Across The Middle: The Argument for Firing Fox

| November 15th, 2017

Forget clock management. Forget the stupid challenges. Most of all, forget the play calling. John Fox gave fans — and team management — the only ammunition they’ll ever need to fire him last Sunday. In a big game they had plenty of time to prepare for, his team was sloppy. That doesn’t happen to a good coach.

With the loss, the Bears dropped to 0-3 after their bye week under Fox with a point differential of -36. In two out of the three, the Bears went into the bye week with momentum and hopes of turning the season into something but fell flat on their faces.

Of course, Denver fans know the pain all to well. They saw Fox’s team get embarrassed after a week off before the Super Bowl in 2013. They also saw his teams get beat after first-round byes in 2012 and 2014, his last game with the team. In all, Fox is 5-6 after byes since 2011 and they’ve been outscored by 28 points.

This was almost too predictable. As I wrote my coach power rankings last week, Fox’s Bears are sure to disappoint.

The most disappointing part is that the Bears couldn’t do the things they’re supposed to do well. By now, this is supposed to be a team that kicks ass in the trenches. This is supposed to be a team nobody wants to play and, even if they lose, the opponent is supposed to have gotten their asses kicked physically. But the opposite happened.

I don’t care about the play calling. The Bears should’ve been able to run the ball. They came into the game with the sixth-best rushing offense in the league. The Packers had one of the 10 worst rushing defenses. I don’t care that the Packers stacked the box. So did Baltimore. So did Pittsburgh. It didn’t matter. For good, tough running teams a stacked box is a hurdle they merely overcome. Jacksonville has faced a stacked box more than any team in the league and they still have the league’s best rushing attack.

The Bears weren’t the only conservative team in that game. With Brett Hundley at quarterback, the Packers have been among the more conservative teams in the league. And they were again on Sunday, running on 20 of their 27 first down plays. The Bears ran on 11 of 24. But Green Bay, a finesse team, was able to run the ball and the Bears weren’t.

This shouldn’t be happening. The Bears should control the line of scrimmage every game, especially against teams like Green Bay. But they couldn’t. That might be all you need to know about the Fox regime.


Kyle Fuller didn’t just have a bad game on Sunday. His performance was an absolute catastrophe and should lead to Marcus Cooper starting opposite Prince Amukamara next week.

I’ve been as big of a Fuller support as anyone, even ranking him as the team’s best cornerback before the season when everyone else thought he sucked and was going to get cut. He’s played reasonably well for most of this season, but not as well as some will try to have you believe.

Fuller has been covering the other team’s second receiver nearly every week and, despite that, Pro Football Focus ranks him 87th among all cornerbacks in the league. I don’t put too much stock in PFF but the truth is probably somewhere in-between their ranking and the Pro Bowl ranking others have provided. He’s a solid player, nothing more, nothing less.

That said, he was so bad on Sunday I am having a hard time getting past it. Forget the long completion he allowed to Adams in a situation where he absolutely could not allow a long completion. He got lost on the touchdown! Flat out lost against a receiver who doesn’t lose cornerbacks. He also missed two tackles, which has been a huge problem, and dropped an interception.

This performance, of course, came after a week in which he had a costly offsides penalty that helped the Saints turn what should’ve been a field goal drive into a touchdown.

Fuller’s mistakes are all caused by a lack of discipline. Like much of the team, his head wasn’t in the game on Sunday and it cost them. Unlike most of the rest of the team, he’s probably not in the future plans regardless and they have a more than capable replacement for him.

Call it making an example out of him if you want. The truth is the players need to start being held accountable.

Challenging Decision

I get why Fox is a punching bag for his decision to challenge the Benny Cunningham touchback, but more people should be directing their rage to the officials who once again thought the Bears shouldn’t get points.

There were two dubious calls, one of which Fox said factored into his challenge as the referees ruled Cunningham to be down at the three-yard line, not inside the one as many believed. After the game, Fox said he thought the worst case scenario was that the ball was moved up a couple of yards. And he should’ve been right.

The call never should’ve been overturned. The replay seemed conclusive that Cunningham was out of bounds. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to the guy who manned the NFL’s replay booth for several years:

I’ve heard former NFL officiating czar Mike Pereira talk on several occasions about what has become an epidemic. NFL officials are no longer using the “conclusive evidence” rule to overturn calls. They’re overturning them just for the sake of overturning them.

I still don’t agree with his decision to throw the red flag, but this is a challenge that Fox still should’ve won. The ball should’ve been moved two yards closer. Instead, the officials took it away completely for no apparent reason.

Bring On The Lions

The Bears will get another good look at two coaches many have pegged as potential replacements for Fox.

Jim Bob Cooter has en embarrassing history to overcome before he is named the head coach of any team, but his Lions are 6th in scoring and 15th in yardage. JBC has made Matt Stafford into more of a game-manager with short passes before allowing him to unleash a few deep balls. It’s almost identical to how Adam Gase coached Jay Cutler.

But JBC’s Lions can’t run the ball. Blame their backfield, blame their line, blame whoever, but it just doesn’t seem like he has much of an idea of how to get that done.

The other coach is Teryl Austin and he is having kind of a weird season. The Lions are 21st in scoring defense and 22nd in yardage in what has to be considered a disappointing campaign for him. What’s weird is they’re 25th in passing yards, but third in interceptions with 11. They’ve also allowed the 7th-fewest passing touchdowns. Conversely, they’re 10th in rushing defense, but 31st in rushing touchdowns.

In other words, the Bears should be throwing the ball to get down the field, but then running it into the end zone. If only it were that easy.

I think the Bears are going to play well this week. I think their defense is embarrassed and they’re not going to let Stafford and Co. get going. I think their offensive line is going to be pissed off and they’re going to find a way to run the ball.

When we, collectively as a fan base, are at our lowest points with Fox, the Bears seem to come through and remind us what he does well. If that doesn’t happen this week and the Bears suffer yet another home divisional loss, I’m not sure Fox should get to coach another game.

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    • DaCoaches Mustache

      I find it more likely your Rover was purchased using the money you earned from whoring. amiright?

  • That Guy

    First to say fuck the bots and their scams. Then fuck Fox.

    • Laurie

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  • SC Dave

    “I don’t care about the play calling. The Bears should’ve been able to run the ball. They came into the game with the sixth-best rushing offense in the league. The Packers had one of the 10 worst rushing defenses. I don’t care that the Packers stacked the box. So did Baltimore. So did Pittsburgh. It didn’t matter. For good, tough running teams a stacked box is a hurdle they merely overcome. Jacksonville has faced a stacked box more than any team in the league and they still have the league’s best rushing attack.”

    I’ve been saying this for years. Sometimes, you have to man up and get the job done.

    • It’s not so much about how much you’re running, it’s about HOW you’re running.

      The Bears use personnel packages that make it obvious they’re running the ball. The defense responds by putting 9 men in the box, and the Bears run anyway.

      GB ran it a lot, but they ran it out of 3-4 WR sets, which resulted in the Bears having nickel looks on the field, with small bodies that were spread out.

      I’m fine with being a run-heavy team. It makes sense. Just be smart in how you run.

      • DaCoaches Mustache

        How much freedom to audible does Mitchy have? It seems like he could just yell kill kill and chuck a quick slant on a lot of the negative run plays, but they never do that.

        • Andrew Dannehy

          Per Fox, he has a lot of freedom.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I don’t recall MT ever audibling.

          • DaCoaches Mustache

            He probably doesn’t trust his judgement enough yet to confidently audible out of some of these dead plays. You can almost always tell when they are going to stuff the run in the backfield before it happens.

          • Irish Sweetness

            So you switch out to a pass. Hot slant. How is that hard?

          • link?

            I’d kill for Trubisky to have the freedom to do run/pass option plays. Should be a staple in any modern NFL playbook.

          • Andrew Dannehy

            Said during Monday’s presser.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Pale face speak with forked tongue?

          • Irish Sweetness

            Then – if that’s true, and I don’t believe that it is for one second – Mitchell is choosing to run it into stacked walls … and he’s clearly not the guy.

        • BearDown100393

          A reporter should ask Mitch if he did that in NC or if Birdcage ever reviewed it. Time to check out what is or what is not in the QB lexicon.

        • You’re being rational, Stache.

          The only way to get in Fox’s head is to down some 4 Loko, bang your head against the wall, then sit on hemorrhoid pads.

        • Irish Sweetness

          Zero freedom apparently. But then that ‘freedom’ doesn’t exist anyway, you have to take it. McMahon wasn’t given the ‘freedom’ to audible, he just took it, like a leader does. You don’t ask for permission to win.

          Maybe Mitchell is just too nice.

        • Laurie

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      • Andrew Dannehy

        The Jags face mores stacked boxes than any other team. They still run it and run it well because that’s what running teams do.

        • We’ve seen all year that the Bears don’t do that well. So why are they still doing it consistently in game 9?

          • Andrew Dannehy

            They’re what, ninth in rushing. Been facing stacked boxes all year. I don’t think it’s accurate to say they haven’t done it well.

      • BerwynBomber

        The WR group is the worst positional group on our team. By a longshot. Maybe the coaching staff prefers putting as few of those guys on the field at once when it has that option.


    • BerwynBomber

      Also interesting that we passed more than we ran on first down.

      • SC Dave

        Yes, I posted that the other day. But it doesn’t fit the narrative, BB.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          what doesn’t fit the narrative?

          • SC Dave

            The facts don’t fit the narrative that Fox makes the Bears run on first down every time.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            1st half i think it was 8 out of 1st 9 times they ran on 1st down. then we got into the “2 minute” drill at the end of the half where we started throwing more.

            2nd half we started off running on first down again but then we were down more and needed to throw more so we did.

            Yes when you look at the game as a whole it goes against the narrative that we run on first downs. But when you look at it situationally it falls right into the narrative that if we don’t “need” to pass we are not passing.

            Plus – I don’t think that anyone minds running on first down, but they should at least run out of different formations. It is predictable when they are running on 1st downs. I-Formations, Double TE sets, bunched WRs next to the line. Spread it out, don’t make it easy on them to have 8-9 guys in the box. Or throw out of those formations every once in awhile so it is not as predictable.

            The narrative is not a cut and dry as you imply.

          • The Jaguars are hte most run-happy team in the NFL on 1st down. They run it something like 62% of the time.

            When I looked at this at the bye, the Bears with Trubisky in the lineup were around 72%. 10% higher than the next highest team.

            And again, it’s more about HOW you do it than what you’re doing. They make it obvious they’re gonna run and then run into a 9 man box. Then it’s obvious when they’re gonna pass too, so teams know exactly what to expect.

            The Bears are playing checkers when everybody else is playing chess.

          • It’s basic math.

            The O has 5 Linemen (Grasu one of them)
            1 TE (who don’t block as well as linemen)
            Maybe 1 FB

            That’s 7 guys to block

            (and often the C/OG – RT/TE combo block)

            Against 9.

            7 blockers – 9 defenders.

            Knowing the play.

    • WP4Life

      This is where Jim would have team ready – old school.

  • BerwynBomber
    • willbest

      Makes sense. Peterman went 7 for 10 and 79 yards and a TD against a prevent D, so why not go with him over a guy that protects the football, and completes 2/3rds of his passes.

      • Scharfinator

        I mean, same reason you want a guy to start who lit up the 3rd stringers in the preseason… 😛

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          or the “starter” obviously sucked so why not try someone else.

          • Scharfinator

            Hell yeah, I think we should put Shaheen back there at QB. He passes the eyeball test. 6’6″ 280lb, hubba hubba!

    • Remember when he was the #1 option for many of us this off-season….

      What a weird ride for Taylor.

      He was signed for a sorta cheap contract. He would’ve made millions more if he bolted.

      Then, the Bills drafted Peterman (my fav QB out of the 1st rd) and it was rumored Taylor would be benched for Peterman

      Then, the Bills got hot, and Taylor is the man.

      Now, back to being benched inspite of new contract and not necessarily turning it over.

      Is he the black Hoyer?

      • CanadaBear

        He’s more of a running threat. The article I read talked about how shitty their WR’s were and specifically mentioned Deonte being the best as to just how bad it is.

      • BerwynBomber

        Good points.

        As CB indicates below, he’s more than Hoyer (but I get the reason for your comp). And didn’t Taylor at some point have a good rep for throwing the deep ball? Or am I incorrectly remembering?

        Anyway, this move seems mindless at this time. They’re in the thick of a WC hunt. If they wanna give Peterman a shot once eliminated or even have him compete for the #1 job in the off-season, I get it. But while you’re 5-4 and in the sixth playoff spot?

        Hell, more than half of our blog blew a valve when we benched Cutty near the end of the ’14 season. And Cutty had been stinking up the joint and we were thoroughly out of the post-season race.

  • Cockney Kirk

    Papa John sees the wind is blowing against False Face, decides to stand the fuck down.


    • CanadaBear

      Nothing like your stock falling 13% to prompt an apology. Very heartfelt, I’m sure.

      • BearDown100393

        The pizza still is tasteless paste

        • CanadaBear

          Never had it. Not surprised.

          • BearDown100393

            You’ve only missed out on chronic constipation.

          • CanadaBear

            Oh my! That really isn’t much of an issue for me but thanks for the heads up!

      • willbest

        Considering its too early to know who was winning the skirmish based on sales, a stock price dive would be a top down punishment from wall streets finest.

      • AlbertInTucson

        There’s apologies and then there’s Damage Control.

    • Sactowns#1

      How did it even become a franchise? It’s garbage pizza. I’d take Costco pizza over it. Hell I’d take Dominoes, and that’s saying something.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Doesn’t most franchise anything kinda suck?

        • Sactowns#1

          Idk. Dickies BBQ, McDonalds, Adelbertos, are solid fast food. I choose not to eat there but they are better than most of their competition.

          • BearDown100393

            Invest in fast food. And then diversify into pharmaceuticals.

        • Irish Sweetness

          All processed food sucks by design.

    • Hence forth I shall call him Papa Pawn

  • CanadaBear

    Not to put too fine of a point on it but Foxy WON his challenge. Not exactly a big winner!

    • BearDown100393

      Andrew seems confused.

  • CanadaBear

    Glad to see the Queens fans in an uproar over Greg Olsen being in the booth for the Queens/Rams game. Someone should probably tell them other teams send scouts to opponents games!

  • BearDown100393

    Losing to an Erin Rodger-less Fudge at Soldier Field after a bye week should be engraved on the collective tombstone of this coaching staff.

    Each day that passes henceforth with the coaching staff still employed is Pace’s legacy of doing nothing when something needed to be done.

    Accountability was promised by George McCaskey. Screaming like a 4 year old inside Halas Hall (and then having it conveniently leaked afterward) is not accountability.

    The wound will heal. The scar will run deep. The memory shall not fade.

    It is now up to the players. Do any of them deserve to stay? Prove it on the field against Detroit. We already know the verdict of the coaching staff. And perhaps Pace. McCaskey was already a lost cause.

    • BerwynBomber

      The Brett Hundley game will indeed have a prominent place in Bears infamy.

      I expect them to play well against DET. Maybe even win. But I don’t know if it will prove much as a collective unit.

      • BearDown100393

        IMO team moral (if not already) will completely die for the Hobo regime remainder if they lose to Detroit. Another loss should be met with a HC firing.

        • SC Dave

          A silly comment. Say the run off five in a row, then lose. You fire him then?

          • BearDown100393

            If they lose to Detroit as lifeless as Green Bay, yes fire Hobo.

          • BerwynBomber

            I might. I’m dubious of teams that win when there is no pressure or expectations, which is why I won’t read into a win over DET much this Sunday. (which isn’t to say I won’t be glued to the TV set and analyze the heck out of the game afterward.)

            That is another reason why the GB loss is so damning. Felt like the first “must-win” game for us in a long time — our longtime division rival missing their HoF QB at our place against a third year back-up who looked overwhelmed his first two or three games (and again, there are a dozen other reasons beyond those few).

            But if Fox were to rattle off five in a row? Guess it would depend on a lot of variables.

          • WP4Life

            Lets get the 5 in the row first – hell lets get 3 in a row first.

          • BerwynBomber

            Was just responding to SCD’s hypothetical.

            I would have been fine if Fox were fired early Sunday evening.

          • SC Dave

            Or even 1.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I’d like to know how we beat a team with 2 losses.

          • willbest

            any given Sunday.

        • Irish Sweetness

          But DET have only lost two games … they should kick the shit out of us ceteris paribus.

      • Cockney Kirk


        Why do you think they will win?

        • BerwynBomber

          Embarassment. Re-newed effort.

          The Bears aren’t a horrible team. They are just a below average one. Such teams can often bounce back with a big effort after a bad game.

          • CanadaBear

            If I had to guess I think they win Sunday. But that ‘s the thing with a Foxy team, who the fuck knows??? I see DT did not practice and the limited list added Acho. If DT doesn’t go it makes it a lot less likely the Beloved win.

          • Cockney Kirk

            While that theory has some merit, I don’t think it takes into account that the Lions are a better, tougher, and more healthy team than the pack who have their starting QB playing.

          • And that Fox isn’t their HC.

  • AlbertInTucson

    Do we really want to cherry pick the Loins for a Head Coach?

    I pass.

    • CanadaBear

      When you put it that way …

  • SC Dave

    Well, thanks to Miami on Monday, the Carolina Panthers single-game record for total yards of offense is no longer against the Bears.

    Thanks Dolphins!

    • BerwynBomber

      Cam looked fantastic. That was certainly MVP Cam.

      • CanadaBear

        He’s such a hot dog but he truly is an extrovert that is energized by all the antics.

      • Irish Sweetness

        And folk were calling him washed-up like last week. The same thing happened to Brady a couple years back.

    • willbest

      Did they both come against Cutler lead offenses?

      • Scharfinator

        Whoa, hadn’t considered that.

      • BerwynBomber

        The only three CAR games I remember in our history were:

        1) the Steve Smith playoff game
        2) the loss at CAR a few years back when Cutty threw a couple of horrible picks and Forte had an uncharacteristic killer fumble
        3) our win against them this year

        Drawing a blank as to the game SCD is apparently referring.

        • SC Dave

          I’ll have to look it up. I was going based on a comment from one of the announcers when watching the Compressed version.

          Edit: 2011, October 2.


          • willbest

            It was against Cutler, but we won that game. Its kind of impressive that they only got 29 points on 543 yards

          • BerwynBomber

            Interesting. We had both a DH return and a pick six (DJ Moore).

            Cutty had a PR of 46 with no TDs and an INT. Though his receivers were lacking those early years, he wasn’t asked to do all that much.

            Still have no recollection of it. Ah well. Some nice, obscure trivia.

        • SC Dave

          Oh, and for anyone curious for the Bears’ #2 offensive yards since merger… guess the QB…

          Da Destroyah!!


          • willbest

            throwing for 400 yards and only getting 23 points. So bears.

  • BerwynBomber
  • Bear Instincts

    1 – When you loose to the Packers it goes above the head of the GM. Management gets involved.

    2 – For Pace the focus is on what he can do to get the most out of MT10. Look at the way he operated in the search of MT10 last year: he decided that he need a QB and went out and found him by playing it close to the vest when spending time @NC scouting MT10 in a hoodie and none of us knew about it. Who is to say that he is not going to spend the next 8 weeks scouting his choice for HC so come Black Monday he is ready to go?

    3 – MT10 is Pace’s #1 priority make no mistake about it and he will go with the coach he thinks will bring the best out of him which means our next HC will be a young OC for 2 reasons: Continuity and Trust
    Continuity. Can’t have a DC as HC with a hot OC who leaves for a HC position at the end of the season like Gase
    Trust. MT10 needs to trust/believe his HC understand how to get the best out of him and will put him in a position to succeed

    • WP4Life

      This is what we all want.

    • BearDown100393

      IMO Hobo does not respect Mitch.

  • BerwynBomber

    “DaBearsBlog @dabearsblog Bills are currently the 6 seed in the AFC. And the teams behind them stink. Weird decision.”

    Yup. Seems insane.

    • BearDown100393

      When in Buffalo….

    • They’ve been committed to moving on from him after this season for a while. I’m guessing they thought it would be hard to justify to fans if he led them to the playoffs in less than ideal situations.

      So take one stinker of a game (in the midst of a solid season) and use it as an excuse to bench him.

      I’m guessing he signs in JAX next offseason, making them the best team in the AFC (IMO).

  • Bear Instincts

    Dontrelle Inman is at best the #4 WR on most teams yet he his our #1. I want him at 1 of our 4 WR’s next year:
    1 – Meredith

    2 – FA

    3 – Rookie WR

    4 – Inman
    if we carry 5 then Gentry or K.White (don’t want to waste a draft pick)

    • BearDown100393

      When a 1st rounder is a bust, it really makes a rebuild that much more difficult.

    • BerwynBomber

      Picking a nit but you might be grading Inman a little too critically. I would think he could be the #3 on a fair # of teams.

  • I am a McCaskey crisis actor trying to distract you from the horrible Bears.

    Dust off your tin-foil-hats

    I present: motive for Vegas shooting (you know, the one thing all these security agencies have failed to provide, mysteriously)


    Cliff notes version:

    1. Paddock didn’t win millions$ at poker slots next to your aunt and grandma.
    In reality, he was a pilot (airport right next to Mandalay – helicopter on roof not far from his room) and secret gun runner for Prince Al Waleed.

    If you’re wondering, “How the fuck did he get all that gear and know what he was doing?”

    Now you know.

    In spite of the “experts” trying to convince us that the shots were amateur because they weren’t controlled bursts.

    Yes, if Paddock was trying to kill as many as possible, maybe he uses controlled bursts.

    If Paddock was just trying to distract from the real target, well, mission accomplished, right?

    2. Who is Al Waleed? A multimillionaire Saudi who was just arrested for “corruption”


    What was Waleed REALLY arrested for?

    3. He was part of a conspiracy to assassinate a Saudi King Salman, a moderate sunni, who COINCIDENTALLY was at the Tropicana down the street.

    4. Who owns the top floors of the Mandalay? You guessed it. The Saudis, specifically, Waleed

    (The same Waleed who was passed over for power for Salman and who theoretically would be named heir to the Saudi Kingdom if Salman were dead)

    5. Both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are going to cover this up because if it gets out that the Vegas Massacre was really a power hit for Saudi Arabian politics, the SHIT will hit the fan.

    Tin-foil-hat off.

    Carry on. Nothing to see here…

    • Bobby Douglass

      Best theory I’ve read all day.

      • There’s SO much bs and double bs when it comes to the US-Saudi relationship that it’ll be nigh impossible for anyone to really prove anything with out sounding like a nut.

        But considering the mysterious lack of motive on the part of gov agencies, it does raise an eyebrow.

        And that’s more than a few “coincidences”…

        There’s literally billions if not TRILLIONS (not to mention geo-political tsunamis) at stake when it comes to the Saudi power structure, that this wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it were true.

        Though the story def needs more checks.

    • Cockney Kirk

      I guess I am missing the conspiracy. Was it a plan to kill Waleed?

      • From what I’ve read, Salman and Waleed are rivals.

        According to that NY Times article linked above

        “The sweeping campaign of arrests appears to be the latest move to consolidate the power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the favorite son and top adviser of King Salman.

        At 32, the crown prince is already the dominant voice in Saudi military,
        foreign, economic and social policies, stirring murmurs of discontent in
        the royal family that he has amassed too much personal power, and at a
        remarkably young age.”

        It could’ve been that those disgruntled royals, lead by Waleed, realized that Prince Salman was going to seize their power (and cost them billions) so they preemptively tried to take him out in Vegas

        When the Saudi Vegas “Coup” failed, Salman was FURIOUS and almost immediately arrested various high profile Saudis like Waleed.

        (Another prince also “accidentally” died in helicopter crash)

        Salman can’t just execute the conspirators because it would draw too many international questions, so he has to grudgingly just imprison them at the Ritz under the pretext of “corruption”.

        According to the tinfoil article, Paddock, may or may not have been an undercover FBI/CIA spook, but that’s sorta another theory.

        There’s some dark web shit going on here.

        This is another article on Prince Salman


        • Cockney Kirk

          Well, I don’t mean to be dense – but how does this guy posing as a degenerate, barring himself in a room and spraying a crowd of people help the team score a hit or kidnapping?

          Even if the real target was Waleed, causing chaos is usually a BAD idea if you want to assassinate somebody.

          • I’m no assassin, but to me it would be classic misdirection.

            The prince was going to be heavily guarded no matter what.

            The shooting draws all law enforcement (not to mention floods emergency responders like ambulances or ER rooms)

            They’re thinking terrorist.

            They’re not thinking assassination attempt.

            From the tinfoil article, ppl swear gunfire was also on the streets.

            Now, normally gunfire on the strip would draw all the cops, etc.

            But when you have a “terrorist” on the 32nd floor with an AR *automatic and limitless rounds firing continuously, those other shots will be drowned out.

            Not too mention, if those assassins get shot themselves, well, they’re just one of hundreds wounded.

            It also would create enough chaos for a get away.

            How many Bourne identities does he create a crowd to get lost in? (like every movie)

            And supposedly there were helicopters too maybe trying to snipe Salam.

            Again, in the chaos created, ppl would assume those are cop/media helicopters, and not you know, an assassination squad hovering over the strip.

            There’s other tinfoil hat theories, like that Paddock was really an FBI plant, and they knew about the coup ahead of time, and were trying to draw out the conspirators.

            But the hit squad found out who Paddock really was, took him out, then proceeded with the hit anyways using Paddock as a patsy.

            That seems overly convoluted, but with black ops, the Saudis, and BILLIONS at stake, who knows?

            Like Canada mentioned. That’s a LOT of ammo for one dude to take up to the room.

            Paddock also ordered 2 meals.

            His GF “coincidentally” in the phillipines (with their own muslim problems) where Paddock presumably gun trafficked for the Saudis, etc…

            Could all be an Oliver Stone acid trip….


          • Papa Pawn

            There was a Mel Gibson movie where he hooks up with Julia Roberts. He plays a conspiracy nut, but he happens to get one conspiracy correct.

            That is what seems to be going on here.

            Also, intelligence agencies have long since learned the value of PROMOTING and even FEEDING the trolls and conspiracy artists. It muddies the water, it allows real conspiracies to occur and then passed off as “conspiracy nut” fodder.

            Before the internet, I’m old enough to remember that in Indiana and Kentucky, and all over the rural US – there were short wave operators who would get on certain bands and share conspiracy stories all night long to each other. There was even a book about it. Kennedy, UFOs, whatever.

            The internet creates an amplification effect, it also has the ability to draw new people into it in a way that short wave radio never did.

            I work in a finance firm and sometimes we get robo-dialed by bots that start spewing conspiracies at us when we pick up. I don’t pick up my phone much anymore as they started spoofing local Loop area phone numbers. The robo voice is scary, too – it sounds like Hawking if he were possessed by Satan.

            The House of Saud *did* just pull a Michael Corelone. That’s real. But trying to tie it to other events – the world sort of descends into madness and sometimes it feels as if people want this to happen.

            The worst thing is that the POTUS was a Russian stooge. When he declared bankruptcy when his Atlantic City casinos folded, he was saved by the Russian banks who turned them into an agent of chaos for themselves. I don’t really think they thought he could win, he was really just there to disrupt the GOP. When he won and they had their Manchurian, I don’t know they really knew how to play it.

            So in light of that, the whole planet seems like it’s tied together by the Illuminati and the House of Saud.

            Meanwhile hundreds of people have had their lives ruined and loved ones killed for no discernible reason.

          • To me it just seems like a LOT of coincidences with Paddock and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention ZERO motive offered from our guys. They’re trying their hardest to make him appear like a looney lonewolf.

            As the spymaster Garak remarked on DS9 “I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don’t TRUST coincidences.”

            And given the international stakes involved, the billions/trillions, influence, power, ego and greed, I seriously wouldn’t doubt it.

            I think many Americans live in a Disney version of the world pretending stuff like this doesn’t happen, but it does.

            Yeah, the short wave bands I’m familiar with because Coast to Coast I think originally started that way, appealing to a lot of truckers driving around all night across the country.

            That’s crazy about conspiracy spambots.

            I wonder wth is going on there.

            I don’t think our intelligence agency know quite yet what to make of Prince Salam.

            They don’t know if he’s a power hungry despot disguised as a “moderate” more secular reformist (ahem, Sadam) or a genuine force to westernize that country, fight corruption, and crack down on extremists breeding terrorists.

            Prince Salam is pretty much eradicating what little checks and balances are left – but to what end?

            And Trump’s ties with Russia (who backs Iran, enemy of Saudi Arabia) further clusterfucks everything.

            That’s why he’s been waffling when it comes to Saudi Arabia.
            One day condemning them for breeding terrorist, and implying the Bush’s were their puppets. The next applauding them and asking them to invest in the U.S.

            “On Nov. 4, Trump tweeted, “Would very much appreciate Saudi Arabia doing
            their IPO of Aramco with the New York Stock Exchange. Important to the
            United States!”


            One way or another, I hope our government agencies TRULY want to find out what the hell went on in Vegas.

            And if they find Saudi connections, that they won’t sweep it under the rug to maintain international relations while hundreds of unsuspecting americans who just wanted to hear some country music got slaughtered.

          • willbest

            I find most conspiracy theories fail simply because they assume too much competence on the part of the actors.

          • But when the actors are professionally trained mercenaries and spooks with an unlimited budget – anything is possible.

            This wasn’t like overthrowing Iran or supplying the Contras (also “conspiracies”).

            This was a relatively small precision strike.

          • willbest

            So what you are saying is the Russians wanted to get caught? The problem is as the number of parts grows the chances of something going sideways increases exponentially. You start getting over 10 people and that secret isn’t going to get kept if anybody with resources is all that interested in discovering it.

            You have to sell Paddock on being the patsy. He isn’t a true believer in that scenario. He is a merc. Dead men don’t get paid. I get the airport is a mile away and he is a pilot, but if you take off unauthorized you are still in US airspace for hundreds of miles. They will shoot you down. He would need to sneak on commercial and assume they wouldn’t shut down McCarran if they discovered that room empty. Or more likely he would need to not believe he was involved at all.

            That is where your 2 meals comes in. Paddock is paid to bring the guns up, but elite commando suicides him and escapes up to the saudi floors where he chills for a couple days and then leaves when nobody is paying all that much attention. Problem is the guns and money are going to leave a trail. And the thing about conspirators, nobody wants to be holding the bag so most of them are holding evidence to implicate others.


          • No, I don’t think the Russians had anything to do with this (if true).

            I think this is a pure in-family power struggle.

            And I don’t think the conspiracy (if true) was wide spread.

            I bet it was limited to maybe 5 ppl with the motive and means (like Al Waleed).

            It’s like the Godfather.

            Michael didn’t have to tell everyone. Just his close circle.

            A hit squad is not like invading a country, toppling an Iranian regime, or funding Contras.

            Just hire like what, 6-12 mercenaries? (If that)

            It took 15 ppl to do 9/11.

            I would say that was a pretty successful conspiracy (and they were Saudis as well)

            And I’m not entirely sure Paddock was in on it.

            If he was a known gunruner, it would’ve be an easy for a Saudi hit squad to set up a meeting with him, telling him to bring so-and-so guns, and this amount of ammo for purchase.

            Then, kill him, use his AR-15 to distract while the other squad are down the street aiming at Salam.

            Leave the body there, so the FBI etc now have a patsy and aren’t searching for Saudi assassins.

            Could’ve been Paddock was a lone wolf – but I just find the whole scenario a lil too unbelievable for that.

            He didn’t have any psychiatric flags. He wasn’t poor or struggling. He had a GF, so it’s not as if a divorce triggered a meltdown.

            And there’s still no motive, manifesto, or suicide letter.

            Just. Odd. Something doesn’t smell right.

          • willbest

            I meant the other Russian conspiracy theory that is popular on this blog.

            Lots of stuff in the news doesn’t smell right though. And all the FBI does with its lack of transparency is to invite all of this speculation. It defies belief that nobody else was in on it given the extent of the planning, and the size of the weapon cache. But going to some “24” level black ops nonsense to cover up a political assassination in a country with the largest military might on the planet, something that passes for a competent intelligence apparatus most days, in one of the most heavily surveilled blocks in the country, and a President who doesn’t take losing well?

            The amount of risk associated with this doesn’t offset the reward when whoever’s allies are going to automatically assume foul play anyway.

          • Irish Sweetness


            Get this into someone’s system and they will do whatever you want them to do, and they won’t remember when it wears off. I always thought this was perfect for the CIA, or other such scumbag organizations.

          • Irish Sweetness

            The greatest knock against moon-hoaxers is exactly that. 400,000 NASA employees keeping a secret like that for 60 years? (Not to mention the Soviets)

          • Irish Sweetness

            Coast to Coast are just drip-feeding the crazies in their Bob Lazar T-shirts. They keep the Moulton-Howes and her ilk in jewellery.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Butch, you have too much time on your hands.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            LMAO!! Look at that cat. That is the most miserable cat I’ve seen.

  • Malice Halice

    Can we PLEASE stop bitching about Fox’s challenge n FOCUS on da point that dat huff ass running back fumbled! None of this would’ve happened if dude didn’t lose da ball, period. Now on these coaches, that’s da HELL NO! Y r we so keen on taking sloppy sucky seconds?! Let’s get winners for once. Buy out a contract if need be cuz this organization is SEVERELY lacking leadership. Matt Patricia, Todd Haley as OC, idk. One thing I can tell u is da only win I’m expecting is da Eagles. I’m still numb from last game to fill da blade deepen if we lose to da kitties. And with that win against da Eagles in two weeks, Fox should still get fired. Great blog as well. But we should focus on da culprit that causes da madness.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      He lost the ball on a good run after a hell of an effort to put it in the end zone. Shit happens. But he’s proving worth having around.

      • Yeah, you can’t really fault a guy for diving for the endzone, putting his body on the line.

        I mean, we applaud Sweetness when he did the same flying over the goaline.

        Also, Benny has pretty much taken over the 3rd down role from Cohen on top of KR.

        • willbest

          Cohen seems like he has been informally benched for some reason.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Probably all that squirreling around in the backfield. That kid needs to find a sliver of daylight and hit it hard.

          • I think he dances around too much for conservative Fox.

            After the first two weeks, the book was out on Cohen

            Contain (much like with Trub)

            Benny is a much more all-around vertical runner.

            Still, that doesn’t mean that Cohen can’t be COACHED to take it up field more.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky


            I like Cunningham. If Jhow goes down I think we’ll be ok. Obvious step down, but he seems serviceable.

          • Irish Sweetness

            I put it before the jury – Tarik Cohen … does absolutely NOTHING for the Chicago Bears. All teeth and tits. Yay or nay?

      • BerwynBomber

        Ball security is ball security, IMO — especially when a defender isn’t jarring it loose. I’m all for effort but if a player is going to reach like that he has to maintain control.

        We will forever mock Fox for the challenge (and for good reason) but Cunningham fucked up too. He dove, stretched and dropped the ball.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          Yeah. He’s not absolved. But I’d like to differ with Malice in that I don’t think Cunningham is a “dat huff ass running back”.

          Sucks he fumbled. But I like the effort.

          • CanadaBear

            Certainly has more juice than Langford or Carey. Even if Foxy can’t trust Cohen to run north/south they can at least use him as a decoy.

          • Irish Sweetness

            We couldn’t find the nouse to use Hester as a decoy. Not once.

        • Irish Sweetness

          But you don’t have to maintain control. You need to touch the pylon or break the plane. Control isn’t required.

  • Cockney Kirk
    • decapitated stand fucking.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Anyone see ST:Discovery Ep 9?

        Tyler has flashbacks to his incarceration on a Klingon prison ship … and his fate at the hands of a horny Klingon female. You see her Klingon tetas and everything. Big old Klingon nips. Oi.

        I’m not sure, but I think the old Klingon growler has teeth, like a venus flytrap.

        • In the episode when he and captain Lorca escaped, Lorca made a comment along the lines of “how is that even possible. YOu don’t even have enough ‘appendages””

          Something or other.

          So maybe Klingon biatches have more than one?

          Eithter way, it traumatized man-bitch Ash

          • Irish Sweetness


            Lt. Worf banged a klingon with whom I would have no qualms in doing the inter-species thing …. but this new re-imagining of Klingons … I swear I saw teeth in her/its pussy.

            Aside: L’Rell’s tits are not available for viewing on the interwebs. I can’t believe that not one of those nerds has uploaded a copy.

  • ButtonShoes

    So I saw Justice League. Holy shit what a piece of crap. But it did sort of make me feel better that the Bears weren’t the only thing out there that plainly sucked. Misery loves company, I guess?

    • Fox’s superpower is to suck out all the hope from millions.

      Quite impressive, actually.

      • BearDown100393

        Suck whatever remaining hope that survived Trestman.

    • Papa Pawn

      why did it suck?

      • haha.

        Dope avi.

        I say dope like it’s 1993 because in my mind Papa Pawn still says it to describe his pizza.

        • Papa Pawn

          like the douche hat? an esp. nice touch i thought

          • It’s gotta be backward and to the side.
            Flat brimmed.


          • Papa Pawn

            credit where its due: it’s your handle
            but it had lulz

      • ButtonShoes

        The movie’s a giant mess, basically. It feels like a Michael Bay film with quippy dialogue. It just doesn’t work. At least not for me.

    • BearDown100393

      Nothing could be worse than Sunday.


      • willbest

        I felt the loss to the Packers in 2013 was substantially worse than this one.

        • Irish Sweetness


          NFC Champs game

          Oh Jay no ….
          Todd Collins …ho-lee fuck !
          Caleb Hay-niiieeeeeeeeee!

          • willbest

            Sure, but that was an injury. Not a lot you can do about that. In 2013 we watched our defense look at a football on the ground and then watch as a packer picked up and cartwheeled into the endzone for a touchdown.

        • BearDown100393

          It gets old. Losing.

      • AlbertInTucson


        • BearDown100393


          • AlbertInTucson

            You haven’t lived.

            Doesn’t even make my top 3.

            “Don Horn” was for a playoff spot

            2010 was for the NFC Crown.

            Pissed away a Super Bowl in 2006.

  • Papa Pawn
    • willbest

      She is Scottish and her family owns a Castle

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Treasury dude is doing alright for himself.

        • willbest

          Treasury dude comes from money himself and is worth north of 300 million.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Yeah…….but with taxes, inflation, price of gas, insurance, that’s only like…………… well, never mind.

            I was talking about the squish anyway.

          • willbest

            would bang

    • BearDown100393

      She’s missing her eye patch from Kill Bill.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Steven Mnuchin – The latest of Satan’s Minions to hold the purse strings of the US Treasury. To say this guy is shady is an understatement of epic proportions.

      I mean, you have to be, in order to funnel all the cash out of Americans’ pockets, back into The Fed.

      A pox on your entire family, Mr Mnuchin.

  • evantonio

    anyone else find it funny that olin kreutz tweets videos of his computer captured by his phone? https://twitter.com/olin_kreutz/status/930458807402160128

    • Irish Sweetness

      That was a hold by Shaheen BTW.

      • evantonio

        hard to see when you’re watching it on your laptop through your phone.

  • On an NFL note, I’m extremely curious how Nathan Peterman will do at QB in Buff.

    As many of you know, I thought he was the most NFL ready QB.

    Doesn’t have the prototypical arm, mobility or size, but he’s smart, accurate and a lil clutch (beat Clemson).

    I think he could be a Cousins type with his floor Hoyer/Fitz.

    Not shabby for a 5th.

    Kinda wish we could’ve gambled on him, but action Jackson in the mid rd is not a bad consolation prize.

    I still think the Bears should draft another Peterman-esque QB in the next draft.

    TO me that’s better than recycling retreads like Glennon.

    If Pace wants to keep Sanchize to mentor, fine.

    • Irish Sweetness

      Surely Watson was the most NFL-ready?

      • Is running the read option till you break NFL ready?

        Watson did great, but my biggest fear for him was durability and accuracy, and the former already struck.

        $ says the Bills will trust Peterman more in his first game than Fox has trusted Trub the whole season.

  • Laurie

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