Data Entry: #PlayTheKid

| August 29th, 2017

The Bears should be preparing Mitch Trubisky to start against Atlanta in two weeks. Anything else is a foolish waste of time. I will admit that I was well behind Jeff in coming to this conclusion, but I have reached it all the same. Allow me to break down my reasoning.

Best QB on the Roster

For those arguing Glennon should play now, I have one simple question: what has Glennon done better than Trubisky this preseason? The only positive answer I can come up with is getting the team lined up properly and in time.

What has Trubisky done better than Glennon? Get through progressions quickly, make accurate throws from the pocket, escape pressure, make accurate throws on the run, throw past the chains on 3rd down, avoid turnovers. Basically, Trubisky has been better at everything you want a quarterback to do after the snap.

At worst, you could say the two QBs are even right now. That could be a somewhat reasonable argument to make based on Glennon playing against better defenses and looking progressively less bad every week. But here’s the thing: if it is anywhere close to even right now, you play the uber-talented rookie with superstar potential over the mediocre veteran with serious physical limitations. That should go without saying.

I’ll happily take the 2-3 delay of game penalties a game (that will be gone in a month) in exchange for the 5-6 big plays Trubisky makes a game that Mike Glennon could only dream of.

Ideal Situation for a Young QB

The blueprint for working a quarterback into an offense from an early stage is clearly established. Surround him with a solid offensive line to protect him, a strong run game, and a stout defense. That way he won’t be leaned on to put up 30 points and win a shootout every week, but instead can manage games at first as you slowly increase his responsibilities. That was the formula that worked for Tom Brady in New England, Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, and Russell Wilson in Seattle. All of those guys started as complementary pieces and eventually emerged after several years as centerpieces who were expected to make the guys around them better.

Now look at the Bears’ roster in 2017 and notice they check every single one of those boxes.

Their defense looks ready to emerge as one of the better groups in the NFL behind a dominant front 7 and revamped secondary, the offensive line is easily one of the 5-10 best in the NFL, and the stable of running backs is talented, deep, and diverse. You simply could not script a better spot for a rookie to step in and learn on the job.

Sitting Him Stunts His Development

Many people have argued that playing Trubisky too early will stunt his development; I would say that they have that backwards. Here’s why: snap distribution in practice changes from training camp and preseason to the regular season. Now the focus shifts to being all about preparing for every Sunday, which means the starter takes almost all of the reps in practice. As we’ve seen with Kevin White, Christian Hackenberg, Paxton Lynch, and many other young players around the league, sitting and watching only gets you so far. Everybody’s saying the only thing Trubisky needs is the reps, but the only way he gets the reps is if he’s starting.

Besides practice, Trubisky could also learn a lot from taking the 1000 or so in-game reps awaiting Chicago’s QB this year. And doing so will provide him with plenty of tape to study next offseason so he knows exactly what to improve on, making that a more productive time in his development as well. The combination o practice reps, playing time, and film to study next offseason should make Trubisky much better by 2018 than sitting this year, which is really important, as we’ll see in a minute.

All of the above arguments should be perfectly sufficient to make the case Mitch Trubisky should be taking every snap possible in 2017. If that’s not enough, there’s one last one I have to make too. Brace yourself: this one involves talk of a Super Bowl. For the first time in a while, I think that’s a realistic discussion to begin having about the Bears.

Limited Championship Window

Take a realistically optimistic look at young talent on roster. That is, assume what we’ve seen between last year and this preseason is not a mirage and several young guys pan out like we reasonably think they will.

Let’s specifically focus in on 7 key players and project them somewhat optimistically: Leonard Floyd becomes a superstar. Jordan Howard and Cody Whitehair remain upper echelon players at their position. Eddie Goldman, Eddie Jackson, Mitch Trubisky, and Jonathan Bullard all establish themselves as quality starters.

This is certainly an optimistic projection for all 7, but not unrealistic for any of them based on what we’ve seen so far. And it doesn’t mention Tarik Cohen, Adam Shaheen, Cam Meredith, Kevin White, Roy Robertson-Harris, Bryce Callahan, Cre’Von LeBlanc, or Nick Kwiatkoski, any of whom could also emerge into that quality starter territory as well. We won’t bank on that though, so they won’t be considered in the ensuing financial discussion.

The Bears should be looking at that collection of young talent and thinking they have a strong title window from 2018-20. When you have a number of quality players on cheap rookie deals, including a quarterback, you should absolutely be thinking championship. That needs to be the expectation for the Bears in the next 4 years.

Now lets look at just how fast the financial situation changes as those players’ initial 4 year rookie deals expire and they need to be paid.

All of the above 7 players will be on rookie deals through 2018, with a combined cap hit of just over $16 million that year (barring a Goldman extension after this season). By 2019, Goldman will need to get paid (and Bullard, Whitehair, Floyd, and Howard will be eligible for early extensions, which are often the most team-friendly 2nd contracts you can get). The other 6 besides Goldman will have a cap hit of about that same $16 million, so it’s safe to say the cap hit with Goldman included should be $25 million or less, maybe $30 million if he absolutely dominates in 2017.

By 2020, Bullard, Whitehair, Floyd, and Howard will all have played out their rookie deals, with Trubisky and Jackson eligible for early extensions.

By 2021, all of those players will be on their 2nd contracts. How much will that cost? A look at current comparable contracts around the NFL gives us a conservative estimate, as values are likely to rise in the next three years. A quality QB will be at least $30 million a year by that point. A top pass rusher is currently just under $20 million a year, with Khalil Mack set to re-calibrate that market soon. Good defensive linemen go for at least $10 million a year, top centers currently make around $9 million a year, running backs are around $8 million a year, and safeties make around $10 million annually.

Now you’re talking about close to $100 million a year for those 7 players, a far cry from the 2018-19 totals. That’s $75-85 million less you have to spend on the rest of the roster. For some context, the 2017 cap hits of Lamarr Houston, Willie Young, Josh Sitton, Pernell McPhee, Bobby Massie, Prince Amukamara, Danny Trevathan, Akiem Hicks, Quintin Demps, Dion Sims, Marcus Cooper, Zach Miller, and Markus Wheaton add up to just less than $75 million.

Suffice it to say those big contracts for guys currently on their rookie deal will cost the Bears quality players elsewhere. This is not to say the rest of the roster will suck, but it becomes harder to fill holes with competent veterans when you don’t have the money to pay them, as has been Ryan Pace’s practice so far. Instead the Bears will need to fill holes by drafting well, which is harder to do.

Look no further than Seattle, which recently rode a wave of cheap talent playing on rookie deals to two Super Bowls, winning one and coming a yard away from getting a 2nd. Now that all those guys have gotten paid, they’ve taken a significant step back in the last 2 years while looking for their next wave of drafted talent.

Or look at Denver, who lost just a few expensive players coming up on their 2nd contract that they couldn’t afford to keep after winning the Super Bowl in 2015. They finished .500 and didn’t even make the playoffs last year, though admittedly the QB changeover due to Peyton Manning’s retirement is also a contributing factor there. But their overall QB play probably improved from 2015 to 2016. It’s just their defense was not as incredibly dominant, so they didn’t win as many games.

Both Seattle and Denver lost vital depth, saw strengths become less strong, and had more holes emerge on the roster when they had to pay their young talent. They simply couldn’t afford to keep everybody they wanted to, and it cost them contender status for at least a few years. Having too much talent to pay is a good problem to have, but a problem indeed, and the Bears could well be headed for that same harsh reality in just a few short years.

If the Bears sit Trubisky this year, they’re shrinking that initial title window by a season. First year starters basically never win a Super Bowl (I believe the last one was Tom Brady in 2001), as there’s too much they need to learn. If Trubisky doesn’t start this year, the Bears are realistically punting on any chance at a Super Bowl until 2019. That is quite simply a waste of a year for no good reason.

The more Trubisky plays, the sooner he develops. The sooner he develops, the sooner their title window opens. The sooner their title window opens, the more chances they have at a title before they can’t afford to keep everybody on the roster.

And that’s all you can do: maximize your title window to get as many realistic chances as possible. It takes too much going right in a game defined by injuries and lucky bounces in single-elimination playoffs to bank on winning it all in any one year, but the odds improve overall the more consecutive years you give yourself a good chance.

Short and Sweet Summation

I’ve spent too many words talking about this, but the crux of my argument is really quite simple: playing Mitch Trubisky is obviously the best move for the Bears in both the immediate and long term.

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  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    Solid post Data.
    Futile but smart and accurate.

    • SC Dave

      Other than a few oddities, I suppose so.

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    If all it takes is some data entry for these smart insights, how come Wood is not a GM or running analytics for NFL team.

    And how come John Fox and Ryan Pace who are such bumbling fools and yet still have jobs at a storied franchise?

    Not sure what the point is from “start trub now” crowd. Are you saying John Fox and Ryan Pace are too dumb to realize the talent they have in Trubisky? Are you saying that John Fox is purposely trying to lose by starting Glennon?

    Who has seen Trub more closely for the past 4 months? Dowell Loggains, John Fox, Ryan Pace or the ‘Start trub now” crowd? If you are trusted Ryan Pace to make the trub pick and applauded the pick, why are you not willing to take trust their decision that Trub is not ready and they will put him on the field when they think he is ready.. which is only matter of weeks away.

    The kid is learning fast but has ways to go. He was overwhelmed to think of the play clock 2 times in one possession against the Titans. You don’t put that qb on the field for 60 minutes. He showed everyone he is not ready right at this moment. But he will be in 5-6 weeks. Why hyperventilate over this issue so much?

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      First of all why am I responding to a dead post with no handle?
      Maybe read the article again. You may have missed a few paragraphs. Data has conveniently broken down his reasoning into 4 easy to read sections.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Read an idiot’s response. Expect Stupidity.

    • That Guy

      Plenty of organizations allow people to fail upward.

    • madscout12

      Remember 2 weeks ago, when the game was too big for Biscuit because “he can only roll out and play in shotgun” and “the kid can’t do dropbacks or play under center”? I fucking do. No go watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqK_Wm-Bi9Y&t=207s

      I count 7 of 17 dropbacks he took from under center, which is very much NFL average: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/extra-points/2017/development-shotgun-nfl-four-tables

      Point being, the kid showed in 3 weeks comfort in the drop back. The hiccups with the clock will go away.

      But the inaccuracy and the inability to read coverages Glennon has shown will not go away.

  • “Brace yourself: this one involves talk of a Super Bowl. For the first time in a while, I think that’s a realistic discussion to begin having about the Bears.”

    This is where I differ from Jeff and Data and most of the TrubNow movement.


    It is HOPEFUL to assume that we sucked last year because of INJ and not because of Fox
    It is HOPEFUL to assume the Bears will somehow remain healthy and as such competitive (we can ALL admit we’re thin due to rebuilding, right?)
    It is HOPEFUL to assume that the sophomores will progress (Amos vision) and the FAs will pan out.

    You know what can give us some hard ‘data’ on those assumptions. ACTUAL FOOTBALL GAMES.

    That’s when we can find out if all those hopeful assumptions are reality.

    Until them, we’re a 3 win team.

    And if those hopeful assumptions materialize (and if Glennon sucks), then slip in Trub.


    “Surround him with a solid offensive line to protect him, a strong run
    game, and a stout defense. That way he won’t be leaned on to put up 30
    points and win a shootout every week”

    Related to #1, we have a strong D ONLY IN THEORY. Are we going to be able to stop the Falcons, Puke, and Steelers (or even revamped Bucs) from scoring 30?

    And you know this…how?

    Our Oline looks like a strength, I’ll give you that, except that either Grassu or Compton will likely start.
    Besides, who is Trub going to throw to against the Falcons – White, Wright, GENTRY?


    “snap distribution in practice changes from training camp and preseason to the regular season.”

    This is true, but isn’t it really up to Birdcage and Fox to cut up reps? (with perahps a firm push from Pace)

    If you like how Trub looked in the offseason, then MAYBE just MAYBE Birdcage’s behind the scenes program is working, and we should trust their judgment.


    Not even worried about cap or “the window” till we actually win games.


    Play Glennon first 3-4 games

    (what if he actually is good, heaven forbid!? How many Trub Now folks ASSUMED he would suck vs Titans? They were wrong then. Could be wrong going forward)

    Falcons, Bucs, Steelers, Puke is the hardest 4 game opener in entire NFL.

    It’s unrealistic to believe they’re going to be low scoring affairs (unless you’re 6 Guinnesses deep) while we get a more accurate gauge of our Oline and team in general (as opposed to just hopeful theory)

    What’s 4 games (unless you really do believe we’re SB contenders)?

    If Bears lose them, Trub comes off the bench as a savior, a bit more prepared and ready to roll against a much weaker schedule with perhaps a more nsync WR corps.



    • Bender McLugh

      “Besides, who is Trub going to throw to against the Falcons – White, Wright, GENTRY?”
      add Shaheen & Sims, Tarik & Howard. That’s not too bad and only slightly better if the presumed #1 WR weren’t injured.

      Still, I say sit him for a game or two, get a feel for where the lines are at on real game days. But get Trubs in asap. I mean why the hell not?

      One other note – we Bears fans have been traumatized by the Cutty experience where he was ruined for three years of bullshit O-line play that nearly killed him on the regular. If they can keep Trubisky relatively clean then I’m all for it.

      • But see, even if we include Shaheen, Sims and Tarik, that’s still only hopeful SPECULATION.

        We have not seen ANY of them play real games in a Bears uni. We really have NO clue how any of them will perform vs essentially 3 playoff teams and a strong Buc team.

        We know our Oline is decent. We know Howard can run.
        That’s about all we know, and if the WRs are clowns, Ds will just stack the box and take even that away.

        And you’re right about Cutler and the Oline.
        Maybe it has traumatized us a bit, so some of us are a bit more cautious this time around.
        Seems natural.

        If the Bears do look like a strong team. If Glennon looks horrible.
        Then I have no issue letting the kid play.

        But let’s find out first. At least get some sort of sneak peak before we flingTrub into the great unknown

        • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

          but if you voluntarily weaken the team in those first few games you could impact the whole season.

          • But we DON’T know if Glennon weakens the team the first few games.

            I guarantee Jeff and gang would’ve bet their left nut that Glennon would stink vs Titans, and he didn’t.

            And we also don’t know if starting Trub right away won’t retard his progression.

            We hope it won’t, but no one knows.

            So, play it a lil safe for 3-4 weeks.

            Trub is going to be here for the next decade or so.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            getting experience in actual games doesn’t retard progress unless you are playing for the expansion Texans in 2002. Ironically Carr actually still progressed. He just ended up not being as good as advertised.
            Glennon looked good on that drive but people are now willing to forget the other shit that happened? I’d rather have weapon learning how to play by playing than sitting behind a career backup and watching him be average.
            Rodgers sat behind one of the greatest QB’s of all time. Trubisky is sitting behind the equivalent of an out of focus Favre dick pic. (I don’t know what that means but you know what I mean)

          • I’m always a bit confused with the “Vadgers sat behind Needle Dick” angle.

            Are ppl pointing that out saying that Vadgers learned a lot off the bench from a HOFer?

            Cuz as we all know, Favre did not teach Vadgers shit. He was openly hostile towards him. Still is a bit, actually.

            Vadgers learned from the bench as many other HOFers. From film, reps, analyzing games from the sidelines, etc.

            The QB “apprentice” route is not unprecedented.

            However, if ppl are arguing that Favre still gave the Puke a chance to win WHILE Vadgers learned from the bench (and learned successfully), then yeah, I hear that.

            Then again, how often is it that a team rosters two HOFer QBs?

          • AlbertInTucson

            I believe the narrative that Rodgers needed to first sit came from a Green Bay source. And that narrative was that Rodgers was NOT yet “awesome”.

          • No, it wasn’t just them Al.
            I remember that draft clearly.

            A lot of whispers came out about Vadgers being a self-entitled douchainne who would not win over the locker room (think RG3).

            That’s why he fell. And it wasn’t just the Puke who thought that.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            he wasn’t even awesome when he finally started. It took a couple years of him PLAYING.

          • SC Dave

            Most Packer fans I know still think Favre was better than Rodgers is.

            As to why, I have no idea.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            It was directed at those that think Trubisky somehow gains skill by sitting and getting limited reps in practice.
            Rodgers was already awesome. He got better by playing because he wasn’t the guy we all know and love right off the bat. Rodgers sat because a HOF’er still wanted to play but someone felt like it was coming to an end because the relationship was changing between Favre and the brass.
            It was also directed at those that somehow think that putting a young guy in who may experience adversity is somehow going to ruin him. If it does you have the wrong guy anyway.
            We don’t need Trubisky to sit. We need him to play and learn. If you’re going to lose why not lose while you’re improving?
            If you’re going to get experience why not do it in the same offense that you’re average career backup is going to run anyway?
            Playing Glennon doesn’t do the Bears any favors. Putting the kid in and calling gameplans that allow him to showcase his skills does the Bears a ton of favors.
            In a perfect world we keep Cutler or Hoyer and use this last draft and FA period to bolster key positions. Since we didn’t do that we picked a kid that has shown he can play. He’s not Montana but who the fuck knows….Montana was surrounded by HOF and Probowl talent his whole career and also HOF playcallers.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Mitch looks better than/as good as a young Montana right now.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Maybe the QBs ‘learn’ the game at college. Like Young’s comment about learning it watching McMahon from the bench, not watching Joe in the pros.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I bet my right nut. He had one good drive. He was still staring down receivers, he was still inaccurate, and he still looked lost when the play broke down.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          ‘if the WRs are clowns,Ds will just stack the box and take even that away’
          Like they did last year when our WRs were clowns and our QB was Barkley?

          • willbest

            Hard to call Jeffery/Meredith a clown show. The rest of the WR core was a bunch of misfits though.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I’ve got Thompson as WR1 based on what he’s done, and others haven’t.

        • Bender McLugh

          yes Thompson, I knew I forgot someone

    • Irish Sweetness

      Until proven, that OL and that defense is what it was last year, as Holy as Christmas.

      Let’s see what kind of pressure Fangio gets with 3 maybe 4 players. Let’s see what Demps et al does with that pressure – conspicuous by its absence no doubt. We’re coming up against some real Os and Ds early doors, we shall be measured and weighed, and whether we are found wanting remains to be seen.

      If Grasu is a weak link at Center, what does that mean for us? One more injury ….

  • King of DBB

    Jeff made Data drink the kool-aid! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Data, the last guy who made people do that was named Jim Jones. It ended badly for the guys who did as they were told. Don’t do it! Stay with reason and logic! Come back to Vulcan, don’t let Pon-Phar take over your mind with hormones!

  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    Anything can happen in football and teams that are “locks” to make the playoffs could suffer catastrophic injury or bad luck. If the Bears choose to play Glennon over Trubisky they are choosing not to be the most competitive team that they can be. That my friends would be a tough pill to swallow should the D actually hold a couple of these early teams in check.
    NFL windows are short and consistent successful seasons are not promised to anyone. Put the best team on the field and give yourself a fighting chance.
    In short, be like the Dolphins.

    • King of DBB

      Summation: If you are at the bar and a 7 is ready to party back at your pad, do not hold out for the 9. The window is short and if you end up with blue balls it’s your fault for being a greedy bastard.

      • Bender McLugh

        lol here here!

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        haha, wouldn’t Glennon be the 7 and Trub is the 9? If the 9 has already flashed her titty at you when no one was looking you then ditch the 7, knock over anyone in your way and take the 9 into an Uber, stop at Mr. Sub on the way home and then do your thing.

        A question for the ages:

        If your rookie QB is possibly a hot crazy 9 but could be playing on a team of 7’s do you hold him out because you don’t think the team can support a 9 at QB?
        If your team is a 7 and you put a cuck in at QB does the team play more or less inspired.

        Imagine the D miraculously holds some of the O powerhouses we play early in the season in check and our O just shits the bed because we’re cuckmode what kind of message does that send to the team?

        • King of DBB
          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            given that ho extra sizzauce.

        • King of DBB

          Could somebody photoshop a picture of Cuck Rodgers with like a helpless face watching Jaime Foxx stuff Olivia Munn. Maybe put a ball gag in his mouth. Thanks!

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            haha, I can’t help but feel that was directed at me. I have creative ideas but cannot execute them on a computer. You see, I’m a people person.

          • King of DBB

            Guess it’s time to do some photoshop tonight.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            also, why the fuck didn’t you tell me to buy bitcoin when you did.
            Important Note to GP : if in the future you feel that there is an incredible opportunity to retire several years sooner with a project 912 in my triple insulated garage please advise me at your earliest opportunity.

          • King of DBB

            You don’t know fucking regret. I had a chance to shuffle and go in for 200 instead of 20 but didn’t have the balls. I thought about it, but thought the banks might bury it. I ignored everything I knew about scarcity and acted the pussy.

            It’s like bowing out on the office Powerball pool and then every prick in the office wins except you.

          • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

            haha, that is fucking insane.

            Imagine how hard the Winklevoss twins went in on that. Holy shit.

          • Irish Sweetness

            He stuck it all on Conor.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          How can a Giraffe be a 7? 5 1/2 – 6 at best.

          Oh wait…he makes millions of dollars a year.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Gummo is Gwynneth Paltrow …. Mitchell is a prime-of-life Kelly LeBrock with a serious shot at being Raquel or Sophia.

    • SC Dave

      Since anything can happen, what if the Bears win with Glennon?

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        If the Bears beat Atlanta with Glennon, it would be like Conor beating Floyd.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Not a bit.

          • CanadaBear

            Other than the “about as likely part”.

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        I was talking about other teams and injuries. Glennon had that one drive and it was glorious. Trubisky is raw but when he’s out there it’s so much fucking better than Glennon overall.
        Let’s watch the first games play out, the losses pile up, lose any momentum and then put the kid in during a lameduck season with no hope at all of going to the playoffs. That is not what I want to happen. I want the better guy in from the jump, let him ball out or at least try to and see where the chips fall.

      • Irish Sweetness


  • AlbertInTucson

    If the Professor is convinced, so am I.

    The breaking point for me is what SHOULD have been the “Gimme” of a TD pass to Thompson on Sunday that became, instead, an acrobatic catch attempt of a poorly thrown ball.

    Frankly, from what I’ve seen so far, Trubisky’s “Errors of inexperience” would be a wash with Glennon’s “Failures due to lesser ability”.

    The first part of that equation is a variable.

    The second is, apparently, a given.

    • All QBs have bad throws, Al.

      Remember those throws when Trub threw into double coverage apparently oblivious to the other defender lurking.

      He really should’ve had 2 INTs (vs scrubs not gameplanning, mind you.)

      If you wanna say I rather live with Trub bad than Glennon bad, then that’s a diff argument.

      • AlbertInTucson

        I believe Trubisky makes that throw and Thompson waltzes in for a TD instead of trying to corral the underthrow.

        Glennon’s decision making hasn’t impressed me, either.

        And Glennon is fortunate to have only had 2 picks so far.

        • Glennon’s decision making vs Titans didn’t impress you enough?

          Just curious.

          To me, it showed me what Glennon with an actual game plan could do.

          And that is his edge. Knowledge.

          • AlbertInTucson

            There’s “knowing’ and there’s “executing”.

            He knew what to do with Thompson and failed to execute.

            Game planning does not excuse 1 pick 6 and another near one the following week.

          • So you’re banking that Trub’s execution will do more for the team than Glennon’s knowledge?

            (and that starting Trub right away in spite of only 13 college starts, will not stunt his growth?)

          • AlbertInTucson

            So, you don’t think Trubisky passes the “Eye Test”?

          • I thought Trub passed the eye test since b4 we drafted him.

            And that’s why I want him to continue passing the eye test, when he’s properly trained like a drilled jedi knight.

            right now he’s all Anakin, talented, hungry, but perhaps a bit wild.

            Need a lil Obi patience to bring him along.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            NOPE. let him loose and go wild. Sure there will be bumps along the way, but I want someone willing to kill a bunch of kids. Let him become a Sith Lord.

          • Here’s what Glennon can do with an actual game plan: check it down. Check it down some more.

            Three times on 3rd down Glennon threw way short of the sticks, with no chance for YAC. That’s losing football that fills the stat sheet.

            Three times on 3rd down in the 2nd half, Trubisky threw the ball to his man at/past the chains. White and Cruz dropped theirs (Cruz’s was FAR more egregious), and Thompson caught his but ran his route a yard short. Still, that was Trubisky consistently making the right play on 3rd down, while Glennon consistently played it safe and gave his team no chance.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Yah, if he’s going the Hoyer route trying to hold onto his job, then fuck that. Mitch isn’t playing like that, he’s making throws. Damn accurate ones.

        • SC Dave

          Do you deny that Trubisky should have two by now?

      • Yep, Trubisky made some rookie mistakes. Two passes that should have been picked off.

        Guess what? Glennon threw two that were picked off, with two or three more that should have been.

        And a bunch more on top of that which fell incomplete because he can’t make a halfway decent throw if he gets forced off his spot at all.

        I’m ok with rookie mistakes from a rookie. I’m not ok with a veteran sucking but playing just because he’s a veteran.

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      Al, I could not believe more people were not disgusted by that throw.
      We know the 95yard drive was really awesome. Then the rest of Meh. Then that missed opportunity unfolded right in front of us. It was sad to watch that weak limpy pass just dribble onto the ground with a wide open Thompson right there.

    • SC Dave

      You gonna give him that based on a fucking cap analysis?

  • AlbertInTucson

    Trib says the Kid starts Thursday.


    • Scharfinator

      Don’t all the starters rest on the 4th preseason game? I could be remembering wrong…

      • AlbertInTucson

        Thought they at least took a series.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Let’s see who else starts Thursday.

    • Jeff got his wish.

      Trub starts!

      See, everyone wins.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Please don’t show me that you got me EXACTLY what I wanted for Christmas in August and then tell me I can’t play with it until CHRISTMAS!

  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    Blog tech request:
    Can someone create a Glennon submissive avatar for me. Glennon and his huge neck on a black pvc clad gimp body? Asking for a friend.

  • Gonna be promoting this till Fri. Join, and get a free Arby’s coupon or backrub form Biggsy.

    FF alert .

    OK. so this is who’s in thus far.

    Moi (Shaheen Sex Machines)
    Artoo (some lame name, I’m sure)
    NBIT (Cohen’s White Rabbi)
    505 (Prince Akiem and Sitton)
    Sac (something to do with shitting on Trub)
    Ender (Biskuits ‘N Titties)
    Waffle (PaceBot 2000 – need an upgrade, Waffle)

    That leaves THREE spots open.

    Fres, you said you wanted in. Msg me ur email, or I’ll shoot you mine when you pop on here.

    And if GP and Shady come around, that’s a wrap

    (unless 2 more wanna join, in which case, it’s a 12 team cage match)

    But this is open for all contenders. I know Data and a few others play, but are escared of Da League. Join, wussies.

    Draft Date: Sep 2, 10:00 PM ET
    Type. Auction. $200 budget

    Two QB. $100 blind bid waiver wire (again, NOT real $$$)

    Irish, I don’t know how you can be in 30 FF leagues and not do auction. They’re absolutely the best.

    This way, EVERYONE has a chance at Cuttybadger, Alshon, Forte, Howard, Trub, White…

    Just a matter of paying up! (or NOT paying up and buying Vadgers….looking at you GP, Shady…)

    • King of DBB

      I’m emotionally scarred from two players trying to throw the tourney at the end last year.

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        I needed a running back and a QB. Cam failed me and all of TE’s got hurt. Don’t let this define me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I moved up the trade deadline AND I’m gonna get Elizbeth Warren up in there as a Commish this time around.

        I HATE interfering with the “market” cuz no one loves wheeling and dealing like a shady russian oil tycooon more than I do, but I guess I gots to get up in there more.

        The earlier trade deadline should take care of most of that shit though.

    • Sactowns#1

      Mitch Better Have My Money!

      • bwhahaa

        Damn. Wish I thought of that.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          well go with ’99 problems but Mitch ain’t One’

  • King of DBB

    FWIW, Bernstein and Goff made fun of the Tr00b fanboys on the train ride home last night.

    Tr00b tripped over his feet twice and lost the ball once – simply because he hasn’t mastered his drop back mechanic yet.

    He looked down a bunch of his routes.

    Like Butch said, there were two throws that are 100% picks in a real game.

    He’s just not ready. Is Glennon ready? Glennon goes to bed dreaming of having Tr00bz arm. But Glennon showed he makes the read correctly. And he certainly isn’t going to get many passes batted down.

    Go watch the 96 yard drive to open the game. Glennon ran the entire drive perfectly, and brought the team with an easy TD from starting at the 4. Granted, Titans have the 2nd worst secondary in the NFL, but Glennon made it look easy against their 1s.

    • I wonder if the “start trub now” kabal is made up of ppl who have never played organized football.
      With all due respect to Jeff, Data and Andy, they don’t strike me as the type who did.

      It takes a lot of reps, muscle memory, training, and yes, in spite of Allen Iverson protestation, PRACTICE (this ain’t bball)

      Trub hasn’t played under C since the PowerRangers was the #1 show on Saturdays.

      A QB can NOT be thinking about his 3-5-7 step footwork while trying to process progressions, coverages, blitzes as 300 pound angry man meat is bearing down. CAN. NOT. DO. IT.

      Jeff seems to think it’s like a local pick up game at the Y. It ain’t.

      I have no doubt Trub will master the footwork. He has surpassed many expectations. Certainly he can create more from less than Glennon.

      But slow ur roll, peeps.

      For every Wilson/Dak there’s 5+ RG3s, Lockers, Gabberts, Weedens, Manziels…

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        RG3 – redskins and brutal injury
        Locker – played on old shitty Titans
        Gabbert – played on shitty Jags
        Weeden – played on shitty Cleveland
        Manziel – complete fuckhead and also played shitty Cleveland
        Not everyone is talented enough to play well in the NFL game no matter what they did in college.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        “For every Wilson/Dak there’s 5+ RG3s, Lockers, Gabberts, Weedens, Manziels”
        why not play him and find out sooner than later which category he falls into.

      • Irish Sweetness

        McGregor-Mayweather is good comparison. Conor can punch. Mitchell can punch. But Conor had to think about things in there against Floyd, Floyd didn’t need to think. It’s all memory.

        What’s to stop us bringing in Trubs when a games is beyond reach? He can still get his snaps, we don’t have to burden him is all.

        • CanadaBear

          I’m still waiting for the world to be shocked from the greatest fight ever.

    • The fumble was a result of Grasu getting bull-rushed back into Trubisky. I watched it a good 10x yesterday to figure out what was going on. Trubisky ran for a stretch handoff just fine, Grasu just didn’t hold up.

      I did watch that one Glennon drive. I also watched the other 7-8 this preseason when he sucked.

      Trubisky has made 4-5 plays in every single preseason game better than any one play Glennon has made all preseason. He’s thrown fewer interceptable passes, fewer balls unnecessarily into the turf, stared his #1 read down fewer times than Glennon. After the snap, Trubisky has literally been better in every single way imaginable.

      Trubisky is the better quarterback right now. And certainly will be miles ahead of Glennon after a month of growing pains.

      And if that fact isn’t enough, there are more reasons to play him now that I outlined in great detail in the article.

      • SC Dave

        The Trubisky Cult sees what it wishes to see.

        And sorry, cap analysis is a silly reason to select a QB

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          and who knows what the Glennonites are seeing.

          • willbest

            I would put Glennon on a moderate hook. If he opens 0-2 with 4 INTs then put the kid in. If he opens 0-2 but the issue isn’t on him, let him go a couple more. If the team is 0-4 and effectively out of contention put Trubisky in. If you are looking at 2-2 or something though with Glennon playing Fox ball, you got to give him until the bye.

          • Irish Sweetness

            After telling him he’s the starter, after telling the media, and after paying him 16M … you kind of have to give him until the bye … at least it gets those nastier defenses off the schedule.

        • Before the preseason, I was 100% fine with sitting Trubisky for at least half the season. Then I watched him and Glennon both play.

          Glennon is worse than expected (and what was expected was not much, at least on my part). Trubisky was (MUCH) better than expected.

          That changed the narrative for me.

      • Irish Sweetness

        The OL may not be the base people think it is for launching Trubisky. If that pocket isn’t clean then I don’t want my boy facing those defenses early season.

        Same goes for the ILB/DB scenario. Can Demps captain that backfield? Can he ball? How will the corners do.

        Proof of the pudding’s in the eating, I don’t think we’ve seen what we have yet.

  • BearDown100393

    Mitch vs Browns

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Sanchez getting starter treatment on Thursday and not playing at all. They really, really do not want Trub on the field week 1. If Glennon goes down, they will put in Sanchez.

    As I have been saying if Trub is not ready to start, he is not ready to #2. Because all it takes is one hit to Glennon and then #2 guy is the default starter.

    • SC Dave

      So does Sanchez or Shaw make the team?

    • I read it the opposite way.

      They’re trying to give Trub as many reps vs real hits (even if scrubs) as possible to prepare him for the season.

      This might be the most action he gets until he’s promoted to start, so, sure, why not?

      Everyone knows what Sanchize is at this point, and he may not even make the team.

      I like that they’re throwing Trub out there for more experience. Hopefully, it’s mostly all under center.

      We know he can throw on the run, but I want to see him throw from the pocket more.

      Last thing we need is Manziel-like habits of always escaping the pocket.

      Some solid 3-5-7 step rhythm throws from the pocket would be nice to build on.

  • King of DBB
    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      haha, yass.

  • Sactowns#1

    Every game Gomer doesn’t play is one more game he doesn’t get injured I suppose.

  • King of DBB

    What’s kinda sad is this pic is NOT photoshopped


  • Hmmm. Blog poll.

    What’s the most ghetto 40 out there?

    The more exotic, the better.

    There used to be one in L.A. called Crazy Horse

    which I only saw frat boys or skid row bums drink.

    • King of DBB
      • Ha!
        Lando graffitied on a gigantic Colt 45!

        You’ll be in cloud city alright after downing that shit!

    • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

      Steel Reserve or Olde English 800
      both brewed for exceptional flavor.

      • evantonio

        Olde English 800 isn’t even the most ghetto Old English. You need yourself some Olde English High Gravity, kid.

        • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

          I didn’t want to be redundant. Steel Reserve is high gravity. Bums be zombified.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


    • SC Dave

      How the fuck would I know?

      I barely see the shit, let alone *drink* it.

      • They don’t sell 40s at ur local liquor store, SC?

        Everyone town has po drunks.

        • SC Dave

          Probably on the other side of the store. I only venture into the beer and wine side (still have to be separate “stores” here) and wander straight into the craft section.

    • Bender McLugh


  • FF alert

    Shady is alive, and IN to defend his crown.


    Big Trub in Little Chi Town

    2 spots left.

    • SC Dave

      You guys are lucky that I’m on the AT Sept 2 or I’d come in to own you.


      Because I would have NO FUCKING IDEA what I was doing, and hence be totally unable to outsmart myself.

  • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

    Can this fit on the ESPN site for a team name:
    Rolling down the street smoking endo, sippin on gin an juice, Meeyotch!

    • Meeyatch slapping cucks?

      • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

        way more reasonable of a length.

        • Suns Out, Buns out, Ciggy In

          Mitch Please!

        • SC Dave

          That depends on the cucks, no?

  • StarkyLuv

    I think the best argument is that Glennon has no purpose on this team. We’re not going to the playoffs this year. We can not go to the playoffs while getting our franchise QB invaluable experience. Glennon will not be on this team next season. Trubisky will spend the next 12+ years here.


  • SC Dave


    You’ve fought the good fight. But the Disciples have seen their Deity, and it is The Mitch. They even speak of the San gReal, of the mystic Super Bowl.

    Rest, my blog brother. Center… smile.

    In the end reality, however it ensues, will prevail.

    And maybe, just maybe, they are right. That would not be A Bad Thing.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    “Surround him with a solid offensive line to protect him, a strong run game, and a stout defense.”

    That’s a lot of assumptions for this year for a team that won only 3 games last season.

    Especially with our best running back AND best wide receiver getting injured in preseason?

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      Howard got poked in the eye. My guess is if it was regular season he most likely would have played. Hard to call that an injury.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Ok. But Meredith is gone for most or all of the season, right?

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          Brady took over the team when Bledsoe went down.

          The Patriots were already an experienced playoff team then.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            lol. no. they were last in their division the the 2 years before Brady.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            sorry…so Bledsoe must have been past his prime and mimicking the mobility of the Statue of Liberty by then with injuries and more. He was never really that mobile when healthy even.

            my bad…was a long time ago. I was even in Boston then but not really paying attention to football.

            I’m seeing the Pats were 8-8 and 5-11 but last in the division both years. Next year Brady took them to a Super Bowl win.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          true, all of the season, but that is not what was mentioned. Oline, run game and defense.

          Pretty sure we can overcome Meredith being out the year.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It’s a bummer for sure, but leaves a bunch of guys in there to compete. I have a feeling it’s Deonte, not White, that steps up to the plate.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    Anyone know why Marioti seemed to have regressed last season and is not looking so good this preseason?

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      going to assume you mean Mariota. He did not really regress. He had a better TD-INT ratio, QBR and Rating. Sacked less. The only thing I can think of is that they ran the ball a lot more last year so maybe it just appeared he regressed.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        I’m running out of reasons to think Trubisky shouldn’t start.

        It sure is as hell more fun watching him play than Glennon.

  • fishing florida

    I have been looking through pictures of Glennon, and the more I look at him the more turned on I get from that balding ginger. I am a bit intimidated. with that neck he could deep throat a 15 in cock with no problem. I unfortunately would barely get past is front teeth.

    • beninnorcal

      Interesting, I guess I never thought about it that way.

  • Yeah, who needs depth!? Not Pace.

    Bears NT Eddie Goldman is week to week with a concussion.

    It’s Goldman’s second documented concussion as a professional. The first came two years ago in the preseason. A critical part of the Bears’ run defense, Goldman has 12 days to get healthy for
    the opener. – Roto

  • EnderWiggin

    Is Jason Cole that largish dude that used to cover the NFL for Yahoo? He’s always seemed like a Bear Homer, but still – “If I’m the Bears and I get a good offer, I think I maybe trade Glennon right now. But getting a good offer is the key”

    So my question is what is a few decent drives in the preseason worth? A good offer? I don’t see it. I’d love it, but Cole may be a Homer like me.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Jeff started his campaign for Trubs before there was any tape. Now there’s tape. Two weeks of it. The kid has skills and if he’s going to develop … then he will need those snaps. But Gummo had a 104 rating last week, and if you don’t buy that, then you can’t use any tape to evaluate Trubs.

    Gummo starts in week one, and the controversy thickens.

    • Johnnywad

      Ratings and tape are not the same things. Glennon’s 104 was fine. He was efficient and protected the ball. 104 feels a little high, but he didn’t shit the bed.

      You can definitely use the tape to evaluate Trubisky. He made special plays. That and his athleticism jump off the screen.

      Video and numbers can tell two different stories.

      That said, I’m giving Fox and Pace alll kinds of leash here. They found the kid, and they’ve helped him grow as quickly as he has.

      Most “experts” were bitching that Fox couldn’t develop a quality rook. I think he’s showing he that he can, and is. Whatever he’s doing, is working. So I’m going to let it play out. I can’t wait to see the kid become the starter. But they’ve done nothing to date that makes me think they can’t make decisions in his best, and the team’s best interest.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I agree. I never bought the ‘PS is meaningless’ bullshit. I think we can already tell he’s hot shit … but when if they take their time with him, that’s okay.

      • SC Dave

        Gotta agree with both of you. I’m excited about Mitch too, but I’m not one to pretend I know more than the coaching staff about what to do with their players. At least not THIS staff.

        I know many people don’t like Fox “in game”, but other that strength & conditioning, this looks to be the most competent Bears staff in a long time.

        Fangio seems as good a DC as they have had since Ryan, and Loggains seems as good as any OC I’ve seen on the Bears sideline in my lifetime (which, granted, is a damn low bar).

        Perhaps if Fox just trusts them to run the games…

  • willbest

    Zuckerberg’s second daughter is named August. The first one Maxima. He has been touring the country of late, and has the world’s most comprehensive database on human activity. I am beginning to think he fancies himself a Roman Senator.

  • willbest

    Saw an amusing Stafford meme. He apparently is 5-46 against teams that finish the season with winning records.

    • An FF dude refers to him as “Pad Stat-ford”

    • AlbertInTucson

      I’m not here to argue Stafford’s “greatness” or not but,

      Has he ever had a running game in Detroit?

      Or much of a defense there?

      Who is Detroit going get that’s better?

      He had Megatron and was smart enough to take advantage of that but he didn’t have him last season.

      Look at the money Cousins is hauling in.

      Detroit had to pay, just like the Bears had to pay Cutler.

      Like the Bears had to pay to make sure they got Trubisky.

      It’s a QB’s market in the NFL

      You may not be world beaters WITH one, but you ARE, for certain, going nowhere WITHOUT one.

    • BerwynBomber

      I’ll give Pie Face his due. He’s led the Lions to the playoffs three times in eight years. And that’s a rather putrid franchise.

      And last year he got them there after they had lost Suh and Megatron (and Levy for that matter). Decent degree of difficulty.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Would it be so awful if they started Trubisky, found he WAS, in fact, a bit overwhelmed, and THEN sat him?

    Alternatively, maybe they discover “Damn, we DID hit the mother lode!”

    • I can’t recall that ever happening in the modern age.

      GMs/HCs/organizations are loathe to admit they were mistaken in drafting and/or developing

      It would completely demoralize the team where once they may have been optimistic about a rook chise on the wings.

      It also might create an awkwad dymanic in that QB room (see Eagles/Bradford)

      Once the rookie franchise QB is inserted, there’s no turning back.

      Yet another reason why starting Glennon seems more practical on every level.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        “Once the rookie franchise QB is inserted, there’s no turning back.”
        Not exactly true. Eli Manning got pulled a couple games after his start for Warner
        Carson Palmer got pulled for Jon Kitna
        I am sure there are others.

        • BerwynBomber

          Kitna: the original Connor Shaw.

  • SC Dave

    New thread, btw.

  • Adam Truelove

    I appreciate articles like this, but they just make me that much more angry considering Fox is going to play Glennon anyway. It’s just going to happen. We’re going to have to watch Glennon lose half a dozen games before he even considers putting Trubs in. And then Glennon will have a good game against a bad team, and he’ll keep his starting job. Fox is our new Lovie and “Glennon is a quarterback”.

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