DaBearsPod Week 12: Featuring Paul Domowitch of the Philly Inquirer [AUDIO]

| November 24th, 2017

On this week’s episode:

  • Jeff discusses the next big decision facing Ryan Pace – who nurtures and develops this collection of young offensive talent.
  • Paul Domowitch of the Philly Inquirer breaks down the Eagles, his cantankerous Twitter personality and how much a difference Alshon Jeffery is making in Philadelphia.
  • Reverend Dave drank too much tequila once.
  • Kristofferson & Cash! Thanksgiving!

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  • That Guy

    First to say this is a weird year in the NFL. Dallas looks awful. The Chargers might just catch the Chiefs.

    Anything is possible. Fox might even get fired!

    • willbest

      If the Chargers didn’t start the season continuing their trend of piling up the most improbable losses in the history of the sport, they would take that division.

      • AlbertInTucson

        …and If your aunt had a pair…

  • SC Dave

    I find bullet 3 shocking. SHOCKING I say!

  • leftcoastdave

    Rosenbum is whining about AJ. Woulda, coulda, shoulda blah, blah, blah.

    1. AJ is not a slave.
    2. AJ wanted to go elsewhere. He took less $$$ than was on the table to leave.
    3. AJ’s wanting to go elsewhere would have been a distraction at best if he was tagged.

    Going to Philly was best for all.

    • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

      The mistake was not that Alshon Jeffrey was not tagged this year again.

      The mistake was that Pace did not realize signing Alshon should have been his priority #1 as soon as he became GM in 2015. He should have locked up Alshon BEFORE trading away Brandon Marshall or drafting Kevin White at #7.

      Instead the newbie GM wanted Alshon to “prove it” to him. And the one star WR Bears lucked into drafting (and drafted in round 2 no less) was allowed to walk away.

      Alshon was more valuable to Bears than to any other team. And so even overpay was justified. Heck we overpaid Cutler for years. And we are overpaying Glennon now. What would have been so wrong overpaying Alshon?

      • ButtonShoes
      • leftcoastdave

        Like I said, woulda, coulda, shoulda hindsight.

        AJ was not happy to be in Chicago last year and made that fact known.

        You suggesting that throwing more money at him would have changed that?

        The dude was not about the team, he was about his own glory.

        Now he’s “a player” and will be making good money for the rest of his career after this year’s FA period. Good for him.

        • CanadaBear

          He may have wanted out because Chicago is such a dumpster fire of losing.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            A dumpster fire of losing. That feels like a double negative.

        • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

          >>AJ was not happy to be in Chicago last year and made that fact known.

          You suggesting that throwing more money at him would have changed that?>>

          You missed the point. Alshon was pissed that Pace did not consider him WR1 as soon as he came to Chicago and instead “tried to draft” his own WR1 with #7 Kevin White when pass rusher was the biggest need.
          Drafting Kevin White at #7 was a slap in the face of Alshon and I don’t blame him for being pissed ever since. Pace tried to be too cute and thought he could easily replace Alshon’s production. Well, Kevin White turned out to be a massive bust..the guy could not run a route even when he was healthy.

          Think about this.. Pace could have signed Alshon in March 2015 to a long-term deal, drafted Vic Beasley at #7 and then added someone like Jamison Crowder in 3rd or 4th round for a speedy WR. Jamison Crowder >>> Kevin White. Even back in 2015 Crowder was a better route runner than White ever will be.

          Hope Pace learned his lesson..replacing production at WR is not easy.

          • I always saw the White pick as replacing Bmarsh.

            Makes sense. Alshon is a big bodied type, White would be the deep explosive threat.

            If Alshon got butt hurt over that, he’s a marshmallow like his critics say.

            It could’ve been Alshon was mad over dumping Bmarsh, his mentor, but no one argues that should’n’t have happened.

            White was just bad inj luck.

            He was a consensus top #5 pick.

            The doctors need to be rehauled, and considering the slew of INJs past 4 yrs, immediately.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky


            That is absolutely, 100% what a #1 looks like in college. To say he didn’t have the talent and couldn’t run a route is simply wrong. You’re just grinding your axe.

            Now one could legitimately argue a pass rusher would have been the better pick. But he handled that the following season. When you’re rebuilding a team, I’m not certain it matters if you get him year one or year two. Gotta take what appears to be the better player on the front end of a total rebuild.

      • DaBearsBlog

        Tagging Alshon was not an option. He would not have played. They offered him a lucrative extension and he turned it down for a one year deal in Philly.

      • We’re going to find out a lot about Alshon this off-season.

        Supposedly he wanted Julio Jones $, which the Iggles will NOT pay.

        If he takes anything less than $12M/yr multi deal, then that means he quit on the Bears.

        Considering Fox is still HC, I’m beginning to be more sympathetic with his decision much like Peppers bolting once Tresty took over.

        • willbest

          He started slow, but he is coming on in the second half of the season. I think he will be able to get $12/mil a year pretty easily.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Provided he doesn’t get hurt. No sure bet.

        • SC Dave

          “If he takes anything less than $12M/yr multi deal, then that means he quit on the Bears.”

          Really? I call bullshit. Circumstances have changed.

  • Viva

    Winning is psychological. When you have a coach (and a front office) that rationalizes losing, your team becomes complacent with losing. Not a real good first impression for the kid…
    Mitch needs to be pushed to win. Mitch needs to push his team to win. Rodgers does it. Brady does it. Winners do it. Fuck losing.

    Ryan needs to:
    1. Fire Fox for losing.
    2. Hire Toub to win.

    • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

      Pace will never hire Toub. And Toub will not work for Pace because they don’t know each other. Toub will be hired by Chris Ballard once he fires Chuck Pagano in Indy.

      If Toub is so good, how come no one has ever hired him? don’t get the Toub fascination at all. Same with Ballard who was part of the loser angelo/emery regime.

    • #1 is why I wanted Fox fired last November.

      Always argued the biggest thing this team needs to do is learn how to win. We FINALLY thought they turned the corner, then, the Puke game happened.

      Losing is now institutionalized.

      Ever walk into a nursing home and get hit in the face by that stench of old armpit, pills, and death?

      That’s Fox’s locker room.

      And it’s nauseating.

      But, tis all in vein…we’ll keep playing to our competition (good and bad) but find a way to lose #fox.

      • SC Dave

        That losing locker room has been around since Lovie Smith was fired. And it was part-time even then.

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      • Felecia

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  • Papa Pawn
    • CanadaBear

      A classic from Super Dave!

    • SC Dave

      Good one!

  • willbest
    • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

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      • willbest

        You apparently don’t seem to grasp who Kushner is, who his parents are, and who his parents friends are. He doesn’t have anything to worry about.

        • SC Dave

          He’s a pathetic troll. Ignore his sorry ass already.

  • “60% of the Blogs click comes from Twitter” – Jeff

    That explains a lot.

    Combine that with the reg exodus MB, Shady, Artoo, Crown, Willie…


    Domowitch says they have a pretty good slot CB.

    As Jeff rightfully points out, we negate that with lack of passing attack. Out Foxing opponents.

    Is Callahan still out?


    Cuervo? Ugh.

    I learned QUICKLY not to drink cheap tequila. They don’t call it Tequila Sunrise for nothing.

    Crap I drank in college which I will not drink again.

    Bombay gin (or any Gin really. I just see this as a grandpa drink)
    Any of those plastic 5ths that just have large labels “Vodka”
    After Shock (taste like nyquil)
    Yager (even if in Irish Car bombs)

    College drinks which don’t gross me out for some reason.

    Wild Turkey

    • willbest

      My experiences with Jager have left a lifetime scar. You could add all the sugar drinks used to consume colorless alcohol rum/vodka/gin. I can’t drink any of that now. scotch, red wines (with food), craft brews.

      • Yeah, I really don’t drink light spirits anymore in general (gin, vodka..) either.

        We used to drink vodka mixed with OJ or Cranberry, etc, but that stuff doesn’t appeal to me at all anymore.

        Yeah, Jager shots. Ugh. Though girls who do Jager shots 99% chance of getting laid.

        I keep it rather simple now.

        Jack and coke on the rocks. Hoohah.

        Beers, it depends. When I’m just chilling or on a date – a good stout.

        If I’m out and about partying, then I’ll drink Pabst cuz it’s rather affordable at bars still (I’m not about to pay $8 for a beer) and it doesn’t fill me up like stouts.

        Know of any reasonably priced scotchs?

        Wanna try a new one out.

        • willbest

          I suppose that is what you consider reasonably priced.

          If I am spending $45 or less I stick with Glenmorangie 10 yr or Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve. I haven’t had the best luck when I pick a bottle of the cheap stuff like Glen Moray 12, Ardbeg 10, Pulteney 12, etc that compete with the better known Glens in the value single malt range.

          In the $50-60 range I drink
          Balvenie 12yr dbl wood
          Glenglassaugh Revival (although I can’t seem to find it which probably means that they are going to raise the prices when the next batch comes out).
          Auchentoshan Three Wood
          Glendronach 12 years

          Priced to $80
          Lagavulin 16yr
          Talisker 10
          Aberlour 16 (my current favorite)

          Over $80, I have yet to have a bad scotch in that range but I haven’t had one and thought “this bottle deserves to cost $200”

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      I learned QUICKLY not to drink ANY tequila
      I love Gin(Bombay will work in a pinch, most bars around here only carry Tanqueray)
      Do they even make Afer Shock anymore?
      Jager in Irish Car bombs??? Irish Car bomb is Baileys Jameson and Guinness.

      Not a big fan of straight Wild Turkey. However years ago I started drinking Wild Turkey and Honey, they have since switched the name to American Honey.

      When I owned a bar our Sunday special was always Mickeys. Somehow it became a tradition with a lot of people to show up and drink Mickeys. Not sure how the tradition started and I don’t know the reason why we even carried it to begin with. We could not sell the crap any other day of the week no matter how cheap.

      • Decent tequila I don’t mind. Tres Generaciones comes to mind.

        Obviously the more expensive stuff is great and goes pound to pound with high end scotch, vodka, etc but I’m not about to drop a bill for that stuff.

        I don’t drink Wild Turkey straight. With coke. On the rocks. Gets the job done.

        I have tried the Honey, and it’s good. I like it. But obviously, a smidgen sweeter.

        Haha good thing I didn’t live around ur bar cuz I would’ve drank up ur special on Sunday!

        It’s probably a VERY good thing you didn’t get the sorta crowd that drinks Mickeys lol

        I just grew up in backyard parties downing mickeys while the chicks drank Boones and Zimas…guess my pallette got used to it.

        Will still buy like 2 40s from time to time and just listen to music.

        It probably offends mistachioed hipsters sipping their micro brews, but, I like it for some strange reason.

        You know, now that I think of it, it was only this one British Bar that served it with Yager (and yes, talk about a lil akward ordering an Irish Car bomb in Brit pub lol)

        But I knew the owner, and that’s what the girl wanted to drink (see Yager = laid)

        The english owner also gave me some from his personal stash

        The bottle was called MeanTime from Greenwich If I remember correctly.

        Opened like a champagne.

        Very good. Highly recommend if anyone can get their hands on it.

        • leftcoastdave

          First, Jager is not meant to be slammed in bars. It is a schnapps, and don’t think “pekermint.” It is a great aperitif, not to mention great cough syrup. (Duh, alcohol used to be the primary ingredient to the cough medicine we drank as kids. Cough reflex, meet alcohol.)

          Second, yes Takillya can be very good and much better than any Vodka, but . . . .

          Third, Wild Turkey is merely an amazingly adequate bourbon, aka “whisky.”

          Whisky comes from the Celtic word “usquebaugh” and was made originally by Irish bootleggers. You want whisky? You drink Irish whisky.

          Cheap today? Jamison Cask Mate, Stout Barrels. Kicks butt on a small cube.

          Neat for a little more? Teeling Small Batch. The best tasting “neat” whiskey you will drink for under $50.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            “Jager is not meant to be slammed in bars.” thats a little short sighted. Millions of people would disagree with you.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The list of things not meant to be done in bars .. put beside an actual list of things done in bars …. it would be dwarfed by the litany of vileness listed.

            Bars are like an analog for The Matrix. You think you’re having a good time, it feels like you are, but then one day you go down the chute and you see it for what it was. A long, drawn-out, gigantic waste of time – that precious stuff that becomes more important than anything the older you get.

            (Jesus Irish …!}


            Slamming shots though.

            The acceptability of paranormal drinking is probably inversely related to the percentage of people in the bar who become aware of it. A round of flaming sambucas accompanied by bells and horns going off was always a cringe moment in any bar.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Jack and coke. Perfect. throw in a Kahlua and a Guinness head, why not?

          Life warning to children:

          In order to drink like Lemmy … one must actually BE Lemmy. But that was definitely my weapon of choice, along with Black Russians if I had a few quid on me. Brandy and milk when drinking alone (easier on the tum-tums).

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Last few summers I’ve been drinking Gin and Tonic as my go-to.

        I prefer Hendricks Gin, Tonic, and a slice of cucumber rather than lime. It’s pretty good Gin IMHO and reasonably priced. Make one, drink it. Make a second for the boat for the evening. That’s where it’s at my friend.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Belfast car bombs we called them. Queues at Irish racecourses for gargle are Sisyphean struggles. So in knowing the estimated time before a re-serve, the order would be a baby bottle of Jemmy dropped into a pint of beer. It’s a slow death, with the realization that you’re incredibly inebriated a slow, dawning one, drawn out over hours. Only 3 BCBs did me in on one particular trip to the Galway Races. The combination is not recommended.

        Tequila is a quicker route to the same destination. Personal and public oblivion.

        Dr. Irish. PissHeaD Al.co.Hol.

  • disqus_uSRLzxKsQR

    Angels Envy Rye

  • That Pace WR curse continues.

    Dontrelle Inman (groin) is questionable for Week 12 against the Eagles.

    He was a full participant at Friday’s practice and should be ready to go Sunday in Philadelphia. Inman has led the Bears in receiving yards in each of his two games since arriving at the trade deadline. – Roto.

    • Don’t know if this is a negative. For specials, I guess.

      Josh Bellamy (concussion) is doubtful for Week 12 against the Eagles.

      Bellamy left last week’s game with a concussion and has yetto clear the league’s protocol. It’s another blow to what was already one of the league’s thinnest receiving groups. Philadelphia’s defense should be the chalk in DFS this week – roto

      • willbest

        Bellamy is a solid gunner, and knows how to get open in the passing game. Of course his brick hands prevent him from becoming a Steve Smith.

        • leftcoastdave

          Wait a minute. Bellamy had hands transplants in the off season. They’re much better than they were, but they still are not fully healed.

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