Across The Middle: Next Coach Needs To Be A Winner

| December 27th, 2017

When the Bears hire their next coach, they better make sure he knows what it takes to win.

When looking at the 10 active head coaches with the highest winning percentage and 10 who lasted three years or fewer in their head coaching stints, the difference was clear. Of the 10 coaches with the highest winning percentages:

  • 7 had won at least 20 more games than they lost prior to taking their current jobs.
  • 9 had major championship game experience.
  • 9 won championships at some point in their lives.

Out of the 10 coaches who flamed out quickly, the best had won 14 more games than he lost and only two had previously won Super Bowls.

Two coaches that make this study a bit more inexact are Pete Carroll and Andy Reid. Carroll had six years as a defensive coordinator, going 49-47 and he was 33-31 as an NFL head coach prior to coming to Seattle. But his work at USC was exemplary, going 97-19 with two championships. Reid is the only coach in the top 10 who had no experience as a coordinator, but he was part of the great Green Bay Packers teams of the mid 90s, where he won a Super Bowl. Any way you slice it, you’re looking at two coaches who had quite a bit of success before they hit it big with their current teams.

Five of the current coaches — Bill Belichick, Ron Rivera, Bruce Arians, Reid and Carroll — were plus-20 in wins as assistants and won Super Bowls. Two — Mike Tomlin and Mike Zimmer — won Super Bowl rings as assistants (neither were coordinators when they won), but did not finish their careers as assistants at plus-20 in terms of wins. Two others, John Harbaugh and Sean Payton were plus-20, but didn’t have Super Bowl rings. The only coach with neither is Mike McCarthy.

So, what does this mean going forward?

• Five candidates for head coaching openings are both plus-20 in wins and have Super Bowl rings including Darrell Bevell, Pete Carmichael, Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia.

• Others who were plus-20 with championship game experience are Todd Haley and Dave Toub.

• Matt Nagy is plus-20 in his time as a position coach and coordinator, but has never appeared in a Super Bowl.

• Three others have won Super Bowls, but don’t have a win-loss record of plus-20: Dennis Allen, Teryl Austin and Frank Reich.

• Candidates who don’t have the wins or the ring include: Pat Shurmur, John DeFilippo, Jim Schwartz and Matt LaFleur.

What’s interesting about this crop of candidates is that three — McDaniels, Allen and Shurmur — were all a part of the 10 coaches who lasted fewer than three seasons. McDaniels would’ve checked all of the boxes before his first gig, although his Super Bowl rings came as a position coach before, not as a coordinator. Allen had only one year of experience as a coordinator and of the 10 coaches with the highest winning percentages only two (Tomlin and Reid) had one year or less as coordinators.

Haley is an interesting name, but he hasn’t gotten a sniff after being fired from Kansas City. Other legal issues are certainly part of the reason.

Shurmur, DeFilippo and LaFleur seem to be hot names right now, but none of them check any of the boxes. This is the first time Shurmur has been in charge of a top-10 offense, LaFleur has bounced around with a lot of success, but has never been in charge of an offense and this is just the second time DeFilippo has been a part of a winning team.

Of course, before we completely cross them off, we must consider Mike McCarthy, a coach who had never been a part of a Super Bowl team and hadn’t been a part of many winning teams as a coordinator, but has the third highest active winning percentage and, of course, a Super Bowl ring. Although, if you go back to McCarthy’s time as a position coach, he was plus-24, coaching quarterbacks at the end of Marty Schottenheimer’s run in Kansas City.

There are several factors when choosing a coach. You can’t just jot down a few things on paper, but most of the great head coaches have come from winning teams and there’s something to be said about knowing how to get the job done.

Rap Offering Clues?

I don’t think Ian Rapoport intended to give anything away in his report Sunday morning when he said President/CEO Ted Phillips was calling about the availability of coaches, but it may have been a huge bomb, just not for the reasons many are thinking.


Phillips isn’t hiring the next coach and nobody — not even Rapoport — is reporting that he is. But why is he making calls? Dan Bernstein later reported that the Bears are just following protocol and Phillips is just checking on the “contractual eligibility of possible hires currently employed elsewhere in the league” but, ummm…all of the coordinators are contractually eligible. It would be Pace’s job to call them. The same is true with college coaches, if Pace wants one, he can make the call. Phillips wouldn’t be involved in either scenario.

It doesn’t add up.

Within minutes of reporting that the Bears had begun reaching out, Rapoport reported that the Panthers were trying to lock up Ron Rivera with an extension so that other team — specifically the Bears — wouldn’t try to steal him.

The clear conclusion to draw here is that the Bears called the Panthers about Chico. The Panthers don’t want to let him go, but with ownership in the air and an interim GM, the former Bears player and defensive coordinator may not want to stay. And the Bears are trying to find out.

The only other conclusion — which I think is a bit more far-fetched — is that Phillips is going behind Pace’s back to see if any of the top candidates would want roster control. Pace isn’t going to hire somebody to take his primary responsibility away, but the Bears may not be willing to let a good candidate get away just to keep Pace happy. It could be that the McCaskey family regrets allowing Nick Saban to leave in order to keep Jerry Angelo happy years ago.

In either scenario, Phillips would be acting on someone else’s behalf. My guess is that Pace has a relationship with Rivera, but Pace can’t call about his availability simply because that’s an ownership-level call. GMs talk to fellow GMs, they don’t talk to other owners.

We’ll know a lot more in less than a week, but my guess is that the Bears have heavy interest in bringing Rivera back.

Bring On Minnesota

The Vikings probably need to win to get a first round bye and, I guess, there’s no real reason to think they won’t, but I’m expecting the Bears to give them a game.

The players in the locker room really like John Fox and they know this is going to be his last game. I think they’ll play hard and keep the game close, but I’m just not sure the Bears have the talent to stick with the Vikings.

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  • That Guy

    Absolutely no to Haley. Look at the Chiefs when he ran them… they were like a trauma ward with all the injuries. Whatever he was doing in practices and/or with his Strength/Conditioning coaches, it was awful. The guy is a train wreck of a HC.

    • BearDown100393

      He sued McDonalds once.

      • Irish Sweetness

        Who hasn’t?

    • It’s funny cuz the most “qualified” guys, McDaniels and Haley, also have a rep for being unbearable douche (Harbs might be thrown into that hat too).

      The rest come with MAJOR question marks.

  • bearfaninde

    Matt Nagy

  • Shu

    Just curious, how many boxes would McVay & Pederson check? They’ve not won in the post-season (yet) but it’d be interesting to see how they’d stack up to this years’ candidates.

    • willbest

      McVay’s NFL experience consists of 2010-2016 with the Redskins in various forms and a stint with the 2008 Bucs. He was a TE coach before becoming a coordinator. He is 54-73.

      Doug Pederson is an Andy Reid protege, getting his start with the eagles in 2009 and then following Andy to KC before being hired by the Eagles. He is 64-48 with 4 playoff appearances and 1 playoff win.

  • ThompsonWay

    I vote Rivera then Dave Toub.

    • BearDown100393

      Why would the impending new owner of the Panthers fire Rivera?

      • Bear Instincts

        Ego…i know better than the last guy

        • BearDown100393

          Yes of course.

          Richardson will sell the Panthers to a Jerry Jones clone who will Landry-fire Rivera who will then be available to coach the Bears.

          Sounds good to me.

  • willbest

    AD’s coach analysis is a sample too small to make sense of anything. He is trying to come up with some metric 20+ wins and playoff experience as an underling. That tends to imply a person has seen a successful HC in action and has been able to learn from them what is necessary to succeed. Or be blessed with a HoF QB.

    I would caution against reading too much into Philips calling the Panthers. Philips has a relationship with Chico from his time in Chicago. Its obviously not strained, so it could be as simple as making the introductions.

    I can’t really believe the way Trubisky has been playing would get Pace fired, unless Pace was the sole decider of Bears Medical and Strength and Condition staff.

    • leftcoastdave

      Pace has done a brilliant job of building the roster. The ’16 draft was a home run with Floyd, Whitehair and Bullard followed by Kwick, Bush, Jordan Howard in DHC. Hall remains a question and we are still waiting for Braverman, picked 7th. Pace got the steal of the year with Jordan Howard and did it again this year with Tarik “The Freak” Cohen. Eddie Jackson has already proven himself and Shaheen will also likely prove a steal in the long run. That is all without mentioning Mitchell Trubisky.

      Pace has proven to be great in drafting top notch team talent. I cannot believe they would even think about limiting his role in the draft.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Bullard has some upside. Kwiatkoski is a nice player. We’ll call those guys average success for Pace. He doesn’t get kudos for DHC and Bush. They’re just warm bodies.

        Howard, Cohen, Shaheen, Whitehair, Trubisky, Jackson, and kinda maybe Floyd, yes, we’ll done Mr. Pace.

        I like what Pace is doing, but to call him brilliant is a hell of a stretch, and in some ways derails your take with what feels like blind exuberance.

        For my 2 cents, I’d say he’s getting a high B+ with a very workmanlike approach. I like it.

        Nail this coaching hire and he’ll be golden.

        • Scharfinator

          B+ assuming he didn’t get to pick Fox. B- if he did.

          Either way, I agree about the next one. If he can lock down a Tier 2 or 1 coach, the Bears will be relevant for a while.

        • leftcoastdave

          What I call his brilliance is a combination of choosing players to fit an offensive scheme with a plethora of weapons and then going out and finding those players to fit into that scheme. It has yet to gel and players like Shaheen and Cohen will take time, Shaheen to learn to use his own huge and developing body against even bigger linemen than he has ever faced while also dealing with next level defenders, Cohen similarly going up against next level talent and learning route trees as well as reads out of the wildcat. His field reversals of early in the year have been stymied and he is learning from that. Then there is MT who can utilize all of that talent and also has the legs to make yet another weapon.

          He has been building for the future with a multi-faceted offensive attack while finding excellent talent others overlooked. That is what I see as his brilliance.

          The criticism is the FA “rentals” needed to put a team on the field while the build takes place.

          Would it have been smart to get Garrapalo at his price tag last year? Short term more wins, but at what $$$ price going forward? He has chosen organic growth where it matters which is a build for the future.

          • BearDown100393

            2017 Bears Offensive Weaponry Unleashed

            Pts: 16.9 (League Rank 29th)
            Yds: 293.2 (League Rank 30th)
            Pass Yds: 176.0 (League Rank 31st)
            Rushing: 117.2 (League Rank 11th)

          • Sactowns#1

            Yeah but Gomer is going to be the worlds best QB!

          • CanadaBear

            If he pans out I”m gong to remind you of the Gomer comments forever. Just sayin’! If you can’t see the talent and the positive steps in his development it’s because you are choosing to be blind. Who gives a shit about Watson? He plays for Houston (when his ACL’s are in tact).

          • Sactowns#1

            And who cares about Jimmy G, Vic Beasley, Todd Gurley, Landon Collins, Marshawn Lattimore etc. We got a guy who played 13 whole college games for a subdivision D1 school.
            Can someone, anyone, find me an example in the last 20 years of a QB coming into the league with fewer than 20 games at a non D1 school being successful in the NFL? Anyone?

          • willbest

            Jimmy G was Emery’s mistake. And I call bullshit if you think Pace should have traded the #3 overall pick for G after watching him play for 1.75 games. And don’t tell me Pace could have him for less. Hoodie wanted a first rounder. And yes he could have traded a high second half way through this year with 8 games left on G’s contract, but nobody could foresee that. What if Brady got injured?

          • Sactowns#1

            Or he could have kept his powder dry, like the Niners did, knowing it was a weak draft class and gotten something in FA or waited till the next year.

          • willbest

            Considering your Watson love, I don’t see how you can argue the draft class was weak. And the 9ers had the luxury of Kyle being BFF’s with Cousin and the cap to make that deal happen.

          • Sactowns#1

            So in a weak draft class take the OBVIOUS #1. Don’t go reaching for yet another project.

          • Irish Sweetness

            A weak draft class doesn’t say anything about the quality of the top 2 guys.

          • leftcoastdave

            I would have liked to see him keep Barkley and wait as well, but I would not have wanted him to give up the keys to Fort Knox as will be required with Garap. But in hindsight, I think Mitchell has shown to have been a great draft.

            As to FA, when you’ve got a shit roster, you overpay to get talent. It is that simple. AJ left money on the table to be on a winner.

          • CanadaBear

            I thought North Carolina was a Div 1 school. Really? Going back after the fact and cherry picking players? Lame.

          • willbest

            Seeing as how North Carolina is a D1 school, I presume you mean only schools that show up on the top 25 with any regularity. That isn’t the only confusing thing about your question. The 20 year limit seems to imply recently but is right at the cusp of excluding Kurt Warner or excluding him depending on how you define coming into the league.

            Kurt Warner only started 1 season for Univ. Northern Iowa in 1993, but didn’t have his first NFL season until 1998 despite a couple attempts to make it into the league in 94 and 97 and a stint in the Arena league.

          • Bear Instincts

            Brady played in 25 games in college. Does that count?

          • willbest

            UMich is a real school. He wants a not real school. But we don’t really have a definition for not real school.

          • willbest

            For example, Drew Brees is from a not real school, but he started 37 college games so he is disqualified for too many games.

          • Bear Instincts

            Sac is just blinded by Watson love. He will cheat on Watson once we make the playoffs next year

          • Sactowns#1

            Nobody hopes I’m wrong more than I do.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Joe Flacco, only started 22 games at Delaware.

          • Sactowns#1

            I’ll allow it. While he is probably the most meh of any QB he has been to the big dance and won.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I did not know Delaware even had football or a college for that matter.

          • SC Dave

            Trent Dilfer

          • Irish Sweetness

            Just watched John Randle’s A Football Life. That was funny seeing him get inside Dilfer’s head so much, that he got Dilfer ejected for attacking him after a clean hit. He went crazy on Randle!

            Man, Randle was great. 8 years of double-digit sacks from the interior. Only interior lineman to ever lead the NFL in sacks.

            Only 6’1 290.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Let’s play a different game. Let’s name all the QBs from big schools, who won a bunch of games in college, that amounted to a pile of crap in the NFL. I would bet that list is pretty long.

          • willbest

            Well G is looking like he learned something from his time in NE. I wish him the best. I hope G goes on to the HoF and Brady retires after this season and the Pats get to spend the next 15 years in QB hell watching G pwn the league

          • Bear Instincts

            Bear Down

          • BearDown100393

            15 years in QB hell is still shorter than the Bears’ experience.

          • willbest

            Nobody deserves this level of suffering. Except maybe Yankees fans.

          • SC Dave

            So long as we ALWAYS beat them, I’m good.

          • Irish Sweetness

            It would have been a ride with either QB, we got this one – and he’s healthy!

            So why do we play him against Minny? What a time to get injured.

          • leftcoastdave

            Yup. With a newbie QB under wraps and the only receiver he ever had time with injured in pre-season.

            I would guess that you do not think MT to be developing into much of a QB and have not followed what has happened to the O line being crippled by injuries, but hey, with all the talent on the team when Pace took over he should be in the Super Bowl by now, right?

          • Sactowns#1

            How many more excuses do you have for Gomer? So whats the order? HC’s fault. WR’s fault. O lines fault. Why don’t you put Hanukkah Harry on the list?

          • leftcoastdave

            I am not making excuses, just recognizing reality. Which rook walked out and took over any team to win in recent history? The list starts and ends with Dak who had the best O line in the league and weapons in place. Can you say that about da Bears this year?

          • Sactowns#1

            Watson put his team on his shoulders this year and won. So….

          • willbest

            Revisionist history there Sac. Watson was 3-3, so hardly putting a team on his shoulders. Oh and in the 3 wins they were +1, +4, and +2 in turnovers. And the 3 losses -1, -1, -2

            Oh and he had as weapons a top 5 WR in Hopkins and a speedster in Fuller V to stretch the field and an RB that can actually catch the ball 80% of the time.

            Was he playing better than Trubisky. Absolutely, but he got plenty of help from the rest of the team. And yes Houston went to shit after he was injured, but they also lost JJ Watt 2 weeks before and a couple other key D players around the same time.

          • leftcoastdave

            You’re joking, right? Sure he looked good for a little while, but then Houston had finished 9-7 for three years before now tanking to four wins. Watson is your answer?

          • CanadaBear

            And he’s on IR. GM’s were worried about his knees and his style of play. Seems to be a valid concern.

          • Bear Instincts

            What is Pace had drafted Watson and he had torn his ACL? Would you not be saying that Pace is only capable of drafting players with injuries? Plus he would have given up so much draft capital for a player who gets injured easily

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            Nope, Sac would probably say you got to take risks sometimes when it comes to injuries.

          • SC Dave

            Can you imagine if Pace drafted Watson, who failed out of the league with bad knees?

            Bookend to Kevin White on his epitaph.

          • BearDown100393

            Heard it all before with Rex Grossman and Jay Cutler.

            Recycled bias and excuses.

            I’ll save the trouble for down the road:

            2018: Excuse – New Coach & Playbook
            2019: Excuse – Just Need More Weapons
            2020: Excuse – Injuries
            2021: Excuse – Rebuild
            2022: Excuse – New GM
            2023: Excuse – New Coach & Playbook
            2024: Excuse – New QB
            2025: Excuse – Just Need More Weapons
            2026: Excuse – Injuries
            2027: Excuse – NFL Dissolved

          • Bear Instincts

            i support this line of thinking

        • CanadaBear

          His first draft was pretty under whelming but most people give him a pass because PE’s scouts were still in place. I think that’s a little too easy on Pace but I get the rationale. His last two drafts were very good. However, I don’t think he even gets a passing grade in FA. If he gets better in FA, keeps hitting in the draft and hires the right HC the Beloved are golden going forward. If he keeps screwing up FA, he will eventually grease the skids for his removal. If he screws up the HC hire, he’s gone in 3 years (along with the failed HC).

          • Bear Instincts

            His FA signings have been bad but they are not meant to be long term solutions. They are place holders for the kids from the draft. Plus what sense does it make to go sing a good player to a very bad team.
            I am of the hope and belief that this is the off season where he finally makes big name signings because:
            1. he has his qb
            2. the foundation has been laid
            3. he will have his coach.

          • This is how I feel.
            Pace doesn’t “wow” me, esp in FA.

            That’s why I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in a new GM/HC combo if the GM candidate is nails (is’n’t that Chiefs guy free?)

            Best thing anyone can really say about Pace is he’s not Angelo or Emery, which isn’t saying much.

            Fans talk about a “bridge” QB. Maybe Pace is a “bridge” GM.

          • SC Dave

            Hicks, Trevathan, Freeman (damn PEDS crap.. he was the best player of all of them).
            Wright is fine.

            Certainly not stellar, but not a total loss. Especially since he does not care and intends to build through the draft.

          • willbest

            Prince is another solid FA. But the volume of misses is pretty great too. I think the reason people are down on Pace’s FA is
            a) He didn’t overpay Gilmore or Bouye or Norman
            b) The sheer volume of his FA activity has resulted in a lot of duds, even if he has found a decent number of quality players.

            When you are replacing 20 players in an off-season you are going to have a bunch of misses, there is no way around it.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            no they should all be home runs!!!

        • Bear Instincts

          100% agree. I’m a big Pace fan and I don’t think he has been brilliant in the draft. He has been good but the K.White fiasco is still hurting him something serious. The right coach will make everything better. Maybe the right coach can give k.white new legs

        • Irish Sweetness

          Whoa nelly on Adam Shaheen, he hasn’t done shit yet has he? Can they even be called flashes? I never went ‘WOW’. And Pace’s previous coach hires don’t scream good fortune either. To make the playoffs he’ll have to sign bodies that work out. Can he do that?

          • leftcoastdave

            Pace did not draft Shaheen to be Gronk this year, he knew that the kid needed to be built up for the job, rather like Bullard and RRH. Like Tarik the Freak, he is being learned up to the level of the NFL competition without being maimed for life in the process. Shaheen was given mostly blocking roles early for good reason, he had never gone up against anybody the size of NFL DEs before. And that “chest injury” he suffered, I’d lay odds he bruised ribs landing on his own elbow on that TD catch a couple weeks ago. He has much to learn, but it is happening. Pace now has a great young quadra headed attack which only needs another receiver or two and a shored up O line. The D? It’s there. Sure, another Floyd will be drafted first or second and more pieces added, but the depth withstood injury with the exception of the loss of Danny T. That was the one dude whose loss from the field really showed.

      • BearDown100393

        Pace has built the greatest non-playoff, bottom of the division team in NFL history.

        • Sactowns#1

          For real. the Pace love is a real head scratcher.

          • CanadaBear

            Other than LCD, I don’t think any of the regs have unconditional love for Pace. Almost all of us aren’t impressed with his FA acquisitions. Some of us hold his feet to the fire over his first draft and the hiring of Foxy.

          • BearDown100393

            I’m not upset that John Fox was hired. At the time, I supported the move.

            I’m upset that Ryan Pace has not fired John Fox.

            The George McCaskey “Accountability Doctrine” was complete B.S.

          • CanadaBear

            I’m pretty much in the same place as you. I can see how they justified keeping Foxy for another year. Just wish they hadn’t.

          • From most accounts, Pace CAN’T fire Fox cuz no one wants the interim.

            Which quite possibly might be MORE damning about the rooted dysfunction of the Bears, the culture Pace was brought in to change.

          • Irish Sweetness

            Mike Glennon’s name is not coming up a lot here. It should be. It’s huge.
            The jury is ultimately still out on MT (but he looks good). The jury is in on Gummo.

            18 million dollars. No good. Who’s judgement is that? Is it any good?

          • BearDown100393

            Jeff scorched Giraffe’s signing since Day One.

          • Bear Instincts

            a post that was up a week or two ago said he was average compared to other gm’s. but he gets massive love because hes better than angelo/emery and his coach is seen as not being able to utilize the talent he has give him to work with

          • BearDown100393

            Jerry Angelo: 95-81
            Phil Emery: 23-25
            Ryan Pace: 14-33

            Please explain how Ryan Pace is “better”.

          • Bear Instincts

            yes based on the record pace is not better than them. however he is not the coach. he just finds the talent

          • BearDown100393

            Here are your Head Coaches:
            Lovie Smith: 81-63 (.563)
            Marc Trestman: 13-19 (.406)
            John Fox: 14-33 (.298)

            “He just finds the talent”
            “He just coaches the talent”

            14-33 for Fox/Pace.

            3 consecutive regimes trending downward.

            This team is talent deficient. It has some potential players. But not enough. What it is however is the NFCN doormat for 4 consecutive seasons. People want to believe next year is going better – I hope they are right. But that is all it is: HOPE.

          • leftcoastdave

            Yup. Ignore the hollow roster Pace inherited and your meme is spot on.

          • BearDown100393

            Keep drinking and be happy.

          • Bear Instincts

            simple question: is the roster pace inherited able to win more games in 2017 than the current one

          • BearDown100393

            The roster this season belonged to Pace.

            It did not win a divisional game.

          • willbest

            Yet. The Vikings backups should have us ready to seize the opportunity to draft 13th rather than 9th

          • BearDown100393

            Beating backups in Week#16 is definitely a glorious opportunity to validate this current regime’s work.

          • Bear Instincts

            what else will stop fans from jumping ship if not for hope? what do you think keeps browns fans coming back for more every year?

          • BearDown100393

            So you use Cleveland as your inspiration?

            JFC it is hopeless.

          • Bear Instincts

            if you are not winning hope is what keeps you going. hope that you will find a qb that will fix everything.hope that the new hc will fix everything. hope is all we have until we start winning

          • BearDown100393

            If you are not winning, you stop lying to yourself and others about the current state of affairs.

            You do not stand in line to blow a GM that has not made anything better.

          • Bear Instincts

            our state of affairs is better than it was 3 years ago: better qb, better gm, no bad contracts and very soon a better coach

          • BearDown100393

            No it is not.

            The numbers do not lie.

          • Bear Instincts

            football is more than numbers

          • BearDown100393

            lol of course…. of course…..

            Let’s throw words around like “awareness”

          • willbest

            Look at the roster each inherited?

          • BearDown100393

            Look at the records.

          • willbest

            Emery inherited a top 8 D, and gave Pace a bottom 2 D.

          • BearDown100393

            Don’t care.

            It has been 3 seasons.

            The Bears failed to win a divisional game this season and are not favored against the Vikings.

            No more excuses.

          • Bear Instincts

            who said that every turn around should be in 3 years exact? some teams are so damaged that it takes more than 3. plus other factors like coaching and talent play a part

          • BearDown100393

            The McCaskeys better send you holiday cards.

          • Bear Instincts

            i got mine already. Virginia sent all her love. plus mitch gave me his cell. we chat on whatsapp all the time….lol

      • Ryan Pace

        Lets not forget E.Goldman, A.Amos and C.Whitehair and getting Roy Robertson Harris, Cam Meredith and B.Callahan as UDFA’s.

      • Irish Sweetness

        I’m looking at a 3-13 record last year, and we have 5 games this season. Even with a similar progression … that’s 7 games next season. Some folk would say we have the worst WR corps in the NFL or thereabouts.

        Pace has done well in the draft, but that’s only half his job. We’ve won 8 games in two years, and three teams in our division are better than us. That’s where we are, we’re not ‘closer’ to anything, we’re the worst team in the NFCN. Potential? Every team has potential.

        The one thing, the only thing that matters … is that we have a guy that might be the guy.
        #10. Looks like a baller.

  • BearDown100393

    “When the Bears hire their next coach, they better make sure he knows what it takes to win.”

    [Pacebot]: I have one more question.
    [HC Candidate]: Shoot.
    [Pacebot]: Do you know what it takes to win?
    [HC Candidate]: For sure.
    [Pacebot]: You being real dawg?
    [HC Candidate]: Damn straight.
    [Pacebot]: Just checking. Job is yours.

    • Bear Instincts

      I’m going to apply for the job if its that easy

      • BearDown100393

        It was the opening bullet point for Andrew. So it must be the most critical. Apply. You have a shot if you know what it takes to win.

    • Sactowns#1

      More like

      [Pasebot] I have one more question

      [HC Candidate] Shoot

      [Pacebot] Are you game ready or are you a project?

      [HC Candidate] Oh def not gameday ready. Huge project. HUGE.

      [Pacebot] Youre hired!

      • willbest

        We say YUGE in current year America, Comrade.

  • Sactowns#1

    For all those with such love for Pace, here’s a question. The Bears started their rebuild three years ago and the arrow seems to be pointing down. The Niners started theirs a year ago and their arrow seems to be pointing up. So why is that?

    • BearDown100393

      The arrow does not seem to point down.

      Statistically it is pointing down.

      Number only work here when favoring the bias.

    • KentuckyBearsFan

      SF’s arrow was pointing down 2 years ago, but up this year.

      Conclusion: The arrow is broken. Call maintenance.

      Niners record:

      2015: 5-11
      2016: 2-14
      2017 5-10

      • BearDown100393

        Since 2011, the Bears have missed the playoffs.

        Since 2011, the 49ers played in the Super Bowl and lost twice in the NFC Championship.

        • Bear Instincts

          look at their coach at the time. look at their drafting at the time. they had a better coaching staff and were for more talented than the bears

          • BearDown100393

            I’m looking at now.

            They draft better.
            They have a better coaching staff.
            They have a better quarterback.
            They are more talented than the Bears.
            They have beaten the Bears this season.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          So Lynch inherited a team barely removed from a very high level of success. The bones of a championship team still largely intact.

    • Bear Instincts

      Level of talent. Roster depth. Coach. QB.
      When harbaugh left the niners were still a talented team. they hired the wrong coach twice but they still had talent. emery left us with a bad qb and a bad contract.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        …and Trestman left a soft team.

        • Bear Instincts

          a lot of fans underestimated the damage emery/trestman did to the bears. like willbest said below: lovie left trestman/emery a top 8 defense. what did they leave pace?

          • BearDown100393

            You will keep typing that for the next 10 years.

      • Take a look at the “talent” the 9ers had this yr.

        Can you even name one “stud”?

        Their highest paid dude was an old OG.

        Hicks is better than any defender they have
        Our HBS are better.
        Our Oline is better.
        Even our dysmal WR corps is about equal to theirs.

        They have Robbie though, I’ll give you that.

        Oh, that’s right, Pace booted him for Barth…

    • willbest

      What do you want us to say? Fox was a bad hire and Kyle Shanahan, despite pissing away a Super Bowl, was a good hire?

      The only reason the 9ers arrow is point up is because they decided their 2nd round pick was worth getting a 7 game close up of Jimmy G. Otherwise they would be 1-14 right now. G is a player you could argue is putting a team on his shoulders incidentally. The D has only produced 1 positive TO differential for him.

      And I know you hate Trubisky, but even you can see he has been coached to avoid putting him in any situation where he could embarrass the Pace unless he absolutely has too. That isn’t on him. We won’t know what he is until next year as a result.

      • BearDown100393

        Well in all fairness, John Fox did piss away a recent Super Bowl also.

      • Dis Guy Trublinsky

        Jimmy G is an interesting case study on GMs all by himself. He looks really good so far. But it’s a small sample size. It will be interesting to see if the league “figures him out” with some game film in hand, or if he’s just good enough to beat teams regardless making him a top third of the league QB.

        He’s not only due a contract without much in the way of a resume, but you’ve lost 3 years of his career to the Patriots bench. So that, I guess is a bit of a knock against. Though I’m sure those 3 years weren’t a waste. New England isn’t a bad spot to bide your time and learn from the best.

        But let’s say it works out, Lynch pays him, locks him up, and he has a long and prosperous career with the Niners. What does that say about Belichick? Is he an idiot for letting him walk? It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds over time.

        • KentuckyBearsFan

          He didn’t just walk. The Patriots got a 2nd rounder.

          He would have left anyway after next year, and no team can afford to pay 2 franchise QBs. Too many needs in an age of parity.

          Patriots chose 2 or more years with Brady and using that money elsewhere over the theoretical potential of Jimmy G as an All-Pro quarterback.

          • willbest

            G wouldn’t be on a franchise QB contract though. Somebody would probably pay him $8 mil a year, for 3 years, with maybe $12 mil guarantee if he had sat on hoodie’s bench the whole year, which NE could afford if it needed to. Now however he is looking at an 18 million floor with 30-35 mil in guarantees, assuming he doesn’t make San Fran pay him $24 million on the franchise tag (which he should).

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            I think some desperate team would have given him maybe (???) 12+ million a year. Brock money.

            Hell, Glennon got more. Desperate teams need to sell hope.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            If I’m him, I’m taking the long term del with guaranteed money. He might flatten out and be average. He might Teddy Bridgewater his knee. Who knows? If I’m G, I’m taking the 4-5 year pot o’ gold.

          • willbest

            But he isn’t going to get some 5-year $100 mil/ $60 million guanteed. He is going to get some 3- year $60 mil deal with $35 mil guaranteed. If he bets on himself he risks $11 million, but he has the potential to net $50 million more. And at $24 million you are still getting FU you money for you and your grandkids.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            I bet he gets more than 3 years 60 mil.

          • willbest

            He looks better than Oz, but I doubt a team is going to give him all that much more than Oz.

          • Yeah, Jimmy is gonna get PAID.

            Might be the highest paid QB when all is said and done.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            I’m aware of what they got for him. And if he’s a legitimate 12 year, Drew Brees level starter, then a 2nd rounder is change in the couch cushions. And “letting him walk” would be a generous way to frame it in that scenario, since they didn’t actually “let” him do anything. They showed him the door.

            Belichick has always been pretty sharp about when to move on from a player. It will be interesting to see if he got this right. He may be going to the well one too many times with Brady.

        • If Jimmy G becomes a Brees type QB, and Trub becomes a McNabb type, I wonder how fans would feel about that.

          I also think Brady can play for another 2-3 yrs, so that’s probably why Bill chose him.

          It’s kinda like if the 9ers had kept Montana at the end of his career instead of Young.

          Montana proved he still had some juice in KC, but Jimmy G might be viewed as the one who got away from both the Pats and the Bears.

    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      Lynch inherited a team with the common cold. Pace inherited a team with Pancreatic Cancer.

      • The 9ers since Harbs left have been completely dismantled though. So much of their talent bolted or retired.

        Many predicted they would have a worse record than the Bears in ’17 for that very reason. Coming into this yr, 9ers were at least as bad or worse than the Bears.

        Pace screwed the pooch on holding on to Fox for a yr longer than he should’ve.

        Pace knew he ways eying Trub; this off-season would’ve been a PERFECT time to hire a QB friendly HC like McVay or Kyle Shan to pair with his new franchise.

        He didn’t. And here we are.

        Pace could still make up for it by hiring a great HC, but no doubt in my mind he FUCKED up keeping Fox around too long and not maximizing Trub’s rook campaign.

        Next year, Trub will have to learn an all knew system. Has little rapport with any WR who will start. In other words, he’ll be behind say Watson.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          Pace eyeing Trubisky and Pace having Trusbisky are two very different things. He would have had to fire Fox and hire a new coach not only before knowing he had Trubisky, plus Cohen, Shaheen and Jackson , but also before knowing they were actually capable players.

          I get that you and Sac wanted the wins sooner. But it just doesn’t work like that. To fire an NFL coach with two years left on his deal before you have any idea what another year of rebuild looks like is not a prudent move. It also doesn’t send a very good message to prospective candidates.

          This debate is a bit of a non starter at this point. Feels a little like politics. Nobody’s mind is going to change this year.

          I predict next year will be a strong one for the Bears. If I’m right on that, then Pace has been the right guy. If I’m wrong, then he wasn’t. Wins cure everything. And I feel like they’re coming next year.

          • It’s not about the Wins. It’s about setting the foundation.

            How Pace convinced himself into thinking that Fox was better to do that than other options is what boggles my mind.

            How long was everyone bitching about the O playcalls?

            Fuck, this stupid ass regime didn’t even figure out that screens can be used to counter blitzes till last week!

            THAT’s why I wanted Fox gone last season.

            Even if the Brown’s would’ve stole Trub from Pace, another HC still would’ve set the Bears on the right course.

            Hell, in that scenario, we may have Kyle Shanny, Solomon Thomas, and Jimmy G , and the future would be looking much brighter.

            It is what it is.

            NO ONE can argue keeping Fox this yr was a good idea.

            And that fuck up is on Pace.

            Like I said, he could make up for it with a badass HC.

            But next yr we’re sorta back to square 1 – like we have seemingly been for 5 yrs now.

            A 6-9ish expectation.

            While SF will be darling team with WC aspirations.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            many wanted him gone last year, however like he said firing a coach in the second year is not something that happens often, especially when the team had HISTORIC numbers of injuries.

          • But the historic rash of INJs didn’t excuse his gameday dumbfuckery.

            Teams still came out like zombies. Still no half time adjustments.
            In the most crucial times, penalties, dropped passes, sacks, burnt TOs, awful challenges, conservative play calling…

            It was ALL there last yr in games.

            The INJs didn’t mask his idiocy. Well, at least not for me, Canada, MB, and a few others.

            And it shouldn’t have for Pace who is getting paid millions to see it before us.

            The fact that he didn’t is what concerns me most going forward.

          • willbest

            I don’t know if it changed, but Bears were around 15th on penalties and 18th on penalty yardage around the midway point. So while Fox loves his Quaaludes, has a blind man running his replay booth, and can’t do simple clock math, I don’t really think some other coach is going to fix the penalties.

          • BearDown100393

            The Bears commit stupid penalties.

            Having stated such, the Bears also receive an inordinate quantity of suspect flags compared to other teams.

          • But it’s the TOTALITY of it all.

            Fox dabbed shit all over the canvas.

            Like when you said this yr the Bears should just allow them to score to have a chance to get the ball back.

            But we all knew Fox was too stupid for that.

            He was making those sorts of boneheaded decisions LAST season.

            That’s my only contention.

      • BerwynBomber

        Meh. That’s a huge overstatement.

        Niners were gutted since Khakis left and had a bunch of inferior talent like we did the last couple of years.

        Not saying I agree with Sac, but you’re both oversimplifying two opposite ends of the spectrum.

        The truth is in the neighborhood of the middle.

        P.S. What it looks like Lynch got right was his QB and HC. Pace isn’t there yet.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          I do agree with you. I’m being a bit of a Devil’s Advocate here.

          I’ve said it enough times here you’re probably sick of reading it. Next year is Pace’s year. He’s got his QB, he’s laid his foundation, and he’ll have his coach. They should look like a real NFL team next year or Pace should be worried.

          • BerwynBomber

            Yeah, all comes down to this HC hire.

            Bisky looks good. JH is a beast. The Oline is, at worst, average. D is on the rise. Cohen’s a definite spark, etc.

            But Pace has to nail this HC. He tabs Trestman 2.0 and all the foundational good work will be compromised.

      • KentuckyBearsFan

        Lynch inherited the mighty Santa Clara Niners.

    • beninnorcal

      Our arrow is pointing down? I agree that this Bears team isn’t very good, but there are lots of young players and the future looks bright. But thats just like, my opinion, man.

      • We’re treading water like we have been for a few yrs now.

        Next yr will be sink or swim with new staff

        • beninnorcal

          We haven’t had this many promising youg players on our team in over a decade, IMO.

  • AlbertInTucson

    “Expect Fuller and Prince to both be back”.

    They get tested Sunday.

    Diggs & Thielen.

    • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

      will Diggs and Thielen play much? Vikes already have the North wrapped up, will they benefit in anyway with a win

      • CanadaBear

        Home field throughout the playoffs.

        • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

          Eagles already clinched that. I guess a 1st round bye is still up for grabs.

          • willbest

            Vikes are locked into the #2 seed.

            Assume the Saints and Rams win and the Vikes lose they all end up 12-4. HOWEVER vikes have beaten both the Saints and Rams and thus own the tiebreaker in H2H

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            I was just going by what the NFL has posted, which does not have the Vikes locked in.


          • willbest

            ah, I found it. Forgot about the Panthers. If the Vikings lose, and the Rams lose, and the Saints lose, and the panthers win, The Panthers will clinch the division and beat the Vikings by H2H tiebreaker to take the #2 seed. If the Saints win then they get the division and the Panthers are a WC even at 12-4. If the Rams win and go to 12-4, H2H tiebreaker is skipped (because the Rams didn’t play the panthers) and the vikings take the #2 on conference record tiebreaker.

            And due to all the games getting flexed into the afternoon, the Vikings aren’t going to know if they could maybe bench their starters in the 2nd half.

          • AlbertInTucson

            The plot thickens.

      • AlbertInTucson

        The Vikings have NOT clinched that #2 NFC slot and a first round bye.

        If they lose to The Bears, Carolina could sneak past them by beating Atlanta.

    • I’d actually put Callahan on Thielan.

      IMO, that O runs through him much like the Pat’s O ran through Edleman.

      And Callhan is our quickist best cover CB.

      That would leave Prince to defend Diggs.

      Fuller is good, but he seems to struggle against shifty burners.

  • Great piece, Andy.

    I think your coach articles are my fav, and you provide plenty of meat to chew on (that’s what she said!)

    Getting Chico would be a home-run IMO.

    I hate Sweaty Teddy as much as anyone. He’s the living embodiment of a fucking yes-man goon.

    BUT, Phillips has been here since forever, and no doubt has a relationship with Chico.

    The NFL is all about networking. Pace sent Phillips since he already has a relationship with him. That’s smart. Phillips already has one foot in that others may not.

    It’s like when the Godfather sends Tom Hagen to send a msg. Everyone knows who he speaks for.

    That being said, I would wonder who Chico would bring with him as OC.

    I would LOVE Flip as OC, but Jeff has remarked that the Eagles would cock-block that move.

    The other detail to remember with Chico is that their owner is now a pariah and getting booted from the league.

    Maybe Chico figures it’s time for a fresh start, and wants to return to his roots.

    Sounds entirely plausible IMO.

    • BearDown100393

      The Bears kicked Rivera out the door.

      • willbest


        • BearDown100393

          At the time, Smith was the Bears.

          • willbest

            He isn’t here though.

          • BearDown100393

            No he isn’t.

            It would be interesting if Rivera wanted to return. I suppose a new ownership change does somewhat open a crack in the door if he wants to continue in Carolina or not.

      • I don’t think Chico would hold that against the Bears.

        He doesn’t strike me as the petty type like Harbs.

        I do think Toub though is a little pissed at Bears for not even giving him a courtesy reach around interview.

        Always thought the Bears fucked up by not doing that.

        • AlbertInTucson

          Don’t forget, Ditka’s departure from the Bears as a player was about as acrimonious with Papa Bear as it gets, but he came back.

    • BerwynBomber

      I’d be surprised if we hire a guy like Chico who would probably want GM control.

      I’d be all for it, but can’t see the FO tossing Pace this early.

      • If Chico is able to nab a hot OC, I may think about it.

        Chico comes with a lot of connections, cache and winning culture.

        I bet he could assemble an allstar coaching team.

        Dunno about GM powers though.

        Maybe split the baby. Pace focuses on draft, Chico has say in FAs.

      • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

        Why would Chico want GM control? He currently does not have that control.

        • Might be part of the cheese to lure him over.
          Though that would be extremely risky.

          From what I know of the Panthers, their GM is the one that got a bunch of studs like Luke, not Chico.

          Not many HCs have GM powers. I can only think of Bill and Reid.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            …having GM powers sounds like extra work without extra pay. There’s only so many hours in the day and being head coach in the NFL is hard enough without obsessing over scouting, contracts, and the salary cap.

            Generally only suitable to jack-of-all-trades or control freaks. Or a paranoid coach who was screwed over royally by an incompetent GM in the past.

          • BerwynBomber

            Carroll too. He is the VP of Football Operations for SEA, which basically means their GM reports to him. In fact, Carroll hired their current GM.

        • BerwynBomber

          Most successful NFL HCs wanna start buying their own groceries, as the saying goes. Especially when looking for a job after they have proven themselves.

          • willbest

            I don’t know how Chico looks at our roster and the Panthers roster and thinks “hm… they got what has been eluding me the last few years”

          • BerwynBomber

            Hmmm … I get your point but more about the once-a-Bear-always-a-Bear thing with Chico. Played here and then was a successful coordinator here. If nothing else, the burnt orange and navy would have a greater hold on him than Harbaugh.

            Plus, is CAR’s roster all that? Outside of Kuechly, do they have another elite player? Cam’s a total load but as a passer he is near bottom of the league. Plus, he’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Anyway, I’m sure they have the more accomplished roster, but the trend lines could be in favor of ours.

            Said this yesterday, but despite their SB appearance and Chico’s COY honor, I think Rivera is still underrated. He seems to squeeze every last ounce out of his CAR teams.

          • “Modestly” Huge Bears Penis

            There is having input and then there is having total control. Very few that have total control are successful.

          • BerwynBomber

            They delegate, basically how guys like Belichick and Carroll run the Pats and Seahawks.

            They let their GMs run the day-to-day stuff — the scouting, waiver wire, league reporting duties, etc., etc. But Bill and Pete have ultimate authority when it comes to green lighting trades, draft picks and major FA moves.

  • On FF note…

    Holy fuck, setting lineup in WK 17 is like dancing on minefield.

    Should I start Alex Smith and Hunt, who may be taken out at halftime?

    I already dropped Foles for freaking Flacco just cuz I know Flacco won’t be pulled.

    Ertz will likely sit as well, so scooped up old man Gates.

    Debating between Howard and Collins like I have all yr.

    The good news is, I’m up by 30 points on 505Bears.

    So barring massive INJs and benchings, I should be good.


  • haha.

    It’s estimated that 70% of fans at the Charger’s “home” game will be Raider fans, and that Rivers will have to use the silent count.

    • BearDown100393

      LA won’t accept the Chargers.

      • willbest

        They will if they win. Winning cures everything.

        • BearDown100393

          LA is a strange town when it comes to the NFL. The Rams have an identity there. Time will tell once the new stadium actually emerges if the Chargers will also be accepted.

          • It’s cause there’s a lot of transplants from shitty ass regions like WA, PA, OH, etc…

            The Rams will be alright. They’re like cheering for the Clippers or drinking off label beer. They have a certain niche appeal in L.A. that way.

            But the Chargers here is just strange.

            I don’t think I’ve come across ONE person wearing Chargers gear in L.A.

            Them here is like kissing your sister.

            Just odd.

            I don’t know how that ever goes away.

    • willbest

      Thats like a 7 hour drive. You can get to Minneapolis in 7 hours.

      • Nah, there’s just a SHIT load of Raider fans still from their days in L.A. and even before that.

        Al Davis was one of the more progressive owners and pioneer in promoting af am and latinos which is where his motto “just win, baby” originated.

        Think that went a long way in L.A.

        Plus, gotta say, they have badass colors and logo.

        I have a friend who actually goes to every Raider game, even in Santa Clara.
        That’s how hardcore they are.

        The Charger fans have never been like that. They’ve always been like the lil hippy brothers.

        • BearDown100393

          Al Davis was many things.

          He was a true innovator to branding his franchise beyond Oakland. And it is paying off huge now.

          • KentuckyBearsFan

            He still screwed over Marcus Allen though.

          • BearDown100393

            Yes he did

  • Guess Rueben Foster more INJ than was reported pre-draft. Those shoulders seem to be chronic


    • Dis Guy Trublinsky

      Jesus. Given that history Lynch still takes him in the first round? You and Sac would be burning Pace in effigy for this.

      On January 18, 2017, it was reported that Foster and Alabama teammate Jonathan Allen declined their invitations to play in the 2017 Senior Bowl.[27] On February 13, 2017, it was revealed that Foster underwent surgery on his right shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff.[28] Foster was one of 19 collegiate linebackers to attend the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana, but was unfortunately sent home after getting into a heated argument with a student hospital worker while receiving his medical examination at the combine. Foster objected to the way he was being treated and was sent home before being able to meet with team representatives from any NFL teams.[29][30][31] During the combine, it was announced that Foster had failed a drug test. On March 8, 2017, Foster attended Alabama’s pro day and set scheduled private meetings with NFL teams to discuss the incident that took place at the combine.[32] On April 20, 2017, it was revealed that Foster’s urine sample was reported as dilute, which is treated like a positive test.[31][33] At the conclusion of the pre-draft process, Foster was projected to be a first round pick by NFL draft experts and scouts. He was ranked as the top inside linebacker prospect in the draft by NFLDraftScout.com, was ranked the top linebacker by NFL analysts Mike Mayock and Gil Brandt, and was ranked the second best linebacker (behind Temple’s Haason Reddick) by ESPN.[34][35][36][37]

      • willbest

        He is an elite talent when healthy. And he traded back up into the first round using the free pics he acquired from us, so it was actually a really good deal.

        • Dis Guy Trublinsky

          Huh? He left college ball with a torn rotator cuff, played 9 games this year, screamed at the hospital staff and had to leave the combine, and failed a drug test all before January was over? And somehow this is a good deal? Just because the picks were garnered in a trade doesn’t mean they’re of less value.

          The double standard applied to Bears vs non Bears around here is laughable.

          If this guy can’t play a full season because he has chronically injured shoulders, he’s a bust. Period. Throw in the character issues, and the pick is just plain stupid.

          • willbest

            The 9 games he played this year he played at a high level in the NFL as a rookie. He has a bad attitude, but Lynch drafted a blue chip player in Thomas with the #3 pick, and then swung for the fences with his 2nd round pick. There is nothing wrong with that draft strategy.

          • Dis Guy Trublinsky

            Taking a guy with a serious injury history, known attitude problems, and a failed drug test with the 31st pick in the draft is stupid. It’s just flat out stupid. There’s no way around that. It’s not swinging for the fences. Swinging for the fences is taking a a freak athlete, or a guy with a great size/speed ratio with a high ceiling that’s under developed. Not taking a broken body with baggage.

            You’re just fucking with me here aren’t you?

          • leftcoastdave

            Some on this board liked him pre draft but I saw him launch head first like a human heat seeking missile on too much tape and was more concerned about his head. Dude’s been concussed so many times it is no wonder he has character problems.

  • beninnorcal

    If Chico comes to town(big ‘if’, I know), does that mean we go back to 4-3 on D?
    That sounds like back to square one on D.

    • Yes, that would def mean back to the Lovie 4-3, except Chico was more aggressive.

      I don’t think it would be that much of change since Fangio’s D is practically 4-3.

      Bullard can be a 3tech
      Tre can man the ILB

      We don’t even have CBs, but Fuller was drafted to be in a 4-3. Prince can play a 4-3. Callahan is nickle, doesn’t really matter.

      Amos and Jackson might actually benefit from switching to a 4-3, esp Amos who I think would play much better with his eyes to the QB.

      Young was a 4-3 DE.

      Hicks is good enough to play 4-3 DE IMO

      Goldman can be the 4-3 Nose (think Teddy Washington)

      The only real odd ball would be Floyd, who I don’t think has enough girth to be a 4-3 DE

      I suppose he can be the SAM with his coverage skills, but we want him rushing more than anything.

      The WILL can be a number of guys. Those guys aren’t all that hard to find.

      The 9ers are going through a similar transition. Might look at how they’re doing it.

      • beninnorcal

        I was wondering about Floyd too, definately not built to play DE. But I highly doubt Chico’s even our coach next year. But I like him and was bummed when Lovie let him walk.

        • I suppose we can use Floyd like Anthony Barr (6’5 250).

          And probably put his hand to the ground in “nascar” packages.

  • Sactowns#1

    Eli Apple getting the boot from NY? Anyone want to take a chance on the dude?

    • Him and Wilkerson interest me.

      Disgruntled but in rather crap orgs.

      Only IF we hire a strong HC (like Chico) would I be ok with disgruntled talent.

      Sometimes fresh starts do wonders.

      Look at Sheldon Richardson. Doing ok in SEA.

  • BerwynBomber

    So McCarthy was the one outlier of AD’s study? Hah! Gee, I wonder why that is …

    • Apparently, the best QB in the league does wonder.

      Who knew?

      • BerwynBomber

        They’re such a sham. An entire organization held together by Rodgers and some duct tape.

        • Tristan

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        • Lois

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  • Irish Sweetness

    If Margot Robbie doesn’t get the Oscar for I, Tonya then they can all get bent. And Allison Janney for the forecast. That was entertainment, and a story you couldn’t make up. A portrayal of the pioneer of the triple-axle jump in public competition … and the collection of fuckups around her. The delusional bodyguard should be nommed too.

    Well worth a watch.

  • Irish Sweetness

    I would have thought there was hope for Fox if he started Sanchez against Cleveland. Or Gummo – fuck it, we’re paying him 18 million dollars to do nothing!

    1. Why risk MT? What are we playing for?

    2. What about the draft? Why win games when it just screws your picks up completely?

  • AlbertInTucson

    Kyle Rudolph tweaked an ankle last week and has missed the last two days of practice.
    Same story for starting OT, Riley Reiff.

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