Bisky Sour: Six Thoughts on Falling to 3-7

| November 20th, 2017

(1) Mitch Trubisky is starting to show signs that he’s going to be a very good quarterback in this league for a long time. Improving weekly. Learning from mistakes. Scrambling in key spots. Throwing receivers open. Leading. But I thought his comment post-game was so telling.

How many quarterbacks have to say something like “what coach Fox is allowing us to do on offense”? Get the feeling Trubisky won’t be heartbroken when Fox is let go.

(2) Connor Barth is terrible. He’s not shaky or inconsistent. He is legitimately the worst kicker in the league. And for a team with such a small margin for error to employ him is inexcusable. If he’s on the roster Tuesday, fans should boycott the team next weekend.

(3) Injuries are starting to pile-up. Leonard Floyd is done for the year. Kyle Fuller, who knows? The Bears defense hasn’t been good lately and won’t be good for the foreseeable future. 5-6 wins now seems like the ceiling for this team.

(4) There’s hope on this offensive roster. Trubisky. Howard. Cohen. Shaheen. Inman. The Bears have players for the future and it is starting to look like the 2017 draft class is going to be another home run.

(5) Offensive line shows how good they can be. Bears had their starting five out there yesterday and they delivered their best effort of the season. Why? Because they kept the Lions off-balance with their play calling.

(6) Down 4 late, needing a yard, John Fox punts. How can a man be so oblivious to the situation? How does Fox so consistently make the wrong decision in the heat of the battle? The Bears won’t likely fire Fox in-season and they’re going to have an empty building for the next month because of it.

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  • Bear Instincts

    Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan tenure isn’t going as well as expected

    • That Guy

      I think UM has a high tolerance for Harbaugh. I don’t see them pushing him out the door anytime soon. And Harbaugh has lots of reasons ($$$) to stay at UM.

      Unless Fox is fired and Chicago makes Harbaugh an offer no one could refuse, I can’t see him willingly leaving, and there’s no way Harbaugh’s getting the axe.

      And let’s be honest. Fox getting fired isn’t a done deal at this point. We might see his days being numbered, but ownership obviously doesn’t feel the same way.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        I’m beginning to wonder if Harbaugh would even be THE guy. He seems like a giant and obvious upgrade from Fox. But is that enough? Harbaugh’s resume is beginning to look a little less like a home run hire in the big picture.

        All due credit for the development of Andrew Luck, and perhaps that in itself is enough. But outside of that, three good seasons at the Niners, on a gimmick offense the league caught up to?

        A year ago, I assumed he’d be contending for a title at Michigan and not even an option for the Bears. Now, he’s not winning enough and on the hot seat in Ann Arbor. I don’t know if he is or isn’t the guy, but I’m a lot less certain these days.

        • SC Dave

          I don’t get all the love for Harbaugh.

          • Bear Instincts

            He produced results for the 49ers. Yes he was a pain in the ass but he produced results.

            2011 13 n 3 – 1st in NFC West – Lost to Giants in NFC Championship
            2012 11 n 4 – 1st in NFC West – Lost to Ravens in SB
            2013 12 n 4 – 2nd in NFC West – Lost to Seattle in NFC Championship
            2014 8 n 8 – 3rd in NFC West – Did not qualify for the Playoffs

            Compare that to the first 3 years of the Fox/Trestman/Lovie/Jauron/Wannstedt eras

          • willbest

            He isn’t leaving Michigan next year.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Those ‘results’ are also losses in crucial games.

          • BearDown100393

            I don’t get why so many believe Harbaugh would want to work for clueless ownership after fleeing bad ownership from San Francisco to coach at Michigan with full autonomy.

          • Bear Instincts

            49rs ownership was meddling. Bears ownership knows that they don’t know football and leave it to football people except for Thompson

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Good luck making this argument stick.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            He had a pretty solid run leading to the Michigan job.

          • willbest

            People want what they can’t have.

          • He took Kap to the SB, and was a good pass away from winning it.

            The 9ers are now a 1 win team without him.

            Harbs is “safer” than some up and coming OC or college HC in that respect.

            But, he’s def a personality with a relatively short shelf life.

        • Bear Instincts

          Who is your pick for HC once Fox is gone?

          1. Harbaugh
          2. Young OC
          3. Toube

          • evantonio

            Dave Toub for HC.

          • SC Dave

            By far my favorite “broken record” around here! 🙂

          • evantonio

            I don’t remember who started it up a few years back, but I’m happy to carry the torch until Teddy smartens up.

          • Cormonster

            That would be the one and only Viva.

          • evantonio

            Smart man, that Viva.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            I’d defer to someone like BerwynBomber on this one. He saw McVay coming before anybody else did. Id lean young, sharp OC. Not sure why Toub hasn’t gotten a shot. Must be something there.

            Harbaugh might be the guy, but I’m much less enthusiastic about that these days.

          • Irish Sweetness

            A young OC has no idea how to lead men and do all of the things a HC needs to do.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Tell Sean McVay that. He begs to differ.

  • Papa Pawn

    Connor Barth is terrible. He’s not shaky or inconsistent. He is legitimately the worst kicker in the league. And for a team with such a small margin for error to employ him is inexcusable. If he’s on the roster Tuesday, fans should boycott the team next weekend.

    THAT’s the reason we should boycott the Bears? The KICKER?

    Not the drafting, upper management, cap management, sweetheart deal at Soldier’s Field that the taxpayers eat (like most other teams have), not the terrible coaching, backstabbing Trestman, crying Aaron Kromer, the fact the league can’t make consistent calls on the field or even seems to understand the rules at times… not the faux patriotism or faux pink-for-women movements backed by domestic abuse weekly, not the hypocrisy shown by owners in disciplining star players vs. rhetoric about zero-tolerance when the player is shit – and most critically not the annual ex-player suicides or avalanche of evidence showing the NFL bribed doctors and even university studies to keep a systemic issue quiet or that ISSUE was the fact the game destroys people’s brains until they go down in rage and alcolohism like Junior Seau and Dave Duerson.

    Nope. None of those fucking things.

    Boycott the Bears because their kicker sucks.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      And yet. You’re still watching and posting.

    • DaBearsBlog

      Their drafting has been great two years in a row and they have no cap issues.

      • SC Dave

        This season’s draft is looking better and better. We all were hoping to see some development with Shaheen, and it looks like it’s starting.

        Here’s to its continuation and seeing him morph into a solid professional TE.

        • BearDown100393

          Shaheen played very well. And he deserved more action in the second half than what was granted.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Fruit of a poisonous tree though. You need Shaheen to suck, to herald the eventual sale of the team since the owners hired Pace and he drafted Shaheen.

        • Big Mike

          I think he’ll be better than solid. Opponents will have to start game planning. We’re in the same boat as we were last year. You want to see the team win, but when they don’t their offseason gets a boost. Pace keeps getting better players, but it’s like there is a hole in the boat.

          From his first draft (keep in mind this was Emery’s scouting staff), he hit on 2 for 6. Goldman and Amos looking like solid to very good players. Great work for a 2 and a 5 pick. Kevin White – is a bust. Hard to put that on Pace, but it is what it is. Grasu is a back up center. For a 3rd rounder that’s a miss at Center. He has had two off seasons to get stronger. It looks like he can’t. Tayo not really a miss because 6th rounders don’t work out a lot of times. But not really a hit.

          His first draft with his scouts it’s still a bit early, but I’d say he’s got 5 hits out of 9 players. (floyd, whitehair, bullard, kwiatkowski and howard). Of the 4 others, only Braverman the 7th rounder isn’t on the roster. Of the other 3, 2 (Bush and Houston-Carson) are backups to other young players drafted by Pace. They are also contributing on Special Teams. The third is on IR (Deondre Hall). Not misses, but not “hits”.

          Really can’t tell about this year yet, but the early signs are promising. 4 of the 5 players picked are starting/making big contributions as rookies. (Trubisky, Shaheen, Jackson and Cohen).The 5th is Jordan Morgan a promising OG who was placed on IR. More likely stashed there. He was a bet on a big body who needed to get stronger.

          At the same time, guys are dropping like flies and the cupboard was bare after Emery.

          • Sactowns#1

            The hole in the boat that you reference is called free agency. Pace has been terrible at FA signings.

          • willbest

            You are right, I can’t believe he signed Trevathan, Hicks, Sitton and Massie. What a shit show that turned out to be. At worst you can say Pace is average at FA.

            2015 – he signs a bunch of stop gaps, and McPhee. McPhee plays solid until he busts his knee and hasn’t been the same

            2016 – an amazing FA. Hicks, Freeman, Massie, Trevathan, Sitton

            2017 – Glennon WTF? Sims – overpaid for a blocking TE, Demps stop gap at safety that got injured no big loss. Prince on a 1 year flier – solid. Wheaton – always injured no long term commitment, Cooper looked promising, failed to live up.

            But then what did we miss out on in 2017? Gilmore isn’t playing up to his contract and went to NE. Bouye is but we lost out to no income tax FL. Calais Campbell is having a career year, but then he doesn’t fit our scheme.

          • Big Mike

            Terrible this year. Take Glennon out of the equation. He was clearly a bust. Sims.. non-factor, Cooper.. OMG he lost the game single handedly on that one drive. I though he was better early in the year, but wow. Quinten Demps was playing well until he went on the IR Wheaton is a find. 2 yrs 11 million for a WR. Good value. Needs to be on the field. But the Bears looked like they had a professional WR corp yesterday. Prince Amukamara is exactly what we hoped for. Cruz was cut, Sanchez is doing his job, Kendall Wright is doing his job. Christian Jones is a bargain.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Jesus, did Morgan fall off the bench?

          • Big Mike

            My suspicion is that his “injury” was really a reason to hide him for a season without taking up a practice squad spot.

      • Big Mike

        Thank you. Your blog is being taken over by idiots in the comment section.

    • Bear Instincts

      90% of the things you have a grievance with have nothing to do with the Bears.
      Drafting – has been pretty good under Pace
      Upper management – they are not the best
      Cap management – has been pretty good under Pace

      The rest of what you are raging about is not Bear related. Hit the showers and cool off

    • Sweaty Teddy alone is boycott worthy.

  • SC Dave

    *sigh* More whining about the coaching.

    As I’ve said for four weeks, the game plan will become gradually more open as Trubisky, and the rest of the offense, show they can handle it.

    In yesterday’s game, he looked better, but still throws too many inaccurate passes. And it looks to be mostly in the footwork. Fix that, and things will get promising.

    • DaBearsBlog

      are you not paying attention? Loggains and Trubisky are basically begging for a more open offense in the press weekly. Now they’ll have no choice because the defense is about to be bad.

      • SC Dave

        They need to convince Fox, and presumably yesterday’s effort will help.

        • Bear Instincts

          I wish I had the same kind of faith in Fox that you do

          • SC Dave

            Stop trolling. You’ve become pathetic.

          • Bear Instincts

            No troll. Just find it amazing that you can still support Fox week in and week out. Yes the WR’s suck. Yes MT10 is a rookie. But as a coach it is his job to get the best out of his players and put them in a position each week. I just don’t see him doing that.

          • SC Dave

            It’s utterly pointless whether I believe in Fox or not – exactly as pointless as whether you do or not.

            Get over it that your opinion means nothing at Halas Hall.

      • BearDown100393

        There is quite a circle jerk down here in the trenches.

        A. Blame players.

        B. Blame coaches.

        Here is the reality.

        It is pretty much all bad.

        A few of these players have potential – Hicks, Howard, perhaps Cohen and Trubisky. Shaheen played well yesterday.

        That is simply not enough to substantially improve in the standings. But it is enough to try and build a better team.

        These players are owed a proper coaching staff committed to developing players and building a team. That is not happening.

        The trenches (this board) is rather simple minded and overly concerned about appearance of “being a true Bears fan” without rocking the boat of long established avatar based relationships that validate daily existences.

        Very little is truly expressed about the current state of affairs in an open and honest manner of the Chicago Bears football franchise – as an organization, as a business or as a simple sports team.

        So it degenerates into arguments and nit picking ad hominem. The discussions are diluted. The real problems ignored. And the ignorance and denial continual to mount.

        That is exactly playing into the hands of the ownership. Be satisfied with 1985 forever. Because the ownership has no clue toward cultivating any sense of sustained winning excellence on and off the field. It is an operation of misfits. Coaches hired before GMs. GMs hired with strings attached. And all this delays true progress.

        Point out the obvious and hatred will be fired back.

        It is challenged because it is true. Irrefutably.

        Bears fans deserve better.

        • Big Mike

          You’re a pain. Business example. 2.7 billion dollar valuation. 7th highest in the NFL. So everything you have to say there just stop. The coaching staff is doing a very good job developing players. There are a 1/2 dozen mid and late round draft choices exceeding expectations. The team makes the exact kind of mistakes you expect from a young team, with a rookie QB.

          Pointing out the obvious is your problem. Because we are fans we choose to look for the positive. There is nothing you whine about that we don’t see. Firing the coach every fucking week gets old. Fox will be gone at the end of the year. The guys in the “trenches” know that. The prediction for this team at the start of the year was 6 wins. Still is.

          Looking at the standings when your team is predicted to win 6 games is pretty stupid.

          • BearDown100393

            You would be the first fired on a proper football team.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            lol, I would bet, Big Mike has taken dumps that know more about football than you.

          • SC Dave

            Mike, this dude is a troll. Treat him as such.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            It’s like watching a train wreck.

            The crazy part is that he keeps insisting a hopeful outlook somehow correlates to being a failure in real life. All of this from a guy that appears ready to throw himself off a bridge to express his concern over a losing record. It’s truly fascinating.

          • SC Dave

            There must be a name for such a condition, don’t you think?

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Whiny Bitch Syndrome.

          • Big Mike

            I made the mistake of unblocking him yesterday because 2/3 of the first batch of comments were blocked. I forgot. Then I got caught up. Thanks.

          • The thing is Mike, WHY didn’t the Bears fire Fox last year?

            A few of us like me, Canada and MB (when he was around) wanted him gone LAST November when everyone was echoing “they can’t fire Fox with all the INJs. Can’t blame him” as if they didn’t see all his baffling or truly idiotic coaching on gameday.

            And the reason I want him FIRED now is because there’s still a little skeptical bear in me that fears Fox, after all this, may STILL stick around.

            It is, after all, the BEARS.

            It’s like b4 the Puke game when I asked SC if he would be surprised if it was 3-0 at halftime.

            SC responded he would absolutely be surprised and predicted a Bears win.

            Well, NO LEVEL of incompetence from the Bears would really surprise me.

            That’s why I want Fox gone now, so that it sends a clear msg to the fanbase that

            A. They’re not complete nit-wits
            B. They have a plan

            I know personally I’ll feel a million times better without Fox on the sidelines. It would give me a great sigh of relief (remember how we all felt towards the end when Lovie would just stare blanklessly at the Jumbtron?)

            So calling for Fox’s head is something every fan on radio, blogs, editorial, watercoolers SHOULD do.

            Because unlike getting new owners, it’s totally doable, and whether we think it or not, Halas Hall DOES get affected by public opinion

            (see EVERY ONE asking why Cohen was invisible before Lion’s game, or EVERYONE, from broadcaster to reporter, dogging on the predictable playcalling to the Lion’s game).

            Just my 2cents.

          • Big Mike

            I believe he got a pass because of the historical number of injuries to key players. I also don’t think getting Tarik the ball more this week was due to external reactions. Anything we review or discuss, you can be sure the Bears have reviewed and discussed. I look at HS game video pretty much weekly. The tools they use at the HS level make it easy to break down tendencies, formations, snap counts, diagnose blocking assignments, play call, down and distance. I can’t imagine how sophisticated the stats and AV team are in the NFL. They knew Tarik didn’t get on the field enough against GB. I look at the progress the mid to low round draft choices are making with Fox’s staff and it is good. This year the thought was 7-9 wins. Still could get hit within that range. After the loss to the Eagles, would need to go 4-1. Very optimistic outlook. The Bengals might be the key to our chances. That and the Vikings dialing it in on the last week of the season.

            Even with that, I think Fox is done.

    • Bear Instincts

      Its not about opening up the playbook. Its about one thing and one thing only: is Fox the guy you want coaching MT10 for the next 4 yrs when our SB window opens up?

      • SC Dave

        Just stop. It’s become hopelessly tedious reading your posts. Get back to providing some level of content, dude.

        • Bear Instincts

          Today’s NFL is all about the QB unless you have an elite Defense. That is why I say Fox must go because he does not get that concept. His way of winning will not work in today’s NFL: run the ball and throw only when its necessary.

          The QB is key to winning: Rodgers, Brady, Breese ect. Fox might be able to keep his job if he let MT10 air the ball out and make progress like they did in the 1st half of yesterdays game. Rookies mistakes are understandable but dumbass coaching mistakes are not.

          Another simple question: Could another coach get more out of this team than Fox? The answer is yes because we say it yesterday when Bridcage was allowed some freedom.

          Next year I expect us to compete for a wildcard spot. This team has what it takes the pieces are there. 1-2FA WR’s plus 1 from the draft plus Inman & Meredith and a new tackle fixes the offense. The Defense needs 2 more pass rushes plus CB help to consistently terrorize opposing QB’s

          But none of that will matter of we keep the same conservative play not to lose gameplan

  • SC Dave

    Oh, and on (6), was it even a yard? I don’t remember how far it was.

  • SC Dave

    Another positive about yesterday that I only sensed while watching was that the offense did a good job of distributing the ball. As someone mentioned in the data thread, it would seem MT is getting better at going through progressions.

    Here’s the stats:

    Rushes: Howard 15, Cohen 9, Trubisky 6. I would prefer Howard to have about 18 carries per game, but the Bears took what they were given. And it’s hard to argue with 222 yards on 30 carries.

    Receptions: Cohen 4 (6), Shaheen 4 (4), Inman 3 (5), Wright 2 (4), Brown 2 (5), McBride 2 (2), Cunningham 1 (2). While it may be more instructive to look at targets (in parentheses), without analyzing every pass it can be a little misleading.

  • fishing florida

    THOUGHTS ON THE FUTURE OF THE BEARS. first two games (packers and lions) that i have been able to watch in their entirety. saw most of the rest. DEFENSE-they REALLY critically miss trevathan running/organzing the defense, marcus cooper needs to be let go in the off season, fuller will never live up his number one yet has improved to the point of being a good #2 or #3 or slot. they need to draft as a priority 1-2 cornerbacks. amos and jackson look to be good as safeties to me. the biggest need on the defense is two more edge rushers. floyd is never going to be as good as the bronco’s von miller, although he is very good when judging run defense and pass rush together. they need one more stud/ very good defensive lineman. richard dent said you need 3 great/very good pass rushers to be great (as in ’85 bears). OFFENSE-trubisky, of course, is the key, as he is to the whole team.the tackles are not good enough. long term contract for leno a mistake. draft tackles with high draft picks someday! obvious wide receiver is a near disaster area/black hole.wheaton a joke. gentry a great fan favorite, but not an NFL receiver. inman the only one worth considering keeping. most would not be on any other team. VERY HIGH draft/free agent priorities. SPECIAL TEAMS- obviously connor barth gone. wish they had never let robby gold go. big mistake. punter ok. coach, i’m unsure. greatly, greatly miss dave toub. COACH – fox needs to go. not the person to develop trubisky. his coaching style is well behind the times of today’s NFL pass happy league. the key to the whole team’s future is developing trubisky. everything else (cornerbacks, edge rushers, offensive tackles) takes a backseat to that. the quarterback supreme in today’s NFL. the first half of the detroit game the bears offense looked like it has not looked all year. passing on first down, using cohen more, the read option for trubisky. trubisky looked more decisive. i wonder if fox just let loggains do more of what he wanted to for the first time. the rams QB goff went from looking lost and like a bust last year to being quite successful this year. fox will play out the rest of this year, get fired, and then great offensive minds are found (harbaugh, frank reich, etc.). an article details some choices – https://sportsmockery.com/2017/11/the-updated-chicago-bears-2018-head-coaching-candidates-list/ but, it’s trubisky or bust and i’m too old after following the bears since 1959 and siiting in the cold at the ’63 championship game in wrigley field to wait much.longer. up to pace now, if the mccaskeys let him.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      Well said. Not sure we agree on Leno though. He’s been better than I thought he would when I heard the extension was signed.

      Outside of that, and maybe Fuller’s ceiling, I agree. Nice post.

      • BerwynBomber

        Good on you.

        A struggle to read, IMO, given the lack of paragraph breaks and capitalization. I pulled the ripcord after three or four sentences.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          Yeah. Content was nice though.

        • fishing florida

          life rough for ya, huh?

          • CanadaBear

            I liked your post but it is difficult to read.

          • SC Dave

            I believe that was meant as constructive criticism. You will lose readers by running everything together.

            Just sayin’…

          • AlbertInTucson


            Never improves one’s position.

          • BerwynBomber

            Oh, so the non-caps thing is an affectation. Got it.

          • fishing florida

            no, it’s a broken caps lock key on my keyboard. but, glad you found something to make a 5 year old comment about pal.

          • BerwynBomber

            Sure it is …

          • fishing florida

            your initial childish response followed by another one. lol.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            oh now I remember you. You are the bipolar cutler guy that told everyone that commented they were 5 years old and should go back to their mommies. One minute you were posting how you were glad he was gone then you would post about how you liked to jerk off to his picture and missed him.

          • I’m pretty sure someone set up a troll account to say they jerked off to Cutler dolls, but yes, he’s the “Cutler gone!” guy

            Ironically, Cutler did leave…to Florida.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Well that escalated quickly.

          • fishing florida

            useless comment. 5 year old variety. still the grade school like name. zzzzzzzzzz. boring, childish person.

          • SC Dave

            Oh gawd, aren’t we the sensitive one?

            Your boat is waiting…

          • fishing florida

            no, it’s a broken caps lock key on my computer. but, glad you found something to make your little 5 year old comment about pal. now you feel like a real man? lol.

      • fishing florida


  • willbest

    “Leonard Floyd is done for the year. Kyle Fuller, who knows? The Bears defense hasn’t been good lately and won’t be good for the foreseeable future.” – Jeff

    Hicks is the heart, but Danny is the head. The defense doesn’t do well without him out there. It will be better when he comes back.

    • SC Dave

      Agreed; at the very least, Fangio needs to consider having someone other than Jones calling the defense. They looked confused several times yesterday.

    • they’re killing Hicks though. He sat 3 snaps yesterday (out injured). Missed 0 the week before.

      Bears got 9 snaps from Bullard yesterday and 0 from RRH. They really need to rotate the DL more.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Hicks was completely used up to start the Lions last drive.

      • willbest

        I don’t understand why. I get 80% of Hicks is better than 100% RRH, but is 50% Hicks really? That should imply RRH shouldn’t be on an NFL roster.

        • To be fair, it was RRH’s first game back from an injury. He didn’t play as much on ST as he normally does either.

          And they did a lot of 2-4-5 nickel yesterday, so they basically went with Hicks at one spot + Goldman/Unrein at the other for 75% of their snaps. But man, Hicks needs more rest (same with Floyd before he got hurt).

        • SC Dave

          Did RRH dress? I know he was dinged up last week…

      • SC Dave


      • Maybe it’s because Fox/Fangio think both Bullard and RRH suck?

        (see, Dline FA non-signing)

        Either way, they know they’re lame ducks, so they’re riding Hicks like a rented mule to try to make themselves look good.

        It’s similar to how lameduck coaches ride HBs to the dirt when they’re not invested long term in the team.

    • Big Mike

      The three worst defensive performances of the year, came with Trevathan out. The mental aspect of football is extremely under looked. Greatness is usually equal parts physical talent and football IQ.

      • SC Dave

        I have said from day one on this blog that intelligence is a primary, if not the top, determiner of who becomes good, and moreso stays good, in the NFL and who does not.

        • Big Mike

          It does separate. At the NFL level physical traits are at such a high level, good to great players almost always have high Football IQ. I would be careful to not equate intelligence with Football IQ (FIQ). Often FIQ is “instinctive”. When that instinct is sharpened with study habits and athletic ability.. hall of famers are born. Devin Hester was instinctive, with great athleticism as a return man. As a WR, he was limit in the FIQ department. Singletary off the chart instincts, FIQ and good athleticism.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Explain Dan Marino.

  • Here’s a thought I had after Floyd injury: I wonder how well Christian Jones knows the OLB role. I think that’s his best fit in a 3-4 defense anyway, and the Bears have a huge need there.

    I know he can struggle mentally, so if he doesn’t know the position I wouldn’t make the move. But if he does, I’d strongly consider it.

    • Jones got a lot of reps a OLB. That’s one of the reasons they liked him.

      He’s also shown good timing on blitzes.

      I agree, move him out so he doesn’t have to think.

      Is Timu healthy?

      Put him at ILB to make the calls (if Tre is still INJ)

    • Irish Sweetness

      He’s been playing ILB, OLB is way easier.

  • burntorangenavyblue

    Hope all is well for you guys and gals! Keep your head up and stay positive, don’t let this stuff consume you too much if you’re getting down on the “results”.

    Haven’t been on much, busy with birth of second child and taking care of the lady and older child. 1 girl, and now 1 boy, family of Bears complete!

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      Good times. Soak that up. I’ve got a senior and a sophomore. You’ll miss this.

  • Bear Instincts
  • Bear Instincts
    • I like the post under it:

      “Broncos DEFENSE gives up 111 points the last 3 games and what do they do?
      Fire the OFFENSIVE coordinator”

      The thing is the O was so inept, it demoralized the D, and they quit on the team.

      Elway just called the team soft, which is the 2nd worst thing you can call a team behind ‘quitters’

      In reality, they are both.

  • CanadaBear

    Other than a few jump off the ledge posters, I think most of us see progress with the roster. Pace’s drafting seems better than anything at Halas Hall for quite some time. Still has some misses in the draft and his FA’s have been only so-so. If people can’t see MT improving by the game they either aren’t paying attention or they have an axe to grind. Everyone knows how I feel about Foxy so no need to rehash any of that. Now that the D is good and beat up I’m guessing there will be only 2-3 wins out of the last 6 games. Looks like another top 10 pick.

    If they keep Foxy, he will have lame duck status because there is no way they are going to extend him. Fangio’s contract runs out this year (unlike the rest of the coaches that are here for another year) and it will be interesting to see if he stays. Other than Irish, I think most of us are OK with Fangio. If he won’t come back Foxy will have some real difficulty finding a decent DC to sign on with a lame duck coach.

    It’s never easy or simple for the Beloved.

    • Sactowns#1

      I would argue his FA signings have been bad, not so-so. Just terrible signings and letting people go without finding adequate replacements is inexcusable.

      • CanadaBear

        We agree he hasn’t been great in FA, just not to what degree. Freeman (when he’s not going full pill popper), DT, Hicks, Callahan and Sitton have all been good signings, Some other less expensive signings have been decent and he’s definitely missed on others.

        • Sactowns#1

          I don’t think it’s just the successful signings, I think you have to look at the total body which includes letting Robbie go and sticking with Barth. Letting Alshon go and not finding a replacement. Those two alone have hamstrung this team for multiple seasons.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I’d rather pay Robbie Gould $6 million a year (with some minimum salary guy kicking the extra points) than pay Mike Glennon $1.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Glennon and Barth are brutal. Beyond those two, he’s been average to above average in FA. Every GM misses a few. Nobody bats 1000

            And he didn’t let Alshon go. He offered him very real money to stay.

          • Sactowns#1

            Did he also offer him a very real franchise tag?

          • willbest

            He already tagged Jeffery for 14.5 million, to do it again would have been 17.4 million

          • Sactowns#1

            So less than our current backup QB?

          • Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve loved a much better option at WR than Wheaton, Wright, Cruz, etc

            But paying $17M to a player who OBVIOUSLY didn’t want to be here would’ve been insane.

            Now, if you want to argue he could’ve traded for Kelvin Benjamin/Martavis Bryant, or took a chance on Pryor, then I could buy that.

            I also don’t believe Bears would’ve got Trub for as cheaply as they did with out the Glennon head fake.

            It’s an expensive shitty headfake, but hey, not my $.

          • CanadaBear

            He did once.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            And pay him like he’s the best receiver in the league? He’d get killed for that more than letting him go. Lose lose.

          • CanadaBear

            Letting Robbie go wasn’t a horrible decision. Signing and keeping Barth certainly is. Pace thought he could sign Alshon and Alshon wanted out. About the only thing Pace could have done was trade him earlier in the season or franchise him again.

          • SC Dave

            The point was letting Robbie go without and adequate replacement.

          • CanadaBear


        • I don’t really credit Pace for Sitton.

          It doesn’t exactly take vision to PAY an AP OG.

          Esp when Sitton just fell in his lap after letting Slausen walk (didn’t even trade him).

          • CanadaBear

            Fair enough but Pace didn’t fuck it up.

          • SC Dave

            The Slausen thing was a mystery. Maybe Pace just didn’t like him?

          • Hard to understand what wasn’t to like.

            Some of the chargers clippings I read said he is awesome and a great locker room guy.

            Given Long’s melodrama, dunno.

            They made some lame excuse about him not being a philosophical fit, but never bought it.

            Sitton fell to his lap, though I do give him credit for Kush even though he’s inj.

            Then again, Pace thought Grasu was a thing.

          • SC Dave

            Forgot about Kush… our best backup unavailable.

    • Full list of big FA signings (ie guys who got contracts that were more than just 1 year, minimum type things):

      2015: Pernell McPhee, Eddie Royal, Antrel Rolle
      2016: Danny Trevathan, Akiem Hicks, Jerrell Freeman, Bobby Massie
      2017: Mike Glennon, Prince Amukamara, Markus Wheaton, Kendall Wright, Quintin Demps, Dion Sims, Marcus Cooper

      2016 was an absolute home run, the other 2 were pretty much absolute disasters. But none of them were set up such that they killed the Bears financially beyond the 1st year commitment.

      • Here’s my take on Pace:

        Draft: I can’t find more than maybe 5-7 teams around the NFL who have brought in more talent than Chicago via draft and UDFA over the last 3 years. Everybody points to 2015 as a bad class, but including UDFA they landed Goldman, Amos, Callahan, and Meredith. That’s 4 solid starters. 2016 got them Howard, Whitehair, and Floyd, and 2017 Trubisky, Cohen, and Jackson, plus whatever Shaheen becomes (he seems to be emerging with 80 yards and a TD in the last 2 games).

        FA: Lot of misses, but a few big hits too. FA priority should shift this year from a number of short-term stopgaps to a few high-class players to add to the core already in place.

        I’ve been critical of many mistakes Pace has made when he made them. Hiring Fox, drafting White, not even trying to extend Alshon a year early, cutting Slauson, signing Barth and continuing to keep him around, pretty much all of 2017 FA. I’ve also been critical of some moves that panned out (like drafting Goldman and Floyd). But overall I think there’s been more good than bad.

        The overall talent of the roster is better than it was when he showed up, and it’s also younger and doesn’t have any locker room issues. The depth is also miles better.

        But the Bears still have the same main problem they’ve had for a while: their top-end players aren’t as good as other teams’. They needed Floyd to be one of those, and he didn’t show it this year. They need somebody in the secondary to do that (most likely Jackson). They need Trubisky to be one on offense, and one of Meredith/Shaheen/Cohen.

        • SC Dave

          Agree, except that I’d rank Howard with pretty much any RB in the league.

          • yes and no. He’s one of the best pure runners in the league, but deficiencies in the passing game hurt his value.

          • willbest

            If Howard had hands and Zeke weren’t beating women it could have been a great rivalry

          • I like Howard a lot, but he reminds me more of Blount or Alfred Morris

            In fact, he reminds me A LOT of Alf who ran for 1,600 Yds his rookie yr, but lacks agility, long speed, or hands.


          • I think he’s more of an Eddie Lacy. Really good for a few years, but that running style takes its toll. He’s not going to have the longevity of a Forte. Bears will be doing well if they get 2 more high quality years out of him. I hope they don’t give him a big 2nd contract.

          • Eddie, in spite of his largess, was more agile with way better hands.

            Caught 77 balls his first 2 yrs.

            Catch rate was also like 78%

            Howard ain’t coming close to either (catch rate 62%)


            Check out Morris on the Cowboys.

            They’re the same guy.

        • Pace didn’t hire Fox.

          The “think tank” did.

          I’m critical of Pace’s FA acumen, but the grade is still out on him.

          Pace was stuck with Cargo
          Pace was stuck with Fox
          (He also inherited the Angelo/Emery scouting dept)

          We won’t get a true picture of his vision until next yr.
          And realistically, Pace won’t qualify for termination until 2019, at minimum.

          “their top-end players aren’t as good as other teams”

          This is EXACTLY why Pace needs to open up his pockets in FA.

          Is Amos servicable? Yes.

          Is he as good as TJ Ward who was available this FA?

          Not bloody likely.

          Did Jay Howard have more upside than Baker, Poe, etc?

          Prince is having a good yr, but given his inj history, there were better options than him the past 2 yrs. And no reason couldn’t sign 1yr Prince along with upgrade over Cooper.

          So on and so forth.

          No GM is expected to bat 100% in the draft, so it’s necessary, ESP for a rebuilding team, to complement that in FA.

          In short, they need more playmakers.

          And until Pace gets them, this team will continue to flounder in mediocrity.

          • You don’t get your best players in FA though. You get your best players in the draft.

          • And Amos is playing far better than TJ Ward this year. Plus he’s younger, healthier, and much cheaper.

          • And Pace, to his credit, tried to get the top CBs last year. They just all chose better teams who offered the same money (which is a problem for a team like the Bears when the cap is exploding and everybody has money to spend).

      • oh yeah, 2016 also saw Sitton. Forgot him because he wasn’t in the FA list I looked up since that happened so late.

      • Sactowns#1

        I wouldn’t agree that 2016 was a home run. I think it was a solid year, which is what he should have every off season. A home run is the 2011 Panthers FA Key Free Agent re-signings
        DE Charles Johnson: 6 years, $72 million, $30 million signing bonus.
        RB DeAngelo Williams: 5 years, $43 million, $21 million signing bonus.
        LB Jon Beason: 5 years, $50 million
        LB James Anderson: 5 years, $22 million, $8.5 million guaranteed.
        LB Thomas Davis: received a 5-year extension
        Other Free Agents acquisitions
        K Olindo Mare (Seahawks): 3 years, $12 million, $4 million signing bonus.
        TE Ben Hartsock (Jets): 2 years, terms unknown
        TE Jeremy Shockey (Saints): 1 year, terms unknown
        WR Legedu Naanee (Chargers): 1 year, terms unknown
        LB Omar Gaither (Eagles): 1 year, term unknown
        TE Greg Olsen ( trade w/ Bears): 4 years, $24 million. Carolina traded a 2012 third round draft pick to acquire the tight end
        QB Derek Anderson (Cardinals): 1 year, terms unknown]

        • How is that a home run? 4 of those top 5 contracts (all but Davis) ended up being horrible overpays. And that’s re-signing your own guys, a bit different than FA.

          The Bears waded into unrestricted free agency, which is a nightmare of overpaying mediocre players, and wound up with 3 underpaid difference makers. That’s a FA home run.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          And they went 6-10, followed by 7-9 the next year.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        I expect him to make some big signings this year that have bigger risk as far as commitment. I actually liked his approach so far concerning FAs. Low risk high reward if they pan out, easy to get out of if they don’t. With as bad as the team was to begin with there was no use burdening the team with big long contracts. Now that the talent level has significantly improved start making waves with free agents.

        • I’m really hoping they can re-sign Amukamara to a reasonable deal this offseason. Same with Fuller.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Same here, they have been fairly solid this year, unfortunately those 2 have not been able to get the INTs. Is this a product of Fangio’s D, or is it on the player?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Just a thought – maybe putting little pressure on the passer results in fewer INTs? We do not seem to generate interceptions.

          • Both of those guys want to get paid though.

            And if given a choice, why would they stick on a loser team?

            They may both pull an Alshon.

      • We shouldn’t have to settle for “yes, Pace sucked at FA, but at least he didn’t kill the cap”

        From that list, the only “locks” I see in 2018

        Massie (until Pace upgrades him)
        Demps (purely on contract. He looked bad before he got inj)

        The rest could realistically be gone for one reason or other.

        Dion Sims is proving he’s nothing more than a blocking TE.
        You can pretty much trash all his WRs signings he didn’t trade for.
        Prince looks good, but he’s been inj prone and may price himself out of cheapskate’s price range.
        Cooper has looked bad.
        Freeman a juicer
        Glennon absolutely awful.

        Everyone’s assuming his FA model will change when he has his franchise QB and handpicked HC in place.

        I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Till then, I expect more Royals, Wheatons, and Sims.

        • Demps is gone ($4.3M cap hit, only $700k dead, $3.6M savings).

          I agree he has not done well in FA. He killed it in 2016, getting two guys like Trevathan and Hicks who were both still relatively young and not super expensive. That’s a home-run in FA.

          Outside of that it’s been pretty bad, but that’s mostly what you get in FA. The best players rarely hit the market, especially in a league where the cap has been jumping by $10M a year for the last 5 years.

          • SC Dave

            The cap increases have hped teams keep guys. Which I happen to think is good.

          • good if you’re a team that drafts well. Awful if you had Chicago’s 2009-13 drafts.

  • KentuckyBearsFan

    Pace killed it in this draft….. If he has two more like it and a few good free agent signings, this team returns to being the Monsters of the Midway.

    • CanadaBear

      Considering all the bitching, conspiracy theories and what-not, it looks like a good draft. He still needs to do much better in FA.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Trevathan was great. McPhee is too injured or old though he had some good games his first year. And not even some UFAs to compete in a kicking contest against the worst kicker in the league? That’s inexcusable.

        • CanadaBear

          McPhee is just a mouth piece at this point. He reminds me of Tommie Harris at the end. He might make one good play a game but mostly you just see him being late to the party all the time.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            Does the practice squad have any kickers?

          • CanadaBear

            Not the Bears squad. I’m guessing if you have a kicker with any potential on the practice squad somebody would poach them.

        • Trevathan was good, not great.

          He was inj last yr.
          He’s missing a lot of games this yr.

          Usu players don’t get healthier as they get older.

          McPhee looked promising, but now is out there on one leg.

          Won’t even go into Freeman, Royal, Jaye Howard, Wheaton, Cruz…

          • willbest

            Cruz was a camp body. Royal was a stop gap while White developed. Freeman turned out to be a PED junkie (most of them probably are, he just keeps getting caught).

  • SC Dave
  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


    • Nancy Glennon

      Connor is such a sweet boy. Him and Mikey love hanging out together. The other day they were in the back yard playing. Mikey would hold the ball to let Connor kick it then pull it away at the last second, just like on Peanuts. Unfortunately the last time he did that Connor kicked Mikey in the head instead. Mikey was so pissed that he threw the ball at Connor, he obviously missed and it broke our window. Those 2 were in so much trouble, I grounded Mikey for 2 weeks and sent little Conner home with a note for his mother. Not sure what happened to him yet.

    • CanadaBear

      Pace hasn’t signed his replacement yet. I think they will announce both transactions at the same time.

    • willbest

      Gotta finalize the trade for the eagles linebacker first

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis
    • Bender McLugh


    • Bear Instincts

      better late than never

    • SC Dave



    • Dammit.

      I thought the “HE” referred to Fox.

      I feel like the Price is Right contestant who got the trip to Estonia and a KIA.

      Oh, well, better than nothing.

      Butker (who I’m sure was readily available before the season began) took Kairo Santos’ job.

      Like I predicted – retread K.

      Isn’t there some guy on YT who does trick FGs or something?

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Santos lost his job because of injury. but yes he is a retread.

  • AlbertInTucson

    They find a kicker named after a town in Illinois.

    Go figure.

    • willbest

      I want some college leg that didn’t get a shot

      • AlbertInTucson

        I though Santos was pretty good for KC. Lost his job because he got hurt.

        • From what I remember of Santos, he’s kinda like young Gould.

          Deadly from the 40ish, but 47 and out very iffy – and that was at KC not Chicago.

          Though Gould did increase his leg strength later before he got the yips.

      • Me too.
        A strong leg that perhaps is not too accurate but can be coached.

        If I remember correctly, Greg “the Leg” Zerlein was like that initially, but might be a top 5 kicker now.

        • AlbertInTucson


      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Next year we better have 3 legs to start camp and actually have a competition.

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog The Eagles are 9-1. The Bears are traveling to Philly this week as a result of their “last place schedule”. Remember, last place schedules aren’t a thing.”

    PHI is the exception.

    Teams like the TB, SF, and the Bears aren’t.

  • Dis Guy Trublinsky

    Just perusing some kicker stats. Surprising fact: Robbie Gould was a 77.8% kicker his first year as a Bear. But his low was 75% in 2014. Rough book ends.

    • BerwynBomber

      Yeah, he really struggled those last two years with us.

      But last I looked he was having a fine season for SF. I believe in the top 10 in percentage.

      Btw, in his prime he was nearly as valuable to our STs as Hester.

      • That sorta stuff happens.

        I’m sure not kicking in windy Soldier Field helps too.

        And I’m guessing the 9ers aren’t attempting 50 yders with him.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if Aguayo or Koo go on to become good kickers.

        Thing with the yips is they can disappear as fast as they appear.

        • BerwynBomber

          Yeah, said yesterday that a 46 yarder in November at Soldier is no gimme even if Barth sucks.

          I remember Crosby had a horrendous year or two with the Cheese and they stuck with him.

          Will be interesting to see if decent kickers start extending their careers into their early 40s — you know, if that becomes the norm.

  • AlbertInTucson


    31 of 35 last season for KC. (88.6%)

    2 of 2 beyond 50. Long of 53.

    36 of 39 on PATs.

    Career: 84%. Long is 53 x3

    4th Season.

    He was 3 for 3 when he got hurt in game 3.


    • That fits sorta what I remember of him.

      Solid 40 yd kicker.
      Can make SOME short 50 yders, but don’t bank on it.

      Don’t know about his touchbacks or onsides.

      However, knowing Toub coached him is def a bonus.

      How that translates to Soldier Field, guess we’ll see.

      • evantonio

        They brought him in because they know he’ll bring Toub in.

  • BerwynBomber

    Donkeys fire OC Mike McCoy. Rough couple of years for that guy.

    • willbest

      Because he couldn’t make Trevor look like an NFL QB, and somebody needs to pay the price for Lynch not developing since it couldn’t be the GM’s fault.

  • ButtonShoes

    Barth is cut and gone. If only the Bears could do the same to shitty coaches, GMs, and owners.

  • SC Dave
    • willbest

      should help attract talent. or at least not repel them. and maybe having this century training facilities will cut down on the injuries

      • SC Dave

        When people talk about buildings making people winners, and they are not

        (a) real estate moguls
        (b) holding the barbarians from storming the keep

        I wonder about them.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          unless that building has a state of the art medical center to inject all the players with whatever it takes to prevent injuries.

    • The Bears actually spent more 2017 cap dollars on FA than any other team in the NFL. And got 1 starter out of it in Prince (I guess 2 since they’re finally playing Wright too).

      2017 FA was nothing short of an abomination. Combo of overpaying for Glennon as a front to get Trubisky and having to overpay a bunch of mediocre guys to convince them to come to a bad team.

      The best thing you can say is they were all contracts you can get out of after 1 year. Out of the guys he gave money to this year (Glennon, Wright, Wheaton, Sims, Prince, Cooper), the only ones who might be back are Prince and Wright. The rest have all been replaced by better, younger, cheaper players already (which is what you hope for anyway).

  • AlbertInTucson

    Charles Manson finally croaked at 83.

    Burn in hell, asshole.

    • SC Dave

      Should have executed that Butch decades ago. What a shameful waste of money .

      • AlbertInTucson

        What really sucked was him reveling in his horrific celebrity status because the media would dedge him up for an interview every few years until he finally became totally incoherent.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Costs more to execute them, with all the appeals/lawyers and whatknot …

    • Donna

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    • Gale

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  • willbest

    elway called the donkies soft, cj Anderson brought to tears

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      didn’t we try signing that crybaby Anderson? lucked out there.

    • SC Dave

      Ha ha ha

  • Malice Halice

    I’m starting to get the impressing r these spam/bots are from John Fox n co. Seems like when da mass agrees he should get canned all of a sudden bots outta nowhere showed up. Intriguing indeed. Our next game will be the most exciting tho. I got a feeling MT10 will have a higher qb rating than Wentz. He got us last time, we will win this next game tho fellas. Can’t wait to see AJ as well. He been clutch these last few games on FF for me.

    • “I got a feeling MT10 will have a higher qb rating than Wentz”

      I think you need to pull over, Malice


      You are def on the opposite spectrum of Bear Down and Button Shoes though.

      • Malice Halice

        Haha! Just optimistically speaking. That’s if our D shows up how they did against Carolina it could be possible.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          Our D isn’t healthy anymore though.

          And Trubisky isn’t exactly throwing to the same caliber wide receivers as the Rams’ Greatest Show on Turf.

          But maybe Howard can run for 200 hards and 5 touchdowns while controlling the clock and Trubisky throws for 2 more.

        • ButtonShoes

          No Floyd, no Trevathan, no Freeman. Our D is very thin, and without those guys, it’s quite screwed.

      • ButtonShoes

        He definitely is.

  • On the semi-bright side:

    “The Bears know that Leonard Floyd‘s knee injury is serious.

    But perhaps it’s not as serious as it could have been.

    Via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune, Bears coach John Fox said they don’t think Floyd tore his ACL, but they’re waiting until all the tests are done to make any announcements.

    If he only injured the MCL, the timeline would be much more promising for Floyd, even if it doesn’t get him back on the field this year.”


    • BerwynBomber

      Not totally surprised.

      It was obviously bent unnaturally by the Fuller hit but it did not look immediately destroyed a’la Cam’s knee in the preseason.

      Looked like it could have been a severe sprain.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Not like he has anything to rush back for …. concentrate on the Ls and try and have a draft of it.

  • There’s something extremely annoying about Wilson.

    Cant quite put my finger on it.

    He seems like a cross between a used car salesman, Hilton motivational speaker, and mega-church “pastor”…

    • BerwynBomber

      Can’t say I find it extremely annoying. But he does seem a bit false. Then again, I’ve always gotten that vibe from Brady, even if for different reasons.

      But yes, your characterization of Wilson is pretty accurate.

      • willbest

        Brady has had his wife’s marketing people work him over. I think that is his problem.

        • BerwynBomber

          That and he lied about Deflategate like a cynical pol and tried to walk back his MAGA love like … well, already said it.

          Not a fan of the guy.

          (The metrosexual stuff doesn’t bother me. If that’s what you mean by his wife’s marketing people.)

          • willbest

            Yes, make him look clean and groomed. But also the politician side of him too. There are several big name people that chart the path of avoiding anything remotely contentious. Taylor Swift is another one.

    • willbest

      He is smart enough to realize that if he is as bland as possible the endorsement dollars will roll in. Nothing wrong with that.

      • He isn’t TRYING to be bland.

        He is bland. But it’s not just that, like BB said, he seems fake.

        I think even some of his old team mates said they wanted to punch him in the face.

        Maybe he can be the spokesman for tofu or something.

        • Cormonster

          He’s obviously got some leadership skills. When he transferred to Wisconsin, he was voted a team captain after only being around for fall practices before the season. Seattle also voted him a team captain as a rookie.

          I liked his interviews at WI and didn’t see him as a phony. I haven’t watched or read any interviews with him in recent years. I do remember teammates criticizing him for not being black enough and being too positive. Sounds like stupid reasons to me. I wonder if Bennett’s brother has anything to do with this. The guy seems like a Grade A asshole like Martellus.

          I’ll take the u-rah-rah guy over the pessimist or negative guy who wants to hand out blame any day, even if it’s a little phony and annoying.

          • I thought it was just me, but others seem to pick up on it too.

            It’s highly subjective either way, and at first I thought maybe it was his holy roller ways, but that wasn’t it.

            (The race stuff I don’t even bother with)

            Kurt Warner, Tebow, Forte, and plenty of other “holy rollers” don’t really strike me as phony. A lot of other things, but they seemed personable enough.

            I understand that QBs have to be cookie cutter to an extent, but there’s a way to do it without being a Mickey Mouse mascot.

            I think Drew Brees is probably the template to that.
            Obviously when Peyton was around.
            Alex Smith, Dak, Watson…

            But there’s other QBs I don’t like for diff reasons.

            Like Roth rubs me the wrong way.

            He’s like a fat crappier version of Favre.

          • Cormonster

            He very well could be a phony asshole. I don’t really follow much outside of what I see on the blog. But it’s my patriotic duty to defend former WI alumni, especially guys as fun to watch in college as Wilson.

          • But wasn’t he a senior yr transfer?

            You can’t count those! lol

          • Cormonster

            Yeah, you’re right! It was an exciting year though. Wilson was amazing. They were a national championship type team, but had two heart-breaking losses on hail mary plays.

    • ButtonShoes

      I think you put your finger on it.

  • Irish Sweetness

    Leonard Floyd is gone???

    • Friendly fire.

      Fuller took out his knee.

      Didn’t tear ACL, but at very least sprained MCL and likely done for the yr (or should be)

      • Irish Sweetness

        Well, that was the 2017 season, I guess. Teasing promise.

    • ButtonShoes

      The one time Fuller makes a tackle, it’s his own teammate, and he takes him out for the season. I’ve had it with Fuller.

  • Dontari Poe as TE.

    Meanwhile Unrein on sideline while Fox twiddles thumbs.

  • Seeing these returners makes me realize we need an upgrade over our guys.

    Need a pure returner who ran a 4.3 and gets vertical immediately.

    • CanadaBear

      Atlanta’s return coverage is hideous.

  • Smart coaching by Petey.

    Realized his cover team struggling, pooch kicked, caught ATL off guard, TO at 10.

    How many eons would it take for Fox to make that sorta call?

    • Irish Sweetness

      Wasn’t too smart when he lost the SB by deciding to pass it on the goal line!

    • ButtonShoes

      Forever. Because Fox would never make it.

  • Very creative goalline play for Wilson.

    Sprint out right with the RB in the flats, the LBs gotta choose who to take, the HB, or QB.

    Wilson waltzes in.

  • WTF was that, Petey?

    Nearly as dumb as the SB pass.

  • Cormonster

    Hey you sci-fi guys (Irish, Butch), what do you think of this rock version of 2001: A Space Odyssey? I recorded this Saturday night by one of my favorite local bands. A little Tomorrow Never Knows tease towards the end (Beatles song). The second set was a killer tribute to Rage Against the Machine. They nailed it. The sound was fantastic. No audio editing in this on my part.

    • Groovy. Was that you at the bottom getting down, Corm? lol

      They did Rage instrumental?

      That would be interesting.

      I saw Rage’s guitarist at a local party.

      He went up and did acoustic. He went by the “black knight”.

      I don’t think anyone even recognized him. I did!

      I told my date, “that’s the dude from Rage!”

      I felt like asking him for his autograph, but meh. It was a sorta party, and I figured if he went by The Black Knight, he didn’t want to be bothered.

      • Cormonster

        Tom Morello? I never ask for an autograph or picture unless it’s at an organized poster signing or some such thing. I don’t have anything against people who like that stuff, but I feel they get enough of that all the time. Plus I’ve found musicians are more open to conversation or hanging out if you don’t act all fanboi.

        Not a Rage instrumental, but about one hour set of Rage songs. They played originals and other covers on the 1st and 3rd sets. Check out a couple songs from the link below. They nailed it. Singer did a great job. Song list is in the description.

        The band’s original music is really good. Mostly funk and Zappa type stuff. They also do incredible Allman Brothers tribute shows periodically. The guitar player plays the exact same style as Derek Trucks and he’s phenomenal.

        Oh, and that’s not me! That guy was hilarious. He danced practically non stop for all three sets, about 3 hours. I wonder if he took some X or Adderall.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Good for you man! It sucks when people go up to somebody famous and then say “I’m sorry to bother you …” and THEN THEY GO STRAIGHT AHEAD AND BOTHER THEM ANYWAY!!

          Uncle Remus remains my ringtone.

          • CanadaBear

            It all depends when they ask. Don’t ask when they are eating or look like they are going somewhere. I’m not a big autograph hound but from my experiences they usually don’t mind if you are respectful. It also helps if you don’t give off the vibe that the autograph will be on E-bay tomorrow.

    • Irish Sweetness

      I can’t stop lokking at the bald guy with the beard in the audience. He’s the only one whose acid came up ….

  • AlbertInTucson


  • “Is Pete Carroll nuts?” – Jeff

    Crazy like a fox, apparently.

    • AlbertInTucson

      That 3 points he pissed away at the end of the half is looming ever larger.

      • May have just pissed away his WC chance.

        • AlbertInTucson

          They can still win that division. Trail Rams by 1 and play them again in Seattle.

  • AlbertInTucson


    Screw you, Petey.

    Like I always say,

    “Take what you’re given.”.

    • BerwynBomber

      Why don’t you like Carroll?

      • AlbertInTucson

        Another college coach who conveniently waltzed away to a new pile of cash when the crap hit the fan at USC.

        These days, Seattle’s success is strictly Russell Wilson ad libs. And certainly not anything Pete Carroll, or Scott Linehan, is drawing up.

        Actually, Seattle’s loss today compares closely to the Bears loss yesterday.

        Trubisky scrambles to put the Bears in position to tie. Known, substandard kicker who Bear fans can’t understand why he was still is on the roster, steps up and fails.

        Wilson scrambles to put the Seahawks in position to tie. Known, shakey kicker who, I’m sure, Seahawk fans can’t understand why HE is still on THEIR roster (he missed THREE just 2 weeks ago), steps up and fails.

        Heck, even Caroll, at first, wanted to roll the dice and get closer.

        • BerwynBomber

          Meh. If you dislike every dirty college coach, good luck finding any to like.

          And I wouldn’t chalk up SEA’s or Carroll’s success strictly to Wilson. They have had a helluva D out there for awhile (but I think it is finally in sun-setting stage), and if I remember correctly, D was Carroll’s specialty.

          Wilson, it’s true, is a bit of a one-man band since Beast Mode’s best days ended, but unlike Aaron Rodgers, Wilson is “only” asked to carry the O (because their D is usually so staunch). Whereas Rodgers is often asked to carry an entire team because the Cheese’s D is usually only average or sucks.

          Hence, I’d give Carroll a little more credit than McCarthy. I think he’s a good coach.

          • AlbertInTucson

            Bottom Line: He pissed this game away by trying to show how cute he could be with that fake field goal that Atlanta appeared to be looking for from the get-go.

  • BerwynBomber

    The embattled Blair Walsh story continues.

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog Trubisky postgame presser, before seeing tape, acknowledged his footwork was the problem on inaccurate throws. That’s kinda remarkable.”

    He’s like Jesus, isn’t he?

    P.S. the coaching staff could have been drilling it into him for weeks that his inaccuracy is tied to his footwork. Just a thought.

  • AlbertInTucson

    CBS Newsman,Charlie Rose,now Scrambling to salvage a career from allegations of improper sexual conduct with female staffers.

    • BerwynBomber

      He’s toast. There are already like nine women levelling accusations, correct?

      • AlbertInTucson

        And he’s basically admitted to the behavior.

    • willbest

      My favorite part of all of this is there are hundreds if not thousands of these guys being consumed by the question “am I next?”

  • Irish Sweetness
  • Donna

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