3rd sounds about right. If that’s too high, maybe 2 4ths.

      • Cubsnlinux

        Evaluation of rookies/prospects is highly subjective. I can see some team giving up a low first and a third or at the worst a high second and a third.

        It all depends on how a team with draft capital would evaluate Trubisky against the QB options in the upcoming draft.

      • The market for QBs ALWAYS makes teams give more than they should.

        A lot of teams need QBs immediately, or will need them very soon.

        NYGs, Donkeys,Jags, NYJ, Saints(?), Chargers, MIA…

        And some contender whose QB goes down…

        I think a late 1st would be a realistic market for Trub.

        • willbest

          Why would it be realistic? What has he showed that makes a team go “yeah he is raw, but he has “it””

          • Teams always trade for potential.

            If I know Fox is an idiot from my couch, I’m positive the NFL knows the same.

            They’ll see his rookie yr as a wash –

            They’ll look at his arm, legs, etc and see the same thing Pace did.

            Teams were trying to trade up for Trubisky.

            Maybe some of those teams I mentioned.

            If China Doll Bradford garnered a 1st…

            Easily see a GM selling himself on QB.

            Esp since the next tier is Savage/Hoyer level.

          • willbest

            China Doll Bradford garnered a first after he posted he posted a season 90 PR and 58 QBR in the 4th year of his rookie deal. Basically, he proved he was an NFL QB. The Vikings who were desperate for a QB traded for him after he posted a season 86 PR and 43 QBR.

            The risk with Bradford was always availability he was always a lower end starting QB. Trubisky hasn’t established that so you are basically selling him on speculation. But then you will have put out 9 games of tape on him where he looks worse than Oz or Hoyer or Goff.

            And its easy for you to say Fox is incompetent, but then if I am a GM trading for Trubisky, I am calling Fox up and paying him a consulting fee after the Bears fire him.

          • Let put it this way.

            If you had Bethea, Bortles, McCown, Eli, Lynch, Gabbert …penciled in as your starter, would you give a late first for Trub?

            Gotta remember, a lot of these teams have GMs and HCs close to being fired, and I could easily see themselves selling the team on Trub to at the very least buy themselves a few yrs.

            And yes, that was always the risk for Bradford, but you make it seem like it was neglibgle.

            It was a YUGE risk since Bradford always was a china doll, and didn’t exactly dominate even when in. There’s a reason the Rams ditched.

            And now Bradford is contemplating retirement

            Like I said, GMs get desperate when it comes to QBs because their jobs tend to be anchored to them, so they’re willing to take the risk if there’s perceived upside.

            That’s why things like Texan’s OZ happen.

          • willbest

            Aren’t you forgetting about the draft? Why would I trade a late first prospect for a guy that doesn’t look like he has “it” when I can grab a prospect I don’t know about.

            Plus none of those teams are going to have late 1st round draft picks except maybe the Jags

          • No, but drafts usually play out like the last one.

            2-3 “franchise” (Trub, Watson, Mahomes) Gone approx 10 picks in.

            Huge drop off

            Then, QBs like Kizer (in the 2nd)

            Huge drop off

            Then, QBs like Peterman (5th and beyond)


            Every draft is unique, but no guarantees how they play out. You could be sitting there at the end of the 1st targeting your QB, then some team jumps you to draft your guy.

            If you’re a GM, and are sitting there in the late first and believe Trub is better than the Kizers and Peterman’s of the draft, then you jump on him and call it a day.

            Or, maybe two 2s or whatever the chart says equals a late 1st.

          • BearDown100393

            Name the GMs pining for Mitch Trubisky at #2 overall not including Pace.

    • The McDaniels-JimmyG combo ship has sailed.

      I seriously doubt the 9ers don’t tag Jimmy G next off-season if they don’t sign him longterm.

      In fact, the 9ers might prefer the franchise tag to see the goods before investing.

      (See, Cousins)

      Where it gets interesting is if the Bears end up with the #2 overall.

      The early prognostication is that Josh Rosen will go #1 to the Browns

      And if Lamar Jackson or Darnold sits at #2 for the Bears…

      I would actually like it if Pace with a new coach drafted another QB.

      Pace admitted that he wanted to be bold.

      Drafting an extremely raw QB with only 13 college starts is as risky (see avi) as it gets.

      If Pace feels he rolled snake eyes, I’d be ok with him taking another shot at QB with a new regime.

      I don’t even know if I would trade Trub (unless I got a top 10 pick).

      Have Trub play 2018 while the rook sits (deja vu). See what he has.

      The thing with 1st rd QB is that unless they totally flame out a la Manziel, there’ll almost always be a trade market for them.

      Drafting a QB in back to back drafts might be asymmetrical warfare – it might piss off the traditionalist, but sometimes gotta go native.

      The QB position is that important.

      • willbest

        The franchise tag on a QB is going to be north of $22 million. That is one hell of a lets find out check. You think somebody is going to steal G on some Oz level contract?

        • Yeah, but handing out a $100M+ contract to a QB who only started, what, 3 games? is even riskier IMO.

          Jimmy G might start this week. Unless he comes out like gangbusters, I would like to see what he does over a season first if I were Lynch.

          Plus, the cap keeps going up, and the 9ers don’t have any superstars to tie up their cap, so they can afford it twice over.

          • willbest

            While revenue per add spot is up 4-9% from last season, NFL viewership is down approximately 8% from last year. I don’t see a 10 million cap jump, it will probably be closer to 6-7 million based on those metrics. And if the trend continues next year one might even see a cap freeze.

          • Yeah, but that’s still an extra 6-7M on a roster that has NO superstars to pay.

            Their highest paid guy right now is a freaking Olinemen.

            Like I said, unless Jimmy G blows me away these last games, I would just tag him.

            Even then, there’s risk.

            It took like 4-5 games for Barkley to finally show his true colors.

    • BuddhaJoe

      Not sure what’s dumber about that, dumping the #2 overall qb after 12 games of hiring Josh fucking Mcdaniels.

      • Cubsnlinux

        You are missing the point. McDaniels is just a placeholder in Schefter’s argument. The point being what if a HC candidate that checks all of Pace’s boxes doesn’t want anything to do with Trubisky? Pace can move on but then there is a huge possibility that we will end up with a less desirable yes man and go all-in with Trub.

  • TBC

    It’s more to your point, but John Fox is actually 43 games into his Bears tenure. 12 wins from 43 games.

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    SMH. You guys are seriously questioning a rookie. So he had a bad game, so he is a little less accurate, so he needs to work on footwork. He is a ROOKIE afterall. What is with the shit that we should trade him? Jesus, oh no we have a crappy offense….crappy WR… crappy coaches, inconsistent OLine, what should we do? Let’s trade the rookie. Seriously are you guys smoking crack.

    And the idea that candidates will not want the Bears HC job is just insane. There are ONLY 32 HC jobs. Have you heard anyone turning down a team for a HC job? I don’t remember anyone doing so. No matter how crappy the situations with teams there is no shortage of candidates more than willing to prove they can turn the team around. Seriously look at SF and LAR. Shanahan and McVay did not turn down the opportunity just because they were crappy teams last year. And chances are if teams are going after a new HC it is because they sucked to begin with. It is fairly rare that a coach gets fired with a winning record. I can only think of 4, Lovie, Schottenheimer, Fox, Johnson.

    • willbest

      Pace turned down interviews to be a GM somewhere, I think it was Miami.

      • Sactowns#1

        Just like trump passed on Time’s man of the year? I’m guessing this is a fake story floated by Pace’s mom. “Oh lots of teams like Ryan. He even had to turn some of them down.”

        • willbest

          Your hatred of him is irrational, it was widely reported at the time. I had the team wrong though. It was the Jets, and he wasn’t the only one to turn them down. 3 other people turned down interview with them.

        • willbest

          Ah found the dolphins thing. The Dolphins asked to interview pace for GM in 2014, the Saints refused to let him do it.


          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            so Pace was denied the ability to interview, that is different from turning down the interview.

          • willbest

            he also turned down an interview with the Jets the year we hired him, which is mentioned in the article I linked to.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            yet it is different than actually turning down a job offer which was my original point. I have turned down interview offers in my job, nothing wrong with it. Don’t like the situation, or town, or just content with what I have.

          • willbest

            The big point was there are only 32 jobs available, and only about 5-6 available per year with at least 75 hopefuls in any given year. It seems odd to not even hear them out. Which is to say that he felt it was that bad of a situation (and he wasn’t the only one to think that). And that was my point about the HC job. It might just be that bad of a situation.

    • I think it’s valid to question ANY rookie QB.

      But the Schefter scenario is worth pondering. To me, it’s more of a philosophical question.

      If Bears are sitting with the #2 pick and if Rosen, Darnold or Josh Allen are there to be drafted, would you trade down even though you think they’re better than Trub?

      Esp if say you’re new head coach is banging the table for say Darnold?

      Or would you press “reset”, draft Darnold, get whatever you can for Trub, and call it a day ?


      As for HC jobs, not worried about that.

      For all the hate on the McCaskeys (mostly valid), they aren’t meddlers like Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, or buffoons like Jim Irsay.

      So I don’t see them turning off perspective HCs.

      But the QB might turn off potential HCs or might make Pace reject certain applicants who aren’t sold on Trub.

      For instance, you know one of the first questions Pace will ask is “What do you think about Trub?”

      Let’s say they’re interviewing Chucky, and he responds, “you know what? I don’t see it. I’d go another way”

      That’s a realistic scenario.

      Then what?

      “Next please” and the next candidate might be a more desperate , less qualified, yes man.

      • Cubsnlinux

        This. For the Bears to get their target, that person should be sold on Trubisky first and foremost period. If he thinks Trubisky is a bust then everything else is moot. So QB first, ownership second and then camaraderie with Ryan Pace third.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        I am all for questioning any player at any Position. But you guys went from, questioning accuracy and progressions to what could we get in picks if we traded him and he is a bust in what seems like less than a day. I have been an ardent supporter of playing Trubs from the start, mainly because I knew Glennon was absolute dog crap,. But I realize that he is a rookie, there is a learning curve, and he is going to make a lot of mistakes. Overall, I am pleased with what I have seen, which is not saying I don’t have concerns.

        I guess these reactions are more a product of society than anything. We all have been exposed to the instant gratification of technology, that some of us lose patience with the process, especially millennials. Remember when you had to wait an hour listening to the radio to record your favorite song, now you can download it in 2.2 seconds. Don’t know something… google it. Waiting for the next addition of a Nudie Mag, Pornhub 24/7 anywhere you want. Waiting 4-6 weeks for shipping…now pissed that you have to wait 2 days.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          …just for comparison’s sake…our great Howard ran for only 6 yards on 7 carries. No sane Bears fan is throwing him under the bus.

          That tells me the offensive line is injured or stinks.

          Trubisky was not in a position to have a good day, or anyone really.

          It was Bad Day, All Day, for everyone.

    • BearDown100393

      32 HC jobs. Correct.

      And the best Ernie mustered up was John Fox.

      The McCaskeys actually paid someone outside the team hierarchy for that recommendation.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        fyi, a lot of teams in the past have gotten outside help in finding coaches and GMs. but I will agree that Accorsi was the wrong person to get advice from.

        • SC Dave

          Jury is still out. We’ll see what happens with Pace.

          On the Accorsi/Fox thing, do you think Ernie dictated the contract length?

    • Cubsnlinux

      We are not talking about turning down a Bears HC offer to go work at McDonalds. There will be at least 7 and this offseason a little more than that HC vacancies in the NFL. We are talking about the possibility of better candidates wanting to coach the Bears and turning down other offers. Yes, if the Bears do offer the position to someone working in the CFL then there is a slim chance they would turn down the offer. But why would we want to do that? especially after Trestman?

  • Bear Instincts

    For all those who think MT10 is the problem and should be traded I have a question: do you blame a kid for playing with an electrical socket or the
    adult who did not child proof the home?

    • willbest

      I was just pondering the hypothetical. Proposed by some NFL talking head. I think its pretty nuts to give up on a QB before the end of his sophomore season.

      • Bear Instincts

        i agree. redrafting a qb is a waste of draft capital unless its a sure thing like Lcuk. any gm or owner who does that needs to fired. it shows a lack of judgment. unless the player is truly bad like the jets and Christian Hackenber. but even with him if he is put in the right situation he might succeed like goff and the rams or become a decent game manager.

        coaching makes all the difference but talent must be there to be coached. if it did not we would not have game managers. game managers are the result of good coaching. look as case keenum

        • BearDown100393

          Sort of like redrafting a WR is a waste of draft capital unless its a sure thing….. thank God the Bears don’t need a WR because Pace drafted Kev White.

          Oh wait a second……

          • Bear Instincts

            the qb is a different position. you don’t draft a young qb when you have brady, big ben, breese or rodgers unless they are on the tail end of their career and you need a replacement.

          • BearDown100393

            Agreed. The QB position is almighty important – it is. But draft capital at every position is important. Otherwise you really have to lean hard on intelligent free agent spending. Which Pace has uh…. Oh never mind.

          • Bear Instincts

            the QB position is unlike any other. once you find a QB, barring injuries you are set for the next 10. they become the cog in the machine that makes everything work: brady/rodgers/big ben. every other position around them is an accessory to make their job easier. if you have a franchise qb you only draft a qb if they are on the tail end of their career and you need to find the next cog in the machine

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Only 1 QB on the field at a time, but you need two to four wide receivers.

          • SC Dave

            False comparison. Trubisky is none of those guys.

        • “redrafting a qb is a waste of draft capital”

          It’s highly unlikely but not unprecedented.

          The Cowboys drafted Aikman #1 overall AND then drafted Steve Walsh with the 2nd overall pick in the supplemental draft which equated to a #1 pick


          Re-drafting a QB only 1 yr later obviously is a waste, but not a bigger waste than riding with a Bortles-level player for 3-4 yrs.

          Lemme ask you this.

          If you’re Bears GM, and you have a chance to draft: Rosen/Darnold/JoshAllen

          Would you skip on them banking on Trub considering what you’ve seen so far?

          • BearDown100393

            Is Steve Walsh available?

          • Bear Instincts

            I only draft Rosen/Darnold/Allen
            1. if they are the next sure thing like Luck/Manning
            2. I can trade them for more draft capital

          • Well, there really aren’t any “sure” QBs.

            Luck and Elway were probably the “surest” bets, but how often do they come along?

            But for the record, if Trub were in this draft, it would probably go like this.

            1. Rosen
            1B. Darnold
            2. Allen
            3. Trub.

            And if guys like Mariotta, Cam, Winston and Wentz were in this draft, they also would be ahead of Trub (and Watson for that matter)

            1. Cam
            2. Winston
            3. Wentz
            4. Mariotta
            5. Rosen
            6. Darnold
            7. Allen
            8. Trub

            So it’s safe to say that the “consensus” (for what that’s worth) would grade Rosen/Darnold/Allen higher than Trub, and by a good margin for some.

          • BerwynBomber

            RG3/Cousins. Same year/draft.

          • willbest

            Cousins has “it”

          • Big Mike

            The problem is the reps. Developing two QBs is very difficult.

          • Foreskins did it with Cousins

            Keenum looks good.

            Chiefs are trying to mold Mahomes behind Smith.

            The reps might be limited, but nearly all QBs now adays have like personal QB coaches /programs in the off-season which help to counter the limited reps.

          • SC Dave

            Keenum has had an excellent season.

          • Big Mike

            Good points.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            yep, no drafting a QB high until after the next staff gets their mitts on MT and makes their decision.

        • SC Dave

          So let’s put it this way instead. There have been people slobbing for Darnold for over two years on this blog.

          Suppose they are right, and Darnold is the QB of this generation, and we spent a #2 pick on an also-ran?

    • BearDown100393

      When did John Fox ever show a supportive effort toward Mitch Trubisky? #10 is an unwanted ugly step child initially benched in favor of Giraffe.

      But then again, Jordan Howard was not recognized at first by Fox either so there is that for some silver of future optimism….

  • BearDown100393

    Write what you want about Mitch Trubisky.

    The kid has awareness.

  • Bear Instincts

    How do you guys feel about David Shaw? 72-20 at Stanford, Great Offensive & QB Mind, worked on NFL staffs, former player, and is Only 45 yo.

    • BerwynBomber

      Don’t know but Palo Alto vs. Chicago? I’d pass.

      • willbest

        2 million in Palo Alto gets you a condemned shack on city lot. 2 million in the Chicago area gets you 5000 sq. ft. upscale fixtures on a full acre.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Word out here in PAC-12 country is that he has had PLENTY of opportunities to leave Stanford for better money but his wife loves the area and so he stays.

      • SC Dave

        Geez… stop being pussy-whipped dude, and come to Chicago?

  • BerwynBomber

    Bisky has a live arm and good mobility. Beyond that we don’t know a ton about his NFL game and won’t know for another year or two.

    He struggled mightily yesterday but 1) rookie, 2) PHI, 3) on the road, 4) our WRs, and 5) PHI (again).

    Optics weren’t helped by the fact that the Iggles have a second year kid whose game resembles some freakish cross between Rodgers and Newton (or young Big Ben). Worse, Wentz seemed a bit off and still managed to post MVP-like #s.

    I agree with JWood (and others) that W-L isn’t always the best way to judge a QB. Pieface, I believe, has a career losing record with DET, but I would still consider him a top half of the league successful QB.

    That said, let’s see Bisky and the Bears beat SF. The Brett Hundley game is one for the infamy book, but here is another game with the some expectation. Namely, we should beat the damn Niners on our home turf. Notch a fucking win.

    And yes I understand the rationale of a high draft slot but this is the fourth year of that shit and there are good players all over the draft. Let’s see Bisky and this team win a few games among the remaining.

    • Bear Instincts

      Expectation for the Niners game should be non existent because that would assumes that Firefox will not get in the way of the teams success. His coaching is a liability to the team.

      Consider how this team would perform if Zimmer/Payton/Tomlin was coaching this team as it stands now

    • Malice Halice

      Im not expecting a nan-notta from these guys. I was expecting the L yesterday but damn. U set the bar low already but every fuckin week they surprise. Mitchell only had so many spades in hand so I can fault him. Those inaccurate throws did raise my brows but we all know dem intangibles regarding MT10. We had about the same penalties/yards for da first 3 quarters but ours seem much more significant cuz we suck n yesterday was a great example how good teams prevail thru penalties

      • SC Dave

        To which intangibles do you refer?

  • DaCoaches Mustache

    This fucking handjob of a season….

    • BearDown100393

      Virginia charge extra?

    • Bender McLugh

      Dry, sand-filled Tony Siragusa hand

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        That is just wrong!

        • SC Dave

          Yeah, but a perfect response for Coach.

  • It’s all part of the plan

    Blog poll: What’s easier to get rid of?
    A. Ebola
    B. Sunday Ticket

    • willbest

      Everybody gets rid of ebola eventually. Oh you meant without dying. I don’t know then.

  • DaCoaches Mustache

    Being a Bears fan Fucking sucks.

    • It’s embarrassing.
      When i tell others I’m a Bears fan , they either laugh or offer their condolences.

      • Big Mike

        I made this analog 3 years ago nearing the end of the Trestman era. At a Thanksgiving get together of football fans from around the country, as a Bears fan i was relegated to the kids table. Here we are again.

        • Malice Halice

          Damn, I feel yo pain. This year we can’t brag about shit regarding da bears. There’s literally no upside with the bears this year. As soon as we land top 10 in something worth mentioning, following week they play to put back in da cellar of da stats.

    • BearDown100393


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  • Malice Halice

    The worst thing about that game in my opinion is when they went for it on 4th n 6. At that point I knew we were considered da scrimmage squad. That was so disrespectful and I hope the upper echelon felt that cuz I’m just a fan n that shit put a salty taste in my mouth

  • BuddhaJoe

    So Fox has to beat SF and the Browns just to tie Trestman’s last year. If he lasts that long.

  • Name game:

    ——–Comp—-ATT—-PCT—YDs—TD—INT—SKs—-QB Rate
    Trub—–17——33—-51.5%–147—-0—–2——2———38.3—(vs 9-1 team)
    ????—–11——24—-45.8%—90—-1—–2——4———35.1—-(vs 2-13 team)

    *Stats from NFL.com

  • Sactowns#1

    So of the three options, which do you prefer?
    Get a salty vet in FA to start while Gomer learns form the pine (Breese or maybe even Bradford)
    Get an experienced QB who still needs to grow to come in and compete for the position (Bridgewater or Gabert type)
    Draft a QB in the first two rounds and use in case of emergency.

    • Malice Halice

      Get Tyrod. If not him then draft another Qb specifically in da 2nd n go bpa in da 1st cuz nobody on da Bears is guaranteed a job except Howard.

      • Sactowns#1

        So it looks like you’re going with B- Get an experience player who still has something to prove.

        • like Sanchize?

          • Sactowns#1

            Nah. he had his time and we know who he is now. I’m talking someone who the jury may still be out on.

    • I think it all depends.

      I know this will be wildly unpopular, but if I have a chance at drafting Darnold/Rosen, I draft him (and would have to look more into Josh Allen and Mayfield).

      This isn’t 1988 anymore.

      QBs are the most important factors to long term success.

      Who provided more wins for the Texans – Watt in all his seasons – or Watson in his brief rookie yr?

      And who will provide more wins for them in the future?

      The answer is rather obvious.

      As such, I’d take two swings at a Franchise if possible even if the next Watt is there.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        That’s where I was just headed below. If you can take a swing at the top, you do it I think.

        • It’s kinda sad the NFL has grossly handicapped it this way, but it is what it is.

          QBs are that important in Goodell’s NFL.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Yep. And I’m wondering when/if we’ll see the pendulum swing back

          • Sactowns#1

            I imagine it will be like baseball. They allowed teams to carry so many pitchers and saw run production go down. now they juiced the ball to counter balance. Next they will move the mound closer to counter that. And so on and so on.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            I don’t know how they change the game to aid the defense in the same manner. I suppose they could start backing off on some of the favoritism showed quarterbacks and receivers, but I doubt it.

            Perhaps it’ll be more organic. Guys like Revis getting paid like he did. Super athletic DBs making top shelf money, thereby drawing more athletes to that side of the ball.

          • willbest

            A forward pass that does not touch an offensive player is a live ball to the defense. Hello single wing!

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Holy shit would that change the game.

          • SC Dave

            Oh yeah!

      • Sactowns#1

        It seems this GM isn’t of that mindset though. If he was then they would have done something about the QB situation much sooner and they would have drafted a Qb who is game ready.

        • Pace was never really given the chance to get a QB right away.

          Cutler’s contract made him all but uncuttable in Pace’s 1st yr.

          Even so, he wanted Mariotta, but the draft capital was too prohibitive.

          (Mariotta isn’t looking great either right now)

          Same with Wentz.

          This is really the first yr he was able to strike a QB, though it’s not looking great.

          Glennon was a MASSIVE bust, but the contract suggests he was never Pace’s long term solution.

          Trub – TBD.

          • willbest

            He could have drafted a QB in 2016 if he wanted. The idea would have been to sit Wentz behind Cutler anyway. But would he have wanted to give up what the Eagles gave up?

          • That’s what I mean.

            Theoretically he could’ve gone all-in on Wentz, but this would’ve created a shitstorm with Cutler still on the team.

            Pace was, is, in the middle of trying to restock a roster bereft of playmakers.

            Not an ideal position to be in.

            Also, would Wentz be Wentz with Birdcage/Fox?

            Not likely.

          • willbest

            Which is unfortunate that he didn’t because Cutler had value after 2015. But Pace never seriously tried to move him that year.

          • CanadaBear

            He had very little to no value with that bloated contract. He was still guaranteed $18 mil in 2016.

          • willbest

            That is false all around.

            His contract was 54 million over 3 years, but it was front loaded so he was only owed the last of his guaranteed 16.5 million in 2016 (a year that featured Kirk Cousins making 19.8 million). Plus the bears could have bonused out money before the trade if that was really a sticking point. The reason he wasn’t seriously shopped coming off 2015 was his 92PR, 66 QBR season that featured 4 forth quarter comebacks (league high) and the best TD:INT ratio of his career.

          • BerwynBomber

            How do you know that was the reason he wasn’t shopped around? Could have been Pace knew there would be no takers after failing to move him in ’14.

            And the contract sucked. He had one good year out of three. And even his good year was only above average. Not top 10.

            Don’t know why you are obsessed with defending that contract. Contracts are ultimately judged by the performance against them.

            If you’re just judging them based on initial rationale, it’s like saying the Kevin White draft pick was good because it made sense at the time. And even temporarily making Jay Cutler the highest paid player it the league was absurd after what we had seen the first five years he was here.

            Cutler wasn’t wanted. If he were, Pace would have gotten something for him and Jay would not have retired.

            Let it go …

          • willbest

            most of what you wrote is stawmanning aspects i never brought up for no other reason than to tell me to not talk about them. My sole point is that coming off 2015, cutler had lots of value which is why pace opted to keep him rather than bet his career trading up for goff or wentz. and that if he optted to do that, then getting value for Cutler wouldn’t have been an issue. but if you think otherwise go ahead and explain using only information available to a GM in spring of 2016 where Oz is in a bidding war cousins is playing for 20 million and teams are handing 7 million to backups, why 16.5 mil for a vet QB coming off a great season who has only missed 1 game due to injury in 2 years is too much

            and while i dont work in halas hall i do know the way pace talked about jay at the end of 14, 15, and 16 and even adjusting for PR prattle you can tell that he was exceptionally happy with Jay under Fox/Gase that first year

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            There are quite a few fans/posters that flipped out with the few picks we gave up for Trubs, could you imagine what would happen if they gave up a lot more for a QB just to sit behind Cutler?

      • BerwynBomber

        Watt would be my guess. They went to the playoffs a few years with crap QBs and I believe Watson was only .500 as a starter.

        But … point taken. It’s why a top 10 QB is probably worth a couple years of entire draft picks.

        Look at PHI and Wentz. That looks like the steal of the decade right now.


    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      Depends on where we end up picking. They lose the next couple games somehow and everything changes.

    • willbest

      Trubisky is your 2018 QB the entire year. Run with sanchez as your #2, pick somebody up in the 5th round if you must.

      • This is the first yr I saw Mayfield.

        I was really impressed by him.

        But he doesn’t have an arm and is a bit undersized, and unlike Wilson, not terribly athletic.

        I’m curious where he lands.

        I would absolutely take a chance on him in the 2nd and beyond.

        • willbest

          then again Case Keenum is a FA. Vikes are going to be at a crossroads on that one. Is he a 1 year wonder or a really late bloomer.

          • Keenum is an extremely odd case.

            I was really surprised at how much of a gunslinger he was.

            He’s not afraid to take shots, or ad lib.

            He’s like Cutler but without the arm or TOs.

            Naturally, that will drive some coaches crazy, and that’s why Zimmer keeps saying Keenum is only week to week.

            If Keenum finishes like he’s playing, I think he lands an Oz type deal next yr on some team.

            I don’t think it will be the Vikes (unless they win the SB) because he seems opposite of Zimmer philosophically.

            And as is common knowledge, he loves safe boring Bridgewater.

          • Malice Halice

            Here’s a question. Is Theiland n Diggs making Keenum better than he really is?

          • willbest

            Al will be along momentarily to tell you that only the Bears make Diggs look like an NFL receiver.

          • Malice Halice

            That’s true. But Diggs has had the pleasure of playing us 5 times n through those 4 scrimmages against us he developed to become a threat.

          • They’re both good with YAC, but I’ve seen Keenum chuck it downfield into perfect spots.

            Dude is playing out of his mind.

            He’s also taking a lot of chances. He feels Bridgewater breathing down his neck, and is playing like it.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Both Bridgewater and Keenum are FA after this year, so you expect them to go with Bridgewater, who hasn’t played in over a year, over Keenum who has been fairly impressive all year, and most likely wins the Division. Not sure they would do that.

        • SC Dave

          That sumbitch just looks like a winner. But not sure he has enough tools to translate it to the big leagues.

      • BerwynBomber

        I don’t think they will draft a QB.

        My guess is they’ll look for a veteran back-up and bring in a couple of Fales-level guys to fight it out for the PS spot.

    • Malice Halice

      I don’t wouldnt mind us picking up Bradley Chubb with our 1st pick. Guy looks like a stud n Hicks could use his help. Idk what we gone do bout Bullard

  • So, first the Bears were stuck on the tarmack in Philly.
    Then, they return to the stench of foul fish which stinks nearly as awful as Fox’s football acumen.

    But, nothing to see here…Bears are too “classy” to fire HCs in-season…carry on…


    • willbest

      Seems crazy to get sushi for football players. I am not a large man and my wife is a small woman and I don’t think we have gotten out of a sushi restaurant on less than $100.

      • Knowing the Bears, they probably ordered bulk Suishi from the local Costco…what could possibly go wrong…

  • Using what your QB excelled at in college. Novel!

    I give O’brien credit.

    I thought he would be too stubborn to change his O for Watson, that he would try to cram him into a Brady type, but he really opened it up and molded the O to Watson’s strength.

    Like, the Anti-Martz.

  • Malice Halice

    Given da fact Tarik n Howard combined for a whopping 2.70 this week I just lost da game (benched Lynch, Sanu). Now I’m back at lowest seed to to make da playoffs after being comfortable at #6 n this week I gotta play da #2 in my league. If I miss da playoffs I’m Solely blaming da bears cuz Tarik was my sleeper pick n that Defense fucked me over WAAAAY too many times (packers game kill’t me).

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      You should sell your team to a better owner.

    • Homerism KILLS!

      No way was I gonna start Howard against the Eagles.

      I would’ve started a kicker before him if I could.

  • I don’t know when Flacco transformed into Hoyer, but he checks down a lot.

    • Irish Sweetness

      High school?

  • madscout12

    FF Post
    And that’s ballgame. 134-126 good guys. Thanks to Miller and Hopkins for putting up their usual numbers.

    • Figured you’d win with them going.

      I wouldn’t bet my championship on Miller though.

      He’s a JAG.

      I just needed Hopkins not to score 100!

      • madscout12

        JAG that puts up 8-12 points consistently. I’m not looking for 30 from him.

        Need to look at upgrading my RB stable. Howard, Perine, Miller, and McKinnon.

        WRs looking fine with Julio, Hopkins, K Allen, Diggs, and Gordon.

        • Yeah, I got Thomas going at WR who’s just a reliable floor.

          That’s a hogposh at HB.

          I have Howard but he’s becoming a match dependent HB. If the Bears fall behind, they ride with Cohen/Benny (which is why I sat him this week)

          Perine is interesting. I thought he was a two down back, but he might be a gem.

          Miller is just a JAG. If you need a floor and aren’t an under dog, I guess.

          McKinnon is on an explosive O, but he splits carries with Murray. Good luck trying to figure out which will blow up.

          So for instance, if you started McKinnon (9 points in Da League) and Miller (17), My Bell by himself scored 27.

          So if you go up against a stacked HB team, you’re gonna need more upside HBs or for your WRs to blow up.

          You’re stacked at WR though>

          How the heck were you able to get Julio, Hopkins and Allen on the same team? Holy smokes.

          I had to trade a few players for Julio.

          • madscout12

            6 man league.

            This might be the week to trade Julio. He’s got tough Ds for the rest of the season except for a rematch with TB. Maybe try to get a good RB for him.

            Someone dropped Allen, it is a 6 man league. I need that upside RB2. Think I’ll role with Miller and matchups. Would be nice to have a potential boom guy on there.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Julio’s the JAG now ….

      • Irish Sweetness

        Own a Jets back, Kareem, Demarco etc. before calling Miller a JAG!

  • wow. Awful INT by Savage.

    And that folks is why GMs always overpay for potential franchise QBs.

  • BerwynBomber

    Gotta hand it to Suggs. Dude’s a mouth but he almost always backs it up.

    I assume he will be joining Lewis and Reed in Canton one day.

    • For sure.

      I always pull for those 35+ guys too.

      Suggs looks more athletic at 35 than McPhee at whatever age he is right now.

  • Julie

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  • Darrell Horwitz

    There should be a rule in the NFL that if ownership proves to be incompetent over a certain period of time, they have to sell the team. You can look at teams like Cleveland as an example, and the Bears are our version of the Browns. Just because your father founded the team doesn’t mean the family should have control forever. The McCaskey’s have proven over the years they know nothing about football in every way they run the franchise. It’s a shame fans have to suffer forever because the team is a family heirloom.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Browns is not a great example of ownership selling the team. Haslam bought the team in 2012. New ownership has not made them any better.

      • Darrell Horwitz

        I just used the Cleveland franchise as an example of ineptness over a long period of time. They are just thought of as always being bad. Same for the Bears. The last time they were any good was the eighties. Fans should not be punished by bad ownership. I would think you would be okay with anybody owning the Bears but the McCaskey’s and taking your chances. Right?

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          I honestly don’t really care. The McCaskey’s pretty much stayed out of the day to day football operations for many years now. I don’t believe that they don’t care like many others. They only really stick there heads into the fray when things go astronomically bad, ie Emery/Trestman, losing to the Pack this year. They pretty much give Pace autonomy. Granted certain decisions need their approval, like signing a player with a bad rap, firing coaches mid year, but I assume that is like most organizations. With a couple of exceptions, Jerry Jones and Snyder, most owners don’t meddle with their teams.

          • Darrell Horwitz

            If you think about why the team has been bad so long, it is because of the family. They don’t know how to run a football team and continually make the wrong decisions. Why is Ted Phillips the president? Why do they have to hire consultants to know who to hire when they have supposedly been in the business their entire lives? Because they don’t know anything. It’s not fair for fans of the team like you to be stuck with owners like that. The best thing that could happen for the franchise would be them selling the team. I don’t want the Bears to be in the McCaskey name for perpetuity.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            not going to argue this. lets just agree to disagree.

          • Irish Sweetness

            They’re silver-spooners, they don’t know shit except how to act rich.

            Did the boys even play football?

      • Irish Sweetness

        Does ownership make any odds? Just draft me ballers. Get one guy who can spot ballers in the rough. Get Jim Finks.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Go one better. They have to GIVE the team to the winner of an online lottery.

      (Smoking a fattie in my skybox, having my fatty smoked by another Honey Bear Hopeful … I’d motion out the window to my security staff … that’s him … there’s Vic Fanny …. and give it the reverse thumb.)

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