Data Entry: Playoffs or Bust for John Fox in 2017?

| June 7th, 2017

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

I’ve seen a lot of speculation this offseason that John Fox is on the hot seat with the Bears in 2017. There were even some rumors that he might be fired following a disastrous 2016. But now his job is widely believed to be on the line should 2017 not show significant improvement.

With that in mind, I wanted to look at what history says about Fox keeping his job beyond 2017 based on similar situations around the NFL. Since this will be Fox’s 3rd year on the job, I looked at coach success in the first three years.

New Coach

Coaching turnover happens fast in the NFL. From 2000 to 2016, there were 142 coaching hires, an average of just over 4.4 per team. Thus in the last 17 years, the average head coach has lasted just under 4 years on the job.

Looking at the current list of 32 NFL head coaches, that 4 year marker also proves to be significant. Exactly half of the coaches are entering at least their 4th season, with the other half all entering their 3rd season or less (full data here). What do those 16 head coaches who have been around for 4 or more years have in common? All but one of them made the playoffs sometime in their first three seasons, with the lone exception (Jason Garrett) achieving that feat in year 4 after 3 straight 8-8 seasons that indicated the Cowboys were close.

It appears the achievement needed for John Fox to keep his job past 2017 is clear: guide the Bears to the playoffs.

New coach and GM

Of course, coaches can enter at different situations relative to the general manager who hires and fires them, which can impact their job status. With that in mind, I looked at coaches who were hired by their new GM in the same offseason the GM took over since 2005. Again, we see the four year marker is key.

  • 9 of the 16 coaches were fired within 3 years, with 7 of 16 lasting 4 or longer.
  • Of the 9 who were fired by the end of year 3, only 3 made the playoffs, and none in year 3 (which Fox is entering).
  • Of the 7 who made it to 4 or more seasons, 5 made the playoffs at least once in the first three years.

Again, it looks like making the playoffs in 2017 will ensure John Fox keeps his job into at least 2018, though there’s a bit more hope here for Fox fans that he might be able to stick around past that with a slightly less impressive showing. Let’s look in a bit more detail at the two instances where coaches lasted longer than 3 seasons without making the playoffs to see if they might compare to Fox’s situation in Chicago.

The first instance was Gary Kubiak in Houston.

He was hired by new GM Rick Smith in 2006, and lasted 7 seasons despite not making the playoffs until year 6. However, Kubiak took over a team that was abjectly horrible, averaging only 4.5 wins per year in the first 4 seasons of their existence. In Kubiak’s first three years, Houston averaged 7.3 wins per season, a significant improvement from the past, and that included matching 8-8 records in Kubiak’s second and 3rd seasons, which were the two best seasons in franchise history at the time.

I don’t think this situation really applies to Fox. The Bears underachieved to go 5-11 the year before he took over, but had been 8-8 the year before that. The core was certainly aging, and virtually the entire roster has been turned over in Fox’s tenure, but unlike the start to Kubiak’s tenure, the on-field results in Chicago have shown no improvement during Fox’s early years. Maybe improvement to 8-8, like in Kubiak’s third year, will be enough to save Fox’s job, but that is no sure thing since Fox cannot match the track record of relative success Kubiak saw before that 8-8 year.

The second instance was Jeff Fisher in St. Louis.

He was hired with new GM Les Snead in 2012, and lasted 5 years despite never making the playoffs (or even reaching .500). Again, Fisher walked into a terrible situation, as the Rams had won 3 games or fewer in 4 of the 5 seasons prior to Fisher taking over. In Fisher’s first three seasons, the Rams won 7.5 (0.5 from a tie), 7, and 6 games, again showing a significant improvement over where the franchise was before he took over. So again, I don’t think this situation is terribly applicable to Fox’s in Chicago, as the Bears have not shown consistent improvement from where they were prior to his tenure.

All three exceptions to the “playoffs withing three years or the coach is fired” rule from the two samples looked at so far found coaches who hovered around .500 for all three of their first seasons. John Fox has not done that, so history indicates pretty clearly he is highly unlikely to still be Chicago’s head coach beyond 2017 unless the Bears make the playoffs.

Ryan Pace’s job security

Finally I want to make a brief comment about Ryan Pace’s job security. Unlike Fox, Pace is not typically rumored to be on the hot seat, as it is widely believed he will get to hire a 2nd head coach should Fox be fired following the 2017 season.

Looking at the 16 instances above where a GM hired a new head coach in his first year on the job, history suggests this could actually go either way. There was one instance where a head coach actually outlasted the GM by a year, 3 instances where the head coach and GM were fired in the same season (all after three years, interestingly enough), 1 instance where both head coach and GM are both still around, and 11 instances where the GM got a 2nd chance at a head coach after firing the first one.

It should be noted that all four instances where the GM did not outlast the coach came when both the coach and GM were fired within the first 3 years, so 4 of 9 coaches fired in similar situations to Fox took the GM with them (with 2 more getting fired after season 4). So while  Pace might have a decent chance of sticking around into 2018 even if Fox does not, he should not get too comfortable unless the Bears start showing meaningful improvements on the field in the near future.


If the Bears don’t make the playoffs in 2017, recent history in the NFL indicates John Fox will almost certainly be fired, while Ryan Pace has about a 50/50 shot of coming back.

There, I just saved you 1,000 words of reading with the numbers for how I came to those conclusions. You’re welcome.

(Is it time for football to start again yet? It feels like it should be.)

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  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    I bet we fire Fox after this season but we hire Jeff Fisher.

    • willbest

      So Bears

    • BearDown100393

      “I developed Jared Goff”
      – Jeff Fischer during Bears HC interview

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    “If the Bears don’t make the playoffs in 2017, recent history in the NFL indicates John Fox will almost certainly be fired, while Ryan Pace has about a 50/50 shot of coming back.”

    Not every issue can be looked through statistics and history. Unless Ryan Pace starts assaulting women like Ray MacDonald, he will NOT be fired after 2017 season no matter what the results. He will not be fired even if Bears go 0-16.

    Why won’t he be fired ?

    Reason #1: Trub
    Reason #2: Trub
    Reason #3: Trub

    Plus there are minor details like he will have 2 years remaining on his contract which George McCaskey will have to pay to make him sit at home. Homer fans may not care about money because it is not their money but George McCaskey does because every single dollar comes out of his pocket.
    Paying Fox and Pace to sit at home ain’t gonna happen..especially after paying Lovie, Trestman and Emery to sit at home just 2 years ago.

    • King of DBB

      Breaker 1-9 breaker 1-9, we got mr. evel Knievel as a GM. He hired a rube so dumb he wipes chicken grease on the ball but he WILL keep his job for it!

    • leftcoastdave

      Eggs Actly. The only stat which will matter is W/L record and how the team looks to have developed on the field. Worst case imho, Glenny doesn’t perform (contrary to my belief), Trub gets thrown in and does not perform and losses result. Even then, if the D looks to show its stuff which is a real possibility with the quality of the front seven and retooled DB situation, that alone might be enough progress to stay the ship.

      More likely, imho, is that Glenny thrives with the quality in the middle three O linemen, amazingly adequate Ts and potentially IMPACT TEs with a conservative offensive scheme which controls the ball but has both joker and deep threat potential.

      Playoffs certainly and I believe (imho) Pace has built the team to take down the division opponents to win the division.

      Now, let me check the color of these glasses.

      • CanadaBear

        Definitely Rose.

      • SC Dave

        So long as the line and Howard stay healthy, I think we have a tiny chance to win the division.

        It would help if we had a #1 WR tho. Hoping mightily that Cam miraculously becomes one. Seems our beat chance.

    • SC Dave

      Trubisky is no guarantee for Pace.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Pace could easily be gone. Unless of course Mitchell shits the bed very badly after being pressed into action early (for some reason) … and especially if it follows Gummo shitting the bed.

  • CanadaBear

    Good research JW. I’m not sure the Bears ever follow any trends in the NFL. I think most of us believe Fox will get shit canned and Pace stays. I’m basing that on George speaking highly of Pace quite often. Haven’t heard George throw a lot of praise Foxy’s way. I don’t blame their record the last two years on Foxy or Pace. The cupboard was so bare I don’t see how anyone could have succeeded with that roster and all the injuries. At least for me, Foxy doesn’t pass the smell test and Pace does.

    • I agree. That seems to be the general consensus among Bears fans this offseason, and recent history supports that being the most likely outcome should they not surprise and make the playoffs. Though, as clown notes below, every situation is unique.

      • CanadaBear

        Fair enough. If the Bears make the playoffs I think you and I will both have to be revived.

        • I could see it playing out if either Glennon plays much better than expected or Trubisky wows, earns the starting job from day 1, and plays really well.

          Neither of those are very likely, IMO, but the D should be above-average and the running game should be good, so quality QB play could make them a WC contender.

          • CanadaBear

            True enough but you just know the Bears will suffer injuries to players they can least afford to lose and keep getting injured at the same position over and over. At least that’s been their M.O. for the last decade or so (at least).

          • I too am beginning to get more and more cynical.
            No wonder MB left.

          • CanadaBear

            It’s hard not to when the team stinks year after year.

          • leftcoastdave

            So Bear, how about this to start the season, the season which begins with the toughest schedule in the league, based upon last year’s records:

            Place as many players as you can on the PUP list, including Sanchez, Miller, certainly Trev and Kyle Long, McPhee? maybe even Eddie Jackson?

            The point(s) being many. Kyle Long is too valuable to put into the lineup until he is genuinely full strength. Now those who were making negative comments about choosing a potentially flexible, if not very good Guard, albeit a Tackle in college as one of your few draft picks, you can say, I get it. We now know Kyle ain’t quite there yet. Larson proved more than competent and then there is the question of Grassu again going under center. Why not let that all play out and gel early on in the very tough first eight games? Same should be said about Miller, but even more so for Tre, who is very likely to be there of necessity.

            More tactical (choose your own word) would be McPhee or Eddie Jackson. Do you make sure McPhee is healthy for his return back while holding on to more linebackers through the first half of the season, it’s the same “let the others fight it out” early in the season, while in the case of Jackson, letting him continue to mend while buffing up with a trainer and learning up with a mentor.

            Finally, we have a number of good people looking to step in without a huge drop off in talent and on paper a lot of talent on the cusp of making the roster.

            If you are concerned about how injuries will impact the roster, hell plan for it with healthy, rested peeps coming in off the list to finish the year strong and much deeper and healthier than last year.

          • I would IR Long and Tre.

            A. I like Kush. I think he did well when in. I think he can do the same job Long can, so put him in and let Long rest up. Also, if Kush does prove himself again, then (I know this will be unpopular) we could trade Long next year or something.

            Paying an OG that much who is always injured is not worth it in my book. It’s like putting out an Old Kreutz. Warrior, but broken down, ineffective and expensive.

            That’s the danger of drafting an OG in the 1st. Guys like Slauson, Kush, Larsen can pretty much do the same for a lot cheaper, ESP at LG.

            Tre is self-explanatory. That type of inj usu takes at least a year to fully recover from (if ever), so why risk it? We also need to find out if Kwiatoski is anything more than an AMOS level ILB, and if he like Kush proves himself, then that can make Tre expendable going forward.

            I wouldn’t IR Jackson at this point. He’s a rook and needs as much experience as possible, even if it’s on the sidelines soaking up the gameday nuisances.

          • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

            “Trubisky wows, earns the starting job from day 1”

            I will have to call out you, Jeff, Lambert, Leming on this ridiculous hope of starting Trub on day 1.

            There is a reason Bears declared Glennon a starter. There is a reason Fox and Pace did not even say there is a competition for starter. Not once.

            Why? Because Trub ain’t ready. And you cannot short circuit the process. You can’t suddenly make him ready in 3 months.

            Here is an analogy.. QB is like speaking fluently in French. Trub just came to camp with beginner level french. He looks very promising..may be one day win award in french literature. But right now is not fluent. And you cannot become fluent in French overnight. Doesn’t happen. Glennon is not great but can string together complete sentences for others to understand.

            Why is this so hard to understand? Pace and Fox are not saying Glennon and Sanchez are better than Trub. Trub is clearly most talented QB on the roster but he cannot do basic things that a QB needs to do. You can speed that process up but only so much.

            And oh by the way, they are asking him to change his footwork. So let’s recap for homer fans…Trub will learn NFL offense (never done before), learn to read NFL defenses (never done before), learn to command huddle (never done before), and remember his new footwork in his first start in Game 1 against a strong Falcon defense. What are you guys smoking?

          • That’s why I said it’s not likely. But those are the two ways the Bears could get quality QB play this year, which is the only way, IMO, they make the playoffs.

          • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

            It is not just not likely. Bears are not even considering the possibility.

            Yet for some reason some fans are not able to accept this.

          • Based on what? The only person I’ve seen point blank say that this is Glennon’s year is Glennon. Maybe I missed it though.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Well, Ryan Pace said it very clearly. There is no QB competition, this is Mike’s year.
            He said it in a presser.

          • Link?

          • SC Dave


            he he

          • leftcoastdave

            If Trub starts the season, it is already lost. There is only one way the Bears win this year and it is with a QB who knows how to play NFL football in an NFL set going up against NFL defenses. Last year, that “throw ’em in to be tested by fire” took place in the D backfield. We know how that turned out. The good part of that is we have some good peeps coming back in year two with experience and an off season of body training fighting for positions with seasoned and learned, albeit cast off, professionals.

            Do that at the QB position and you will only guarantee high draft picks next year.

          • Agree. And one of the reasons Pace drafted a guy who only started like 13 games is because he wanted to re-wire the blank slate from the ground up.

            Trub already has admitted he’s trying to drop bad habits.

            Could you imagine how many more bad habits he would’ve learned given another year in that shotgun-spread NC O?

            Better to get in on the ground floor.

            Here’s another analogy I think we can all relate to.

            Ever do construction or work on your home with someone who thinks they know it all and end up doing shit you didn’t want?

            Yeah, we have all been there. Almost better to work with a nube who will do EXACTLY what you say cuz he doesn’t know any better.

            Empty your mind you should – Yoda

          • Irish Sweetness

            Agreed. Anyone who thinks Trubs should start in week one has been oxygen starved.

          • Yeah, I contend the ONLY scenario Fox sticks is if he makes the playoffs, or BARELY misses it going at least 9-7 with a win over GB.

            What kinda year do you see Glennon having?

            Oz disaster?
            Fitzpatrick ’15 when he nearly took the Jets to the playoffs

            Which QB type of year do you predicting him having?

          • Irish Sweetness


            Good, not great.

    • SC Dave

      I think if the team plays with FIRE, Fox will stay if they win more than 6 games.

      But the market will matter. A new coach may not be a better coach.

      • CanadaBear

        No doubt about a new coach but Fox has really under whelmed.

    • Couldn’t have said it better.

      Albino Lovie gone.

      Pace will hire his “QB guru” HC in ’18.

      Early favorites. McDaniels.

      Insert hot shot OC.

      Maybe Patricia.

      And throw in that Stanford HC cuz he’s always in the discussion every off-season.

      • Irish Sweetness

        McDaniels has proven that he is not a leader of men. Xs and Os maybe, but not men.

  • Scharfinator

    Love the articles, JWood! I’m also a number nerd.

  • BearDown100393

    Ryan Pace is not going to be fired after this season.

    And neither is John Fox.

    You do not fire General Managers and Head Coaches after an undefeated Super Bowl season.

    • AlbertInTucson

      You really need to get back on your psych meds.

  • BearDown100393


    Don’t caaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Sactowns#1

    My two cents. I think if the Bears have 4-5 quality wins Fox keeps his job. If they have 4-5 wins that are squeakers or against bad teams then he’s gone. I don’t think you can simply put a number out there and say “this is the goal line where Fox keeps his job”. If they sweep the division handily and lose every other game then Fox keeps his job. If they crush a few good teams but lose to a lot of bad teams then Fox is gone. Quality wins is really the key here.

    • CanadaBear

      You know George would rather not pay two HC’s. I just think it will be more of the same and it won’t be enough to keep Foxy around.

      • Irish Sweetness

        This. Fox will leave after his contract says he will.

    • BearDown100393

      4 wins is called September.

    • If Fox doesn’t reach .500, he gone.

      We fired Lovie for going 8-8.

      And we’re going to keep Fox for reaching that milestone?

      Seems wrong.

      And for those saying that team plays hard for Fox, those last few games last year sure looked like that team packed it in.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Lovie was 10-6 his the season he got fired.

        • Yeah, that particular year, but some of the previous year I think just evened out to about 8-8 or missing the playoffs just barely.

          So essentially, we fired Lovie for barely missing the playoffs, but are gonna keep Fox for that?


  • King of DBB

    I have a box of McCain 2000 buttons in a basement in NJ. Those buttons have less dust on them than McCain’s current brain. -Jeff, with a sick burn.

    • BearDown100393

      That man ain’t right.
      – Sarah Palin

      • SC Dave

        Does Sarah know Jeff?

        • BearDown100393

          Same bar.

  • “it is widely believed [Pace] will get to hire a 2nd head coach”

    You mean, get to hire his FIRST HC, right?

    The “Think Tank” hired Fox

  • King of DBB

    Trump’s America comes to the Loop.

    Watch this whiteboy prick call the black Starbucks lady a “slave” and then punch a black guy who comes up to confront him in the face, then – in a show of unity – a white guy AND a black guy run him down and tackle his KKK ass. This is at Wells and Madison Starbucks. For those of you who aren’t from Chicago, you can ignore this story.


    • Malice Halice

      He should’ve tried that just 3 miles south, he wasn’t tough enough to try dat shit at the footlocker or lids tho!

    • On top of everything else that is disgusting about that story

      Punching a 59 yr old man?

      Moses Christ.

      • SC Dave

        See my comment to the original. A bunch of punks beating up an old white guy for voting for Trump. With gleeful women egging them on for the cameras.

    • BearDown100393

      America does not belong to #45.

      It belongs to Mitch Trubisky.

      And Mitch loves everyone unconditionally.

    • SC Dave

      Oh fuck off. Go watch the films with the Chicago blacks beating up the guy they suspected voted for Trump.

      • That is also wrong.

        • willbest

          I think the point is that with a population of 315 million you are going to have a good 15-30 million assholes. It seems nonsensical to attribute any one person’s display of assholishness as indicative of the climate in the country using entirely what the media chooses to highlight based on their own motivation for selling toiletries and ED meds.

          If you want to say Trump’s America your most rational case would be to compare black/white and white/black victimization numbers published by the FBI comparing say 2014 and 2015 with 2018 and 2019. The years where the country has settled into their current President for good or ill.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            15-30 million assholes seems a bit low…

    • Irish Sweetness

      An argument develops in a room somewhere ……

    • CanadaBear

      I’m surprised it took that long for somebody to put him down.

    • leftcoastdave

      Not to be confused with that which was created by the democrats which is called Chiraq. That is the natural result of policies, stoopid racist white supremacists were the heart and soul of the democrat party since the 1800’s. Planned Parenthood continues to give homage to Margaret Sanger who spoke regularly to the Klan in support of aborting “undesirables.”

      Facts are troubling things to some.

      • CanadaBear

        You kinda left out the part where all those racists crossed the aisle in the 60’s.

        • willbest

          You mean like Robert Byrd?

          • CanadaBear

            He and George Wallace both apologized for their racism.

    • Bobby Douglass

      Hey! Bobby Boucher’s urban cousin!

  • Malice Halice

    I agree Fox n done if we don’t make the playoffs let alone make 2nd place in the division. If we make 2nd place (10+ wins) I feel like he’ll keep his job due to the competitiveness in our div. Pace job is based on how our new guys play (except Mitch unless all hell breaks loose) because if any 2 of those 4 guys bust and 1/2 of FA (on both sides not just total) bust Pace will get fired along with fox 4sho. Fox needs wins and pace needs wins and Probowlers.

  • BuddhaJoe

    Fox can stay or go as far as I’m concerned, he is what he is. But to put the record of the last two years on him is unfair, IMO. He happened to be the coach when the years of incompetence of Angelo and Emery came to a head and we hit rock bottom. Short of Halas crawling out of his grave, I don’t think anybody could’ve done much better.

    • BearDown100393

      Good point. What more was John Fox supposed to do last season with 21 players on IR?

      • Irish Sweetness

        Always this.

  • Well, it’s the off-season, and today is a rather important day in U.S. History

    So, I know some lawyers roll through here, and I wanna know.

    1. Does Trump telling Comey ‘I hope you drop the investigation’ constitute “Obstruction of justice”?

    Other musings.

    Seems like they’re investigating Sessions for a 3rd top secret meeting between him and the Russian ambassador which was supposedly only found through intercepting Russian to Russian communique.

    Seems like Sessions is going to be the fall guy.

    • BerwynBomber

      Funniest thing I heard was that Obama asked to speak with FBI Director Comey twice in three years. And by contrast Trump asked to speak with him nine times in four months.

      • willbest

        Rather pathetic on Obama’s part seeing as what the primary purpose of his job is

        • SC Dave

          Beat me to it. This all the way.

          Although given Obama’s lawlessness, there is no surprise here.

        • BerwynBomber

          The head of the FBI reports to the Attorney General not POTUS. You are aware of that, right?

          • willbest

            And? My friend who leads a division team for his company is summoned by his boss’s boss’s boss twice a year for an update on his project under the assumption that his own direct subordinates aren’t going to be as versed in the matter.

            The DoJ has some 115,000 employees. You honestly think the AG is kept apprised of the particulars of every single division in his organization. Islamic Terrorism in the US is of particular concern to Trump where as Obama’s stance was we can absorb a lot more of it than we are.

            And then the media has made a complete stink about what has turned out to be a non-story. So why wouldn’t Trump want updates about something that half the country seems completely obsessed with?

          • BerwynBomber

            What a load. So you think the POTUS should more responsible for those 115,000 than the AG? And we’re talking the FBI Director, not some guy five levels down from the AG.

            It is called a chain of command/hierarchal management. Most leaders — military, corporate, government, etc. — don’t conduct skip levels, especially POTUS.

            Honestly, I get why you are desperate with this Trump stuff, but when I have choice believing a former FBI director vs. you over whether a POTUS talking to him nine times in four months is extraordinary … yeah, I’m going to believe the former director not some massively partisan dude on a football blog.

          • willbest

            The former FBI director that you claim you believe stated Trump didn’t obstruct justice. So you clearly don’t believe him.

          • BerwynBomber

            Lame bait and switch. Anyway, still hilarious to me that Trump met with him nine times in four months.

            Whether obstruction occurred who knows. Will take months, if not years to sort out.

          • willbest

            So your theory is that Comey perjured himself yesterday? Then why believe anything he says?

          • BerwynBomber


            I’m not a fan of Comey but the nine times thing would be pretty easy to verify via timestamped phone records and/or an admin’s calendar, etc.

          • Comey wisely said that he would let Mueller decide if what Trump did constituted obstruction of justice.
            This after a few hours of giving everyone the evidence and out right calling Trump a liar.
            It’s like if u were to testify that Aaron Rodgers told everyone to leave the locker room except you then said , “boy i hope i get a BJ”
            Then a reporter asks, “so u think he’s gay?”
            And u respond, “I’ll let u decide”

          • willbest

            Did DWS obstruct justice in your opinion?

          • willbest

            Also Loretta lynch based on comey’s testimony

          • Loretta wants to join Trump in prison, fine with me.

            I’m not a Hill backer.

            Trade a pawn for a rook every day, all day.

          • BearDown100393

            Mitch Trubisky communicates with everyone in the Bears organization. The guy who washes his socks is listed in Mitch’s contacts.

    • leftcoastdave

      No. The president is Chief Executive of the Executive branch. He could have ordered Comey to do it and it would have been perfectly legal. If it were not, Comey had an ethical and legal duty to report it as a crime. Period, end of story. What, he was the head of the friggin FBI. If a crime is committed in his presence and he does nothing about it, HE is committing a CRIME. Read on this issue Allen Dershowitz, a well known liberal constitutional scholar.

      And again, no. What is being uncovered is the abuse of protected rights of privacy, which protections were bypassed illegally by the Obama administration. Revealing the identity of political enemies with intercepts obtained with FISA warrants is simply the abuse of executive authority for blatant political purposes.

      Dem chickens will be comin home to roost.

      • SC Dave

        Obama was the master of blatant disregard of the law for political purposes. All others, thus far, are amateurs by comparison.

        • Bender McLugh


    • willbest

      Nope. Obstruction of justice requires witness tampering or destruction of evidence. Expressing an opinion or even giving an order has no remedy but political

      • willbest

        It’s unlikely that DWS who is on record threatening funding for the capital police if they don’t stop investigating the IT professionals that are blackmailing the DNC has committed obstruction of justice

      • So it’s “legal” for the Prez to order the FBI (or any other agency) to stop investigating his pal for possible collusion with the enemies?

        That doesn’t seem right. Then again, what is ethical and what is legal often conflict.

        • willbest

          I think the thing you need to understand is the President is the executive branch. All of it. The rest is just delegation of work. He can make any decision that you think ought to be made by any agency head or cabinet position, etc.

          The totality of the executive branch is obviously too large for him to be micromanaging everything, but whatever he feels like butting in on in any given day is his prerogative. Its why we bother electing him in the first place. Nothing in the executive branch is outside his scope.

          • willbest

            Incidentally, he can’t tell the House/Senate oversight committees to do shit. They can investigate whatever they want to their hearts content. But they can’t go into court and say “hey the president order the FBI not to investigate his friends.” The court would bounce that shit right out. Well some judges won’t because they are partisan degenerates, but they SC would send that away and it wouldn’t be 5-4. Probably 7-2 if I were betting.

          • The president can butt in. He can say, “hey, don’t worry too much about pot heads”.

            The president however can not ABUSE POWER.

            Ordering an underling to lay off a friend being investigated for conspiring with the enemy to undermine free elections would qualify as ABUSE of POWER.

            And from my understanding “Obstruction of justice” in impeachment hearing is much more flexible than say rico cases which makes sense because it’s not as if a Godfather can be prosecuted for “abuse of power”.

          • willbest

            You really aren’t understanding the Constitution. Article II. First fucking sentence.

            “The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”

            There isn’t an “except” to follow. Its his. And only his. To do with it what he will.

            And you are also wrong about the impeachment clause. But in the other way. Congress can impeach and try a President for whatever they damn well like. Littering. They have to have the political will to do it though. Its sort of the whole point of the 2nd Amendment’s existence. The leadership needs a healthy fear of the citizenry.

            And with the GOP holding half the house and the majority of the Senate that ain’t happening. “but but but my russia!!!” The Dems circled the wagon on Clinton and he was guilty of an actual crime of lying under oath. You think the GOP is going to string up Trump for doing something that might sort of look bad? Something that I guarantee you every Senator has done. Like I said you have DWS on record threatening a police man to back off. And you want to impeach Trump because he expressed a preference?

            You realize his base doesn’t give a shit if Flynn talked to Russia a few days before he was supposed to. And that is what we are dealing with here. Because if Flynn had waited 2 months to have the same conversation it would have all been up and up. His mistake was trying to get a jump start on new job.

    • BerwynBomber

      Hah! Some very unbiased lawyers below I see.

      Btw, I am betting the executive authority/privilege excuse would be offset by abuse of power. In other words, one thing for a sitting POTUS to tell the FBI Director to call off an investigation which has no direct or even indirect tie to him. Quite another when he is asking one to be called off on a member of his own cabinet. Wasn’t Nixon charged with obstruction for asking the CIA to lean on the FBI during Watergate?

      Anyway, we are a ways from impeachment but definitely the biggest scandal in forty years. It won’t be going away anytime soon.

      • Nixon got impeached for grumbling “uh huh” on tape! [the “uh huh” was agreeing that the CIA lean on the FBI]

        So those Trump defenders who believe what he said seems harmless, Nixon was impeached for much less verbally because the context of the whole.

        • willbest

          Oversimplify much.

      • willbest

        There is zero difference between this scandal and Birtherism. Comey has now cleared Trump. Right now you are looking for the real birth certificate.

        • BerwynBomber

          LOL. Sure. You keep telling yourself that.

          • willbest

            I know you think I am a biased hack, but if there was anything there, my attorney news and group feeds would be exploding with shit.

          • BerwynBomber

            I don’t know if it will result in any criminal charges — my bet is Flynn will eventually plea or serve time — but comparing this to birtherism seems a bit absurd.

          • willbest

            If Petraeus didn’t go to jail there is no chance that Flynn goes. All he did was talk to some Russian diplomats before he was supposed to. Petraeus was giving his mistress classified information.

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog Never begrudge seeing a great team win the title. But NBA will have serious issues next year. GSW will be even $ (or worse) to win title.”

    I begrudge them, especially Durant. Easiest ring grab by a superstar in his prime ever.

    What sucks is that GS/Cavs part 3 would have been epic w/out him. Instead, it’s non-competitive. Ah well. NFL Camps will be starting soon enough.

    • leftcoastdave

      Sad, but the Celtics did it after the Heat did it. With only 5 on the floor at a time, it has become too easy for a few to come together and be a powerhouse. I will love seeing what the Lakers become after building through the draft, but you know that next year, if not sooner, they will be in the position to sign top notch talent in FA as well as a huge stable with great talent to trade. Don’t know about this year, but the following season they will be contendas.

      • BerwynBomber

        Completely different scenarios. Both the Heat and Celtics sucked the year before their “big three” joined up. No one knew how well either would work.

        Durant joined a 73 win team that a) already had a “big three”, b) should have won the title the previous year, and c) was favored to win it this year before he joined them. (Plus, he left a damn good team. LeBron, KG, Bosh and Allen left crappy ones.)

        Basically, Durant could be taken off this team and they still might have won it. We have never been able to say that about any superstar on a title winner.

        But with him, they’re arguably unbeatable.

        Not sure about the Lakers. But the whole Magic in charge thing could be interesting.

        • leftcoastdave

          Luke Walton came from GS to coach this past year and they have a huge, young stable from top picks the last two years. This year they pick #2. Magic is sayin’ no trades of his top young talent this year (sayin’), but next year there FAs looking to sign on with capital to trade for others.

          Walton is pushing a fast pace to get back to “Showtime” basketball.

          Should be fun to see, both this year with the youngest team of studs in the league and certainly the following year if Magic gets to build the team he wants.

        • Malice Halice

          I don’t even know how ppl watched that bullshit of a finals. Both teams are rigged beyond belief in a sport where 1 guy could win games. Lebron won’t ever get my respect can’t even be considered top 5 cuz of the intangibles. Durant on the other hand is a DISGRACE to competive athletes! It’s sad watching teams like the spurs jazz etc make it deep in da playoffs and gotta face these fuck faces who wanna change fate and win a ring. Now i wish Tmac and Vince carter went to the Kings or Nets just to fuck over the lakers. Or Shawn Kemps joining da Bulls

          • Agree. This super-team trend is bullshit.

            It’s like taking Lebron and Kobe with you to a pick up game at the local park to play some 3-on-3.

            What’s the fun in that?

            The whole point about sports is to enjoy competing.

            But these fucks prolly put video games on easy and pat themselves on the back.

            How long did it take the Bulls to finally beat the Pistons?

            Or the Lakers to over take the Celtics?

            The Jazz with Malone and Stocktone kept losing to the Bulls, but they didn’t bolt.

            They kept their team and kept trying.

            I respect the 90s Jazz more for doing that then these assholes.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          NBA needs to go with a hard cap. force players to spread out. force teams to make tough decisions. Teams might get lucky a year or two with putting together great teams until cap hell sets in.

    • SC Dave

      Basketball? No Spurs? *yawn*

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    “The [Trump] campaign investigation is likely to be the gateway to the inner workings of the Trump [ mafia] empire.” Remember Orange Chimpanzee’s dealings with Fat Tony Salerno of Genovese crime family & other manhattan construction mafia and russian oligarch mafia looking to park money in NY real estate?

    “The Watergate and Clinton investigations offer examples of how an initial inquiry can mushroom. Ultimately, many of the Watergate convictions had little to do with the actual break-ins at the Democratic National Committee. Likewise, Kenneth Starr and his team spent years and more than $70 million pursuing Clinton in an investigation that far exceeded the scope of his appointment.”


    All GOoPer lackeys in Orange Chimpanzee’s campaign and administration better lawyer up. Once the Feds sink their teeth into you, they ain’t letting you go. FBI agents are especially fired up after being trashed by orange chimpanzee in front of the russkies..

    This isn’t about politics anymore or how much orange chimpanzee’s teabagger base loves him and is ready to swallow all his lies. This is now about Bob Mueller parading any asshole caught up in orange chimpanzee’s vortex in front of grand juriy for the next several years. That grand jury established by federal prosecutors in Virginia is going to be busy for a while..

    • leftcoastdave

      Only in your wet dreams.

      The investigation will repeal the crimes of the Obama administration.

      Wait and see.

    • willbest

      I haven’t had an opportunity to look at today’s theatrics but if Chris Mathew thinks Trump is clean then you truly are out there

      • Well, one, Chris Matthews doesn’t speak for all the left, just as as O’reilly didn’t speak for all the right. In some ways, I consider both centrist respective to their parties except the former isnt grabbing them pussies and still employed.

        That being said, TO DATE, Trump wasn’t under investigation for Russian ties. Just everyone around him, it seems.

        And as a lawyer you should know that the FBI doesn’t go after the Godfather.

        They go after their cappos, then once they’re nailed, they offer them amnesty to nail the Godfather.

        That seems like what the FBI was doing.

        If they nail Flynn and Sessions, they may in turn sing like canaries to avoid ass pounding fed prison. Or, maybe they pucker up. Not all cappos sung. Some took it for the Godfather.

        And much like with everything else, it’s the cover-up that makes it worse.

        If tapes do in fact exist (remember, it wasn’t until the tapes came out in Watergate that finally turned reluctant Republicans) and corroborate Comey, then Trump will be in trouble.

        Sure, as a lawyer one can argue “I hope” is NOT an order.

        But given the context, Muller (whom everyone loves, left or right, though I bet not for long by the right) can decide it was indeed an order, which would be obstruction of justice, never mind the russian connection.

        If the FBI secretly suspects Trump of being a Russian patsy, they may indeed go ahead and do that considering they’ve been combating the Russians for 60+ yrs.

        Either way, Trump comes out of this tainted, politically, perceptually, and maybe legally.

        I was watching Fox and it was hilarious. They’re coining Comey “Jay Edgar Comey” . I don’t remember them calling him that when he leaked about the Hillary “matter”.

    • SC Dave

      Go back to football. No one cares.

    • BearDown100393

      Mitch Trubisky only cares about the playbook. Mitch promises to fix the world after the Bears win the Super Bowl this season.

      • SC Dave

        Nope. This year, Glennon is doing it.

        • BearDown100393

          Mitch promises to be a great asset to Glennon.

  • Irish Sweetness

    I think three years is enough time to show what you’ve done and what you have put in place. That’s what Ditka promised and delivered. Three years.

    If we don’t make the playoffs this season, I won’t cry when Coach Fox is put out to seed.

    • Can you remember ONE game where Fox out-coached the other HC?

      I can’t.

      The sooner we jettison him, the better.

      • SC Dave

        Can you remember one game where Ditka out-coached the opponent?

        • That was loooong ago, but when your roster has like 6 HOFers, it’s kinda hard to fuck up.

          The present Bears do not have that luxury.

          Also, Ditka at least forged a team ethos, identity and philosophy that is still celebrated 30 yrs later.

          Fox has forged?


          Heck, even Lovie was known for his cover 2, takeaways, and specials.

          • SC Dave

            I wasn’t defending Fox, but the comment on Ditka being above reproach is comical to me. I was obviously not the only one stunned by the idiocy of bringing in a midget to play QB.

            “Mike didn’t manage that quarterback position,” Dent said. “Bringing Doug Flutie in and thinking that he’s gonna come in and be on a team for three weeks and start him in a playoff game? Hell, I mean you’re trying to change the name on the Super Bowl trophy to Mike Ditka from Vince Lombardi when you do something like that.

            “We had won with Tomczak and Fuller. That’s all we needed to do is stay with that plan.”

          • Irish Sweetness

            The midget was a mistake, no doubt, but I did say “for me” as an addendum. I forgive all Mike’s foibles because he gave the Bears what they didn’t have. A Lombardi. A trophy named for our greatest rival and legendary opponent .. .and we hadn’t had a sniff of one before him. That’s what it’s all about. For me.

          • SC Dave

            Fair enough. For me, it was the underachievement of only one super bowl for one of the best rosters ever assembled. To be sure, Ditka deserves some credit for that, assuming he had the usual head coach influence over drafts. The 1983 draft was really strong – Covert (7), Gault (5), Richardson (5), Duerson (5), Thayer (8), Dent (10), Bortz (11). The numbers in parentheses are the years as a Bears starter, according to pro-f reference.

            If McMahon had been a bit smarter about preserving himself*, he could have continued to tell Mike to fuck off while calling a better play himself in the huddle. That alone would likely have netted another Lombardi, if not three more.

            * not counting the Charles Martin thing, of course.

          • Noooo way do i think Ditka is above reproach.
            I agree w the statement ” we won a SB because of Ditka. We didn’t win 3 more because of him” but no one can deny that he shaped that team and that it won a SB.
            To date i have no clue what sorta team the Bears are 3 yrs into Foxs tenure aside from a losing team

          • SC Dave

            We definitely agree. These young guys MUST grow up in a culture of WINNING.

            Early and often.

          • Yeah, that’s the thing. Most of the regs are hardcore, and even we don’t really know the team’s identity.

            Most will say, “well, we’re a run first team” but even that might’ve been accidental and not planned by Fox who stubbornly stuck with Langford.

            Then once Howard began running amok, Fox said, “hey, this guy’s good. let’s do that”

            Not exactly visionary. More reactionary, which is Fox.

            So most of us are predicting the O will run through Howard and a heavy double TE set.

            But we don’t really know that either. Things have changed.

            For one, we now have Glennon/Trub instead of TO machine Cutler, and we signed like a million WRs.

            For all we know, Birdcage will now go 3 WR WCO attack with Howard to grind it out if ahead.

            On D, we’re OK, but not exactly a blitzkrieg, and rather conservative.

            Specials, nothing special.

            This team thus far is an amoeba. This should be the year we finally find out what sorta team Pox envisions going forward.

        • Irish Sweetness

          The man is above reproach for me. He walked into Halas hall and told everyone that they would win a superbowl in 3 years but that most of them wouldn’t be there to see it. Statement of intent, followed by execution, followed by a Superbowl victory. Job done. Can’t do any more.

          Lovie’s motto was that we were going to beat GB. Not win the SB … just beat GB … two victories a year at most .. .and he couldn’t even do that.

          • CanadaBear

            Ditka definitely changed the org. Started to believe his press clippings and flamed out. Lovie was preaching to the choir about GB and everyone knows that. He actually did beat GB until Erin took over. I don’t care who was coaching the Bears during some of those years, Erin would have handed them their asses.

    • SC Dave

      Just to get the facts straight, 1985 was Ditka’s fourth season.

      While the roster he inherited was not great, he *did* have Payton, Hampton, Singletary, Wilson, Fencik, and a newly drafted McMahon. Hartenstine and Van Horne were not shabby either.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        don’t muddy the waters with all your facts

      • Irish Sweetness

        Great Dave. Shit on him because he did it a year late. Or shit on him “because he only won one …”

        Some people are never happy.

  • willbest

    The far more interesting thing to happen yesterday was the Britsh elections. They have this quaint little ability to hold elections whenever they feel like within a max of 5 years. May called for one after two years hoping to capitalize on the popular revolt that caused Brexit. It turns out the British people don’t like the Tories, they just wanted out of the god damn EU. Having gotten that they decided to kneecap their government for a spell.

    • SC Dave

      Well, from what I read, it potentially puts the whole brexit process on hold. Looks like Nigel will have to come out of retirement.

      • leftcoastdave

        It will be the more Conservative Northern Irland DUP coming to her rescue. Soros is aghast as they are climate change deniers and want to force women into pregnancies.

        Who says we have the corner on Fake News?

    • BearDown100393

      Anarchy in the UK.

  • Irish Sweetness
  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Good to see orange chimpanzee mucking up things for the Tories..

    The Punishment of Theresa May

    Many things went wrong for the Conservatives in the 2017 election, very much including President Trump’s bizarre Twitter rampage against the popular Labour mayor of London in the wake of a terrorist atrocity.

    But lurking behind all the manifold specific problems was a deeper discontent: the lingering resentment of the British moderate center at being hustled out of the EU on false promises. The Leave campaign bus was blazoned with a promise that quitting Europe could add 350 million pounds per week to the National Health Service.

    That preposterous figure (among other things, it ignored money that the U.K. received back from the EU) was crassly abandoned within weeks of the vote. There would be no extra money for hospitals … no extra money for anything, as it turned out, as the pound crashed and the U.K. economy slowed in the wake of the Brexit vote.


  • BearDown100393

    The reverence for Mike Ditka belongs to Buddy Ryan.

    • willbest

      I am packing, I don’t have time for this religious war.

      • BearDown100393

    • King of DBB

      It doesn’t.

      • SC Dave
        • Irish Sweetness

          What does a letter written by guys that can’t spell have to do with anything?
          The Bears D was as good – if not better – when Ryan left. They were studs. Had they played a 4-3 they would have been great too. In fact it was Buddy that probably cost them an unbeaten season he was such a stubborn asshole.

      • CanadaBear

        I loved the 46 D but it doesn’t work without about 4 or 5 HOF’ers.

        • Irish Sweetness

          And you need a CPU at Mike that can read the offense.

          I blame Buddy for the Miami game.

          • CanadaBear

            it was one of those games. When that pass bounced off a guys hands and went directly to Miami WR for a TD, you just knew it was gonna be a bad night. Not to mention. that loss pissed me off at the time but after they won the SB I really didn’t care. Still don’t.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Pretty sure the “doink” TD pass happened in the 2nd half just when it looked like the Bears were mounting a comeback.

          • CanadaBear

            That’s how I remember it. They were down a couple of scores and were clawing their way back into it and then … That was really a gut punch. Other than seeing a bunch of old douchebags celebrating other teams first loss of the season, I never think about that game.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Aren’t all ‘great” defenses populated by several great players, regardless of scheme?

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    people have wandered where MB has gone. I have a theory, he is recovering…


    • willbest

      seems legit.

    • Chinese? you’d think the small flimsy wrench would fall apart easily


  • King of DBB

    Of all the Jonathan Woodyish paragraphs, this is the Jonathan Woodiest:

    Looking at the 16 instances above where a GM hired a new head coach in his first year on the job, history suggests this could actually go either way. There was one instance where a head coach actually outlasted the GM by a year, 3 instances where the head coach and GM were fired in the same season (all after three years, interestingly enough), 1 instance where both head coach and GM are both still around, and 11 instances where the GM got a 2nd chance at a head coach after firing the first one.

  • King of DBB

    Weird story, bro-hemes: My work buddy, he had a girlfriend in the late 1990s, who, being about 60% into other women, as well as being a bit tomboyish, wore Drakkar Noir, and – let me TELL you – that was UNSETTLING.

    • SC Dave

      Unsettling because it turned you on?

    • Can you bone a girl smelling like Drakkar? Hmmmm

    • Cormonster

      Did she have a chain wallet and like wearing white tank tops? Maybe a mullet too?

  • SC Dave

    Damn…Franz Schubert was the fucking bomb.

    The end.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Steve Schubert.

      Bear punt returner / receiver 1975-1979.

      3 career TDs as a Bear.

      All punt returns.

      • Cormonster

        Bob Parsons, Bears punter / TE during the same time period. Number 86? All I remember about him was that he had a TE build and he was good at coffin corner punts.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Serviceable punter but no Bobby Joe Greene.

          They once tried a fake punt with a “lonesome end” play.

          Parsons turned and threw the pass at the receiver’s ankles and it rolled out of bounds.


          • SC Dave

            Wow… Bobbie Joe.

            Talk about dating oneself…

          • AlbertInTucson

            One of the NFL’s best punters in his day.


            Was excellent until the day he blew out a knee getting one blocked by, former Bear, then Viking, Mike Reilly.

          • AlbertInTucson

            First Bears’ punter I ever saw.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Yes, Parsons was #86.

          Penn State, I believe.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Lions starting LT, Taylor Decker, gone 4-6 months.

    Torn Labrum.

    • BerwynBomber

      That sucks. Never like to see injuries. Even among rivals.

      Second year guy, right?

      • AlbertInTucson


        • AlbertInTucson

          Today, Colts owner, Jim Irsay referred to Andrew Luck’s off-season shoulder surgery as “A simple labrum repair”.


          Really, Jim?

          On your Franchise QUARTERBACK when an offensive lineman, who doesn’t need to THROW the football, is down for from 4 to 6 months after getting HIS labrum repaired?

          Thank you, DOCTOR Irsay.

          Simple Surgery – Defined: Any surgery that does not involve oneself.

          • CanadaBear

            100%. Major surgery=surgery on me. Minor surgery=surgery on anyone else other than family and friends.

  • BearDown100393

    Batman is dead.

    • CanadaBear

      Everything I’ve ever read about him personally was good. 88. Most people would take that if you were healthy up til the end.

      • AlbertInTucson

        Never heard him whine about being typecast.

        The only other role I can recall him in was as the ill-fated mission commander in
        ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS and that roles lasts less than 10 minutes after the opening credits.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          recurring role on Family Guy.

    • AlbertInTucson

      Happy Trails, Mr. West.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “If the Bears don’t make the playoffs in 2017…”

    Professor, do you actually think the Bears making the playoffs in 2017 is a viable concept?

    • BearDown100393


      • AlbertInTucson

        Uh, while I appreciate your enthusiasm and the kind of optimism that died within me years ago, there is only 1 person on this site I refer to as “Professor” and, believe it or not, BearDown, that person is not you.

        • BearDown100393

          We are all teachers.

          • AlbertInTucson

            But not all Professors.

    • My question was simply what does recent NFL history tell us needs to happen this year for John Fox to get a 4th season in Chicago, and it turns out recent history suggests pretty clearly the Bears have to make the playoffs.

      How likely that is to happen was not something I wanted to get into, as it was not the point of the article.

      (FYI, not likely at all)

      • AlbertInTucson

        Thank you for clarifying, Professor.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Of course, who saw 13-3 in 2001 after a 5-11 2000?

          Not I, folks.

          • CanadaBear

            The Bears used up about a decade’s worth of good fortune that year.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Yep. Then Jim Miller got hurt and it was Chris “Chandelier” and Henry Burris taking meaningful snaps and WHAM! Back to 4-12 in a heartbeat.

          • beninnorcal

            I believe it was Shane Matthews who came in and blew after Miller went down, no?

          • AlbertInTucson

            It was Matthews that came in in relief when Miller was cheap-shotted out of the playoff game.

          • beninnorcal

            Oh, the memories..

  • AlbertInTucson


    ESPN trying hide their recent cost-cutting by putting Linda Cohen and Barry Melrose in a “Green Screen” effect with a shot of Bridgestone Arena behind them to pass off their coverage as if they had actually sent the pair to Nashville for game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.

    Weak, 4-Letter, REALLY weak.

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    LOL Thin-skinned orange chimpanzee wants only love and adoration. He cannot stand protesters. What a precious snowflake!

    Guardian: Trump’s state visit to Britain put on hold—said he didn’t want to come if there were large-scale protests


    May be orange chimpanzee should stick to his hate rallies with Teabaggers in the confederate south.

    Hope Brits keep their stock of rotten eggs ready if orange chimpanzee ever musters up courage.

    • SC Dave


    • AlbertInTucson

      I bid thee, “Adieu”.

      • SC Dave

        That poor jackass is so full of hatred. It has become worse than tedious.

  • madscout12

    I know most hate WCG here, but this post particularly pisses me off.


    Holy shit, just as a test, if the average for a 3rd rounder is set low, say 3 years playing ST only, then how many of these guys make the cut? That’s a lot of suck.

    Not even close:
    20. Brandon Hardin, S
    19. Evan Rodriguez, FB/TE
    18. Greg McCoy, CB
    17. David Fales, QB ***hard for a QB to play ST, but still
    15. Brock Vereen, S
    14. Khaseem Greene, LB
    13. Isaiah Frey, CB
    11. Jon Bostic, LB

    16. Ego Ferguson, DT
    12. Cornelius Washington, DL
    10. Will Sutton, DT
    9. Shea McClellin, DE/OLB/ILB
    8. Marquess Wilson, WR
    7. Jordan Mills, OT

    6. Ka’Deem Carey, RB
    5. Pat O’Donnell, P
    4. Kyle Fuller, CB
    3. Charles Leno Jr., OT

    2. Alshon Jeffery, WR
    1. Kyle Long, OG

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