Across The Middle: Tightening Pace’s Leash

| November 29th, 2017

The Bears could’ve had the best coaches in the history of football and they still would’ve lost to the Eagles by 20 points.

Say what you will about John Fox and company — and it’s probably all fair — but the hard truth is that the Bears don’t have enough good players. A lot of that is due to injury. Losing their top two receivers and all four starting linebackers is a tough blow. But still, they should be able to put up a fight!

Let’s look at who was available Sunday against Philadelphia:

  • Markus Wheaton is paid like a starter.
  • Nick Kwiatkoski should be a starter at this point anyway. Christian Jones has played like one.
  • Deiondre Hall, Deon Bush and Hroniss Grasu should all be starters.
  • Jon Bullard was drafted to be a major piece. He shouldn’t be warming the bench behind a journeyman at this point.
  • Pernell McPhee has turned into a ghost.

I like Ryan Pace. Most fans do. I’d argue his plus decisions far outweigh his minuses but nowhere near as much as the losses outweigh the wins.

The Bears are at a crossroads.

They will, and I still believe should, allow Pace to hire the next coach. But what if they’re 3-8 next year too? Do they just hit the reset button again? How long can they reasonably expect this loyal fan base to be patient? They are currently suffering through one of the worst four-year stretches in team history.

I’ve long said the primary reason I wouldn’t want to hire Jim Harbaugh or Josh McDaniels is because they’d want to be Pace’s boss too, but I’m no longer sure that should stop the Bears. New England, Seattle, Kansas City, New Orleans all have their coaches in charge of the rosters. If Jim Harbaugh calls up George McCaskey and says he wants to the keys to the franchise, has Pace done enough for the Bears to justify saying no? Even if you look at first time head coaches the last two years, two of the big fishes were handed the keys to their franchises in Miami and San Francisco. That doesn’t include Sean McDermott, who was given what he asked for after a month or so on the job.

We have months to debate the coaching pedigrees of Harbaugh, McDaniels and everyone else, including whether or not they deserve such power. That’s not the point. The point is, how can we be so sure that Pace does? To be clear, this isn’t a call to fire Pace. I think he’s shown that he has an eye for talent. I just hope the Bears don’t let a great football mind out the door simply because Pace has a solid draft record.

Hopefully the problem is simple as needing a new coach and another off-season to build depth. I’m just not entirely sure that’s true. This is Year Three, the Bears should be much further along. Blame Fox all you want, but Pace has blood on his hands too. Here’s to hoping he can get it cleaned up.

Getting Punked

The best thing Pace has done is build the Bears from the inside out at the line of scrimmage. But there’s no excuse for them getting punked on Sunday. None.

Josh Sitton and Kyle Long are two of the highest paid guards in the league and Cody Whitehair is one of the highest-drafted centers. How the hell did they only manage six rushing yards with a stud like Jordan Howard running with the ball?

On the flip side, Akiem Hicks is one of the highest-paid 3-4 defensive linemen in the league and Eddie Goldman was a high second-round pick. How did the defense get smoked so badly?

That demolition had nothing to do with the coaching. It was trench warfare and the Bears got smoked. There’s an old saying, it’s not what plays, but who plays. The Bears should be able to control the line of scrimmage every week. The Eagles have some good players and they’ve invested in their roster the same way the Bears have. They’ve apparently just done a much better job of it.

Secondary Concerns

With Lenny Floyd out, the Bears are going to have to blitz to create pressure. One would hope their secondary is good enough to hold up for more than a 1/2 second. Sunday, it wasn’t. Against a middle-of-the-pack group of receivers, every member of the secondary failed at least once. Vic Fangio did a great job with what he dialed up and the pressure was getting there about as much as anyone could reasonably expect. But the secondary just didn’t hold up.

They didn’t just get smoked. They didn’t make the plays they should’ve made. Whether it was Cre’von LeBlanc completely whiffing on Carson Wentz in the open field or the numerous dropped interceptions, the secondary just didn’t get the job done.

It’s easy to be a defensive back when the front seven gets after the quarterback like the Bears’ have most of this season. If Prince Amukamara and Kyle Fuller are going to get contract extensions, now is when they have to earn it.

Bring On The 9ers

It’s almost like playing what could’ve been.

Had the Bears fired John Fox last year, they could’ve hired Kyle Shanahan. They could have traded for Jimmy Garoppolo and drafted Solomon Thomas. They wanted to draft DeForest Buckner. Of course, none of those moves have worked out yet for the 49ers.

Despite constant praise in the offseason, the 49ers are 1-10 and look like locks to have one of the top two picks in the draft. The general expectation is that Garoppolo is going to get his first start Sunday and that could really turn things around for them, but they still have issues pretty much everywhere else on the roster including a group of receivers that just might be worse than what the Bears have.

The 49ers defense is bad across the board. If Dowell Loggains deserves to keep his job, this is a good week for him to prove it.

On paper, there’s no way the Bears should lose this game. But if they play like they did in two of their last three games, there’s almost no way they’ll win.

I expect the Bears to be angry and I expect them to win. In Year Three of a regime, we should be able to expect them to beat a 1-10 team.

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  • Viva

    If I were to yell “first” in the middle of Soldier Field at noon this Sunday would anyone hear?

    • Bear Instincts

      the one firefox will is coaching in or the one that papa bear coached in

    • 9er fans in the stand would hear.

  • AlbertInTucson

    MOVE OVER, Charlie Rose,
    Another one bites the dust: Matt Lauer fired from THE TODAY SHOW this morning by NBC.

    • Bear Instincts

      Good riddance to bad rubbish

    • willbest

      I thought he was the only reason anybody watched that show. Are they going to just run a test pattern in that slot?

  • Bear Instincts

    1.How long can they reasonably expect this loyal fan base to be patient?
    They are currently suffering through one of the worst four-year
    stretches in team history.

    loyal is what fans are expected to be. we can complain and bitch and moan but we sit through the bad days until things get better. cubs come to mind much. what about the browns. going through a bad stretch is supposed to test your loyalty.

    2.what if they’re 3-8 next year too? Do they just hit the reset button again?

    Hell not we dont hit the reset button. That would make us the Browns. Hitting the rest button if we suck next year would really test my loyalty more than a losing season.

    3.the primary reason I wouldn’t want to hire Jim Harbaugh or Josh McDaniels is because they’d want to be Pace’s boss too

    I dont know about McDaniles but Harbaugh’s track record speaks for itself:
    2011 13n3 – 1st NFCW – Lost NFC Chamionship
    2012 11n4 – 1st NFCW – Lost SB
    2013 12n4 – 2nf NFCW – Lost NFC Chamionship
    2014 8n8 – 3rd NFCW – Did not qua

    Lovie/Trestman/Fox are not this good. Give the man the keys if he can deliver this kind of result from day 1.

    4.That demolition had nothing to do with the coaching. It was trench
    warfare and the Bears got smoked. There’s an old saying, it’s not what
    plays, but who plays.

    Its all about coaching and not who you play. Why is Case Keenum a possible MVP candidate who is leading the Vikings to the playoffs when he was trash in LA? its all about coaching. If the eagles have done a better job its because of better coaching. a different coach could get better results from this roster

    5. Secondary Concerns
    We know the secondary needs help. they will look and play better once the front 7 plays better and we get another edge rusher to compliment floyd. nothing new here

    6. there should be no expectations of a win in Year 3 of a regime in which the HC is as bad as ours. expectations would mean you believe that firefox is capable of something worthwhile and that the roster is at a point where the talent can overcome bad coaching.

    • BearDown100393

      1. The McCaskeys claim to care. About what (other than $) I have no idea.
      2. The new coaching staff will be saddled with LA Rams like expectations.
      3. Perhaps Ryan Pace needs a boss who is on the sideline.
      4. From upstairs to the on the field, this is a bad organization. The problems are deeper than just football.
      5. Floyd was supposed to be that “extra rusher”. It seems this team is chronically hampered by lack of depth at many – if not all – positions.
      6. Elite organizations always expect to win on game day. For a long time now, it is evident the Bears do not.

      • SC Dave

        6. is dead on the money, and it’s what I’ve been saying for a few weeks here – it is FAR more important that the young players learn how to be WINNERS than “developing” any particular players (as important as player development is).

        • Bear Instincts

          tell firefox to start playing the rookies

    • SC Dave

      1. Whatever

      2. Agree for sure. Reset means at least three MORE years of this shit.

      3. He won’t

      4. Wrong; AD is totally correct on this one.

      5. Agree

      6. Whatever; guys have to make plays on the field. Yes, some of that it talent, and some is coaching. But in the end, lineman have to not be pussies, QBs have to throw the ball straight, guys (WR *and* DB) have to catch the damn ball, RB have to not fumble, and EVERYONE has to stop making boneheaded penalties.

      • Bear Instincts

        3. JimH is my preference because of his track records. the only one better than him is the guy with the hoodie
        4. If its not the coaching then we are in some deep sugar honey ice tea.
        5. if its not coaching then what is wrong with us. is it really the players. history says that when a new coach comes to a team things change. when a player goes to a new team they sometimes get better. im putting more of the responsibility on the coaching to get the best out of the talent that is available. yes we are lacking in the talent department but not to the level that we
        are playing. our talent is better than our record indicates

        simple way to know if firefox is a bad coach, ask yourself “would a different coach get better result from this current roster?”

        • leftcoastdave

          Fox is history. He presided over a complete roster turn over and has developed talent for the next coaching staff.

          There is NO upside to firing him until the end of the season. None. Give the man some respect so others will want to join the organization in the future.

          • Bear Instincts

            not firing him is punishment in a twisted way. every day he has to answer questions about his job security when he and the rest of the world knows its the end of the road for him

          • Carlos Pendleton

            Fox has killed trubisky ‘s development period, he doesn’t look like the qb he was in the prseason because Fox won’t let him play or be himself, all great qb’s have their own style and T has lost his and maynot gain it back, Fox needs to be fired and would have but Frangio doesn’t even want that so let Loggains be the hc till end of the year and mandate that he open up the offense like last year with lessor qb’s, Fox is the antichrist of football, Patten Manning made Fox record look better than it is and if you take him out of it Fox is a losing coach, so Fox was never the coach that they said that he was in the first place, he was always fool’s gold!!!!!

          • SC Dave

            He doesn’t look like preseason because:
            1) He’s not playing JUCO transfers, he’s playing NFL players
            2) Other teams have tape on him.
            3) He is rookie under a lot of pressure.

          • AlbertInTucson

            4) He’s still throwing to a corps of receivers that scares nobody, besides Bear fans

          • Carlos Pendleton

            FOX doesn’t deserve any respect, you love a loser and Fox has a chance to be the worse coach of ALL TIME and he has not developed nothing, let’s see more injuries and performance enhancement cases than any coach, he has made Trubusky into a useless qb with his conservative handling of him, Trubisky has to start all over again, you earn respect and Fox has done nothing to earn anyone’s respect and the only reason he’s still coaching is Fangio didn’t want it, Fox was toast after the Packers game!!!!!!

  • BearDown100393

    If a GM is not allowed to hire his HC than he is not a GM. And if that is the situation with the Bears, who again is truly running this sh*t show?

    That is what needs to be investigated. That is the real story.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      I am pretty sure he was referring to not firing Pace therefore allowing him the opportunity to hire the next coach.

      • BearDown100393

        Either way Pace deserves to hire his own HC. No argument there.

        • My fear is that the McCaskeys have a standing rule of not hiring “hot head” HCs which may limit Pace’s HC search.

          We can also call this the “no more Ditkas” standing McCaskey rule.

          • CanadaBear

            The last “hot” coordinator they hired was Wanny. ‘Nuff said.

    • Carlos Pendleton

      The Mcaskey’s are and have been screwing up the Bears behind the scenes since 1983, they put Pace on that plane to Denver, it was never his call, they hired him because he was young and green and could be easily manipulated, but I believe this one will be his call and time will tell, the Mcaskey’s don’t have a drop of Halas’s DNA in them or it jumped back several generations, they are by far the laughing stock of not only the NFL but all of sports period, even the Browns who are clowns are viewed better than the Bears lmao lmao!!!!!!

  • leftcoastdave

    Jeff: “Not the first time, won’t be the last. When David Haugh literally stole
    words off my site and then emailed me a week later to complain about
    something I wrote about him, I knew I had no chance.”

    Good humor. Jeff is complaining about being Bidenized by David Hough.

    • BearDown100393

      Strong words. Better be able to backup with that claim.

    • Haugh def has a punchable face.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Imagine how we feel seeing our words in Jeff’s posts later that week!

  • willbest

    Pace’s problem is that he can’t find mutants who can stay on the field. Even Hoodie faltered when he lost Hightower. The Pats were like the 3rd worst D in the league for the month of September. I don’t expect Fox to do a whole lot without Trevathan. But as always it comes back to the QB. The Pats weren’t knocked out cause Tom always gave them a chance. And then hoodie figured out how to cope and they are back where they always are. Bears don’t have that, so we just lose those games.

    Yes this is where the game is won and lost, but the coordinator and signal caller are major factors in setting the linemen up for success. The Eagles got elite captains and we got rooks and journeymen. What do you think is going to happen? Plus Long is half dead.

    • BearDown100393

      The NFL has an injury problem. It is not exclusive to Chicago.

      A. Are the playing surfaces truly safer?
      B. collision “tackling”
      C. girth and size increase

    • leftcoastdave

      It is clear that da Bears have not (cannot) developed any consistent passing game such as to open up the box. Whether that is the problem of having a wet behind the ears rookie QB, receivers who cannot get open or poor play design/play calling or a combination thereof, we see the result.
      Bottom line, the shelves are well stocked now with talent and more will be coming on board. Huge strides have been made compared with what was on the field two years ago. That talent needs to be put to good use by a new coaching staff to be built in January.
      That appears to be a given at this point.

      • Bear Instincts

        Bullseye – The shelves are well stocked now with talent and more will be coming on board

        Bullseye – Huge strides have been made compared with what was on the field two years ago

        Bullseye – That talent needs to be put to good use by a new coaching staff to be built in January.

  • SC Dave

    A year ago, bitcoin was $700. Went over $11,000 today.


    Much more, and it will look like the tulip hysteria.

    • Scharfinator

      If only I bought that stupid shit when it was $700.

      I’d have sold at $4k, but still would be nice.

      • Irish Sweetness

        If my aunty had balls …..

    • willbest

      I still have 5 bitcoins I picked up back when it was under $200. I have been debating giving my wife a kitchen remodel for Christmas. She doesn’t even know we own them.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Bubble? Fixed commodity. Look at the price chart on gold after Federal Reserve initiated the great Ponzi scheme, and the dollar became worthless fiat money aka Legal Tender.

      • willbest

        Value is intrinsic to the system you are in.

        It doesn’t matter if bitcoin is finite if nobody wants to own them.

  • Sactowns#1

    on Pace “I’d argue his plus decisions far outweigh his minuses” HOW?! Based on WHAT?! He has had more misses than hits in the draft and his FA acquisitions have been pretty terrible. Why this undying love for Pace?!

    • BearDown100393

      Because Andrew wants to BELIEVE…….

    • Bear Instincts

      compared to his predecessor he is king midas. there is room for improvement but at least there is logical method to his maddness. much more than can be said for his predecessors

    • leftcoastdave

      Start with Jordan Howard in the fifth round, Tarik the freak Cohen, Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos in the fourth as well as UDFA Cam Meridith and that is what he’s talking about.

      • Sactowns#1

        A) The top of the draft is what you should be evaluating. Nearly every team finds a late round mystery. Blind squirrel and a nut if you ask me.
        B) Look at the entire sample, not just your cherry picking. Out of some 28 or so picks you highlight 4 guys? (Cam is garbage on any other team)

        • Bear Instincts

          if you like Pace then his drafts have been more hits than misses. if you don’t like him then its more misses than hits.

          the misses are only a concern because we are not winning. look at the patriots or the steeler’s. they don’t always get it right. but they win so it does not matter

          the k.white disaster and the misses in FA makes pace look bad but he deserves more credit than he is getting

        • willbest

          Lets start with the only draft you can even seriously evaluate right now is the 2015 one.

          What are you looking for in terms of success at the top of the draft? Kevin White vs. Vic Beasley sure that is easy in retrospect, but at the time was that a no brainer decision?

          Who you take in the 2nd round that is going to contribute more than Goldman has? I don’t follow all these players but Goldman is generally highly rated when he is healthy, which he has been this year. There aren’t a lot of 2nd or 3rd round pro-bowlers from that draft (Lockett and David Johnson unless we traded up for Landon Collins like the Giants did).

          And then in the 3rd round yes Grasu is a waste, and there were plenty of better options. So are you really going to hold the White pick against him when everybody had him going in the top 10?

          • Sactowns#1

            Yes. I am really going to hold drafting a bust in the first round against him. Shocking!

          • willbest

            But he was a bust because he had brittle bones. Did Pace hire the physicians that inspected White?

          • Sactowns#1

            Actually, yes. If they were Bears physicians than he is responsible.

          • willbest

            So in the what 30 days between when he was hired and the combine and the billion other things he is supposed to do, you are going to pin the Bears medical staff on him? And they weren’t the only teams medical staff to not see it. It might not have even been discoverable based on what the doctors are legally allowed to do to the players. And so he gets hosed by you for bad luck?

            Come on. We know what this is really about. You are pissed off because Pace selected Trubisky instead of double-ACL tear Watson. Btw if you are going to shit on him for White, then you best give him props for avoiding Watson.

          • Bear Instincts

            ladies and gentlemen, the winner by technical knock out….willbest…..lol

          • Sactowns#1

            Avoiding Watson?!?! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

            Completions 126 Attempts 204 % 61.8 Attempts per game 29.1 yards 1699

            versus (wait for it… )
            Completions 94 Attempts 178 % 52.8 Attempts per game 25.4 Yards 1,135
            1100 yards in 7 games. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh man. Thank you so much for the laughs today. Much appreciated.

          • willbest

            Number of healthy knees
            Trubisky: 2
            Watson : 0

          • Irish Sweetness

            There is NO WAY Pace chose Trubs because of future ACLs by Watson.

          • willbest

            Watson already had an ACL tear on his resume. So you absolutely are wise to factor that into your analysis of the player. For starters you know he isn’t Cam. Which means he needs to be as smart as Wilson when it comes to avoiding hits if you want to project him as a long term starter.

        • CanadaBear

          You’re really reaching calling Meredith garbage. 66 recs, 888 yds and 4 TD’s in 2016 is decent production on any team. Considering he was an UFA, that’s definitely a hit.

          • willbest

            He is limiting his analysis to 1st to 3rd rounders, because it complicates the narrative if he has to address the parts of Pace’s performance he has done competently

          • Irish Sweetness

            And he LOOKS the real deal.

        • leftcoastdave

          Hit or miss in the 4th and 5th? Seriously? Jordan Howard was “blind squirrel” sort of stuff? Eddie Jackson? Tarik who made D’s change quickly and will develop into a multi-faceted weapon?
          Sure, look at the rest. Leonard Floyd? Whitehair? Goldman? Bullard? Shaheen?
          FA- Prove it deals and experience to learn up the yoots.

          Wait to see next year’s roster which will be stacked on the D side and we shall see how Mitchell develops with targets he has more than casually met.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Like JWood stated somewhere, “You’re doing quite well if you get 3 solid starters per draft.”

          It does not matter what round they were drafted as long as they are solid starters. Yes it would be expected that those starters would come in earlier rounds but I will take it in any round.

          Rather than focusing on the which round they were picked, I would rather see how we stack up against the rest of the league on the number of starters for an entire draft each year.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Cam is not garbage. He’s a very good receiver, and classes above anyone I saw on the Bears this year (with the possible exception of Thompson).

      • BearDown100393

        Under a new HC next season, expect far more out of Cohen. IMHO the jury is still out on that pick.

        Howard is solid. The rest? Time will tell.

    • Carlos Pendleton

      He’s done better than anybody else has and turned the roster over while managing the cap pretty well, we could still be like we were, at least he is getting talented players and this was always a 5 year rebuild in the first place!!!!!

      • Sactowns#1

        “We could always be like we were” You mean getting more than 3 wins a season? I’ll take it!

  • CanadaBear

    Andrew you must be joking about Grasu being a starter. Whenever he’s in there he gets pushed back into the QB’s lap. He is the interior OL version of J-Webb.

    • BearDown100393

      Mentioning Grasu as a starter only serves as an indictment toward that line and its depth.

      • CanadaBear

        I think it says more about a bad pick.

      • willbest

        He was bad his first year and injured his second year. It was reasonable to give him a 3rd year. He isn’t good, he will be gone next year. Expecting 3rd round picks to pan out is idiotic when 2nd round picks are less than 50/50

    • He’s saying that anybody drafted in the first 4 rounds should be a starter by their second year. Thus all those players should be starting by now based on where they were drafted.

      The problem with this is that nobody comes even close to batting 100% in the draft. Expecting all of them to become starters is absolutely absurd. You’re doing quite well if you get 3 solid starters per draft.

      They got 2 (Goldman/Amos) in 2015, 3 (Howard/Whitehair/Floyd) in 2016, and we’ll see in 2017 (though Jackson, Shaheen, and Cohen all look pretty solid so far, with Trubisky remaining the wild card). So the 2015 class didn’t quite cut it, but 2016-17 are both looking good. And 2015 added two solid starters in UDFA in Callahan and Meredith.

      There are certainly things to point to that Pace has messed up, but I don’t think the draft, by and large, is one of them. Of course you can nitpick specific decisions/draft picks, but overall I’m not complaining about the results.

      • CanadaBear

        I guess I missed that part of the article about rds 1-4 picks should be starters in year two. That’s insane!

        • He didn’t explicitly state that, but he listed all of the guys drafted in that range who aren’t currently starting and said they should be.

          • SC Dave

            Tbat was goofy, although more excusable than the general case given how bad the roster was.

      • SC Dave

        “Expecting all of them to become starters is absolutely absurd. You’re doing quite well if you get 3 solid starters per draft.”


        • Yes, but it also matters what TYPE of starters they are.

          Other teams land PB starters in those “2-3” starters per/yr across 3 drafts.

          We, obviously, do not.

          Howard/Whitehair/Goldman are the only borderline PBers, but they’re not exactly setting the league on fire.

          There’s a reason we’re a 3 win team this deep into the POX regime.

          • Bear Instincts

            coaching (motivation) + talent + round drafted = success. injury, lacking of coaching (motivation) or lack of talent can/will derail a players success

          • Scharfinator

            This deep? Isn’t it only year 2? Am I remembering badly?

          • willbest

            Pace has had 3 drafts.

          • Pace has had 3 drafts and perhaps more importantly which CAN be judged right away, 3 FA classes.

            No secret I think Fox sucks, but even a crappy chef needs decent ingredients to make a meal palatable.

            3 wins is not palatable.

            And if true that Pace wanted Fox, then he is an accomplice to the shit sandwich.

          • Bear Instincts

            even a crappy chef needs decent ingredients to make a meal palatable – – – so you are saying that talent trumps coaching. good ingredients will make up for bad cooking skills? i disagree sir.

          • willbest

            A well done USDA prime strip steak will still be edible. A well done USDA select strip steak is expensive dog food.

          • Bear Instincts

            1.has it been prepared so that your taste buds can truly feast?

            2.is it really USDA prime strip if it is burned?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Don’t you have the freedom to burn it? Would you be one of those restaurant owners that puts “Please do not order steaks well done” on your menu?

          • If you dine at a restaurant and get food poisoning, you blame the chef.

            But isn’t the boss who HIRED the chef also guilty?

            Even IF Pace wasn’t responsible for Fox (which Jeff more than alludes he was), he DEF could’ve fired him LAST nov.

            Why didn’t he?

            The answer might be disturbing.

            Instead Pace kept employing the horrible Chef to poison yet another season.

          • Bear Instincts

            in the corporate world yes the boss will get the blame but we all know the chef had a good track record at their previous jobs. and the boss had no knowledge that the chef wold stink up the joint

            i dont know why he did not fire him last season. im afraid to know what the answer is but im going to continue to trust in the plan that Pace said he has 2 more seasons before i consider turning on him. i like his vision for the team. it has not worked out as planned but i still trust him.

          • willbest

            I guess the buck stops there. But why was the food dangerous. Was it the refrigerator manufacturer, the repairman, the chef leaving it on the counter, the waiter that sneezed on it. The purchasing agent buying it from a less than reputable source, etc.

          • Irish Sweetness

            “But isn’t the boss who HIRED the chef also guilty?”

            Eh …No.

            But Ted Philliops, who oversees the hiring of all these clowns as President and CEO? Absolutely culpabable.

          • SC Dave

            There are five games left, Butch

          • Don’t remind me.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Ditka gave them three years. We were rolling by ’84.

      • Bear Instincts

        being a starter should be based on 3 factors: what round you were drafted + talent level + coaching. all three matter in no particular order because talent sometimes supersedes draft position and sometimes coaching supersedes draft position and talent can be put in a position where they don’t shine as bright due to bad coaching

        • SC Dave

          You forgot the nost important thing, by far. Who else is competing for the spot.

          Do you really think some promising kid drafted in 2003 was going to take Urlacher’s job?

  • Carlos Pendleton

    The Problem here is the Bears had the worst roster in the NFL when Pace got here, the so called rebuild that the news media lied about in the first place was never a 2 to 3 year rebuild, it was always at least a 5 year rebuild and I could see that from the beginning of this, Pace has done a very good job for the conditions he was cast under meaning the Mcaskey’s forcing him to hire Fox, he has managed the cap pretty well and even though there is no 100% general manager he has grown in his position and we could have gotten a general manager who is the same version as Fox or wasn’t the last General manager the exact same version of Fox, be careful what you ask for out here cause it can comeback and bite you!!!!!!

    • willbest

      There is no such thing as a 5 year rebuild in the NFL.

      • Bear Instincts

        no not a 5yr rebuild but considering the damage that emery/trestman caused plus the not so good coaching and the injuries a 4yr rebuild is possible

        • willbest

          I mean obviously teams go off the rails, and it takes longer than 3 years but if you look at Pace he is at least on plan B already. Plan A was mariotta plus an entire defensive rebuild. Plan B might have been Cutler or he might have been a placeholder, but then he went to shit and the WR and TE situation blew up. Here we are in 2017 and the defensive rebuild is largely complete but we still have a lot of offensive issues to concern ourselves with, including the QB.

          How long is the D going to last though? That is the problem in the NFL, you aren’t going to keep either side of the ball playing at a high level for more than about 3 years UNLESS you have a top 5 QB that always gives you a chance on offense.

          • SC Dave

            Last paragraph says it all. Pace seems to agree, saying you *have* to get that right. We just hope its MT.

            Also, in that last paragraph you totally nailed the Hoodie mystique. All he has had to do for 20 fucking years is have a defense and some semblance of an oline.

            The Patriots have never had a top tier RB and the WR have not been all that. They hit big time on Gronk and Brady has done the rest, especially with white boys in the slot.

            The advantage Brady has given Belichick is immeasurable.

      • Agree, but maybe there SHOULD be, esp if your team has sucked for so long like the Bears.

        A 5 yr rebuild probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for teams like the Browns. Might be better then perpetually turnover every 2-3 years.

        Bears are Browns bad.

        Might be something to consider.

        Edit. Pace will get 5 yrs notwithstanding a complete 2018 meltdown

        • Bear Instincts

          you take that statement back right now…we are not the browns…passed up on wentz and goff and MT10…seriously

          • Irish Sweetness

            Goff ain’t all that.

        • willbest

          But what type of players can you count on 5 years from now? FAs? They are going to be 30+ 5 years from now, and the injuries start piling up. So its really just a handful of draft picks.

          Look at the 2015 roster. Which Bears would be solid contributors to a 2019 playoff run? Amos, Leno, Goldman, Fuller if he sticks, Meredith if he comes back healthy. So 5 guys out of 53.

          • willbest

            I left Kyle Long out on purpose. I don’t think he makes it to 2019.

          • Well, the 5 yr rebuild banks on the draft, which is what Pace keeps harping on.

            yr 1 theoretically should’ve been White, Goldman and Grasu in their primes 5 yrs later.

            Goldman and Amos will be in their primes in the next couple yrs from that class, but the rest, White, Grasu, and Langford have flamed out.

            And that’s why this team is bereft of talent now.

            Imagine if those hit – imagine if White became Julio Jones, Grasu Travis Frederick and Amos another Chancellor

            This team now and going forward would be much better.

            But Pace whiffed on them and a few others, and here we are, 3 yrs later, 3 wins.

            as for FAs, not too worried about those.

            No one really counts on FAs 5 yrs later, but Pace targets 27 yr old FAs.

            So most of his FAs will be in the 27-32 yr old range, not exactly over the hill IF he chooses right, which ideally will be replaced by his drafts in that 5 yr range.

          • SC Dave

            Geez man, teams whiff all the time. Even the Patriots.

          • SC Dave

            You forgot Robbie.


      • Carlos Pendleton

        I never said the NFL, I said the Bears team when Pace got here would take about 4 to 5 years because the shape of the roster and it’s going to take that long for them to get to the playoffs and you are looking at it right now, so you don’t know what you are talking about and it could take longer than that, wait and see who they hire and if they can coach up Trubiskey and fill the roster up with players who can play, I think they only have about 5 draft picks this year, the rebuild is going into the 4th year as soon as this season is over with!!!!!!

        • willbest

          If Pace hires a new coach that will start your rebuild clock over again.

          Unless you are arguing that Pace’s plan was “I will hire Fox for 3 years to placehold while I work on the roster. Then I will bring my real choice in at coach in year 4. It will take them a year to gel, and then we are rocking in year 5. To which I point out there are far too many variables over the course 5 years for that to ever work as a blueprint.

          • Carlos Pendleton

            No, it won’t start a new clock because a coach is not a clock of a rebuild, the general manager is sir, Fox didn’t start the rebuild, Fox is just a coach of the rebuild and replaceable and when fired he doesn’t stop the rebuild clock it was Pace who was hired to rebuild the Bears and the rebuild starts through him and goes through him, you want to bend what I said for your own personal reasons, I stated that it’ll take about 5 years to rebuild the Bears properly from the roster that Pace was presented at the start of his tenure, you know this is really a simple fact, the Bears could be a playoff team next year if there’s less injuries and they have a great draft and free agent season but no matter what they do this roster is at least a couple years away because of the fact that it’s paper thin depth wise, now do you understand what I’m saying here, Fox was never the right coach of this rebuild, he was a mistake, so next year with a new coach they can move on to where they need to go and 5 years no matter who is running the show!!!!!

    • Faux John Fox

      Here’s what I like to say when out at my favorite fishing campsite. It’s hard to make a great fish omelette with rotten eggs. It might cook up but it’s going to stink when you try and eat it.

      Also, yesterday at practice I tripped and fell and Ben Cunningham threw the challenge flag at me. It was fun, we all had a good laugh about that one.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Tell the truth, it wasn’t Sushi that was left in Halas Hall for a week that stunk up the place. It was actually a couple fish from your fishing trip.

      • John Faux

    • “Mcaskey’s forcing him to hire Fox”

      Do we know this?

      According to Jeff’s “sources” Pace was more than OK with Fox, and maybe even preferred him to other choices.

      “he has managed the cap pretty well”

      That’s because Pace is a cheap bastard and refuses to land elite FAs, instead settling on the likes of Royal, Rolle, Wheaton, Cooper, Jay Howard, Demps…

      How did they work out?

      That’s part of the reason the Bears tank every Dec. Lack of talent/depth.

      That’s all on Pace.

      I’m not saying Pace is horrible, but IF he chose Fox – if you couple that with his lackluster FAs and extremely risky franchise QB…well, the future doesn’t exactly look bright for him or Bear fans.

      • Bear Instincts

        cheap bastard — i guess you are ok overpay for talent like jared allen. plus he did try to get high level cb’s this off season and they turned him down. he also tried to get jenoris jenkins as well.

        finding the talent is on pace but nurturing that talent is on the coach

        so what if he chose fox. at time it was a good move. we were in need of a rebuild. fox was known as the great rebuilder. it was a match made in heaven.

        think about how different things would be if things had gone our way: k.white never broke his leg. cutty played good (not great) football. the injury bug never ravaged us.

        • Paying over the hill talent that doesn’t match our scheme like Allen I was never aboard on.

          Targeting young elite talent like Dantari Poe, Baker, Bouye, Alshon over JAGS like Jaye Howard, Cooper, Wheaton…def SHOULD be what Pace does, but doesn’t.

          Doesn’t “rebuilding” mean finding talent?

          Sometimes that means PAYING for talent.

          It’s up to Pace to find the right guys to pay.

          That’s what makes good GMs.

          • Bear Instincts

            I agree we should not overpay for over the hill talent. we should pay for young elite talent. but what is the point of pay for that young elite talent when you are not even close to competing. the seahawks taking a flyer on richardson is the kind of thing you do when you are on the verge of being competitive or are already competitive. look at the patriots.

            starting next season and moving forward i expect pace to be more aggressive. as he said you cant get out of a bad contract once its signed or something to that effect.

  • Dis Guy Trublinsky

    All the gnashing of teeth is meaningless.

    If Trubisky has a good year next year, Pace is your GM for the foreseeable future. If Trubisky plays next year like he played Sunday, we’ll then he’s a dead man walking.

    The rest of it amounts to rounding errors at this point.

    • CanadaBear

      No doubt. If Mt goes down in flames Pace is definitely going with him.

  • Juan Stone

    3 Wins 8 losses!

    At least 2 losses could have gone either way but with this coaching staff, the Bears are going nowhere… fast. Bring on the Kraken! Outside of Harbaugh, I have no clue who could make the Bears a playoff team again. Just sayin…

  • FF…

    lol I think Waffle made a statement on the wire this week.

    Waff dropped Trubisky
    Waff added Garrapolo $30

    He prolly could’ve got Matt Moore for $1!

    • willbest

      Does that mean somebody else bid $30 for Trubisky? Or is it set up that you pay what you bid?

      Jay Cutler is starting this week.

      • It’s a blind bid, so you bid whatever you think you need in order to get said player.

        We can see who bids what afterwards.

        No one even bid for Jimmy G

        (though I was contemplating a $1 flier on him, but decided on Gabbert)

        I think Waffle just wanted to send a msg to the Bears.

        FF season is winding down, so ppl who hadn’t bid most season will have first dibs going forward.

        • willbest

          Right Garrapolo, not Trubisky. Talk about overpaying. Waffle needs himself a 2nd highest bidder auction.

  • willbest

    The University of Tennessee has gotten itself into a right mess. They were going to offer Greg Schiano the HC job, but apparently some boosters that didn’t think he was a good fit for the team decided to start screaming bloody murder that he knew must have known something about Sandusky. So Tennessee pulled the offer (which might have already been signed so they might owe him money). Now they are back to looking for a new HC and nobody even wants to interview with them.

    Jim Bob Cooter, who I wouldn’t mind interviewing for the Bears job, is reported to have turned down an interview request from them.

    • Bear Instincts

      why Cooter (besides the name) for Bears HC? we all know by now why I like JimH

      • willbest

        I like what he has done with stafford and I think we need somebody like that for Trubisky. Although as I believe Butch has pointed out, the Lions run game is garbage so that is concerning.

        • Bear Instincts

          yeah he has done a great job with stafford but not enough to make him HC. but if pace picked him i think our running talent would make up for his short comings.

        • The run game under Cooter would have to resemble the Falcon’s 16.

          Essentially, a 2 HB Freeman/Coleman combo, both of whom can catch.

          (Doesn’t hurt with a Julio WR demanding S help)

          That would pretty much make Howard all but irrelevant.

          • Irish Sweetness

            That’s fine, he was a 5th rounder. He’s the man for your hard yards, but it’s not like he owes us anything. He’s a banger, not the guy you build an offense around.

            I’d be down with drafting another back, after we get the two tackles.

            As per: “Josh Sitton and Kyle Long are two of the highest paid guards in the
            league and Cody Whitehair is one of the highest-drafted centers. How the
            hell did they only manage six rushing yards with a stud like Jordan
            Howard running with the ball?”

    • Chucky was rumored to go there, but he may have been putting that out for his own purposes.

      Schiano is a gigantic douche. Don’t blame the boosters for blackballing him

  • Bear Instincts

    last thread said that Pace has a short list of HC candidates. anyone care to take a guess who might realistically be on there and why?

  • willbest

    Matt Lauer had a button under his desk that locked his office door. How does somebody even go about getting that approved? Like what would the non-sex dungeon explanation for that be?

    • SC Dave

      Presumably, he was a sanctimonious p.o.s. when it came to Cosby, at al.

      Not that I would know, as I never watched that bullshit outside of it being on the edge of my consciousness in a doctor’s waiting room. Or perhaps during a platelet donation.

    • BearDown100393

      The red button locks the door. The blue button opens the trap door to the tank below filled with laser beam helmeted sharks.

  • SC Dave
    • Bear Instincts

      can we pair him with D.Poe this off season or S.Richardson?

      • Poe ship has sailed.

        Falcons are more than happy with him.

        Could’ve had him for relatively cheap to rotate in that Dline and give Goldman and even Hicks some rest.

        Would’ve been really handy at goaline and short downs too.

        But we got Jaye Howard.

    • willbest

      Hoodie’s mistake is our gain.

      • Bear Instincts

        once in a lifetime mistake unless it becomes two if pace goes for mcdaniels

  • BuddhaJoe

    And Houston is back. Guess that’s why McBride got cut.

    • SC Dave

      So it would seem.

    • Bear Instincts

      as firefox said in the presser he has not idea what he is doing. cant be mad at a man who speaks the truth

      • BearDown100393

        And so Rome burns yet again to the tune of a McCaskey dry humping a fiddle.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis


        • ButtonShoes

          “Brad Biggs‏ @BradBiggs:

          Fox on releasing WE Tre McBride: “Just kind of churning the roster. We have a roster spot available. We don’t know exactly what we’re doing. We have some options.” ”

          He actually said this. Out loud. And yeah, I know that he said it in context, but to actually utter those words…he’s either completely clueless or just doesn’t care anymore, knowing the axe that’s coming for his head. Probably a bit of both.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            so after McBride broke some rules or something to get cut unexpectedly, Fox says we we don’t know exactly what we are doing about the open roster spot, because they still are looking at their options. How does that make him clueless or doesn’t care?

            My bad, I forgot the rules. I got to look at everything from a negative viewpoint especially when reading between the lines. And when something can be taken out of context, then we should definitely take it out of context.

          • ButtonShoes

            It’s basically a moment of ignorant honesty on his part. Because let’s be honest…they really don’t know what they’re doing.

    • SB bound!

  • Elect A Clown. Expect A Circus

    Bad news for Teabaggers..Moscow Misha is cooperating and ready to rat out orange chimpanzee and his failson and fails-in-law.

    Kyle Griffin‏Verified account @kylegriffin1
    Robert Mueller’s team has reportedly postponed an anticipated grand jury testimony regarding Michael Flynn amid growing indications of possible plea deal discussions.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky


      I googled Kyle Griffin just for fun. He’s a 29 year old segment producer for MSNBC that graduated from the College of St. Rose in Albany.

      Ease up dude. Kyle Griffin? Holy shit.

      • Irish Sweetness

        They have an absolutely capital Girls’ lacrosse team.

  • Bear Instincts


    Recently-waived WR Tre McBride was in argument heard at Halas Hall – Adam L. Jahns

    • BearDown100393

      Hobo told the press the Bears “don’t know what we’re doing”

    • I KNEW there had to be something else.

      So McBride and Bellamy got into after watching film.

      I wonder who was the one who quit and who the one who got mad after watching it on film.

      Asked why McBride was waived, Loggains said, “[the] general manager makes those decisions and the head coach. Not myself.”

      In other words, if it were up to me, I would have kept him and cut stone-hands.

      • BearDown100393

        Halas Hall gone full Birdcaged.

        • SC Dave

          What? You’re bass ackwards.

      • SC Dave

        Yeah, I would say Loggains was ok keeping him.

        But Fox, too late to matter, decides on a little discipline?

        Or was it a slap back acriss Loggains face for the Trubismy comments about the game plan?

      • Bellamy is out hurt right now, while McBride played 78% of the offensive snaps (and had an atrocious game).

        You tell me which one quit…

        • John Faux

          I had asked Josh to carry some of the equipment from the indoor facility to another storage area, but he kept dropping it.

          Then Tre started talking trash and pretty soon, the macho attitudes crept in and then it got out of control and Tre called Josh “something from the Ditka scab era”, and then there were tears.

          I have a zero tolerance policy about name calling, so really my hands were tied.

      • willbest

        Or he dodged the question by saying it was above his paygrade.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          you know better than that. It is that time of year that everyone reads between the lines and it always has to be negative. Get on board.

          • BearDown100393

            Cause there is so much right going on

        • His reply sounds an awful lot like when guests ask why you went with black walls in your kitchen, “Don’t ask me. My wife’s in charge of that stuff.”

      • Irish Sweetness

        Thank god we still got Deonte …. oh, wait ….

  • Tortured Bear fan

    “In Year Three of a regime, we should be able to expect them to beat a 1-10 team.”. in the last 5 years Bears has shown everything but competitive at times.

    • SC Dave

      We will win this week. In fact, we’ll win six games. Not enough to feel like winners, but enough to drop our draft picks.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Not sure it matters. We picked the second player taken and half the blog is already calling him a bust. So what’s the difference?

      • Tortured Bear fan

        It seems like an analogy of “fool’s gold”.

  • BearDown100393

    So…… we got embarrassed in Pitt. The plane fell apart. Stinky sushi. A lot of yelling and screaming. Tre gets booted. A major leak that Fangio is not a HC candidate yet the staff is still employed at present moment. And Hobo announcing to the press that the Bears don’t know what they are doing.

    How again are the Bears better than Cleveland???????

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      the were in Philly not Pitt.

      • BearDown100393

        My bad.

    • SC Dave

      It was a pretty astonishing statement by Fox.

      Give him props for honesty?

      Sadly, it’s all I got.

      • BearDown100393

        Props for a blood clot

  • SC Dave

    Or, I just thought I’d write that after a couple seasons of reading it, the whole “birdcaged” thing is astonishingly peurile.

    Or perhaps jejune.

    • BearDown100393

      Yet accurate

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        yes because accuracy is something you have going for you.

        • BearDown100393

          Yes. I typed Pitt.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            no where near the first time you have made inaccurate statements.

          • BearDown100393

            This organization is in free fall. And yet your focus is me.

            The Bears right now are garbage. Complete garbage.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I don’t accept failure!

          • John Faux

            Hey now.

            NBC is in free fall, pal. You have Matt Lauer showing his cock to the ladies. The hell if I do stuff like that. Ryan doesn’t do that weirdo liberal stuff. We go home to our wives and do charity work on the weekends. Maybe Dowell is into some stuff, but otherwise we are good people here.

          • SC Dave


          • Matt Lauer cock-rings all around.

          • SC Dave

            +17 (or how many regs are left) blog points

    • SC Dave

      I’d have used “infantile”, but what’s the fun in such a mundane and common word?

      • Sactowns#1

        Puerile is so much better.

    • He’s no Knobslobberer, that’s for sure.

      • willbest

        We don’t accept failure!

      • SC Dave

        That was one day versus two years.

  • SC Dave

    Lol. D.C. whores on the unmentionable networm… “Jimmy g should be about playing the Bears…”

    “… relieved.”

    Damnit I’d post that shit in the locker room.

  • Was kinda curious how Bears stack up to #1 in division.

    2015 Draft


    Round 1, Pick 11: CB Trae Waynes………….1/7 Kevin White

    Round 2, Pick 13: LB Eric Kendricks………..2/39 Goldman

    Round 3, Pick 24: DE Danielle Hunter……..3/71 Grasu

    Round 4, Pick 11: OL T.J. Clemmings………4/106 Langford

    Round 5, Pick 7: TE Mycol Pruitt……………5/142 Amos

    Round 5, Pick 10: WR Stefon Diggs……….N/A

    Round 6, Pick 9: OL Tyrus Thompson…..6/183 Tayo Fabuluje

    Round 6, Pick 17: DL B.J. Dubose

    Round 7, Pick 11: OL Austin Shepherd

    Round 7, Pick 15 LB Edmond Robinson

    • BerwynBomber

      Well, they killed us there given Kendricks, Hunter and Diggs. (And even Waynes might have an Amakamura type career.)

  • SC Dave


    Just as an example (including this footnote), I mistyped four times. But I had to make 22 corrections?

    Who ARE THESE RETARDED ASSHOLES (six more there) that write this fucking software?

    Goddamn.. get off my fucking lawn!

    • willbest

      I have a blue bicycle.

    • BearDown100393

      Never updated a rotary phone

    • Irish Sweetness

      Sloppy programmers man. Industry is full of ’em. No attention to detail. No care.

  • ButtonShoes

    Houston’s back? Why? What is this team’s obsession with bringing back players that can’t do jack shit?

    • Desperation. Thin depth. Lack of development.

      Pick one.

      • ButtonShoes

        Sigh. That is one depressing list.

      • willbest

        Pace doing lines off Ginny’s ass

    • BearDown100393

      They do not know what they are doing.

      2018 Ticket Campaign Slogan

  • Irish Sweetness

    This is the funny thing about Pace. It’s how he drafted … not who he drafted.

    He wanted a QB. We all did.

    He’s got the top one right there on the board. If he wants Trubs, then he’s pretty much guaranteed Trubs will be there at #3, because if SF were after a QB, Watson is there at #2.

    There was no scenario where Pace needed to trade up.

    But not just the picks … he picked the other guy. He didn’t need to and it was all risk against future potential, when the finished article was sitting right there.

    • willbest

      The finished article is now in rehab for an ACL tear in his other knee. The best ability is availability and all that.

    • Pace will get two more yrs with the new HC and Trub (unless they’re a total debacle)


      By then, Pace will either be persona non-grata or the savior.

      So in essence, Pace’s got his 5 yrs.

      • ButtonShoes

        It just bugs me that HCs and GMs get this massive grace period that players don’t. If a player sucks during one year, that can be it for him. It can happen as fast as a single game. But a HC or GM can keep screwing up, game after game after game, and they just get the benefit of the doubt for years at a time. Not only that, they get opportunities to rectify their mistakes.

        • That’s just the way life is.

          Guys with more power and responsibilities are typically harder to replace.

          The higher up, the more difficult to unseat (hence why Chicago can’t get rid of the McCaskeys or Teddy short of revolution)

          What bugs me more about HCs is that they keep getting re-treaded because of their good ole boy networks.

          Like Fisher and Fox just keep coming back like herpes.

          Even that douchebag Schiano was gonna get a shot at Tennessee.

          That’s what pisses me off more.

          Just blatant circle jerks

          • ButtonShoes

            It’s infuriating. Just infuriating. And what’s worse is when ordinary people come to the defense of these hacks. They blatantly ignore their incompetence and just give them the benefit of the doubt. And why? Who knows. Makes my head explode.

    • John Faux

      No no.

      Ryan told me that John Lynch and he spoke, and Lynch flat out told him that he got 4 calls about trading up in the last hour, and either he offered a swap of picks right then for the additional round picks, or he was hanging up.

      And then he made Ryan send him a box of Peeps! Can you beat that? Lynch really loves those little yellow marsh mellow birds, he eats like 5 an hour, and he goes “send me a box of my peeps” and Ryan thought he was trying to talk jive language or something, but no – he meant peeps the candy.

      So Ryan did, and we got the kid, and the kid. Well, the kid. He’s only played in less than 20 football games since high school. Just chillax. isn’t that what Aaron Rodgers said 2 years ago? Do that,

      • ButtonShoes

        I’ll chillax if you get me free beer at the stadium, John.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      Yeah maybe. Or maybe not. It’s all speculation.

      We’ve lit up GMs on this board for years for not moving up one or two spots to grab somebody.

      So let’s say he stood pat, and Trubisky was drafted before our third pick. What if the kid turn so out to be great? Then we bring hell fire down on Pace’s head for not moving up one spot and grabbing him when he had the chance. After all, “He’s a franchise QB and that’s gotta be worth a few extra picks right?”

      At the end of the day, the guy made his decision and did what he could to get the kid. I’ll take an aggressive GM any day. Now we wait. I’m also fine with him getting shit canned if the kid doesn’t pan out. But to call for it now is just stupid. If he still looks like shit at the end of next year, then I’ll be at the front of the pack with my pitch fork out. Because that will indicate he has no ability to properly handicap QB talent. And if that’s the case, he’s got no business running the team.

  • willbest

    memos have gone out to other departments at NBC

  • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

    I am surprised more coaches don’t take McVay’s approach when dealing with rookie QBs. He basically gets the call in early and gets them lined up early enough in the play clock to be able to view what the defense is doing. Then makes the audible himself before the headset communication gets cut off at 15 seconds.


    Granted defenses can make adjustments after the audible and before the snap, but it seems to me that the approach is solid and the Rams offensive success is proving it. I haven’t checked yet but I am guessing the Rams haven’t had many Delay of Game penalties.

    I also think this would be very beneficial to QB development since the QB is handling audibles even if he doesn’t know why there is an audible at the moment. Once they review game film the coaches can explain what they saw and why there was an audible. Monkey See, Monkey Do.

    • BerwynBomber

      I believe Gase did the same with Cutler while both were here.

    • willbest

      Probably because its exceptionally difficult.

      Mic cuts out at 15 seconds. You have 40 seconds from the whistle of the last play. This gives you 25 seconds of communication. We know from hurry spikes that it takes roughly 15 seconds to line up and get set. So there are 10 seconds left. However, players aren’t always going to be pushing the tempo that quickly plus the coach might want to sub in, so figure closer to 20 seconds on average.

      So this pretty much means that the coach has about 1-2 seconds after the play ends to digest down and distance, state of the clock, assess the defense to determine where he thinks it will be weakest, judge whether any of his players might need a sub/balance that against allowing the other team to sub and call his play. And if he does that, he will have roughly 3-5 seconds to assess the way the defense lines up and send in the audible.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        I agree that it would be difficult. You could not do it every play. But if you can do it a handful of times a game it would be beneficial, like coming out of timeouts, injuries, change of possession, 2 minute warning, change of quarters, replays, booth reviews, and incompletions.

    • I read that too.

      1st of all, NO WAY that would happen with one-dump-fox.

      Dude gets a delay of game penalty after timeouts.

      But as for other non-shitty HCs, dunno.

      It would take an HC who calls O (not all of them do), or an HC who completely trusts his OC to call games (not all of them do this either cuz they’re micromanagers).

      McVay is an offensive HC who calls his own plays.
      He also pretty much leaves the D responsibilities to Wade Phillips, which gives him much more freedom just to focus on the O.

      I’ve seen him literally draw up plays sitting on a gatorade drum while the D is out on the field.

      That being said, if Jeff’s sources are correct, that Pace was trying to extend Fangio (I’m guessing with the idea of targeting a McVay type HC), then we might get a more progressive attack like that.

      But that may backfire.

      If I were DC, I would tell my D not to tip their hand before 15 seconds, or even to pretend to blitz, then change afterwards.


      • BerwynBomber

        Hub contradicted Jeff’s reporting yesterday. Said that one of the reasons Fox wasn’t shitcanned after the Brett Hundley or PHI’s games is that Pace didn’t want to back himself into a corner with a successful interim HC (be it Fangio, Loggains or someone else).

        I posited the same theory a day or two ago. An interim appointment can potentially complicate the desire for a clean slate.

        Hub also said that Fangio has been ruled out as part of the next regime. The presumption being Fangio was not offered an extension.

        Who’s reporting is accurate? We may never know. Even if Fox is fired in season or on Black Monday.

      • Irish Sweetness

        If Pace was trying to extend a flaccid DC … then be gone.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Before anyone thinks good things have been done with Jared Goff … first put him behind a middling OL like we have. He has ALL day to sit back there.

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