Finding A Quarterback: Jimmy G. and a Leap of Faith

| January 24th, 2017

The Bears have a chance to acquire their best looking quarterback since Jim Miller.

One of the first moves Ron Wolf made as GM of the Packers was trading a first-round pick for a fat, drunk, third-string hillbilly who was a second round pick the year before. It ended up being a steal.

If Wolf were to make that trade today, the Twitter GMs would’ve been killing him for spending such a premium pick on a player who had never shown he could play. But Wolf was convinced he was trading for a franchise quarterback, even though nobody else seemed to have a high opinion of him. Wolf had Brett Favre rated as the best player on his draft board the year before and he knew he wanted him. The rest is history.

Fast forward 25 years and Ryan Pace is the latest Bears GM to try to fill the team’s quarterback. One of the prime candidates is a backup quarterback who we’ve barely seen in Jimmy Garoppolo. Twitter GMs are saying Pace can’t give up the third pick for Garoppolo, but, like Wolf, it all depends on what he sees in the young quarterback.

There’s reason to believe the Bears will be among the teams going after Garoppolo. Pace was with the Saints when they were considering drafting Garoppolo, according to Sean Payton. The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin recently told Waddle & Silvy that he “knows for a fact” the Cleveland Browns loved Garoppolo, but ownership made them draft Johnny Manziel. The Browns QB coach at the time was…Dowell Loggains.

Three years have passed and Garoppolo is thought to be available again. The only question is: how much do the Bears want him?

Like I have for the other quarterbacks who may be available, I watched and charted both of Garoppolo’s starts this season and he was the most accurate quarterback I’ve seen. The third-year man was inaccurate on just 20.3 percent of his passes and they weren’t all short passes. According to ESPN, Garoppolo completed four-of-seven passes thrown beyond 20 yards for two touchdowns. Although two of his inaccurate passes were misses on deep shots that could’ve been touchdowns.

Beyond the numbers, I saw him step up in the pocket and drop dimes down the field. On what turned out to be their game-winning drive against Arizona, Garoppolo dropped the ball in the lap of Julian Edelman 32 yards down the field on a third-and-15 play. The next week he carved Miami apart before he left the game with an injury.

If you weren’t impressed by Garoppolo’s play in those two games, it’s because you were trying to be unimpressed. But I still have no idea what any of that means. I don’t think I need to regurgitate the list of backup quarterbacks who failed miserably as starters. If Pace makes the move for Garoppolo, it has to be based on more than what he saw in those two games.

One advantage Pace has over the rest of the league is that he got to see Garoppolo up close last summer. By all accounts, Garoppolo was impressive during the joint practices the Bears held with the Patriots. Those are practices Pace surely has on tape, which is more that he can use to evaluate the young quarterback.

In his three NFL seasons, Garoppolo has thrown 317 passes in preseason and regular season games for 2,268 yards, 13 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. That might all be meaningless, but Pace has to watch every single one of those passes. Then watch every single pass Garoppolo threw in college. If he’s going to give up a lot for Garoppolo, he has to be just as positive as Wolf was when he traded for Favre.

Time will tell what Pace really thinks of Garoppolo, but if he thinks the New England backup is a franchise quarterback, the price shouldn’t matter.


  • willbest

    Why would you take Jimmy G when AJ McCarron has demonstrated more?

    • MB30SD

      Stop that.

      Here’s a picture of AJ McCarron in wikipedia: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/05/24/14/02/spaghetti-781795_960_720.jpg

      • willbest

        I can’t wait to spend the next 2 years with Matt Cassell 2.0 as my QB before limping into the 2019 draft looking for an answer and watching Garrett or Allen dominate in New England.

        • MB30SD

          Hey maings… you know my deal. Stay the fuck away from ANY new QB this year flat out.

          Plug the rest of the gaps with heavy FA talent and the draft, then mortgage the farm on getting whichever guy Pace thinks is the real deal in 2018.

          Besides, we have….. wait for it…..HOYER THE MOTHERFUCKING DESTROYER on the roster baby.

          We have ZERO need for anything else!


          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            With some coaching, 300/3/0. It could happen ya know.

          • MB30SD

            100%, I’m all in on that

            Roll with Hoyer, or if barkley or shaw can beat him out, whatever… roll with one of those shitweasles for 2017 and get our guy in 2018 after we’ve made the rest of the squad nails.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’m coming around to your way MB … if we roll with Hoyer we’ll have another top 5 pick in the draft in 2018 guaranteed .. .and that’s really when we want to be drafting a QB. That cock-knocker might actually do us a favor.

          • tobijohn

            I also have it from a very reliable source that Hoyer is a big-time cat person. He absolutely loves them so there’s that too…

          • MB30SD

            hahahahahaha… TOBI!!!!

          • Huge Bears Penis

            Stop that.

            Here’s a picture of Hoyer on wikipedia: http://i.stack.imgur.com/4laaY.jpg

            are him and McCarron related?

          • MB30SD

            There does bear a resemblance, ehno?

      • Captain Obvious

        That’s just his arm, right?

        Or are you more focused on his crotch?

        • MB30SD


          Hmmm, you’ve done much better before.

          Wanna just keep this one hush hush and move on? Erraone deserves a mulligan now and then Cap’t O.

    • I think I was the first one on this board to bring up AJ (mostly cuz it was anybody but Cutler road for me).

      AJ SHOULD be much cheaper than Jimmy G in both trade comp and contract.

      There’s a LOT of choices at QB this year. I don’t remember a year so fluch with so many QB possibilities from Romo to RFAs like AJ to late rd sleepers like Mahomes.

      I think it’s gonna define the next 3 years what Pace does this offseason.

      • MB30SD

        settle down, I actually suggested we draft his ass back in the day.

        • AJ was on my “person of interest” coming out of college.

          Then again so was Jimmy G, Garret Grayson and Nassib (ironically, all actually drafted by teams with locked in starts in Brady, Brees, Eli and Dalton).

          But is he forreals? Like I said, wtf knows?
          And even if he does have the tools, do we trust Birdcage and Fox to develop them?

          • MB30SD

            the answer to the last question is a definitely fuck naw!

    • Irish Sweetness

      Or when Cutty is better than the two of them put together with one hand tied behind his back?

      • willbest

        1) we don’t know if we have seen their ceiling

        2) Cutty isn’t durable and won’t be a Bear past 2018 baring a SB appearance

  • Game of Breath (GP)

    Pace drinks your milkshake! He drinks it up!

  • MB30SD

    I am going on record as saying, that IFF we HAVE to have a QB from another team/the draft in 2017… let it be Jimmy G. (if the deal isn’t too heavy).

    Now, I laid out my 8 steps to dynasty for this team yesterday (you’re welcome sweaty teddy), so my vote is to wait to mortgage the farm till 2018.

    But if pace is hell bent on destroying the great job he’s done so far and wants to put his neck on the chopping block THIS YEAR ONLY… I’d pull the trigger on Jimmy G maings.

    Fuck glennon, fuck taylor (vick 2.0), fuck anyone of those cunts in the draft this year, and even fuck cousins. If you HAVE to spend the big bucks this year, I take lucifer’s kid.

    My $.02

    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      Why would you settle on a falling star? Get it? He he

    • Irish Sweetness

      What I don’t get is how relatively cheap Jay is this year. Pace knows that, and he knows they need to win now.

      So why would he ditch Cutty and go with rookie/unimpressive veteran QBs? That really is Russian roulette. Go with Cutty and stick on 17 every time.

      • MB30SD

        It’s called getting what you pay for man!

        He’s dirt cheap because he’s a Fucking turrible QB. Fucking horrible. Yes, he’ll look great in 5-7 games… But he’s dogshit in the rest man.

        He is QB pyrite incarnate

  • 3rd pick for Jimmy, G, eh?

    Nice little tidbits about Loggains being the QB coach an Pace looking at tape.

    Jimmy’s college tape did intrigue me, and in his brief NFL stint looked composed and accurate.

    However, he was coached up by possibly the two best OC +HC combo of all time.

    Would be a HUGE gamble on Pace’s part, esp when the rest of our roster is so bereft of talent.

    (see Cassel, Matt)

    • willbest

      When was the last time Hoodie got the short end on a trade?

      I guess only getting a 3rd or 4th for Jamie Collins, but then he is in the Super Bowl with Shea Fucking McClellin and Collins is making more than Luke Kuechly now.

      • MB30SD

        never. he doesn’t do it. And if he does take it, it’s for a reason. So why we all laugh and make fun and say that he finally was the one to get fucked, 3 years down the road his master plan will avail itself and we’ll all be like, ‘holy shit… that just happened’

      • He gave up a 6th round pick for Bostic, got nothing out of him, and then traded him for a 7th a few months later.

        Score one for Ryan Pace.

        • MB30SD


          and so it begins!

          Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – the most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia” – but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line”!

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  • Belichick valued Garoppolo as 2nd round pick & Jimmy G was brilliant
    in limited action. Give me that over guessing on a college kid any day – Jeff

    Do we know Bill is a good QB drafter? He skipped on Brady till the 6th and only then it was to appease his then current OC. Kinda like when Angelo threw a bone to Martz with LeFever.

    Bill also thought Cassell was a good QB – and here’s the thing. MAYBE he was, but ONLY on the Pats.

    • MB30SD

      can’t think like that maings. Have to go with what you know.

      And here’s what we know… Chicago is where WRs and QBs go to die… so it doesn’t really fucking matter who we take. sigh.

      • If the Bears FINALLY land a QB, maybe that changes.

        Look how shitty the Falcons were before Matty Ice, or NO before Brees. The fans were wearing paper bags over the faces for years. Even the Pats, holy shit, they were awful for a long time b4 Brady.

        Just need that QB, yo.

        It’s just nigh impossible to decipher it that elusive franchise QB is available this year. Is it Mcarron? Jimmy G? Glennon? Turbisky? Mahomes? WTF really knows?

        But land good QB, WRs and rest will follow.

        If you build it, they will come…

        • MB30SD

          sure, but do we have kevin costner as G…. wait… we ARE the Browns, aren’t we?


        • CanadaBear

          The Beloved are due. Hey the Flubs won it all.

          • MB30SD

            ; /

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          Plan A : Build a dome in the burbs.

    • Cassell was a fantastic pick for a 7th rounder. And he found/developed Brian Hoyer as a UDFA.

      Throw in Brady as a 6th rounder and that’s a pretty good track record for identifying and/or developing lightly regarded passers.

      Of course, he also spent a 3rd on Ryan Mallett.

      • Sauron’s right eyeball

        Mallet is dumb as rocks, really surprised bellicheat didnt see that one coming. Blame it on trace remaing human genes still lingering from his great grandmother.

      • My point is, Cassell LOOKED like a franchise QB ON THE PATs.

        He won like 10 games right, barely missing the playoffs?

        So in many ways, Cassell was MORE proven than Jimmy G, so much so that he garnered a high 2nd I think

        Yet in reality Cassell was nothing more than a backup.

        My fear with Jimmy G is that he is indeed a “system” qb – that system is unique in that it has Bill heading it, possibly the best coach in all sports ever.

        How much is it Bill coaching more than QB raw materials?

        It’s kinda like trying to untangle Montona from Walsh.

        • SC Dave

          This all the way. Roll our own, I say.

        • Bender McLugh

          And Cassell was accurate as hell while he did it. Smoke & mirrors

        • I’m with you on that. If Jimmy G was that good, they wouldn’t be getting rid of him with Brady nearing 40.

          But I also agree with Jeff that, if Pace identifies his guy, he should do whatever it takes to get him. If that’s Jimmy G, then go get him.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Bill Walsh drafted two HoF QBs. I don’t think anyone has beaten that.

      • BerwynBomber

        Walsh drafted Montana but whom else? Young wasn’t drafted by the Niners.

      • Huge Bears Penis

        I am assuming you are referring to Montana and Young, however Tampa Bay drafted Young.

  • Leon Waffla

    Jimmy Garoppolo is obviously the next Joe Montana. This is why Bill Belichick wants to trade him. Jesus H, he’s played a couple of games. He’s a classic system quarterback. The minute he’s transplanted to soldier field we’ll realise we’ve been sold a pup only to ensure the Patriots dominance for the next five years (with our 3rd round pick). But go on Pace, trade for him. I’m done with the Bears if we do.

    • MB30SD

      think I’m done no matter what, because they will do something fucking ridiculous, like make pace take trubinsky or watson @3 instead of Hooker, Allen, or Garrett… or shit, I would be pretty fired up over Foster too! I mean there’s literally 6-10 guys I’d be happy to have.

      But teddy and george will force pace to take one of those shitbirds, and then it will be complete. We WILL be the Browns North… and I’ll be out like fucking stout.

      Fuck you guys…. I’m goin home!

      • Sauron’s right eyeball

        OK tough guy….what if Pace does draft Trubinsky or whatever the heck his name is, and the Bears make the post season in his 1st year?

        • MB30SD

          what if my auntie had balls trac.

          You know better than that shit

          • Sauron’s right eyeball


          • Johnnywad

            She’d get her own bathroom everywhere but North Carolina

          • MB30SD

            lucky, I want my own br!

        • Irish Sweetness

          Trubisky looks like he could be readier than some of the others. Shit though, he’s still 22! Surely Jay is our best shot at the playoffs?

      • What if they draft Hooker but keep and start Cargo!?


        • SC Dave

          Evil… that is evil.

        • MB30SD

          I’d take it, cause don’t care would play his way onto the bench quickly.

          then we get erraone’s fav HDD!!!

      • SC Dave

        Solomon Thomas.

        • MB30SD

          whoops, forgot him. I actually think I like him more than allen from what I’ve seen SO FAR.

          Lot of green between here and there, but if it all holds up as I’ve seen it now, I’m in on Aaron Donald 2.0

        • Irish Sweetness

          He looks good. First rounder though?

          • SC Dave

            I cant imagine he will not be selected in the first round.

  • MB30SD
    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      You just know Cleveland is gonna take him now.

      • MB30SD

        Now? They always were!

        then trubinsky or kizer @ #2, then we get the pick of the litter. Let’s do this!

        • Sauron’s right eyeball

          If Pace does draft Kizer, I’d seriously have to conside a new team to channel.

          • MB30SD

            exactly. Of just watch ‘the nfl’ as a casual fan without any fucks to give about a specific team.

            I’m already half way there in anticipation of something inane.

          • SC Dave

            You could just become just another fantasy dou… I mean player.

          • MB30SD

            no thanks

          • Johnnywad

            Why the long face? Pace had an excellent draft a year ago.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Drafted three all-rookies and signed recent Probowler Sitton. Not too shabby.

          • AlbertInTucson

            You KNOW I am not on board with Kizer anywhere NEAR the first round.

          • Sauron’s right eyeball

            5th round crapshoot. Murph wants him in the 1st. Smh.

    • SC Dave

      Oh I dunno. He took => Clemson <= to the Minor League Football Championship Game two years in a row.

      • MB30SD

        Michael. Jordan.

        dave, don’t buy the dip.

  • willbest

    “Yep. Same thing. Guy who never played snap in college as backup and second round pick valued around league.” — Jeff

    College is irrelevant when you have 15 starts in the NFL.

    Matt Cassel 15 games as starter
    327 of 516 (63.4%) 3693 yards, 21 TDs, 11 INTs, 7.2 Y/A

    Jimmy G 2 games as starter
    43 of 63 502 yards (68.3%), 4 TD, 0 INT, 8 Y/A

    So yes Jimmy G is tracking to be meaningfully better, except for the part where he couldn’t even make it through 2 NFL football games without getting knocked out for 2 weeks.

    • Can’t make the club in the tub, esp for the Bears cuz the whole team’s already in the tub.

      Could you imagine, Pace trades for Jimmy G then he gets hurt in the 3rd game?

      Soooooo Beaaars.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Who’s Pace’s second QB in a Jimmy G scenario (that I want no part of)?

        • MB30SD


          Where the fuck you been mate?

  • willbest

    Here is another reason to be suspicious of the Pats. Brissett is garbage. He got shut out by Buffalo in Foxborough. So you know that Hoodie is going to draft another QB in this draft if he is trading Jimmy G.

    If he used our #3 to pick up Trubisky or another QB, I think I would quit football. He would spend the next 15 years winning with that QB, because that is just the deal he made with the devil and I want know part of it.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Like anyone needs “another reason to be suspicious of the Pats.”?

  • BearDown100393

    The Bears have a quarterback. His name is Jay Cutler.

    • MB30SD

      The Bears have a quarterback. His name is Jay Cutler Brian Hoyer.

      • willbest

        That must be an alternate fact, because the only QB they have under contract right now is Jay Cutler.

        • MB30SD

          That must be an alternate fact, because the only QB they have under contract right now is Jay Cutler Brian Hoyer.

          • willbest

            Now you are just gaslighting.

          • MB30SD


    • Sauron’s right eyeball

      That really improves my outlook for the future of this team. Thanks for nothing.

      • MB30SD

        exactly. fuuuuuuuck. Stripsack central for another year if that’s the case. I hope not.

    • Irish Sweetness


  • This is exactly the analogy I have about Jimmy G.

    Ever run across a girl’s pics in her profile, and she looks super pretty, but the only thing is, ALL her pics are like her from her clavicle up or from weird angles or from like 5 years ago?

    Now, she indeed might be smoking hot, but buyer beware…

    • MB30SD

      girls ALWAYS play the angles maings… ALWAYS.

      • haha, yeah, I remember I was taking a pic with a girl at a get together who was a lil bigger. She’s like, “get besides me” I’m like “um. Ok’

        So they take the pic, and she’s like “oh that’s how we hide the extra pounds”.

        I was like. Wow. They don’t teach us men those tricks!

        • MB30SD


          * Angles (makes body thinner… or totally obscures it to the tune of 30-40lbs if they’re good at it)
          * Duck face (makes face slimmer)
          * Kissy face (makes face slimmer)
          * Dark/little blurry/sun to make eyes pop
          * Dark/tight clothes
          * MAKE UP??

          Dude, they have and use erra trick in the book… ridiculous. We post a pic that’s 6 months old any they go ape shit. I just keep errathing 100% accurate in my profilez so they gots nuthin. Like it or not biatcheez

      • Scharfinator

        If there is any play, you know they’re hiding something.

        The ones that don’t hide don’t need to.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Watch the Packers get spanked again now on NFL Network!

  • beninnorcal

    Only a 3rd rounder for Garoppolo? If that’s the case then, sure, I could be up for that. But I bet the Pats are looking for more.

    • No, 3rd OVERALL.

      No way the Pats release him for less than the 2nd they spent on him.

      • Sauron’s right eyeball

        Eye wouldnt be surprised if the pats have their eye on a QB they want to trade up for.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Matt Cassel casts a LONG shadow over the Garappolo scenarios.

    • BearDown100393

      I agree. However is that really fair?

  • Was scanning through some draft profiles, and this ILB caught my eye.

    ILB Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt (6’3 230 – prototypical). Very fast. Instinctive. Seems like he can cover. Violent, though not a thumper and can def gain some more muscle, but has the frame to do so.

    125 tackles with 16.5 for a loss, three passes batted and two forced fumbles

    Also, is it racist that I was relieved he was black? lol

    If we could get him in the 2nd (and beyond), might be worth it since Kwiat is no sure thing, Freeman is like 1 more strike away from multi game suspension, and Trevathan may never be the same again.

    • willbest

      It blows my mind that ILB went from the crown jewel on our team to in need of critical attention in the span of a couple weeks

      • Yeah, it sucks. Tre-Freeman with a side of Kwiat is good.

        Next season, if Freeman goes down or gets suspended, right back to Kwiat and (some schmuck off the street).

        If a guy like Cunningham is there in the 2nd and beyond, I wouldn’t complain taking him.

        Cunningham specifically would excel I tihnk. Him and Floyd could fly and cover in a very pass happy NFCN. Not to mention chase down and contain Vadgers.

        • MB30SD

          Foster is going to be somebody’s ray Lewis. That kid is special. I wouldn’t be sad at ALL if we took him @ 3.

          Let’s just hope without the murdering

      • Irish Sweetness

        I still think it was a piss-poor imitation of what the middle of the field should look like. Trevathan is not a coverage guy.

        Urlacher, Samurai, Bill George …..

        Urlacher’s replacement should have been drafted while he was still here, ditto Olin’s.

        • SC Dave

          Luke was not available when we picked that year.

        • CanadaBear

          Samurai and Bill George were not cover guys either. Not to mention you forgot the best MLB in NFL history.

  • willbest

    Trump tweeted out that if Chicago didn’t get its house in order he would send in the Feds. He was talking about the murders but I hope there is an agency that deals with criminal neglect of a sports franchise as well. Maybe the IRS can wrestle control away from the McCaskeys or something.

    • SC Dave

      That’s kind of desperate. Maybe there is some variant of fraud that could be introduced for impersonating an NFL franchise?

  • That Guy

    Suggested this a few weeks ago and stand by it. Jimmy G is as good a prospect as any in the draft or FA this year. I see him as having a Tony Romo type of career as his ceiling, and that’s a good thing. There are a lot of risks, one of which is that he now has an injury history. Another is the fact that he just hasn’t played that much in the pros.

    But I believe fair compensation is our 2nd round pick (that’s 20+ spots higher than the Pats took Jimmy G a few years back) plus a conditional pick. The conditional pick would be as high as a second rounder if we make the playoffs (and Jimmy G takes a snap) and as low as a fifth rounder if he can’t win the starting job.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Assuming that any team is potentially a one-season team for the SB … is Jimmy G better than Jay Cutler … for us …. next season ?

      Why all the talk when we have our number one already?

      Time for a blog poll methinks Jefe …

      Either ‘Do you think Jay Cutler will be a Bear next season?’ or
      ‘Do you want Jay as a Bear next season?’ …or both.

      • in the infamous words of our commander and chief,

        “Niet” and “Nine”

      • MB30SD

        Neither. Fuck that guy, he’s…. Garbaaaahgeee

    • BearDown100393

      Maybe he is. And maybe he isn’t.

    • Big Mike

      Here’s a simple way of looking at it. If Jimmy G was coming out of the draft right now. Including everything he’s learned in the 3 years? he’s been in the NFL, would he be not be the highest rated player on the board? Top 5? I say he would be. If Pace thinks so, then you’ve got to try and get him. If you get him for a 2nd rounder, praise Jesus. But from that day forward, you have to evaluate him like a 2nd rounder. Not the next Tom Brady

  • mikeladen

    Remember Mike Phipps, Remember Rick Mirer. Draft and develop your own.

    • Huge Bears Penis

      horse shit. Find a guy wherever you can.

      • MB30SD


        • Huge Bears Penis

          LANGUAGE!!! There could be kids reading this.

          • MB30SD


          • MB30SD

            Dude, what happened with the girl?!?!?

          • Huge Bears Penis

            I am still seeing her. We go out a couple times a week. So far so good, I no longer get that crazy clingy vibe from her like I did after that first night. She works about 3 blocks from my house so she will occasionally swing by on her breaks just to blow me. She says it calms her down when she is having a bad day, so who am I to argue.

          • MB30SD

            hahahaha… awesome. Well done my maings.

      • Sactowns#1

        Bunch of Blarney! Get Jimmy G!

    • Big Mike

      Why, because the Bears are better at doing that then Belichick?

  • Captain Obvious

    Here would be the smart trade for Garafalo: make all the picks conditional on his performance.

    2017 Bears win less than 5 games: 5th round pick in 2018 draft
    2017 Bears win 6-7 games: 4th round pick in 2018 draft
    2017 Bears win 8-9 games: 3rd round pick in 2018 draft
    2017 Bears win 10-11 games and/or appear in playoff game: 2nd round pick in 2018 draft
    2017 Bears in 12+ games and/or appear in NFC Championship: 1st round pick in 2018 draft

    In addition to the Bears’ 2nd round pick in 2017 draft.

    This way, the Patriots get the value they invested in Garafalo (the 2nd round pick) plus the benefit of how well they coached him up for success after the trade… and if he’s just a system guy, or not the heir apparent to their 39 year-old guy who could be broken and done in any given game, then they’re getting fair compensation. But if he really is good, and marks a dramatic upgrade for the Bears, then the Bears are paying a fair price for him and the Patriots are getting value for trading away a guy who could really be the heir.

    Of course, there’s no way they do this. Bellicheat wants value up-front. He wants Cassell Part 2, not an I.O.U. that’s dependent on a guy showing that Bellicheat shouldn’t have let him get away.

    Expect lots of rumors to swirl and circulate so multiple teams get into a bidding war. I don’t see any team giving up a 1st rounder for Garafalo, simply because despite his tape thus far, there isn’t enough data on him — especially outside the NE system that Cassell excelled in — for a QB-hungry team to jettison what they feel to have a lot of value: their one and only 1st round pick. So maybe you get a team who gives up a high 2nd round pick this year, plus a conditional next (2nd or 3rd, depending on performance). Or maybe a team will give up their 2nd and 3rd to NE. Because Bellicheat loves stockpiling picks… so maybe someone willing to give up several mid-round picks can entice him.

    My guess is that Cleveland fucks everyone over and takes Garrett #1 after trading their #12 pick to NE for Garafalupagus. He’ll get the snot kicked out of him and be Cassell 2.0, no matter what his ceiling should have been, because hey, it’s fuckin’ Cleveland.

    • Big Mike

      You wonder if Jimmy G has any say in the matter? Although at this point, we’re f’n Cleveland 2.0

  • 505Bears


  • BearDown100393

    List of all NFL teams benefiting long term from transacting with New England Patriots.
    A. None
    B. See Above

  • Bears-4-Ever

    Well compared to a resent thread, Garoppolo would be a way better choice than Romo. Course I know that’s not saying much. But this kid could be a star. If he becomes one, it wouldn’t be a bad thing having him in a Bears uniform while doing it.

  • SC Dave

    FFS, why are we always looking for sloppy seconds at QB?

    • MB30SD

      Because when a perfect beautiful 10 with huge tits walks up and glides her hand over our balls we look around puzzled asking… Uhhhh, wtf was that?!?!

      • CanadaBear

        And when exactly did that happen?

        • MB30SD

          the beautiful girl is erra draft we’ve ever had, cept maybe the ones lach, briggsy, peanut came from. lately we’ve suuuucked.

          • CanadaBear

            I don’t remember the Bears recently passing up a decent QB that they had a shot at other than Dak. All the other ones in the last few years would have cost a lot in a draft trade.

          • MB30SD

            i just mean in general, we’ve sucked at talent acquisition over the last 10 years.

            I like what Pace has been doing. I’m really hoping he knocks it out of the park this year

          • CanadaBear

            Gotcha! Angelo’s last decent draft was 2008 where he got Forte, Earl and Zack Bowman. The rest of the draft was crap (as usual). Emery’s only 2 good picks were Alshon and Kyle. Pace has hit on Goldman, Amos (for a 5th rounder), Floyd, Whitehair and Howard. I’m good with Pace so far but another so-so draft like ’15 and I probably won’t be so good with him.

          • MB30SD

            yeah, with you.

            I think he has the ability to smash this offseason out of the park. So here’s crossing fingers.

          • willbest

            (who we took with our pick before they were drafted)

            2016 – Dak (Deiondre Hall)
            2014 – Carr (Fuller)
            2012 – Wilson (Jeffery)

            2011 – Dalton (Carimi)

            2008 – Flaco (Chris Williams)

  • Jacquelynjburch

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