Everything Wrong With the NFL, In One Play

| November 3rd, 2017

There were audible screams in the basement bar on Waverly Place. Zach Miller had caught a perfect Trubisky toss in the end zone but nobody seemed to notice anything but his leg. My God, his leg. On replay it was even worse. Maybe it was shown a third time on television, maybe it wasn’t. I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t watching. I went to the toilet, disgusted.

When I came out of the bathroom, Miller’s season was over and somehow the NFL had determined they had enough visual data to overturn the touchdown. Not sure which of the two sickened me more.

The Zach Miller Touchdown illuminated everything currently dragging down this great sport and formerly great league.

Forget about anthem protests. They’ll be a thing of memory in a few months. Forget about declining ratings. Television ratings are plummeting everywhere, and will continue to as cable companies lose their monopolistic grip on home entertainment. Forget about head injuries and CTE. People will always play this game and people will always watch.

What will bring the league down?

Injuries & Greed

Aaron Rodgers. Andrew Luck. Deshaun Watson. David Johnson. Dalvin Cook. Odell Beckham Jr. Julian Edelman. Joe Thomas. Jason Peters. JJ Watt. Eric Berry.

These are not bottom of the roster journeymen. These are the faces of the NFL. These are the stars of the league. And the NFL is the only sport on earth that has to endure losing its men at a rate comparable to the Tet Offensive.

And it’s not only marquee power the league is losing. When players go down like this, it renders teams non-competitive at times. The Chicago Bears are only halfway through their season and they have lost their three top pass-catching options. Look at what their passing game is as a result. The Houston Texans have lost three of their top four pass rushers and now the league’s best defense a year ago is allowing nearly twenty-seven points per game.

Is there a solution? Quite possibly not. It’s quite possible, as the players keep getting bigger and stronger, the injuries will continue to mount. But the league could be taking proactive steps to ensure franchises aren’t completely crippled by the loss of players to injury. How?

  • Increase roster sizes to 70. Would this cost far more money? Yes. Adding 17 men to the payroll would be expensive. Oh, and by expensive I mean it would cost about $10 million to franchises worth BILLIONS. And it would be the only way for teams to actually develop from within. Every single team in this league should have a developmental quarterback on their roster. Every one. And a development edge rusher. And a developmental wide receiver. And on and on.
  • Eliminate the practice squad. How did owners get away with this? “We want you on our team but we don’t want to pay you to be on our team”? It is difficult to develop young players in the NFL if another franchise can poach them at any moment.
  • Change the IR rules. There is no reason that a player injured in Week One should be ruled out of a possible postseason appearance. Go to a 4 game, 8 game, IR structure. With 70 player rosters, teams only get to replace the player once they are fully on IR.
  • Mid-Season Trade Exemption. The NFL trade deadline is usually a bore because it is so difficult to find a player that fits your organization’s need that also fits under your salary cap. Why not grant each team the opportunity to exceed the cap – with a penalty – for adding a player with an in-season trade?
  • Loans. For those of you who don’t know how soccer around the world works, many of the bigger clubs allow their young talent to develop by loaning the players to weaker clubs to gain experience. The caveat is that player can’t play against them. What if the Pats could have loaned Jimmy Garoppolo to the Packers for a second-round pick? What if the Bears could loan Charles Leno to the Eagles for their second-half run towards a title? This is never going to happen. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered.

These solutions are not going to keep players from getting hurt. But they are would severely lessen the impact of those injuries if implemented correctly.


Zach Miller’s catch was a catch. Every single human being who watched the Bears play the Saints last Sunday believed it was a catch. Every single human, that is, except Alberto Riveron in the league office.

Football is a moment-to-moment game. It doesn’t build like a baseball game or have huge point swings like the NBA. It’s fireworks, loud and colorful. But the rules and refereeing have removed the fan’s ability to be in the moment with the game. It is no longer possible to celebrate a fifty-yard run because fans are left waiting for yellow to appear on the field. It’s no longer possible to sing the fight song after a touchdown catch because who knows what a catch is anymore?

Is this fixable? Of course it is.

  • Flags for egregious penalties only. Refs should only call holding, offensive/defensive pass interference and illegal contact if the infraction is both obvious and has a discernible impact on the play. Would anyone complain if we saw fewer holds? Does anyone think this new focus on OPI is good for the game?
  • A catch is a catch. Enough with going to the ground and completing the process. Possession of the ball. Two feet down. That’s it. That’s a catch. That was a catch for the entirety of football’s life and that should be what a catch is forever.

Every decision made on officiating during Roger Goodell’s tenure has involved INCREASING the number of flags thrown. How does he think that’s good for viewers of the sport? Well…

Rudderless Leadership

Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner in the history of professional sports. Yes, he is the employee of the thirty-two owners but his gutless, money-grabbing and misguided decisions are hurting the sport every single day.

The refereeing is a disaster. But we’ve talked about that already.

The anthem protests could have been handled the day after they took place but Goodell has let it linger and linger and linger.

Thursday Night Football is despised by players and coaches and 75% of the games have been hard to watch. Goodell overly saturating the airwaves with the NFL has finally turned off high-ranking network partners, like Sean McManus at CBS.

The Chargers are playing in an empty soccer stadium.

Just look at what player discipline has become. Arbitrary fines and suspensions for on-field conduct and even MORE arbitrary suspensions for what happens off-field. Do the owners really believe it’s good for them to have Ezekiel Elliot tying up the American court system in an effort to play some football games?

Look at the other sports and you’ll find commissioners trying to solve problems. Look at the NFL and you’ll see a commissioner creating them.

It was a moment. One play. But everything in that moment and what has ensued tells the story of a declining NFL. And that should make all of us who love this sport so dearly so very sad.

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  • EnderWiggin

    I like the idea of adding 14 spots to the roster.
    Good stuff Blogfather, this is why we come here.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Yeah, good post all round, Jefe.

  • Blur of Ions

    “It is no longer possible to celebrate a fifty-yard run because fans are left waiting for yellow to appear on the field”

    This right here. Every time a big play happens, I always have a sense of dread waiting for the inevitable flag that brings it back. It seems there is always at least one controversial ref decision in each of the Bears games for at least a few years now.

    • SC Dave

      I’m still somewhat irritated on us getting screwed against the Vikings on Howard’s TD run.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Three referees in NY, a majority of two must vote to overturn a call on the field. How is one man allowed to decide a very powerful decision that must be protected from the potential of easy corruption. Do we then create three criminals?

    • willbest

      This doesn’t make sense. If you are required to have irrefutable evidence to overturn then all 3 of them should be required to vote for it. No fucking minority reports.

  • WP4Life

    “waiting for yellow to appear on the field” – Sad but true.

  • Corn Pop Janitor

    In last night’s Jets-Bills game, the Jets TE Sefarian Jenkins (good Star Wars name, dude) caught a great TD pass. Just a great timing throw and catch.

    It was brought back for OPI. All he did was bring his hand up.

    His elbow was cocked, he didn’t stiff arm the cornerback or use his momentum to shove him. That would have been impossible since they were moving in the same direction. He just brought his hand up – just up and it touched the cornerback between his numbers. To keep from having the corner DRAPED OVER him.

    He pulled the arm BACK at the VERY LAST SPLIT SECOND and made a 2-arm catch.

    I’ve seen Randy Moss do a Three Stooges and poke cornerbacks in the eyes. I’ve seen Julian Edelman run pick plays on corners. This was not that. This was – let me protect MY SPACE AS I AM RUNNING – and then re-focus the ball and catch it.

    Nope. OPI.

    Jets had to settle for a FG.

    It was as indicative of the punishment of wideouts that happens as anything I have seen. When you ruin great catches, you ruin the sport.

    I disagree with Jeff (and probably everybody else here) in that I think CTE ultimately buries football. But this makes it a pisser to watch.

    • It’s all part of the plan

      The Miller play forced me to take a mini stand and turn the game off. The inconsistency of the penalties, the endless supply of flags on every big play, the inability of replay to be used correctly, the incorrect interpretation of the horsecollar, of what is a catch and breaking down plays to the nanosecond….and then still fucking up the decision, the fines issued to players at a furious pace, etc, it all has really put a damper on my desire to watch.

      • SC Dave

        It has become more difficult. I’m almost to the point of watching everything ex post facto on gamepass.

      • Corn Pop Janitor

        If the wideout has eyes-on the ball, and the defender does NOT HAVE EYES ON – there needs to be a much broader discretion for asserting offensive position.

        There are alot of bad corners that are just trying to blanket guys and then cry about the push off w/o making any attempt to spot the ball in the air.

        That said, I think defenders should be allowed to headhunt from zone. I really do. RIght now, even a cross-body shoulder to shoulder hit will draw a flag if the defender knocks the shit out of the guy. Taken together, it makes it a better sport.

    • SC Dave

      Michael Irvin made the HoF by pushing off.

    • CanadaBear

      Totally agree about CTE. From everything I’ve seen over the years, the shittier the team the more likely to get fucked on a call. And vice-versa.

    • CTE may have already killed the NFL, but they just don’t know it yet.

      I don’t know of any kid playing popwarner football.

      My nephews play flag, but my sis and her hubby absolutely refuse to let them play padded (and my sis was a cheerleader).

      He’s getting them more into martial arts, baseball and basketball.

      If this were 10 yrs ago, I an almost guarantee they’d be in padded football.

      Now, in the inner city, maybe parents aren’t as conscientious, but it’s hard for me to imagine that the talent pool will not be diminished in say 10-15 yrs.

      I think the only thing that can kinda save football is some high tech alien helmet which prevents concussions.

      Other than that, the NFL might go the way of horse racing.

      Still a sport, but more fringe.

      While the major ballers who like their brains will be in the NBA, Baseball, Hockey or even Soccer.

      I actually think Baseball will benefit most. It seems to be gaining in popularity.

      • willbest

        In college the guy I knew who had the most broken bones was a black belt, and had won several sparing championships. I am not entirely sure how safe that is if you want to get competitive. My kids do soccer and baseball.

        • Broken bones heal. Brains don’t.

          You can do some martial arts in a way to protect brains.

        • Well, I think that’s the whole issue – if you get competitive, that might become a diff animal.

          It also depends on what type of martial arts (those little Thai kids doing muy thai doesn’t seem safe).

          My bro-in law took karate, and he said he never got concussed doing it.
          And he wants to get them some into jiu-justu so they can learn the ground stuff, but that’s mostly locks and chokes and such.

          He doesn’t want to shield them from competition and physicality. He just doesn’t want to brain damage them while doing so.

          when they get older, they could make up their own non-damaged minds.

  • It’s all part of the plan

    It’s frustrating to see a guy get fined for a facemask. WTF?

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    My favorite penalties happen during Returns or after a Turnover. Player running down field, and then there is a flag for a block in the back on a player 15 yards behind them and on the other side of the field. good times.

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  • BerwynBomber

    “Zach Miller’s catch was a catch. Every single human being who watched the Bears play the Saints last Sunday believed it was a catch. Every single human, that is, except Alberto Riveron in the league office.”

    Actually, former Bear Alex Brown on Bears Post-Game Live did not think it was a catch. And for the record, Berwyn did not either.

    But here is my biggest issue with replay. The whole “indisputable evidence” portion of it is often discarded when reversing a call. In this sense many of the most controversial calls would not be controversial if that standard were strictly applied.

    Btw, agree with your recommendations regarding injuries and rosters but as you admit they probably won’t do anything to stop the injuries from occurring or the league’s stars dropping like flies. And yeah losing these guys doesn’t help the game.

    Just as an example a week ago a HOU game would have drawn my interest. A week later with Tom Savage? I’ll pass. And I’m sure those views are happening across the nation in regard to Rodgers/GB and Luck/IND. Or heck even Watt/HOU for those who love D.

    It’s like having a choice between watching Glennon or Bisky. A lot of people will pass on Glennon.

    • SC Dave

      Actually, I lost most of my interest in Houston when Watt and Mercilus went down. That D is great with all its parts.

      But yes, I would have likely tried to catch a Watson game soon. But I have seen the guy play a bunch of times, albeit not in the big leagues. I’ve seen what he can do.

    • Corn Pop Janitor

      Can’t you just give in and make Svengoolie your avatar?

  • SC Dave

    Best post in a long time, Jeff. Kudos.

  • willbest

    Its important to note that your #1 and 2 options taken together would only increase the number of bodies available to a team by 7.

    It is also important to note that unlike players on the game day 45, practice squad members are not going to take the live game hits and therefore are substantially less likely to get injured. One would think the reduced risk would come with reduced compensation. And there is also the fact that they are not as good as the players on the 45-man. One would also think that pay should be somewhat linked to productivity even if you believe in a universal income or min wage.

    Lastly, I would note that practice squad players have the ability to be optioned by any team in the league where as in your model the 17 new practice players on the regular roster would be exclusively held by 1 team. This limits their options for getting playing time to 1 team, and playing time is the ticket to getting a real contract.

    Yes on the IR rule changes. It would prevent stashing players.

    Getting the penalty right on trades would be tricky. And teams, to my knowledge are capable of renegotiating contracts to fit the cap now. So it would seem like you would be allowing people just another way borrow against the future. Which is what you are doing with loans too. I don’t know if that would make the game more competetive, but it at least has the potential to. But then it also creates a system of where tanking is a thing. Bears could loan out Leno and Hicks making it far more likely they end the season 4-12 earning an early draft pick to go along with the picks they got on the loan. You would almost have to implement a draft lottery system.

    • BerwynBomber

      I don’t know if a lottery system would be horrible in and of itself anyway. Although unlike the NBA, which I believe includes half of its teams in the thing, I would cap it at the bottom 10.

      It would result in another night of high ratings for the league and mitigate the opportunity of automatically rewarding the Browns for their continued ineptitude.

  • BerwynBomber

    Bud Selig was pretty bad too. Just saying …

  • willbest

    Oh just another thought on loans. Its bad enough as a fan when your player gets injured. Could you imagine the feeling of having Hicks blow out his ACL while he isn’t even playing for you in week 17 making it unlikely he will return to form for your team next year?

    That level of risk just simply isn’t in soccer.

  • Cubsnlinux

    Is it just me or is Mike and Mike really overrated?

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      they are just like any nationally syndicated radio show, more advertisements and read ins than anything else. In the early years I really enjoyed them, however the last few years it seems like a long commercial.

      Since they are breaking up at the end of the year, you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

      • It’s not like the next show will be any different. Every hour is 20 minutes of ads, 20 minutes of self-promotion, and maybe 20 minutes of actual talk.

        • Yeah, it’s rather annoying when they’re breaking down film then in the next breath they’re telling us to order razors.

    • Scharfinator

      I still enjoy the Dan Patrick Show. I don’t know much longer they’ll do it though, Dan is getting up there.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Patrick’s no longer on the Tucson airwaves as of a couple of months ago..

    • BearDown100393

      It is crap.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Gave up on that one months ago.

  • Hear hear.

    I felt the exact same disgust as it happened, and remarked as much.

    99% of the time, it’s the product.

    Does the avg Joe give a fuck if Chick-fil-a are gay bashers? Not if the chicken is tasty.
    Does the avg Joe give a fuck if Walmart denies unions or by proxy endorses chinese slaves? Not if you get a TV for $50 cheaper.
    Does the avg Joe even care if Marlboro literally murdered millions while covering it up? Nope.
    Are ppl gonna stop listening to Thriller or Billy Jean cuz he MJ may or may not have buggard children? Nope.

    The NFL product has become substandard due to inconsistent penalties. Ironically, this era of fucked up reffing may have started in our game when Megatron did/not come down with the catch.

    After that, it seems like it only has gotten worse.

    The NFL MUST fix the refereeing. That’s by far the #1 crisis in the NFL.

    Like Jeff said, only call it if blatant. The rest, let them play. None of this “this crew calls a million penalties, while this crew allows receivers to get mugged”.

    That’s B.S. The avg fan doesn’t, nor should they, CARE about how diff ref crews officiate.

    Just send out a league wide memo. If it ain’t obvious/flagrant, don’t call it.

    Yes, this MIGHT hurt the Offense a lil, but they have so many advantages already, shouldn’t cripple them.

    – On the inj front, not sure anyone can do anything about them.

    As SC said, these new athletes are wound up so tight, they can pop at any moment. Teddy Bridewater almost lost a leg from walk throughs.

    Mass + velocity is going to make ppl bend the wrong way.

    A 6’6 270 pound guy isn’t supposed to run a 4.6

    I guess you do a mini-minor league for teams, but stars are still gonna get inj, and no names will still have to emerge. That’s just the way it is, and I’m not sure if the INJ rate is any higher now than it ever was in say the 80s.

    DIdn’t the 85 Bears take out 3 QBs in ONE game?

    Stars going down is just something we have to live with unless we’re willing to scale back making athletes faster/stronger, but I doubt anyone wants that cuz we like them faster/bigger/stronger.

    — Last but not least, Roger MUST go.

    I don’t get how the NFL owners are so oblivious to how loathed Goodell is.

    Are they deaf every NFL Draft? The only 3 certainties in life that ppl hate are death, taxes, and Goodell.

    I understand that they’re probably setting him up to deflect hate from them, but the owners must understand that a universally loathed stooge is not profitable for the “shield”.

    This would be akin to Harvey Weinstein being the spokesman for Tampex.

    Get rid of Goodell to restore some goodwill to the fanbase.

    —-Change the viewing model.

    I would bet that half of us watch on pirate feeds (esp us no longer in Chicago).

    It can be quite a pain sometimes. From shitty feeds. To those that freeze. To those with malware..etc

    If the NFL offered an alternative, like $5-10 per week for a clean internet game, that would appeal to millions of football trolls like myself.

    And they would still make lots off DirectTv because I think that appeals more to the FF crowd or the father with disposable income creating mancaves.

    Just my 2cents.

    P.S. Nothing will change.

    • willbest

      “Like Jeff said, only call it if blatant. The rest, let them play. None
      of this “this crew calls a million penalties, while this crew allows
      receivers to get mugged”.”

      If every team in your league has front office guys dedicated to dissecting your referees’ tendencies you are doing it wrong.

      • Scharfinator

        Ehh you’d know what you can maybe get away with.

      • They do, but it shouldn’t have to be that way.

        Last night was a perfect example of that.

        Sefarian Jenkins barely brushes off the CB on his back, and it’s OPI, no TD.

        Maybe the teams understand that crew lets the flag fly, but to the avg spectator, that’s a TD.

        When Romo on replay goes, “ehhhhhh”

        Or Chucky says “ticky tack”

        That should be like the standard of non-calls.

        • willbest

          The way Romo has difficulty carrying water for the NFL officiating is one of the reasons I like him, but it could be something the NFL gets him fired over. Then again, the NFL isn’t exactly in a position to dictate terms to the network at the moment.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Boomer Esiason was trashing the Boger zebra crew on NFL radio.

            Boger has managed to surpass Ed Hochuli as a target for being bad for the game.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      On Roger – The owners only need to look at the other Major Sports commissioners. Those guys try to work hand in hand with the Players Union – especially the NBA. Yes there are issues and disagreements that sometimes lead to lockouts/strikes but they put that crap behind them pretty quickly and work to better their sports. Roger and the players union are at such odds that it always ends up in court.

      On viewing model — I actually think the NFL is headed in that direction. In the last couple years, they have been working with different companies on streaming the London games. I think this is just a test run, or at least it should be. Use those games to identify the issues. The NFL would be wise to contact the MLB on its streaming platform.

      • I don’t understand how any business can operate with the assumption that a universally reviled CEO/Spokesman is good for the business.

        That’s just shitting all over the customer, and a lot of NFL customers have already bailed just on Goodell alone.

        And it’s an easy fix.

        Just get a new guy. Like this world is in short supply of opportunistic money grubbing lawyers with a plastic smile?

        It’s not as if Goodell is some Einstein. He was Rozell’s chauffeur for crying out loud.

        Just get a new guy in with a new platform and that buys like 2-3 honeymoon yrs with the customers.

        • willbest

          The question is how bad for business. If a 2-3 year honeymoon isn’t going to generate any real revenue gains, why switch? Something to be said for loyalty, and doing what you know rather than getting cute. You could lose money with a new guy doing something different. Good will is a tough nut to crack from an economics perspective.

          I do think the NFL is going to have a real problem though in both the next CBA and TV contract deals, and it seems pretty obvious that the situations surrounding both are going to be significantly different from the last time around. Meaning that Rodger’s experience from before won’t be as critical as it would have been if the trend lines from 2012-2015 had still been rolling.

          • “The question is how bad for business. If a 2-3 year honeymoon isn’t going to generate any real revenue gains, why switch”

            Don’t know this yet. I’m sure the internet and other stuff are going to keep chipping away at the NFL, but Goodell is NOT helping the public image.

            He’s perceived as the status quo, or worse, as someone actively destroying the status quo for the worse.

            What will be his legacy?

            The CBA?
            Implementing arbitrary punishments?
            Hiding CTE?
            Allowing the product to go to shit?
            Allowing politics to fester?
            Failing to make NFL international?

            I don’t see how any of those things help the NFL bottom line.

            Stooges aren’t difficult to replace.

            If the Owners were smart, they would hire a proactive Commish who fixes a lot of the crap Goodell has created.

            This may at least slow down the exodus under his watch.

          • SC Dave

            Goodell sucks. What else do you need revile that sunnavabitch?

          • Rarely does Da Blog agree on anything across the board, with two exceptions.

            Goodell sucks
            Steven Segal is a douche

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Segal is not a douche.

      • BearDown100393

        Gary Bettman is a union busting lawyer beloved by owners and hated by everyone else associated with the NHL.

        • CanadaBear

          When Calgary Flames ownership tried to leverage the city for a new arena this year, they actively campaigned against the mayor in his bid for re-election. Bettman joined the Flames owners and campaigned against the mayor. The city made a fair offer for a new arena but the owners wanted way more. They have been trying to play Seattle against Calgary to get a new arena. Seattle couldn’t care less about the NHL. The city re-elected the mayor and the Flames owners are now crying with their dicks in their hands. BTW the Flames owners are billionaires.

          • BearDown100393

            The situation is absurd and Flames fans are going to get screwed.

    • Cormonster

      The best streams are usually found at Reddit, for all sports. At least that’s where I’ve had the most luck with clean streams.


      • Yeah, they def are the best.

        But even those links sometimes shut down.

        the YT ones I can play on my smart TV, but the rest I can’t.

        I would probably pay the $10 so I can just play it on my TV as opposed to laptop, but until then, Reddit it is!

        • That Guy

          During preseason they had links to streams you could run through VLC, which were really nice, high-quality, little lag, and no fucking pop-ups or ads to click through.

          And you can play everything on your TV. Just plug your laptop into your TV. Unless your laptop is so old it runs on steam power and doesn’t have an HDMI port.

          • haha, yeah, I could the the HDMI but typically I like my laptop to BS with Da Blog (though I guess I could do it through my cell, which is basically steam powered cuz I’m not a cell addict)

            I remember the VLC links. Those were GREAT.

            But I don’t think they offer those anymore (unless I missed the cheat sheet).

            Did they post one for the regular season for the Bears?

      • SC Dave

        Theft. Can’t condone it.

        • We still watch the same billion ads of Papa Johns on the pirate feed as regular tv.

          I don’t really see it as stealing cuz I’m not paying $300+ for the NFL package just because I don’t live in Chicago.

          I’m close to not watching football anymore period, yet alone dishing out that mula.

          If anything, FF and pirate feeds are still keeping me around.

    • That Guy

      When I look at the roster of games offered in my area each week, and then have to watch the Bears on a pirated feed, I wonder if the NFL has any business acumen.

      This week, my choices are Cincy @ Jax early, and then KC @ Dallas or Wash @ Seattle. I dunno if the Jags are worth having on in the background, but if I could pay $5 for a legit feed of a better game, I probably would. And why would I pay the $300+ (or whatever it is; I don’t want to get a goddamn satellite dish) for Sunday Ticket when I can get the game I want to see maybe half the time anyway? A la carte with a reasonable price seems like a huge money-maker for the NFL, and would take away so much of the pirate business, like selling MP3s for $1 did a lot to take the air out of music piracy. Yes, people are still going to take stuff for free, but a lot of people are ready, willing, and able to pay for a quality product but cannot because they just don’t want to (or can’t) pay a ridiculous price for a service/contract they don’t want.

      Hell, if I were the NFL (which would be weird, because I’m a human being, not a corporation), I’d ditch the regional broadcasts. Offer 2 games a Sunday to the broadcast networks–an early game and a late game, nationally broadcast. All the rest streaming online, pay-per-view. Casual fans and cheapskates still get to watch football on broadcast TV, and anyone who wants to can pay $5 for whatever game they want to watch. And you justify the cost to fans by reducing the commercials and promo crap. Hell, I’d pay $5 to never hear Joe Buck shill The Voice again.

  • Malice Halice

    I feel like nfl fans look at refs how us black folk look at da police. Really don’t like em, but they’re here cuz they have a VITAL job to do, even tho they SUCK ASS at it. I’m just glad I was born in ‘91 n have no clue what real football was like back then. I still luv watching football n lowkey these fucked calls n missed kicks makes shit a weebit dramatic.

    • Watching football in the 80s, 90s was fun.

      Personally, I looked forward to the big hits as much (or more) than the great catches, runs, TDs.

      I think they even had a show “biggest hits of the week” every sat/sun.

      That’s gone. That won’t be coming back for obvious reasons.

      But just the flag fest now ruins it.

      We’re now conditioned like a Pavlovian dog to expect shitty calls which decreases the enthusiasm, and has completely turned others off.

      It’s like before you went to a nice steak house once a week and expected a tasty ass steak.

      Now, it’s like going to Sizzlers and expecting it to be dry.

      It’s still steak, and sometimes it’s not dry, but you no longer go in expecting a fantastic meal.

      • SC Dave

        The last clause of the last sentence kinda nails it, Butch.

        And damn that sucks.

      • BearDown100393

        Replay ruined on field judgments.

  • willbest
    • Sounds like the non-fiction version of American Psycho

    • Malice Halice

      They better let dat freaky boy live his life. There should be a law that if u take “don’t tell nobody” money u should get prosecuted for bringing shit up afterwards. Dis man flew them from Point A to a fuckin Penthouse n they didn’t expect some Kinky shit to pop off?! AAAAAANNND he’s old so u should DEFINITELY expect some sort of fetish to come about. All dis tatatellin from ppl about offenses that transpired years if not decades ago (along with taking money to shut up) is so lame. I’m not condoning rape at all!

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        so as long as you give someone money not to say anything then you can do whatever you want to them with no consequences.

        • Malice Halice

          Hell da fuck yea! If u take my money to be quiet after I’ve done unspeakable acts to u that’s your fault. If u feel ashamed or any of da sort go to da police, don’t go take da money then fester on da the idea n decide days weeks months years decades later that u was wronged. Fuck dat. The law has civil courts to benefit rich fucktards like him so I don’t respect ppl accepting money just to go tell later. There should be a countersuit for that honestly.

          • Scharfinator

            Taking the money kiiiiiiinda implies consent. I’m not sure I 100% agree with you Malice, but I get what you’re saying.

          • Malice Halice


          • willbest

            uh? Taking hush money doesn’t negate the criminal act. There is a difference between prior agreed upon consent, and paying somebody not to talk about a crime.

          • Malice Halice

            Can’t argue against that. I’ve got a knack for talkin like a dumbass If y’all aint noticed already. I tried tho

  • Cockney Kirk

    Rostafarian also got jobbed on this call

    Calling that a fumble – well – it ruins everything you thought you knew about the game

    • If the Jets win that game, they still maybe in the playoff hunt.

    • SC Dave

      And reinforces everything you knew about Vegas. Some mobster had a BIG bet on that game.

  • Cockney Kirk

    Dennis Miller says quit the sport


  • Cockney Kirk

    Gergaros filed his motions to depose False Face, Kraft and 3 other owners

    His burden of proof is high: without smoking gun emails he must show active collusion to keep Kaep unemployed

    • Cockney Kirk

      Also a Fed appeals court puts Elliot back on the field for False Face and the Pokes

      • willbest

        In the over-saturation thought that is bringing the NFL down, I know far more about players’ lives than I did a decade ago, and while some of it is inspiring like with Watson helping out Texans employees who were displaced by the hurricane, most of it is just exhausting.

    • SC Dave

      Gergaros? Who is he? Some Narcissist craving media attention?

  • That Guy

    I think you’re in fantasy land about loaning players, but by and large, you’re spot-on.

    I’d advocate making game-day active rosters smaller, though. More guys you have dressed, the more specialists coaches will cram in. Which means you get more 375-lb run-stopping DTs who only play in short yardage situations, and 215-lb SS/LB hybrids who can’t cover enough to play SS full-time and can’t take the beating of LB for 60+ plays. What I mean is, the more guys active, the bigger and faster collisions you’re going to have on the field. Fewer guys on the roster means more guys have to run, which means on average, guys won’t be as huge. Fewer guys on the roster means guys have to be good at multiple things, rather than specialist freaks of nature who can only contribute on 3-4 plays per game.

    • I don’t think so because offenses often counter packages.

      See it all the time when they go up-tempo which catches Ds in their base as oppose to nickle, or vice versa.

      And most coaches absolutely hate variables.

      That’s why they often prefer known vet players (like 40 yr old kickers) over younger unproven guys.

      Most coaches want to keep their stars in no matter what. They’re not about to pull Hicks for some PS level run stuffer on 1st down.

      What I think would happen if the roster day increases is more strictly special teamers.

      For instance, this charade about McMannis or Bellamy being a CB or WR would end.

      Teams may choose instead to simply make a special teams core, and have other true developmental players replace them if a CB/WR/HB go down.

      For instance, there would be pure returners without having to turn them into WRs (a la Hester)

      I’m sure the coaching staff doesn’t like having to use Eddie Jackson (or even Cunningham or Cohen) to PR.

      Maybe a guy like Carey can be rostered who is good but didn’t contribute on specials, or maybe we even keep Deonte Thompson as a pure WR instead of a meh returner.

      I would also guess that the Oline would carry more players.

      Instead of having one guy who can be a swing everything, maybe they carry an extra Olinemen to be a pure swing OT, swing OG, swing C, which would greatly improve Oline play since those big boys always go down, and their play depends largely on reps and chemistry.

      (And teams may carry 3 QBs , but maybe that has more to do with practice reps)

      That would be my guess as to what would happen with bigger rosters.

  • SC Dave
  • BearDown100393




  • Valerie

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  • Terry Hawkins

    Football is the only sport I love and when they overturned Miller’s touchdown I seriously contemplated shutting it down. That call and the jets touch down against the patriots are almost to much to take.

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