Da Saturday Scout: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

| November 4th, 2017

Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman [Cropped]

Player: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

Game: vs. Oklahoma (#5), 3:00 PM CT


What They’re Saying

From Lance Zierlein at NFL.com:

Washington has been one of the most consistent vertical talents in college football over the last three seasons with a career average of 19.2 yards per catch and 26 career touchdown receptions. He’s a long strider who can rip into cornerback cushions and climb on top of them quickly. Washington is a sensational ball tracker who is able to go up and come down with the deep ball with the best of them in college football. He also flashes runaway speed after the catch and can take a slant the distance if a safety makes a mistake. Washington tends to fight some underneath throws as a pass-catcher and will need additional work with the route tree once he gets to the league.

From Blogging the Boys, a Dallas Cowboys blog:

Through just five games in 2017, Washington has tied his freshman season in catches (28), is over halfway to 1,000 yards (647), and is already halfway there in tying his career-high in touchdowns with five. He is averaging 129 yards per game this season with a high of 153 against TCU and a low of 98 against South Alabama in a game that was over before halftime (and he still found the end zone).

His most impressive stat is that Washington’s season low in yards-per-reception is 16.3(!). The speedy deep threat averaged 16.3 yards on 28 receptions as a freshman, 20.5 on 53 as a sophomore, 19.4 on 71 as a junior, and is currently averaging 23.1 yards per catch on 28 catches this season. Needless to say, big things happen when you get the ball in 28’s hands.

From Jenni Carlson in The Oklahoman, breaking down Washington’s evolution as a deep threat:

Speed. Tracking. Body control.

Washington is fast, and that break-away foot speed is important for a deep-ball threat in separating from defenders, then alluding them after a catch. But it’s important how he runs, too.

“When he runs, he bounces,” Dunn said. “He’s got power. He’s not taking a bunch of little steps.”

Long speed, Dunn calls it.

That ability to glide while running might be one of the reasons Washington is able to track the ball so well. He can come out of the initial part of his pattern when he’s running head down, full speed, he can turn and look over his shoulder, and he can locate the ball immediately.

“Kind of like an outfielder chasing a fly ball,” Gundy said. “Some kids never really can do it.

I Think

  • Super athletic wide receiver from the Big 12. What could go wrong?
  • Washington is expected to run a 4.4 or better at the Combine, almost guaranteeing that he’ll be one of the first fifteen picks in the NFL Draft.
  • I’d have no problem with the Bears flooding the wide receiver position in the draft. What does that mean? Take three of em. Hope two hit. A good offensive coordinator and decent quarterback play are going to make Washington an NFL star.

Why Watch This Week

It’s Bedlam! And this is the biggest game of James Washington’s season barring Oklahoma State making into the final four.

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  • SC Dave

    I like the idea of going big time WR, but we also need to think about OL depth. Compton may be okay, and although Sowell pancaked a dude at the point of attack on Howard’s 50 yards jaunt vs. New Orleans, I am also unsure about him.

    Our round 5 pick from last season is on IR, and is Eric Kush. Don’t know what we have there either.

    Perhaps Big Mike can chime in with his observations on our line?

    • That Guy

      I completely agree with everything you’ve said.

      We need WRs, desperately, and FA doesn’t look like a good option this year (plus given that we need multiple guys). But OL depth is an issue, and the ILB situation isn’t getting better. Hell, OLB needs another contributor, too.

      Which means Pace will probably draft 2 TEs and a kicker. All small-school prospects who end up being really good, but the OL will be held together by Cleveland practice squad players.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Pace has done a pretty admirable job of plugging the biggest holes first.

        • CanadaBear

          I like that he usually addresses a problem area before the draft so he doesn’t get locked into one position on draft day.

    • CanadaBear

      I can’t imagine Freeman will play for the Beloved again. Totally agree about Kwiat and Jones.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Kwiat looks like a JAG to me, I like the rest but a good draft pick on the inside would be nice, a real leader-type.

        • CanadaBear

          I thought that last year but he looked a lot faster this year and was filling gaps. Jones has really stepped up. No issue with getting another ILB in the draft. Just not early.

    • BearDown100393

      Freeman is a bust.

      • SC Dave

        It’s a shame too. Didn’t know he came in with a drug issue.

        On the field, he was a best linebacker.

      • Is he?

        His suspensions will be served by next season.

        He’s awesome when he’s not suspended (maybe due to PEDs).

        Say keep him.

        He gets suspended – still got Tre, Jones and Kwiat.

        If the top ILB falls to us though, might be a position to seriously consider, but dude would have to be a 3 down baller.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Won’t his suspension will only be served by next season if they take him off IR?

        • BearDown100393

          2 suspensions in 2 seasons.


  • SC Dave

    Regarding the highlights, the speed is obvious. I also like his balance.

    And by the way, the guy throwing him the ball does not look too bad either.

    All that said, it *is* a highlight reel.

  • Doc Hamstring

    Guy looks good, but he needs to spend some time with a good trainer who teaches him to run.

    He’s definitely a long-strider. Not a problem on the track, but for a WR he’s going to struggle getting out of his cuts. He’s not a guy who’s going to fool anyone, let along a pro CB, with double moves.

    But here’s the reason why he needs to learn to run: he’s vertical or even leaning back a bit when he runs. He’s quad-dominant, reaching forward with his foot on every stride and not pushing through and back with his glutes at the end of each stride. That robs him of explosiveness and acceleration out of his cuts, as I’ve already said, but it also means his hamstrings are under-utilized, and because of that, probably under-strength.

    Weak hamstrings are more susceptible to pulls/strains/tears, but worse, that sort of quad/hammy imbalance means risk for serious knee issues. Most notably, ACL ruptures. (Female athletes are much more susceptible to ACL ruptures than male, primarily because on average females have weaker hamstrings and worse quad/hammy strength ratios.) Put this guy in an NFL context where he’s going to have to run block and/or make quick cuts adjusting to more complex defensive looks, and he’s at a higher risk for a serious injury.

    If I’m a scout, I’m putting this guy on a treadmill and seeing how he runs with a forward lean, how his stride mechanics adjust. I’m also seeing how deep he goes down when he squats, and how stable his knees look when he’s doing single-leg lifts. I’m going to stress his hamstrings and glutes to make sure he isn’t going to blow up in training camp. And then if I draft him, he’s spending 80% of his time in the weight room beefing up the backs of his legs, and 80% of his time on the field learning to run with a forward lean.

    This has been your Hamstring Minute (TM).

    • Irish Sweetness

      He definitely needs a Marino/Montana type to drop it in his basket. He’s not Larry Fitzgerald or Randy Moss, no.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      That’s what I was bout to say.

    • It’s all part of the plan

      You are a very thorough slave appraiser!

    • SC Dave

      Informative post. Thank you.

  • Alex

    I don’t think you need to flood the position in the draft. Apart from QB, the options in FA are probably the best at the WR position.

    I personally want Pace to go after OLB (Bradley Chubb or Clellin Farrell) and OT (Orlando Brown or Martinas Rankin) in the first two rounds. The exception being if a WR is the clear BPA available at the time out of those 3 positions.

    Bradley Chubb, Orlando Brown in the draft + Paul Richardson and Jarvis Landry in FA.

    WR: Paul Richardson, Cameron Meredith, Jarvis Landry, Dontrelle Inman, Tre’ McBride, Kevin White

    Clellin Farrell + Equanimeous St. Brown + Paul Richardson and Jarvis Landry in FA

    WR: Paul Richardson, Equanimeous St. Brown, Jarvis Landry, Cameron Meredith, Dontrelle Inman,
    Kevin White

    I think the above examples resolve a lot of the Bears’ issues into next season. The OLB pick helps to take the Bears defence to the very highest level.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      I’d not count on White for anything. Hope for the best, but I really doubt it ever works out.

      • Alex

        I am not but he won’t be cut as still has guaranteed money on his contract and the Bears will give him every opportunity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tre’ McBride stick on the roster. He’s done ok.

    • Irish Sweetness

      E.Q just for his name, Oh yes.

  • I’d have a big problem with the Bears spending their 1st round pick on a WR. That’s just not a good use of resources.

    Get an edge rusher or OT there. Look for WR in round 2 or 4. Meredith + Inman + a FA + 1 draft pick + McBride is a quality top 5 WRs.

    • BearDown100393

      Agreed. And of course that means Pace will trade up for a receiver from Division III or something.

  • Irish Sweetness

    That QB has some crazy release, but good, eh? He does just put it up there on some of those, but a vertical passing team would enjoy him.

    I guess that receiver looks pretty good, too.

    • Knowing Pace, he’ll trade down in the 2nd to recoup a 3rd.

      I’m with you.


      Can never have enough pass rushers, and god forbid if Hicks or Goldman go down.

      McPhee is no spring chicken, and Floyd still has a concussion history.

      On the flip side, If Leno or Massie go down, we’re kinda fucked. Long is an inj waiting to happen. Sittion like McPhee is long in the tooth.

      Wouldn’t mind an OT who can play OG in a pinch.

      A strong Oline can only help Trub, and really that’s all that matters going forward.

      • SC Dave

        And help Howard and Cohen too, while they’re at it.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Yes. One of the 4th rounders we have – 6’0, 245lbs. And he has to believe in God.

  • CanadaBear

    I”m with JW on this. No to a first rd WR. Way too risky. You can find good WR’s all over the draft. Much rather they drafted an OLman or DL/OLB in the first. Way too early for this stuff. As always, I’m OK with whoever they draft as long as they don’t suck, don’t come pre-injured or are head cases.

    • leftcoastdave

      Amen to that. Take a look at Allen Lazzard from Iowa State. A 6’5″ receiver who has gamed for four years and a mix of QBs. There will be a ton of guys coming into the draft and we don’t need to gamble on another Kevin White. Look at all the great players da Bears have found in the 4th and 5th or UDFA? Howard, Cohen, Jackson, Amos, Meridith, Kwik. Take those dudes with something to prove and a chip on that shoulder.


      • CanadaBear

        I just look around the league and there are a lot of really productive guys that were drafted late. I’m not a college football kinda guy so I rarely have a stake in who they draft.

        • leftcoastdave

          The Cyclones beat Oklahoma when they were ranked #5 and TCU when ranked #4 this year with help from this kid.

          He’s a gamer.

          • CanadaBear

            I actually watched the 4th quarter of the ISU/OK game. Literally the most college ball I’ve seen in years. I was going nuts when ISU put it on ’em.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Find a hard-working, healthy boy who’s 6’5 and smart. Go to it, Mr. Pace.

    • I’d prefer a WR through FA.

      I feel like a vet WR can help Trub a lot whereas a rook WR would be too busy learning himself to be of any help to Trub.

      Of course, if an elite WR falls into our lap…

      • Irish Sweetness

        NI never did like the idea of babysitting receivers and QBs, unless you feel you have a generational guy. Let somebody else see the receivers through two years of teething problems before we stick the chocolate bar in their mouth.

      • CanadaBear

        I hope they go FA and the draft. They need to bring in at least 3 viable candidates to make the roster.

    • AlbertInTucson

      I say FA when you need IMMEDIATE help which, lord knows, the Bears certainly do at WR.

      • BerwynBomber

        I’d say FA and top 3 round WR. And maybe a flier in 5-7.

  • willbest

    Obviously if somebody is clearly a cut above the rest they need to be taken, but my preferred draft over is something like
    1) pass rush
    2) WR

    Then with the remaining 4 picks (4,4,5,6) in no particular order I would like to see a CB, WR, RT, Kicker (or QB flier)

    Oh and if we don’t get one of the lower end #1 WRs in FA I won’t be at all pleased.

    • leftcoastdave

      Do you think you might want to edit that last sentence?

    • madscout12

      We need depth at OLB and DL. Need some more pressure to bring that D to the next level. That’s got to ne 1st round. Passcatchers can be found in 2 and later.

  • TomC

    I wouldn’t be mad if they took a flier on WR with their #1, but I agree with the crowd that the key is numbers. At least three between draft & FA.

    • Juan Stone


      The WR position can be filled much more efficiently than through the draft. Don’t do it Pace, don’t be “that guy” who burnt his nose on the radiator twice.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      No “fliers” at 1 please.

    • WR is such a gamble in the 1st.

      A player would have to prove Julio Jones/AJ Green pedigree for me to feel comfortable with drafting a WR in the first, esp after the White debacle. (And even then…White was a top #5 consensus best player that draft).

      However, I don’t think Pacebot cares.

      I’m more curious at what type of WR Pace has in mind.

      If he wants a big bodied Kelvin Banjamin type.
      Or if he prefers the smaller smoother Antonio Brown types.
      Or something in between.

      Not sure he has a preference.

      White was the explosive medium bodied type.
      He did try to re-sign Alshon a power forward mold
      He signed about 5 slot guys and supposedly one burner (Wheaton).
      Cam was more in the in inbetween mode.
      And they’re putting even Cohen out there

      So who knows.

      Either way, WR isn’t exactly proving to be Pace’s specialty and don’t want to go full-Lions.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Seems like teams need a mix of all of them. But you’re not taking a little shit in the forst

  • Juan Stone

    I prefer the Oklahoma kid from Washington. Hee hee

  • CanadaBear
    • willbest

      I have no idea why people who write these articles keep pretending this is some sort of free speech angle as if these players aren’t on the clock. Its part of their job to participate in the pageantry in order to sell the product. Forget Goodell and the owners, the NFLPA should have told the players to cut the crap and sell the product. The players get 45% of the gross. That is 5.2-5.5 Billion dollars. Lets say that the NFL’s 20% decline in viewers is a combination of factors and that the anthem nonsense is only responsible for say 3%. A 3% reduction in revenue translates in a loss to the players of about 160 MILLION. that is roughly $75,000 a player.

      It seems absolutely moronic to me for these players to destroy the reputation of the organization that allows every single one of them to get their families out of bad neighborhoods over something completely unrelated to the NFL. If they want to go after the NFL over hiding CTE data or downplaying the risk, Godspeed. But destroying your meal ticket because of overly aggressive police tactics or because you hate the President? Thats shitting where you eat.

      • “cut the crap and sell the product”

        I know that it’s difficult for a lawyer to understand, but some things are worth more than $ for actual humans.

        Like justice.

        This would’ve faded away on its own, but naturally, the orange umpa loompa just fanned the dying flames.

        Which of course is what he does best because he’s the ultimate reality tv star no better than those house wives throwing champagne at each other for ratings…

        • willbest

          I absolutely understand some things are more important than money. But what you need to understand is it wasn’t Kaep’s money to gamble with. He unilaterally decided to put 2000 other people’s money at risk. Plus his time in the NFL is temporary, he is but a steward for those that come after him.

          In its best case you have to admit it was completely selfish and irresponsible. But the media isn’t looking at that angle. They will mention that the owners get $3.2 billion of the $13 billion pie, but fail to mention that the players cut on that is ~$5.5 billion with the rest going other labor and operational expenses. We are left going boo-hoo the owners won’t get their $100 million this year. But they complete forget the part where the player salaries are directly tied to gross revenue. Say the cap only goes up $7 million this year instead of $10 million. That is 96 million less dollars for people with expired or expiring contracts left to renegotiate for. Just collateral damage I suppose.

          • Bear Instincts

            The other players did not have to follow Map. He did not put a gun to their heads. They made a choice. And they continue to make a choice for something that affects them on a personal level.

          • SC Dave

            The point is still the same. They are affecting all those players that don’t wish to protest, for reasons of their own which are, incidentally, equally protected under the United States Constitution.

          • Cubsnlinux

            This is no different than every other civil rights protest in the history of mankind and in the future. There will always be ripple effects. You can affect change in a bubble.

          • Exactly.

            It is estimated that 1/3 of colonists during the revolution were actually fence sitters (and that’s not counting the Loyalists FOR England).

            I’m sure they didn’t appreciate those pesky radicals fighting the crown and fucking their shit up.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            It is different in one distinct way. The civil rights protests we know from our own American history were largely conducted by people taking on very real personal risk to speak out. They risked their, and their family’s safety, with the hope of affecting change. They lived the life every day. They fought for themselves and their neighbors against very concrete things in a very real way.

            Jump to the present, and what are the NFL players doing? What are they really doing? Kneeling? Big fucking deal. No risk, other than maybe a few bucks in lost revenue, and a stern talking to from some old white dude through the media. (Jerry Jones)

            Yes, I know that Kap has gone beyond the visible and actually thrown some money at it. But by and large, these guys are kneeling and moving on. Nobody is going to beat them in the street. Nobody is going to hassle their kids or wives. They just simply kneel, and that’s it. Time to play football.

            The whole thing just rings hollow for me. You want to fix this? You better do a whole lot more than kneel before the game starts.

          • Cubsnlinux

            Yes, it does take a lot of sacrifice to bring about any meaningful change. But almost every single revolution starts small. It is easy to judge and decide who is really serious and who is risking more from the comforts of our couches isn’t it? It is wrong to group all protesters into one bunch and labeling them as not “risking” anything.

            Media circus and opportunists are diluting the message. The platform is laid out but now the conversations need to focus on action. This is where many uprisings sizzled due to lack of true selfless leaders.

          • willbest

            BLM was a riot inspired by a journalistic malpractice over an incident where a black man was killed for attempting to take a police officers gun when it was erroneously reported that he had his hands up. Monied interests then tried to parlay that into political shock troops (the same way they did with OWS). Its faded out because the idiots didn’t prove themselves to be useful enough.

            And if you think I am speaking out of my ass, I would ask you to look no further than Chicago where Democrat Mayor and Obama advisor Rahm Emanuel covered up the actual murder by police for the simple purposes of winning his reelection bid and suffered no consequences, nor did anybody get up and riot. Whats more he likely not have any real problem getting reelected 16 months from now.

            I mean if any incident deserved a riot, that was it.

            And really that is what sets BLM apart from real civil rights protests. It has the backing and the support of 1 of the ruling factions of this country. And it just so happens to be the same faction that controls virtually every urban area in the US. If they actually wanted to do something about it they could have. What you are seeing is a controlled burn by the democrat party and an attempt to somehow pin Chicago/Baltimore/NYC/etc police conduct on a the GOP and racist white folks, which is fucking stupid because all the racist white folks left the cities in the 1960s. They didn’t vote for any of that.

          • Cormonster

            Bad cops won’t be held accountable until union contracts are rewritten and things like the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights in many states are repealed. But that will require taking on police unions, and that’s not a winning formula for re-election in many areas. Many of these contracts make it damn near impossible to get rid of bad and overly aggressive cops.

            I’ll bet a good percentage of the egregious cop killings or shootings could be prevented by getting rid of these cops for previous misbehavior. Most of these cops already have a record of overly aggressive behavior, but they are protected by the unions and the rules they have set up in their contracts.

          • I actually agree. I think the CULTURE of cops has to change.

            Unions are basically acting like gangs protecting their own even when they know they’re wrong and possibly illegal

            “Bitches get stitches” is a motto a lot of cops adopt like criminals

            There’s this GREAT doc called the Seven Five which illustrates it perfectly

            I mean, the dude was stealing $ and protecting dope dealers. Half the cops were in on it. The other half KNEW about it but looked the other way.

            Can’t imagine what else gets swept under the rug.

            Kneeling is fine to start convos, but a cop isn’t going to remember Kaep kneeling and decide not to cap an unarmed guy.

            Somehow the mentality has to change.

            I don’t know exactly what can change it though.

            More and more police are getting militarized and aggressive.

            Most cops now adays would probably laugh at the motto “Protect and serve” but really that’s what it has to return to.

            But how does that happen?

            Better screening of potential cops with full psychological profiles?
            Higher pay to attract more qualified candidates?
            Monthly dope tests to see if their on drugs or roids?
            Better counseling services?
            More vigorous investigation and prosecution of violations?

            Probably a lil of each, but that’s the root of it, IMO.

            Once the culture changes, sure, maybe you get someone who thinks they’re rambo or dirty harry, but I think that can cut down on the incidents.

            Cops def have tough jobs, and as the doc reveals, it can absolutely grind and jade anyone, but gotta get ppl who can handle the stress better and be more professional.

            Rant. Off!

          • Cormonster

            Even pinkos and libertarians agree on some things! Yeah, I could write a long diatribe about changes that need to be made in police departments, and I think I’ve already done that here a few times.

            I think the BLM movement has been a disaster and counter-productive. There was starting to be some real momentum in police reform before BLM came along and turned it into a racial issue – with lots of help from the media. Police abuse affects every group, especially those in the lower socio-economic stratas. The media hyping things like the Michael Brown incident forced people to choose sides, and a lot of people started choosing the cops side in many of these cases (including me). A real left-right grassroots coalition was starting to put some pressure on police reform, but it’s mostly gone now. Now this has turned into another of the many culture wars that the MSM loves to push.

            Sidenote to Butch: I listen to a lot of political podcasts and youtube shows from all over the political spectrum. The ones from the far left (Bernie fans) are just vicious in their attacks on the DNC, Hillary, MSNBC, or anything else from the establishment wing of the Democrat Party and MSM. I like it! The establishment in Washington is getting attacked HARD from both ends of the political spectrum. Hopefully a bunch of these lifer political hacks from both parties get kicked out.

      • Juan Stone

        What makes you think the players AREN’T doing exactly what they’re told to do? You’re assuming too much councilor.

        Sigh… I digress.

        • willbest

          Well they clearly aren’t getting their marching orders from the billionaire NFL owners. So unless you are saying that there is a cabal of MLB/NBA/NHL owners trying to assault the NFL dominance…

          • Juan Stone

            Ahem…. it’s called controlled opposition Will. You need to study some treastice law my man. Always watch the other hand and never forget to follow da monay!

            I would not be at all surprised if you already know this. Have you ever received any Jesuit training you’re unaware of? Hee hee

  • CanadaBear
    • EnderWiggin

      I like Sanchez. I like him a little more now.

    • BerwynBomber

      He should also move ahead of Glennon on the depth chart.

      • Frances

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      • Jean

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  • Bender McLugh

    Higdon the real deal, speed for daayyyys. Perfect 3rd round pick

    • Bender McLugh

      Harbaugh loves him

  • Bender McLugh
  • BerwynBomber

    Mayfield’s game may not translate to the NFL but he’s a fun watch on the college level.

    If a team has a veteran starter but no heir apparent he might be a guy worth a mid-round WTF pick. He’s got moxie out the ass and works well in chaos.

    I’d want to check out his arm strength and his party boy vs. maturity intangibles. His size is his size.

  • Frances

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  • Irish Sweetness

    Anyone catch UFC 217? Barnstormer. Three ttile fights. Three new champions. GSP is back. Looked strong.

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